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    Default A-Mazing Chloe Decker

    "Maze... I think I wanna..." Chloe began, struggling to find the right words, "Take a beat, to process somethings."

    "What's wrong?" Maze frowned.

    "Well... I think I've been avoiding the fact that Lucifer is gone, and he's not coming back." Chloe said softly.

    "Maybe." Maze said dismissively, before grinning, "Or, you just need to get laid."

    "Yeah, of course you would think that." Chloe groaned, "That's your answer to everything."

    "Not true. There's also the booze. And the drugs. And the murder." Maze argued dryly, "But, if the booze isn't working out for you, and you want to try one of the other two, I'm down. I even have some names for you, if you want to give either of those other things a try. But, knowing you, sex is your best bet. What? You don't think he would mind, do you? Seriously Chloe, time moves different in hell, so chances are he's got laid millions of times by now. Believe me, there are plenty of demons just like me down there, more than willing to cater to his every whim. And it's not like the two of you were married, or anything. So, for God sakes, just put yourself out there, and put your mind off this whole thing with some meaningless sex. Hell, I'll do it, if I have too. Trust me, Lucifer would love that. Especially if-"

    Chloe Decker Had heard some version of that speech many times before, especially from Maze. Normally she would try interrupting, protesting that her friend was wrong, that she didn't know what she was talking about, that she wasn't in the mood for that, etc. But what was the point? They both knew it was a lie, and Chloe was so tired of lying. Especially to this woman.

    Or more accurately, the demon in a woman's body, who had somehow become her best friend, after The Devil himself went back to hell, leaving her and whatever they had together behind. He hadn't wanted too, but it still hurt. And Mazikeen, Maze for short, was right. And for once, the detective decided to do something about it.

    Namely grabbing hold of the deceptively pretty face of this little demon and kiss her right on the lips. That kiss, in reality only lasted a few seconds, but to Chloe it was more like an eternity in the very worst part of hell. Which was apparently a real place she could end up, and surely it had to be exactly like this, being rejected by someone she thought was into her. God, she should really know better.

    Sex was a big joke to Maze, so of course she hadn't been serious all those times she had flirted with her. But in that moment, poor Chloe was so horrified by her actions that it took her a few long seconds to finally pull back and start apologizing for what might be a friendship ruining mistake. And a deadly one, if Maze was testing her, and took offense at the idea that her master's lover would betray him like this.

    "Maze, I'm so sorry." Chloe apologized, "I don't know what I was thinking. I-"

    "Oh shut the hell up, Decker." Maze grinned, closing the distance between them again, this time being the one to initiate the kiss.

    It was also Chloe's turn to stiffen up, and just freeze there for a few long seconds. The difference was that Mazikeen didn't panic and pull away after a few seconds, instead staying where she was, their lips pressed together, waiting for the other woman to return the kiss. Again, it felt like it took an eternity, but it happened, Chloe relaxing into it, and kissing back.

    After that, the Detective lost track of time, as unsurprisingly Maze was a really, really good kisser. Devilishly good, a familiar voice echoed in her head. Which made her feel guilty, but not enough to stop. At least, not until the demon had to ruin the fun, by tearing open her shirt, prompting the human to break the kiss and protest.

    "Hey!" Chloe yelled, "That was one of my good shirts."

    "God, that's the most tragic thing I've ever heard, and I used to torture people in hell." Maze quipped with a shameless smile, and then insisted with an evil chuckle, "Relax, Decker... Lucifer left me plenty of money, so I can buy you some decent clothes for a change. Mmmmmmmmm, I really like the idea of using his money to make you all pretty for me. But for now, I want less clothes. Both for you, and for me. Mmmmmmmm, you have no idea what you've started, Detective. Oh yes, when I'm done with you, Lucifer won't even recognize you. Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, but knowing him, it will be the kind of change that he will very, very much welcome."

    Which was one of the many things Chloe was afraid of, something she opened her mouth to point out. That, and she was hardly the one who started it, given all of Maze's shameless flirting. But, of course, before she could get the words out, she was once again silenced by a pair of extremely eager lips and tongue. Oh God, another woman shoved her tongue into Chloe's mouth! And she wanted too.

    She really, really did. So much so, she once again found herself becoming lost in this latest lip lock. Although Maze's hand had a lot to do with it, as it seemed to be everywhere at once, stripping both of them, and leaving her naked and vulnerable to literally a creature from hell. God, she was so glad her daughter wasn't home.

    Maze had grown surprisingly fond of Trixie, but she too was glad that the little girl was staying at her father's house for the weekend, and Chloe had chose to make a move on her in the safety of her own home, instead of somewhere in public. Otherwise, there was no way that the Detective would be letting her get away with this.

    Hell, she was surprised Chloe was letting her get this far. And make no mistake, Mazikeen would push this as far as she could possibly take it. She always did, when it came to someone offering her sex on a silver platter, but this woman was special. Both to herself, her boss, and the rest of the people in their lives. And honestly, it felt like this maybe her one and only chance to do this.

    So she decided to make the most of it, kissing Chloe into submission while pressing their bodies against each other. Which was increasingly pleasant the more clothes that were removed, until they were touching skin to skin. About the same time, Maze moved her lips down to the other woman's neck to state her claim. She couldn't mark her as hers, really.

    No, for better or for worse, Chloe Decker's heart belonged to someone else, And despite what she was doing right now, she didn't want to actually come between them. No, if anything she wanted to improve their relationship, by opening up the mind of this uptight human, and make her more welcoming to the kind of fun she and Lucifer used to have in the good old days, before he was obsessed with this woman.

    She did, however, make sure that there were some good teeth marks, something that the poor little human would struggle to cover up the next day, and would always know they were there, before she headed down south, kissing her way up a perky breast, so she could take a nipple into her mouth. Maze then swirled her tongue around it, flicked it, and of course, sucked on it for a few long seconds.

    Then she made her way down that boob and up the other, and then back and forth again, so she could repeat the process. And of course, this also caused Chloe to let out some really wonderful sounds now that her mouth wasn't covered, and she even arched her back into it at first, to show just how much she loved it.

    While she'd played with much bigger boobs, Chloe had quite the cute little pair. More importantly, they were far more sensitive than pretty much all of the big fake titties which like half the women in this town had. But this was more of a tease than anything else, and Maze was not in a teasing mood. No, she was in a, get the job done, no matter what, kind of a mood.

    So she started heading south again, maybe a little too soon, given the way that the other girl tensed up. Which was to be expected, but it still made the demon roll her eyes. Humans were so sensitive. Thankfully, Maze had a lot of experience with talking people into giving her what she wanted, and she had five years to think about every little excuse Chloe Decker could give her not to do this. Although what she got, she wasn't expecting.

    "Wait!" Chloe exclaimed after realizing where she was, and after she recovered enough to talk.

    "What?" Maze glared up at the other woman.

    "I..." Chloe began, blushed, trailed off, and then repeated the process, "Not..."

    "Not what?" Maze pushed, "Not a good idea? Not with me? Not with a girl, because the high and mighty Detective Chloe Decker would never-"

    "Not here." Chloe burst out.

    There were a few long seconds of silence, and then Maze burst out laughing, "Seriously, Decker?"

    "Hey, I watch movies with my kid on this couch. I don't want to... you know, stain it." Chloe forced out with another blush.

    "More than it already is, you mean." Maze continued to tease, even as she obligingly backed off, and let the other woman get up.

    "Yeah, yeah...." Chloe grumbled, but she couldn't deny it.

    "Mmmmmmmm, and I guarantee, you'll never be able to sit here without thinking about me again." Maze shamelessly continued, adding once Chloe was on her feet, "Just like you'll never forget about this."

    "Hey, what the-" Chloe exclaimed, stunned into silence for a few long seconds, before she figured out what exactly happened. Namely, that the deceptively strong demon was able to throw her effortlessly over her shoulder, so that her naked ass was right beside Maze's face, and her upper body was dangling behind her, prompting Chloe to continue to complain, when she could, "Oh my God, seriously? What the hell, put me down! Put me down right now! Right fucking now, Maze! I'm serious. This isn't funny! Seriously Maze, don't make me hurt you. HEY! What the fuck do you think you're doing to my couch? I can't believe that you would..."

    "Relax, Decker. Just retrieving something that I stashed here for WHEN I finally got to fuck you." Maze revealed with another wicked grin, "Admittedly, I didn't think it would take this long, and I certainly didn't think you would be the one to make the first move, but here we are. Mmmmmmmm, Lucifer was right, you're full of surprises. Let's see if that continues, shall we?"

    Chloe was too stunned to really fight back at first, and maybe a little too horny, but as the seconds ticked by, she became increasingly annoyed, until she was using every ounce of strength to try and wriggle free of Maze's grasp.

    Unfortunately, her human strength was no match for The Devil's Right-Hand Woman, and Maze not only easily held her in place, but did so with one hand, while using the other to rip open one of the couch cushions with her weapon of choice, a Sage Blade. Of course, the casual destruction of her property wasn't surprising, even under these mood ruining circumstances. Hell, it was probably the opposite for Maze. No, it definitely was, as destruction definitely had to be foreplay for a demon.

    However, Chloe forgot about her outrage when she caught a glimpse of what Maze had retrieved from her couch cushion. Something which from the sounds of it, had been there for years, right where she watched movies with her daughter, among other innocent things. And that had been there the entire time. A fucking strap-on dildo.

    And a big one at that. Oh God, for better or for worse Chloe got a good look at it, as Maze held it right where she could see it, as she deliberately slowly took them into Chloe's bedroom and dumped the poor detective down on her bed. At which point, Chloe sat up, and glared angrily at her tormentor. Which admittedly, might not have been the smartest thing, given what Maze was, but in that moment, the blonde didn't give a fuck. She just wanted to give the brunette a piece of her mind.

    However, in that moment all Chloe could do was ask in disbelief, "You had that in my house? In my fucking couch?"

    "Hey, I had no idea when I was going to have to fuck you. Or Lucifer." Maze grinned shamelessly, before pushing Chloe's legs open, and then dropping down in between them, "Now, where were we? Oh yes, mmmmmmmmmmm, that's right. I was right here, about to introduce you to the joy of another woman eating your fucking cunt!"

    With that, Maze stuck out her tongue and slid it over Chloe's pussy, causing the poor Detective's eyes to go wide, and for her to sit up and to let out a cry of pleasure. She then tensed up briefly, before just relaxing, and just letting Maze have her way with her. Again. Which was embarrassing and frustrating, but she just couldn't help it.

    It was also why she was pleased to receive a lot more foreplay before this, and while she had received a respectable amount, there had been a significant pause in between, where she was left so infuriated by the demon that it was kind of off-putting. But for better or for worse it didn't take much for Maze to force her to relax and to again enjoy what she was receiving, which again, was extremely embarrassing and frustrating, if not surprising.

    She had known this would happen. Knowing that if she gave Maze an inch, she would take a mile. And she may not be able to take it back. Even though the infuriating woman was giving her plenty of excuses too. And yet, how could she ever say no to this kind of pleasure? Because of course, after thousands of years of fucking women, and men, Mazikeen was an expert at probably every aspect of it, but certainly this one.

    Plus, she had the advantage of Chloe being overwhelmed by the fact that this wasn't just any woman who was licking her pussy, but it was her best female friend. And her partner's right-hand woman. Her ex-partner? Her ex-boyfriend? Whatever he was to her, made this more twisted, and hot. Especially because she knew Maze was right, he would very much approve of this.

    Maze loved the irony that she was eagerly lapping away at Chloe Decker's cunt right now, considering she had resented this woman when they had first met. Back then, she hadn't understood what Lucifer had seen in the uptight Detective, other than someone who told him no. Admittedly, a challenge could be fun, which was the first thing which got her attention too, but this bitch wasn't anything special.

    Or at least, she hadn't seemed to be. Now Maze knew better. Oh yes, Chloe Decker was special in ways that she and even The Devil himself didn't fully understand, even after all this time. And of course, it was thrilling to be able to play with Lucifer's favourite toy, in a way that even he hadn't been able to do yet. Maybe. She wasn't 100% sure, but that seemed about right. Especially considering how long it had taken her to get here.

    Honestly Maze couldn't remember the last time she'd had so much trouble seducing someone. Oh yes, it seemed Chloe Decker was so reluctant to give anyone a chance, that she would be denied everything Maze and Lucifer could give her, which would be a real tragedy. Thankfully, at least one half of that tragedy had been avoided, and now she had Detective Decker writhing around in her bed, letting out the most wonderful sounds as she greedily lapped Chloe's cunt.

    Normally, the brunette at least tried to start out slow, and gentle, but she had waited long enough for the blonde to give it up, and now she finally got what she wanted, there was no way that she could slow down. Especially if it meant less of that heavenly liquid.

    Apparently Chloe Decker was literally a gift from God, and in this moment Maze had never believe that more, given the way that the other woman tasted. Oh yes, she'd sampled some truly heavenly treats during her very long life, but this just might be the best. God, Lucifer was a lucky man. And right now, she was a very lucky woman.

    Something that she would be constantly reminded of over the course of the night, but maybe especially when eating that little pussy. Especially when she made Chloe cum for her. Oh yes, if this was what her regular cream was like, Maze couldn't wait to taste Detective Decker's girl cum. Literally. Well, it wasn't instantaneous, but as soon as she decided not to wait, the brunette started building the blonde up to her inevitable orgasm.

    For the most part, it had been something that she been doing already, by not only continuing to give Chloe's cunt a series of quick licks, but by making sure she hit the other woman's clit with every stroke of her tongue. Of course, when she decided to pick up her game, she also lingered over the other girl's entrance, and more importantly lingered on her clit.

    At first, this meant just directly licking those areas, but eventually Maze took Chloe's clit into her mouth and sucked on it. Now that got a reaction out of her pray. Not the reaction she was expecting, but Maze very much enjoyed the increasingly loud cries, moans and whimpers of pleasure. And really, it was just another case of Detective Decker impressing her.

    Chloe was surprised that she didn't cum from the increasing treatment, but then again, she was surprised she hadn't cum already. Again, Maze was just ridiculously, but unsurprisingly, good at this, and it was driving her absolutely crazy.

    And again, she had wanted this for so long, whether she admitted it to herself or not, that it made it overwhelming. But then, maybe that's why she was effortlessly able to resist? Because it felt wonderful, and she had waited so long for this, but she wanted it to last? Or maybe it had something to do with her being a 'Gift from God', whatever that meant. Was that it? Was she not 100% human, and what did that mean for her daughter?

    Perhaps it was the fact that so many questions were rattling around inside her mind, and she couldn't really relax and enjoy what was happening to her. She had been told multiple times, by multiple people, that it was always her problem. But it didn't feel like a problem right now. No, if it meant she got to enjoy more of this powerful woman eating her cunt, then Chloe definitely saw it as a blessing. A blessing from God?

    Maybe, the thought making her blush, along with everything else about this. Which probably meant that when she eventually came, it would be the most powerful climax of her life. Something that was pretty much guaranteed, given exactly who was worshiping her cunt.

    While Chloe thought she would have to beg for more, and especially for the privilege of cumming, she was relieved to find out that wasn't the case. It was probably because Maze just got tired of waiting, but still, it was a relief not to further embarrass herself with words right now. Besides, she wasn't so sure she could utter a coherent word right now, other than a few swear words in amongst her constant moans, whimpers, and cries of pure pleasure.

    Which was especially the case when Maze added her fingers into the mix, as there was barely any warning. No, one second all the focus was on her clit, and then all of a sudden a finger was pushed all the way into her pussy, instantly triggering the kind of powerful orgasm she had been waiting, and hoping, for.

    Of course, that wasn't the end of it. No, Maze fucked her through that climax, keeping her on her high, and then working her towards another. God, it didn't even take that long. Especially given Maze added a second finger along the way, while somehow finding a way to suck on her clit even harder than before. Among other things.

    Oh yes, Mazikeen seemed to reach down into her bag of tricks, and pull out every one of them, to make sure that she could make Chloe cum as hard and as frequently as possible. Something that Chloe was very grateful for, and continued to be throughout the next few minutes. Even if some of it went beyond what she would normally be capable of, and was very worrying for the future. But for now, the Detective was very, very happy with the amazing pleasure she was receiving.

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    Maze hated to miss out on Chloe Decker cumming in her mouth and all over her face. It was a treat that she would get later, but she wanted it now. After all, the first time was special. But having Chloe Decker cumming on her finger, squeezing it as she came oh so hard, was still pretty great, and it felt like she had only just established a rhythm.

    So she kept that up for a little while, before finally swapping her fingers for her tongue. On the bright side, that meant there was plenty of cum for her to collect, and Maze loved collecting on bounties. It was literally her job now, albeit in a different way. And of course, after that she got to literally tongue fuck this beautiful woman to another climax.

    Naturally, to taste that heavenly liquid as a result of making another woman cum was even better than getting it after the fact, but even before that extra bit of incentive, Maze was once again blown away by just how good Chloe tasted. It wasn't really surprising, especially after sampling what else she had to give, but it was still very much welcomed.

    And something that Maze was determined to get every drop of. Or at least, every drop, while still allowing the Detective to remain conscious. Oh yes, Mazikeen wasn't done with this human yet. Not by a long shot. In fact, there was one particular thing that she wanted to do to her, which would ensure this would become a regular thing.

    So with that in mind, Maze took one of the fingers which had just been inside of Chloe's cunt, and shoved it up her friend's ass. The suddenness of the penetration made it easier, although it also gave the poor Detective a decent amount of pain when she realized what had just happened to her. Although to Mazikeen's delight, it also triggered another powerful orgasm, which was very promising for the near future.

    Especially as she got similar encouraging responses by pushing that finger slowly in and out, starting to DP Chloe Decker with her finger and tongue. Oh yes, she was double fucking the other woman, who was clearly loving it. Just like hopefully they would both enjoy what she had planned for her next.

    Luckily for Maze, she'd already had the presence of mind to attach the strap-on to herself, while Chloe was distracted with the initial pussy licking. She had also used her friend's pussy cream to make sure that the toy cock would be nice and ready for her to lay claim on the human's deceptively hot little body. Now all that was left was to take what was hers.

    And choose which positions she wanted to do it in. Oh who was Maze kidding? There was only one position she really wanted Chloe Decker in right now, and she pulled her to the edge of the bed, and flipped her over to make it nice and easy. She sadly had to remove her tongue and fingers to move on, but not before she added a second finger into the Detective's butt, just to make sure she was extra ready for what happened next.

    "Let me guess..." Maze purred, after a few long minutes of sliding those two fingers in and out of Chloe's butt hole, and then taking them out to suck them clean, "You've never had it up the ass before?"

    Which of course, caused Chloe to blush furiously, and stammer, "Maze, I..."

    "Was nice enough to save your anal cherry for me? Awww, how sweet." Maze teased as she pressed the tip of her cock against her target, "Well, don't worry, Decker, mmmmmmmmm, because I'm going to take good care of you, and your sweet little virgin ass. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, gonna break you in good, and make you a little anal whore. My anal whore! But maybe I'll let Lucifer have a turn, if he asks nicely."

    Chloe opened her mouth to protest, and normally she would have no trouble interrupting anyone if she had too. Hell, she had regularly won battles of wills with The Devil himself. Admittedly, most of that time she hadn't known who he was, not really, but the point was that she should have no problem putting a stop to this. But she just lay there in disbelief as her most private hole began stretching for an invading object for the very first time.

    Well, it was easy to believe that Maze would be into this kind of thing, and that the demon would have the audacity to try doing this to her, but she didn't believe that she wasn't doing anything to stop it. She did try, but all that came out was weak sounding gasps, whimpers and cries, which could be mistaken for the normal noises one would make when this was inflicted on them.

    The worst part was that there was a thrill to having her back door stretched and filled like this. Oh God, there was a twisted part of her which actually enjoyed this. Especially given who was doing this to her. Namely, her best female friend, who was a literal demon from hell.

    Oh God, another woman was taking her butt cheeks, spreading a cheek with one hands, while using the other to push that dildo relentlessly forward, until Chloe's poor little virgin ass hole stretched wide enough to allow the head of that strap-on dick through it and into her previously untouched bottom. Making it official, her butt cherry had been taken by another woman. By Maze. Something which of course, Mazikeen just had to gloat about.

    "Wow... I did it. Mmmmmmmm fuck, I got your cherry, Decker. Your last cherry. Your butt cherry." Maze gleefully gloated as she savoured the incredible view in front of her, "You know, I've taken a lot of cherries, over thousands of years, and I honestly can't think of one more satisfying than this. Some come pretty close, but yours, Chloe? Mmmmmmmmm, this is one I'll treasure forever. And one I'm really looking forward to telling your boyfriend about. Oh yeah, oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, I can't wait to tell Lucifer that I was the first through your back door. But I can't tell whether he'll be pouty about it, or thank me. Probably the latter, as long as I make sure this hole is now open for business."

    Again poor Chloe couldn't bring herself to reply, both because she was overwhelmed by this experience, and so very humiliated. If she had been able too, Chloe would have made it clear that no one else would do this to her. Ever. But then again, she couldn't be sure, because if anyone could make her like this sort of thing, it would be a demon, who had probably forgotten more about sex than the Detective had ever known.

    Even if it was kind of hard to imagine herself liking such a thing as this, especially when Maze was oh so slowly pushing forwards, causing inch after inch of that big dildo to slide through her poor little back hole, and deep into her back passage.

    It was like a magic trick, only instead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Maze was pushing a dick into a tight little tunnel, which wasn't designed for that kind of treatment. And yet, this was a popular sex act, one which had been done for a very long time. Maybe even as long as Maze had been alive. So there must be something to it, right? And to Chloe's shame, she did find a certain level of enjoyment from doing something so naughty.

    Something that she would never consider doing with anyone, ever. But... if this strong, powerful woman was going to take her, and do anything she wanted to her? Hey, there was something to that. Which might've been a good reason of why, for the next few long minutes Chloe continued not to offer up any true complaint. In fact, her actions were likely encouraging the demon.

    Maze definitely knew Chloe wasn't trying to encourage her, but she was certainly having that effect. And not just with the beautiful sounds that she was making. Don't get her wrong, Mazikeen loved having humans whimpering, gasping, and especially cry out for her. There had been a time that she live for it. Admittedly, those were sounds of pain instead of pleasure, but she pretty much loved any reaction she could get out of them.

    However, sometimes the best reactions were nonverbal, and right now, Chloe Decker was speaking volumes by not saying a word. Oh yes, this uptight little bitch was just lying there, allowing Maze to do whatever she wanted to her. Allowing herself to be fucked in her virgin ass. By another woman, no less. By a fucking demon! Oh yes, that was so sweet.

    She may have liked it even more than getting to watch inch after inch of her big dick disappearing into Chloe's tailpipe. Well, understandably it was extremely close, especially given that Maze's eyes were locked onto the sight of where her big strap-on was sliding into that widely stretched shit hole, and then deep into the other woman's shit-pipe.

    Which apparently was something most people found gross and disgusting. Actually, Maze did too, but that was one of the main reasons that she liked it. That she was forcing something so forbidden and obscene upon someone. And of course, it was always so much more potent when it was an authority figure, like a Detective, being forced to take this. But more importantly, this was Chloe Decker, and her importance in the supernatural world was far more impressive than her simple rank.

    Best of all, she was laying claim to her. Because, in an extremely primal way, no matter what happened after this, Chloe Decker would always be hers. Or at least, her ass would be. Oh yes, it was now official, she had popped Chloe Decker's anal cherry, and now, whenever this woman sat down, or stretched, or even took a dump, she would think about Maze.

    Think about how she literally had a demon working it's way through her ass hole, until her thighs came to rest against her cheeks, announcing that every inch of her big dick was buried deep within Detective Chloe Decker's butt. Oh fuck, because that's exactly what was happening right now! Oh fucking God, Maze had fully stuffed Detective Chloe Decker's ass with cock, something which of course, Mazikeen just had to gloat about.

    "Every inch! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddd, that's every single inch up your tailpipe, Decker!" Maze exclaimed with joyful disbelief, a wide grin crossing her face as she continued to speak, "Oooooooooooh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, Detective Chloe Decker just took it all the way up her ass! Yessssssssssssss, oh God, every single inch of my big dick is up your butt now, Chloe. And you know what that makes you, right? My little anal whore. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, no matter what happens, Detective Chloe Decker is my anal whore, and I own her ass. And now, mmmmmmmmmm, I'm gonna make you moan like a little butt slut. Oh yes, moan for me, bitch! Moan like a bitch, and truly become my anal loving bitch! Oh yes, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!"

    While gleefully continuing her commentary, Maze started pumping her hips back and forth, and thus causing the dildo to slid in and out of Chloe's tight little ass hole. Sadly, Chloe didn't prove herself to be a natural butt slut, by moaning right from the start of getting fucked in the ass.

    However, Maze was a well-seasoned butt buster, and was extremely confident in her abilities to turn the most reluctant back door into desperate to be used fuck holes. And sure enough, just like everybody else Maze had sodomized over the years, the Detective slowly showed signs of relaxing into this twisted act, and then ultimately enjoying it. So much so, that she couldn't control her reactions to it.

    Chloe was beginning to think controlling her reactions wouldn't be a problem. Sure, her rectum slowly relaxed to the obscene misuse it was being forced to suffer through, through a combination of the humiliation, and this is sick thrill she got from Maze's commentary, and the act itself.

    However, eventually her fears were proven right, the ridiculously experienced woman causing the far less experienced woman's ass to relax and get used to the obscene misuse. And then, very slowly, over time, she felt something else. Something other than a dull ache, or the pain which had been there before. Oh God, she felt pleasure. Increasingly wonderful pleasure, until Chloe just couldn't help herself, and the moan Maze had been waiting for escaped the lips of the Detective.

    Which of course, was another thing Maze just couldn't resist gloating about, "There, I told you so. Mmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I'm impressed. It normally doesn't take this long. But I got you, Chloe. Ooooooooooooooh yesssssssssss, I got you moaning like an anal whore, and now? You are my anal whore! Oh yes, Detective Decker is my anal whore, and her ass is mine. You hear me, Chloe? Mine! Your ass is mine! Not Lucifer's, mmmmmmmmmm, mine! All mine! Oh yes, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YEAH, TAKE IT BITCH! FUCKING TAKE IT DECKER! TAKE IT! YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, AH FUCK, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

    For better or for worse, Maze proved her point by keeping the slow and gentle butt fucking, which eventually not only had Chloe enjoying it, but worse, she found herself craving more of it. She wanted to be just like every other conquest Maze had ever had. To become hers. Just another notch on her belt. Something that she could use for her pleasure, and then discard just as quickly.

    Only, under these circumstances, the older woman was a lot less likely to become bored of her anytime soon. If anything, it was far more likely that Chloe was destined to become another woman's favourite plaything, at least for a while. Which led to her thinking about some very intriguing possibilities.

    Maybe it wasn't Chloe's idea, but Maze's continuous words seeping deep into her brain, and painting a very vivid picture of what her future might be. Honestly, it was kind of hard to tell in that moment, as Chloe was so far gone. And it didn't really matter. All that mattered was that her head was filled with images of her being the sex slave to a literal demon.

    To do whatever that female demon wanted, including taking it up her ass on a daily basis, just for the enjoyment of her Mistress. To crawl around on her hands and knees, collared and branded, and ready to be used whenever, however and whenever this superior woman wanted. For Lucifer to come back to find Maze had a surprise for him, his precious Detective, completely submissive and eager to be double teamed by The Devil and his favourite demon.

    It was that image, more than anything else, which caused Chloe to cum. Admittedly, the giant cock in her ass, Maze's words, and the overwhelming shame she felt from all of this, had a lot to do with it. But mostly, it was the thoughts of what could happened because of this. And just like before, Maze effortlessly made her cum over, and over, and over again, causing her poor mind to melt away, and truly turn her into nothing but a fuck hole.

    Worst of all, or maybe best of all, in that moment, Chloe had to admit, the idea of becoming a sex slave had never been more appealing. As long as she belonged to the great Mazikeen, who would use her on the daily, in a variety of different ways, but especially by fucking her in the ass.

    Maze liked to have a large collection of sex slaves at any given time, and Detective Chloe Decker just maybe the crown jewel of her collection. Something which would make her other pets extremely jealous, and motivate them to work for her approval even more, she thought with a wicked grin. And oh, she would make them earn it.

    Even Chloe. Oh yes, Maze was confident that when she came around from her multiple orgasms, Detective Decker would declare her undying loyalty to her, and do whatever it took to please her, no matter how twisted it was. And oh God, was the Bounty Hunter looking forward to every single moment of that.

    Of course, first she would need to make sure that the Detective was thoroughly broken in. More importantly, Maze had a reputation to maintain. And in this case, live up too. So when the time was right. She gradually built up the speed and power that she was using, until she was brutally pounding Chloe's butt hole with everything she would dare to give a human.

    Which pretty much guaranteed that the uptight woman would not be sitting right for a while, but that would just help remind her of exactly who her new Mistress was. Oh yes, Detective Chloe Decker would never, ever forget who she belonged too, and what kind of amazing pleasure the great Mazikeen could give her.

    The combination of those thoughts, the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit, and the sheer joy of fucking another woman in the ass ultimately made Maze cum nice and hard too. Especially given it was Chloe Decker who she was butt fucking. In fact, even with all her experience, it was impressive she held back for as long as she did.

    Maybe even more impressive that she was able to push herself through it. Oh yes, Mazikeen was able to push herself through orgasm after orgasm in the name of maximizing the pleasure for both of them, and far more importantly, make it crystal clear that this extremely special woman would be her little anal bitch from now on. Among many other things.

    Normally, that would be something Maze hammered home with words, but as soon as the uptight Detective Chloe Decker started pushing her ass back at her the Bounty Hunter stopped talking, and just concentrated all her energy to make sure this butt fucking lasted as long as possible.

    Oh yes, Lucifer's precious little Detective, who acted like she never got laid, actually began hammering her ass back against those rectum wrecking thrusts like a total butt slut. Maze's butt slut! Oh yes, that's what she was now. Chloe Decker was Maze's personal little butt slut, something the stronger woman proved by as fucking the weaker woman into an exhausted, and well used fuck hole.

    Literally, given that the poor little human collapsed face down with exhaustion, the only thing keeping her lower half in the air being the demon's strong grip on her waist. Maze was very tempted to keep going after that, but then she might risk losing total control, or worse, collapsing down onto her new bitch like some kind of weak Dom wannabe.

    Even though Chloe seem to be unconscious, and there was no one else around, Maze's ego simply couldn't take that. So reluctantly she slowly brought herself down from her high with a series of slow thrusts, making sure she buried every inch of the dildo deep within Chloe's bowels with that last thrust. Then she just savoured her conquest for a few long seconds, before spreading those butt cheeks nice and wide again, and slowly began to pull her cock out of that newly broken in bitch hole.

    Which admittedly wasn't quite as fun as pushing that cock into that bitch hole, but it was great to be reminded just how much this uptight woman had taken up her butt. And of course, further proof of that came once the dildo was all the way out, leaving a gaping crater in its wake. Oh yes, Maze got to stared deep into Chloe Decker's bowels, via that cute little gaping butt hole.

    Something that was perfectly visible when she let go of those cheeks, making it nice and easy for her to let go of it and take a picture, without waking the Detective up first. Which she normally wouldn't hesitate doing, but Chloe just looked so peaceful in that moment, Maze didn't have the heart to wake her.

    It also provided her the rare opportunity to taste some ass. Well, she regularly tasted it on her fingers and during nice, long rim jobs, the latter of which she would have to treat Chloe to in the future. However, she didn't go ass to mouth nearly enough, especially with women.

    After all, Maze was pretty much willing to do anything, to anything, but with women she preferred to be dominant. And that meant making them taste their ass after a butt fucking. Something Chloe Decker would be doing soon enough, Maze promised herself that. But for now, she unstrapped the dildo from around her waist, brought it up to her lips, took it into her mouth, and then moaned softly at the taste of Detective Decker's booty.

    For a few long minutes, she savoured that flavour, before taking the dildo deeper into her mouth, and eventually down her throat. When it came to blowing men she would take her time a little more, really put in a performance, but at that moment it was more about getting it done, and discard the toy, just in time to wake up Chloe for more fun. Although given this was a special occasion, she spent longer on this particular BJ than most.

    Of course, it helped that she still had a wonderful view in front of her, which filled her with wonderful thoughts about what the future might hold for her, her new fuck pet, and all her previous fuck pets. Oh yes, they were going to have a lot of fun together, and it would truly be... A-Mazing, Maze thought with a wicked grin.

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    Mazikeen was furious, and she showed it in how she slammed the door to her apartment closed behind her. She had been so close to getting what she wanted, and then Chloe Decker had to wake up the next morning after their first time together, and have the audacity to tell her it was a one time thing. That she was still in love with Lucifer, and wasn't ready to commit to something else. Like she wasn't already Maze's bitch.

    Like Maze hadn't popped Chloe's anal cherry during the kind of sex, which would turn anyone into her sex slave. Case in point, the girl she'd texted to be waiting on her knees in front of the door, wearing nothing but her collar. And, of course, her butt-plug. Fuck, just seeing that instantly improved her mood.

    "Mistress? What's wrong?" Eve asked softly.

    In reply Maze simply sighed deeply in frustration, then stuck out one of her feet. Knowing exactly what that meant Eve bent down and pressed a soft kiss to the top of her owner's high-heeled boot. That kiss was then quickly followed by another, and another, and another. Fuck, it was so fucking hot to have The First Woman grovelling at her feet.

    It always was, but now it was particularly satisfying, as it was a reminder that soon Chloe Decker would be hers. Oh yes, Eve had also been hung up on Lucifer, so much so that she snuck out of heaven just to see him again. And now? Now she was nothing but Maze's bitch. Yes, it had taken a little training, but eventually she had put The First Woman in her rightful place, and now she got to take her frustrations out on her.

    "I don't want to talk about it." Maze said finally, after Eve thoroughly kissed both of her boots, "I just need to vent."

    "Please do, Mistress." Eve eagerly smiled against her top's boot, "Please take out your frustration on my naughty little ass! Spank me, fuck me, do whatever you want. Ah!"

    "Oh, I will." Maze reassured her, as she reached down to grab a handful of dark hair, and used it as a lead to drag Eve through their apartment.

    Once they reached the bedroom, Maze sat down on the edge of her bed, quickly threw Eve over her knee, and delivered one good hard spank to that pretty little butt of hers. On a better day, Maze would have loved for to be more build-up. Maybe have The First Woman dressing in something which could be slowly pulled off of her.

    Either in a striptease, or the horny demon tearing it off her body. Maybe listen to her bitch begging to be used as the fuck toy she was for longer. And definitely more of the other woman grovelling at her feet, maybe even taking off her shoes, so that Eve could literally worship her feet with her mouth and tongue. But this certainly wasn't uncommon, as often Mazikeen came home fuming, and needing to vent.

    However, even in times like this, she tried not to give Eve everything she had right away. After all, Eve had been such a good girl lately, and had been waiting for her in the position she most loved seeing her in. And in this position, she could see that the well-trained sub had indeed been wearing her butt-plug, as well as her collar.

    Which was good, because that hole was getting ravaged sooner rather than later. But first, the outside of it. Oh yes, Mazikeen treated her favourite pet to blow after blow straight onto her cute little bottom. Just not with everything she had, at least not right away. No, being in this position with this gorgeous creature put her in a much better mood, enough to give her little bottom bitch a nice, long, drawn-out spanking.

    Eve had missed out on so much pleasure during her first life. Back then, there had only really been Adam, and then later Lucifer. She never thought she would find another lover who could satisfy her like The Devil could, but even he didn't do much. Nowadays there was so much more to do, and so many people who weren't related to her. Or it was so distant, it didn't count.

    Point being, she had promised herself she would sample everything this new world had to offer, and at this point there wasn't much new things to do, thanks to Lucifer, and especially Mistress Mazikeen. Oh yes, her new owner had finally been able to satiate her almost insatiable desires, and introduced her to things she hadn't even dreamed of.

    Admittedly, she'd tried BDSM with Lucifer, but he had preferred to be the receiver. Don't get her wrong, that had been fun, and she would probably do it again if given the chance. But when it came to giving, he hadn't been as enthusiastic as Mistress Mazikeen. Couldn't make the pain oh so satisfying, to the point where Eve craved it almost as much as the pleasure she knew would come later. Almost.

    Maybe especially during this stage, when she found herself helpless in the clutches of the more powerful woman, her bottom being regularly smacked, but also groped like a piece of meat, Mistress Mazikeen inspecting her property, and clearly being please buy it, which made Eve's perverted little heart flutter.

    She especially liked the fact that her pussy was pressing against her Mistress's thigh, meaning that Eve was literally getting off on it. Oh yes, Eve, The First Woman, was getting off on rubbing herself against the demon's thigh, while that demon was spanking her. In fact, she had cum from this in the past, and felt like she could do it again now.

    After all, it had been hours since her last orgasm. And even longer than that, since her owner had touched her, and Eve was craving it. Of course, cumming that way wasn't nearly as satisfying as everything else Mistress Mazikeen did to her, but since it had been so long Eve would settled for anything. Especially as it was pretty much guarantee that it would simply be her first orgasm of the day.

    For most people, an increase in pain would have been off-putting. Well, any form of pain would have been off-putting. But not Eve. No, when the other woman phased out the pauses in between strikes, and increased the force behind them, it only pushed her deliciously closer to a climax. She even cried out joyfully.

    Sadly it was not to be, and just as it felt like she was on the edge of something truly wonderful, it abruptly stopped, and Eve was left just lying there on the thigh of her Mistress. Yes, she could've easily got herself off like that, just with a little rubbing, but she was a good sub, and would never dare do that without permission. So instead she simply waited for her next command, and she wasn't waiting long.

    Maze was very tempted to keep going in the mood she was in. But again, Eve had been a good girl, and she didn't want to risk getting carried away. Which was also the reason she didn't make her lover cum. That, and there was something to be said for denying a little slut like Eve an orgasm, because it meant when she did make her cum, it would be that much more satisfying for both of them.

    So she made sure to spank her bitch just hard enough to make that cute little booty of hers bright red, and the well-rounded cheeks jiggle for her for a few long minutes. Then she abruptly stopped to admire her handiwork, and then reach down to caress some of that pain away.

    This understandably caused her pet to whimper and whine with disappointment. But those were just sounds, serving as a reminder that The First Woman had become too much of a well-trained sub a to truly complain about such treatment, which made Mistress Mazikeen grin wickedly. She also had that expression, because of the cooing the gentle caressing of her hand was squeezing out of her favourite sex slave.

    Something she enjoyed for a few long minutes, while debating what to do next. Then when she had made a decision, she pushed Eve off of her, and spread her legs. Which admittedly had been the obvious choice, but it was one which made Eve's eyes adorably light up, making the whole thing even better.

    "Eat my fucking cunt, you little bitch." Maze ordered.

    "Yes, Mistress Mazikeen. Thank you, Mistress Mazikeen." Eve replied enthusiastically, getting up onto her knees and adding just before doing as she was commanded, "Mmmmmmmmm, thank you for this tasty treat. I love it! I love your pussy. Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

    Unsurprisingly, the last part was muffled, as Eve clearly just couldn't wait anymore. No, The First Woman shamelessly buried her face in between the legs of her Mistress, taking a few long seconds to savour the smell and the taste of pussy against her lips, before sticking out her tongue, and sliding it over Maze's pussy lips.

    It was a pussy licking which maybe started out a little too quick, but it wasn't long before Eve was once again proving herself a perfect little lesbian pet, slowing her licking right down so her tongue could give every inch of her owner's cunt the attention it deserved. Except for of course, the other woman's clit, which after hitting a few times, she stayed away from, so she could dish out a nice, long rug munching.

    However, Maze wasn't sure she wanted that. Don't get her wrong, it felt amazing, but she wasn't in the mood to be worshiped. No, she wanted to be fucked, hard and fast. More importantly, she was in the mood to fuck hard and fast, and just wanted to get off, so she could concentrate on giving her favourite fuck toy what she so richly deserved.

    Which she almost had to say, but it was unnecessary, as in the nick of time Eve realized her mistake. Realize that her Mistress wasn't as into this as normal. Realized what her owner really wanted her to do, and gave it to her, no questions asked. Which yet again, just proved that The First Woman really was just the perfect sub. And in this moment, the perfect little pussy pleasing slut.

    Eve prided herself on being able to predict what her lovers wanted, and was disappointed with herself that she took so long to guess what her owner wanted, especially given the mood she seemed to be in. However, it went against her training, as from the beginning Mistress Mazikeen had been teaching her to slow down, and worship her body as she should be worshiped.

    Hell, normally Mistress Mazikeen insisted on more foreplay than this. Which to be fair, was another warning sign she had missed. But, as was often the case, Eve got carried away with being able to taste pussy. So she tried to correct, when ironically, she had got it right the first time. And continued getting it right, from the sounds of it.

    Which was one of Eve's favourite things about sex. Oh yes, her partners had always been very responsive, making it easier for her to realize when she was giving them what they wanted. Maybe especially with Mistress Mazikeen.

    Oh yes, the sounds she made were very distinctive, and the look on her face was even more so, so if she suspected something was wrong, all Eve had to do was look up to see if her suspicions were correct, then it was just a simple matter of decreasing or increasing the pace of whatever it was she was doing, in this case licking pussy, to get them back on track. And this time was definitely no exception, The First Woman increasing the attention to her Mistress's clit, and being rewarded with more happy sounds and looks in the process.

    She was also rewarded with one of her very favourite things in the world, that being more pussy cream. It wasn't quite as wonderful as cum, but it was pretty much a guarantee that she would be swallowing that soon enough. Until then, she was pretty happy with what she was getting, especially as there was so much of it, that It ended up covering her face, marking her as what she was, a pussy slut.

    Something which would been even more clear, when her face was covered with cum, but again, for now this was more than good enough. She would've also maybe liked to have spent longer savouring this wonderful act, but it was what Mistress Mazikeen wanted which mattered most. Besides, this way she would be receiving some attention herself that much sooner.

    After holding herself back for the very minimum amount of time Maze cried out, "Oooooooooooh fuck, that's a good girl. Lick me just like that! Just like fucking that! Ohhhhhhhhhhh God! More! Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss, give me more! Suck my clit! Suck it! Ooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, suck it good, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! Ah fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me! Seriously Eve, fuck me. Tongue fuck me, you hot little bitch! Oh yes, I want The First Woman, and my bitch, to tongue fuck my demon cunt and make me cum! Yesssssssss, oh my God, make me cum make me cum make me cum, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, AH FUCK!"

    As soon as she had permission, Eve shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into her owner, only to pull it out again, and wrap her lips firmly around that entrance so she could get her reward. That reward of course, being yummy girl cum, the well-trained pussy pleaser swallowing down most of what the other woman had to offer. At least the first time.

    She was lucky after that, but again, it was what Mistress Mazikeen wanted which truly mattered. Besides, she was being marked as a girl cum loving slut. Also, she still got to swallow plenty of her Mistress's cum in the process. And more importantly, she made her Dom cum over and over again. Which of course, had Eve's submissive little heart fluttering with happiness.

    Maze normally like to be standing for this, to show off her power and dominance. However, Eve had always been special to her, and she was glad that she had given herself the luxury of sitting down for this. Hell, she would probably fall down, when Chloe got the privilege of watching Eve tongue fuck her to orgasm. And more importantly, when Detective Decker was in her rightful place.

    Or at least, one of them. Oh yes, it was only a matter of time before that little bitch was her little bitch. Like she soon would be, Maze was sure of that. Oh yes, now she'd had a taste of what she could give her, the Detective wouldn't be able to stay away. Then she would truly belong to her, and she'd have Chloe Decker in between her legs, feasting on her pussy.

    It was very easy to become lost in that fantasy, in that wonderful moment, especially as she was receiving such amazing head. More specifically, it was easy to imagine that this was how Chloe would be after receiving the same amount of training as Eve. Something Maze promised herself she would sample very, very soon.

    Although she at least began to focus on Eve, given that she was always special to her. And of course, most of her fuck toys were human, and thus she didn't want to risk hurting them by getting lost in her own pleasure. But giving Chloe hadn't return the favour last night, least not in this way, Maze just couldn't help but let her mind wander a little bit.

    She also allowed herself to fuck Eve's pretty little face. At first this was just gently rubbing her cunt against it, but gradually she increased the pace, until Maze was suffocating the other woman in pussy as hard and as brutally as she dared. Which of course, she put her full concentration in two, but it was so worth it for an extra powerful and satisfying climax.

    One which was very tempting to repeat, until Eve passed out. Or maybe even worse. But no, because again, The First Woman was special to her. She was also innocent, and Maze only really punished the wicked. Or those who ask nicely. And even in these extreme moments, she knew when to pull back, and show her lovers some mercy.

    Other women may have been mad about the rough treatment, but of course, The First Woman just looked like a happy puppy only a few seconds after being pulled out of that tasty treat. True, initially she gasped for breath, but then came the happy look, reminding Maze how Eve had told her being suffocated with pussy was one of her favourite things ever.

    At least when it came to giving pleasure. Of course, the reason for the happy grin, was probably because Eve assumed it was her turn to receive some attention. Well, she was right on the money, Maze tried to tease her by looking at her fuck pet like she had done something wrong, only to break into a happy smile at her bitch.

    "Mmmmmmmm, that was good." Maze was forced to admit, before she quickly ordered, "Now get me a strap-on, and put it on me, so I can fuck you with it. Mmmmmmmm yessssssssss, I feel like using your holes."

    "Yes, Mistress Mazikeen, thank you Mistress Mazikeen." Eve eagerly replied and obeyed, remembering to get down onto her hands and knees so she could crawl over to her owner's toy collection, and bring back one of the requested toys in her mouth. Then when she had secured it around the superior woman's waist she took the dildo into her right hand, and gently started stroking it while asking, "Can I suck your cock? Oh please, Mistress Mazikeen, mmmmmmmm, may I have permission to suck your beautiful cock? Huh? Oh please let me? Please, please, pleasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee, let me suck your cock, and get it ready for my slutty little whore holes?"

    "Make it quick." Maze said dismissively, explaining with a wicked grin, "I'm eager to use my favourite fuck hole of yours."

    "Yes, Mistress Mazikeen, thank you Mistress Mazikeen." Eve eagerly replied and obeyed, her eyes lighting up as she knew what that meant.

    Eve had been trained to show self-restraint and go slow, unless told otherwise, and now she had, she was only too happy to shove that strap-on pretty much straight down her throat. Or at least, she did that with the first few inches, wrapping her lips around as much of it as she could, and then pushed herself slowly downwards, taking inch after inch until she reached the bottom.

    Then, just to show off, she held that position for a few long minutes, before beginning to bob her head up and down the dick, sucking happily in the process. Hell, she even moaned happily, which had more to do with what she was currently doing, then did it what was about to happen.

    Don't get her wrong, she loved sucking cock, but this was hardly the same as doing it with a man, or after it had been inside a different fuck hole. It was still fun, but it was just a warm-up, both for the toy, and for her body. Not that they needed to at this point, as it was aching for some action. Maybe especially her butt hole, which was quivering with anticipation around the plug which was currently stretching it open.

    As one of Mistress Mazikeen's sex slaves, maybe even her favourite one, Eve thought happily, Eve's ass hole had to always be loose, open, and ready for a fucking. Which was exactly the state of being that The First Woman wanted her back door to be in, as it meant a quick BJ like this was all the preparation she needed to get her ass destroyed. Which was definitely true. Just initially not with the strap-on.

    "Now bend over, and spread your cheeks." Maze ordered, "Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, give me your pretty little ass."

    "Oh yes, Mistress Mazikeen." Eve moaned easily, once she removed her mouth from the cock. Then once she was in position, she eagerly begged, "Fuck me! Oh please, fuck my ass."

    "Oh, don't worry, I will." Maze reassured with a grin, "In fact, you've been such a good girl, I'm going to give you a special treat..."

    "Thank you Mistresssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, FUCK!" Eve cried out, and then moaned, "Mmmmmmmmmm, thank you, thank you, thank you, mmmmmmmmmm Mistress!"

    The initial cry was because of her butt-plug being removed, and the last one was muffled after that sex toy was shoved directly into her mouth. Eve then eagerly began sucking the plug clean hoping to get every drop before her ass was violated with the strap-on. She technically succeeded at that, as her slutty little butt was invaded by something else.

    Namely fingers, Mistress Mazikeen shoving two fingers straight away into that loosened whore hole, quickly followed by the third and the fourth. Which was always welcome, albeit unnecessary at this stage, given how loose Eve's back door was from frequent use, and constantly wearing a plug in her ass. But then all became clear, when her wonderful owner slipped her thumb inside that slutty little fuck hole.

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    "Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssss, fist me, Maze, fist my butt!" Eve cried out without thinking, then quickly added, "I mean, please Mistress Mazikeen, stick your beautiful hand in my bottom. Remind me what a well-used anal whore I am. Your well-used anal whore. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, fuck me Mistress! Fuck me with your whole entire hand! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, STRETCH MY ASS! FUCKING STRETCH IT JUST LIKE THAT, MMMMMMMMMMMMM, JUST LIKE THAT! OH MISTRESS OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME!"

    Most women would cry out in pure pain from the feeling of their ass hole being stretched around someone's knuckles, but not Eve. No, she cried out in pure pleasure, once again proving just what a shameless butt slut she was. To be fair, it still hurt after all this time, but at this point The First Woman got off on it. Besides, she was riled up, and more than ready for this kind of abuse.

    In fact, it felt unnecessary for Mistress Mazikeen to spend a few long minutes pumping those fingers back and forth, constantly stretching Eve's butt hole around her knuckles, but inevitably she pushed her way inside. Admittedly it was a lot of fun for both of them, but the sub was so grateful when she received what she really wanted from her Dom.

    Maze and Eve both cried out loudly and joyfully when the knuckles of the demon finally slipped through the human's back door. Especially because after that the rest of the hand slid through what was supposed to be a forbidden hole, and into the bowels of her lover. Oh fuck, Maze could feel that wonderfully tight passage clamping down on the full length of her wrist, like Eve's ass never wanted to let her go.

    Probably because it didn't. Oh yes, the demon had become very familiar with the loose whore hole this human woman called her ass hole, and she was very familiar how it loved having her inside it. Almost as much as she loved being inside of it.

    Of course, at the same time, they both wanted her to fuck it, so that's exactly what she did. Albeit, after a few long seconds, or maybe even a full minute, for them both to savour this precious moment. Then she started off slow, pumping that fist back and forth just an inch or two, and then gradually picking up the pace from there. Oh yes, Maze slowly increased the speed and the force, until she was pulling her fist out to her knuckles, and then shoving it well pass the wrist.

    Which of course, got the most wonderful sounds out of Eve. Especially when she had sucked the butt-plug clean, and was spitting it out, so she could beg for the things she wanted most in that moment.

    "Fuck me Mistress Mazikeen, mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck me hard!" Eve moaned loudly and pleadingly, "Yesssssssssssss, fist fuck me harder! Wreck my fucking whore ass! Ruin it! Turn me into your fucking Hand Puppet! Oooooooooooooh yessssssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, I love being your Hand Puppet Bitch, ah fuck, and taking your whole hand up my butt! Ah fuck! Fuck yes, fuck me Mistress Mazikeen! Fuck me hard and make me cum! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, I need to cum. Please, please, PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUCK ME! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

    Normally Mistress Mazikeen would gleefully deny her sex slaves the privilege of cumming so soon, but again, Eve was her favourite, therefore she actually got special treatment. Also, she was just in that kind of mood, and knew that this little slut could take it. Just as Chloe soon would. Oh yes, Detective Chloe Decker would be soon as just as broken as The First Woman, her broken butt slut, able to take a fisting with nothing but pure pleasure for her.

    One which would have her cumming like a shameless little anal slut, just like poor Eve. Because make no mistake, it was easy to think about how much fun she'd have with the Detective in the near future, but as soon as her favourite anal bitch started cumming for her Maze very much refocused on the task at hand, so to speak.

    Again, one of the main reasons for that, was she didn't want to get too carried away in what she was doing, and seriously hurt her favourite bitch. Which would be especially easy right now, as Eve's ass hole was clenching down on her fist so roughly with the force of her climaxes, maybe she had to use a bit more force to keep going. And she did, for a while, while making sure not to get too carried away with it.

    Which was hard. Oh fuck, it was so damn hard. But, of course, being the experienced top she was, Mistress Mazikeen was able to fist The First Woman's butt through multiple climaxes, before slowly bringing her down from her high. At which point, she made the switch between her hand, and the strap-on.

    Eve cried out with disappointment as the pace was decreased, and then that fist was slowly pulled out of her ass. Well, she got a twisted thrill from the feeling of her butt hole being forced to widely stretch open to allow the hand to slip out of her, but it was nothing compared to the ecstasy she received. And she knew for a fact that she could receive a lot more orgasms than that before needing a break.

    Orgasms Mistress Mazikeen was normally happy to give her. Thankfully this was no exception, as her needy little booty wasn't left alone for long. Which she thought, and hoped, might be the case, but she was so sorry to lose that fist, especially when it was a physical part of her owner. Although she was hardly complaining when instead a cock was shoved up her slutty little butt.

    In fact, she cried out loudly in approval, especially as pretty much the full length was shoved deep into her bowels, triggering a powerful climax. Or was that just a really powerful aftershock? Honestly, when it came to sex with Mistress Mazikeen, it was hard to tell sometimes.

    All Eve knew for sure was that one second her ass was being stretched nice and wide, then it was being stretched nice and deep, with a brief horrible moment, in between where she was empty back there. Admittedly, there was a certain amount of pain, as her poor abused rectum tried to adjust to the new shape inside of it, but it was far from the first time her well-trained butt had made that adjustment, so whatever pain she felt soon went away.

    It helped that Mistress Mazikeen slowed down when she began feeling tightness, and then pause to savour the moment once every inch of that big dick was buried deep within the bowels of The First Woman. Then the superior woman began thrusting her hips back and forth, causing that giant rectum wrecker to slide in and out of her back door and back passage.

    Oh yes, Mistress Mazikeen skilfully sodomized her, causing overwhelmingly intense pleasure, until she was pretty much cumming again. Hell, that would probably happen, as long as there was a cock in her ass, so Eve quickly had to beg for that privilege, so it wasn't taken away from her. And of course, that she was showing her top the proper respect, by at least trying to ask permission first.

    "Can I cum? Can I cum like a bitch with a dick in my ass?" Eve asked loudly and desperately, "Oh please, please, plasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee, let me cum! I need to cum for you, Mistress Mazikeen! Oooooooooooooh yessssssssssssssss, I need to cum for my owner! For my Mistress. My everything. Oh fuck, I love you, Maze. Mmmmmmmmmm, and I love it when you fuck my ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck my ass, ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, pound it! FUCKING POUND IT HARD AND DEEP, AND MAKE YOUR ANAL BITCH CUM! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, I WANNA CUM FOR YOU, MISTRESS MAZIKEEN! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! OH MISTRESS! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

    Poor Eve tried to keep talking, but as soon as she started cumming again, she quickly became completely incoherent. Especially because while those climaxes were just as intense as before, they were seemingly never-ending, as Mistress Mazikeen seemed content to use the fuck hole known as The First Woman's ass hole for her pleasure as long as the poor human could remain conscious.

    Maybe even after that. Oh fuck, Eve hoped so. Oh yes, all she wanted now was to be a good little fuck hole for Mistress Mazikeen. Something that the superior woman could use for her pleasure whenever she wanted. Because it gave The First Woman more joy than she'd ever found in heaven. And she wasn't even talking about the orgasms, but finally finding her true purpose.

    Mazikeen knew this wasn't Eve's intended purpose, and she really got off on the idea that she was responsible for giving The First Woman a new purpose. Perhaps even, a better purpose? No, definitely better. Oh yes, from where she stood, The First Man was a bore, unworthy of the amazing creature he had been gifted with. Oh yes, Maze was much better suited to catering to all of Eve's needs, as was proven by what they were doing now.

    Hell yeah, the way she was brutally pounding The First Woman's shit hole proved that Mistress Mazikeen was the one for this particular job. Something that the demon further proved, by effortlessly making her favourite anal bitch cum like the little butt slut she was.

    It was at times like this Maze actually took the risk of pushing poor Eve to her limits, and maybe over them. Of course, she made sure not to lose complete control, but the powerful demon definitely ensured that the poor little human wouldn't be sitting down, probably for the rest of the day. Not that she should. After all, she was the personal butt slut of Mistress Mazikeen, therefore being unable to sit properly was a given.

    Among other things. Oh yes, Maze took great pride whenever she sore Eve wincing, while trying to move after a particularly energetic butt pounding, and she had no doubt that this would be no different. And that her anal bitch would still thanked her for it, because any amount of pain was worth it for this kind of ecstasy.

    That was true, even without the climaxes themselves, Maze really trying her best to fight the inevitable, just so this could continue for a bit longer. Which involved remaining eerily silent, and trying to focus on something boring, but again, this was her favourite sex slave, and maybe just her favourite person, so there was only so long she could wait.

    Especially with the other end of the harness bashing against her clit, the feeling of those meaty cheeks jiggling against her thighs, the sound of it and Eve's screams of pleasure, and the sheer joy of making The First Woman's cum constantly squirt out of her cunt, ultimately caught up with her. Oh yes, Maze received the kind of orgasms she lived for, smiling extra wickedly in the process.

    Of course, she pushed herself through that climax, and several others, but it was sadlya the beginning of the end. Which was probably just as well, as this shameless little butt slut had gone from bouncing her booty back against the rectum wrecking thrusts, to lying face down in exhaustion.

    Even though, Maze rather liked the fact that her strong grip was keeping that cute little ass in the air, and thus literally turning The First Woman into nothing but her personal fuck hole. That's what her most private hole was, and that's what it always would be. Which was a thought which gave her at least one more climax, before yanking her dick out of that slutty little fuck hole, and admiring her handiwork.

    Maze also smacked that ass roughly, and ordered, "Spread your cheeks, bitch. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, show me that pretty little gape!"

    "Oh yes, Mistress Mazikeen." Eve moaned softly, and obeyed.

    Eve loved being nasty like this, and there wasn't much nastier than reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks, revealing just how widely gaping open her ass hole was. Especially as it was a position she was left in for a few long seconds, maybe even a full minute, as Mistress Mazikeen truly admired her handiwork. Hell, the Dom even took a picture, despite the fact that she must have hundreds like that on her phone. Of other women?

    Sure, and Eve loved that fact, but pics of her had to make up for about half of Mistress Mazikeen's photo album at this point. And then she got even more opportunities to add to that collection, with the next act that The First Woman had been eagerly anticipating.

    "Good girl, now suck my cock." Maze ordered, "Oh fuck yes, mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, I know how much you love the taste of your ass, so I'm expecting you to get every drop."

    "Oh yes, Mistress Mazikeen." Eve moaned softly, and obeyed.

    Again, Eve adored doing naughty things like this, so despite the fact she was tired, she was quick to position herself before her Mistress, and then wrap her lips around the head of the dildo which had just hammered the deepest part of her butt. Hell, she even moaned happily because of it, her eyelids fluttering closed for a while, as she savoured one of her favourite flavours in the entire world.

    Admittedly it wasn't quite as good as Mistress Mazikeen's girl cum, but it just might be a close second to that. Certainly worth getting every drop of it, which was exactly what she did. Not right away, of course, as she was determined to give this a proper blow job, but it was only a matter of time.

    It had been what she had been trained to do, and Eve felt honoured to be given the privilege of pleasing the superior woman. Something which she normally received encouragement for by now, which was worrying, but as soon as she opened her eyes and looked up into those of her Mistress, Eve knew she had nothing to worry about.

    No, Mistress Mazikeen was smiling down at her with obvious enjoyment, apparently content with taking photos and then later caressing the other brunette's long dark hair. Which in turn was more than enough to make the submissive woman's heart flutter, and for her to suck that cock even more enthusiastically. Which honestly, was really saying something.

    Which coincided with her pushing the dildo into her throat, just a little bit at first, but then more and more, until she was taking the entire length down her windpipe. Eve then held that position for a few long seconds, partly to make sure she got every drop of her own butt cream, but mostly just to show off what a shameless and well-trained cock sucker she was. Then she went back to moving her head up and down, happy to suck cock until told otherwise.

    Although, she would be lying if she claimed she wasn't craving something more physically pleasurable. Which thankfully she got. Oh yes, Mistress Mazikeen spent the rest of the day fucking her all over their apartment. She was clearly training for Chloe, but Eve didn't mind. In fact, she very much hope that Chloe would soon become just another sex slave in Mistress Mazikeen's collection. Then hopefully, the three of them could have some fun together.

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