Obviously, this story isn't based on any facts that I know of. However much I might want to see Trish Stratus behave like this, chances are she doesn't. Disappointing I know, but sometimes we have to live in the real world. Regardless of the accuracy of the story, this should not be read by anyone under 18 (or whatever the legal age is in your country) or anyone that might actually be deluded enough to believe that this is anything other than pure fantasy.


October 19th 2004. Taboo Tuesday, Vince's attempts at a mid-week Pay-per-view. I couldn't give a shit really, all that mattered to me was after the show I had an appointment with Trish Stratus.

I love my job.

To be honest, I loved fucking every one of the Divas. They were always asking me who I liked best, who gave the best head etc. The semi-friendly rivalry amongst the girls was great for me as they each tried to please me that little bit more than the others.

Tonight was different. The concept of Taboo Tuesday was that the audience voted on various stipulations and for the sluts this meant a "Fulfil your fantasy" Battle Royale dressed as schoolgirls.

When I saw Trish I knew I was gonna be having a great time later; her outfit was amazing. She was wearing a red and white checked, pleated dress that was deliberately too small for her at both ends. Her little, virginal white panties clearly visible underneath the skirt and her enormous tits pushed into a tremendous cleavage that would be the subject of millions of jerk-off fantasies that night. She had an intentionally too small white shirt that, because of her big, plastic tits, couldn't be buttoned and instead was tied at the bottom. Completing the outfit was a pair of thigh-high white stockings hugging her fit legs with pink silk bow garters at the top and some white trainers. To top off the perfect schoolgirl-slut look were two pigtails in her perfectly styled blonde hair.

I love my job.

"OH GOD! IT'S SO FUCKING GOOD!" Trish screamed as I drove my huge dick into her dripping snatch again. I struggled to keep hold on her bucking hips as she pushed back onto my throbbing pole in an attempt to cram as much meat into her tight, wet cunt as she could. Leaving one hand on the midriff of her pleated skirt I lightly slapped her toned ass in time with my plunges.

"Take it all you fucking slut!" I leered. She'd been all over me as soon as I walked into her dressing room; my shirt had been unbuttoned and my shoes, pants and boxers swiftly removed with very little small talk. I knew her sweet pussy would already be damp from just thinking about the brutal fucking she knew she'd be getting. So I'd wasted no time in ripping down her panties and sticking a couple of thick fingers up her dripping snatch to get her fully prepared and gushing. What she really wanted was cock so I'd pushed her over the table and was now watching my cock repeatedly disappear inside her as I fucked her hard from behind.


"You know it bitch!" I sneered, grabbing her hips again and jackhammering her pussy with vicious force. The table she was bent over scraped across the floor a short distance and I could see her knuckles turning white because of the death grip she had on the edge.

"HARDER! PLEASE! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OH GOD!" Trish howled as she came hard on my fat cock; a flood of cunt juices flowed down my bloated prick. Controlling the pace of our fucking was almost impossible as Trish pumped wildly against my crotch. "OH GOD YES!!!" She shouted into the table; I grinned as I thought about how the entire arena must be hearing her cum.

"Cum for me bitch!" I took my right hand off her thrusting hip and grabbed one of her pigtails; her hair far messier and more tangled than it was before I started screwing the blonde slut. I pulled her head back quickly and demanded, "Tell me how good that feels".

"OH GOD! YOU FUCK ME SO GOOD! IT'S SO BIG AND HARD! OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOODDDD!" With that mighty bellow, Trish climaxed and slumped over the table mumbling incoherent noises of bliss while her pumping hips slowed and reduced in their intensity. I continued plunging my aching prick into her sopping cunt, her screams of pleasure subsiding sufficiently so they no longer drowned out the muted squelching of my sturdy thrusts.

"Don't fucking stop bitch!" I growled, yanking on her pigtail, "I haven't cum yet!" I continued slamming my stiff cock deep inside her dripping hole and felt her entire body quivering in the afterglow of her orgasm.

"Uhhhh" Trish purred softly, gyrating her hips. "Fuck me with your big cock. Fuck me and cum inside me." I could feel my own orgasm approaching as I fucked the hot wrestling diva from behind and I pulled my aching prick from Trish's sopping cunt. "No," she pleaded, "please fuck me. Please!"

"Turn around bitch!" I commanded, holding my throbbing cock in one hand and pulling on Trish's hair with the other while I took a step back. She stood up and I noticed the juices running down the inside of her tanned legs and soaking the tops of her white thigh-high stockings. The short pleated skirt did little to hide her juicy snatch but by some miracle Trish's big fake breasts had managed to stay inside the dress. The small white shirt, that she'd been intentionally unable to button because of her gigantic tits, had been tied at the bottom and become undone and seemed to hang loosely off her shoulders. Her little white panties were still bunched around one trainer-clad foot. She sat on the edge of the table and spread her legs either side of me. "Get those out." I ordered, nodding at her vast cleavage.

"You wanna fuck my big tits again baby?" Trish asked coyly, biting her bottom lip. She smiled and slowly pulled down the hem of her dress, freeing her perfect suntanned orbs. "I love it when you stick your massive cock between them; it feels so good and stiff." She looked me straight in the eyes and palmed her huge tits and pushed them together, highlighting the wondrous seal she could make. I leant in as if to kiss her without releasing my grip on her hair and Trish closed her eyes and tried to kiss me back. I hovered close to her, feeling her breath on my face and taking my hand off my cock I rudely shoved two fingers deep into her snatch.

"Aahhhhh..." Trish moaned in pleasure as I removed my fingers as abruptly as I'd inserted them. I pulled my head back from hers and poked my cum-drenched digits in her face. Almost without thinking, Trish opened her mouth and seductively licked her own pussy juices from my fingers.

"Fucking slut." I sneered, "If I wanna fuck your big plastic tits then I'll fuck them." Wrenching on her cute little pigtail I dragged her off the table to her knees; she didn't once complain, she enjoyed being abused like the cock-loving slut she was. I knew that if she was going to protest about anything it would have been that I hadn't brought anyone else along this time; I'd seen this whore take on a whole group of guys and still beg for more cock to stuff her eager holes. "Tell me how much you wanna suck it."

"Please let me suck you off." She pleaded, "I wanna suck your big cock 'til you cum down my throat." I looked down at Trish Stratus kneeling on the grubby locker-room floor with her bouncy, false tits sitting perfectly on her healthy frame; she wasn't looking at my face because she seemed completely transfixed by the rock-hard 10-inch prick waving I her face. She began kissing the engorged head of my cock and in between her sloppy ministrations she was telling me how big and hard I was and how she loved it when I fucked her.

"Get on with it slut!" I insisted wearily and thrust my hips forward, burying most of my cock in her mouth. Trish ravaged my prick like a professional hooker, after the hard fucking I'd just given her we both knew it wouldn't long before I shot my load. I glanced down at her and smirked as I enjoyed watching her skilful performance; her soft lips and manicured hands expertly bringing me to orgasm. "Fucking cock-sucking bitch!" Trish looked up at me with her large, hazel eyes and smiled around my prick. "You like having a dick down your throat?"

"Mmpphh" Trish mumbled in the affirmative. I gripped a pigtail in each hand but didn't exert any force; Trish was busy doing all the work. I felt the cum boiling in my balls and without warning her I started ramming my cock into her mouth with as much energy as I'd fucked her pussy moments earlier. After an initial squeal of surprise, coupled with her eyes bulging momentarily in fear, Trish quickly adjusted to the brutal face-fucking she was receiving; she wasn't a beginner at this.

"Fuck Trish! I'm gonna cum!" I announced after just a few seconds. I took a couple of steps back quickly and left Trish kneeling there panting heavily anticipating my next move. "Uurrrrrr!" I groaned as I tugged on my throbbing dick and aimed it at the big-titted whore.

"Yeah baby. Cum on my face!" Trish begged as the first wad of my creamy jizz blasted her slutty face. "I love being your slut! Gimme some more, please!" A few seconds later I was spent, having sprayed several more loads of gooey cum on Trish's face; one landed on her chin and the last barely had any force behind it but still managed to leave a sticky rope over the top of her inflated left breast.

I buttoned up my shirt and recovered my boxers, pants and shoes. While I was doing this, Trish remained crouched on the floor slowly playing with her clit and groaning softly in the blissful warmth of our fuck session.

"Wait!" Trish came to life as I turned towards the locker-room door to leave. "You haven't fucked my ass yet!" She announced, sounding disappointed.

"Sorry babe, I gotta go fuck Kiebler." And with that I left without saying another word.

Outside in the corridor, several male wrestlers were milling about, trying but failing to disguise the fact that they'd been listening at the door; I grinned and headed towards Stacy's changing room. I knew full well Trish wouldn't be alone for long and would probably get gang-banged before the night was out. The little slut could have all the cock in the world but she'd still be sending me messages begging me to fuck her hard by tomorrow. All the WWE bitches were only good for fucking and I loved screwing every single one of them. As for Trish, the hard-bodied bimbo slut had had her turn for now and it didn't matter to her that I was booked for the other whore divas all week but that just meant she'd be aching for a good hard fucking by next week's RAW.

I love my job.