Out of no where, 1969 white Boss Mustang, cruising down the highway. Behind the wheel Death .he reaches for the stick to shift, finds a blonde giving him head.
Her tongue licking his manly meat, he looks in the rearveiw mirror, a dark hair woman, legs open rubbing her swolen clit.
Dipping her finger deep into her wet hole , pulling it out giving him a taste.

Passing a trooper, he laughs he gets stopped
the trooper sees the blonde loking at him cock in mouth, he looks inthe back sees the other finger in her pussy , she blows him a
kiss, they drive off. He says no one dies this week .

Things are slow, for no one is dying, Gil Grissom sits in his office Catheine Willows comes in with Sara Sidel, they are having a girls nite out. Gil tells them to have fun Sara smiles at him , knoing he will learn al about it later when she sucks his cock .

Catherine drives to her house, her daughter is with friends , she picks out some clothes for Sara , short leather skirt, white pull over. black satin thong sher hose and heels .
Sara showers she runs her finger thru her pussy hair, she calls out to Catherine.
She walks in naked, 'need something" she tells her her hair is to bushy pulling on her pubic hairs.
Catherine garbs her small scissors, knels down begins to trim her hairs , Catherine runs her fingers along Sara`s slit, rubbing her lips Catherine, kisses her pussy, her tongue goes into the wet hole .
Like a slow french kiss, soon she is done, "do mine" Catherine asks, Sara clips away she is drawn to the fine red hair, she opens her pussy lips, her tongue slowly runs up n down.
Catherine holds Sara`s haed as she cums.
they finish the shower, they lounge around
soon it time Sara looks at her self wonder what Gil would say, Catherine dressed in red.
They hit a few clubs, see some male strippers.
Catherine drives to a house, rings the bell
Lady Hether answers the door, Catherine tells her she wants to play school teacher.
Soon in a room that looks like a class room, Sara is dressed ina uniform, white knee socks balck shoes, her hair in short pigtails , Catherine still in red.
Holding a yard stick .
She asks "WHY DID YOU CHEAT"Sara plays along
she is told to stand up , bend over, Catherine can see th white cotton panties.
They fit so well, her hand runs over her ass, her finger runs down her crack into her pussy.
She aks " how many?",Sara saysup to you teacher.Cathrine pulls down her panties looking at her frim white ass, she smiles knowing not for long.The first one stung, Sara felt another sting, she also felt her pussy getting wet.Catherine could see red marks rissing from her ass, her hands touching them she bent down kissed them.
Her tongue going acroos her ass she spread her cheecks looking at her hole.
Askng as Gil done you there,Sara says yes
Catherine`s tongues her hole, pusing it in.
Sara moans, Catherine stands, drops her skort
tells Sara turn around, she holding a large strap on, tells Sara to suck it.
Sara mouth is full of rubber cock ,down her throat, bend over she tells Sara, she pushes the cock into her ass, Sara holding er naked breast rolling her hard nipples .
"YES FUCK ME" she screams her pussy quivers
she cums hard, juice rns down her thighs.
Cathrine kisses Sara`s neck telling her to do her next. Naked laying onthe big desk .
Catherine as one in her ass while Sara fucks her pussyOnce again inthe shower, Lady Heather comes in finds them all to willing.
they dive back to her house, I`ll tell Gil inthe morning, she crawls inbed naked next to Catherne.
to be continued.