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    Default A French Lesson - Renée Zellweger Sex Story

    Sometimes you meet people that will influence you at the strangest times. I was sitting around the campus with some friends just hanging out when I met the man who would change the way I thought about men forever. We were really just lounging around the couches and chairs in the union when a group of men approached us and asked if they could sit down as well.

    They looked like they had been walking forever so we didn't hesitate to let them sit with us. Now when you are sitting down everyone looks tall, but one of the guys seemed to tower over everyone around him. At this point I should say that usually I like guys with dark hair and eyes and fair skin. But this guy was the total opposite of the men that I generally looked twice at. He had long blonde hair that was pulled back at the nape of his neck. His eyes had a sparkle that you usually find in men who love life and live to have fun.

    His skin was tanned, but not the fake-n-bake kind of tan that you see so often today, but rather a golden color that only comes from being in the sun. He had a mustache and goatee that normally I would not like at all, but on him was strangely attractive. I watched as he looked for a place to sit, finally settling on the sofa directly across from the one I was sitting on. I watched him for a moment before I realized that I was being obvious and looked away to rejoin the conversation that my friends were having with our new arrivals.

    My friend Renee' was looking at two of the guys like she was going to take a bite out of them. I briefly wondered if she knew them, but I didn't ask. As it turned out they were all professional wrestlers. It seemed that both of their conferences were having shows in Dallas that night and they had gotten together since they were friends. One of the guys, who's stage name I didn't really hear, introduced himself to me as Steve. Apparently he had gone to my college several years before and was visiting some favored coaches and the other guys tagged along to get out of the hotel. One by one I learned there names were Bill, Scott, and Kevin. Kevin's eyes lingered on mine as we were introduced and they seemed to dance just a little when I told him my name was Dannielle.

    "Parlez-vous Francais?" He asked. Do you speak french?

    "Oui, Pourqou?" I replied. Yes, why?

    "Isn't your name French?"

    "Not really my parents just liked the sound of it. Where did you learn French?"

    "I picked up a little bit of a few languages while I was in Germany."

    "What were you doing in Germany?" I asked.

    "A little bit of this and a little bit of that," he said enigmatically. I nodded deciding not to probe any farther. However I desperately wanted to talk to this guy alone, but it didn't look like that was going to happen with all of these people around. The more I looked at him the more I wanted to touch his face. I decided to try idle conversation just so I could hear his voice and maybe maintain his attention.

    "So do you have a nom de guerre?" I asked.

    "Yeah, it's ‘Big Sexy'," he said with a grin.

    "Oh really?" I couldn't help but smile. "A little confidante are you?" He laughed good naturedly," It really wasn't my idea, but now that it's mine I'm used to it." As Kevin spoke Steve stood up, "Where are you going?" Kevin asked.

    "Well there have been so many new buildings added since I was here last that I think I'm going to find a map so that I can find the coaches offices to see if I recognize anyone there."

    "Hey," James, a friend of mine, said, "I know where they are, I can take you there if you want."

    "I'll go too!" Renee' said practically leaping on Steve.

    "Sure, how about now?" Steve said. James answered by standing up and heading for the door.

    "You coming Bill?" Steve turned and asked.

    "Yeah, are you Kev?" Bill asked.

    Kevin looked at me for a full minute, "No I think I'll stay here." he said while pointedly looking at me. I could feel my cheeks burning as I blushed. All of my friends got the hint before I did and got up to go with James and Steve to the coaches offices. Suddenly I found myself quite alone with this large good looking man.

    Kevin leaned forward, putting his elbows on his knees and looked at me so intensely that for a moment I thought he was trying to look through me. "So tell me about yourself." It seemed his voice was a little deeper and softer then it had been a moment ago.

    "What would you like to know?" I asked trying to sound coy. For just a second it seemed like something purely erotic flashed in his eyes before he answered, "Tell me whatever you want to tell me. Do you have a favorite movie? What kind of music do you listen to? What kind of books do you read? Ever seen an episode of Star Trek? How did you learn French?" He finally paused for a breath and I decided to try and answer him.

    "I needed eight hours to complete my foreign language requirement, I chose French, anything else?" I didn't know if I was pulling off nonchalance very well but I certainly hoped that maybe Kevin wouldn't sense how turned on I was.

    "Okay," he said with a smile, "what are you here studying?"

    "I started out as a film and photography major, but now I'm finishing my history masters."

    "History huh, why that?"

    "Because those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it," I quoted.

    "But why spend so much time learning it, when history repeats itself regardless?"

    "Good question, but what would you rather see repeated: the moon landing or the Holocaust? By learning from history we can keep repeating the good things and eliminate the bad." I explained.

    He nodded, "Very good. I agree by the way."

    "So you were testing me?" I asked, leaning forward myself now I was only inches from his face.

    "Not really testing, just trying to see if you were someone I wanted to be interested in." I saw his eyes take in my face, as if he were trying to memorize it.

    "And what's the verdict?" I asked. Without even saying anything his mouth was on mine, kissing me deeply. I wasn't very surprised, rather I parted my lips to allow his tongue into my mouth. I felt his hand on the right side of my face, pulling me closer to him. Instead of allowing myself to be pulled on top of him, I pulled away from him.

    "I guess that's a positive?" I said.

    He grinned at me, "yes, yes it is."

    "Do you want to go back to my place?" I asked. He nodded once and stood. When I stood next him I nearly died! I'm 5'2", now I know that I'm an not going to win any runway modeling jobs, but since I am the tallest person in my family it never really occurs to me that I am short. That is until I was standing next to Kevin.

    "So, you're like the tallest person in the world, huh?" I asked.

    He laughed softly, "No, I'm just a lot taller than you."

    "How tall are you anyway?"

    "I hover around 7 feet depending on the shoes I'm wearing."

    "Goddamn!" Just then part of the cleaning staff for the union walked by, "hey, could you beat that guy up?" I asked Kevin in a whisper.

    "Only if he made me mad."

    "Well...could you scare him a little?"

    He looked at me for a second, "you're just a wicked little thing aren't you?" he asked.

    "You have no idea!" I told him trying my absolute best to look wicked. He leaned over so that his lips brushed my ear, "I fully intend to find out just how wicked you are." he informed me calmly. His breath tickled my ear just enough to make my skin turn goosey and send a shiver up my spine. I looked up at him and his expression summed up every thought that was going through his mind. I smiled up at him and led him out to the parking lot.

    "I think we should take whatever vehicle you are in." I suggested.


    "Because you won't fit in my little beetle," I said pointing to the little blue VW that was parked in front of us.

    "Good point. We are in that jeep." He reached into his pocket and fished out the keys. I went around to the passenger side to see if he would open the door for me. Sure enough he walked around and opened the door to allow me into the jeep. I crawled in and watched him as he walked around the front of the vehicle. Actually to call what he was doing walking would be wrong. It would be more accurate to say that I watched as he strutted around the jeep. He got in and started it up, "Where to?" he asked. As we drove I gave him directions to my apartment.

    When we pulled into the parking lot of my complex, he shut off the engine and looked at me for a moment. Without saying a word he took my face in his hands and leaned over to kiss me. I responded to his touch instantly. His fingers were warm against my skin and his tongue was sweet in my mouth. I pulled away from him, "I think we should go inside."

    "I agree."

    I led him in the front door of my place and immediately through the door on the left to my bedroom. I had spent a lot of time and money looking for just the right furniture and linens for my bedroom so I was very proud of it. I had a large bed that was actually a soft sided waterbed with a feather mattress on top. My linens were white and contrasted nicely with the deep red of the cherry wood four poster frame. I had a friend of mine make a canopy of iron that fit over the top of the bed beautifully. It was very feminine with bows at the corners and a cherub hanging from the head of the canopy. The canopy itself looked nothing like the iron it was made of, but rather like large satiny ribbons woven into a canopy over the bed. From the top hung white organza bed curtains that made the image complete. I hadn't really made the bed that morning so all of my pillows and my down comforter were strewn about the bed.

    Next to the bed stood the armoire that held all of my lingerie. Across the room was my stereo system and tv. Two of the three walls of the room were full windows and beneath the windows were white couches that I had spent days looking for.

    "What do you think?" I asked. Before saying a word Kevin swept me up in his arms and set me on the bed. I sank into the softness of the down instantly. Now I have a two-step step stool next to the bed so that I can get into it, but Kevin didn't even need it. In fact he seemed a little relieved to finally have a bed that was the right height for him. He covered me with his body and started to kiss me earnestly now. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his hips and pressed my body against his. Our tongues danced, first inside his mouth then mine. I started to pull at the elastic in his hair. He pushed my hand away and did it for himself. As he pulled the elastic out he arched his head back just enough to give me full access to his neck. I ran my tongue up the side of his neck to his ear. I sucked gently on his earlobe as his hair fell softly free from it's band. I breathed deeply smelling the scent of his shampoo and that distinctly male scent that always seems indefinable and erotic. We rolled so that I was on top of him. I placed my knees on either side of his hips and sat up so that I could look down on him. I smiled and pulled my own thick hair free of it's ponytail. His massive hands remained on my hips, but I could feel his breath coming just a little bit faster beneath me. I moved my hands to the waistband of my denim shorts and untucked my tank top and removed it. His eyes moved to the white lace of my bra, slowly his hands moved up my sides. I took them in mine and pulled, indicating that I wanted him to sit up. Even with me on top of him sitting up he was eye level with me rather than my breasts. He dipped his head and more gently than I expected kissed to exposed tops of my breasts. I raised up a little and arched my back so that he was mouth to nipple with my breasts. He whimpered softly and moved his right hand to the cup of my bra, pulling it down to reveal my erect nipple for his lips. Now it was my turn to breath deeply, my fingers dove into his soft blonde hair and pulled slightly forcing him to look up at me. I kissed him hard on the mouth, hoping he would see that if he wanted he could be just a little rougher with me. He got the hint and in one very powerful motion, ripped open my bra, freeing my breasts for his hands and mouth. He pulled away from our kiss long enough to look at my breasts before covering both of them with his huge hands. There were calluses on his palms that were rough against my sensitive nipples. He leaned his face up again, placing his open mouth over mine. I pulled away from him looking at the buttons of his shirt once before ripping it open to reveal his massive chest. He reached around me to pull me close to him, obviously wanting to feel my bare breasts against his bare chest. His skin was hot against mine, as his hands moved down to cup my round ass. Once again I felt myself being lifted. Kevin stood completely up and turned. He placed me on my back and laid on the bed next to me with his feet hanging off of the end of the bed. My head was laying on his right arm as he looked down into my eyes. He used his left hand to trace the underside of my breasts, down my stomach to my navel, where he tickled me gently. His hand was so big that it practically covered the entire expanse of my flat belly. When he reached the button fly to my shorts he looked back up at me and smiled the most wicked smile I had ever seen. One by one he used his large fingers to rip the buttons completely off of the fabric of my shorts. When he got to the last one he smiled broadly, like he had accomplished something amazing. He slipped his hands into my shorts and his hand immediately froze.

    "What?" I asked.

    "You're not wearing any panties."

    "I never do."

    "Never?" He asked.

    "Never." I told him.

    "Very cool," he said and his hand continued to move to my already very wet cunt. He watched my eyes as his large fingers slid deeply into me. With his thumb he teased my clit as his two middle fingers pumped in and out of me. Without missing a beat he began kissing my neck and teasing my ear, while his hair fell across my face. My breath was coming faster as I buried my face in his neck.

    "Oh god!" I whispered in his ear.

    "Do you like that?" He asked.

    "Yes!" With my right hand I grasped his forearm while he fingered me. I could feel the muscles moving beneath his skin as his fingers worked.

    "Talk dirty to me," he said softly.

    "Oh Kevin, your fingers feel so good in my pussy!" I said breathlessly.

    "Are you gonna cum on my hand?"

    "Oh yes!" I replied. His hand began moving faster in and out of me. My hips started to thrust as I neared my impending orgasm. Just as I was about to cum Kevin cruelly pulled his fingers out of me. His middle finger and ring finger were shiny with my

    juices. He used these fingers to tease and circle my nipple, which he then sucked deeply on.

    "Why did you stop?" I asked. He grasped my face in his hand and kissed me deeply before he said, "think how good it's going to feel when you finally do get to cum." I whimpered softly and pulled him on top of me, his weight pressing me. I rolled so that I was on top of him and immediately went about trying to get him out of his jeans. I pulled them as far as his calves and he started to kick them off himself. Of course I was more than a little surprised to see that he was wearing silk Tasmanian Devil boxers, but I was more impressed with the size of the swell inside the boxers. Judging by the outline he was huge. His cock looked like a bat being stored in his shorts. Rather than go directly to his cock, I kissed the inside of his right thigh.

    "Tell me what you want, baby," I said.

    "I want you to suck my cock!" His begged.

    I smiled and kissed further up his thigh, sucking gently as I went. When I reached the waistband of his boxers I pulled them down to reveal the monster cock I had been promised. It had to be at least 11 inches long and as big around as my wrist! Kevin reached back over his head to the headboard and arched his back, bringing his cock very close to my lips.

    "Not yet baby," I told him. A soft sound escaped his lips, like he was in pain. I let out a sigh myself, making sure that my warm breath brushed against his cock. I moved down and bit gently on the inside of his thigh, right at the junction of his thigh and crotch, very close to his heavy balls. Kevin's whole body froze as if he was waiting for something more. I released the skin that was between my teeth and licked and sucked on it, making sure not to give to much pleasure to his aching cock. Then I moved and sucked one of his balls into my mouth, he inhaled sharply as if he was surprised. I tried to wrap my hand around the shaft of his cock, but it was so big that I couldn't get my hand all the way around it. I did the best I could and began pumping his cock with my left hand while I played with his balls with my right.

    "Now tell me what you want me to do again," I said.

    "I want you to suck my cock, please!" he begged. I ran my tongue up the underside of his cock, he shuddered all over and clenched his teeth. I closed my mouth over only the head of his cock and sucked softly, teasing him I knew. Finally I began to try and blow him earnestly. Except that I couldn't get the entire length of his cock into my mouth, so I had to use my hands to pump him as well as my mouth. Kevin squirmed on the bed, clutching at the sheets for a moment before he finally let his fingers tangle in my hair.

    "God! Your mouth feels so good!" He said through clenched teeth. "I'm so close to cuming!" he announced as his hips began to pump. I gave one last hard suck and let his dick fall from between my lips with a pop.

    "Oh you really are wicked!" he said pulling me roughly against him.

    "What's good for the goose is good for the gander babe!" I said with a smile.

    "Oh yeah!" he said and picked me up. He turned me so that my back was to him and I was facing the foot of the bed. I grabbed one of the posts that made up my foot board and wiggled my ass at him.

    "What are you gonna do about it ‘Big Sexy'." I said coyly. He got on his knees behind me and leaned very close to my ear and whispered, "I'm gonna fuck you."

    I leaned back against him as he circled my waist with his arm. He lay back on his knees and made a face.

    "You okay?" I asked.

    "Bad knees, don't worry." He pulled me so that I was straddling his thighs. He reached around me and rubbed my clit with his right hand. I let my head rest on his shoulder and turned my head so that I could kiss his neck. Suddenly I realized that he wasn't using his fingers to tease my clit anymore. Instead he was using the head of his cock to tease me.

    "I want you in me." I whispered in his ear.

    "Okay," He guided my hands so that I was again holding onto the post we were facing.

    "Slowly, baby, you're so big." I warned him. He simply nodded and pressed the head of his enormous cock against me. Just as I had asked he very slowly inched his cock into me. When he was completely in I thought that surely the head of his cock must have been lodged squarely in the back of my throat. I had never had a cock fill and stretch me so entirely.

    At first he just reached around me and teased my clit, but when I leaned forward even a little more he began to pump in and out of me.

    "Oh yes!" I said as his fingers dug into my hips. I knew I would have hand shaped bruises, but I didn't care, he felt so damn good. I felt him change positions slightly so that his face was even with my neck. He began kissing and nibbling the very sensitive right side of my neck just behind my ear. His whiskers tickled my ear as his teeth grazed my neck.

    "Fuck me harder!" I demanded. Moving my body so that he would get the hint. He did and began to pound his cock hard into me while I reached down and teased my clit. I held onto the post and saw his hand reach for mine as he made a deep growling sound in his throat.

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    Default Re: A French Lesson - Renée Zellweger Sex Story

    "Oh yeah Kevin, your cock feels so good deep in me!" I said.

    "I want to feel you cum on my cock," he said into my ear while his left hand moved to my clit. Now I was free to hold onto the post of the bed with both hands while he fucked me. I could feel the muscles in my abdomen tense as I neared my orgasm.

    "Oh baby, I'm gonna cum on your hard cock!" I told him. He stopped moving his hips and concentrated all of his energy into teasing my clit. Suddenly I felt wave after wave of pleasure roll over my body. My vaginal muscles clutched and milked Kevin's rod tightly sending him over the edge with me, emptying his cum deep into me. We enjoyed the moment for what seemed like forever before we both collapsed against the footboard of my bed, breathing deeply. We lay still for a moment before Kevin began to stir. Between placing kisses on the back of my neck he said, "that was amazing!"

    "I know!" I agreed. Kevin started to roll onto the bed but I stood up, "are you in the mood for a hot bath?" I asked.

    "I don't think I could move!" He said wearily. I pulled on his arms, "Try, I have a big Jacuzzi bathtub."

    "With jets?" he asked raising one eyebrow.

    "Yep, five of them, and the tub is so big that even you could fit into it with me."

    Slowly he stood and followed me into the bathroom. With his hands on my shoulders. When I bent over to turn the water on, he gently ran his hands over my bare bottom. I added some rose scented bubble bath and watched as the water and suds filled the tub.

    "What's that scent?" Kevin asked sniffing the air.


    "No, is that roses?"

    "Oh yeah, do you like it."

    "I love it, but I can't go to work smelling like roses. You have no idea what will happen to me. I will be the butt of every joke!" He protested.

    "Fine, then just watch me." I said stepping into the steaming hot water. He stood for a moment as I used my bath sponge to gently pour the lathery water over my bare body.

    "Oh my god!" he said and finally gave in and stepped into the water with me. "Man, you like it hot." he said as he eased into the water. He put his long arms on the outside of the tub and rested his head back. I looked at him for a moment, admiring his sexy good looks before I settled into the water on top of him with my bare back resting on his chest. He adjusted his legs so that my hips were resting between his thighs and his knees were on either side of me. His arms encircled me and held me comfortably.

    "You feel so good," I told him.

    "I could say the same about you."

    I reached over and turned the jets on, causing the water to churn and roll around us. We sat in silence for a long time, just enjoying the feel of each other's bodies in the warm water. It wasn't long before I felt the semi-hardness of his cock pressing into the small of my back. I knew that if it got any harder it would be uncomfortable for both of us, so I turned over and straddled him. I leaned over and rested my body on his with my head on his shoulder. His hands moved up and down my back and hips, while the water and lather covered our bodies. I let my hands move up to his chest so that I could tease and play with his nipples. I could feel his chest rising and falling faster beneath me. Within seconds his fully hard cock was pressing against my entrance. I moved my hips just a little and settled myself onto his cock. We sat like that for a moment, before Kevin began to use all of his strength to lift me up and down on himself. The strokes were long and slow with a beat between them as I sat on him. It was as if we were moving in slow motion. We didn't even say a word to one another as we moved. I sat up and looked at his face. His eyes were closed and his mouth was slightly open. I leaned over and kissed him softly on the cheek. He turned his head and responded to my kiss. Our tongues touched, then slid over one another, to explore the other's mouth. I pulled away from him and looked into his hazel eyes. We watched each other as our thrusts became more intent. I was the first to cum, my fingers digging deeply into the flesh of his pectoral muscles. Kevin arched his back and shuddered deeply, once again emptying his load into me. I collapsed onto his chest, my breathing fast. His hands stroked my hair as we both tried to regain our breath. I began kissing his chest, moving up to his neck and ears. He took my face in his hands and looked deeply into my eyes, "you are amazing." He said softly.

    "You are to." I whispered to him. He kissed me so softly that for a moment I wasn't sure if it had even happened. He started to rearrange his body beneath me, his face grimacing slightly.

    "You okay?" I asked.

    "I think you broke me!" he teased. When he saw the horrified look on my face, he said, "I have really bad knees and my lower back has been bothering me lately."

    "Well, it's not like your in a rough job or anything."

    "Actually, only one of my pains is work related."

    "Oh really." I settled once again with my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beating softly in my ear.

    "Yeah, I blew out my knees playing basketball several years ago." His voice echoed through his chest as he spoke.

    "What about your back?"

    "Well that was bad before I started in this business and taking falls on my ass every night has only made it worse."

    "Sounds like your warranty has expired."

    "A few years ago. But you know what they say."


    "We can re-build him. We have the means. We have the technology. He'll be better, faster, stronger."

    I raised up and looked at him for a moment before I recognized what he was saying, "Ah! The Six Million Dollar Man!"

    "Yeah, I used to love that show!"

    "Me too, of course I was SO young when it was on that I don't really remember specific episodes." I teased. Kevin gently smacked my ass under water, making the suds lap up over the edge of the tub.

    "Hey I could give you a massage!" I suggested.

    "Are you any good?"

    "Am I any good! What do you think?" I asked as I playfully pinched his nipple.

    "Okay. Besides, I'm getting all pruney," he said holding up his hands so I could see the wrinkles on the tips of his fingers.

    I stood up and got out of the water. I wrapped my white terrycloth robe around my body.

    "Hey do I get anything?" he asked as he stood. I turned and looked at him, standing in the tub, dripping wet.

    "Wow! You look so good wet that it's almost a shame to let you dry off, but here." I said as I tossed him a towel. He dried off and stepped out of the tub as he secured the towel around his hips. I rummaged in my lotion collection for a moment before finding two scents that I thought he might like.

    "We can use Country Apple or The Stress Relief." I held up the two tubes of massage lotion.

    "I can't smell like apples anymore than I can smell like roses."

    "I guess it's the Stress Relief then." I walked back into the bedroom and he dutifully followed me.

    "Where do you want me?"

    "On the bed I guess since I don't have a table or anything." He climbed into my bed, removed the towel, and lay flat on his stomach.

    "Well I don't think this robe is going to lend itself to giving you a massage so let me change real quick." I went to the armoire and pulled out a pair of Star Trek boxer shorts and a white t-shirt. I let the robe fall to the floor, I looked up to see Kevin watching me.

    "You really are beautiful."

    "Thank-you," I said striking a pose for him, before I put the clothes on.

    "Star Trek?"

    "Yeah, I'm a huge fan." I used the step stool to get into bed and straddle his hips. I put a little of the lotion on my hands and began to work it into his soft skin. I let my thumbs move along his spine, feeling the muscles relax beneath my touch.

    "You really are good at this," he said as I rubbed his shoulders.

    "Thank-you. It would be easier if I had a table or something."

    "You know one of the guys I sometimes travel with has his own massage table. Too bad he's not going to be doing this show in Dallas. Which is odd since his name is Dallas. You'd think this would be the one place he'd be eager to be."

    "Did he go home?"


    "Well, if given the choice between being here and home which would you choose?"

    "Definitely here," he sighed softly. I laughed and continued to rub his back and shoulders. I changed my position, "sit up." I instructed. He sat up and looked at me. I began to work the lotion into his thighs and knees. He stretched his long legs out and leaned against the back of the headboard, "you have magic hands." he said softly.

    He had wonderful legs, long, tan and very muscular. I watched his face and his nude body as I moved my hands up the inside of his thighs. His eyes closed and he seemed to melt into my bed.

    "You must sleep very well," he said.

    "How do you mean?"

    "This is the most comfortable bed I have been in in forever. I'm used to hotel beds."

    "Well gees! Sleeping on rocks would be better then sleeping in hotel beds."

    "You have no idea how true that is." He snuggled further into the soft down of the feather mattress. "I could sleep here forever." As I moved my hands farther up his thighs he spread his legs, allowing me access to his cock and heavy balls. He sighed softly, and took my hands in his, "I don't think I'm going to be able to help you this time. I think I'm all tapped out."

    "You think?" I asked raising an eyebrow. I took my t-shirt off and slipped out of my shorts. "Are you sure?"

    "Why don't I see what I can do for you?" he took me in his arms and kissed me deeply, our naked bodies pressed against one another. He rolled us over so that I was on my back. With gentle kisses he moved his way down my body. When he was between my thighs he looked up at me. His fingers spread my lips and his tongue darted out. I couldn't believe how hot his tongue was on my clit.

    "Oh my god, Kevin!"

    His long, thick fingers slid deep into me while his tongue rapidly teased my clit. I could feel my juices gushing onto his fingers and face as he ate me. I put my feet on his back and pressed my cunt against his face. I tightened my pussy around his fingers and began to fuck his face wanting to cum so bad. Once again just as the moment was about to wash over me, Kevin stopped what he was doing.

    "Okay I was wrong," he whispered in my ear after he had moved back up my body. Before I could respond he had thrust his enormous cock into me. I cried out as I instantly came hard on his rod.

    "God you feel so good when you come on me like that," he said as he pumped his hips. In one movement he rolled us over again so that I was on top of him. I ground myself against him as I rode him hard. Once again his hands gripped my hips setting the pace that I moved at. We moved like this for the longest time, before Kevin moved his hand and began teasing my clit. I heard a deep guttural moan escape from his lips and he thrust his hips up. I could feel his cum shooting deep into me and his body quaked beneath me.

    "Oh fuck!" he said loudly, "we have to stop now or you're going to kill me!"

    I leaned over and kissed him gently, curling up next to him with my head on his chest. We slept for the longest time before a phone call woke me up.

    "What is that sound?" I heard Renee's voice say.

    "It's Kevin snoring" I answered her.

    "You need to get that boy into Dallas, yesterday." she said.

    "What time is it?"

    "Six and he needs to be at Reunion Arena by seven thirty, even then he will be a little late."

    "Okay, I'll get him up, hey, thanks for calling, how was the trip with the two Mr. Cleans?"

    "I'll have to tell you all about it, and you will have to tell me about your afternoon."

    "I will, don't worry."

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    Default Re: A French Lesson - Renée Zellweger Sex Story

    It had been a few weeks since my mind shattering experience with Kevin Nash. The entire time since, I had spent basking in the after glow and "reliving" the memories just about every night. However I decided that I could not spend the rest of my days masturbating to the image of Kevin's face as he came. I needed to get out and be among people. I had been invited to a party at a friend's place and I decided to go.

    It was a costume party with a theme. Your costume had to be a sexual fantasy. I decided to go as a "naughty school-girl." I found a pleated plaid mini-skirt that was so short it would prevent me from picking any dropped items up off of the floor. I also wore a white oxford shirt, saddle shoes, and little socks that had lace around the ankles. I pulled my hair into two long braids that I tied off with ribbons that matched the plaid of my skirt. I was just about to leave for the party when there was a knock on my front door. I opened it to see Kevin standing there. He looked me up and down once then smiled a very wicked smile, "where you expecting me?"

    "No, but now that you are here come on in!" I said opening the door a little wider to allow him in. He stepped in and as soon as the door was closed he swept me up into his arms. He held me for what seemed like forever, his arms pressing me tightly against his body. Finally he set me down and looked me over again for a full minute.

    "Shall we?" I asked pointing to my bedroom door.

    "I don't want you to think that is the only reason I am here."

    "I don't think that," I said as I led him to my bedroom. Rather than go directly to my bed he went to one of the couches that was under the windows. As soon as he was comfortable I crawled onto his lap with my legs crossing his, "so how have you been?" I asked looking into his brown eyes.

    "I've been thinking about you." he said putting his hand on my right knee.

    "Really? And what have you been thinking?" I asked, my voice deliberately coy.

    "I've been thinking about how soft your skin is," he began to gently stroke my thigh. I moved my hands to his face. Slowly I let my hands move over his face, finally tracing the curve of his bottom lip with my thumb. It would be impossible to say who moved towards whom first, but our lips finally met. His kiss was gentle yet insistent, our tongues touched and immediately entwined. I could feel his hand moving up the inside of my thigh. I pulled away from his kiss and covered his hand with mine, "not yet," I said softly, then smiled brightly at him, "I bought a magazine with you on the cover!"

    "You did?" he asked.

    "Yep!" I leapt off of his lap and went to get the WCW/NWO magazine with him on the cover. Once I had retrieved it I crawled back into his lap and he wrapped his arms around me. I held up the cover, "Look at you lookin' all liony and yummy." I said, Kevin just smiled shyly. We flipped through the magazine together. Before we made it to the end of the issue Kevin had pushed aside one of my braids and began kissing my neck, his breath was hot against my skin.

    "I need to change clothes," I said pulling away from him.

    "No, you really don't," he whimpered.

    "Trust me, you'll like what I change into." I told him over my shoulder. In my bathroom I changed into a royal blue satin night gown that hung to my mid-thigh. It had a matching robe and g-string that shimmered as I moved. I pulled my hair out of the braids and brushed it into soft waves that fell down my back. I tied the belt around my waist and went back into my bedroom. Kevin was still sitting on the couch, he had his legs crossed and was reading the magazine. He looked up at me and smiled.

    "Do you like it?" I asked doing a little turn for him.

    "That depends, what's under the robe?"

    "You'll see," I went to my stereo and put some cd's on. The first was a custom cd I had made a few months before, it started with A Love Theme For A Vampire, by Annie Lennox. I slowly walked across the room to where Kevin was sitting. By the time I reached him, he had set the magazine aside and was watching me intently. I placed my knees on either side of his hips, straddling him. Slowly I reached down and untied the belt of my robe, letting it fall from my shoulders. Kevin took a deep breath as his eyes moved over my body. I could feel his hands slipping beneath the hem of the short gown. Slowly they slid up by body to my breasts. My breath came faster as he cupped both of my breasts, gently kneading the tender flesh. He watched my eyes as he teased my nipples to hard peaks. I could see his hands moving beneath the shimmering fabric.

    "I want this off of you," he said indicating the nightie.

    "Not yet baby," I began unbuttoning his shirt, "I want to get my mouth on this chest of yours." He blinked, but smiled and began helping me, help him out of his shirt. His chest was dark against the fair skin of my hands. I ran my hands over his chest, relishing the feel of his soft skin under my finger tips. I paused at his nipples, to tease them the way he had teased mine. His breath was coming in short uneven bursts as his nipples hardened under my touch. I leaned forward and let my tongue tease his nipple. I moved my tongue quickly over the sensitive skin as I sucked gently. Kevin tangled his hand in my hair and pulled me up for a kiss. His lips were no longer soft and yielding, but rather they were hard and forceful. His tongue was probing my mouth as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I settled myself on him. I could feel his monster cock pressing against me, straining to be free of his jeans. I ground my hips against him, forcing a groan from deep in his chest. Kevin's hands moved to my shoulders, his fingers tugging at the straps of my night gown. His lips moved to the side of my neck, hot and searching as he moved further down to my shoulders. He continued to move down my chest to my nipples. He sucked the right nipple into his mouth while he teased the left with his agile fingers. I could feel myself getting wetter with each stroke of his tongue against my nipple. I took his left hand in mine and guided it between my legs. Instantly he pushed aside the fabric of my g-string and slid two fingers deep into me. He pulled away from my breast and looked into my eyes, "I have something to ask you," he said as his fingers stroked my inner walls.

    "What?" I asked breathlessly.

    "I have a friend..." he said, my body froze on his hand.

    "You have a friend?" I repeated slowly.

    "I'd like him to join us if you don't mind."



    "Hall?" I asked, Kevin nodded. I thought for a moment, visualizing Scott's dark good looks. It didn't take long for the idea to appeal to me. Slowly a smile spread across my face. Kevin knew what the smile meant, again his fingers began to stroke my inner walls.

    "Where is he?" I asked.

    "In the car waiting for my call."

    "If I hadn't agreed?" I leaned forward to nibble on his ear.

    "He would have waited for a while."

    "The phone is by the bed and I don't think I locked the front door." Kevin slid his fingers out of me, before he could grasp my hips I took his left hand and brought it to my lips. His two middle fingers were shiny with my juices. Very slowly I licked his fingers clean as he watched. When I was finished I moved off of his lap and let the satin gown fall to the floor exposing my bare breasts. Kevin stood, towering over me. He bent and lifted me into his arms. I wrapped my legs around him and pressed my breasts against his bare chest. He walked to the bed and set me down, while reaching for the phone. As he dialed I crawled off of the bed.

    "The front door is unlocked, the first door on the left," was all Kevin said before hanging up the phone. "What are you doing?"

    "Putting this back on," I said holding up the robe. I put it on and joined Kevin on the bed. He was sitting with his back against the headboard, his long legs stretched out in front of him. I was sitting on my knees on the bed next to Kevin when I heard the front door open and close. I looked up just in time to see Scott walk into my bedroom.

    Although he wasn't as tall as Kevin, relative to my 5'2" frame Scott was quite tall. I smiled up at him, but didn't move from my place next to Kevin. For a moment there was an uncomfortable silence in the air, before Kevin finally spoke, "Scott this is Dannie," he said with a grin.

    "I've heard a lot about you," Scott said as he took a step closer to me.

    "All good I hope," I reached over and put my hand on Kevin's out-stretched leg.

    Scott was standing very close to me, "all very good."

    I raised up and offered my lips to Scott, he took my face in his left hand and kissed me. His lips were not as soft as Kevin's, but there was more heat and passion in his touch. I laced my fingers thought his right hand as we kissed. I could feel Kevin's eyes watching Scott and me. Finally I pulled away from Scott and looked into his dark eyes. I guided his hands to the belt of my robe. With a gentle tug the belt untied and the robe fell open, revealing my large breasts, flat stomach and royal blue g-string. Scott's eyes widened as a grin spread across his face. I reached for him and began pulling on his t-shirt, trying to get it off of him. He quickly lifted his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. I felt Kevin move beside me, but I didn't turn to see what he was doing. Scott snaked his arms around my waist and lifted me to him. The hair of his chest was coarse against my sensitive nipples. Suddenly I was on my back, where only moments before Kevin's legs had been. My lips met Scott's as he leaned down to kiss me. After a brief kiss he pulled away and began kissing his way down my body to my large breasts. I ran my hands through his silky dark hair. Scott's teeth grazed against my nipple while his hands moved further down my body. His fingers looped into my g-string and tugged gently. He stood over me and smiled. Very slowly he pulled my g-string off and let his eyes move over my nude body.

    "She's beautiful isn't she?" I heard Kevin say.

    Scott just smiled at him. I stretched my body out, letting him watch as I twisted beneath him. Scott's fingers moved between my legs. For a moment he just ran his fingers through the dark hair, before finally taking my clit between his thumb and forefinger. I writhed as he gently rolled my clit between his fingers. I knew my juices were gushing as he teased me. With his other hand, Scott began unfastening his jeans, within seconds they were down around his ankles. There was no underwear.

    "You came prepared," I said looking at his rock hard cock.

    "I sure did." Scott's deep voice poured over me like heated honey.

    Kevin leaned forward and kissed me gently before whispering in my ear, "Tell him what you want baby."

    I spread my legs further apart, "Please Scott, fuck me!" I begged, arching my back up. Scott stepped out of his jeans and crawled onto the bed. He draped my legs over his thighs, with his knees pressed against my ass. He lifted me up and settled my onto his cock. We groaned in unison, but remained still for a moment. Scott placed his hand in the small of my back and leaned forward so he was on top of me. "Yes Scott!" I said as he pounded into me. I looked directly into his face and tightened my inner muscles around his throbbing member. Scott's eyes flew open and he looked down at me.

    "You like that do you?" I said wickedly. He didn't even speak, he only nodded and thrust himself deeper into me. I slid my hands down to his muscular ass, squeezing him hard. I knew my fingernails would leave marks on his ass cheeks. I turned my head and locked eyes with Kevin. He watched my face intently as his best friend fucked me. My eyes moved over Kevin's body, they stopped when I saw his hand massaging the swell in his jeans. Almost the instant I saw Kevin rubbing his cock, I came hard. After only a few more thrusts I felt Scott filling me with his hot cum. He covered my face and neck with kisses as we both came down. He rolled off of me, allowing me to move to Kevin. I got up on my hands and knees and crawled up Kevin's body, pausing briefly to tease his nipples. As we kissed my hands moved to the fly of his jeans, I deftly unbuttoned them and eased the zipper down. Kevin lifted his hips and allowed me to pull his jeans completely off, along with his boxer shorts. Once he was completely nude I looked at his beautiful body, I wanted to touch him all over. Instead I moved down a little so my face was even with his huge cock. In the intervening weeks since I'd been with Kevin I'd almost forgotten how big he really was. I gave my head a little toss. My hair fell to one side, covering his thigh and brushing against his cock and balls. Kevin whimpered softly and tangled his hands in my thick, dark hair. I ran my tongue up the underside of his shaft, his skin was soft and salty. There was a small drop of pre-cum glistening on his head, I licked it off, relishing the taste of him. I took his heavy balls in my hand and gently massaged him.

    "I have to have you!" Kevin said. He began moving down the bed so he could be on his back. Very slowly I eased myself onto the baseball bat that Kevin called a dick.

    "I'd almost forgotten how good you feel deep inside me," I said.

    "And I'd almost forgotten how good your hot little cunt feels," he lifted his hips. I was riding him when I felt Scott's heat behind me. I leaned back against him and turned my head so he could kiss me. His hand held my face as his mouth covered mine. With his other hand he held my left breast, gently teasing my nipple. I took his hand from my face and guided it down. For a moment he paused, "just tease my clit baby," I said softly. He nodded slightly and moved his finger tips to my clit. I gasped as the sensations of Scott's fingers on my clit combined with the pleasure of Kevin's huge cock, to make me almost incapable of coherent thought. My body began to move of it's own volition. I rode Kevin hard, pounding myself against him while deep moans escaped my lips. Scott pushed my hair to the side and began kissing my neck and ear. His teeth gently nibbled the soft skin of my neck while he sucked. I knew I would have hickeys all over my neck.

    "Oh my god!" I moaned, "I'm coming!" It seemed as if every nerve ending in my body shuddered all at once. There was an explosion of color as I clamped my eyes shut. My inner muscles clutched and spasmed around Kevin's dick. Somewhere in the back of my mind I heard screaming, slowly I realized it was me. With one final thrust Kevin's body quaked beneath mine and he emptied his load deep into me. I collapsed onto his chest, both of us breathing hard. I moved so that Kevin's softening cock slipped out of my body. I felt Scott's hands on my hips lifting me back onto my knees. His fingers began probing my cunt and teasing my clit. My whole body shuddered as Scott eased his cock into me. Kevin was still on his back beneath me when Scott began to thrust his hips.

    "Do you like his cock baby?" Kevin asked, looking deeply into my eyes.

    "Oh god yes!" my voice was shallow and raspy as I ground my hips against Scott.

    Kevin brushed my hair out of my face, "tell him," he whispered.

    "Scott, your cock feels so damn good!" I said through clenched teeth, "pound it into me baby!" Scott's thrusts became harder and deeper. I felt his hand smack hard on my ass. "Oh god!" I groaned. Scott lifted me against him by the hips, my knees were no longer touching the bed. Most of my weight was on my hands as Scott held my hips and fucked me hard. After a deep kiss Kevin continued to hold my face and watch my expression as Scott fucked me.

    "Oh god Kevin!"


    "I'm gonna cum on Scott's cock!" I closed my eyes. I could feel Kevin's hand moving over my face as my body shuddered with a powerful orgasm. At the same time Scott gave a deep thrust and a loud groan. His hot cum filled me as my cunt milked him dry. Once again I collapsed on top of Kevin. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight against his chest. Scott remained on his knees behind me for a long moment, before he rolled over Kevin's leg and lay down next to us on his back. I moved to Kevin's side so that I was nestled gently between the two large men. Scott turned on his side so that he was spooning me, his arm around my waist and his breath hot on the back of my neck. While Kevin also shifted so that he was on his side facing me, his hands still moving over my face. We all lay still for a moment, trying to regain our breathing.

    "That was amazing," I said, kissing Kevin softly on the cheek.

    "Scott, leave." Kevin said abruptly.

    "Why?" Scott's voice was slightly whiny.

    "We need to be alone. I bet there is a couch you can crash on in the living room."

    "I don't want to get dressed!"

    I got up, went to my linen closet and got him a sheet, "you can wrap yourself in this." I told him. Scott knew there was no point in arguing, so he took the sheet, wrapped it around himself and went into the other room. I was standing at the foot of my bed, completely nude when Kevin turned back to face me, "Come here," he said softly, as he pulled the covers to my bed down and got under them. I crawled under the sheets with him and pressed my body against his. I settled with my head on his chest and his arms wrapped around me. "How was your road trip?" I asked.

    "Okay, after your bed though hotel beds were rough." he wiggled his hips as he spoke, settling further into the soft feather mattress.

    "I bet," I let my fingers move over his chest. "I actually watched you on tv the other night.

    "You did?" He asked, his voice was amused.

    "Yep, I like your black leather pants." more importantly, I thought to myself, I liked the way your ass looked in those pants.

    "They aren't really leather."

    "I figured as much. I mean how many cows would have to die to cover these legs of yours?" I moved my legs against his.

    "True," his voice was getting softer. I knew he was going to need some sleep. I put my head back down on his chest and nuzzled against him. After only a few moments we were both dozing.

    I woke up to the feel of Kevin's hands in my hair. I tilted my face up to his for a kiss. Again his lips were soft and gentle against mine.

    "Thank-you," he said looking into my face.

    "For what?" I asked.

    "For letting Scott join us."

    "Thank-you for knowing that we needed to be alone." I said. I moved on top of him.

    "You've done enough," he said rolling us so that he was on top of me, "let me do the work this time." He eased himself deep into me. I locked my ankles behind his back. He kissed me softly and began to move his hips in a slow, steady rhythm. I arched my back and opened my body up to the sensations of him on top of me: the warm scent of his skin, the softness of his hair, the taste of his tongue in my mouth, everything that was happening around me and to me. Kevin and I moved in unison with one another.

    "I want you to cum baby," Kevin whispered.

    "Then just keep fucking me!" I moved my hands to my own nipples and teased them while Kevin watched. His hips began to move faster. He leaned over me and kissed me deeply, his tongue entered my mouth and began searching. I wrapped my arms around him and moved them to his pumping ass. I could feel the tension building in my abdomen, I tightened my legs around him just as I came. Kevin quaked above me as he came with me, his cum filling me. I opened my mouth to say his name, only to have him cover my lips with his. We kissed for a long moment, Kevin used his hands to frame and hold my face. His kisses went from deep and gentle to quicker. Finally he was showering my face with baby kisses, while his fingers tickled my neck and ears. I laughed and tried to push him away, "Kevin stop!" I said.

    "You're just so darn cute!" he said without stopping. His hands moved down and he began to tickle my ribs.

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    Default Re: A French Lesson - Renée Zellweger Sex Story

    "I need to get up and take a shower." I tried to wriggle away from him, but he held me gently.

    He leaned close to me and began sniffing around my face and behind my ears, "Nah! You don't even stink yet."

    "Is that how you judge when to shower?" I asked.

    "Is there any other way?"

    "Come on, let me up Kev!" He rolled on his side and allowed me to get out of the bed.

    "You have bruises on your hips," he said, his voice suddenly serious.

    "I'm not surprised, Scott isn't the most gentle person."

    "Is that a complaint?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

    "Not at all." I tried to look at the bruises, but couldn't get around.

    After I spun around a few times I heard Kevin laughing, "you look like a puppy chasing it's tail."

    "Leave me alone!" I said with a fake pout. I shook my ass at him before going to the shower.

    I love my shower. It is large and round, and has more than one shower head. The wall is made to look like a large cylinder of white marble. Along the far curve there is a bench that allows me to sit (and also prevents me from inflicting mortal injury when I shave my legs). My favorite thing about the shower is that I'm able to stand in the middle of it and enjoy almost a full body massage from the four heads. I turned the water on and stepped beneath the steaming water. I took the one hand held shower massage off it's holder and moved it over my body. I had my back to the door when I saw a shadow cast in front of me. I turned to see Kevin standing on the other side of the door of my shower, peering over the top, watching me. I took my sponge and loaded it with rose scented shower gel. Kevin watched intently as I began to move the sponge over my body. The thick foam moved over my shoulders and down my back. Once I was covered in lather I stepped beneath the spray of water and let it rinse from my skin. I decided Kevin needed a show. I moved my hands over my body, cupping my breasts and teasing my nipples. Very slowly I moved my right hand between my legs, I heard Kevin groan deeply and open the shower door. He was about to close it when Scott stepped up behind him. Kevin turned and glanced at Scott, they nodded at one another and both joined me in the shower. At first we couldn't really figure out how to proceed. My lack of height was prohibitive to many positions that one would use in the shower. Scott leaned forward first and kissed me, his hands moved over my body. I pulled away from him, took his hands in mine and guided him to the marble bench. He sat down, his face was even with my breasts. Scott kissed my nipples gently at first, then he used his teeth to tease them. His hand moved between my legs, teasing my clit while two of his fingers entered me. I put one knee on the bench next to him, my arms circled his neck. Scott continued to finger me, while his face was practically buried between my breasts. Scott's skin was slick beneath my fingers as I tried to pull him even closer to me, I couldn't believe how good his fingers felt inside me. His teeth bit at my nipples, while his fingers became faster and harder in their movements. I was gasping for air and clawing at Scott's back as his hands and teeth moved over my body. My hips began to thrust, I was riding his hand like a cock.

    "God Scott!" I screamed as I came. His teeth bit down hard on my nipple and his left arm wrapped tightly around my waist, holding me close against him as I shuddered. I pulled away from him and saw blood on the wall of my shower.

    "Scott your bleeding!" I said.

    "Yeah, you got me pretty good," he was smiling at me. I started to try and get to his back so I could get a good look at the damage done, but Scott turned me around so my back was to him. In one motion, he pulled me onto his lap. I could feel his cock pressing against my entrance. Kevin was standing close to us, from my sitting position my face was even with his monster cock. Scott raised me up and roughly slammed me down on his rod. I gasped as he filled me completely. My legs were too short to reach the floor so I couldn't set the pace of our fucking. Scott, however, seemed content to lift my hips up and down. Kevin moved his hand over my face, guiding me to his hard cock. I knew I would never be able to take all of it in my mouth.

    "Slow down Scott," I said breathlessly. I pointed to my clove soap, "Kevin, hand me that." The soap had come with a Kama Sutra kit I owned and was flavored. Kevin reached for the bottle of soap. He watched intently as I opened the bottle and trickled a few drops onto his cock. I set the bottle aside and began moving my hands over him. His hands tangled in my thick hair and he groaned deeply. Very slowly I eased as much of him into my mouth as I could. I even relaxed my throat and took even more of him, but there was still quite a bit of his meat that I couldn't begin to swallow. Scott resumed lifting me, while my hands moved over Kevin's cock and dangling balls. I cupped him and teased him with my tongue. I let all of his cock out of my mouth and teased the head with my tongue.

    "Oh god, Dannie!" he said and tried to ram himself down my throat. I felt Scott's teeth on the back of my neck, biting me while he continued to lift me up and down as if I weighed nothing.

    Scott was the first to cum, groaning through clenched teeth. It was as if lava was being pumped into me. After so many orgasms myself, my cunt was so sensitive I could feel each spasm of his cock as it spurted into me. I thought he was going to move me but instead he continued to hold me on his lap, facing Kevin. He gave me one last lift, so his cock could be released from deep inside me. I tried to focus on the blow job I was giving Kevin, but Scott's fingers returned to my pussy. He gently ran his fingers over my outer lips, as if he was trying to sooth me or explore my nether folds. I let Kevin's cock out of my mouth long enough for a soft sigh to escape.

    "She feels good," Scott said as his hand continued to move over my cunt. His voice was deep in my ear, hitting a nerve that I didn't know I had. A shiver ran up and down my spine.

    "Oh god Scott, talk to me!" I said moving my hips. I returned to Kevin's cock, taking him back into my mouth, sucking gently.

    "You like being talked to?" Scott said directly into my ear. I groaned with my mouth still around Kevin's cock. I heard Kevin gasp slightly and realized that my groaning throat had acted as a vibrator on the tip of his cock.

    "Do you like this threesome?" Scott asked me, his lips moving against my ear. His fingers moved to my clit, where he began to stroke me. "You're such a hot little fuck, aren't you baby? You like being shared by more than one man don't you?" He kept talking while his fingers began to move faster on my clit. Kevin's hips began to move faster as he tried to fuck my face.

    "You like it like this don't you?" Scott said.

    I came hard on Scott's hand, groaning deeply around Kevin's cock. Kevin arched his back and practically shouted as his cum erupted in a large blast that landed partially in my mouth and on my chest. I kept the large drop of cum on my tongue and turned. Scott took my face in his hand and kissed me, pulling away suddenly, "You snowballed me!" he said, his eyes wide, "with Kevin's jiz!"

    "I thought you shared everything?" I said, feigning innocence.

    "Not everything," Scott insisted, but behind his eyes something flashed that told me that the idea had indeed crossed his mind. I gave him a knowing smile.

    "I think we just found a line that didn't need to be crossed." Kevin said with a laugh. He turned to leave the shower. When Kevin's back was turned, Scott leaned over and licked a pearl of Kevin's cum off of my nipple. He had already stood back up when Kevin tossed him a towel. I moved under the stream of water and rinsed off before joining Kevin and Scott in the bathroom.

    "So what are the plans for the rest of the night?" I asked.

    "Scott is going back to the hotel and I thought I might spend the night here, if it's okay?"

    "Fine with me. Are you sure you can't stay Scott?"

    He glanced over and Kevin and shook his head, "nah, I need to go, you wore me out." He dried off as he spoke.

    Back in the bedroom Scott got dressed while Kevin slid back under the covers of my bed. I put the blue satin robe on, "I'm going to walk him to the door," I told Kevin. At the door Scott and I kissed softly just before he picked me up for a hug, "you should come back by yourself sometime." I told him.

    "Don't worry, I intend to." He assured me.

    I closed the door behind him and went back to the bedroom. I let the robe fall to the floor, turned out the lights. It had grown dark outside and the moonlight streamed into my bedroom giving everything a pale glow. I crawled into bed with Kevin. He pulled me against him and wrapped his arms around me. For a long moment we lay still in the dark, his breathing soothing me. I didn't know how exhausting my afternoon had been until I was able to relax next to Kevin.

    "Are you going to see him again?" He asked, breaking the silence.

    "Would you mind?" I asked raising up on my elbow so I could see the outline of his face in the moonlight.

    "No, I was hoping you two would get along."

    "Are you going to stop coming to see me?"

    "Do you want me to?"


    "So you want us both?"

    "I want to eat my cake. But if I have to choose then it's you."

    "Don't worry, I'm not asking you to choose."

    "So...what does this mean?"

    "It means you get to eat your cake. Now go to sleep." His voice was playful.

    "This isn't going to be all weird between you two is it?" I was concerned about the effect this would have on their friendship.

    "No, you will be the first to know if it does."

    "Yep, no more cake." I rested my head on his chest, I could hear his heart beating gently in my ear. The steady rhythm soothed me into a deep sleep.

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