The day had started off like any other for Natalie. She got up and took a shower, went back to her room, masturbated and then put on her clothes. She was now in a cab on her way to the today show. Being a star was not easy with all the traveling and public appearances. She couldn't even go to the beach without some Paparazzi photographer snapping pictures of her topless. She was surprised that there wasn't a man on her balcony this morning taking pictures of her masturbating. The cab stopped and Natalie paid the driver and stepped out onto the street. The cab peeled out and sped off, Natalie thought to herself, How rude!, Natalie was kind of surprised to not have fans running at her and asking for autographs. Then she realized why the cab driver had sped away. She was no where near the set of the Today show. All of a sudden someone grabbed her from behind and stuck a gloved hand over her mouth. She was then pulled into an old, derelict building. It was dark and she couldn't see anything. The hand was removed from her mouth and replaced by a rag. Soon Natalie was lying limp in her captives arms, asleep.

When Natalie woke up she found herself tied to a bed. Her arms where up over her head and her legs were spread wide. She looked down at herself and realized her clothes had been changed. She was now in a Catholic school girl uniform. She could also feel that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Whoever had captured Natalie had seen her naked. She wondered what else they had done to her while she was out. As Natalie lay there helpless she heard a man's voice to her right.

"Look at that Little school girl Natalie Portman tied up and helpless." Then another man's voice came from her left,

"Yep, I'm going to have fun with this piece of white meat. Natalie got scared when she heard that but nothing could have prepared her for what she heard next. Coming from in front of her a woman's voice said,

"And we're going to teach her how to lick a pussy real good." Natalie got real scared when she heard that. She had thought about tasting her own juices before but never had actually done it, and she had most defiantly not thought about tasting another woman's. The woman came forward and said,

"My name's Tess." Natalie looked up to see Tess. She was beautiful. She stood about 4'11" tall with long red hair that fell to the top of her butt. She must have been only about 18 years old.

"These are my friends," said Tess. "On your right is Ray and on your left is Jim." Ray was about 6 feet tall with long brown hair and a scraggly beard. Jim stood about 6'4" and was black with a shaved head and a small beard. After she had taken all this in Natalie began to struggle to try to break away. Tess asked what was wrong and in a moment of panic and not thinking about what she was saying Natalie blurted out,

"I'm still a virgin!" Once she realized what she had said Natalie knew she had made a mistake. She turned to see Jim with a huge smile on his face.

"Ohh, TENDER white meat." he said Natalie couldn't take it any more she screamed as loud as she could hoping that someone would hear her yell, but she was soon gagged as Ray shoved his cock into her mouth forcing her to suck it. Soon enough she felt her skirt being lifted and someone started licking her pussy. she was positive it was Tess.

Tess loved licking pussy and there was nothing better then licking this cunt, because this one belonged to young starlet Natalie Portman.

Natalie couldn't help but to suck on Ray's cock. Not to mention she liked it. She had only ever sucked a couple cock's before, and Ray's was by far the largest. Not only was she enjoying the cock in her mouth, but she was defiantly enjoying the attention her inexperienced cunt was receiving. In all the ecstasy though she forgot about Jim. That was at least until he ripped off her top exposing her nipples to the cold air making them very hard. Then she felt Jim's big hands touching her tits and slowly pinching her nipples. This just made Natalie even more aroused. She started to moan.

"Hey, I think the little slut is enjoying this," said Ray. "Maybe we should untie her."

"All right," said Tess, "Untie her." Natalie was happy she was untied. At least until Jim got on top of her and held her down. He told her to look at Ray and Tess.

Tess was now on her back in spread eagle formation. Ray was in front of her with his cock in position to fuck her. Natalie couldn't imagine how Tess' little frame was going to take Ray's huge cock, but she did. She took all of him and screamed as each inch went in. Ray pumped in and out of Tess. He used her tit's as handles and held onto them and pulled and squeezed them with every thrust. Tess was screaming, but it was a scream of ecstasy. She kept begging him to fuck her harder and squeeze her tits tighter, and every time she did Ray seemed to oblige. Then all of a sudden Tess' body started going into convulsions and her whole little body shock with one orgasm after another.

Jim turned to Natalie and said now it's your turn. Natalie turned white as she looked down to see the biggest cock she ever imagined. It was poised to ram into her virgin cunt. Jim was ready. He rubbed the tip of his 10 inch cock on Natalie's virgin pussy watching her try to squirm away while he held her down. Then he rammed into her spreading her pussy, popping her cherry, and causing her to scream all in the matter of seconds. Natalie was just as surprised as everyone else that she took all of his cock. Jim started to pump in and out of Natalie's tight little cunt. After the initial pain subsided Natalie started to really like what was going on. She started to meet Jim's thrust and began begging him to ram her harder. Jim was more then happy to fulfill Natalie's desires. Soon Natalie felt the beginning of an orgasm starting. As she came her already tight little cunt got tighter and Jim couldn't take it anymore and blew his load deep inside Natalie. This just caused Natalie to have yet another orgasm. Natalie flopped on the bed exhausted. She had obviously forgotten about Ray and Tess. Ray lifted Natalie up and rubbed his fingers across her now soaking wet cunt. He got his fingers nice and lubed up before he rammed one into her tight, teen, virgin, ass. Natalie jumped and screamed but was soon smothered by Tess' pussy jamming down on her mouth and nose.

"Every time you scream I'll smother you with my cunt, and should you stop licking my pussy when I'm not smothering you I will sit down on your face. Understand?" As Tess lifted up her pussy Natalie exhaled a yes.

"Good," said Tess "Start licking." Natalie had no choice but to lick Tess' pussy. All she could feel was Ray's finger violating her ass. Tears started to run down Natalie's face, both from pain and humiliation. Soon Ray's fingers left her ass. She heard Ray mumble something and soon Jim disappeared out of view. For a couple minutes it felt like the only people around were her and Tess, who was now moaning from having her pussy licked by Natalie Portman. Then it happened. Natalie was lifted a little then she felt Ray ram his cock into her ass while at the same time Jim rammed his cock into her cunt. She couldn't help it, she screamed out in pain and terror. Tess was true to her word and immediately smothered Natalie. The guys started a rhythm of pumping in and out of her now totally violated body. Natalie couldn't breath because Tess' pussy was completely covering her face.

She struggled to breath reaching up and grabbing Tess, but Tess wouldn't move and started to thrust her hips so that her pussy was rubbing up and down Natalie's face but never enough to allow her to breath. The guys kept fucking the now shaking Natalie, and soon enough from the lack of oxygen and the pain of being totally violated Natalie passed out. Tess sat up before Natalie died and the guys stopped fucking her. They all went over to a glass. Both guys came in it and then they smeared it all over Natalie's tits. Tess licked it off while she was being fucked by Ray. Soon she was ready to cum and she let her juices spill all over Natalie's face. Tess looked at Natalie satisfied with what she had done. Jim came over with an enormous dildo and shoved it into Natalie's cunt spreading it nice and wide and that is where he left it.

Natalie eventually woke up. Her face was stiff with Tess' juices. She saw her clothes hanging up and sat up to get them, which caused the dildo in her pussy to jam further up in her. Natalie pulled it out, licked off her own juices, got dressed, and realized that she had enjoyed all this and would not soon forget it.