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    Default A Ghost of a Chance - Melinda Clarke Sex Story

    Melinda stood in her shop reading the paper. It was all over town, 6 women had been sexually assaulted but none of them could id their attacker. They all had the same story; they woke up feeling a cock moving inside their bodies but when they opened their eyes, there was no one there.

    Melinda being the town ghost buster, as her husband Jim jokingly called her, knew she had to get this ghost to cross into the light. The only problem was; she didn't have any idea where he was.

    Most of the ghosts in Grandview came to her for help. They all had unfinished business and somehow knew that she could help them finish it so they could move on.

    This one wasn't, instead he was attacking women all over town. He didn't seem to care if they were slender or big, all she knew is that he attacked single women who lived alone.

    Throwing the paper in the trash, she pulled out her computer to check the day's receipts. Sales were down a little but nothing to worry about. It usually got a bit slow with winter coming on.

    "Hey Melinda, how's the ghost business?" Her friend and employee Delia asked as she came into the shop carrying two coffees from across the street.

    Melinda glared at her as she took the coffee. Delia was starting to believe Melinda about her being able to see ghosts but she wasn't completely convinced.

    "Not good, this guy keeps attacking women and I can't figure out who he is going after next." She took a sip of her coffee. "I mean how am I supposed to get this guy to cross over if I don't know where he is, or who he is or what he wants?"

    Delia picked up a music box Melinda had picked up at an estate sale. "I don't know what to tell you there. I mean unless he comes to you, I don't see how you are going to get him to cross over."

    Melinda nodded, she felt the same way.

    Over the next week, 5 more women were attacked and Melinda was getting frustrated. "Why don't you go talk to the last victim?" Jim asked sliding his hand over her naked body.

    He had worked the graveyard shift for the past 3 nights and this was the first night that they had been able to be together. Melinda smiled as his hand drifted over her nipple, making it harden. "Hm...How about we worry about the ghost later, right now I need a little bit of loving."

    She reached under the blanket and grasped his cock in her hand slowly stroking it. Jim closed his eyes as he felt her soft hand move over him. "Hm...I like that idea."

    Melinda giggled as he moved his body over hers. She pulled him against her entrance as she wrapped her legs around him. "Love me honey." she purred.

    Jim kissed her deeply as he let his cock slide inside her. Melinda purred against his mouth as he thrust slowly into her body.

    Even after three years of marriage, she loved the way Jim made love to her; he would start fucking her slowly; then slowly speed up until they were both panting and clinging to one another as they hammered their bodies furiously against each other looking for release.

    Tonight was no different, Jim drove his cock deep inside her making her squeal in delight as he seemed to hit all of her secret places at once. Her feet dug into his ass pulling him deep inside her.

    "Oh Jim, yes baby, it feels so good." She whimpered as he lowered his mouth to her breast and started nibbling.

    "Does my baby love that?" he asked seductively as he sped up his thrusts, pressing faster and harder inside her.

    "Oh fuck, ugh, yes." She panted as she slammed her body hard against his while she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. "Fuck me honey."

    Jim moved his mouth to her nipple and took the small nub between his teeth, biting gently as he pummeled her pussy hard. "Fuck, Jim, I'm cummmminnnnngggg..." She cried as her body convulsed around him.

    Jim held himself still inside her; he loved to feel her body ripple around him when she came. "Oh yes Mel that is so good." He groaned when he finally started moving again.

    This time he wasn't gentle, he slammed hard into her making the bed squeak with the power of his forceful thrusts. "Fuck mmmeeeeeeee..." Melinda cried clinging to him as he rode her.

    "Oh, agh, fuck, yes." Jim panted against her neck as he pounded into her. "God honey, can't hold it, I'm cummmmmminnnnnggggg...." he locked his mouth on hers kissing her hard as he buried himself to the hilt and emptied himself deep inside her.

    Melinda whined in pleasure as she felt him fill her with his seed. For the past couple of years, they had used condoms when they made love because she wasn't ready to have children yet. But now that they had decided to have a baby, she had to admit she loved it when she felt him erupt inside her.

    Spent, Jim rolled over onto his back then pulled her into his arms. "So are you going to go visit the last victim?" he asked kissing her sweaty brow.

    "Mmmmm...Yes, I think I will." She mumbled sleepily as she snuggled up against his chest and fell fast asleep.

    The next day she stood outside the apartment of the latest victim. Her name was Alisha Town and she was 25. She worked as a waitress at the local cafe.

    Melinda knocked on the door then waited patiently; the woman who answered it looked like all the victims. She was pale, her dirty blonde hair hung limply around her shoulders. She was of medium build and nothing seemed spectacular about her. Her green eyes were lifeless.

    "Can I help you?" she asked softly.

    Melinda smiled. "Um, my name is Melinda Gordon and I was wondering if I could talk to you about your attack."

    The woman eyed her suspiciously, "are you a cop?"

    Melinda shook her head, "no, actually I run an antique store in town."

    The woman seemed to consider her for a moment then slowly backed away from the door. "Come on in."

    Melinda followed her into the house. The living room was small but cozy. Alisha sat down on the couch while Melinda sat down in a chair across from her. "What do you want to know?" Alisha asked tensely.

    When Jim had suggested visiting the most recent victim, Melinda had been all for the idea. Now that she was here though, she wasn't sure what to say. She looked around but didn't see anyone, living or dead other then Alisha. "Um..." She looked into the other woman's scared eyes. "Could you possibly tell me what happened?"

    Alisha shivered and hugged herself. She rested back against the back of the couch. "I took my nightly shower then went to bed. I watched the news then turned off the TV and went to sleep. I guess I had been asleep about an hour or so when something woke me up."

    She stopped talking and looked around. "It felt like there were hands moving over my body. At first I thought maybe my boyfriend had stopped by after work."

    She smiled at this. "He does that sometimes, you know just to surprise me. I pretend I'm asleep and we see how long I can go before I give in. Well, figuring it was him, I just went with it. It was great at first. You know, having hands and a mouth touching me.

    When I felt a tongue slide into my pussy, I humped against it and cried out. The mouth brought me to orgasm pretty quick." She blushed, and then continued. "Anyway, when I felt the cock enter and start to move inside me, I raised my arms to wrap them around Tony. The only problem was; he wasn't there." She shivered. "No one was. Well naturally I freaked, I flipped on the light and threw back the covers but there wasn't anybody in the bed but me. I know it sounds crazy but I swear I could feel a cock moving inside me."

    Melinda reached out and gingerly touched the other woman's hand. "It doesn't sound crazy at all. What happened next?"

    Alisha sighed then began talking again. "Well, I tried to get out of the bed, but it was like something was holding me down. I couldn't move. The cock or whatever it was inside me moved faster and I felt my orgasm start to rise again. I can get pretty vocal when I cum and I screamed as I came. I felt something squirt into me then the presence was gone. I reached between my legs and found what seemed like sperm inside me. I immediately called the cops and told them what happened."

    Melinda thought about that. Ghosts couldn't cum, well not really but if he was materialized enough for Alisha to feel him he may have left some kind of residue behind. "Hm...Okay. Um, if your visitor or whatever happens to appear again will you call me?" She gave Alisha her card.

    Alisha took it and shrugged. "Sure, although I hope it never happens again."

    Melinda nodded then left the woman's house.

    She spent the next three days looking over the old newspaper articles about anyone who may have died during sex. She was about to give up, when an article caught her eye:

    35 year old Maxwell Jones died 6 months ago of a sudden heart attack while fucking his wife of 10 years. The wife, 32 year old Samantha Jones told police that it came on suddenly, also that Maxwell had always been a sex fiend for as long as they had been married.

    Melinda looked at a picture of Maxwell. He was a good looking guy, 6' with a slender build, chestnut hair and piercing blue eyes. Melinda was sure that she had found her ghost. Now all she had to do was trap him.

    Jim shook his head as Melinda explained her plan. "No way, there is no way I am going to let you live alone for a while so you can trap a ghost."

    Melinda reached out and put a hand on his shoulder. "Jim, this is the only way I'm going to get him to come to me. If he thinks I'm single and that I live alone, he may choose me as one of his targets."

    Jim reached out cupping her face in his hands. "I still don't like it Mel."

    She kissed him softly. "I'll be fine, I promise."

    3 days later, Melinda was installed in a small one bedroom apartment not far from her shop. She locked up, called Jim and told him she loved him then climbed naked in the bed that came with the place. She forced herself to stay awake as she waited to see if Maxwell would show.

    Finally her eyes got tired and she slowly drifted off to sleep. She awoke the next morning and realized that nothing had happened. She marked the day off on a calendar she had put on the wall then got up to face the day.

    She had been in the apartment almost a week when she was awakened to hands moving over her body. "Hello Maxwell." She said softly throwing the covers back to see the man in the picture she had seen looking up at her.

    "You can see me?" he asked in surprise as he moved away from her.

    Melinda pushed herself into a sitting position as she flipped on the light. Maxwell was naked which didn't surprise her since he had been having sex when he died. His ghostly cock was hard and rested against his stomach. She guessed he was about 8 inches hard. "Yes I can and you need to cross over into the light and stop attacking women."

    Maxwell sat down on the edge of the bed and crossed his legs in front of him. "I can't. I need sex. I'm a sex fiend for god's sake. That didn't stop just because I had a freak heart attack." He ran his hand down over his ghostly cock. "Don't you understand; I can't cross over? Not until I'm satisfied."

    Melinda crossed her arms over her naked breasts. "Okay, so what do you need to be satisfied?"

    He ran his eyes over her body. "I don't know, that's the thing, I mean I'm with these women and I get off inside them and I feel great afterwards but still something is missing."

    Melinda looked at him. "Your wife, were you always in the missionary position when you guys made love?"

    Maxwell looked at her in surprise. "Yea, I guess. Why?"

    Melinda thought about it, "All the women you've attacked were on their back when they felt you inside them. Maybe it is because they can't see you that you feel unsatisfied. They can't see the pleasure in your face when you come like your wife used to."

    He shrugged, "maybe, so? Samantha used to tell me that it always made her cum hard when she watched my face as I came inside her." He smiled softly in remembrance.

    Melinda thought about it for a minute. "What if I let you pleasure and fuck me?"

    He looked at her in confusion. "How is that supposed to help?"

    "I can actually see you, if me being able to see you cum like your wife did, then maybe you will be able to cross over because you will finally be satisfied."

    He thought about that for a minute. "Yea, that might work. I'm willing to give it a try."

    Melinda nodded, "but; no more attacking women if this don't work."


    Melinda shook her head, "no buts."

    He nodded, "fine."

    Melinda nodded once more then pushed the blankets off the bed before she lay back down on her back with her legs spread. "Come fuck me Maxwell."

    Maxwell smiled at her; he moved his ghostly body across the bed until he was laying directly over her. He moved his mouth to her neck, dropping kisses all over the tender skin while his hands went to her breasts.

    Melinda closed her eyes imagining it was Jim touching her. When she felt Maxwell's mouth move over her breast, she moaned as she pressed up against him. "Oh yes, that feels so good."

    Maxwell moved his tongue over her flesh as his hand cupped her other breast, massaging it with his fingers. Melinda moaned as he took her nipple between his lips sucking gently on it.

    Her breath quickened when he kissed his way down her body until his lips were even with her pussy. She felt his ghostly fingers spread her open then his tongue dip against her in a long taste. "Oh fuck, yes." She cried lifting her hips against him. "Eat my hot pussy."

    Maxwell ran his ghostly tongue over her clit, making her whimper in pleasure as he slid a finger down to her slit. She was wet and it turned him on, something fierce. He teased her slit with his finger for a minute then slowly slid it inside her as he locked his lips around her clit, sucking hard.

    "Agh, oh god, ugh, yes, fuck, god eat me." Melinda cried grabbing at the blanket as she humped her pussy against his face. "Make me cum please."

    Maxwell sucked harder at her clit as he slid not one but two more fingers inside her and started pummeling them ruthlessly in and out.

    Melinda was beside herself in pleasure. She dug her feet in the mattress as she pressed her pussy tightly against him. "Finger me, oh god finger me, I'm going to cum." She cried.

    Maxwell pulled his fingers from her body quickly replacing them with his tongue. He slithered it deep inside her as his fingers pulled at her clit.

    Melinda was crying out in pleasure and Maxwell was in dead heaven. It had been a while since he heard a woman cry for him to make her cum and he planned to take advantage of this one. He drove his tongue fast and hard inside her and heard her whimper in pleasure as she rode his face.

    He couldn't feel her juices or even taste them but he remembered how a woman felt and tasted and his ghostly cock was pulsing madly against him. When Melinda suddenly screamed and he felt her tighten around him, it took all his control not to let go right then.

    Instead, he kept his tongue plummeting deep inside her until he felt her start to relax. When she did, pulled his tongue from her pussy and attacked her clit with it again. He flicked his tongue roughly over the sensitive flesh.

    "Oooooohhhhh..." Melinda moaned when she felt his tongue on her clit again. "Keep that up and I'm gonna cum again."

    Maxwell lifted his face and smiled at her, "that's the idea. I always got Samantha off at least twice with my mouth before I finally fucked her." While he was speaking, his ghostly fingers were driving slowly in and out of her snatch and Melinda felt her orgasm rising once more.

    "Mmmmm, that feels so good." She closed her eyes as she humped against his hand while her own hands went to her breasts and started pulling at them.

    Maxwell lowered his mouth back to her pussy; he ran his tongue roughly over her clit and heard her cry out. He drove his fingers further inside her then decided to see how far she would be willing to go. He kept two fingers driving in her pussy while he lowered his hand down to her ass and teased the hole with his fingers.

    Melinda froze when she felt his finger against her ass. She had never been fucked up the ass before and wasn't sure she wanted her first time to be with a ghost. "What are you...? Oh god..." She moaned throwing her head back as she felt his finger slowly slide into her virgin hole.

    Maxwell lifted his eyes to her face as she writhed in pleasure. He slammed his fingers in her snatch while he slowly fingered her ass. "Fuck, agh, oh god." Melinda cried pressing her body against him. "It feels so strange."

    Maxwell grinned then started pummeling his finger in her ass while he ruthlessly fingered her pussy. When she was humping against him again, he lowered his mouth back to her and sucked violently on her clit.

    Melinda was beside herself with pleasure, her body was on fire. His fingers in her pussy and ass were driving her body into overdrive. "Oh fuck me, I'm cummmminnnnngggg again." She screamed as she braced her feet hard against the mattress and lifted her body against him.

    Once again he pulled his fingers from her and replaced them with his tongue making sure to get all of her juices before he pulled away.

    Melinda was breathing hard and watched him through half closed eyes as he moved up over her. "Maybe I'll fuck your ass to baby." He growled as he let his cock slide into her.

    "Mmmmm..." Melinda moaned as she felt him fill her. In some ways it was like sitting down in a cold bath but at the same time she was so hot after the orgasms she had that she wanted more. "Oh Maxwell, fuck me, make me cum again."

    She raised her arms around him, she couldn't feel him but she held her arms around him as if she could. Maxwell kept his eyes locked on hers as he slowly thrust into her body. "Watch me." He ordered when she started to close her eyes. "I need you to watch me."

    Melinda kept her eyes on his face as she lifted her hips to meet his strokes. He started slow, then sped up as she panted beneath him.

    Maxwell thrust into her fast and hard making her whimper as he once again brought her body to the point of release. "Fuck me." She cried rising against him as he pummeled her pussy with his hard cock. "Oh fuck me, I'm going to cum again."

    "Yea, that's it, cum again baby." He growled as he watched her. "Cum again for me this time all over my fucking cock." He fucked her harder, making her cry out as she once again went over the edge.

    Maxwell closed his eyes as he held onto his control and pulled roughly out of her spasming snatch. He moved lower and when Melinda pressing against her virgin hole, she lifted her legs giving him access. "Go easy baby, it's my first time." She purred watching him through half closed eyes.

    Maxwell smiled at her as he slowly pushed forward. Melinda felt a bit of stretching inside her but no pain, she figured it might have something to do with the fact that he was a ghost. She felt him slide deep into her ass and moaned as she closed her eyes in pleasure.

    "No, keep your eyes opened, watch me." He growled leaning back over her as he slowly thrust in and out of her ass.

    It was hard, but somehow Melinda managed to keep her eyes on him. Even when he started pumping hard into her and making her body bounce with the force of his movements. "Oh fuck me," she whimpered as he slammed 3 ghostly fingers into her snatch while he reamed her ass. "Make me cum again honey."

    Maxwell rode her hard, his eyes locked on her as he thrust forcefully in and out of her. "Oh god, cum honey, I need you to cum." Eventhough he was dead, he could feel how tight she was and it was getting harder to keep from cumming.

    He drove his fingers faster in her pussy as he used his other hand to pull and twist at her clit. When she screamed that she was cumming, Maxwell joined her and his cries mingled with hers as he filled her with his ghostly seed.

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    Default Re: A Ghost of a Chance - Melinda Clarke Sex Story

    "Oh god that was...that was...What is that?" Maxwell asked looking over Melinda's shoulder at a bright light that suddenly filled the room behind her.

    Melinda smiled sleepily as she lowered her legs while she looked up at him lying above her. "I can't see it, but I have heard that it is a bright light. It is for you Maxwell; it means you are ready to move on now."

    He looked down at her then moved off of her as he moved slowly on his knees towards the light. Again Melinda didn't feel any pain but she did feel emptiness in her ass where his cock had been lodged not long before.

    "I can see my sister and my dad. They are smiling at me." He said with a smile as he looked over at her.

    He looked down at his body, he was no longer naked, but wearing a suit and tie. The same suit and tie that Samantha had buried him in. He turned to look back at Melinda who was laying on her side smiling at him. He looked at her in awe then back towards the light before him.

    He watched his father take a step towards him and hold out his hand. He nodded then looked back at Melinda once more. "Thank you, for everything."

    Melinda smiled at him as she nodded. "You're welcome; go on, they are waiting for you."

    He nodded, and then disappeared into the light.

    Melinda flipped off the light then curled up in the bed, tomorrow she would go back home and have Jim ream her pussy good to get rid of the feeling of the ghost. Maybe she would even let him have a crack at her ass, now that she had lost her virginity there, she wanted to see what it was like with a living person.

    As she drifted off to sleep she smiled, once again a job well done.

    The end

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