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    Default A Great Day Lost - Sara Paxton Sex Story

    You wake up Monday in the middle of the night, rubbing your eyes and stretching as you look around. You're in a motel room that you have never seen before by yourself, and it appears to be a cheap room at that. The air conditioner is leaking water and the walls have a brown tint to them where they haven't begun peeling back. There's one bed an adjoining bathroom with shower and that appears to be it. A small dresser is next to the bed and you when you try to turn on the light to have a better look around it doesn't respond. You try to remember what happened last night, but aren't sure what was real and what was a dream. You fall back asleep, still tired from whatever happened the night before. You wake up later in the day, the sun shining through the window right into your eyes. You slowly clamber out of the bed and wander over to the bathroom to relieve yourself.

    You walk back and lie down on your bed, trying to remember anything of last night. Some images of naked women shoot through your head, but you disregard those as fantasies in your sleep. You slowly try to remember what happened last night, but can't seem to remember. You figure that the best way to remember the night is to remember the rest of the day, so you think back to yesterday morning…

    You roll out of bed to your feet and walk to your bathroom. You take a shower and shave to you get ready to go to work. You small apartment is in the worse side of town. It's a studio apartment with a fold out bed from a sofa. Your single T.V. only has network television, as you can't afford cable. The bedroom/living room opens up into your small kitchen with next to nothing stove and room temperature fridge. Your cabinets are empty and the counter is covered with condiment packs and trash from McDonald's since you work there and get to eat free. Your bathroom has a single sink that constantly drips light brown water and has a medicine cabinet with no door on it, so it's really just a medicine shelf. Your shower has no curtain on it and rarely works. On the occasions that it does work, it's usually nothing more than a steady drip of water. Insects of all kinds have made your home their home as well. You would hire an exterminator, but as with everything else, you don't have enough money. You put on your McDonald's uniform as you head out to your '89 brown rusty Chevette. You remember back to before things were so horrible and you had a bright and promising future ahead of you.

    You were just out of High School with a 3.8 GPA and had a wide selection of your colleges. Girls were falling over themselves to be with you, and your parents were proud of you. You finally decided to go to Columbia University and got an academic scholarship that covered all finances. It was during your first week there when your life took a turn for the worse. It was your 18th birthday and you didn't really know anybody so you were just going to stay home and have your own little celebration. You wondered and hoped if your new roommate would have a present for you and could only imagine what it might be. Your roommate, Sara, was quite a woman. She was a sophomore and was highest in her class and always had. In High School she had been in the A/V club and the Cheerleading squad. She was 5'10" and slim. She was very athletic and had small but firm breasts and an ass to match. Her long red hair was the clincher for you and you always wondered if she was red everywhere. You had thought about her many times just over the week you had been there.

    Sara came home late on the night of your birthday, and you had already fallen asleep. Her entering woke you up and you slowly stirred. You lay in your bed, still not moving much. The door opened and your eyes closed instantly because it was bright in the other room. Your roommate walked in slowly closing the door behind her and as she turned around you glanced at what she had on. She was wearing a tight white belly shirt that showed off her tan abs. She was also wearing long black leather pants that clung to her tight ass and accentuated it quite well. You felt yourself getting hard almost instantly just at the sight of her. You slowly closed your eyes, acting as if you were asleep to mess with her. She slowly walked over to her dresser and reached into one of the drawers and pulled out something. As she left you got a glimpse of the mystery item, which revealed it to be a condom and you also noticed Mike. Mike was your typical "Big Man on Campus" type guy. He was pretty much a jerk to everyone and no one liked him. Except some of the women, who were just attracted to his looks. You hated that guy in so many ways for so many reasons you could probably kill him if you got a punch for each one.

    After a few minutes of waiting in the silence you heard sounds that were obviously sexual coming from the front room. You slowly climbed out of bed, staying very quiet. As you walked toward the door, you could feel yourself getting hard very fast at what you thought you were about to see. You slowly inched the door open and looked out. What you saw before you was simply breathtaking. Sara riding Mike's cock, with her back to him as he sat on the couch and slowly massaged her tits. Your cock lunged and you nearly came right there. You had a wonderful view, but they couldn't see you because Sara had her head leaned back over Mike's face.

    You slowly rubbed your hard-on through your pants as you watched Sara moan in pleasure while rubbing her pussy along with Mike's cock. You reached into your pants and pulled out your cock and jerked it for all it was worth as you watched Sara's tits bounce up and down in Mike's hands. You could see Sara bouncing faster and faster on Mike's rod that you knew meant she was getting close. You quickened the pace on your own cock, trying to match theirs, just wishing that that was your cock buried deep inside of her. You saw Mike grab a hold of Sara's sides and plunge deep into her and held as he released his seed deep inside of her.

    This set off Sara's own climax as she moaned loudly and grabbed onto Mike's hands. This in turn, set off your own orgasm as you pumped your shaft, your balls tightened, and your sperm shot out across the room, as a loud moan escaped your mouth. You saw Sara and Mike both notice you instantly and watch your semen shoot across the room and land on Sara's knee and slowly slide down her leg. There was an odd moment of silence as everyone had a different expression on his or her face. Mike looked pissed and about ready to beat your ass. Sara looked like she was shock and couldn't believe what just happened. And you had a look of complete terror in your face as you stood there in the doorway, cock in hand. Sara was the first to speak.

    "What the fuck do you think you're doing, you piece of shit!?"

    You replied with the only logical answer at the time, "Uhh…"

    Sara slowly slid off Mike's cock, and Mike pulled his pants up, "I'm gonna kick your ass so bad buddy, you'll wish…you'll wish you weren't in pain." Sara intercepted Mike and held him back.

    "No, Mike. Let this bastard live. But I'll get his fucking ass thrown deep in the depths of jail." You stood there, not knowing what to say or do. You continued to stand there as the redressed and left.

    The next month or so of your life was total chaos. Sara filed a rape charge against you, and since you couldn't prove otherwise and the family lawyer sucked, she won. You were sentenced to 2 years, and 1 year for good behavior. You were kept in a minimum-security prison, so you didn't have to worry about the real rapists, the murders, and the other hardcore convicts. When you got out on probation you found out that your parents had moved, hadn't told you and didn't plan on telling you. Your parole officer got you a job at McDonald's and a shit apartment in the crap part of town, which is still where you are and what you're doing 6 months later.

    You arrived at work and slowly the day crept on as all the others. The only release you had in your life was the WWF. And that was only on Thursday nights. The WWF was having the pay-per-view, Invasion, in your city that night. You wanted to go badly, but there was no way you could afford it. At about 3 'o clock in the afternoon, you were doing drive-thru when a Limousine pulled up. Since the place was in the middle of shifts, there wasn't much food cooked and you told the limo driver to wait n one of the designated parking spots. A few minutes later you walked out to the car, knees shaking, wondering whom the star could be. You walked up to the driver's door, and he told you to go ahead and deliver it to the back. You looked at the back end of the limo and noticed the window slowly rolling down. You walked toward the window, your anticipation building each second.

    When you reached the window you peered in and saw Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus of the WWF, both wearing next-to nothing work out clothing. You handed Torrie the food, and as you did your hand brushed against hers and your cock leapt at the sensation and she gave you one of her million-dollar smiles. Then, she actually talked to you," Do you know who we are?" You nodded dumbly, not finding the strength to make words. "Are you going to be at the event tonight?" You shook your head and she frowned slightly, "Why not?"

    You finally summoned up enough to make actually sounds, "Uh, um. I didn't find out about the event until it was sold out." You lied, not wanting to tell these beautiful women that you're just a poor bastard.

    Torrie frowned again and looked over at Trish, "Isn't that so sad?" Trish nodded in response, then Torrie turned back to you. "Well, it's your lucky day, mister. We were just on our way to the arena to get ready for tonight. Because we feel so sorry about you not getting a fair chance at getting to come to the event and you're just so darn cute. If you can get to the arena, about ½ an hour before the event starts, go around to the back, and tell the security that you met us earlier today and we wanted to let you in. They'll bring you in and take you two our dressing rooms.

    Then, you'll get to watch the whole thing from back there and meet all the stars and whatnot. Then after it is over, the three of us will sit down and have a little chat and maybe even more. That sound okay with you?" You reverted back to a few minutes ago and just nodded your head as you were in disbelief of what you had just been told. They both giggled slightly as the window rolled up and the limo drove away. You couldn't believe your luck, not only were you going to hang out backstage for Invasion, but Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus had just been flirting with you.

    You went back inside and asked your boss for the rest of the day off, and he reluctantly agreed. You went to the back and withdrew all the money you'd been saving up for an emergency. To you this was defiantly an emergency. You went out and bought a nice outfit, some cologne, got a haircut, shaved, and went to the local gym and took an actual shower.

    Before you knew it, it was time to go down to the arena and you hopped in your Chevette, and drove down the arena. You did as Torrie had instructed you, and you were let right in. You met Torrie backstage, who was wearing a tight red shirt and VERY tight silver pants. She greeted you, and took you around to meet everybody. You got to meet Austin, Undertaker, Jericho, Dudley Boyz, Angle, and all the other big stars. Torrie even got you a front row seat for the show. So, you went out and took your place amongst the mass, and prepared for the night of your life. All the matches were great, but when the Bra and Panties match came around, you knew you were really in for a treat. Torrie and Stacey Kiebler were fighting against Trish and Lita.

    You were cheering for Trish and Lita because you wanted to see Torrie in her underwear. You got your wish, and Torrie was the first one to get de-robed. After the match was over and she was walking by, she gave you a little wink and a smile and you nearly fainted on the spot. After the main event, you made your way backstage again, and found Torrie and Trish. The three of you made your way out to the limo. And Torrie whispered the destination to the driver, not wanting you to hear for some reason. The three of you climbed in the car, and Trish pulled out the champagne, "I think this is a night to celebrate."

    They're both on the other side of the car, but not for long. Torrie practically pounces on you, straddling you with her thighs. Trish slowly crawls over on all fours, a position which you have seen her in many times in your head. Trish pops off the cork and hands the bottle to Torrie.

    She grins and says,"Open Wide." You open your mouth and she pours a large amount of champagne in your mouth very quickly. You cough and sputter from the sudden induction of the alcohol. Torrie sticks a finger in your mouth, and you suck on it for a second before she withdraws it and then tastes it herself. "Mmm, that's good." Torrie's hands slowly work their way down your chest and slide under your shirt. She pulls your shirt up and off of you in one swift motion. She's obviously done that before. She pushes you over and you lay on one of the couches that line the edge of the limo. She's still straddling you, and you curse the inventor of clothes.

    She pours some champagne on your chest and Trish licks it off of you. She licks a path upwards from where the champagne was to your mouth, inserting her tongue and exploring the deep cavern. Torrie pours a bit of champagne on one of your nipples, then bends over and licks it up, but continues to play with your nipple after the champagne is gone. You decide that its time you start living out your own fantasies. You take your hands and run them along the side of Torrie's breasts. You work them farther south and pull off her shirt, revealing a white lacy bra. Torrie then reaches over and pulls off Trish's shirt showing a black lacy bra. You reach one hand around behind Trish and start to undo her bra and use your other hand to free Torrie's tits.

    When both of their tops are off, you just gaze at them both for a second in complete awe. Then the unexpected happens, Trish leans over and takes one of Torrie's nipples in her mouth. You have to fight every instinct to not blow your load right there. You play with Torrie's other breast and use your other hand to undo your buckle. You lean forward and give Torrie's breast the same treatment Trish is giving the other one. You pull off your belt, and toss it aside, and start to undo your pants, but Trish grabs your hands and holds them above your head. She grabs your belt and ties your hands to the clothing hangar hook. Torrie and Trish both grin at each other and then at you. Torrie climbs off you, and you suddenly panic, realizing the position you're in.

    "Tonight, you are going to have THE wildest night of sex of your life. The only bad part is that you won't be able to remember it in the morning. See, we have a reputation to protect. If you decided to make some money by going to a tabloid and telling them about this incident, we'd be ruined. Well, we just can't have that. So, we're going to get you very drunk, and then screw your brains out." You try to say something to them, but like so many times before, your brain is failing you and you just let out a low groan for no apparent reason. "Its not up to you in more, lover boy. You're going to be our bitch tonight. Torrie opens up the bar and grabs some hard liquor. "Open up." You clamp your mouth shut, not wanting to forget something like this, and Trish bites down on your nipple, and you scream out in pain, and Torrie shoves the tip of the bottle in your mouth and holds your nose closed, forcing you to swallow, the entire contents of the bottle. They take out the bottle, and let you breathe again. They walk over to the other end of the car, waiting for the alcohol to take effect.

    While they're waiting, the two of them, have a little fun of their own. You watch as Torrie slides off Trish's pants revealing a black thong. They lip lock for a second exploring each other's mouth, something which you have figured they've done many times before. Trish lowers a hand down into Torrie's pants, and slowly plays with her pussy under her pants. What you wouldn't give to be in those pants right now. Torrie moans in pleasure from the attention her private regions are getting. Torrie slides out or her own pants and you let out a low moan as you see Torrie's white thong stuffed with Trish's hand. They look over at you and grin, then return to their business.

    Trish leans over and kisses Torrie's navel, licking slightly, and moving down. Torrie knows where she's headed and slides off her panties, giving you a glimpse of her beautifully shaven pussy before Trish's head blocks the way. Torrie lets out a loud moan, and you suspect that Trish just found Torrie's clit. The sounds coming from the two of them are enough to make you so hard it hurts. Torrie reaches behind Trish and grabs her ass, pulling her further into her cunt. Torrie puts a hand between Trish's legs and rubs her slit through the fabric of her panties. Trish moans into Torrie's cunt, which ignites another moan from Torrie, and encourages her hand further into Trish's forbidden temple as she slides her panties aside giving you a spectacular view of Trish's wet, dripping cunt. Torrie lies down on the couch and turns Trish around, maneuvering the two of them into a 69 position.

    You wish you could touch your cock to relieve the pressure these two are putting on it without even acknowledging your very existence in the same car. You watch as Torrie's tongue flicks out and slides along Trish's slit, and stops to suck on her protruding clit. You move your attention to the other part of the action as Trish licks and suck's on Torrie's clit, runs her tongue along Torrie's cunt, basically doing whatever she can to get Torrie off. After a few minutes of this not only is your cock throbbing in pain, but Torrie takes a shortcut to the Trish's climax as she sticks a finger in Trish's asshole, and slowly starts to finger fuck her. Trish lets out a loud moan, and you watch as her climax is like a wave over Torrie's face, who licks up all she can, and is triggered into her own orgasm, sending her juices all over the place which Trish happily tries and lick up as much as she can. They both lie there for a moment and then look at you. They slowly walk towards you and…and you don't remember.

    You lay on the bed in this cheap motel room, figuring this is where they ditched you at the end of the night. But, what you wouldn't give to remember what happened last night. You walk outside, and luckily enough, your crappy Chevette is there. You climb in the car, and head back towards your apartment. You pick up a newspaper on the way there, and thumb through the pages. As you're glancing through it, something catches your eye. It's an article talking about the pay-per-view last night. It closes in saying that both Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus will be at the Oak Land mall, which is just a few miles away from your apartment. You know you have to go there, you don't know what you're going to do when you get there, but you know you have to go. When the time arrives, you hop in your car and head off…

    To be continued…?

    Note to Readers: Please give me as much feedback as you can. This is my first story and I want to know what you think. Good or bad, either way, I'd like to know. And if the story does well there will be a follow-up, and if you would like to make a suggestion for the plot in the next, that two would be more than welcome. Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: A Great Day Lost - Sara Paxton Sex Story

    You slip into an open space amongst the millions (and millions…) of the other mall patrons' vehicles. Oak Land is a pretty typical mall. Two floors, thousands of stores, millions of people and the god-like food court. The ad didn't say where in the mall they would be, just that they were there. You pushed your way through the masses, heading for the escalator.

    You could remember when you were a kid on these things. So fun. But now, you were on them for not nearly as juvenile a reason. You got off at the top floor and look down at the mall. Typically, the big events were held somewhere in the center of the mall and drew large crowds so they stood out like a sore thumb. But, you didn't see anything out of the usual. And the large clearing in the center of the bottom floor where most mall specials were held was bare. Not a soul in sight. This is gonna take a while… You sighed, now you had to search the whole mall, inch by inch.

    You walked by stores selling clothes, selling sports, selling food, selling perfume, selling movies, selling sex and numerous other stores. You headed down to the first floor and started your circular trip around the interior of the building. Only a few steps and you saw it. A large crowd gathered around the entrance of a swimsuit store. You took of running, shoving past people, darting in and out of the crowd. Lord knows how many fingers you got. There were at least one or two people you knocked on their ass. You slowed back to a walk as you pulled up to the perimeter of the crowd. You pushed your way through and just as you were about to break through the mass a large force pulled you back by the collar of your shirt. You turned around ready to knock someone out when you were faced with a shirt… A shirt containing a large chest, which held together a large man. A large, mall cop man.

    "Ya think ya run the joint, mister?" the man practically snarled.

    You looked up at him, trying to give him the doe-eyes so he'd let ya go.

    "Why don't ya try to go get some sympathy from the cars." He turned around and grabbed you by the wrist, dragging you with him.


    "Shut up, troublemaka. We don't need none of ya kind in here." The man literally growled at you as he tossed you out of the mall on your head.

    Well, I'm fucked now, aren't I? You sighed as you gathered yourself up and headed towards your car. "I guess whatever happened that night is just gonna remain a mystery. Just like they wanted it. And I would've given anything just to remember what the hell happened last night."

    "Anything, sir?" You jumped as the burly voice inquired from your backside. You turned around and were faced with yet another large man. This is just not my day. You gulped and nodded slightly. You recognized this guy. You couldn't place him though.

    "Sir, I've been instructed to provide you with the golden opportunity of remembrance. Are you interested, sir?" The large black man stared at you the way a dog stares at the T.V. Again, you only nodded. You didn't want to make another enemy with someone who could eat you for breakfast and still be hungry.

    "Sir, if you would follow me please." The man turned around and you did as he said…you followed. He led you to a large limousine. The same large limousine that pulled into McDonald's yesterday and started your little romp with the two ladies. That's when you remembered where you recognized the guy from. He was the chauffeur. And from the looks of it, their bodyguard as well. At least one of their bodyguards, anyway. He opened the door and your heart skipped a beat. And inside…it was empty. You sighed. "Sir, before you come back into contact with Ms. Wilson and Ms. Stratus there are some…negotiations to be arranged." You nodded and slipped inside. Regardless of whether they were here or not, it was still 100x better than your piece of crap Chevette.

    As the limo took off you could only wonder about the possibilities. What the hell are they gonna make me do? The stagnant smell of sex was still in the air. Whatever had happened, last night must've started before you got to the hotel. You looked outside your window to notice that you were back in the ghetto part of town. Back where you lived. What are we doin' here? The limo slowly pulled to a stop. You looked at the window. Back at the motel. You clambered out and you and chauffeur went inside. You held your nose as you entered behind him, it still stunk. You didn't know which was worse, the smell of the room or the appearance of the room. When you turned to close the door you got a gun barrel in the back of your head.

    "Sir, take a seat on the bed. Slowly." You started taking short, quick breaths, trying to stay in control of your bodily functions. You slowly, as instructed, turned and walked to the edge of the bed and sat down, now staring into a gun barrel. "Sir, Ms. Wilson and Ms. Stratus have given me instructions on what to do with you." Hmm, wonder what instructions those might be… you thought as you stared right up the gun barrel, seemingly being able to see the bullet within. "They have said, that if you are willing to cooperate you will receive a videotape of all the…happenings of last night. Sir, are you willing to cooperate?"

    Now it was your turn to talk, "On what terms?" Wow, that was bold…

    The chauffeur reached beside the bed and picked up a yellow/golden envelope. The big ones used to hold important documents and whatnot. He handed you the folder as he explained, "Inside that folder you will find a birth certificate, driver's license, banking accounts, high school diploma and a library card of one 'Renold P. Fletcher.' He…"

    You cut him off as you started to catch on, "You want me to kill him right? This Renold guy. Well, I won't do it."

    "No, sir. In exchange for receiving the videotape you must become Renold P. Fletcher. You will sever all communication with your friends and family, 'That'll be easy' you will quit your job, move to a new location and live as Mr. Fletcher. For eight months, you will live as him. All telephone calls, bank transactions, arrests, library checkouts, everything will be monitored. If we feel that you are sending information to outside sources, you will be killed." Your mouth went wide as you heard that last phrase. You'd been only half listening as you looked through the packet, but that had gotten your attention. The guy certainly did bear some resemblance to you, but this seemed kinda odd to you.

    "What happened to Mr. Fletcher? Won't he want his life?" you wondered.

    "Mr. Fletcher has recently lost any reasons he previously had to want any of this information. Sir, do you accept the terms?"

    You sat in silence as you slowly looked through the materials you'd been provided. You would move to Los Angeles, not bad… And it said that this Fletcher guy was worth around ½ a million. "What about a plane ticket? What about a job? What about taxes?"

    "Sir, a plane ticket will be provided if you decide to accept the offer. Any job you want will be up to you getting. Your life will continue as normal, just as a different person."

    "And after these eight months? I can be my old self again?"

    "If you wish. That is your decision as well."

    You sighed. This was gonna be something for the record books of your life. "I'll do it."

    "Wise choice, sir." He reached back on the side of the bed and got another envelope, but a bit thicker, with a video cassette shape bulge in it. He handed you the envelope and headed for the door.

    "Wait," he stopped and turned around, "Am I ever gonna see Trish and Torrie again?"

    "Yes, Sir." He nodded and exited before you had a chance to say another word. You looked out the window as he took off, leaving you here alone…without a car and no money. How you wished you could watch that tape. But without a VCR and not one at your place either, it could be a while before you viewed the footage.

    Hours passed, you were stranded. You laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling. There was no clock so you couldn't tell what time it was either. You hear a familiar screeching outside and hop up. You push down the blinds and glance out. Its your car! You couldn't remember being so happy to see that piece of crap. In fact, you couldn't remember being happy to see it period. But who brought it? You quickly found out.

    The door opened and out stepped Stacey Kiebler. Your jaw hit the floor. You opened the door and when the sun in your eyes and to her back she resembled Aphrodite. She smiled and said, "Mr. Fletcher?"

    You started to correct her, but stopped when you realized that was your name now. "Yea. Thanks for bringing the car." You started to walk past her to your car and she grabbed a hold of your wrist.

    "You're gonna leave just like that? I came way out here and you just leave little ole' me unhappy…" She pouts.

    A grin spreads across your face. She must've talked to Torrie and Trish. Which means…I must've been good last night! "Of course not." You walked back to her, putting her in a liplock, spinning the two of you into the room and closing the door behind you. All in one swift move, Very Bondish. Your hands instantly went down and grabbed two handfuls of that bodacious backside of hers. She ran her hands through your hair and down your back. You picked her up by her ass and dropped her on the bed. You tore off your shirt and she mimicked you. No bra… Probably about a 14B. They weren't wonders of the world, but they weren't to be ignored either. You stumbled out of your pants, falling over in the process, Very Bigish. You scrambled up to the bed, and she rolled over on top of you. She rode your boxer-clad cock as you groped her. After a few seconds of this, you were ready for some real action. You rolled her off you and tugged off her miniskirt, all too slowly. She rolled over on her stomach and looked up at you from over her shoulder, with one leg in the air at the knee.

    "Well?" You were stunned. You had imagined that backside so many times you couldn't even begin to count them. But, never. Never had you witnessed anything so…what word fits…perfect. Never in your wildest dreams could you have pictured the perfection of her rotund rear-end. You literally ripped off your boxers, probably not the wisest move, but fitting for the moment and pounced on her. You made sure to land on your knees as not to crush her. You pulled her up at her waist. Now the decision. "Don't fuck my ass." She stated coldly. You could protest, but seeing as how you didn't want to ruin your future chances with her you obliged and slowly slid into her dripping mound. This forced a moan out of the both of you. You slowly withdrew again and re-inserted. You reached your left hand around to play with her tit for both leverage and the sensation. She reached her hand underneath to stroke your cock and play with her clit at the same time. This girl knew her stuff. Not that you were an amateur by any means. You knew neither of you were going for stamina in this escapade, so you decided to get down to business and get the hell out of this stinky motel as fast as you could. You picked up the pace a bit. And you started to spank her ass with your other hand on each thrust. She didn't complain to this, so you kept it up. She picked up on your new found speed and matched you, stroke for stroke. The momentum was so high that everything became a blur. You could swear there was enough friction in your nether regions to start a fire. And you can't forget about the noise. Between her screams, as if she was being tore in two (which she probably was), and your caveman grunts, it sounds like a murder was taking place.

    You could feel it building, you could even kind of feel hers building. Then it was there. You were in, she was stationary, and you were both unloading. From the speed to the standstill. The loud to the quiet. And then it was over. You slid out as you collapsed beside her and let loose a sigh of exhaustion. "You better go clean up." You said to her as you pulled yourself up. She nodded and headed for the bathroom. You picked up the shreds of what was left of your boxers and threw them away. You slid on your jeans and your shirt, picked up the envelope of your new life and walked out to the car. Inside was your wallet and a plane ticket.

    Wednesday night, 8:00; Arrival at 11:00. But it would be 9:00 with the time difference. Stacey walked out, fully clothed, taking the passenger seat. "I needed that." She grinned as she talked. You nodded in agreement. You left the rundown motel and were going to leave your rundown life. "I need you to drop me off at the airport." You nodded, still exhausted and headed for the airport.

    You pulled to a stop outside one of terminals. She leaned over and gave you a long, long kiss. "Remember. Quit your job and sever all outside contacts. You can begin anew when you get to L.A."

    "Yea, yea. I know. Don't you have any luggage or anything?" You asked, looking around.

    "Nah, the girls already got it." Before you could verify who "the girls" were, she closed the door and headed inside. You flashed a big grin to yourself in the rearview mirror, "Life is good." You headed for your work, unable to lose the grin. You were unable to lose it as you went back home to your crappy apartment. You couldn't lose it as you fell asleep that night. You woke up with it in the morning. You couldn't lose it as you packed your stuff Wednesday morning. You kept it as you turned in your key and headed for the airport. You were grinning ear to ear as you sat in the terminal waiting for the plane to take you away.

    You switched all the information in your wallet with the information about Renold P. Fletcher. Wonder what the P stands for? This didn't stay in your mind for long. It was nearly as exciting as what lay before you. You sat on the plane. You listened to some music. You watched the clouds go by. You ate your Cordon Bleu Hubby Kit. You made your single-serving friend. And you got off.

    This is when you first thought about transportation and lodging… You weren't without money, but if you had to buy a car and a house, that money was going away fast. You walked to the front desk and asked the lady there, "Excuse me, where can you go to see about renting a car?"

    "Mr. Fletcher?" She asked out of the blue.

    "Uh, Yea. How did you know?" You wondered.

    "I was given a description of you and I was told to give you this locker key for locker 291." She reached under her little desk and pulled it out and handed it to you. You thanked her and she pointed you in the right direction. You found the lockers and opened your locker, trying to shield the contents from the other people nearby. You found…another envelope. It contained a map of the L.A. metro area, a set of keys on a key ring and a slip of paper which read, "Lot R. License Plate 472RQP. 403 Jefferson St." You grinned. I guess a car and a house won't be a problem. You trashed the envelope and headed for a map of the airport to find Lot R. You made your way through the streams of cars, basking in the late night L.A. heat. You found Lot R and walked up and down each row, looking at every car. You got some weird looks, but they didn't just get reborn so screw them.

    Then you found it. You slowly looked up at the car itself. A Brand New 2002 Silver Mustang. It wasn't just awe-inspiring, but it certainly was 50x better than what you expected and 1000x better than your piece of shit Chevette. You took out your keys and opened the door. You sat inside, looking over your map, finding out where 403 Jefferson was.

    You found its location and took off in your new Mustang. After some driving around you found it. You found your house. You found your 3 storied house. You found your 3 storied house with the white picket fence and the lavish garden. You opened the garage and pulled your Mustang into your house. You were in awe. The garage was the size of your apartment. You got out and entered your house for the first time. As soon as you walked in the door you saw what you'd been looking for. A big screen T.V. with surround system and…a VCR. I can check out the house later. You almost ran to the VCR. You put in the tape and took a seat on the couch as it all started to come back as you watched it happen…

    You stumbled out of the limo, woozy from the alcohol. Trish was holding a camcorder as Torrie led you to a door. You looked around, you didn't recognize where you were, but it looked sleazy. She pushed open the door and pushed you inside. You stumbled onto the bed, and laid there face down. Torrie came up behind you and rolled you over. Trish stood at the edge of the bed with the camera, watching. Torrie slipped off her pants slowly, revealing she'd left her panties in the limo. You were drunk, but you weren't so drunk that you didn't know what was going on. You pulled your shirt off and tossed it. Trish had also slipped off her top and had also left her undergarments in the car. As Torrie kissed her way up your leg, to the knee, up your thigh, kissing your cock through your jeans. She undid your jeans and unzipped them with just her teeth, god was that sexy. Trish played with her tits as she watched, holding the camera. Torrie kissed her way back up your other leg as she slid the jeans off. Then you pulled her up, and the two of you did a little deep mouth discovery with your tongues. You swiftly slid off your boxers, eager to get busy. Trish now had her hand deep down her pants and Torrie was slipping off her shirt. They both must've had at least D Cups. You pulled Torrie back to you, and sucked and played with her nipple. She rubbed your cock with her knee while she played with your nipples. You slid one hand down south, and slipped in two fingers to get her ready for you, but you could tell she already was.

    Trish set the camera down, now going all out on her pussy as she slithered out of her pants. If you didn't have Torrie all over you, you would've loved to just have watched her. But you did, so you couldn't except out of the corner of your eye. Torrie was done with the foreplay and shoved you down and jumped on your cock. You let her have control and just played with her tits and stomach. She was obviously horny as hell because she didn't take any time building up to fucking fast. She was going at you like a bobcat, not that that was a bad thing. She was moaning like…a woman having sex. You couldn't keep up with her pace and quickly shot deep inside of her. Luckily for you, she couldn't keep up with her pace either and let forth her womanly secretions al over your cock. You heard another loud moan and looked over just as Trish came all over her hand. You laid on the bed as Torrie got up and walked over to Trish…

    The tape stopped. "Crap! The power went out!" You tried to remember, you wanted to remember. You had to remember… But you couldn't. You sighed and got up and walked around the house. It really was something. On your bed you found a note, "Dear Renold, If you're reading this it means its Wednesday night. We'll see you Friday. Love, Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson." You almost fainted on the spot, they were coming to you? You couldn't believe your luck over the past four days. With the grin returning, you fell asleep in your king-sized bed, hoping the power would be back when you woke up in the morning.

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