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    Default A Dream Vacation - Vicki Lewis Sex Story

    I recently had a reader tell me that writing more stories wasn't always the way to become a great writer because a truly great writer takes the advise of others and fixes their mistakes. With that in mind I've redone this story paying more attention to the mistakes I had made and hopefully made it even better. You let me know ... Ghostwalker

    Chapter 01 -- The Beginning

    JP sat in front of the immense building and stared at it. The business had made him a millionaire several times over, but it had cost him too. His marriage had ended 5 years after starting the company; any friendships he had soon dwindled away until all he had left were business acquaintances and he couldn't even remember the last time he'd done something just for himself The business had always come first, but that had all changed when he had promoted his senior VP and made her President of the company. Now as CEO, he was free for the first time in over two decades to enjoy what life had to offer.

    Slowly pulling out of his parking spot, he gave the building one last look before heading towards the highway. JP had been riding motorcycle for years and the gentle hum of the engine from his new BMW along with the sun on his face where almost hypnotizing as the miles sped by.

    When he began planning this trip he had decided it would be different from any other trip he'd ever taken before. The days of schedules and deadlines were gone, instead he was going to take his time and enjoy what the country had to offer by taking the back roads everywhere he went. Traveling South, he soon crossed into Illinois and the weather began to get warmer and he begin to peal off the layers of heavy clothing he had been wearing.

    Time seemed to fly and as he traveled through Missouri, Oklahoma and finally crossed the border into Texas. Hugh open prairies, lush rolling hills, snow-covered mountains and deep valleys filled with wild rivers; this state had it all and seemed to change with every turn he took. Unfortunately, the weather seemed to change just as quickly and JP soon found himself staring at dark-black storm clouds across the skyline. Stuck in the middle of nowhere he had no option but to race for the shelter of a bridge he could see ahead in the distance. Within minutes the wind started to pick up, blowing dirt and scrub brush across the road. JP pulled under the bridge just as the sky opened and rain poured down from above, but not everyone had been as fortunate.

    Turning his back to the wind while trying to get his raingear on he saw the headlights of a car weaved from side-to-side across the road. The lights grew closer and closer until they sped beneath the bridge and then they were gone, with only the red taillights showing in the distance.

    It had happened so fast that JP barely had time to register what he had seen. A small, red sports car, long brunette hair and an arm trying to pull the retractable roof down into place. But now was not the time to think about that. JP realized that there was no way he wanted to be stuck in the storm any longer than was needed so he pulled out his cellphone and quickly called to get a reservation at the closest hotel.

    A small break in the storm allowed JP to make good time and the blinking "NO VACANCY" lights of the hotel soon came into view. Pulling under the entrance canopy, JP pulled up next to the red sports car and noticed its roof was still stuck partially open. As he entered the lobby, he saw the driver standing at the check-in counter talking with the receptionist.

    "What do you mean there are no rooms left? I can see a key still hanging there."

    "I'm sorry, Ma'am but that room has been reserved and we don't have any others available."

    "No one is going to be traveling in this weather so you might as well give me the room. In fact, I'll throw in an extra twenty-five bucks for the room to settle this problem."

    "I really am sorry Ma'am, but I can't do that. The customer called and reserved the room and has until eight o'clock tonight to check-in."

    Desperately she replied, "Only an idiot would be traveling in this weather, so rather than having an empty room why don't you just give it to me since I'm already here?"

    Stepping up to the counter JP got his first glimpse of the woman; twenty-five to thirty years old, oval face with a "peaches and cream" complexion, and deep, chocolate brown eyes that spoke of a maturity far beyond her years. "I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation ladies but I think I'm the idiot that called and made that reservation."

    The woman spun to look at him. Standing just less than six-foot tall and weighing in at almost 225 pounds he looked much younger and more imposing than his 45 years. Her eyes flashed with anger that quickly turned to resignation before she turned back to the clerk, "Ok, where is the closest hotel from here."

    "The next hotel is about 45 minutes down the road Ma'am," she replied before starting to get JP registered.

    The woman seemed to crumble into herself as she walked out the lobby door.

    When JP exited shortly afterwards, he found the woman standing by her car with the hood up. "What seems to be the problem?"

    "This damn thing won't start!"

    Looking under the hood, he saw that water had splashed into the engine compartment. A quick check found that more then half of the fuses were blown from that and the rain that had gotten in when the roof wouldn't come down. Stepping back he looked at her. "This thing isn't going anywhere until it dries out and the fuses are replaced. There might even be damage to the electrical system; I'm not sure."

    Slamming the hood down she exclaimed, "Shit, shit, shit!!! No car; no place to get it fixed tonight and no room. What else can go wrong today?"

    JP responded without even thinking about what he was saying. "I don't know about that but I have two beds in the room that I rented and I only need one, so you can use the other if you'd like."

    The woman stood there. He watched as her eyes looked him over trying to figure out if he could be trusted or if she'd be better off sleeping in her car.

    Seeing the battle going on within her so he quickly added, "Look, chivalry isn't dead just tarnished. So, if you decided to stay the night I promise I won't try any funny stuff. Ok?"

    Slowly she extended her hand. "In that case, I'm Ma ... mmm ... Vicki."

    JP noticed the change in her name but decided to let it go as he reached out and shook her hand. "Glad to meet you Vicki. I'm JP. Now let's get our stuff inside and get out of this weather."

    "What about my car?"

    "I don't think you need to worry about anybody taking it, so I'll just tell the clerk what is going on when I get you an extra key for the room."

    "Sounds good to me," she said as she bent into the car to remove her bags from the compartment behind the seats.

    JP took a momentary look at the finely toned ass pointing at him along with the long sculptured legs revealed by her wet pants and briefly wished he hadn't made the promise after all. After getting a second key from the receptionist he grabbed one of the travel cases from the side of his cycle and then took one of Vicki's bags as they headed to the room. When they opened it they both stood there in surprise for a moment. The room was actually a get-away suite for couples. Though not large it was twice the size of most hotel rooms and included not just the two beds but a small fireplace, a kitchenette, and a large bathroom with a whirlpool tub and separate stand-up shower.

    Vicki looked at JP and then back at the room with a look of skepticism on her face.

    "I didn't know ... honest. When I called they said they only had one room left and so I took it. I had no idea that it was anything like this."

    Vicki shrugged a teasing note in her voice and entered the room, "Well, I guess we'll just have to make the best of it then. Dibs on the bathroom, I need to get out of these wet clothes and changed into something warm and dry."

    "No problem," JP answered as he carried their luggage in. "Which bed do you want?"

    "It doesn't matter to me." Vicki replied from behind the closed door of the bathroom. "They both have advantages. Either I'm closer to the bathroom or I'm closer to the door to get away if don't keep your promise," she answered with a laugh.

    "Okay, you can have the bed by the door out in that case," he replied.

    "DAMN IT," Vicki screamed.

    Startled JP looked up from where he had just started unpacking. "What's wrong?"

    "All my clothes are soaked. There's not one single thing dry in my whole suitcase."

    Silence filled the room as the implications settled in. JP quickly dug into his case and pulled out a warm flannel shirt that was oversized even for him. Usually, he wore it over a sweatshirt or something but figured that it would serve the purpose. Going to the door he knocked.


    "Here, why don't you try this on? It's probably way too large but it's warm."

    The door opened slightly and an arm inched out to grab the shirt. "Thanks" she said before quickly closing the door.

    JP stripped out of his raingear and lit the fireplace to warm the room while he waited for Vicki to exit the bathroom. After about 15 minutes, JP stretched out on his bed and was just beginning to fall asleep when Vicki came out.

    Arms outstretched she twirled around, "So what do you think?"

    The sleeves were rolled up at least four times, it hung to almost to mid thigh, and the shirt was so baggy that she could have had a twin inside it with her but JP couldn't help but think that she looked great in it.

    Smiling he answered, "It looks a hell of a lot better on you then on me."

    Jumping on to the other bed she looked at him. "I'll take that as a compliment, kind sir."

    "My pleasure, Ma'am." JP responded in his best Southern drawl.

    As the rain continued outside the two talked and soon found that they had a lot in common. When the topic of relationships came up though Vicki quickly ended it by saying that she was between boyfriends and asked what they should do for dinner. JP had seen a small restaurant just down the street when he had driven in so he called and made arrangements for a delivery.

    After dinner, JP headed to the bathroom for a shower. The gentle aroma of Vicki's perfume lingered in the room and her clothing, including her lingerie, hung everywhere. The sight of them was more than he was prepared for and he quickly began to harden. What should he do, he asked himself. He could jack off and hope that Vicki didn't hear him or he could do the old cold-water shower bit. Choosing the latter he turned the water down and stepped into the shower but even that didn't help. His hard-on seemed to have a mind of its own and refused to go down. Finally, he turned the water off and dried himself and slipped on a pair of loose sweatpants hoping that Vicki wouldn't notice his condition as he returned to the room.

    "Are you OK? I thought maybe you had drowned in there?"

    "Ya, I'm fine," he answered as he climbed quickly under the covers and turned off the light next to his bed. "I guess I'm just tired. It's been a long day with the storm and all. I just need some sleep."

    Turning off her light she replied. "Good night then."

    Within moments JP could hear the soft gentle rhythm of Vicki's breath, but sleep would not come to him. Instead, he lay there his mind racing with the 'What if's' and 'Maybe's' that come with this type of situation. Realizing that it was all fantasy he slowly drifted off to sleep.

    It only seemed like moments before he was woken by the sharp crack and rumble of the lightening and thunder as the storm worsened. By the light coming in through the window he could see Vicki sitting up in bed, a look of terror on her face as each lightening bolt lit the room.

    Softly he asked, "Are you ok?"

    Her voice trembled as she answered. "Not really. I know it's going to sound strange but I'm scared of thunder and lightening. I always have been, even as a kid." Silence followed before she spoke again. "Can I ... mmmmm ... would you mind ... I mean ... I'd understand if you said no, but ... could I ...?"

    Realizing what she was finding so hard to ask JP pulled the covers of his bed back. "Why don't you come over here and sleep next to me? I promised earlier not to start any funny stuff and that still goes."

    Leaping into his bed, Vicki soon had herself settled deep within the blankets. Unfortunately, the trouble for JP started all over again as he began to harden. The smell of her, the touch of her hair as it brushed against him, the feel of her body as it pressed gently against him was more then he could handle. Shifting, he quickly repositioned himself on top of the sheet and fell into a restless sleep.

    Things hadn't gotten any better by the time JP woke up. Vicki still lay there next to him. The warmth of her body permeating the bed and to make matters worse the shirt that he had given her had opened during the night to expose her beautiful, full breasts. Each was capped with a light brown areola and her nipples seemed to be pleading to be sucked and nibbled on. Unable to handle the situation any longer JP got up and entered the bathroom. Vicki's clothes were still hanging everywhere as they dried and the smell of her again attacked his senses. Unable to fight the sensations any longer he pulled down his pants and began sliding his hand up and down his cock. Almost instantly he felt a surge in his groin and exploded, covering his hand with his cum. It was at exactly that moment that Vicki entered the bathroom rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

    Hypnotized like a deer in a cars headlights, she stood there staring at JP's long, hard cock and the cum that was dripping from his hand onto the floor. "Umm, I'm sorry ... I mean, I didn't mean to ... ohhhh fuck," she said as she quickly turned and left the room.

    Embarrassed, JP stood there wondering what to do now. Realizing there weren't many choices he washed himself up and then quietly entered the main room. Vicki was sitting on the edge of the bed listening intently to the telephone that she held.

    "You're absolutely sure? There's no other way to get it running? Okay, ya, I understand. Go ahead and start working on it as soon as you can then." Hanging up she looked at JP as if the previous moments had never happened. "That was the auto shop. They picked my car up this morning and checked it out. It seems that not only did the rain blow the fuses but it also shorted out some of the wires. They say it will take 2 or 3 days to get the job done, so I'm stuck here until then."

    Realizing that she was asking him in an off-handed way to stay, JP shook his head. "In that case I guess I'll stay too if you don't mind. All I had planned was to cruise around and see the local country. Would you like to join me?"

    Vicki blushed as she nodded. "I'd love to."

    Things moved quickly after that. Vicki jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom where she changed into a pink top and pair of jeans. When she came out JP had the sudden feeling that he'd seen her before but couldn't quite place when or where. They had a light breakfast, followed by a quick check on the weather, and a stop at the General Store to buy Vicki some raingear just in case.

    Heading south, JP again felt that things couldn't get any better, but now it was not only the weather and the traveling, but the beautiful woman seated behind him. He could feel her pressed against him. Her thighs meshed against the back of his, her breasts pushing against his back and every once in awhile her hand resting on the top of his leg. "You know you can be a real tease sometimes when you do that."

    Snuggling up against him tighter Vicki whispered, "I know. You want me to stop?"

    "I promised not to start anything funny, but just remember I'm only human. So I'll leave the decision up to you."

    Leaning forward, Vicki kissed the back of JP's neck. "That sounds good to me."

    Shivers ran up and down JP's spine and he wondered if he could handle what this mysterious woman was offering. Just before noon they found a small roadside store and bought supplies for a picnic lunch. The storekeeper also told them of a secluded beach located along a river several miles down the road where they could enjoy their lunch in peace.

    The beach was just as it had been described. The sand was almost velvety soft and the river water was clear and warm. Afterwards, Vicki walked down to the water and peeled off her clothing before jumping in. JP sat looking at one of the most magnificent bodies he had ever seen. He guessed that her measurements would be about 33-26-36.

    "What's the matter? Haven't you ever seen a woman go swimming before?"

    Coming out of his daze he shook his head. "Ya, I've seen women swimming before, but never ones that looked as good as you."

    Laughing she swam to some rocks on the other side of the river and climbed out onto them.

    JP lay there until he remembered the camera that he had stuffed in the saddle bag of his cycle. Retrieving it he began to take pictures of the scenery, the river, and Vicki; especially Vicki. The grace and fluid movements of her body seemed to make the surrounding beauty even more fantastic. Just as he was about to take another picture JP hesitated. Something in the picture had triggered another flash of a memory, and he suddenly knew who she was.

    When Vicki came out of the water she laid down on the towel that they had used for their picnic, her nude body totally exposed to JP. Silently, they listened to the sounds that surrounded them as they looked up at the sky. Suddenly, Vicki sat up and blurted out, "Were you thinking about me this morning when I walked in on you?"

    JP closed his eyes, afraid of what he might see in her face when he answered. "Yes." Everything in his world seemed to go silent until he felt her presence as she leaned down and kissed him. The kiss was passionate and filled with promise, but was over as fast as it had started. When JP opened his eyes, Vicki was gone. Quickly sitting up he saw her standing behind some bushes as she changed back into her dry clothes.

    The ride back to the hotel was quiet, yet filled with sexual tension as Vicki cuddled tightly against JP's back, wrapping her arms around him and leaning her head against his shoulder.

    They spent the evening walking up and down the main strip of the town holding hands, occasionally looking at one item or another but never buying anything. They had dinner at a quiet Italian restaurant before going back to their room.

    When they entered Vicki headed for the bathroom. "I need to take a shower, but I'll be sure to save some for water for you ... maybe."

    JP sat down on the edge of the bed and was just turning on the TV when he heard Vicki call. "JP, can you give me a hand? Something is wrong in here?"

    Sighing, he stood up. "What's wrong?" But there was no answer. Going to the door JP listened and called out. "Vicki, what do you need?" Still no answer. Finally, opening the door he stepped in. The room was filling with steam vapors from the shower so JP never even saw Vicki until she jumped out from behind the door.

    "What's wrong is that you were out there and what I need is you," she said as she wrapped her arms around JP's neck and pulled him down to meet her lips. The kiss was long and passionate. JP's clothes seemed to jump from his body and soon he found himself standing nude with her still wrapped in his arms. The steam from the shower swirled around them in a mystic veil. Taking him by the hand Vicki led him to the shower. "Just because you said you wouldn't start any funny stuff doesn't mean I can't," pulling him in with her. The water cascaded over their bodies and his cock began to grow and harden at the feel of her hands; soft, velvety, gentle but with an electrical charge that traveled from his head to his toes as she started to wash him. Her soapy hands started at his shoulders and slid down his back while she pressed her hardening nipples against his chest. Then she slowly began to nibble at his chest while her hands moved down to his ass. Pulling him closer, his cock nestled between her tits and a moan escaped from JP's lips.

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    Default Re: A Dream Vacation - Vicki Lewis Sex Story

    "Do you like that? Do you like how it feels when your cock slides between my tits? Maybe later I'll let you fuck them and cum all over me. What do think of that? Would you like to see your cum on my tits and face, JP."

    JP fought the urge to start fucking her tits and smiled down at her as she descended further. Her hands were now washing his legs and his cock stood straight out, pointing at her face. Without a word she opened her mouth and took it in. At eight inches long JP knew he didn't have the biggest cock in the world but he had never seen a woman take this much in her mouth before and was amazed when she didn't stop until her nose touched his pubic hair.

    He kept reminding himself that he had promised not to start anything so he stood there almost as a challenge, while she slowly slid back up his cock leaving only the head still inside of her mouth. Soon she developed a rhythm; she would quickly take his cock deep into her mouth and then slowly withdraw it, sliding her tongue against the sensitive nerves under it. No matter how hard JP tried he couldn't withstand the sensation any longer and his fingers wrapped in her hair as he began to match her rhythm. Still on her knees, her hands started exploring his body again as she continued sucking his cock. All too soon JP felt his orgasm begin to build but he also knew that the first time he came he wanted it to be deep inside of Vicki so he withdrew his cock from her mouth and he helped her to her feet.

    Standing, she turned and bent at the waist. "Mmmmm, yessssss. DO me. Push it into me from behind. I like this way. This way I'll be able to feel your cock deep inside of me. Come on, baby. Put it in me."

    Overcome by the situation and sensations building within him JP wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back against his chest as he whispered into her ear. "I only want to know one thing first. Am I making love to Vicki or am I fucking Marketa Brymova?"

    "Vicki" froze in place and the color drained from her face. For JP the shower seemed to have suddenly become cold as a freezer as "Vicki" left without saying another word.

    JP stood there; the water splashing on his back and his cock wilting and becoming limp. "I fucked that up but good", he said to himself as he left the shower to dry off. He could hear "Vicki" moving around in the room. Drawers opened and slammed closed, and then everything got quiet. Was she there or had she left, JP wondered as he opened the door. The room was dark but JP could see her under the covers of her bed. Dressed in a pair of running shorts he slid beneath the sheets of his bed and cursed himself for what he had asked. Almost in a whisper he heard her voice.

    "How long have you known who I really was?"

    Laying there staring at the ceiling he replied, "That's kind of hard to explain. When you came out of the bathroom this morning I got the feeling that I'd seen you before, but I couldn't remember when or where. Then this afternoon when I saw you swimming I was pretty sure I recognized you from one of your picture layouts but figured you had your reasons for wanting to be 'Vicki'."

    "So why didn't you say anything right away?"

    "Like I said, I didn't recognize you right away and later I just figured that you must have had a reason for not wanting me to know who you were so I kept quiet. Besides, I was enjoying myself too much. I mean it's a fantasy for most guys to be somewhere with a beautiful woman like you, especially if she's a star. If you watch closely, you can see everyone's eyes following you and you realize that they're watching you and the woman you're with. It's a kind of power rush. At the same time, you've always been a special fantasy for me. I've seen most of your photo layouts and I always imagined you as the perfect woman."

    Rolling on her side, Vicki/Marketa looked at JP. "And just WHAT exactly is the perfect woman?"

    Still lying on his back looking at the ceiling JP replied, "That's easy. It's you. And I believe that even more now that I've gotten to know you. You can be a prefect lady when you want too and from what just started in the shower, you're also capable of letting yourself go and becoming a perfect slut when you want too. What more could a guy ask for?"

    Vicki rolled over with her back to JP and thought about what he had said as she fell to sleep.

    JP lay in bed staring at the ceiling for the second night in a row unable to sleep as he listened to her soft breathing. When sleep finally did come it was filled with images of her naked body and making love to her. In fact, dreams were so realistic that he wasn't even sure he was awake when he felt the feather-light touch of her hand circling his cock and begin to stroke it, until she gently bit his ear.

    "You know the problem with being a gentleman is that you miss a lot of fun unless the woman takes things in hand" she laughed in a soft, seductive tone as she continued to stroke his hardening cock.

    JP stayed on his back as she slid beneath the covers and her mouth descended on his cock head just as she had done earlier. He had screwed this up earlier and before falling asleep had realized that, for whatever reason, this beautiful woman wanted to be "Vicki" right now and that was just fine with him. Pushing the covers off, JP wrapped his hands in her hair and instinctively picked up the rhythm that she had started with her mouth. "Ohh, that feels so good. MMmmmmm, so nice. My cock hasn't gotten this hard since ... (LOL) last night, but before that I don't think it has ever been this hard."

    Vicki gagged as she tried not to laugh but couldn't stop and had to pull away. "I'll take that as a complement ... I think." Smiling up at JP she began to lick the underside of his cock like a popsicle, tantalizing the nerves as her hand continued to slide up and down the shaft. She felt his cock hardening in her hand and slowly increased the pace.

    "Ahhhhhhh, I'm going to cum soon Vicki if you don't stop that."

    Lifting her head she looked up at him. "Maybe later, we can do this again and you can cum in my mouth, or on my face and I did promise you that you could tit fuck me, but right now JP I need you deep inside of me when you cum. I need to feel you buried in me and filling me with your seed." Moving seductively up the bed she rolled onto her back, spreading her legs wide. "Now come here and put that beauty inside of me."

    Kneeling beside her, JP looked at the beautiful woman offering herself to him. Like most men he'd fantasized about something like this but now it wasn't a dream and he wanted to make the most of it. Moving between her legs his eyes met hers as she stretched her arms out to him; inviting him to join with her. Yet at the same time he knew that whatever he did next was going to affect both of them forever. So, he leaned over and kissed her ... slowly, passionately, his tongue sliding between her lips and dancing within her mouth. He felt her arms warp around him as her legs encircled his waist and try to pull him down to her. Just then he remembered something he'd been told years before by a friend who had messed up his marriage by having an affair. "You have a choice to make 'A moment of lust versus a lifetime of pleasure', and I made the wrong choice." So instead of following her lead, he pulled his hips away and began to kiss her neck before moving to her breasts.

    Sighing she whispered, "Mmmmm, that feels good, but I need you inside of me, JP. I need to feel you filling me. Being here with you and having you so close has made me so horny. I need to have you buried deep inside of me."

    Stopping, JP looked up at her and replied. "I know that professionally you've had a lot of other guys but tonight I want to make love to 'Vicki'. I want to give her all the pleasure I possibly can. I know it may sound crazy but I want this to be special for both of us."

    Vicki didn't say a word as JP returned to his exploration. His hands and tongue moved across her body slowly until his hands rested on her full breasts. Instinctively Vicki pushed her chest towards him as his mouth descended to her nipple. His tongue danced across it, moistening it before he lightly blew on it; the combination of the moist heat and cool air quickly causing the nipple to harden and point into the air.

    "Ohhhhh, god that feels good, lover. Play with my tits. That's it ... suck on my nipples ... pull on them with your teeth. Ahhhh, it's been so long since anybody paid attention to them. I can feel myself getting wetter each time you suck on one of them. It's been sooooo long since anyone has made love to me. Even my boyfriends just looked at me as another conquest. For them it was a nibble here, a nibble there, then fuck, fuck, fuck. I haven't felt anything like this in ... I can't remember how long."

    JP continued to nibble and suck on Vicki's nipples as his hands caressed her body. Cupping her breasts, blowing on her moist nipples, stroking her hair, lightly gliding his fingertips over her stomach, JP used every technique he had ever heard of or read about as he sought ways to increase Vicki's excitement. His mouth and tongue followed his hands as he kissed Vicki's exposed body until he found himself looking at her lush, aroused pussy. The lips were swollen and red from her arousal while her juices coated them and her inner thighs.

    JP's body screamed with primal desire to have this woman, but he reminded himself that he didn't want to be like the other men that she'd talked about earlier, 'lick, lick, suck, suck, fuck, fuck' and he wanted to be different. Slowly a plan formed in his mind as he leaned forward and gently kissed Vicki's pussy lips. It was going to take every ounces of will-power he had but he knew that this was a once in a life-time moment and that the results would be worth it.

    Pulling away, JP looked up over Vicki's mound and between her cleavage to see her reaction as he whispered, "Roll over and get on your hands and knees." For the briefest second he saw the disappointment on her face as if to say "Here we go again" and knew that he had been right in his decision.

    While Vicki moved into position, JP got up and went to his travel bag and removed a bottle of body lotion before returning to the bed. Now was the time to make the difference he thought as he knelt behind her and pulled her back against him. As she moved backwards he sat back on the heels of his feet and allowed his hard cock to glide beneath Vicki's pussy and nestle between her pouting lips striking her clit.

    Vicki instinctively reached down to try a place JP's cock in her until he stopped her. "Not yet, darling. I told you I wanted this to be different and special, so just relax and let me take care of everything. Now why don't you just pull one of those pillows under your head and stretch your legs out so you can relax."

    Unsure of what else to do, Vicki did as JP asked. Almost instantly she realized just how erotic the position was as her weight settled on JP's lap and his cock slid against her aroused clit.

    "Mmmmmmm, this feels good."

    "Ssshhhhh and relax, darling," JP replied as he took the lotion and poured some in his hands. Quickly rubbing them together he warmed the liquid before leaning forward and beginning to massage Vicki's shoulders.

    "Oh my gawd, JP!! When you lean forward like that your cock rubs my clit and sends shivers all over."

    "I'm glad to hear that, now just relax and enjoy" JP replied as he began to seduce Vicki in the most romantic, erotic way he could think of. Each time he stretched forward his cock slid across Vicki's clit only to slowly be drawn back across it as he massaged back down to the small of her back. He could feel her juices pooling in his lap as she became more and more aroused.

    ""JP, this is absolutely fantastic. I've never felt so relaxed and yet so excited at the same time. On one hand I want to have you stick your cock in me and make love to me, but on the other hand I just want to lay here and feel more of what you're doing to me."

    "In that case, I guess the decision is up to me and I did promise not to start any 'funny stuff' so you'll just have to wait until I'm done," JP replied as he began to massage Vicki's buttocks and legs, listening to her moans and signs.

    Finally Vicki could take anymore and attempted to get up as she looked over her shoulder, "You are such a fucking tease. I can feel my pussy juices running out of me like a gawd-damn river and all you want to do is keep teasing. Now put that fucking cock of yours in my pussy and fuck me!"

    Smiling JP sat up and looked down at Vicki's aroused body; her skin had become the color had a little pink hue to it from her body's response to his touch and her pussy lips were distended, while her juices dripped onto the bed sheet beneath her. The room we filled with the scent of their arousal. JP knew that now was the time to fulfill the fantasy but first he had one question. "Vicki, I know that in your other life your partners always wear a condom and I was wondering if you want me to do the same?"

    Vicki lay motionless, thinking, before looking back over her shoulder responding in a sultry voice, "JP, this is not my 'other life' as you so politely phrased it and you are definitely not just a 'partner'; you are my lover. You have helped me to remember what it's like to have someone who is more concerned about me then the 'slam-bam' for the camera or of adding another notch to their 'peter-gun'. Right now I want to feel you cock inside of me 'bare-back'. The hell with a condom. I want to feel like an ordinary woman making love with her lover and I want you to cum deep inside of my pussy. Does that answer your question, baby?"

    "Yes, darling, it does," JP answered as he slowly slid his cock into Vicki's waiting pussy. Grabbing her hips he slid deeper and deeper into the warm, moist confines of Vicki's pussy until his public hair meshed with hers and his cockhead pressed against her cervix.

    "Mmmmm, that feels good JP ... so nice and deep. I like the way it fills me."

    JP responded by slowly withdrawing his cock until just the tip was held within Vicki's pussy lips and then sliding back inside of her.

    "Yessssss, that's it, slide your cock in and out of my pussy nice and slow. I'm so damn horny, I need to feel you filling me. I need to feel you making love to me, JP. Slide that big dick of yours in and out me. Yes ... yes ... yessssss ... that's it. Fill me with that wonderful cock. Mmmmmmm ... it feels so good. Play with my titties and my clit, JP. Do anything you want with me."

    JP stopped for a moment to enjoy the wonderful sensations being sent throughout his body by this beautiful woman. He could feel her saturated pussy cannel opening to take him each time he thrust forward and then clamp down onto his cock each time he withdrew and now he was hearing this fantasy woman giving herself to him entirely. He could do anything he wanted to her and knew that all he wanted to do was give her the same pleasure he was feeling. With that in mind JP leaned forward, and whispered, "You mean like this?" while placing one finger on Vicki's clit and slowly pulling on her nipple with the other hand.

    "Yesssssss ... ohhh, gawd ... just like that. Mmmmmmm ... you're sending shivers up and down my whole body like that. I can feel myself getting ready to cum."

    "Vicki, I want to see you when you cum."

    "Me too, lover," Vicki said as she slid from JP's cock. Quickly she rolled over and placed a pillow under her buttocks to lift her pussy and spread her legs wide waiting for JP to slide back inside of her.

    Suddenly a memory flashed in JP's head as her remembered his ex-wife. "That's exactly how my ex-wife used to put herself when we were trying to get her pregnant."

    "I know. They say this is the best position to get knocked-up in."

    "Are trying to tell m e something, Vicki?"

    "I hadn't really thought about it until you said something but I guess I am. I'm not using any kind of birth-control and after everything you've done to me these past couple of days I want to have your baby. Now don't get me, wrong I'm not going to try and stick you with the responsibility for raising the kid or anything. I've got plenty of money from my job. I've been thinking about having a baby for quite awhile now, but just couldn't decide on who I wanted the father to be. Now I've decided ... that is if you don't have any problem with it?"

    JP slid into Vicki's waiting pussy as he leaned forward to place a kiss on her lips. "I don't have a problem with that at all. In fact, I think I'd like the two of us to do this a lot. I know we've only known each other a few days but I like you a lot and would be proud to be the father of our child."

    "You know that for me to get pregnant it will probably take more than just once. So why don't we start now. Pump that cock of yours in and out of me and knock me up ... get me pregnant with our baby."

    JP instantly began to pump in and out of Vicki's waiting pussy.

    "That's it JP. Fuck me. Yessss ... ahh ... ahh ... ahhh ... ohhhh, gawd. I can feel you pressing against me cervix each time you bury your cock in me. Ahhhh ... aahhh ... don't stop. Fuck my pussy. Fuck me ... harder ... ohhh, yesss ... that's it. You're slamming against my clit every time you fuck me like that. Ohhhh, gawd ... I like this. More, JP ... fuck me harder." Vicki suddenly wrapped her legs around JP's waist and began to match his rhythm as she clawed at his back.

    For JP it was a dream come true. Beneath his was a woman he had fantasized about for years and for the moment she was all his. Slowly he felt his scrotal sack beginning to tighten and knew that he didn't want to hold it back this time. He was going to empty himself into this woman and fulfill both of their fantasies. "Vicki ... I'm not going to be able to hold off much longer. I'm going to empty my load of cum deep inside of your beautiful pussy."

    "Do it, JP ... fill my pussy with your cum ... fill me until it drips from me ... make me a mommy ... get me pregnant ... then you can be a mommy-fucker ... ahhh ... that's it ... pump me ... fuck me ... deeper ... I'm going to cum too ... fuck me ... now ... ohhh, gawd, yessssss ... now, JP ... now ... fuck me harder ... fuck me faster ... fill me with your cum, lover ... now ... now ... aaaaaAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH ....

    Vicki's passion sent JP over the top as her pussy muscle milked his cum from deep in his body. Strand after strand of cum sprayed from the tip of his cock to cover the inside of Vicki's pussy and enter her womb. "I'm cuming too ... yyyeesssssss ... nowwwwwwwww," he said as he pressed deeper into Vicki and held himself there as she thrashed through her own orgasm.

    Afterwards, JP withdrew and pulled the blankets over them before rolling on his side. Then Vicki draped her crossed legs over JP's hips to hold the semen in.

    "JP, I just wanted to say thank you. I could have done this with any guy but I'm glad I did it with you. You made it special."

    "My pleasure."

    Wrapped in each others arms they slowly fell into a lover's sleep.

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    Default Re: A Dream Vacation - Vicki Lewis Sex Story

    Chapter 02 -- The Next Day

    "Wake up, sleepy head, time to get up!"

    Startled JP sat up and looked around the room. Vicki was gone; but sitting on the other bed in the room was Marketa in all her splendor. Her hair was pulled back and fashioned so that it hung over one shoulder and she wore eye liner and shadow for the first time since JP had met her drawing his attention to sparkling her brown eyes while her lips were an enticing red that begged to be kissed. Sitting on the edge of the bed across from him she was wearing the flannel shirt that he had given her the first night they'd shared the room, but this morning it was unbuttoned and spread wide open revealing that she was nude, except for a pair of high-heels.

    JP couldn't help but stare as he realized that the object of his sexual fantasies for years was sitting across from him and yet as he looked closer he also saw this was also the woman who had become his lover the night before. Sitting there her legs were spread and drawn up so that her heels were just barely on the edge of the bed completely exposing her magnificent 33-C breasts and her deep-pink neither lips which filled the room with the aroma of sex causing his body to react.

    A small smile formed on Marketa's face as she watched the mixed emotions swirl before JP's eyes. "I guess you like what you see, lover, and I'd be happy to stay in the room with you just like this today if you'd like, or you can help your 'perfect woman' get dressed so we can go out and have some more fun. What would you like to do?"

    JP lay there trying to decide. On one hand he wanted nothing more than to drive his hardening cock into her pussy and feel its warmth as she wrapped her legs around him again, while at the same time realizing that there must have been a reason that she had woken him up with her proposal. Suddenly, he remembered his promise and with a twinkle in his eye he answered with his best Southern drawl, "Well ma'am, as much as I'd like to make love to you, I made a promise not to start anything, so I guess you'll have to decide what we should do."

    Surprise showed on Marketa's face as she sat up on the side of the bed. "Ok, let me get this straight. I'm laying here with my pussy spread wide open for you and that's not starting something?"

    JP couldn't help but stare at her beautiful body as she sat there. "Yep. It still means that I'd have to make the decision. Last night was beautiful and I'd love to do it again but I made a promise to a lady and until I'm released from my promise it's not up to me."

    "You know who I am and what I am, yet you still think I'm a lady?"

    "I was taught along time ago that it doesn't matter what a woman does for a living, she is first and foremost a lady."

    Jumping from her bed, Marketa landed on JP, laughing. "I don't believe it; I've finally found a GENTLEMAN." Leaning down her breasts pressed into JP's chest as she gave him a long, passionate kiss that promised so much more before looking deep into his eyes. "God, if you had any idea how great it is to finally meet a man who is concerned about what I want and is willing to let me make some decisions; someone who isn't after me to sign a contract or to be able to say that they had fucked me."

    "Is that why you said your name was Vicki ... to get away?"

    Whispering, she replied. "Yes. I saw the interest in your eyes and just wanted someone to want me for me. Does that sound crazy?"

    "Nope, not at all."

    Still laying on top of the bedcovers Marketa stretched out on top of JP and a twinkle appeared in her eyes as she felt his cock pressing against the sheets between her legs. Slowly she spread her legs until she felt it nestling against her aroused womanhood and thought how easy is would be to crawl back under the covers and make love to JP again. Instead she lay her head down on his chest she whispered, "So what should we do about this situation."

    JP smiled, "First of all I think we should decide what I should call you. I mean I know what you told me but I also know who you are, so who do you want others to think you are?"

    Marketa laid there silently for a few moments before finally replied, "I think it depends on the time and situation. Right now I'd like to stay Vicki if you don't mind. It felt good to be an "ordinary" person for awhile, but if things get 'feisty' you can call me anything you want."

    "Done," JP replied as he flipped her over so she was covered by the bedding and he was above her. Leaning down he kissed her, slowly and passionately.

    Marketa again became Vicki as she wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss, until he pulled away and stood up. "I need a shower and then we need to get some breakfast before we see some more of the country."

    Vicki instantly grabbed a pillow and threw it at him. "TEASE!"

    JP laughed as he replied, "Yep. Now get dressed."

    Playfully sulking Vicki answered. "No. I want you to pick out the clothes for your 'lady' today."

    "Does this mean I'm released from my promise?"


    JP walked into the bathroom and grabbed Vicki's clothes that were hanging there and walked back into the room. He then opened the drawers where she had put the rest of her clothing as it dried and began to go through them. He soon found a pair of jeans and a tank top. Then he picked up a bra and set of panties and placed them on the bed as well. Looking at Vicki he noticed a sensuous expression on her face before asking, "Good enough?"

    "I think they will be just fine" she replied seductively as she pushed the covers off her body to reveal it to JP again.

    JP's cock hardened as he walked into the bathroom.

    Vicki saw it and called out, "Don't waste that ... I have plans for it later."

    JP quickly stripped and stepped into the shower. He could only imagine what she might have planned but each of them only made him harder until his hand seemed to move to his cock with a mind of its own. Slowly he began to stroke up and down the shaft, bringing him closer and closer to cumming until he felt a rush of cool air across his back carrying Vicki's perfume.

    "Didn't I tell you not to do that?" Vicki asked with a laugh in her voice.

    JP turned, his hand still wrapped around his hard cock. Dressed only in a half-bra and crotchless panties, along with a pair of high-heels she stood there with her hands on her hips.

    Still stroking his cock, JP replied. "Sorry but seeing you laying like that this morning was just way too much for me to take. Sometimes a man's got to do what a man's go to do."

    "And a woman needs to take care of her man, so get out here with that big, fat cock of yours and let me help you with it."

    As JP stepped from the shower Vicki dropped to her knees and took his hard cock in her hand. Sliding it up and down just as JP had been doing, she soon had it ready to explode.

    "Oh god, Vicki. I'm going to cum. I can feel it starting to rumble in my balls."

    "Mmmmm, I like the sound of that and I know exactly what I want to do with your first load. Now, sit down on the toilet and let me take care of you, baby."

    JP half-stumbled backwards and sat on the toilet as Vicki followed him on her hands and knees like a cat tracking its prey. When JP sat down she was instantly on him, grasping his hard cock as she opened her mouth and wrapped her glistening lips around the head. Swallowing it as she moved down inch after inch.

    JP wrapped his hands in here hair and began to slowly pump into her mouth fucking it until she pulled away.

    "You taste soooo good JP, but when I came in here it was to get some moisturizer cream to put on my tits. But after seeing how hard you are I want you to fuck my tits and give me a load of your cum all over them so I can use that instead."

    Vicki sat up straighter and JP's cock nestled between her tits as if it had a mind of its own. Bending her head Vicki let a large load of spit drop onto JP's cock as she surrounded it with her tits and began to slide up and down. The head of JP's cock would appear for a second and then disappear between Vicki's luscious tits like a turtle popping its head out from its shell and then pulling back in.

    Instinctively, JP pumped his cock up and down between her tits, matching her rhythm. "Pump my cock, darling. I love how it feels between your tits. Of fuck, I'm gonna cum soon. I'm gonna cum all over those beautiful tits of yours. Faster, baby, pump my cock faster with your tits. Wrap them around my cock good and tight. That's it, baby, just like that. Auggghhhhh ... Auggghhhhh ... Augghhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhh, yesssssss. Here is comes, honey. Here comes my cum!!!!!!" Gritting his teeth he felt the boiling hot load surge from his balls and up his cock until it exploded from its tip. The first two spurts splattering under Vicki's chin while the rest sprayed her tits and chest.

    Vicki immediately opened her mouth and engulfed his cock trying to milk out the last drops of his cum before settling back on her heels. JP's cum was running down her chest as she scooped it up and slowly spread it across her chest, massaging it onto her tits and nipples. "Mmmmm, this feels so nice. Nice hot cum all over me." Leaning her head back and looking up at the ceiling she gave JP a better view as she rubbed his jism into her skin. He watched as her nipples hardened and the areola began to crinkle around the edges. Faintly he could smell Vicki's womanly aroma filling the room.

    The only thing that JP wanted at that moment was to wrap his arms around her and carry her to the bedroom so they could make love again.

    Vicki had other plans though. Quickly she moved away and went to the mirror to watch as she finished rubbing JP's cum across her chest. "Gawd that is such a turn on. Your cum is so nice and thick and warm; better than any body-cream I've ever used before. Just look at how hard my nipples are getting. To bad we already have plans, otherwise I'd fuck the shit out of you right now. But you need to finish your shower and I need to finish getting dressed."

    Standing up JP moved behind Vicki and lightly kissed her neck asking, "And who's the tease now?"

    Seductively she replied, "Isn't pay-back a bitch?" as she exited.

    JP quickly finished his shower and found Vicki waiting for him. She had changed part of the outfit that he had picked for her but he had to admit it was for the better. Instead of the tank-top she wore his flannel shirt which she had tied under her bust and the high-heels had been replaced with a pair of calf-high leather boots, while the jeans he had picked out for her were so tight they looked like they had been painted onto her legs. "You like?" she asked as she spun around to provide JP a view from all angles. "I hope you don't mind that I changed a few things?"

    "Whoa, you look fantastic."

    Spinning around again to give JP another look, Vicki laughed, "It's amazing how slightly shrunken clothes always seem to bring out a woman's best features for you guys."

    "That's for sure; especially when the woman has a body like yours," he said as he finished getting dressed.

    Hand-in-hand they left the room, climbed on JP's cycle and headed south. The area was mostly ranch country so they quickly found themselves riding along deserted roads with the wind and sun shining down on them while Vicki's hand continued to tease and explore JP's body until they noticed a shaded way-side ahead.

    "JP can we pull over for awhile; I need a break."

    "Sure, I could use one too."

    After stopping Vicki disappeared behind some trees while JP began to unpack a blanket and lunch that they had brought along.

    "Hey, JP, can you give me a hand over here?"

    "What's wrong?"

    "I'm stuck."

    "What do you mean you're stuck?"

    "I'm stuck, damn it, and I need your help!"


    JP walked to the trees and was immediately delighted by the scene before him. Vicki stood there with the flannel shirt open and her hands pulling on a zipper that went from the back of her jeans, between her legs, to the front of the pants and allowed them to become two separate pieces. "And just how can I help, may I ask?"

    "Well, first of all I need you to help me get this zipper open and then I want you to stick that beautiful cock of yours deep inside of me just like last night and fill me with another load of your cream just like before. I thought I could wait until later this evening but the vibration from the cycle got me so turned that my juices are starting to soak the front on my pants. See ... see how wet I am? I've always had a thing about being fucked outside so I can be as loud as I want and right now is the perfect time and this is the perfect place to do it. So why don't you just take your cock out and slip it inside of my wet pussy. Fuck me right here. Fill me with your cum, JP."

    JP instantly grabbed the zipper and after tugging on it a few times managed to get it to open.

    Pushing the jeans down to her knees, Vicki turned away from JP and leaned against a tree. "Now fuck me JP. Fill my pussy with more of your baby-making cream."

    JP stepped behind her and dropped his pants and shorts to his ankles, his hard cock pointing straight in front of him like an arrow. Grabbing Vicki by the hips he slipped in inch-by-inch until he hit bottom. Here in the open he suddenly felt the lust of a man taking his mate for the shear pleasure of it. "I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before!!" he growled.

    That was exactly what Vicki had hoped for. "Alright, then fuck me!!" she hissed. "TAKE ME!! Fuck my pussy and fill it. Make me your breeding whore. Fill me until it drips from my cunt."

    With a roar of triumph, JP slammed himself into her, impaling her on his cock. He felt his cock head slam against her cervix with each thrust as Vicki now pushed back against him. "That's it, Vicki. Push back against me. Fuck yourself on my cock. Feel my balls slapping your clit? Feel it, bitch?"

    "Yesss ... That's it! Take me! Screw me! FUCK ME HARD!" Vicki yelled. "I'm all yours - body & soul! My pussy, my womb, my tit, my mouth, they're yours to do whatever you want with them, just don't stop fucking me. I want to be your lover, your partner, the mother of your children ... lots and lots of babies if you want. Breed me ... fuck me ... knock me up ... again ... and again. Keep me pregnant with our kids ... I'M YOUR LADY NOW ... Yessssssss. Fuck me harder. Ohhhhh, I can feel you so deep in me. Aaaahhhh, it feels SOOO GREAT!!"

    "TRY THIS THEN," he yelled as he leaned forward grabbing both of her dangling tits and pull them as he drove his cock into her.

    "AAAAAAAAggggghhhhhhhh ... yesssss ... FUCK ME, JP ... FUCK YOUR SLUT, MARKETA ... THAT'S IT ... SCREW ME ... FUCK ME ... HARDER ... DEEPER ... YESSSS ... THAT'S ITTT ... FUCK ME ... MAKE ME YOUR WHORE!!"

    JP realized that at some point Vicki had reverted into Marketa, the porn star and that her words were fueling his passion. He rotated his hips; he continued to pound her pussy with his cock as she screamed with delight. "You LOVE it - don't you, bitch??" he panted, reveling in the submission of his lover.

    "YESSS!! OHHH, GAWD, YESSSSS. I DO, I LOVE IT!!" she howled. "GIVE ME YOUR GORGEOUS COCK -- FUCK ME!! UH!! UHHH!!" JP was pounding his cock into his fantasy lover without mercy now, the wet noise of their fucking adding to his passion.

    Marketa looked down between her thighs and saw a thick froth of their juices forming on her stretched pussy lips. Quickly, she scooped some onto her fingers & sucked it off with relish.

    "You incredibly hot little bitch!!" JP steered down at her. "Ohhhhh, Fuck. I'm going to cum soon. I'm gonna shot my load in you and breed you just like one of those cows in the field."


    "Hell yeah!! You're my breeding whore now, aren't you? Huh, bitch?"


    "Almost there ... baby!! Beg for my cum. Beg for me to cum in your cunt!"


    Hearing Marketa plead and scream as her orgasm broke triggered JP's orgasm causing strand after strand of his cum to spray from his cock deep into Marketa as he yelled, "HERE ... IT ... CUMMMS ... ARRRRGGHHHHH ...UGGGGGHHHHH!!"

    Trembling and exhausted the two fell forward grabbing the tree as their orgasms overwhelmed them. JP continued to spew his seed deep into Vicki/Marketa while she gasped for breath as she felt the hot liquid coat her insides. Unable to stand any longer they collapsed to the ground clutching each other as everything around them seemed to fade away.

    When JP finally became of the world he found himself lying on the warm sandy ground; his pants still around his ankles, and Vicki nestled against him with her head on his chest. "Hey, gorgeous. I think we better get up."

    "Mmmmmmmmmm. Do we have too?"

    "Well, I'm not sure about you but I have certain areas that usually don't get this much sun and I'd hate to get sunburned," he teased.

    "Party pooper," Vicki said as she slowly unfolded herself and sat up. "Can you give me a hand with something?"

    "Isn't that how this got started?" JP said in a lightly joking voice.

    Blushing Vicki looked at him. "I'm not sure what to say right now. I mean ... well ... we both know what I do for a living, but I've NEVER gotten that carried away and I've never felt anything as intense as what just happened. I'm not sure if it was because it was with you or if it was because I was living out a fantasy of mine ... I'm just not sure. And the things I said ... WOW ... I can't ever remember saying anything like that even in a movie scene ... I just don't know what happened to me."

    "Listen Vicki, I got just as carried away as you and I said some pretty crazy stuff as well, but if makes any difference I also felt something that I haven't felt in years. For once I felt alive. I didn't care about anything but you and I. And even crazier is the fact that I liked some of the things you said. Not necessarily about you being a slut and stuff, but the idea of you and I having kids together. In fact, I kind of like that idea a lot."

    The worry on Vicki's face melted away as JP talked and the sparkle returned to her eyes when he talked of them having children together. "In that case, I definitely need your help right now."

    "Ok, what can I do?"

    "Well, it's a bit strange but I need you to help support me while I take care of this," Vicki said as she reached into the pocket of the flannel shirt she was wearing as withdrew a round plastic case. As Vicki opened the case JP noticed a soft, round, rubber disc.

    "Is that what I think it is?"

    "It's a diaphragm."

    "It's a little bit late for that don't you think," JP teased.

    "Well, in the usual use you'd be right but, in our case it will work to do what we want, too" Vicki replied as she got into a kneeling position while JP helped to steady her. "You see the trick here is that instead of keeping your cum out I'm going to use it to keep it inside of me."

    JP held Vicki fascinated as she slid the diaphragm inside of herself; followed by a sudden shiver from Vicki's body.

    "Wow. I've never been that sensitive before. Just putting that thing triggered a mini-orgasm. JP, you are one hell of a guy."

    "Thank you kindly, Ma'am," JP replied using his best Southern drawl again. "Now would the lady like some assistance getting back to the motorcycle?"

    "Suh, I do believe that this lady not only would like some assistance but positively needs some assistance."

    JP laughed as he scooped Vicki up and carried her back to the cycle for the trip back to the hotel before quickly putting away the lunch supplies that still lay in the ground.

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    Default Re: A Dream Vacation - Vicki Lewis Sex Story

    The trip back was filled with talk of their lives as Vicki cuddled against JP's back and he finally told her about his own little secret ... to the tune of several millions of dollars.

    Laughing he was certain that almost everything within 50 miles heard her, "YOU'VE GOT HOW MUCH!!??"

    Stopping once they picked up food for a romantic dinner tucked away in their room. When they arrived back at the hotel they had just enough time to hop in the shower together and were laying in bed together as the sun set; JP sitting with his back against the headboard and Vicki laying with her head on his chest. Both were quite and seemed lost in thought as they watched the sun set and wondered what the future held for them.

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