After Bruce transformed, Black Widow tried her best to get away. She ran as fast and as far as she could, but there was no hope in outrunning the Hulk. The Hulk hit her against the wall. She hoped an Avenger would show up to save her, but nobody did. It was time to improvise. "Hey, big guy! Slow down there!" She said as she slowly stood up. Hulk studied her body. Hulk liked what he'd saw. "You don't want to hurt me, do you? Me and you are teammates Hulk." Hulk looked at her with a confused expression.

"Me and lady teammates?" He asked, as she nodded her head and smiled.

"Yes Hulk, me and you are teammates." She told him, Hulk liked this. Hulk had a noticeably increasing bulge in his pants. Black Widow then noticed and it was kind-of arousing. "Woah, big guy, settle down there." She said.

"Hulk like pretty lady... Hulk want to make pretty lady his." He says, as Black Widow tried backing away, but she realized there was no escape from this. Maybe she could stall long enough for another Avenger to find her.

"Woah, Hulk, calm down there pal. We don't have time for that." She said, as Hulk shook his head as if to say no.

"Plenty of time, pretty lady." Hulk said, as he whipped out his cock. Black Widow stared at it. It was pretty big. I mean, he was a monster, so it was obvious he'd have a monster cock. It didn't look big enough to kill her or anything though, so I mean she could... damn, she couldn't believe she was thinking this. His throbbing member was just really making her wet. "Hulk want pretty lady already." Hulk said as he grabbed her top and ripped it off, leaving only her bra. He then shoved his cock in front of her mouth. There's no going back from this, so might as well have fun with it she thought.

"Okay, Hulk... but this time only." She said, as she put his throbbing member in her mouth. It tasted great, and it felt huge. It kind-of hurt, but the pleasure started taking over so she soon forgot about that.

"Hulk like this..." Hulk said, as he moaned. Black Widow was moaning as well as she tried to push the huge cock as far down her throat as possible. She started rubbing it as well. "Hulk feel weird..." He said, as he was about to blow his load. Black Widow pulled out as she started rubbing his cock harder. He blew his load all over her. Damn, this was a fucking lot. It was almost as if she had taken a shower or gotten blown on at the same time by 5 different dudes. She was drenched, but damn it made her horny. She swallowed the amount that landed in her mouth, and damn it was hot and tasted delicious. She had never tasted that delicious of spunk before in her life, and trust me, she's swallowed a lot.

"Is Hulk ready for round two?" She asked, as Hulk nodded excitedly. She slid off the bottom of her uniform, and revealed her great hips and build. Hulk's member got throbbing and hard once again after he saw this. "Oh yeah Hulk, put it in there." She said, as she laid on her back and pointed to her vagina. Hulk hurriedly put his penis in there. She could feel it tear a bit. It hurt a lot for a moment, but after Hulk started thrusting she soon forgot all about her pain, just like last time. I guess lust truly does overpower pain. Hulk started moaning loudly, and so did Black Widow. "Oh God Hulk, fuck my brains out! I'm all yours!" She said to him, as Hulk got faster and faster.

"Hulk love this!" He said, as he got even more faster. This speed was ridiculous she thought. She's so glad an Avenger never showed up. She started biting her lip from the sheer amount of pleasure she was feeling. She could feel herself about to climax.

"Oooh Hulk, keep going, I'm about to cum!" She said to him, as Hulk got even faster. She felt herself climax all over the Hulks cock multiple times. This just encouraged him to go even faster. She could feel him tensing up. "Ooooh Hulk, cum inside of me!" She said, Hulk didn't know exactly what cum meant right then, but he soon found out, as he released his load deep inside of her.

"Hulk like this feeling!" He said, as his load kept pumping in. It felt so hot and so... right to her. It felt like it was never going to end. He had more cum in him than like seven men. Hulk eventually pulled out and sat next to her. She grabbed onto his arm and started holding onto it.

"Oh babe, lets do that more. A lot more." She said, while biting her lip with lust. Hulk smiled. Hulk made pretty lady his.