It was a warm sunny day outside. John was a professional photographer and was finally living his dream. Taking pictures of a scantily clad Megan Fox and Hayden Panettiere. So he got to the shoot location, which was a brightly lit Studio with a dozen or so people working at the same time on this shoot.

John spent a few hours setting up his cameras and making sure that the lighting was perfect before his stars arrived.

"They are ready," One of his assistants said.

Megan Fox came out first she was wearing tight little lingerie that accented her perfect breasts right and sweet little pussy right there. It was very revealing, everyone could see her tight tanned ass because the panties were so tight. Some guys just started to blush but John started just laughing.

First he would take the pictures of Megan, than Hayden, then a few group shots. It was going to be a long day.

"Ok Megan, why don't you get in front of camera over here," John said pointing to a camera. In front of the camera was a "typical" teenage girl's room. Complete with fluffy white pillows, and a big puffy blanket. And more importantly a huge bed in the middle.

"Megan, lay down on that bed," John said

Megan got on the bed and started posing.

"Yeah like that, beautiful. Look that way. Awesome! You look great!" John said.

"Now its time for the more intimate ones. You need to undue your bra straps and tuck it under you." John said with a complete straight face

Megan did as she was told, she untied her bra straps and tucked that and most of the bra under her as she lay on top of it. This would give the illusion she was naked, and give guys something to drool about.

"Ok, your done her Megan, tell Hayden to come in." John said

Megan got up, but much to John's pleasure she forgot to put her bikini back on. Her firm tanned breasts were made visible to everyone. They were just right for her frame and were topped with nice light brown tits. Everyone started blushing except for John whose jaw simply dropped. After a good ten seconds of staring John pointed toward the bra still on the bed. Megan looked at it and blushed and simply picked it up and walked away with her breasts still clearly visible.

"Erm... Someone get Hayden," John said

So they took some pictures of Hayden, who dressed in an equally revealing clothes. And then they took pictures of them together, in almost nothing. After such a long shoot John was tired. So after it was done he decided to walk into the changing room and congratulate them.

He knocked on the door and then simply opened it giving the girls no time to make themselves "decent"

"Holy shit! I am so sorry!" John said as he started at both Megan and Hayden's exposed tits.

"No problem," Megan said and they both shrugged.

"You seem to be enjoying it," Hayden said pointing towards the growing bulge in his jeans.

"Yeah... well, errr..." John stammered searching for words.

"No need to be embarrassed, its just natural. It's flattering really" Megan said laughing.

John blushed,

"In fact, we should have some fun," Hayden said sexily

She walked up, still without a bra and locked the door behind John.

Megan then walked up to John and undid his belt. His pants dropped to the floor. With only his boxes left his erect cock was clearly visible.

"Oh my! It's so big!" Hayden said

She then pulled off his boxers.

"I don't think it will all fit in my mouth!" Hayden said

She tried though anyway. She stroked it a few times to made sure it was at its maximum potential then opened her mouth wide and started sucking on the tip of his huge cock. Hayden was a pro at sucking cock. Her male co-stars on heroes always came to her for some good fun. After nearly a minute Hayden managed to get all of his cock into her warm mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down on his huge cock letting out muffled noises as she did so.

"Come on! Leave some for me!" Megan said rubbing her pussy through her thong.

Hayden took the cock of her mouth and simply glanced at Megan. Getting the hint Megan came over. She started stroking his cock much like Hayden did, and instead of easing it in she shoved it all in at once. She kept on bobbing up and down and sucked like a pro. John wanting more grabbed her hair and started shoving her mouth down deeper eliciting muffled noises from Megan's throat. John could barely constrain himself. He started panting uncontrollably, and it soon became apparent he had reached his limit.

"Holy fuck! I'm gonna cum!" John said

Megan pulled her mouth off his cock, and Hayden and Megan both surrounded him wanting a load of his cream. Hayden decided to take the liberty and stroke John until he went off firing a dozen thick strands of semen onto both of these bombshells. Megan and Hayden ate it all up.

"Now for the real fun!" John said

He tore off Hayden's panties and threw them at the garbage.

"Oooh! Come and get me big boy!" Hayden said seductively falling onto her back and spreading her legs wide to reveal her tight little pussy.

John pounced on the opportunity and started right away. He started rubbing his engorged cock up and down the entrance to her sweet hole. After nearly a minute of teasing her Hayden couldn't take it anymore.

"OOH! FUCK ME, I WANT IT!" Hayden shouted

John took the hint and started pushing his cock into her tight little pussy. Although not a virgin Hayden didn't really get around much despite her unparalleled beauty. She was very selective of those she wanted to have sex with. And because of this she sported a hugely tight pussy. John loved it, and kept on thrusting in and out of her eliciting moans her. After nearly ten minutes of hard fucking Hayden started groaning like a whore. Her goal of release soon in sight. With one final hard thrust Hayden started shuddering and spasming. She released her sweet juices all onto John's piston like cock.

"Now its your turn!" John said pulling out of Hayden's sweet pussy.

Megan was already ready. She had been rubbing her pussy while watching the show John was putting on.

John hoped right in, and pushed his cock straight into her pussy without much of a fuss. John pumped it in and out of Megan Fox like a piston enjoying her sweet pussy as much as he could in the process.

"Holy fuck! You two are so tight!" John shouted while still driving his cock into Megan's clenching pussy.

After nearly twenty minutes of straight fucking Megan had gotten to her goal of release.

"Holy shit John! You got a lot of stamina!" Hayden said still massaging her pussy.

"Not muc-" John was interrupted by a strong feeling in his groin. He couldn't take it anymore. He let the pressure in his cock overwhelm him and he started pumping his seed straight into Megan's pussy. It was so much cum that it filled her up, and with every drop of cum going into her sweet pussy another drop came out.

"Fuck, that was awesome," John said

"Now what did you want to say?" Hayden said to John

"Nice job," John said who was putting on his pants now.