Mike tossed the issue of Variety on the small table beside him and looked at his watch. It was an old issue he'd read before, anyway. The casting agent seemed to have forgotten their appointment. He glanced at the bored receptionist, wondering what he should do next, when the door to the office opened.

"Mike..." A thin, middle-aged man glanced at the photo and resume in his hand, then looked up again. "Bine?"

"Bean. It-it's pronounced 'bean.'"

"Yeah, Biehn. Got it. Come in." The man quickly disappeared into his office. With a last glance at the receptionist, Mike followed him inside. The casting agent quickly closed the door behind him. "Sit down," he said, indicating a black, leather sofa in front of a wet bar built into the wall. He dropped the photo and resume on the huge wooden desk, plopped into a leather chair and leaned back.

"You wanna do a cold read or you gonna do a monologue?"

Mike shrugged. "Whatever you want."

The agent looked him carefully. "I just might take you up on that. Why don't you do a cold read, then?" He handed the young man a well-thumbed script. "This is the picture. Your agent tell you about it?"

Mike nodded as he flipped the pages. "He told me who's in it, the director, stuff like that."

"Good, good. I like an actor who comes prepared." Something about the way he said it made Mike flinch, but he shrugged it off. "So read. Start on that page and just read till I tell you to stop. The character is a psycho, a stalker, got it?"

Mike nodded. "I think so. May I--?"

"What? Oh, sure, sure. Look it over first. Take all the time you want. Then just jump in."

"Thanks." Mike glanced it over. A psycho. A psycho in love. A guy with big impossible dreams of getting a woman he could never have. Mike suppressed a sardonic smile. What was that like, he wondered, thinking about the busty blonde who'd just moved in down the hall from him. Then he focused again.

He nodded to the agent, then began to read. It felt good. It felt right. He kept his mind focused on the words in front of him and kept reading. He moved around the man's office, taking advantage of the space. This scene was loaded with sexual suggestions and Mike put everything he had into them. He had to be doing well - the man had yet to stop him. He'd been to auditions where he barely got to read a sentence, but this guy was letting him read the whole thing! As he neared the end of the scene, he began to wonder if he should just keep reading when finally the casting agent stopped him.

"Good job. Real nice. You did some nice stuff there." The agent paused, studying him. Mike waited, looking outwardly cool even as his heart was hammering in his chest. "You could be the one."

"Thank you," Mike said evenly.

"Take your shirt off. Let's see how you're built."

He hesitated a moment. His agent had said nothing about this.

"Kid, this is a visual business," the man added impatiently. "Now let's see."

Slowly, he pulled his shirttail out of his jeans and carefully unbuttoned his shirt. The soft, woven cotton slipped down one arm and was tossed onto the black leather couch behind him.

"Nice...nice," said the older man, nodding appreciatively. "Turn....Yeah, very nice..."

Mike closed his eyes, trying to ignore the leer in the man's voice. The casting agent stood and moved closer, till the young actor could feel the man's hot breath on his bare shoulders.

"How bad you want this role?"

"I don't really--"

"This role has nudity in it. It has sex. Can you do sex?"

He nodded, unable to find his voice, as a hand slid up his back.

"Show me," the older man said, sliding his hands over the smooth, muscular shoulders.

Mike turned his head, startled. "You-you want me to--?"

"I can do a lot for you," the man purred. "Introduce you to all the right names. Get you in all the right doors." He squeezed Mike's shoulder. "Can make you a big man in this town." His hand slid away and he moved behind the desk again. "But you gotta show me you can hack it."

Mike shook his head and started to turn to retrieve his shirt.

"Look, kid, right behind that door you came in there'll be another actor who maybe wants the role more'n you. And for guys like you, there's--" He pointed out the window at a Jack-in-the-Box sign across the street. "We understand each other?"

The young man swallowed. "What do you want?" he asked softly.

The agent smiled, displaying a mouthful of expensively capped, perfect teeth. "I wanna see the rest of you. I told you--there's nudity in this project." He poured two glasses of whiskey from a decanter and handed one to Mike. "Here, this'll help."

Mike swallowed the burning liquor quickly. He glanced down at the waistband of his jeans and slowly, carefully he unbuttoned the top of his jeans, his fingers shaking slightly. He looked up and saw the lustful gleam in the agent's eyes. Quickly he looked down again as he unzipped his fly and eased his jeans down over the slim hips to his lean thighs. When the man said nothing, he continued, easing his briefs down, too. Finally, the last of his clothes joined his shirt on the sofa. He felt the cool air of the room's air conditioning against his skin.

"Turn," the man ordered.

Mike swallowed, then turned, trying to avoid looking in the man's eyes. He knew what he would see there and it made his stomach cramp. The man moved closer.

"Yeah," the casting agent said softly, his desire obvious as his eyes lingered over the young actor's groin. "You got a lot of assets. I see star material in you. You work out, don't you?"

Despite the circumstances, the young man could feel his face color with a tinge of pride at the compliment. He nodded. "Pretty much."

"Yeah, I could tell. Here. Have another drink; you look a little cold in here. Damned air conditioning...Football?"

Mike nodded again, his skin starting to prickle with the cool air in the room. "And basketball."

"Yeah?" The agent dropped his voice. "Maybe we could go a little...one-on-one...sometime..."

'Not a chance,' the young man thought even as he said "Yeah. Sometime."

"How about...now?"

Mike shook his head and turned to retrieve his clothes. "Look, I'm not gay..." The man merely shrugged in response. "And I don't-"

"Don't what? Don't wanna be a star? You getting a lotta phone calls now, kid?"

"A few."

"Really? From who?"

"Okay, well, one or two, but-"

"'But' nothing. Doesn't have to be that way. Nice, young stud like you."

Mike bristled. "I came here about the part. Now do I get it or not? Anything else you want, you can buy on Sunset."

"The kid's got balls," the man grinned. "Not that I hadn't already noticed." He moved closer. "Y'know what I want? I want somethin' only you can give me. I want a few minutes of your time...and I want this..." His hand moved slowly over the smooth curves of Mike's small, tight ass.

"Please," Mike said softly. "I-I can't."

"Sure ya can!" The man was massaging his shoulders now, talking in a soft, smooth voice. "There's just me and just you here. You be nice to me, and bingo, bango, bongo, you got a role your buddies back in acting class'll be droolin' over. Here, have another drink and we can toast your success."

Mike swallowed his third drink quickly. The room was getting warmer and he was starting to relax a little, in spite of himself. "How--?"

"Right here," the agent said, tapping the desktop. "Just bend over for a few, then you can put on your clothes and start figuring out how you're gonna handle stardom.."

Mike swallowed the lump in his throat that seemed to choke him. He hesitated fro a long moment, then slowly bent over until his chest pressed against the shiny, cold surface of the desk, his fingers gripping the smooth edges.

"Spread your legs. Wide."

He bit his lip to hold back a groan as a firm hand reached between his legs to cup his lightly-furred balls. The man reached into his desk drawer for a moment, fumbling for something. Mike raised his head and turned to see the agent take out a condom and small tube of Vaseline. He turned his head again, and rested his cheek against the desk, trying not to think about what was about to happen.

He could hear the man fumble with his zipper, hear it unzip behind him. Clumsy fingers greased his entrance with the warm, slick Vaseline and he grit his teeth.

"So tense," the older man said softly. "I ain't gonna hurt ya. I like you. I wanna help you, remember? Relax, so we can both enjoy it."

Mike tightened his grip on the desktop's edges. He wanted to change his mind, to punch the guy in his leering face, to grab his clothes and run out of there and never look back. But he couldn't. This role, this part, it was a lot, it was everything. Big name stars, a famous director, and a major motion picture. And him as the star. The Star. It could change his whole career, his whole life. Taken that way, five minutes didn't seem like a big trade for a whole lifetime. And the liquor helped.

Something hot and rubbery pressed against the cleft of his buttocks. He clenched for a moment, then forced himself to relax. He wanted to get it over with. He wanted the man to stop talking to him and just do it and be done with it.

There was a pause and the prick that poked at him was replaced by a finger, pushing gently but persistently into him. He bit his fist, groaning at the intrusion.

"Easy, kid..."

A second finger joined the first and scissored him open, stretching the ring of muscle till it relaxed a little. He gripped the desk's edges again, his knuckles white. He could imagine how he looked, bent naked over the desk, his torso spread along its surface as the casting agent prepared him.

A moment later, the rubber-covered head pressed against his anus again, more determined than before. He felt the puckered opening give as the man paused, the head of his cock now inside the young man. Hands massaged his shoulders.


As his body accommodated the girth of the agent's penis, he felt it enter his virgin channel, then pause again. He was surprised at the fullness he felt as the man waited for him to get used to it.

"Ooooh, kid..." the agent groaned. "You're so hot, so tight inside...."

Mike closed his eyes tightly, squeezing out a couple of tears as he did so. His anus burned at the invasion. God, make him get this over with!

Slowly, rhythmically, the man began to fuck his ass. His hips moved slowly at first, nearly pulling the young actor off the desk and pushing him back down with each stroke. Slowly the pace began to increase, the casting agent drawing almost all the way out, emptying the young man, before thrusting into him again as he moved closer to his own climax. Mike could no longer hold back; his groans now in a rhythm with the man's thrusting.

The long, deep thrusts began to stroke along his prostate, eliciting a new response. Mike's body shivered all over as the man seemed to find a pleasure spot deep within him. Despite the pain and the shock of what he was doing - HIM of all people - his body seemed to have decided to enjoy it. His mind whirled in confusion as he longed for it to end.

The agent's breathing had become faster and more labored and Mike knew the fucking was finally nearing its conclusion. His own breathing had also quickened and suddenly the room seemed filled with bright pinpoints of light. He heard the man draw one huge gasp, felt the body behind him stiffen, and then a pulsing around his rectum as the man came within him.

The casting agent collapsed along the naked young man's back, as his breathing slowly returned to normal.

"Ah, kid, you're a better fuck than I could have imagined. The best fuck. I knew you had potential the moment you walked into the room."

Mike stayed as he was, his eyes still squeezed shut as the man slowly withdrew his softened prick from the young actor's body.

"You can get dressed, kid."

"No...not yet."

"Somethin' the matter?"

"No...Please...Just-just give me minute, okay?"

"Why? I didn't hurt you." He grabbed Mike's shoulder and pulled him to a standing a position.

Mike blushed with shame as a thick pool of come was drying on the desktop. The agent grinned.

"You're all right, kid, you know that?" He grabbed some paper towels from the wet bar's sink, handing a few to Mike to clean himself up. The agent wiped the desk, and tossed the crumpled paper along with the used condom into the wastebasket. "Now get dressed."

Mike pulled his clothes on with shaking hands. The casting agent was pouring another drink for each of them. Mike shook his head at the proffered drink.

"I got another appointment."

The agent grinned. "Sure you do."

Mike hesitated at the door, his hand on the doorknob. "The part. Do I get it?"

The man grinned wider. "I'll send the contracts over to your agent. You're gonna be a big star, y'know. I can always tell."

"Yeah. And thanks."

The agent winked. "No. Thank YOU."