It was a contest.

One of those "A Dinner with your favorite Porn - Star" raffle-things, at an Adult Entertainment Convention in Vegas.

I figured, what the fuck? I've never won anything in my life anyway, so what's the harm?

Wouldn't you know it? My name gets called out of the bin and I almost faint like a pansy! Then again, it's dinner with Jeannie Pepper! Or Angel Hall or Wanda Rudelstein, or whatever her real name is. I adore this Ebony Porn goddess from the eighties and I'm a fan from way, way back. JP and I are about the same age, so I remember her debut in Black Taboo and I've followed her film career ever since.

Dinner was great. We're at her hotel's restaurant and she's just put her fork down, having finished her Caesar Salad with a Diet Coke. Me? I had some chicken strips, a regular Coke with a side of fries.

I wore a brown suit and tie (mentally thanking God, I worked out at least four times a week) she had a chiffon-like one piece black dress, which was loose fitting but still showed of her impressive curves. Light make-up around her almond-shaped eyes, that didn't distract from her creamy, smooth brown skin and she wore her hair in a bun with a silver broach.

This woman has traveled almost all Europe and the Caribbean. The things she's seen and done are enough for one lifetime. She's amazed and embarrassed at how much I know about her, at least, what is publically known and of the movies she's starred in.

I know what you're thinking, porn queens say what people want to hear; their lives are rife with sexual abuse and other hardships and, I'll admit, I saw her eyes glaze over occasionally, lost in some unpleasant memory as the conversation would steer into something that seemed to touch a nerve but I'm pleased to report that, with me at least, she was brutally honest, outspoken, opinionated and very funny.

Since we're both in our forties, we talked about computers, the Internet, how things have changed in the world since we were kids, etc., etc.,

The night could've ended right there and I would've had a grin that would have lasted me until I was ready to be taken to the old folks home. Jeannie nods at somebody and I look over my shoulder to see this large, burly guy, whose suit seems about to burst from his biceps and appears to have been an ex-football player, nod back and get up from his stool at the bar and leave.

"Bodyguard." she replies. "A girl can't be too careful. Lot of weirdos out there."

"I take it I'm not one." I retort.

"No" she flashed that sexy smile I know so well, "I'm a pretty good judge of people. You could've been a freak or one of those hypocrites that want to get close to me to try and either "convert me" or see if I'll fuck them straight out. No. Not you. I just met you and I felt like I was with an old friend. And besides you're my number one fan."

Can you believe it? I'm blushing like a twelve year old.

"Let's go before I embarrass you anymore."

"Where we going?" I ask impishly.

"To dance, silly," she winks at me. "You think a body like this is maintained by just salads alone?"

It's around 2 AM when we get back to her hotel room. I may be just an average white guy, whose heavily into ebony beauties, but I've clocked some serious hours on the dance floor. I can hold my own but this woman is way out of my league. What a dancer!

But as they say, "all good things come to an end."

I shake her hand, thank her again and turn to leave. I'm totally taken by surprise as she grabs me by my sleeve and whispers, "Uh-uh. Nightcap."

The curtains of her eleven story window are drawn back and I can see the multicolored lights of the strip from here. Jeannie went into the bathroom, with a wink and a sly smile.

Me? My mind is too numb trying to absorb this moment and I still can't believe it. I'm about to bed a woman I've fantasied in the privacy of my own home since ... forever.

"Ahem." Jeannie clears her throat, announcing her return, I turn around and my eyes almost pop out of their sockets.

She's wearing a white teddy, like in her "Red Satin Sheets" pictorial on her web page, with no panties. Her bush is in the shape of a small rectangle, her breasts are two caramel- colored melons, with big areolas and each nipple standing at attention. My dick is almost about to choke inside my pants.

I start walking towards her and she stops me with the kind of no-nonsense authority she uses as a dominatrix. "Few rules, before we begin" she says dead seriously. "No kissing in the mouth. No anal. And we use this ..." from her other hand she produces a condom. She sees the slight expression of disappointment on my face and ignores it. "Sorry, baby. But safe sex or no sex."

Faced with the choice, I decide on the latter. Wouldn't you?

Just as soon as I finished taking off my clothes I turn to look at my porn queen. Jeannie Pepper is sitting on a chair, her shapely legs wide open, bent at the knees and I have a close up view of her pussy. I know this body, yet I've never seen it in person before tonight.

I've seen and studied photos of when she was younger and skinnier. I can tell you that she has a tiny mole on her left leg, inner thigh and that for awhile she had a dark patch on her right breast, that scared me into believing she had skin cancer. Yet, while it's familiar, it's still brand new. It's like an odd case of deja vu.

My lips travel lightly over her thigh's soft skin, placing tiny kissing here and there. Her cunt smells like cherries, it must a cream she put on it while in the bathroom.

I attack her engorged dark petal-like lips with fervor. I nibble her outer rim and my porn goddess sighs her approval. Seeing her like this reminds me of her opening lesbian scene in "Anything Butt Love".

My tongue then forms an arrow head and I pump the tip into her pink inner flesh as far inside as it will go. I tongue-fuck her for as long as I can resist when I finally cover her clit with my mouth and suck on it.

Her response was to hiss through her clenched teeth and grab my head with her well manicured fingers, grinding her pussy into my face. My chin is covered with her cherry and saliva flavored cum.

Jeannie's eyes are afire.

As a reward, for a great "appetizer" she begins to blow me without the rubber on. My dick is average sized so I have no false illusions there but she swallows my rod with an ease that is still impressive. But she's always been underrated as far as blow-jobs go. See her last scene in "Bung ho, babes!" and it's that kind of rapt attention that she's giving my cock, to the point of tickling my balls. And my dick is so ramrod straight that you could easily tie it to my waist.

God damn! She gives great head!

Now that my dick's wet and slippery, she opens the condom and with practiced ease, slips it on.

Even licking over the rubber she is sending shivers of pleasure up my entire rod. I can't take it anymore and I tell her so. "I got to stick it in you!" I beg her.

"Sure, sweet stuff. Sure." She chuckles and stands up, hands on her shapely hips, her trimmed bush inches from my face, glistening with wetness.

My porn queen pushes me back on the chair, takes my latex enveloped dick with one hand, inserts it slowly and begins to rides me. She's totally in control now and I don't fucking mind. I'm too busy squeezing and licking her two bouncing tits, a childish grin plastered on my face. I feel like Peter North in their scene together in "Anything Butt Love."

"Uhhhh ..." she moans huskily. I steal a quick glance away from her flapping bosom and see her eyes squeezed shut, while her tongue is licking her lips. For a second I wonder where she is mentally. Now she's turning around, her gyration screwing my cock tighter and my black goddess is, dick still inside her, sitting with her hour-glass shaped back towards me.

For the umpteenth time I wish to God, I could fuck that ass. All I can do is put my index finger in her hole. "Oh, yeah. That's it." she acknowledges my tiny invasion of her anus.

She's going faster now, faster. Totally immersed in what's she's doing.

I'm about to burst and I tell her. "I'm going to cum."

Her response? She gets off me with a wet sounding pop and squeezes my dick hard by the base! I'm totally stunned!

"Not yet, baby. I just got started." My cock's throbbing subsides slightly then she flashes me a wicked smile and gets on the bed. Jeannie's on all fours, shaking her shiny pussy and ass, tantalizing me yet again.

"Besides, we haven't done it doggie-style yet." she adds coyly.

I almost charge at her.

Pepper swipes a pillow and places it underneath her washboard stomach, to help her tilt her hips slightly. Without help this time, I find the mark and glide in, picking up where I left off.

In a few seconds, I'm pumping away like that "Mole" dude in "Strange Bedfellows" or that dude (whose name I can't remember) that fucking nailed Jeannie to a sofa in "Spys and Butts."

My hands are gripping firmly her buttocks and I've got to say, girl can take a pounding!

" Ah-huh. Oh... fuck yeah. Fuck yeah!" she calls out, while shaking her head from side to side. The room's air conditioner is on full blast and I'm sweating, regardless. It seems like hours but it's only minutes. I'm wishing this moment will never fucking end.

Then I feel it. A slight tightening of her pussy walls on my dick.

That's it! I can't hold back any longer. I cum happily, filling the rubber with enough of my love juice that it almost spills back out. As I start to black out from the Herculean exertion, the last thing I see is her winking at me.

I could go on but why bother? We used three condoms total that night (after I recuperated) but I hate to brag. Suffice to say, I got MY workout.

It's morning now and my porn queen is on her side of the bed fast asleep. I gather my clothes and look at her for what will be the final time. I'm sad that this night ended but happy that I experienced it. Although nobody will believe it, even if I was ever going to tell them (as if).

Before I leave, I kiss the tip of my finger and softly touch her button-like nose.

"I'll never forget this or you." I whisper softly and even though she's still asleep the corners of her mouth slowly turn upward.

That smile! I'd go to hell and back for that smile!