Kaylee lay in bed thinking. People didn't much consider Kaylee a thinker. Genius with machines, yes, and everyone certainly liked havin' her onboard like a ray of sunshine out in the black but thinkin' was never considered a pastime of hers. She did think, though. Not the deep thoughts of the universe, like some, but thoughts important enough to her. She worried for the captain, worried about whether or not he'd find them another job, and what that might mean for her and the rest of the crew. She thought about Inara, and imagined the glamour of her life; she never could quite take in all the grandeur that went into being a companion. All she saw was that Inara was sure beautiful, and she had all sorts of pretties that a simple girl like herself'd never need. She thought about lots of things, but mostly she thought about Simon. Much as she liked Simon, and much as he oftentimes seemed to like her, somethin' always went wrong. "Things didn't go smooth," as the captain woulda said. And things just weren't the same after she told the crew about River's incident at Niska's space station.

Sighing, Kaylee tossed and turned in bed. Tossed, and turned, and thought...and slowly drifted to sleep.

Waking suddenly, Kaylee looked around her room. Seemed like somethin' wasn't right. Pulling the sheet up around her naked body, she glanced around, ensuring that she was in fact where she belonged. With a clang, she heard someone descending the ladder into her bunk. Straining to see in the dark, all she could make out was a vague form approaching her bed.

"Kaylee?" a familiar voice called to her quietly in the dark.

"...Simon?" Kaylee looked at the figure approaching her, pulling the sheet tighter.

"Yes. It's me, don't be afraid."

"Simon, what are you doing here?" Kaylee asked.

He reached the bed. Kneeling down, Simon placed a finger over her lips. "Shhh. I'm here for you." Quickly he replaced the finger with his lips. Shocked and confused, Kaylee thought to resist, but that thought quickly faded as her body ignited with arousal over the touch of Simon's lips and the prospects of her situation. Instead, then, she fell into the kiss wholeheartedly, closing her eyes and wrapping an arm around Simon, her other arm still holding the sheet over her bare flesh.

Sitting on the bed beside her, Simon pulled out a bundle from behind his back. "I brought these for you," he whispered. Turning on a small light beside the bed, he opened the bundle and exposed a little box of strawberries. Kaylee's eyes widened. She reached out slowly and took one, looking at Simon with a smile of awe, her gaze flitting back and forth from him to the sweet and rare piece of fruit in her hand. Slowly, gingerly, she brought it to her mouth, wrapping her lips around it, her eyes rolling back in her head with pleasure.

"I would bring you strawberries every day if it meant I could always see you in such ecstasy," Simon said, watching her face intently.

Kaylee smiled impishly and leaned in, whispering in Simon's ear, "You know, there's other ways to put me in ecstasy."

Putting the rest of the strawberries aside, Simon responded without missing a beat, "I'm sure there are. And I intend to find every. last. one of them."

Kaylee's eyes widened to hear the doctor speak so candidly. Putting a hand on the side of her neck, Simon pressed his lips to the beautiful young mechanic's cheek, impressing a gentle kiss, moving to nibble her earlobe. A grin of simple childish excitement spread across Kaylee's face; finally, she was getting what she'd been waiting for all this time. Simon's ministrations moved to her neck, lightly biting the flesh, and trailing kisses down to her shoulders and chest. Kaylee unbuttoned the doctor's shirt, sliding it off his shoulders, and pulled his undershirt off over his head. Her fingers traced the lines of Simon's muscled physique, over his shoulders and chest, putting the flat of her hand on his abs, sliding down to take his belt off as she let the sheet drop from her torso. Locking Kaylee in a deep kiss, Simon pushed her back onto the bed, climbing atop her as she worked at removing his pants. Lovingly, almost somberly, Simon kissed and caressed her breasts, pinching her erect nipples, eliciting a moan from Kaylee. Simon's pants and underwear slid together off his body and onto the floor, his exposed erection pressing against Kaylee's thigh through the bedsheet. Pushing the sheet away from Kaylee's naked body, Simon reached his hand between her legs, caressing the smooth flesh and letting his fingertips glide over her hot and dripping sex. As if ignited by the feel of her desire, Simon pressed his lips to Kaylee's with a powerful ardor, pushing himself between her legs and guiding himself into her.

Kaylee gasped with powerful sensation as Simon thrust into her, sweat beading on her brow and his alike in their fiery passion. Simon's body moved with hers, their breath coming in gasps and moans as he took her; Kaylee cried out as her body flamed with overwhelming need. Their bodies moved in harmony, hot sweat dripping from Simon's chest onto Kaylee's, and Simon moaned a quiet, "Oh, Kaylee," as Kaylee gasped and cried out, their two bodies together reaching the ultimate pleasure.

With a start, Kaylee awoke. Looking about her room, and finding it dissatisfyingly empty, she sighed, understanding seeping into her mind. "Oh well," she said to herself, "a dream's better'n nothin' I guess..." and she sank back into bed, and sleep, hoping for more sweet dreams.