The girl sat nervously at her desk. The Professor walked into the room and regarded her angrily.

'I'm very disappointed. Why did you do this?'

Mr Tennant walked to the lecture theatre door, pausing slightly before closing, then locking it. He turned to the girl once more.

'It's a good job we've finished university for the day. We need to have a serious talk.' Her lecturer was stern.

Lucy's grin grew uncontrollably. 'LUCY!' her teacher shouted, responding to the girl's mischief. She looked shocked. 'Come here!' he said, still angry.

At eighteen, she still had a mischievous streak, and couldn't help but smile at the idea of the Professor teaching her a proper lesson.

She stood, and moved towards the professor as he sat on the corner of his desk. 'I'm sorry Sir.' She said, feigning innocence. 'I didn't mean to forget my coursework again. It just kind of happened.' She hoped playing innocent would work. She had forgotten to do the work in question, spending time watching DVD's instead. She decided to push for some sympathy from her good looking teacher. She'd had a crush on him since he started teaching her degree class, and she'd long since given up trying to stop herself becoming attracted to him.

She looked at the floor, leaning back to sit on one of the long desks in the room. It gave her a chance to show off her legs. Her skirt was rolled up slightly, and her blouse unbuttoned at the top. Whilst she wasn't looking, Mr Tennant gave his student an appraising look, his eyes lingering on the bottom of her skirt and at the hint of breast that he could see.

He walked over to her. His face was a picture. He was desperately trying to control his urges, but she was so perfect, he wanted her. 'Look at me.' He said, trying to stop his voice from wavering. 'LOOK AT ME!' he commanded, his voice hard. She looked up into his brown eyes and nearly melted. He realised suddenly that he had to play the part. She had purposely ignored him when he was talking nicely to her, and chose to respond when he was telling her off. Inwardly, he took a deep breath as he realised what he had to do.

Lucy continued to look at him, knowing he wanted her, and knowing she was desperate to rip off his clothes. She continued her act of innocence. 'Please Sir. I'm sorry. Really I am.' She played the part well.

'Not good enough' he continued. He pulled off his tie and began to unbutton his shirt. 'Take off your clothes.' He commanded roughly. She had the good grace to pretend to look shocked.

'But Sir.' She started.

'No buts. You want to apologise, you'll do it the way I want. Get your skirt off.' When she did nothing, he knew there was only one way to handle it! 'NOW!' he shouted, thanking his stars it was the end of the day, and everyone had lef the campus.

She took her clothes off slowly, savouring the look on his face as he watched her. He continued to get undressed, his dick hardening at the sight of her now naked body trembling in front of him.

Roughly, he grabbed her body, and she gasped. He threw her onto the desk in front of him, and knelt over her. Grabbing her tie, he pulled her arms above her head, and tied them together, attaching the tie to the desk leg.

She was now at his total mercy. She bit her lip and moved her mouth to lick his erection. He allowed himself to enjoy the feeling for a few seconds, before remembering his part in the act. 'Stop it.' He said harshly. 'You only do what I tell you. Do you understand?'

'Yes.' Said Lucy, breathlessly.

'Yes WHAT?' shouted her teacher.

'Yes SIR.' She replied, her body aching with desire.

'What do you want?' he demanded of his prone slave.

'I want you to make me scream, make me come. I want you to use me.' She answered, purposely leaving out the title he wanted her to use.

'WHAT?' He played angry, looking fierce, his desire for her even greater now she was completely in his power.

'I want you to make me scream.' She left the title out again. She wanted to see what would happen if she pushed him. Wanted to know what he would do.

He smiled, a little cruelly, as he knew she would want. He hands reached down to her heaving breasts, and twisted the nipples hard, making her cry out with pain and desire. He twisted again and again.

'NOW. What do you want to happen?' he asked again.

'I want you to make me scream, and come. And I want you to use me. SIR' She screamed the last word out as he gave her nipples a particularly hard twist.

'That's better.' He said, moving his hands around her breasts, and down her body. He couldn't resist any longer, and fell to her cunt, kissing her thighs and sticking his tongue deep into her. She groaned loudly and he frowned. 'We can't have that.' He said. 'Make another noise, Madam, and I'll have to stop you. Do you understand?'

'Yes Sir.' She said, swooning at the thought, and squirming through pure pleasure. He continued to lick her out, grabbing her backside, and pulling her into his mouth. She came suddenly, and called out, despite her promise.

'Now, now.' he said, stopping once more. He stood and reached for his tie, before moving to her head, and forcing it between her lips and tying it tightly. 'I warned you.' He said, looking hard, enjoying the sight of her face, looking at him with pure pleasure, and pretend fear.

He began to twist her nipples cruelly again, watching her face, before moving between her legs once more. This time, he grabbed her legs and turned her over. His fingers traced a line down her back before moulding her arse. He pulled her open, and his thumb began to stroke the middle of her anus, causing her to gasp into her gag. He smiled, and spanked her hard, feeling her body tense up, and hearing her shocked scream. Another smack. 'No screaming. What did I tell you?' he asked. 'If you understand, nod.' She nodded, and tried to stifle her next scream and the hand came down again. He frowned. 'Not hard enough.' He said, and reached behind. He pulled out a long flat ruler, and smiled. SMACK. The ruler came down hard. Lucy managed to stop herself screaming, as the ruler came down again and again.

'This is what happens when you forget you homework.' He said, the spanking becoming harder. Red marks appeared on her cheeks, and she moaned.

Suddenly, the ruler stopped, and his hands caressed her cheeks once more. She felt his tongue around her pussy lips again, and he pulled her up to her knees. Her hands were still tied up, so her movements were severely limited.

He positioned himself behind her, and teased the entrance to her pussy with the tip of his cock. She tried to lean backwards, but was too restricted. He grinned, and pushed his whole length into her, enjoying the feeling of the walls of her cunt closing around her.

He moved his hand round and played with her clit as another groan left her lips. He stopped himself before he came, forcing himself to calm down and pulled himself out of her and turning her back round. He took out the gag, and looked down at her. 'Now. Are you going to behave?' he asked the prone student.

'Yes.' She said, giving him a teasing look.

'Yes WHAT?' he demanded

'Yes SIR.' She gave in, desperate for him to continue fucking him.

He shook his head and plunged into her cunt without any warning, pulling on her nipples again. He forced himself into her, as she screamed with pleasure.

He fucked her with total abandon, feeling her tense up as she came once again. He could feel his own orgasm building, and began to fuck her even more intensely.

'Oh GOD!' she screamed. 'Oh David!' she used his Christian name, and he frowned and twisted her nipples again.

'NO!' he shouted.

'Oh Mr Tennant! Oh SIR!!' She called, the pain and pleasure making her nearly pass out.

'Oh Lucy!!!' He came hard, pushing himself into her again and again.

He stopped as the last bits of come left him and stood. He looked down at the student, before untying her. She sat up and reached for her clothes. He grabbed her hand as she reached forwards.

'Forget your coursework again, and we'll have to have another lesson after campus hours.' He said, smiling.

'Yes Sir.' She said. 'When's the next one due in for?'

'Two days time.' He replied.

'Oh dear.' She said, finishing dressing, and opening the door. 'I think I've forgotten to do it!' she smiled and walked out, leaving Mr Tennant alone in the room.