OK, before I start I want to make one thing clear – I am a big Ron Jeremy fan. I think he is a true artist and a great ambassador for the adult entertainment industry. He has also enjoyed a career most of us only dream of - fucking some of the most beautiful and talented women in porn, Traci Lords and Ginger Lyn spring to mind.

Ron 'The Hedgehog' Jeremy walked into his LA apartment, threw his keys on the kitchen bench and reached into the fridge for a beer. He was exhausted having been on set all day although not the whole day was spent in front of the camera.

He had arrived early to oversee the scene set up and run through some last minute instructions with Herschel Savage the movies director. Then his co-star had arrived and there followed the obligatory introductions. Although they had never met she was obviously aware of Ron's work and said that she was looking forward to working with him. Ron was happy, she had a very pretty face and huge tits, and he liked working with black girls as his cum looked good glistening on ebony skin.

Then it was into costume and makeup. The plot was loosely based on one of the Star Trek spin-offs so he was dressed in a tight red shirt and a pair of tight black pants which showed off his cock nicely. Then there was the obligatory wait while the crew did the final set up and prepared the shoot. After a lengthy wait and a few jokes with the crew he had heard the call, and his co star had appeared wearing a sparkling bikini and some flashing antenna. Going through his lines one last time as they took up their positions the director called 'Lights, Camera… and Action.'

After some corny dialog about the space virgin being curious about earth men and how they reproduce he took out his penis and told her to get down on her knees. She had sucked his dick for all she was worth and soon had the massive member standing at full erection. He then stripped her and lifted her onto a control consul and ate her pussy out, making her cum. Standing up he had impaled her on his monster meat and pumped till he was ready to blow, paused and eased himself out of her spasming cunt. He turned her around, bent her over and entered her from behind, again pumping her quim until he was ready to squirt and then withdrawing - this time aiming his tool at her asshole. He vigorously buggered her, his heavy balls slapping against her clit, until he heard Herschel cry out 'OK time for the Money Shot.' Ron pulled out and she turned around, dropping to her knees He jerked spurt after spurt of jism over her face and into her open mouth. The camera panned in to focus on the white sperm dripping onto her heavy breasts and she took hold of his now drooping prick and used the cock head to rub his spunk into her tits, especially her nipples.

'Cut, nice job you two,' the director had said, and with that Ron and his well fucked co star had shaken hands and gone off to get dressed. But Ron had stayed around to watch the next scene being filmed. It was to be a threesome and he had been giving the young male stud a few pointers on doing two women at once when the time came for action. He watched as the two women had sucked cock and been fucked in turn, with more than a little lesbian cunt licking and fingering to keep the action hot. Despite emptying his nuts only an hour earlier Ron felt his cock stirring in his pants and he excused himself from the set to go and find the fluffer he had seen working the young mans dick earlier. He had found her in the makeup trailer and had talked her onto her knees in two minutes flat. She had slowly wrapped her lips around his shaft and sucked him with all the passion of a lover and all the skill of a hooker, giving him the sloppy, slutty blowjob most men only dream of. The fact that it was off camera and for pleasure not profit, and yet was as dirty as any porn film, got him off quicker than normal, and his spooge soon surged up the length of his wang, through the head of his cock, and dribbled down her chin.

After giving the fluffer a thank you cunt lapping, nearly losing his ears when she had come moaning and yelping from the intense tongue work, he went off in search of the stills guy.

The stills guy was the photographer who took snaps of the sex scenes for sale to hard core magazines, and Ron wanted to approve the sheets of pictures from the last three days filming.

Sitting in a quiet office at the side of the set, flicking through pictures of himself having sex with several women, and in particular an orgy scene with a total of eight people which had been extremely hot to film, Ron found that his unstoppable dick was stirring again. He was already squeezing his tool through his pants when he arrived at the cumshot sequence from the group fuck scene. He and another man had knelt beside a beautiful blonde and had blown their loads over her tits, while another man had jacked his load over her nicely trimmed pubes. Ron was half looking at the pictures and half remembering the moment when he gripped his meat hard and came into his pants.

Happily spent, he was just about to leave when Herschel had come up to him and asked if he was interested in casting a new redhead for an upcoming film. Grinning, the big man said simply 'Lead on buddy' and followed the director to an adjoining set. There was harsh studio lighting illuminating a stage with only a sofa for furniture. Reclining on the sofa was a naked redhead with a pretty 'girl next door' face and a lovely, heavy pair of tits. She was gently rubbing her clit, and as the two men started to strip in front of her she lifted her finger to her mouth and tasted her own sex juice. They had stood in front of her and she had sucked and stroked them both to maximum stiffness. Ron had then moved to her pussy and for the third time that day began to probe her fleshy folds, making her shudder with raw lust.

By the time he had licked her to orgasm Herschel had already spunked his nuts over her face, his first load of the day. He was standing wanking himself back to erection as Ron placed the blunt head of his cock against the girls opening and thrust inch after inch of stiff fuckmeat into her body. By the time his heavy balls were resting against the soft curve of her ass her cunny was squeezing as another orgasm shuddered through her body. He pulled his long, veiny penis almost entirely out of her slippery slit then thrust it slowly back up to the hilt. She moaned, lost in a rolling multiple orgasm. 'Gimmie some of that cunt' Herschel grunted, his prick now hard again and jutting out in front of him. Ron laid down on the sofa on his back, the redhead then lay down on him face up and Herschel positioned himself between her legs, still jacking his pecker. Herschel slid his meat into her stretched opening and she ground her pussy back, with Ron's dick resting between her ass cheeks, and his hands wrapped around her pendulous boobs.

'How about some dirty talk, baby' suggested Herschel as he frantically fucked her. Moaning and whimpering she'd started to say 'fuck me harder, yeah, are you gonna put that big dick in my ass? There's a big hard cock in my cunt, fucking me, making me cum, ah, you going to fuck that cock up my virgin ass?, ooh yeah fuck me.'

Ron had rubbed the head of his dick against her puckered little asshole and felt her stiffen in anticipation, but then put his cock up against the base of Savage's shaft and firmly pushed his dick into her fuck hole. She had given a long, low grunt and then stayed silent, only able to focus on the two cocks reaming her flange. The two men had fucked her with gusto, knowing she would soon be spent and wanting to finish themselves before she made them stop, or she passed out from the intensity of her own orgasms. Pumping her slippery hole simultaneously had got both men quickly to the point of cumming and with a yell of 'Oh, fuck yeah, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!' Savage withdrew and vigorously pumped his dick squirting jet after jet of white sperm over the girls chest, belly and pubes. With globs of spunk still dripping from the head of his softening cock Savage had moved up to the girls head, bent down and kissed her and then placed the head of his penis into her mouth. Then it had been Ron's turn and he withdrew his already spurting cock and pushed it up between her legs. His semen splashed all over her trimmed pubic hair and ran like a river down her belly. Showing considerable skill she had reached down gently and massaged the last few drips of cum from his still engorged fuck tube while sucking Savages dark dick, and licking his empty balls.

Ron had dressed quickly while the other two had stayed on the couch kissing and cuddling. 'You aren't going to fuck her again are ya?' he asked as Herschel's cock began to twitch back into life. 'I do believe no one has fucked this young lady up the ass yet' had come the reply, and b fore his own desires could get the better of him he wished the aspiring porn star good luck with the upcoming movie, and said his goodbyes.

On the way home he had stopped at his local adult bookstore and picked up a copy of an old movie he had made, one of the first. Now he sat on his own sofa, beer in hand and the video remote beside him. He had slid the tape into the VCR and was fast forwarding to about where his scene was. Pressing play an image flickered into life on the giant TV screen. Ron, twenty years younger, was slipping his cock into Aunt Peg, and smiling to himself he took a swig of beer, reached down and unzipped his pant...