My name's Michelle Drake and I'm a psychologist. I love what I do, listen to people's problems and help them with their situations while getting inside their minds in a mental sense. I don't mind earning a living from it, I just love it because I'm a good listener and very approachable. As busy as my day was, my own mind was occupied by something or more likely someone. My mind was on my boyfriend Randy. I just missed him so much because he was away overseas with the other wrestlers at a match over in Ireland. They had to stay put for a while because of the smoke from that volcano in Iceland and the flights had to be grounded. However, he did call on my cell phone to tell me that everyone's fine and all that. It felt good to hear his voice over the phone.

His voice wasn't the only thing I missed about him. I missed his tattooed arms wrapped around me as he holds me, his smile, his kisses, etc. I felt lonely and cold in my own bed, not being with him. I've heard from some of my friends, who are wrestling fans, say a lot of crap because they're not fans of his. What they say about him didn't matter to me. In my mind, wrestlers have what I called a Jekyll/Hyde complex to them because they have to fight in the ring and that in public they are actually nice.

Every now and then, I still think about my first time with Randy, which was a couple of months ago. Randy may look intense and dangerous, but when it came to having sex with me, he treats me really, really good. He really knew how to please me, especially with his hands and his mouth. Plus, he loves it when I'm on top of him. There was even this one time I returned the favor when I gave him a massage. I even surprised him by wearing a wig and having all these different massage oils. He loved my surprise and it made him feel a lot better. He also likes to surprise me too and not just in bed. Often times, he would send me flowers, cards, and chocolates and one time when I was in the hospital for a sprained ankle he sent me a candy bouquet.

I was in my office having a semi-busy day of talking and listening to my patients. Then, I heard a knock on my office door. I opened the door and there was Randy. I was so happy to see him as I walked up to him and hugged him. As I hugged him, he wrapped his free arm around my waist. After the hug, he gave me this lovely bouquet of long-stemmed pink roses. I thanked him for the flowers as I took out the old flowers and put in them in a vase next to the bookshelf.

"You're the only thing on my mind the whole time I was gone. I miss you so much, baby." He said to me as he pulled me close to his body.

I looked into his blue eyes and said, "I've missed you too."

Then, I softly kissed his lips as I placed my hands on to his back. Randy broke this kiss and he took off my glasses. He gently touched my face and said, "You look so beautiful, Michelle."

Randy returned my kiss, which was much deeper and more passionate. As we kissed, he loosened and took off my long black tie. My hands sliently slipped under his black short sleeved shirt to feel his hard, ripped body. We pulled apart as he unbuttoned my black ruffle-collared jacket. I took off my jacket while he unhooked my plain white corset was in front of my white blouse. He deeply kissed my lips again while his hands went up and down my back. Our tongues slowly danced in each other's mouths. He tasted like energy drink mixed with a hint of peppermint. I helped him take the shirt off from his body.

I said to Randy as I touched his chest, "I missed the feel of your body against mine."

I inhaled his scent, which was a mix of Axe, pheromones, and testoserone. He then slowly unbuttoned my blouse, one button at a time. His hands moved from my back to my shapely ass. He gave my ass a gentle squeeze with both of his hands.

He whispered, "Oh God, how I miss those curves of yours."

I was indeed a curvy woman. A curvy, voluptuous woman with a womanly figure. I unbuttoned the cuffs of my blouse before sliding it from my body. He started kissing up and down my neck while his fingers traced the outline of my black satin and lace bra. He reached around and unhooked the back of my bra, setting my lush, heavy breasts free. He scooped me up into his arms and carried me to my beige-colored comfortable couch, where my patients would sit or lay as they would tell me their problems. Once I got myself comfortable, Randy's mouth lowered to my breasts as he sucked and licked them. I sighed at the feel of his warm mouth on them. His hands then traveled down to the waistband of my plain black stretch pants. He unbuttoned and unzipped my pants with one hand while his other hand supported the back of my head. Randy sat on the other end of the couch and took off my black platform Mary Jane shoes. He briefly massaged both of my feet before kissing my ankles. He helped me remove my pants from my body before tossing them aside, leaving me in my matching black satin and lace low-rise bikini panties.

He then pulled me close to him and deeply kissed my lips again. His lips moved down to the spot between my neck and shoulder while one of his hands stroked my midnight black hair. My nerves blazed at the feel of his lips there. He smelled my scent, made up of vanilla, dark chocolate, caramel, espresso, Dove soap, and pheromones. My arousing combination of scents had turned him on. I then kissed him back. After that, I kissed and licked down from his lips down to his ripped stomach. My hands caressed his body from his face all the way down to his waist.

My hands then stopped at the waistband of his dark jeans. Then, I noticed a wet precum spot on his boxer shorts as I took off his jeans.

I looked up and said to Randy, "My, you're wet."

"I've been thinking of you since last night before my flight." He said to me with a sexy smirk.

So I pulled off his boxer shorts from his body. With my mouth, I awakened the sleeping anaconda between his legs. I softly licked him with my tongue before I took him into my mouth. As I licked the precum from his cock, Randy stroked my long, black, satin-like hair with his hands. I loved how his hands would play with my hair, which was in a low sided ponytail and had curled ends.

Randy moaned some more, only a little louder. His hands had moved from my hair to my breasts as I resumed licking and sucking him.

"Baby, I've missed everything about you. Let me show you how much I miss you." He loudly moaned.

I took his cock out of my mouth, crawled myself up on top of him, and passionately kissed his lips. He wrapped his tattooed arms around my waist, lifted me, placed me with my back against the wall, pushed my panties aside, and started tasting me down there. I loudly moaned and groaned as I wrapped my legs around his neck. I just loved that not only is Randy so hot, but he's also so strong and at times so sexual. The shared lustful passion we have was like that of a gladiator/widowed (or unhappily married) empress fantasy, where the empress is drawn to the strong, handsome gladiator and then he pleasures her way better than her emperor husband.

With every lick and suck Randy had delivered to my pussy, I felt my juices leaking into his mouth like an overflowing dam about to burst. After I came into his mouth, Randy kissed my lips so we could taste my nectar in each other's mouths.

Randy looked at me, licked his lips, and said to me, "I miss how sweet you taste."

He then walked over to the couch, removed the cushions, and opened the sofa sleeper bed. I got out the pillows from the storage closet and placed them on the sofa bed. I'm probably the only psychologist with a sofa sleeper in the office because sometimes I get really sleepy and I don't want to fall asleep behind the wheel. Once the sofa bed was set, Randy took my hand, led me to the bed, and he laid me down. He kissed my lips as he slid his hands down my hips and took off my panties. He then put a condom on his still-wide awake male anaconda, pulled me up, laid back, and slipped himself inside me. I let out a gasp as I slowly began riding on top of him. As I rode him, I rocked my hips against him. I moaned and groaned as Randy caressed my body up and down with his hands. I rode his cock hard and slow while he continued touching my body. I leaned my body forward and kissed his lips. I bounced on him a little faster, I moaned at the feel of his cock in and out of me. He, too, loved the feel of his cock in my pussy.

With his cock still inside me, Randy got up and kissed me. His hands caressed up and down my back. His mouth moved lowered to kiss my breasts. He even licked my round nipples with his tongue. He thrusted into my pussy once more while he held me close. We stimutaneously moaned and groaned as our bodies were drenched in passion and pheromones. He laid me on my back and placed a pillow under my ass. He held both of my thighs as he slipped his male anaconda into my pussy. He planted kisses all over my body as he thrusted in and out. We climaxed at the same time as our moans. Finally, Randy pulled out, took off the condom, and made a trail of male venom that flowed from my breasts all the way down to my outer sugar walls. I kissed his lips as he laid on top of my body. Our bodies were drenched in sweat, passion, and pheromones.

"I'm so glad you're here with me now." I said to him, looking into his blue eyes.

"I'm glad to be here with you too, Michelle. I had really missed you." He replied to me as he kissed my lips.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it also makes the libido crave more.