Hi everyone,

sorry for the lack of updates from me but here we go with a clip from the horror flick "Bloodwork" staring Mircea Monroe.

Mireca plays one of 20 people who voluntary test some new drugs for a pharma company. Side-effects are: Violent behavior (awww) and horniness (yay !). Mireca tries to "rape" a guy who sadly doesn't "suffer" from the same Side-Effects.

We still get to see her boobies so enjoy.

Actress: Mircea Monroe http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1597260/
Movie: Bloodwork http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1562567/
Tags: Mircea Monroe, Bloodwork, 2011, Slow-Motion, Tits, Breasts, Undressing, Kissing, Shes sneaks in the room of another test-subject, Then tries to seduce the poor guy, Takes off her shirt and kisses him, Then she decides to get more violent biting and punching him trying to somewhat rape him, Sadly he wins and kicks her out of the room
Duration / Size / Resolution: 1:52 / 14,4 MB / 656368
Format & Codec: AVI / Video: DivX 6.9.2 (1000kbps) & Audio: Mp3 (64kbps Mono)
Modifications: Raised Gamma, Brightness/Contrast, modified the colors (was way to blue), denoised the source and made a Slow-Motion Scene (Low Quality cause its quite blocky)