Yeah, I played tennis for years, actually got to be a pretty good player, but unfortunately the college I chose to go to had their pick of the best talent in the world. The thought of making the university team never crossed my mind, but I did pretty well in the intramural tournaments. And the fact that I never made the university team didn't bother me too much, especially after the number four player on the team went to Wimbledon and made it to the finals. Beyond the intramural success, I did have a world class tennis experience, one that progressed beyond my wildest dreams.

Though the intramural program at school, I got involved at a local tennis club that actually was set to host a professional tournament. Somehow, the small, but very exclusive club, landed a Women's Professional Tennis tourney and they needed ball girls. At the time I was working as an assistant to the club pro, and when they couldn't recruit enough young women to act as ball girls, they let a few of the guys work the games.

It was an incredible opportunity to get that close to the women I had watched on TV. Now we weren't actually going to get to talk to them or meet them or anything, we were just out the chasing down the tennis balls as they slapped into the net or careened out of bounds. One we retrieved them, we'd gently bounce them to the women.

While, initially it was pretty interesting, I soon got a bit bored as my first few matches featured some lower ranked, unknown professionals, who were not a whole lot better than some of the men I played in the intramural tournaments. I felt like giving up on it all, I mean the pay was hardly anything and I hadn't seen any players I had even heard of. I told myself I'd stick around until the third round. When the third round finished, I decided to try one more round, and wow, I am certainly lucky that I did.

It wasn't until I was on the court and they introduced the players that I discovered Anna Kournicova was in the next match. Well, from the first time I saw her tuck an extra tennis ball into the back of her tennis panties I had an erection that wouldn't quit ..While she played, I crouched at the net, rubbing the fuzzy surface of the tennis ball, the same fuzzy surface that sat against Anna's ass, against my face. I couldn't help but get an erection that was pretty hard to hide, considering I was on court in front of several thousand people. Between some limping and a few quick adjustments, I was able to avoid embarrassing myself in front of all those people.

Fortunately, the match was quick, with Anna winning 6-0, 6-0 over a clearly outmatched opponent. As they marched off the court, I was the first of the ball boys and ball girls to follow them out, giving me a wonderful view as I followed behind her. Once we got inside, she was about to go into the locker room she looked closely at me and said, "You're the one."

"The one what?"

"You were the ball boy who... well, I mean you tried to hide it, but I saw you."

"But what did you see?"

"Look ball boy, I may need some more help with my stuff. Can you wait here until after I shower and... I tell you what, I will call for you okay."

"But you don't even know my name," I said.

"Of course I do, ball boy, it's ball boy."

I watched her then turn and step into the locker room. Waiting outside, I wondered what it was she needed and more importantly, would she autograph a tennis ball for me. I had kept one of the balls she had tucked into her panties and an autograph would be a wonderful addition to my sports collection. Anyway, I watched the door to the locker room as Anna's opponent left, and then Anna's entourage left.

In a few minutes I heard her voice from within the locker room, "Okay ball boy, I need your help now."

I walked in, figuring I'd be carrying some of her bags or something, but instead, I froze, seeing her on the bench, completely naked. She was incredible, with her long blonde hair cascading down over her small, but perky breasts. Looking down, her stomach was firm, with a few muscular ripples through it, but it was her thighs that grabbed my attention. They were large and chiseled and they led to the blonde patch of pubic hair.

"Well hello ball boy, I said I needed you to help me with something, could you dry off my back?" she asked turning her back to me.

"I guess," I said, grabbing a towel and moved over to her. I sat on the bench and dabbed the towel on her back, but she almost immediately turned, opened my pants and worked my cock out. She then threw on leg over me and lowered herself onto my hard cock. Once she felt me inside her, she began moving up and down, faster and faster.

It had been a while since I've had sex with anyone, much less Anna Kournicova, so after a few dozen thrusts, I felt a familiar, intense sensation starting in my cock and then slipping down to my balls. I came, spurting my hot cum into her pussy as she continued moving up and down on me.

I was a bit disappointed I let her down, when I noticed that she was moaning as she fucked my limp cock. With a combination of coming down hard on my cock and then grinding her clit against me, she quickly came, her pussy pulsating around my nearly flaccid cock. In the midst of her orgasm, my cock slipped out of her and I was covered with the mixed juices that oozed out of her pussy.

In a moment she looked at me and said, "Thank you ball boy."

I could only nod as I slipped my cock back into my pants, zipped up my zipper and got up to leave. As I reached the door, she call out, "Hey ball boy." I turned and watched as she grabbed a tennis ball, ran it over her pussy lips, letting the wetness cover the fuzz on one side. She grabbed a pen, signed the ball on the dry side and tossed me the ball.

"Thank you Ms. Kournicova, thank you," I said, backing out of the locker room. Once outside I carefully held the tennis ball on the dry side and headed for my car with my memorabilia.