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    Default A Drunken Patron - Sarah Bernhardt Sex Story

    Mardi Gras... A time for tourists. I was glad my bar was away from the main streets. I didn't tend to get the rowdy crowds, just the regulars and friends that frequented my bar. It was settled in an alley, with no sign above the door. I advertised by word of mouth, and I called it Nightshade. It was a place for people to get together away from the crowds, and I did do a lot of business on Mardi Gras. I had a bouncer that sat just inside the door by the name of Nick. Nick did his job well, keeping all the rowdy kids away. I liked my bar quiet; that's why my regulars always came back. It was relaxing.

    I always opened at 6 PM, and it was 5:30. I rushed through the crowds, starting to regret not leaving sooner. A few guys grabbed my butt or my boobs, but I ignored them. I'd gotten used to this after a few years. I was a bit agitated by the time I reached the street to get to Nightshade. It was my birthday, and I had to deal with this every year. I turned into my alley, and sighed. It was 15 till. There was nobody back here. Nick was waiting for me, and grinned. "Happy Birthday, Sara. Fun in the crowds?"

    I smirked back. "Smartass." Opening the door, Nick took his usual post, and I set about opening the register.

    There was a knock at the door, and Nick called out, "We open in ten minutes." Again, the person knocked, more urgently. Nick stood up, and looked out the peeophole. "Oh my god..." Hurriedly, he opened the door and wrestled someone in, pushing a bunch of young women out. Finally getting the door closed, he apologized profusely to the man. "I'm so sorry, I didn't realize..."

    A slightly raspy voice chuckled. "It's ok, I didn't think I would be recognized." Pulling off his sunglasses, I realized who it was myself, and almost dropped the glass I was putting away. I hurriedly turned around and started busying myself with figuring out what I needed to restock in the way of spirits or beer when I heard him drop heavily onto a barstool behind me and sigh. I forced myself to not blush, but I had a feeling my pale skin was almost as red as my tank top. I turned around, and smiled. "Hi."

    He grinned, and asked, "I assume you already know who I am?" I just nodded and looked down at the shotglasses behind the bar, arranging them a little. Chuckling, ahe asked for a beer. "On the house, Mr. Cornell."

    "Call me Chris. What's your name?"

    I blushed slightly again, and replied, "Sara," before turning and heading into the back. I started to silently curse myself. I was acting like a stars truck fan! This bar was a safe haven for the people who wanted to escape the craziness, and I had had a celebrity or two here before. Never one I had fantasized about, though.

    Nick laughed, watching me walk into the back. "You know, Sara has a thing for you. Don't worry, she'll be a professional, she wont ask for your autograph or nothing, she'll treat you like a normal person after she gets over the shock." Chris smiled, and drank some of his beer. "Why can't my other fans do that? They're always crazy...Hey, could I call some friends and have them come here?"

    "Sure, this isn't exactly an exclusive club. We just like to keep out the troublemakers and the crazy people." Nick grinned, and looked out the peephole. The girls had given up on pounding the door and returned to the main street. He sat back down, and picked up his book.

    I returned to the front, carrying a large keg. Chris smiled at me, and I almost melted. He made a call on his cell phone, and started talking to someone.

    I had pulled my long black hair behind me into a ponytail so I could see better. I busied myself with changing the keg, and carried the empty one into the back. When I returned, He had hung up his cell.

    "Well, all my buddies have hooked up with someone or found something they would rather do. They like the craziness. I prefer the relaxation." Chris finished off his beer, and I replaced it with a fresh one. "You are right on top of your job, aren't you?"

    I grinned. "Yeah, I like to think I'm the best bartender/owner in New Orleans. I'm not in it for the profit, but for the people. It's better that way." Chris just smiled at me, and settled back into his barstool and drank some more. A few of my regulars had arrived, and they recognized Chris. A few asked me if he really was who they thought, and I confirmed it but reminded them, "Treat him like a regular person, and try not to talk about his career unless he brings it up. Don't be nosy. Please." They all agreed, without hesitation.

    A few hours ticked by, and I had given Chris a few shots and a couple more beers. He didn't seem to be getting drunk, but then again he just kept his attention focused on the TV above the bar. I had made polite conversation a few times with him, and he asked me a few questions. I think he enjoyed being able to kick back at a local bar and not hide who he was. At about 9:30, a few of my friends walked through the door. Starting up a loud chorus of "Happy Birthday," they all settled at the bar next to Chris, with Marissa leaning way over and grabbing a beer. "Happy Birthday, Girl! I thought you might keep the bar closed and get laid! But no, work first. You turning into a Nun on us?"

    Rolling my eyes, I laughed at her. "Yeah, nun in the morning and nun at night. I keep my bar open every day, Missa, you know that. I like working. Besides, I am closed one day week, so I have my turn for getting drunk."

    John, Mike, and Mandy laughed together, and Mandy said, "Shit, I don't think you've been laid once in the past year and a half. You need it girl. You get plenty of customers, some of them are pretty hot, too. Hook it up!"

    I turned around and wiggled my butt at them. I was wearing my black leather mini with my fishnets and knee0high boots, and John whistled. "If I wasn't gay, I'd do you." Mike elbowed him. John smiled, and took a drink of the beer I had given him.

    I noticed Chris was staring at me by this point. I grinned, and looked at him. "Hey, would you like to meet some friends, Chris?"

    Mandy and Marissa looked over, and their jaws dropped. "Wow, you definitely get some sexy guys in here." Turning back to me, they grinned evilly. "I think we should talk to him, Sara." Before I could say anything, the girls had already introduced themselves to him and asked him to come back to an empty table away from the bar. I had an inkling as to what they were up to, but kept my mouth shut. I would not go for it. I wasn't a one-night-stand kind of girl. Never in my 26 years.

    Mike and John noticed the bar was getting a little busy and offered to help. "Sure, Mike, you run the register, and John, you clear tables. I'll just keep takin' care of drinks."

    Marissa and Mandy were still talking to Chris, and he seemed to be getting more and more drunk. I was worried they might make him leave, and I didn't think it was a good idea in his state. They were laughing together, and Chris seemed to be enjoying himself. I started hoping they hadn't said anything about me. They knew I had the major hots for him, but those hopes were dashed when he looked at me and grinned. He knew.

    I blushed again and turned back to my work. Time started to go by quickly, and before I knew it, it was almost 2 AM. Marissa and Mandy helped Chris back to the bar. He was pretty well drunk. Poor guy. I yelled, "Last Call!!" my patrons began to finish their drinks and slowly drift out the door, and Mike and John immediately cleared bottles and glasses from the tables.

    Chris chuckled at something, and I turned. "Yes?" "You know, your friends are pretty cool." I smiled, and shook my head. "They're strange."

    After another 15 minutes or so, Mandy and Marissa left with Mike and John. They winked, and were out the door. Chris and Nick were the only ones left other than me, and I smiled. "You look pretty drunk, Chris."

    His eyes met mine again, and they were really bloodshot. "Yeah...I was supposed to meet my buddies at...I don't remember, some bar...I'm too late now."

    Nick smiled at me. "Want me to call a cab for him?"

    I shook my head. "I parked just 2 blocks down behind that Italian restaurant." I tossed Nick my keys. "Go get my car for me, will ya?" Nick nodded, and was out the door.

    Chris watched him leave. "I have to pee." I laughed, and pointed to the men's room. He smiled and staggered to the bathroom. After a minute, he walked out. "That's better. You gonna give me ride?"

    I nodded. "It's easier than trying to get a cab."

    Chris almost stumbled, and turned a little red. "I think your friends got me a little drunk. I haven't gotten this drunk in a long long time." Grinning, he sat down on the barstool. Nick came back about 10 minutes later, while Chris and I were making small talk. He was a pretty cool guy, I thought. "Well, Chris, can you walk to my car, or should Nick carry you?" Chris chuckled slightly. "I'll walk."

    I locked up, and got out to the main street. Nick turned and walked down the sidewalk, and I drove away from the crowds. They were a hell of a lot smaller, but they would be there until close to dawn. It was 2:30, and I yawned. "So, where are you staying at?"

    Chris grinned. "That's why I was supposed to meet up with my friends. I was staying at their place, but I don't know how to get there."

    I felt my heart flutter a bit. "Umm, I guess you could sta at my place. I got a folding couch you can sleep on."

    Chris nodded, and closed his eyes. I thought he had fallen asleep, and I almost jumped when he whispered, "Happy Birthday, Sara."

    We arrived at my house, and I helped Chris up the stairs. He was almost already out by the time I got the sofa bed open, and he flopped down on it. "Comfy...." He didn't move, so I decided to help him out. I pulled off his shoes and his jacket, and covered him up with a blanket. Figuring he was out for the night, I decided to take a shower.

    The hot water felt good on my skin. I had a few beers spilt on me, and it was nice to feel the soap washing me clean. I loved showers. Stepping out, I dried off and hung up my towel. Right after I pulled my panties on, I heard Chris knock on the bathroom door. "Are you decent?" I hurriedly pulled on my nightshirt, which was just a men's oversized t-shirt (and that's not saying much, considering I'm only 5'5" and 120 lbs.), and said yes. Chris opened the door and asked to use the bathroom again. I grabbed my brush, and walked out, blushing a little as I had to brush up against him a bit. My nipples were hard and noticeable under my shirt, and I was hoping he hadn't seen them. My shirt was barely long enough to cover my butt, and I hurried to my bedroom.

    Closing my door, I turned on the light. I had the rock star I've fantasized about in my house, and I was doing nothing. I haven't had sex in so long that I had forgotten how to flirt. Oh well, I told myself. He's drunk anyways. Turning on my stereo, I switched to my favorite station. Rock. Pulling out my bottle of Southern Comfort, I proceeded to get drunk. After about an hour or two, I was feeling pretty drunk myself and I was dancing around a bit in my room, when I noticed the door was open. I looked up, and there was Chris, leaning against the doorjamb. He had his arms crossed across his chest, and he had taken his shirt off. I blushed, and offered him the bottle, not knowing what to say. Grinning, he walked over and took the bottle form me. He set it down and grabbed me, pulling me close. "You know, I've been wondering what you would look like naked all night. Now, all you have on is this t-shirt..."

    I swallowed, and looked up at him. Smiling slightly, I grabbed the bottle of whiskey and took another drink.

    Laughing, he asked, "What, do you have to be drunk to kiss me?"

    "No, umm, I just haven't, you know... Not in a long time..." I laid down on the bed, looking at the ceiling. "Too many jerks in the world, and I am too emotionally tied up with sex to do the one-nighter thing." Chris sat next to me, and laid on his side and propped one hand under his head. "Really? Sounds like we have a bit in common, really."

    I turned and looked at him. Damn, he was gorgeous. "Well, you're a rock star. You could get all you want. Me, I just want to settle with someone, not with everyone."

    Chris raised his eyebrows. "I am not the typical rock star, you know. I don't sleep with every girl I come across. I haven't actually been with anyone except once since I broke up with my last girlfriend."

    I was surprised. I figured he probably had a few girls a month at least! I felt stupid. "The one girl I was with since I was drunk and my friends set me up. I felt terrible the next day. I don't like doing that to myself or to others."

    I looked up at the ceiling again. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to insult you."

    He shook his head and closed his eyes. "No, most people have that idea. It doesn't bother me because most musicians are like that when they get famous."

    I sat up, and looked down at him. "You know, I like you. After talking to you, I realized you were nothing more than a regular person. I figured you might be a bit cocky or have a big ego or something. I wouldn't have cared either way, because I am a fan." I blushed slightly. "I just never expected you to walk into my bar, or end up in my house."

    Chris laughed. "Well, I never expected to meet a girl who gave me a boner at first sight." I looked at him, and laughed nervously. "Still, I don't think I could do that and feel right, Chris. You're sweet, really, but I couldn't..."

    Chris smiled. "Well, I don't want to sleep alone. Can I hold you tonight?"

    My heart went fluttering all over, and I smiled. "I guess, if you promise to behave."

    "Scout's honor" he said, smirking. I got up, and turned off my stereo. He crawled under my blankets, and I turned out my light. Crawling under the blankets with him, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the neck. "Goodnight, Sara."

    I smiled, and held his hand. "Goodnight."

    I woke up around 1 in the afternoon, and Chris was still sleeping. He was laying on his back, and I could see his chest rising and falling slowly. God, he was sexy. I laid my head on his shoulder, careful not to wake him, and traced my finger around his muscles. He was well toned, and he had a nice stomach. I found myself almost wishing I had done more than cuddle with him the night before, and I realized hat I was getting wet. I reached down, and my panties were soaked. My little clit was sensitive, too. I rubbed it lightly, and almost brought myself to orgasm in seconds. I stopped myself. I didn't want to wake Chris, so I got out of bed quietly, and made my way to the bathroom. After taking a cold shower, I wrapped myself in a towel and started a pot of coffee in the kitchen. I returned to my room to grab some clothes, and Chris was still asleep. I walked into my closet, and looked around a bit.

    Chris woke up, and said. "Nice. You look damn sexy in a towel." I turned around and saw him smiling devilishly at me, his arms propped behind his head. "Well, do I get a kiss?" I turned red again. I didn't move, and Chris laughed. "Come on, I wont bite...."

    I walked over to him, and sat down on the bed. I smiled, nibbling on my lower lip a bit. He wrapped one arm around my waist and pulled me down, giving me a soft kiss on the lips. I felt myself growing wet again. I didn't masturbate in the shower, and I was starting to regret it. I was really horny, and I was doing my best to mask it.

    "You know, Sara, I'm glad I went to your bar last night. I had a good time." He brushed my hair away from my face, and stroked my cheek. "You're so beautiful." I felt myself blushing, and got up. "I made some coffee..." I mumbled as I walked out to the kitchen.

    I stopped at the sink, and smiled at myself. Chris Cornell wanted me! I shook my head, and poured myself some coffee. I turned around, and Chris was standing there. "You enjoy playing hard to get?"

    I grinned over my cup of coffee. "No, I just don't often have a sexy guy trying to get me into bed for some fun." Chris took my coffee from me, and set it on the counter. Pulling me close, I realized I still had my towel on. I could felt my pussy getting wetter every time he touched me, and I knew that I wasn't going to be able to take much more. I could feel a bulge in his jeans, and he pressed it into my stomach. I looked up at him, and he said, "You're driving me crazy." He leaned down and kissed me, hard, and pushed me against the counter. I felt his tongue against my lips, and opened my mouth for him. I was slightly surprised at myself, but I could feel my resolve slipping away as his tongue probed mine, his hands wandering to the hemline of the towel. The towel hung just below my but, and he slowly slid his hands up under the towel, squeezing my cheeks lightly.

    I moaned softly into his mouth, and he lifted me onto the counter, not breaking our kiss. He had his bulging hard-on pressed against my pussy, and the rubbing of his jeans turned me on even more. I felt him tug at my towel slightly, and it fell away. Breaking the kiss, he smiled. "I got you naked...Mmmm..." He leaned in and kissed my neck, letting his hands pull my lower back close. By this point, I was powerless to resist, and I felt him grinding against me. I reached down, and stroked him through his jeans. He felt huge to me, and I could only imagine how wonderful it would feel inside of me. Slowly, he made his way from my neck to my breasts, bringing one hand up to play with one while he sucked and nibbled at the other. I moaned, unable to stop myself. It felt too good for me to want to stop. I reached down with both hands, unzipping his pants, and let them drop to the floor. He wasn't wearing any underwear.

    I felt his cock spring up, and he groaned when I squeezed it with my hand. He put his fingers on my pussy, feeling it's wetness. He returned to kissing my mouth, and continued to play with my pussy, rubbing my clit in little circles, occasionally dipping his finger into my hole. I wanted his cock so bad, I could almost feel it already. I pulled him towards me, rubbing the head against my dripping slit. I knew I would come when he entered me, and he took my hint. Easing into me carefully, he groaned from pleasure. "Oh, you're so tight..." By the time he was all the way in me, I was orgasming. It wracked my body, and he held me close as my pussy squeezed his cock.

    I felt him slowly start to move, pumping in and out very slowly, gradually picking up speed. I was in bliss. I had forgotten how good sex was, and his cock stretched me to my limits. I felt every vein, and every touch brought pleasure. I realized I was moaning loudly, but I didn't care.

    "Oh, your pussy feels so fucking good...Do you like this baby?"

    I could only moan and nod, and I bit my lip to keep from screaming as he started to pound me. I was almost ready to come again, and after a few more thrusts I had an explosive orgasm. I could feel wave after wave coming, and with one final thrust Chris came too, filling me completely with his cock. My pussy contracted so tight, he just held me close until I had milked him dry.

    "Wow, that was..." I couldn't even finish. I tried to catch my breath, and Chris kissed my neck, sending shivers down my spine.

    "Great." He finished for me, breathing heavy. Not pulling his still-hard dick from me, he asked, "Want to take another shower?" He grinned mischievously at me. I nodded, at a loss for words. My head was still spinning from my last orgasm.

    He carried me to the bathroom, and set me down, making sure I could stand before he let me go. He turned on the shower, and we got in. I kissed him, and then grabbed the soap. I started washing him, making sure not to miss an inch of his body. He stayed hard the whole time, and after I rinsed him off, I stroked his cock lightly. "I know how to fix this..." He grinned at me, watching me drop to my knees.

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    Default Re: A Drunken Patron - Sarah Bernhardt Sex Story

    It had been a long time since I had given a blowjob, but I had confidence. I wrapped my fingers around the base, and licked his head lightly, I kissed my way down his shaft, and slowly licked my way back up the underside. I could hear him moan, and felt his hand rest softly on the back of my head. I slowly took him into my mouth, bit by bit, until he hit the back of my throat. I pulled back, and relaxed my throat this time and felt his cock slide into my throat.

    "Oh yeah..." His hand tightened in my hair, and I felt him move his hips towards me. "I want to fuck your mouth, baby..." I placed my hands on his butt for balance, and he took his queue. Slowly at first, and then a little bit faster. I could tell he wasn't going to last too long, and his moaning got louder. "Oh fuck yeah, your mouth feels great!" After another few thrusts, I felt his cock stiffen even more, and he pumped another load into my body. I swallowed every drop of it, and sucked him clean until he was soft.

    "Wow, you're good. Why have you not had a boyfriend?" He pulled me close, resting his hands on my butt.

    I laughed a little, and enjoyed the moment. We got out, and dried off. Chris just kept a towel around his waist, following me from the bathroom. He pulled my towel off, saying, "I like seeing your body. It's fucking gorgeous. I blushed, and he looked me up and down. "I want to take you home with me."

    I laughed, and shook my head. I turned, and feeling brave, shook my butt at him before disappearing into my room. I pulled on a pair of short and a tank top, and headed back into the living room. Chris was still wrapped in a towel, but he was sitting on the couch watching TV.

    "My clothes are dirty. I'm gonna be hanging around naked for awhile, unless you could go and pick me up some clothes." He grinned.

    "What, are you moving in now?" Chris shrugged. "I dunno, but I think I found a reason to come to New Orleans more often."

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