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    Default A Couple Of Nights With Carol Vorderman


    This is a fantasy about the lovely, the wonderful, Carol Vorderman. British readers will know her well! For those of you elsewhere, numerous pictures are available on-line. It has been a long while in the writing! All the usual sex is there including, of course, anal - it is Carol Vorderman after all! No violence or nastiness in this one, just enjoyable sex. Please remember when you read this that it is FANTASY and in the fantasy world there are no STD's, no AIDS, and no consequences. That's what makes it such a wonderful place in which to dwell! And doesn't she get lovelier every day?


    A bloody horrible day that was spoiling the usually pleasant journey to my hotel. I always attended the yearly conference in the West Country although it tended to be pretty boring. It gave me a chance to stay at a very nice hotel – well away from the conference centre incidentally – right on the coast. With it's own indoor pool, a nine hole golf course, and splendid cuisine, it was a welcome relief from living alone in an apartment in town.

    I always drove down on Sunday and always across country, that is avoiding all the major roads. In late summer the moors are such a beautiful place through which to pass. The colours are many and varied as autumn just begins to knock on the door. Today, however, was terrible! Leaden clouds hung in the sky and it was raining. Not heavy rain but that drizzle which really makes you wet and means the wipers on the car keep smearing the windscreen. So not pleasant but, I suppose, interesting in that it was another way to experience the moors.

    Hardly any traffic on this road; a quiet, narrow, minor road between two villages but not that far away from my hotel - about an hour in this weather!

    I came over the brow of a hill and saw the road disappearing in the distance. At the bottom there was a car parked at the side of the road. Most incongruous, I thought, this far from anything. Perhaps they have broken down. As I neared the parked car a woman got out and began to wave. Well, England is a pretty safe place still so I pulled in front of the car and stopped. I got out as she approached my car.

    "Oh Christ," she said, "thank God you've come along. I thought I'd be here all night! I seem to have been here for hours"

    "It is a bit quiet," I smiled, "and not very pleasant." She seemed familiar somehow but, somewhat wet and bedraggled and seemingly rather nervous, whoever she was, it wasn't immediately obvious. "How did you get here?" I asked as we sat in her car.

    "Bloody SatNav. I got completely lost with it. Don't know how I got here? I'm blowed if I know what went wrong but I was just coming down the hill when there was a loud bang from the front of the car and everything went dead – even my phone that was plugged into the car socket. Now I'm stranded in the middle of nowhere!"

    I smiled slowly, "Mmm, it is a bit 'out of the way' just here. Your Satnav must have been somewhat off key!"

    "Bloody right," she said smiling back. Then I recognised her.

    "You're Carol Vorderman?"

    "Oh dear," she said with a laugh and a flash of those lovely eyes, "found out!"

    "Sorry," I responded rather shamefacedly, "but it is a bit surprising!" I suppose that was why I didn't recognise her immediately: it was so unexpected.

    "I suppose it is," she responded with a smile, "a long way from 'Countdown'!"

    "Look," I said apologetically, "I only know the basics about cars so I don't expect to be any help in that area. Are you in the AA or RAC?"

    "No," she said, "didn't ever need them but I wish I was now!"

    "Well, I'm in the AA so I'll give them a call and you can join when he gets here. They don't mind that," I laughed, "something of a captive audience!"

    "That sounds fine," she said then, "errrmm . . . Look, I know this is a bit of a cheek but . . . errm . . . would you mind staying with me? I'm not normally nervous but . . ."

    "No trouble! Of course I'll wait 'til he arrives. I'll try to start your car just to make sure then why don't we sit in mine while I phone and we can wait there." So we moved to my car after I tried hers and I phoned the AA. Their control said he'd be with us in 40 minutes to an hour. Quite a while really but we were at the back of beyond!

    We sat in the car together and passed the time. She told me about 'Countdown' and the other shows she did and I told her about myself and the conference. Slightly raised eyebrows when I said I was divorced but I didn't respond. No point in crying over spilt milk!

    The time passed quite quickly really but then I was in the company of a very attractive and intelligent woman who was grateful for my being there. I was just slightly disappointed when I saw the AA tow truck appear over the brow of the hill.

    "Here he comes," I said with a sigh, "should sort you out!"

    "Look, I'm pretty useless at all this. Will you, you know, sort it out for me?"

    "Course," I said only too pleased to be of continued assistance to this lovely, although somewhat bedraggled, woman.

    Well, to cut a long story short and after much to'ing and fro'ing, it turned out that the car couldn't be repaired at the roadside and would have to be towed to the nearest garage which was about 45 minutes away.

    We sat in my car discussing what she would do. "I should be at my hotel in about an hour," she said looking at her watch, "but I don't think I'll make it!"

    I asked where it was then laughed, "No," I said, "even if you had a car you'd have about 2½ hours driving to get there! What about a suggestion?" She raised her eyebrows. "My hotel is just outside the town where the car is going. He'll want you to go with the car and you'll have to sort it out in the morning before you can go on to your hotel. If I follow on behind I can take you to my hotel and you can book in there. I'm sure they'll have a room. Then I'll take you to the garage in the morning. How does that sound?"

    She looked somewhat relieved and nodded in agreement. "Oh thanks, thanks a lot," she said with a wonderful smile. That's the marvellous thing about Carol (apart from her bottom that is) – her eyes. They smile with her mouth and they are so 'alive'. Now I got the full force of her personality and it was pretty overwhelming. I'll make no bones about it, I, along with many other men I suspect, have lusted after Carol for many years. To be rather crude, she is the premier MILF on British TV and, sorry, has the most gorgeous arse imaginable! So it wasn't really a problem for me to put myself out for her. Any time spent was a bonus really in both company and conversation.

    Decisions made, her car was loaded on the truck and we followed on behind in my car. It was pleasant driving along with her beside me and I must admit I did allow my mind to wander into fantasy land once or twice and imagine we were going away for a 'dirty' weekend together – some chance!

    The car was duly delivered at the garage and papers signed for the AA man then we went off to the hotel. It's an impressive place with a great big drive leading up to the main building. It's what is called a 'Country House Hotel' – expensive but grand. Surprisingly they were quite full and Carol was only able to book one of the two 'executive' chalets in the grounds. All the ordinary rooms had gone.

    As we left the desk I turned to her, "Let me help you out with your things," I said just to enjoy a few more moments with her. So I drove the car the short distance to her chalet and help her unload the bags into her main room.

    Finished unloading, she came to the door to see me out. "I don't know what to say," she said with another wonderful smile, "you've been a real knight in shining armour!"

    I laughed, "Nothing to it really," I said, "anyway, any excuse to spend time in the company of a attractive woman must be grasped with both hands!"

    She laughed out loud and bowing her head slightly said, "You, sir knight, have a silver tongue!"

    "It's being in the presence of intellect and beauty," I responded, "it inspires me!"

    This drew another rich laugh from her and I decided to take a risk. Well, you know the proverb, faint heart never fucked a pig – didn't often win fair lady either!

    "I, my beautiful lady," I said trying to keep everything light-hearted, "would be doubly pleased if you would join me for dinner." I laughed, then added, "After all, we will be eating in the same dining room!"

    "I'd love to!" she said with another laugh.

    "About 7:30 in the bar?" I suggested.

    "Wonderful, time to have a soak!" Now that did conjure up some images in my mind and, from the glance she flashed at me, I suspect that she realised what those images might be.

    Dare I risk the double entendre or the suggestive comment? Weeelllll, in for a penny, in for a pound! "Mmm, good idea. Shame the baths are so small!" She laughed and went into the room.

    "See you in the bar," she said with a big smile as she closed the door. I took a deep breath, a very deep breath, and, after driving back the short distance to the hotel reception, sorted out my luggage, parked the car, and went to my room. It's amazing isn't it, how a miserable afternoon could turn into such an enjoyable one. Here I was going to have dinner with Carol Vorderman! It must be my lucky day, I thought.

    I showered and dusted myself down with some good quality aftershave and tried to look my best. I don't suppose I am anything to write home about but, at 6 foot 2 inches, I don't carry much fat and am still fairly fit at almost fifty. Not bad looking but not what I'd call handsome, I didn't think she'd be too upset at being seen with me. That was another thing, I thought suddenly, me with her? Still, I supposed she would know what publicity was all about so, if she was worried, she wouldn't have agreed. I decided to wear a suit because I thought she might dress up a bit. The hotel is fairly posh and, although it isn't required, I always think it's nice if a man makes an effort for an attractive woman.

    I was in the bar at 7.25 and ordered a drink – punt e mes – which is a martini based aperitif from Italy served with ice and a slice of orange. Carol arrived about 10 minutes later. As she crossed the room towards the bar where I sat she took my breath away! She was bloody gorgeous! There are so many pictures of Carol available on the web that I won't go into detail, just to say that her dress, green in colour, was cut low showing her ample cleavage, and was fairly tight doing full justice to her marvellous hips and indescribably wonderful arse. The thing about Carol is that she is lovely and she isn't ashamed to show it or to be it. I could almost feel the male eyes in the room lasering in on her, hips swaying, as she crossed the room.

    "Hi," she said sitting that gorgeous bum on a bar-stool, "what's that you're drinking?"

    "Punt e mes."

    "Looks interesting. I'll have one of those!" So I got her a drink and we adjourned to a table to finish them off before going into the dining room.

    "You look stunning," I said with a smile.

    "Thank you kind sir," she said smiling back, "and you look very smart!"

    I smiled in thanks. "Carol," I said more seriously, "look . . . errrmm . . . I just wondered whether, well what with the paparazzi and that sort of thing, whether . . . Heck, I'm not doing this very well am I?"

    She laughed, "Oh don't worry," she said looking around, "I get used to it." There was no arrogance here, just an acceptance really. "Someone here will probably take a photo of us together and it will find it's way into some magazine or other that deals with showbiz gossip but it doesn't matter."

    "You don't mind – your partner?"

    She smiled, "No, it doesn't bother me," she laughed, "won't bother him either because we've split!"

    "Oh," I said, "sorry. I didn't mean to pry!"

    "It's OK. It's common knowledge. Anyway, what about you. Won't your partner be put out seeing you with me?"

    My turn to smile now, rather sadly, "Don't have one at present," I said, "I live alone, have done since my divorce."

    "Oh," she said, "now I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry either!"

    I laughed, happy that we seemed about even just now. "Seems we are both 'lost souls'?"

    "I suppose so. Well we have found each other – for dinner at least! Shall we go in?" Was there a hint of something here?

    "Mmm, let's!" So I led the way into the dining room. Bit disappointed really because I would have loved to let her go first for another glimpse of her fabulous arse swaying back and forth but, ever the gentleman, I went first. As is usual, the Maitre d' wanted our room numbers and made to sit us apart but I told him we were eating together and he rummaged up a very nice table in one of the window alcoves that gave us a bit of privacy. He had obviously recognised Carol.

    It was a very nice meal, a wonderful meal really. The food was good, the service prompt and polite and the company – well wonderful! We talked, we smiled, we laughed. By the end of the meal I would probably have died for her! Before I'd just fancied her in that way that we men do of celebrities realising she was lovely but completely unattainable. Now I was completely captured.

    Carol has the fabulous body of a mature woman. Since she gave up too much 'slimming' her figure has become fulsome but retains those marvellous curves that make her so desirable. It is her eyes, however, that finally captured me! She can practice almost any attitude with them. The direct stare as she asks a question: an almost shy glance when complemented: a coquettish look under fluttering eyelashes: laughing eyes at a joke or a pun: stern when discussing a difficult point. I could go on for ever about her eyes. Oh, don't get me wrong, by the end of the meal I could think of nothing else but the sad fact that we had separate rooms! That she would be slipping out of that dress, into a nightgown and into bed, and I'd be in the main building yards away pulling my plonker imagining I was with her!

    Still, must be thankful for small mercies. A lovely evening with a beautiful and intelligent woman is not to be sniffed at even if it leads to separate rooms.

    After the meal we found our way into the lounge where coffee was served. I ordered liqueurs to go with it. A pleasant end to a very enjoyable evening. It must have been almost 11:00 when she looked at the clock and said, "I think it's time for bed." She must have noticed the look on my face because, just at that moment, I had thought the same thing but in my case it wasn't to sleep.

    "Can I show you home?" I asked with a smile, trying to cover my sudden embarrassment.

    "All the way to the chalet?" she said with raised eyebrows.

    "Yes," I said with a wan smile, "through the dark and treacherous realms of the hotel grounds amidst dragons and other similar monsters! Not to mention strange men."

    She laughed, "I think I can manage," she said.

    "Well," I said, "don't say I didn't warn you." Then, "Good night Carol," I stood, "and thank you for an absolutely wonderful evening."

    She stood as well and fixed me with those lovely eyes. It was quite a long look then, "How could I turn down such a gracious offer? Yes, I think you should see me home, it is dark after all and all those dangers!" and she took my arm. "Lead the way my knight errant!" she ended with a smile. So I did, out into the night!

    There were just the two of these executive chalets, the other being empty just then, so there wouldn't be anybody about nearby and, of course, the way was well lit at that time of night. As we approached the chalet she rummaged for her door key and unlocked the door. I felt sad just then. It was the end of a lovely evening. I knew I'd see her in the morning but then it would be 'business' wouldn't it: sorting the car out and seeing her on her way.

    She opened the door then turned, "I should say thank you again," she said with another wonderful smile, "not only for this afternoon but for a lovely evening as well. You made me forget all my troubles for a while!"

    "The pleasure was all mine, my lady," I said with a sweeping bow – laying it on rather thick but she seemed to like it – "it was another opportunity to spend even more time with a beautiful woman!"

    She laughed, obviously pleased at the complement, "I said you had a silver tongue and I was right!"

    "Silver tongue or not," I said seriously, "it's true!"

    She was serious now as she leaned towards me and kissed my cheek, "Thank you," she said quietly, "thank you so much!"

    I took a deep breath, feeling a million dollars at that kiss, and said very softly, "Goodnight Carol and thank you also." Our eyes met for quite a time before I turned away towards the main building and my room.

    She hadn't moved as I turned to look back and say a final goodnight. Her eyes followed me then, as I made to turn away again, she called my name. "Mike!" I turned, "would you like to come in for a coffee?"

    My mind spun, my body tensed, and my blood raced. Cool! I thought, for god's sake be cool! I smiled, "Only if you can assure me I'll be safe!" I said widening my smile.

    She laughed, the tension broken as roles were reversed. "Oh," she said, "you'll be perfectly safe I can assure you!"

    "I'll come in then," I said laughing back. I could feel the blood pulsing around my body and my mind continued to spin in confusion. What did this mean? Shit, I'm not one of those men who thinks that, just because a woman invites you into her bedroom means she going to let you screw her but, hell, it certainly raises the likelihood doesn't it? And Carol was no naïve ingénue.

    As I entered the suite she turned away and I saw her wonderful arse. With blood pulsing through my body as it was I saw that arse naked beneath my body but then thought, cool! You don't know. May be just innocent, wanting to spend a little more time together. Don't push! To calm myself a bit I turned to close the door. When I turned back she was there, right in front, and I bumped into her. My arms, acting of their own will, went round her wonderful body and held her close. It wasn't a conscious thing, it just happened naturally. She didn't pull away and I gloried in the soft feel of her body next to mine, the press of her breasts to my chest. I was sure she could hear my heart pumping away as I could feel the blood coursing around my body and, not surprisingly, causing my cock to harden quickly.

    It seemed an age but must have only been a few moments. I looked down into her eyes. Her mouth, with it's pastel lipstick, was slightly open and begged to be kissed so I did! I covered her lips with mine and felt her hands sliding up my back under my jacket. Again, she didn't pull away and, when the kiss finally broke, one hand left my back and found my head to pull my mouth back down to hers. This kiss was longer, more passionate and my hands, still with a mind of their own, had wandered down her back enjoying the curve of her hips then the rich, full, globes of her arse. She didn't seem to mind, just continued kissing and stroking, and now she was pushing her hips into mine.

    How long this pleasant kissing and stroking lasted I don't know: probably not very long before we moved apart – clothes needed to be lost just then. No word now as her hands quickly swept my jacket off and my hands fumbled at her back trying to undo the dress. Then my tie disappeared and shirt buttons undone, ripped, as her hands seemed to need to feel my skin. Shirt was soon on the floor too as I still fumbled at the catches on her dress, my frustration building. She wasn't helping! Moving all the time unfastening my belt now, then buttons, and my trousers were around my ankles. Shit! I had to get this bloody dress undone!

    I moved my hands to her bare shoulders, bent my head, and whispered, "Turn round love, I can't get the bloody dress undone!" She smiled and she turned. It was simple now I could see and I quickly undid the catch and swept the straps off her shoulders. Her arms slipped out and I helped the dress over her generous hips on it's way to the floor. She made to turn back but I knew what I wanted. I wanted to feel my cock nestling between the glorious cheeks of her arse – a cock that was at it's full 8½ inches entrapped in my underpants but standing proud.

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    Default Re: A Couple Of Nights With Carol Vorderman

    I held her shoulders again and slipped my hands over her tits held in their supporting bra and she sighed. I kissed her neck and shoulders, licking and gently biting. I felt her push back with her arse and realised that she must have felt my erection for there was a slight wiggle as it settled between her cheeks. A major crisis arrived then and I had to take a couple of deep breaths or it would have been over quickly!

    Now she began to move her arse against me as I pushed into her. My hands roved over her tits and quickly slipped the strapless bra off and down to her waist – couldn't be bothered to undo it! I squeezed her tits, capturing the nipples between my fingers and feeling them grow. She was still pushing and wiggling her arse against me and I was pushing back, making gentle fucking movements and taking deep breaths!

    It couldn't go on! I needed to fuck her now and, I sensed, she needed to be fucked. I hadn't taken much notice of the room but now I saw that the 'suite' was, in fact, just one very large room with a low divider behind which was a gigantic 8 ft double bed. Only one thing to do! Kicking off shoes and trousers I bent and picked her up in my arms, thankful at that moment, for my working out with weights, and carried her to the bed. Her head rested on my shoulder and her mouth kissed and licked my skin. Walking over to the bed, I laid her on it and looked down. Fabulous!!!

    She was clearly a woman in heat! Bra around her waist, knickers – fairly plain I thought suddenly. She hadn't planned this!

    "Oh shit," she said breathlessly looking up at me with those lovely eyes, "I think you know what to do!" I did! I quickly slipped of my bloody socks – cannot, absolutely cannot, have sex with my socks on – then my underpants. Her eyes widened as they fixed on my circumcised cock, pretty impressive when hard like this, sticking up like a flagpole. I had a sudden thought.

    "Carol! I don't have any . . ." And I didn't. Look I didn't come prepared either. I don't generally carry condoms around – I'm not that lucky and I'm probably a bit old-fashioned anyway.

    "Doesn't matter!" she said breathlessly, "I don't care if you don't!" Well just then I didn't so I eased her knickers down and off, enjoying briefly the sight of her wet cunt, opened her legs, and knelt between.

    "Fuck me," she said with passion as her hands came up and stroked my chest, "fuck me hard!" It was so erotic hearing those words from her lips: and her eyes! They seemed to devour me, suck me inside. I took my weight on one hand, the other guided my rampant cock to her soft pussy. I wiped the head up and down a couple of times drawing a huge sigh from Carol then slipped it inside, parting her nether lips.

    I felt I was entering some kind of heaven as half my cock slid inside easily. Oh, she was tight but she was ready and her juice and my pre-cum made her slippery and receptive. I wasn't just that. Here I was actually fucking Carol Vorderman! I pushed the rest of my cock inside her tight pussy and began to fuck her back and forth. Her hands came up behind my head and pulled my mouth to hers. Her tongue probed inside and found mine as they danced together. I felt her legs behind me come up and grip my thighs restricting my movements slightly but not enough to prevent me continuing to slam into her though on much shorter strokes now!

    She was moaning loudly and calling softly, "Oh yes, yes, yes. Fuck me! Fuck me hard. I want your cum!!" Well, with language like that, she was just about to get it!

    She shuddered then, a shiver that seemed to rock her whole body, and I felt her cunt tighten on my cock. It was enough! As I drove deep inside her body I let out a yell, my balls tightened and the spunk rushed along my prick and shot into her womb. Lucky the little buggers couldn't do any harm I thought as the last pulse left my body! I couldn't pull out straight away as her legs were still locked around my body and my mouth had been pulled back to hers. She seemed reluctant to let me go but finally her legs relaxed and I was able to slip to one side, pretty knackered!

    As I gathered my breath she was there! Her mouth covered mine, her hand ran over my sweat covered chest, and her leg stretched over mine.

    "Oh god, that was bloody marvellous," she said breathlessly and with a smile, "bloody marvellous. You're pretty big!"

    I smiled, "Not too many complaints!"

    "I shouldn't think so. Silly woman your wife," she added laughing. That made me go rather quiet because size was one of the issues! Look, honest now, I love anal sex. There, said it! My wife didn't, doesn't, and certainly not with a cock my size. It is one of the occasions when, let me assure you, size does matter!

    Carol must have immediately noticed my tension. "Oh shit," she said, "I'm sorry. Shouldn't have said that but, hell that is one hell of a cock you've got there!" She certainly knew how to make a man feel good! "And," she continued with a sexy smile on her face, "you know how to use it too! I'm so full of cum!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing really. Carol Vorderman talking like this. Really hot! My cock hadn't softened very much, it had been a while since I'd been with a woman, and her language and manner was certainly helping to keep it going.

    I pulled her mouth to mine and kissed her then, "It doesn't matter. Perhaps I'll explain later. Just now I want to kiss you and to hold you!"

    "Sounds good to me," she said as she snuggled up close to my sweat covered body. She seemed to like the feel of it because her hands continued to stroke my body, occasionally straying to my, by now, softened cock. From her manner I guessed that she wasn't finished and I knew that I would be ready to go in a while. I wanted to explore her body, particularly her gorgeous arse and, perhaps find out whether she actually liked anal sex – to put it bluntly, did she take it up the arse?

    I don't know how long we stayed like that but I know I was in that quiet, pleasant place laying next to a beautiful woman. After a while Carol sat up. "I've got to get rid of some of this," she said with a smile, "don't know where it all came from?" she added laughing.

    "Here," I said gripping my, by now, soft cock.

    "Mmm," she said as she stood, "hope there's plenty more where that came from!" then left for the bathroom. Shit, I thought, more and began to stroke my cock in anticipation of another round – or two? Well, I know I was approaching 50 but the attention of a beautiful and oh so fuckable woman was bound to have some effect on my cock! That thought and the sight of her swaying arse crossing to the bathroom certainly did!

    She came out a few minutes later and saw my hand around my stiffening cock. "Mmm," she said as she knelt beside me, "seems you need some help there!" With that her hands replaced mine, one gently wanking my cock at the base, the other caressing and stroking my balls and below towards my arsehole.

    "Shit Carol, that's bloody good," I said breathlessly.

    She smiled, "Gets better," she said with one of her fabulously sexy smiles, then bent her head towards my cock. Her tongue flicked out and just grazed the tip, licking up the pre-cum that had appeared after her gentle wanking. "Mmm, nice," she said licking her lips as she tasted the human nectar. This was Carol Vorderman – every man's MILF fantasy – licking the pre-cum from the tip of my cock! Now her mouth opened and her lips covered the end of my cock. Her cunt was close to heaven – her mouth was pretty near as well! She sucked my cock inside as her hand wanked the base. It felt like she had ten tongues as hers washed my cockhead, probing the tiny hole through which her reward erupted.

    She used her mouth to run up and down the side of my cock, her teeth gently nibbling all along the length. Then to my balls, licking and taking one, then the other, inside her mouth. She didn't seem bothered about the taste, either of me or of herself from our earlier fuck. Indeed she seemed to revel in it as she licked around my balls and then back to my cock. On and on, sucking my cock into her mouth. Her tongue sliding along the underneath, along that sensitive tube running along the underside of my cock. She sucked and sucked, kissed the tip, probed the tiny hole with her tongue. Then back to my cock head.

    Now she concentrated there, my cockhead hitting the back of her mouth as she sucked hard and wanked the base. My hands came down to her head and I knew I was going to fill her mouth with cum if she wasn't careful! "Carol, oh fuck Carol! I'm going to cum!!! You'll have to stop!"

    Her eyes were full of passion and an almost animal wantonness as she lifted her head, "Cum then! Fill my mouth like you did my cunt. Fill my mouth with your cum so I can taste it, show it to you, swallow it!" Christ this was Carol Vorderman! It was too much! As her mouth took my cock inside again my hands found the back of her head and I began to thrust upwards, fucking her mouth. She didn't seem to mind, her eyes still fixed on mine as she sucked and wanked.

    It wasn't long! "Fuck, fuck, fuck, Carol! Here it cums!!" I thrust upwards and began to spurt my man juice into her mouth. Her eyes widened, at the strength of the pulse and the amount I think, but she didn't pull away. I saw a desperate attempt to swallow that resulted in a cough as she pulled her head away and the last couple of pulses, remarkably strong for me, hit her in the face.

    "Oh shit Carol, bugger! I'm sorry!" She smiled as she raised her head, her face smeared with a couple of strands of spunk and some dribbling from the corner of her mouth. She looked so bloody sexy I managed another weak pulse! She opened her mouth, her delightful mouth, and ran her tongue around the white spunk filling her there. I had a moment to wonder at how much I had managed to provide before she closed her mouth and swallowed. Carol Vorderman was swallowing my cum!! Then her finger began to trace the strands on her face and, lifting them, sucked them from her finger before swallowing them as well.

    "Your cum tastes lovely," she said with a big smile, her eyes on fire as she surveyed my body lying there. "Your turn?" It was pretty obvious what she was asking and I was only too happy to oblige. I wanted to explore her wonderfully voluptuous body, her tits, her tummy, her cunt, and her arse but before that I wanted to kiss her!

    "Come here you minx," I said with a smile, "and let me kiss you." She seemed rather surprised at that thinking, I suppose, that I wouldn't want to taste my spunk on her lips but I didn't mind. If she could suck it out and swallow it I could certainly taste it on her lips. I reached out and pulled her naked body to mine. She felt so soft, so vulnerable, so curvaceous! I kissed her lips and gently probed with my tongue. Her lips opened and welcomed the intruder, greeting him with hers. We kissed passionately kneeling there pressing our bodies together before I laid her gently onto her back.

    "Definitely my turn," I said with a big smile, "I want to explore that gorgeous body of yours. Especially your glorious arse," I added with a glint in my eye.

    She smiled and responded, "YES PLEASE!", licking her lips in that provocative way that a sexually excited woman can. Kneeling at her side I bent my head and kissed her lips again before my mouth wandered down and concentrated on her fabulously feminine tits. Not firm any more, she was 47 after all, but still wonderfully sexy. Her nipples had softened but my mouth, closing on one then the other, soon put that right and the nutmegs were soon as hard as iron. I kissed them, I sucked them, and finally dragged my teeth along them in a playful bite. She shuddered, "Oh fuck yes, yes. Do that! Bite my fucking nipples!! Harder," she moaned so I did, biting quite hard. It must have pleased her because she shuddered and shivered and moaned as I bit one and squeezed the other with my fingers. A long sigh escaped her lips as I assumed her orgasm dissipated so I moved to the soft flesh of the underneath, sucking, licking, kissing and biting.

    "Oh god yes, that's . . . Oh fuck don't stop." Carol obviously liked her tits attended to so I did for a while longer! I gently bit the soft flesh on the underside of her tits before kissing and licking all over. By the time I decided to move on I think she must have had a couple of orgasms – certainly felt like it – because, at the end, she was using her hands to press my head into her tits. Time now, however, to move on. To explore her pussy, her cunt, that lovely gateway to paradise between her legs.

    I left her tits then and ran my tongue across her tummy, a tummy with a nice rise that dipped to her lightly hair covered mons. Obviously trimmed and thinned, her pussy hair was a delight. I nipped it with my teeth and pulled gently generating a low moan from Carol. Needing better access to this playground of pleasure, I eased her legs apart – with her willing assistance I might add – and knelt between. Only one better sight than this in the bedroom and that would come when she was face down!

    She had obviously tidied herself up there after our previous bout as there was no trace of my cum – and there was a lot I can vouch for that – but the odour of her arousal was strong as I bent my head to lick the inside of her legs. I like to tease a little here, not heading straight for the pussy or clit but kissing and licking the soft skin on the inside of her legs and next to her pussy so I did this for a while. It prompted a plaintive, "Oh, for fucks sake, don't tease! Please, please . . ."

    I looked up and smiled down at her: a woman clearly in heat and needing some special attention. Well, she was about to get it! I bent my head back down and blew softly on her cunt before running my tongue the length of her lips. I was gentle, not probing between. Just enough to tease, to promise more, and it brought another deep sigh. A few strokes of my tongue then I probed a bit harder, splitting the lips and really tasting her femininity. It's like a drug I think, similar I suppose to cum for some women. Salty, tangy, tart, bitter, and sweet all the tastes mixed but, nevertheless, gorgeous. I needed more just now so I raised one leg up and further sideways opening her cunt completely. I could see right inside now – the soft pink walls inviting my tongue. Pressing harder my tongue sank deeper between the folds of her cunt until I needed to use my thumbs to spread the lips even further apart.

    Now I could lick the inner walls of her cunt, tasting even more of her wonderful nectar. I could see the inviting opening of the narrow tunnel that would expand to take a cock to satisfy her needs. Her hands came down and held my head at her cunt and her hips pushed her pussy upwards to my mouth. She shuddered, sighed, and moaned my name before my mouth was flooded by juice. Not so much a 'squirt' more a simple flow of liquid. I was pleased I could do this for her but now for her clit, ignored up to this moment.

    I raised my head and smiled with female cum covered lips. "More?" I asked.

    "Oh fuck yes. Don't stop. Do it for as long as you like!"

    I bent and kissed her letting her taste her cum as I had tasted mine. She was eager, tongue pushing into my mouth and licking my lips. I was pleased that my cock was getting hard again – something of an achievement on both our parts really but I wasn't going to fuck her again just yet. Anyway, my last thrust of the night, and I suspected it would me my last, was to be with her kneeling so I could enjoy her wonderful arse.

    So, back to the treadmill! This time I went straight for the kill, my tongue focussing on her clit, prominent in her arousal. I twirled my tongue around the base causing a shudder and a groan, then I licked the whole thing before gently nipping it with my lips.

    "Oh fuck, yes, you bastard! Bite it. Bugger, bite it! Pleeeese!" This from Carol! Well, being a gentleman, I did as I was asked and bit her clit. Not hard, just softly, but that brought, "Oh fuck yes! Harder, harder. Bite it harder!" So I did, quite hard now, and sucked as well.

    WOW! She bucked, she broncked, she groaned and she moaned. Her legs came up and gripped my head like a vice and her hands pressed my head into her groin. More liquid flowed from her pussy drenching my chin and the bed.

    Finally she was finished and she let me go. I lifted my head and smiled down at her. "Good?"

    "Oh fuck yes. Where did you learn that?"

    "Here and there," I laughed but I wasn't finished and I wanted her to know that. My cock was hard now, not rock hard but hard enough. I suspected that when she turned over, full stiffness would be attained!

    Her eyes were still hot despite the three or four orgasms she must have had and I was still determined to explore her divine arse so I smiled softly down and said, "Turn over!" rather sternly.

    Her eyes widened then, together with her lips, smiled. "Why?" she asked coquettishly.

    "So I can explore your gorgeous arse Carol. The arse that half the men in England would like to explore!" You can see I was pretty hot just then for her arse!

    "Well they can't," she said sexily then, turning face down, looked back and said, "but you can!"

    Her movements meant I was back kneeling at her side looking down the length of her gorgeous body. An arse to die for? Hell yes! An arse to die an agonizing death for! Hell yes! Carol doesn't have a 'bubble butt' arse. She doesn't have a pert arse nor a boyish one. Her arse is feminine, fulsome, round, wide, shapely, and obscenely touchable, strokable, caressable, and, shame on me for saying it, eminently fuckable!

    I don't know how long I knelt there looking down at this fantastic woman lying there but my reverie was broken by her voice. "Well? Don't you like what you see?" Both her eyes and mouth were smiling in pleasure at my reaction because by now my hand had encircled my cock and was gently stroking it as I looked down.

    I smiled and pointed my cock at her face, "You bet!!" I said with a smile, "You are bloody gorgeous!" She moved her head then, just reached up and planted a kiss on the end of my cock then lay back down, hooded eyes looking back up at me.

    "Thank you," she said softly, "what are you going to do?" I don't think she was apprehensive. I didn't know then whether she was into anal sex, buttfucking, but even if she was she almost certainly wouldn't allow anything because she wasn't ready. I certainly wouldn't fuck her there without preparation – I wouldn't do it to any woman. My one and only experience of fucking an unprepared arsehole was an experience I would willingly forget!

    I leant forward and whispered in her ear. "I'm going to stroke, caress, and kiss your beautiful arse Carol. Then I'm going to lick your pussy and, if you are a very, very good girl, I will lick your arsehole! Would you like that?"

    "Oh fuck, yes. Yes – please!!" she said breathlessly.

    "Open legs," I whispered throatily. Just now my cock was resting on the soft cheek of her arse. The problem I had was that I couldn't get the image of it breaching her rear entrance out of my mind. I knew I must, however, because I wanted to fuck her again and I certainly didn't want to cum too soon!

    I moved her hair and kissed the back of her neck then ran my tongue along her spine, kissing now and then, until I arrived at the dimple at the base just above the start of that marvellous valley between her cheeks. My hands stroked the cheeks of her arse then right down the backs of her legs to her knees before parting them. I climbed in between and looked down on the most wonderful sight in the bedroom.

    I could see the swell of her hips widening from her waist and the rise of those wonderfully feminine buttocks and arse cheeks. In between the swollen pinkness of her aroused pussy below the dark forbidden territory of her perineum and, atop that, just the delicate suggestion of her anus hidden between the cheeks of her arse. Two soft pillows of flesh climbing either side of the sensuous valley completed the picture of lascivious femininity.

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    Default Re: A Couple Of Nights With Carol Vorderman

    My hands, with minds of their own, kneaded, caressed, stroked, squeezed, even gently pinched those wonderful mounds of flesh. Carol seemed to enjoy it. Soft moans and groans emanated from her mouth as my hands enjoyed her flesh. I wanted more now as I bent my head and licked her cheeks, running my tongue right down to her knees and back again. Then very softly along the top of the valley between her arse cheeks. Not probing just promising!

    She moaned and pushed her arse back at me. Enough! "Kneel Carol," I said rather authoritatively because I wanted her arse now. Oh, don't get me wrong, not to fuck it but to enjoy it! To be honest, I didn't think I would get to fuck it! Carol didn't baulk but drew her knees up underneath her body and stuck her arse out. What an almost unbelievable sight!

    This position opened her cheeks and her anus was on display. A rosebud with the hint of a ring of muscle. Glorious! A mature arse! Fabulous! I bent my head to the back of her cunt and licked, probed, and pushed my tongue inside. My nose, therefore, pushed at her arsehole. She pushed back! I licked her cunt up and down as far as I could go in this position then moved to the base of her spine. I drew my tongue down, along that sensuous valley, and across her tight anus. She shuddered and moaned. Back again, upwards this time. Another long shudder.

    "Oh shit, fuck, yes. Please . . . .?"

    Head raised, "Please what Carol?"

    "Oh please . . . You know!"

    "Please what Carol?"

    "Oh god! Oh please!" My hand was covering her pussy now, middle fingers gently probing – not too hard – just enough to rouse her. I let the base of my hand rest again the broad reach of her arse and touch her anus.

    "Please what Carol?" I asked again.

    "Lick my arse . . . Please!!" I bent my head and ran my tongue up and down across her anus half a dozen times. On the last pass she shuddered and shivered. I could feel her body responding to the feelings generated at her anus. Her climax had arrived and I kept it going by stopping on the last pass and pressing my tongue against the tight muscle. She screamed, I don't know what, but she did and pushed back.

    Then, "Oh god, yes. Pleeeesssseee lick me there. Oh god please!!" Well I wasn't about to disappoint such a beautiful woman so I did, rimming her arsehole as she shuddered and shivered beneath me. I wasn't sure I could keep this up for too long because my cock was aching by now. In my mind's eye I saw it breaching the rosebud and filling her arsehole before I fucked her arse hard. I knew that wasn't to happen so I raised my head.

    "Carol, oh fuck Carol, I need to fuck you!"

    "Yes, yes, yes!! Fuck me now. I need your cock inside me. Fuck me please – anywhere. Anywhere at all!" Was that an invitation? Possibly? She was so aroused just now I suspect she would have let me fuck her arse because I was pretty sure, from her reaction to my rimming, that she had done that. Shit, I thought, how could a woman with an arse as wonderful as Carol's never have been buggered! Enough! I wasn't going to do that as much as I wanted to so I bent my cock to her cunt, parted the lips the with tip, and filled her with one thrust.

    "OH FUCK YESSSSSS!!!" she moaned as she thrust back at the same time. My hands found her hips and I fucked her. I'm sorry to say I lost it then and fucked her hard. My balls were tight but two previous cums meant this was likely to last a while. I could see the ring of muscle around her anus pulsing in time with my thrusts and, whether she wanted it or not, I knew I was going to test the entrance with my thumb. I sucked it then eased it into the back of her pussy above my cock before dragging some juice up to her arsehole. I did this two or three times anointing the tight rosebud with pussy juice before I tested the tightness with the end of my thumb. As soon as she felt my thumb there she pushed back even harder and it slipped easily past the muscle to the first joint.

    Did she like it? WOW!!

    "Oh fuck YESSS. Fuck me, fuck me like that. My arse!! Oh god, my arse," then a long moan, a groan, a shudder – I could see the muscles on her back fluttering. Her anus gripped my thumb so tightly, like a vice, and her vagina rippled along my cock. It was too much for me.

    One hand on her hips, my thumb up to the first joint in her arsehole, and my cock buried to the hilt in her pussy. I felt the kick of a mule in my back, my balls virtually disappeared and I started to spurt spunk into her body. I shivered as well, and shuddered just then. Thank god I haven't got a weak heart I thought with a smile, I'd be dead if I had! Don't know how many pulses I managed to push into her, just remember thrusting and thighs hitting buttocks.

    My cock softened very quickly, three times in less than an hour and a half for a man of my age was quite an achievement, and soon slipped from her, hopefully, satisfied pussy. I fell to the side, sweat covering my body, absolutely knackered. Carol flopped face down again, head facing me.

    "Bloody hell," she said breathlessly, "that was good!!"

    I smiled, "Carol love, you have to stop talking like that! It's so bloody sexy. Anyway," I continued, "I don't suppose you learnt language like that on Countdown?"

    She laughed, "No," she said then, more seriously, "do you think they'll be able to mend my car tomorrow?" I wasn't sure I'd heard that correctly. It seemed such an incongruous thing to say.


    She smiled, "I said, do you think they will be able to mend my car tomorrow. If they can't I'll have to stay another night!"

    By now I had figured it out and laughed back, "Carol, I think that it's totally impossible that they could do it tomorrow! You'll have to stay another night!"

    "Oh dear!" she said, "still – every cloud has a silver lining," and her hand fluttered over my limp cock.

    We were quiet for a while, just enjoying being together, touching each other then, "I . . . errmm . . . I don't, you know, do this with . . . errm . . . every man I meet," she said quietly.

    I smiled softly and kissed her cheek, "I'm sure you don't," I said, "I'm just grateful you decided to with me. I hope you don't, you know, regret it?"

    She laughed, covering my body with her leg, "No," she said, "not in the least," then she added, "Mike?"


    "You know . . . when you . . . oh shit I shouldn't be embarrassed . ."

    "Don't be," I smiled, "not after that!"

    She laughed, "No! Well, when you licked my bottom – there!"

    "Yes," I said smiling, "and very nice it was too!"

    "Do you like that?"

    "What, licking your bottom?"


    "Well," I said quietly, "yes. Yes I do." A deep breath, "But I liked licking your arsehole better!" The language didn't seem to phase her.

    "I liked it a lot," a long pause, "do you like it there?"

    "Like what?" I asked guessing what she meant but putting the ball into her court.

    "You know, having sex there. Oh sod it, do you like anal sex?"

    I turned to face her, "Carol, love, for me it's the main thing! I love anal sex." I laughed, "It took a lot of will power you know, to ignore that. You must know Carol, you have the most fabulous and, if I may be so bold, fuckable arse!"

    She smiled, "I know," she said without a trace of irony. "I wouldn't ( Celebrity Sex Stories ) have let you," she continued, "I wasn't, you know, ready."

    "I know," I said leaning towards her, "and I wouldn't have done it anyway because I knew that."

    She smiled, "Mmm . . . seems I need to go shopping tomorrow then?"

    "If you mean what I think you mean," I added laughing, "then yes!"

    "It's been a while," she continued, "and you are quite large!"

    "You don't do it often?"

    "Some men won't!"

    "Won't. You mean some mean refuse to fuck that gorgeous arse of yours when you ask them?"

    "Mmm. Some men don't like it."

    "Do they say why?"

    "Some of them think it's a bit 'gay'."

    I laughed, "Strange," I said, "I would have thought it was obvious that it's not what you do that makes you gay. It's who you do it with!"

    She laughed and hugged me, "I think I need to get rid of another load of your cum," she said, "then a nice bath. Stay?"

    I looked at the clock then laughed myself, "I doubt I'd get back into the hotel anyway," I said, "it's nearly 2 am! I'll make a dash for it in the morning." So she tidied up and ran a bath. We soaked together and washed each other. She seemed rather impressed that I would enjoy that but who couldn't enjoy running his hands over her glorious curves. My cock, unfortunately, had surrendered to the strains of the evening and didn't make much of an appearance, something which amused her and made me wonder about Monday.

    I slept naked with Carol's head on my shoulder, she wore pyjamas which, I must say, were bloody sexy and, given that the flesh had not been so weak, would probably have led to another bout. But it wasn't too be. The alarm went off at 6:30 and I struggled out of bed, bending to kiss a still half asleep Carol, dressed, and left for my room. It wouldn't do, we both thought, for me to be seen coming out of her chalet so I checked the coast was clear then left. I crossed the gardens to the main entrance which was, fortunately, open and returned to my room without being spotted by anyone. There I showered, dozed for an hour, then changed and went down to breakfast.

    Carol was already there looking absolutely wonderful sitting at our table with the morning sunlight shining on her through the large oval window. "Hi," I said with a smile then, as I sat, "how do you do it?"

    "Do what?"

    "Look so bloody gorgeous with so little sleep?"

    She leant over and whispered in my ear, "Being fucked always makes me feel good and last night I was well and truly . . . wasn't I?"

    "Well," I laughed, "doesn't quite do as much for me – I'm knackered!"

    "Not too knackered?" she asked with her sexy smile.

    I smiled back, "No, not too knackered!" We both laughed and enjoyed a pleasant breakfast. It was obviously going to be a fine day after yesterday's horrid weather so I suggested a drive to a quiet cove I knew when we had dealt with all the business of the day. She agreed with a smile.

    So we met again after breakfast and I drove her down to the garage where it was confirmed that the car would not be fixed until the end of the week. This meant a hire car, all of which was arranged for pick-up on Tuesday morning. Carol, who was due to do some filming for an advert, had contacted the producer and told him she wouldn't arrive until Tuesday lunchtime. He wasn't very pleased, she said, but at least she would turn up!

    As we left she turned to me, "I'll have to bring the car back on Friday afternoon," she said. "Will you still be here?"

    "Not usually," I said, "the conference finishes at lunchtime on Friday so I would be on my way home."

    "Oh," she said, disappointment obvious in her voice and manner.

    "I could stay on another day," I said smiling, "and leave on Saturday morning?" I phrased it as a question because I really wanted her to say yes. The prospect of another night with such a beautiful woman certainly interested me.

    She smiled, "That would be nice! I'll book the room when we get back," and she leaned across and kissed my cheek. "That way we can leave some things to explore until Friday!" Her eyes were hooded and hot as she said this and I felt my blood stirring. God! Her eyes could destroy a man! "Now," she continued with a sexy smile, "I need to go into town and get a few things!"

    I raised my eyebrows. "Never you mind," she said with a laugh, "you just deal with the results!" I took a deep breath because I had a bloody good idea what she needed to get! I drove us into town and sat in the car whilst she shopped. As ever with a woman, a couple of things turned into several and I was there for a good while – glad I bought a paper!

    "All done," she said with a smile as she returned to the car, "shall we get some lunch?" I nodded, hungry both for food and her company, and we left for a small country pub I knew where the food was excellent.

    It was a great lunch. Sat in the pub garden with the sun shining down we enjoyed a light lunch and a glass of wine. Carol looked fantastic, the sun shining on her hair, and her whole demeanour was relaxing and, not surprisingly, very enticing. Her eyes seemed to invite, to question, and her smile – well it was beginning to set me on fire. I can't believe she wasn't aware of her effect on me!

    It must have been past 2 o'clock when we left the pub and, as we got into the car, she turned to me and said, "Let's go back to the hotel," she smiled, "we've got LOTS to do!" I wasn't sure I heard properly so just raised my eyebrows. "I don't want to wait until tonight. Anyway, we can do it again tonight!" To say I was surprised is something of an understatement and it must have showed because, as we sat she continued. "I know I must seem like a vamp, or a slut," she said softly, "but I said didn't I? I like it so much and, well, it's been such a long time since a man has, you know, wanted that, so . . .," she finished rather forlornly. I bent and kissed her cheek.

    "No," I said with a soft smile, "No you don't seem like that at all. You just know what you want and why not?" I laughed, "Carol, darling, I am as willing as you to go back to the hotel now because, to be honest, I feel like screwing you to a standstill! My only worry is whether I can live up to your expectations."

    Her turn to kiss me, "You already have," said with a smile, "and I'm sure you won't disappoint in the future! Come on – I think I need to fuck you!" she finished in a whisper. Of course, by now, my cock was beginning to consider what she might have bought, her apparent fondness for arsefucking, and now her incredibly sexy behaviour. Back to the hotel then!

    It didn't take long and, when we got there, she went straight to her room, leaving me with, "Come down in half an hour. Pretend you're going jogging!"

    I laughed, "Probably be just as knackered," I said.

    "Hope so!" was her reply as she left the car. I went to my room, showered and, rather concerned about my performance this afternoon and tonight, frantically searched my old suitcase. I had found it difficult, during the last months of my marriage, to really become excited by my wife who was, to put it mildly, fairly lacklustre in bed. Besides that, things weren't going too well anyway outside the bedroom. So I'd seen my GP and got a couple of prescriptions of Cialis to see whether that would help. As it happened it didn't very much – sadly the spark had died and our marriage ended soon after but, and it was an important 'but' just now, I remembered that I had put a packet of four 20mg tablets (that's how they can come, in 10mg or 20mg) in one of the suitcase pockets when we went away for a weekend. I was hoping the three left were still there and, more to the point, were still usable because it was almost four years ago. I supposed they had 'use by' dates but that wasn't going to bother me if I found them – I would risk their not working.

    I searched all the internal pockets but found nothing until I noticed a tear in the lining of one and, sure enough, there was the little packet. Three Cialis tablets! Still OK – well slightly out of date but what the heck. What could go wrong with a bloody tablet! I was happy to risk it so . . . I only needed one now and one for Friday and I was sure that Carol would not be disappointed! I quickly popped one tablet with some water from the fridge then showered. The good thing about Cialis is that it works for up to 36 hours – or so they say. Never had an opportunity to test it over that sort of period! I always brought a track-suit with me so I donned that and strolled past the reception desk with a cheery wave.

    As I left I made sure the receptionist saw me jogging in the opposite direction to Carol's chalet then doubled back behind the hotel. I knocked on the door and it opened almost straight away. I entered and turned to close the door then back into the large room. Carol was standing there in a silk housecoat that covered her from head to foot yet made it clear she was naked beneath. She was lovely, beautiful! She had done her hair, make-up, everything and she looked just like she did on TV. To be honest, she took my breath away standing there like that and I was speechless as I feasted my eyes on her.

    She smiled at my reaction, "Nice?"

    Deep breath, "NICE!!!" I said with a smile then, "good enough to eat!"

    "Naughty man!" she laughed, "hope you will!" she said then authoritatively, "Come here!" Well, I figured that she would lead this afternoon, it was for her after all, and I wasn't really sure just what she had in mind. I walked across the room and her hands began to undress me. First the top, easily unzipped, then the loose bottoms slipped easily down. I flipped off my trainers and, because I can't make love with my socks on, I hadn't worn any so, by now I was down to a pair of fairly flimsy briefs that were struggling to hold in check a rapidly erecting cock!

    "That's nice," she said throatily as she stroked her hand over my erection, "now you be a good boy and lay down on the bed. I have a treat for you!" FUCK, I thought, this is unbelievable! It was, so I did just lay there and feast my eyes on her. She stood at the end of the bed and ran her hands down her body emphasizing her curves under the housecoat. The shimmering silk clung to her body and was even more sexy than had she been naked. Then she turned, rested her hands on a bedroom chair, and thrust out her bottom, "Well?" she asked looking back over her shoulder with a sexy smile.

    "Jesus Carol," I said, "yes! Oh yes!" I eased my pants down and grasped my cock, beginning to wank gently – not too bloody hard or it would be over too soon!

    "That looks impressive," she said nodding towards my erection, "is that for me?"

    "Every bloody inch," I said passionately. Now she turned back and undid the loose belt. The gown fell open as she opened her arms. Not I'm not going to beat around the bush here, and I hope Carol with forgive me but, without nips and tucks and corsets, Carol has a fulsome figure – and it is BLOODY MARVELLOUS! Every curve is in the right place! The rise of her tummy down to her pussy is a sight men would die for. Her hips – well I could go on for hours but I won't – it would probably be boring. Her tits are magnificent – not large, not wholly firm, but beautifully shaped with nipples that beg to be bitten and kissed.

    "Oh fuck Carol! You are bloody gorgeous!"


    I think that women need to be told how lovely they are – and she is – so I said again, "Make no mistake Carol love, you are gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful and I want you. I want you badly." I stroked my cock, "I have 8½ inches here Carol that long for a home in your magnificent body!"

    She smiled in that self-satisfied way that women can when they know they have a man at their mercy – and I was at hers just then. I would have died for her I think! Then she slipped the gown from her shoulders and stood before me naked. I took a deep breath! There is something about a woman who has the confidence, the nerve, to expose herself like this. Carol need not worry! She smiled then turned to face away. I nearly shot my load then and there! Look, I've said, her arse is, not to put too fine a point on it, FABULOUS! I've said, not skinny, not boyish, not pert but fulsome and feminine. Her hips sweep from her waist to her thighs and the globes, well words fail me but they are something else.

    "Well?" she said again as she leant forward knowing full well the effect she would have on me.

    "Shit Carol, you are going to have to stop this! I'm only bloody human!"

    "Mmm," she said as she crossed to the bed and knelt next to me, "you are I suppose. Still, if you weren't I wouldn't have this lovely cock to play with would I?" She eased my underpants down and off the reached to the bedside cabinet for a bottle of scented oil. Must have bought that today, I thought, as she worked some into her hands. What now? Well now she began to work on my cock. One hand wanked it gently whilst she used the palm of the other on the end of my cock. WOW!

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    Default Re: A Couple Of Nights With Carol Vorderman

    "Oh shit Carol! Fuck – not too much of that – please!" She smiled and that hand went to my balls. The lube made her hands slippery and the effect on my cock and balls was electric as she wanked and caressed them. Then her head bent and, as her mouth opened above my cockhead, "Strawberry!" she said smiling then took my cock in her mouth and sucked. WELL! I thrust up into her mouth and almost filled it with spunk but, remembering that lube could be, and should be, and hopefully would be, used elsewhere, I managed to hold off. Her eyes looked up into mine and her mouth smiled around my cock. Add to that a gentle caressing of my balls, with a finger sometimes straying to my arsehole, and you can imagine how difficult it was to not fill her mouth with spunk!

    She was literally playing with my cock, with my body, as if it was some kind of toy. She sucked gently and her tongue washed my cock as her eyes locked on mine. She raised her head, "I'm going to ride you?" she said firmly, smiling sexily, "is that all right?"

    "Carol darling, you are in charge. Anyway, am I likely to refuse my cock a home in your glorious cunt?!?!" She laughed as she straddled my thighs. Her hand grasped my cock, slippery still from the little lube she had applied, and held it upright. As she positioned herself she wiped the head along the length of her cunt from front to back several times, a look of intense pleasure crossing her features.

    "Oh god but your cock is so lovely, so big, so straight!" Then she parted the lips of her vagina with the tip and sank down taking half inside her body and resting on her hand.

    "Shit Carol, oh fucking hell!" was about all I could manage as she bounced up and down a couple of times then took her hand away and all my cock in her cunt in one go.

    "Mmmmm. That IS nice," she said softly as she rocked back and forth. Her eyes were hot as she looked down at me and she licked her lips provocatively. "Is that nice," she cooed softly, "do you like your cock deep inside? Or do you like it better when I moved up and down?" she did. "Or back and forth," she rubbed her pussy on my groin, cock deep inside.

    I didn't reply just reached up for her and pulled her down, my mouth finding hers. We kissed and my tongue pressed into her mouth and danced with hers. I was fucking up into her now and my hands found the cheeks of her arse and the valley between. I squeezed hard and pulled her down as I felt her body spasm and shudder. A low moan escaped her lips and her liquid flooded my cock and balls. Her cunt gripped my cock and the muscles of her vagina seemed to stroke it, try to milk if, but I was holding off because I wanted her arse. Of that I was sure now.

    She pulled away slightly and I smiled up at her, "Turn round," I whispered softly. She seemed puzzled. "Face the other way." Now she understood and made to get up. "No," I said stroking her hips, "just swivel on my cock." She got the idea. It seemed, surprisingly, that she hadn't 'ridden' like this before.

    "Mmm, that's nice," she murmured as she turned her body on my cock, "Oh god," she continued settling down facing my feet, "I like that!" and she began to bounce again. In doing so her arse was thrust out back towards me and I had a minor crisis as I watched her fuck my cock. I could see her anus flexing slightly as she rose and fell and I knew that now was the time to begin exploring that delightfully sensual cavern of pleasure.

    I wet my middle finger in my mouth and began to softly and gently work it around her sphincter. The first touch brought a soft sigh and a breathless, "Oh yes, yes!" so I stroked and finally probed at the muscle.

    "Oh god, yes. Oh you bugger! Yes. It's so big!"

    I laughed, "It's only my finger love!"

    "I know but it's been a long time since anything's been in there," she said with a smile looking back over her shoulder, "but do it, do it please!" So I continued the gentle pressure and her anus opened and the tip slipped in. I could see some lube there, from her preparation I assumed, and that made it easy for my finger to find it's way to the second joint quickly, mainly because she was thrusting back as well as up and down. I worked my finger in and out, trying to match her bounces up and down on my cock. I could actually feel it through the thin membrane separating vagina and anus – very sexy indeed.

    It didn't take long before a soft sigh escaped her lips and she sat down hard on my cock. I pushed my finger all the way inside her arsehole then, "Oh fuuuuuccckkk. Yesssss. Oh god!!! How I want it!!" I thrust upwards then trying to give her the most pleasure. Again, my groin was flooded by her liquid as another orgasm rocked her body. She was still then for a while before easing herself from my cock and laying next to me.

    "That was so good," she said softly, "thank you!"

    "It was for you," I responded softly kissing her cheek. "It was good to see you enjoy yourself."

    "But you didn't cum!"

    "No," I said softly taking the initiative, "this afternoon my cum is for your arse!"

    She shuddered then and whispered, "I want it you know, even though you are so big! It's been such a long time since . . . Oh sod it, since I've had a cock in my arse. Will you do it?"

    I laughed, "Oh Carol, Carol darling. Will I do it? Of course I will. As often, as long, and as hard as you want me to! Well all I can manage anyway," I added with a wry smile, "because I am only human!"

    "I know," she said with a smile, "and a very nice human!" Then she was serious, "Now?" she said softly turning and laying face down. My cock was like an iron bar just now, naturally and enhanced by the drug, so I was ready. Mind you, I didn't think I would last very long this first time!

    I knelt up beside her and laid my cock on her bottom, "Are you sure Carol, really sure?"

    "Yes," she said breathlessly, "but please be gentle. It's been such a long time!" Her wonderful eyes were wide as they looked up at me and I knew I was going to try to make this the best for her – and for me as well of course but both would come (cum) together!

    "I will," I said as I gazed down upon her glorious body. Hips flared, bottom begged, thighs curved. I ran my hands over her body from shoulder to knee several times just enjoying the softness of her skin, the curves of her body. She seemed to enjoy this – worship I suppose. A homage to the body of a glorious MILF. As I did this I couldn't really believe that it was me here, with her – with her wanting such a thing but it must be true I thought!

    I bent my head, "Open legs Carol love." She did, smiling up at me as she did so, and I knelt in between. Again, a sight worth dying for! I quickly parted the cheeks of her arse – I'm afraid I was hot for her now and I wanted that forbidden cherry – and ran my hands over her cheeks, thumbs running down the valley between. I bent my head and probed her arsehole with my tongue, rimming then pushing at the tight sphincter. She gasped then thrust her bottom backwards, taking my tongue inside. A sob escaped her lips and her body shivered in what I assumed was a small orgasm.

    Laying my cock in that valley I leant forward. "Kneel Carol darling, I'm going to get you ready. OK?"

    "Oh god yes, yes. Please!" she responded as she drew her knees up under her and thrust her arse back at me. "Do you like me like this," she said with a wicked smile.

    I nearly shot my load then. What a sight! Her gorgeous arse spread wide and her tiny arsehole presented for my pleasure – and hers I suppose – with her swollen pussy lips beneath. There was only one response! I bent my head and my tongue went to work running back and forth over her pussy, perineum, and anal valley. She moaned in pleasure as I worshipped her body, "Yes, yes, oh yes," and then a plaintive, "please!"

    I reached for the lube and squeezed some on her anus then used my middle finger to work it into her rectum. Just the tip at first the, with more lube, more finger until it was in to the knuckle. I finger fucked her arsehole for a while causing gently sighs and groans from Carol before I added another finger, stretching her just a bit more. She flinched gently as my index finger joined the middle but relaxed almost immediately. I worked my fingers gently into her trying to ensure she enjoyed the feeling and adding more lube all the time. It's my motto! Always more lube than you think necessary – can't have too much lube!

    I continued finger fucking her arsehole as I squeezed some oil on my cock and, very carefully I can tell you, stroked it over the whole length. Then I leaned forward, cock in her anal valley, and whispered, "Yes Carol?"

    "Oh fuck YES! FUCK MY ARSE!!!!" I was somewhat taken aback by her language but I figured she wanted it badly so I sat back and, holding my cock in one hand and one hand on her hip, pointed the head at the depression that was her anus. I pushed gently forward and, with a low moan and a soft sob, her sphincter opened and her body took three inches of my cock inside. If her cunt was heaven I don't have words to describe how this felt. It was not only the physical sensation of heat, of tightness, of constriction, of silky slipperiness, but also the emotional feeling that I was fucking Carol Vorderman's arse. Something I'd dreamed of doing for years and, I'm sorry but it is a fact, an arse that many of the men in the UK were longing to fuck as well!

    I couldn't look down just then because the sight of my cock splitting those globes, added to all the other feelings, would have been too much and it would have been over before it began so I just stared into space.

    "Oh dear god!" moaned Carol, "oh shit, it's so bloody biiig! It hurts!!!" Well that broke my reverie. Look, I'm not that bloody naïve. I'm not small and I know that it hurts in a woman's arse. It's not designed to be fucked like a cunt so it takes some getting used to. That's why we men, if we want to continue to fuck arse, have to be so sensitive to our partner's feelings. So I began to pull out. It didn't mean that much to me. I didn't want to take her arse if it hurt her.

    "Oh fuck no! No! " she said quickly as she felt me withdraw and inch or so. "It's all right really. I know it hurts. Oh fuck Mike, I like it! I don't mind if it hurts a bit – that's part of the pleasure. Now, you lovely man, fuck me in the arse!" So I took a deep breath and pressed on – literally – and another three inches of cock invaded her soft, silky but tight, anal channel. She had over half my cock inside her arse now so I slowly pulled back a little to ease the muscle then began to gently fuck her.

    Carole seemed easier now, coping with my cock splitting her arse cheeks and stretching her anus and rectum, as she turned her head and looked back. Her eyes, her whole face, was a picture of wanton pleasure as she smiled, "Oh fuck, you bugger!!! It's so bloody BIG. You're splitting me in half!" I laughed, because all this was said with a big smile that didn't indicate discomfort, more sheer pleasure, then I leaned forward and kissed her as I thrust another couple of inches into her. The breath was expelled from her body in a long sigh into my mouth as we kissed then, when she pulled away, "You bastard! Oh god! It's so bloody good. FUCK ME PLEASE. FUCK MY ARSE AND CUM!"

    I did! This was too much. Such language from a beautiful, intelligent, and erudite woman just sent me over the top. Added to that the look in her eyes – they shouted 'fuck me' as loudly as her voice. I drove home, burying my full length inside her arsehole. Her anus gripped the base of my cock and her whole body shuddered. A low growl escaped her lips and she pushed back into me before pulling her arse off a couple of inches then driving back.

    "Oh fucking hell yes! Oh god Mike, fuck my arse now . . . please!" this last was an almost plaintive request as she went perfectly still awaiting my movements. To calm myself down I drove deep inside her and stopped still for a few moments then out again. Deep breaths and lots of patience allowed me to regain control and fuck her slowly and gently. She seemed to enjoy long and deep strokes, almost taking my cock out then driving, slowly mind you, back inside. Her anus gripped my cock as it slid back and forth inside her tight rectal channel and, despite my best efforts, I knew I wasn't going to last too long. I was, after all, deep inside Carol Vorderman's arse!

    What sent me over the top, in addition of course to the glorious feeling of her arse round my sliding cock, was the picture of her on the set of 'Countdown' wearing those bloody dresses that show off her arse to perfection. Just the thought of her there and now here, on the end of my cock, sent me over. I thrust hard now, hard and short, my thighs slapping up against her buttocks. She moaned as my thumbs pulled her arse cheeks apart and my cock entered another half inch.

    "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! Yes! Oh god fuck my arse like that! Oooohhhh, I'm cummm . . . . ." She must have because her whole body shuddered yet again and the muscles along her back rippled. Her anus and rectum squeezed my cock as if it never wanted to let it go. My balls tightened and I felt that familiar sensation at the base of my spine as my arse clenched and the first pulse of cum left my body destined for her bowels!

    "Ooooohhhh, god! I can fee . . . .lll it! Oh yes, yes, yes! Cum in my . . . ooohhh . . . . arse!" I did! Four, or was it five, pulses shot along my cock and into her before I was spent. I suppose it must have been the Cialis because I didn't soften completely and was able to keep up fucking her arsehole right through her orgasm until she finally flopped forward flat on her face and my cock slipped out.

    I rolled to the side and looked across at her. Her face faced mine and it carried an enormous smile. "Oh fuck but you've got a big cock!" she said with a smile, "I feel bloody stretched!"

    Concerned, I said, "I haven't, I didn't . . . hurt you did I Carol?"

    She smiled, "Always does after a long time," she said softly, "and, yes, it did hurt a bit but," she moved across and kissed me, "that's part of the fun. Haven't had a cock that size there before," she laughed, "felt like you were in the back of my throat!"

    "Oh shit Carol, look, I'm sorry I got a bit carried away. Fuck Carol your arse is bloody fantastic. You must know that?"

    "Mmm," she murmured smiling, "it is rather good isn't it. So is your cock and I hope you don't think I've finished with it there!"

    "I thought it was too much for you?"

    "Oh no, christ no. I want some more of that. Think of all the different ways you can fuck my arse! Bugger me – oh," she laughed, "you just did – it's been a long time since I felt so good. Now, you naughty man, I must go and get rid of all that lovely cum you shot in my arse then I'll run a bath and we can soak together. OK?"

    "Sounds good to me," I smiled as she left the bed for the bathroom. I watched with pleasure as she crossed the room, her bottom swaying delightfully. She stopped at the door and looked back over her shoulder. "Well?" she asked with a smile.

    I laughed, "Carol darling, standing like that will get you fucked again!"

    She laughed back, "Not right away I bet," she said nodding towards my spent cock.

    "Oh," I said deciding to admit to chemical assistance, "I don't know! Cialis can work wonders!"

    "You've taken something?"

    "Mmm," I smiled, "whilst the spirit is very willing, the flesh - at my age anyway - is relatively weak. And I certainly didn't want to disappoint such a lovely woman!"

    "What does it do," she asked turning to face me. "Should I be insulted?" she added with a smile.

    I laughed, "I suppose you could see it like that," I said, "but the drug just makes it easier to get, and to keep, an erection. I still need a lovely lady like you to start it in the first place."

    "Mmm. Good," she smiled, "be a busy night then!"

    "As busy as I can manage," I laughed. "I'm only a poor weak male after all. You women can go on forever!" She laughed in return as she left the room.

    I followed her into the bathroom a few minutes later and we bathed together in the lovely big Jacuzzi bath. We sat for a while enjoying the warmth and the bubbles when Carol reached across and began to stroke my cock under the water. I started to harden.

    "It works then?" she said with a smile.

    I laughed, "It does," I said, "and so do you!"

    "Nice and big!" she said, "can I?" I raised my eyebrows. She smiled, "Can I play with it?"

    "Carol darling, I am yours!"

    "Sit up on the end then." I shifted and sat, feet dangling. Carol sat on her haunches in the water and did begin to play! First she soaped her hands then began to slowly masturbate my steadily hardening cock. For the next ten minutes she 'played' and I groaned! Both cock and balls were stroked, caressed and gently squeezed. "Don't you dare cum," she laughed.

    I laughed back, "Cialis might be good for erections," I said, "but spunk is certainly not limitless."

    "Mmm. Shame to waste all this though!" I took a deep breath as she licked her hand then bent her head to lick my cock.

    "Oh fuck Carol! You are a demon!" she smiled around my cock then sucked the tip inside her mouth. "Fuck Carol!"

    She burst out laughing, "Hope you will," she said as, with a soft kiss on the tip of my cock, she got out of the bath.

    As we towelled each other dry I enjoyed running my hands over the soft curves of her body getting my own back for her 'cruel' treatment in the bath. Carol slipped on her dressing gown whilst I grabbed my tracksuit and made ready to return to my room. We arranged to meet for dinner at 7:15 in the bar.

    In my room I showered again. I'd worked up a sweat jogging around the grounds and then past the reception desk. Dressed in my smart suit - I guessed Carol would 'dress up' a bit - and, in the bar, rustled up some aperitifs. Carol arrived 10 minutes later looking fantastic again. Dinner was taken at the same table as before and was just as pleasant

    "You're not eating very much," I said towards the end of the meal.

    She smiled, "You're not drinking very much!"

    "Never do if I know that I'm going to be in the company of a beautiful woman," I replied.

    "I don't either." I raised my eyebrows questioningly. "Eat too much before sex!" She smiled, "Wouldn't want to slow myself down." Much of the conversation was like this. Suggestive and full of double entendre. It was fun. We adjourned to the bar for coffee.

    Afterwards she made something of a show of leaving as I remained in the bar. We had arranged that I would slip out later. I watched her leave, along with most of the men in the room, and smiled inwardly as I thought of what might happen later. I waited a while then left for my room. There I tidied up with a quick shower ready for later. I wore my track suit again - not smart but I would have to slip back into the hotel in the morning.

    About 11:45 I crept downstairs. I knew the reception effectively closed at 11:30 leaving just a night watchman in the office. It was fairly easy to slip past him and out. I was tense as I crossed to Carol's room. She was a woman in heat, I thought. Sensuous, sexy, and keen. I hoped that my body was up to her demands!

    Carol opened the door to my soft knock and stood back to let me in. I shut the door then turned to her. She looked bloody marvellous. I was initially surprised because she was fully dressed. Well, in a dress anyway; but what a dress! A vibrant blue in colour, the material clung to her figure showing off her wonderful curves. Cut low, it showed plenty of cleavage, leaving her shoulders bare.

    I smiled as my eyes roved over her. "I seem to be a mite under dressed," I said. "Not that I'm complaining," I added quickly, laughing. "I've seen that before haven't I?"

    Mmm," she said turning and looking back over her shoulder, "I like it. Makes me feel sexy!"

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    Default Re: A Couple Of Nights With Carol Vorderman

    I laughed, "Has the same effect on me!" I said. The dress was almost backless and the way it fell off her hips and bottom, accentuating the shape of both, set my pulse racing. "You look bloody ravishing!"

    "Good," she smiled turning to face me, "I rather feel like being ravished!" I took her into my arms and we kissed. Her hands quickly unzipped my top and caressed my body. My hands roamed over her naked back and down to her hips and bottom as she pushed her body against mine. Our kisses became more passionate as tongues probed. Finally Carol moved from my embrace and knelt at my feet. She quickly stripped off my track bottoms and was faced by an erection striving for release from my underpants.

    I slipped off my trainers as Carol's hands ran over my hips and pulled down my pants. "That looks painful," she laughed as my cock sprang free, "better kiss it better!" She did!

    "Shit Carol!" I cried as she sucked my cock between her lips and washed the tip with her tongue. The whole situation was so bloody exciting. Here was Carol Vorderman in her lovely blue dress kneeling at my feet sucking my cock. I began to move gently as she sucked me deep but I didn't want to cum. Cialis is great for getting and maintaining an erection but it doesn't produce spunk!

    "Bugger it Carol, you'll have to stop!"

    She pulled away laughing. "Thought you were going to bugger me!"

    I laughed back. "Oh I am," I said, "as often as I can," I added softly.

    She stood, "I do hope so! But I have still got clothes on!" she said pouting outrageously.

    "No problem! Turn round." She did and I pulled her close, my cock lodging between her cheeks. She wiggled her arse to settle it home. It was lucky the dress was between us! My hands reached round and cupped her gorgeous tits.

    "Mmm," she moaned as I kissed her neck and shoulder, squeezing her tits gently. She pushed her arse back at me and moaned. "Oh fuck Mike, get this bloody dress off!" Stepping back I released the zip and stripped off the dress. She reached for my cock and dragged me over to the bed. I was just able to notice her lilac bra and panties before we fell on the bed together. I quickly removed her bra and fastened my mouth on her nipple whilst my hands stroked her, very wet, cunt through her knickers. Carol moaned in pleasure, holding my head to her tits, and pushed her pussy into my hand.

    "That's nice," she groaned, "But I want you to fuck me!" I eased her knickers off then and opened her legs. She looked wanton laying there as I knelt between. Gripping my rampant cock, I pointed the tip at her wet vagina, and pushed slowly home.

    "Oh fuck! YES!" she cried as my cock filled her. "Fuck me with that lovely cock!" I did! I thrust in and out as hard as I could. I didn't want to cum. My spunk was destined for her rectum - at her request I might add. She told me earlier that evening that she expected to have her bottom filled with several lots of cum. So now I brought her off and struggled for control. Difficult when Carol was cumming! Her vagina was gripping my cock in it's heavenly embrace even tighter as I felt her liquid wash over it. I managed however and, as my crisis passed, I continued to fuck this lovely woman.

    "That was bloody good," she smiled puling my lips to hers. "Thank you," she added softly. "I want to ride now!" she continued with a smile, "I liked that last time!" My response was to hold her tightly and roll onto my back. "Mmmm, that's nice as well!" She wiggled her bottom on my cock dragging a long sigh from my lips.

    "Fuck! Carol, love, careful!" She smiled and kissed me then sat up and swivelled on my cock.

    Looking back over her shoulder she smiled, "Better," she said as she leant forward and thrust her bottom back at me.

    "Much better." I sucked my middle finger then 'rimmed' her anus.

    "Oh fuck yes! Stick it in!" I did and she groaned in pleasure. Still for a few moments, she then started to move back and forth, taking all my middle finger inside her arse. Crisis for me then as she took her pleasure!

    "Carol! Oh fuck Carol! You'll have to stop if you want my cock in your arse in the next minute or so!"

    She looked back over her shoulder and said, with a massive pout, "Oh! I'll get off then!" she did! I felt her vagina and anus tighten as she came! Then she slipped off and lay on her back.

    "Like this. I want to see your eyes!" I rolled next to her and bent my head to her wet cunt. The taste, the odour, were like an electric shock! I moved between her legs and sucked her juices then licked her anus, pushing past the muscle. This brought a loud cry, "Oh fuck yes! Oh god I want you there. Please!" I reached for the lube on the bedside cabinet and squeezed some on her tight star. I made to work it in. "No. It's OK like that. It's done!" she said breathlessly.

    I quickly stroked lube on my cock, still pretty wet with her juices, but there would be lots more arsefucking and I didn't want to hurt her.

    Her arms reached for me. Opening her legs, I shuffled forward and presented my cockhead at her back door. "Oh yes, yes," she cried, "fuck me there! Fuck my arse!" I pushed forward and the head slipped easily between her cheeks. "Oh god yes! More! More please!. I fed more cock inside her tight but slippery heaven. A groan escaped my lips, dragged from deep inside. Her eyes were locked onto mine and I fell into them.

    "All," she said, "give me it all!" I pulled out slightly enjoying the tight grip of her anus along my cock then thrust forward lodging most of it in her hot arse. "Aaaaaagggghhh!" she cried, her eyes closing for a moment. "Oh fuck that's bloody big! Come here!" she pulled my lips to hers and we kissed passionately.

    "Fuck me now," she said breathlessly, "fuck my arse with that lovely big cock. I want to feel you cum again!"

    "Carol! Fuck!" was about all I could manage as my world concentrated on my cock in her tight rectum. It was hot: hot, tight, and made slippery by pre-cum and lube. I fucked her arse deep and her legs came round and gripped me tight.

    "Fill me," she cried, "fill me up!" Again she pulled me down and almost devoured me with her kisses. I slowed, giving us both a breather, fucking her arse gently now using just half my cock.

    "Mmm, I like that. Don't stop!" I sat up a bit so I could look down on her cunt, lips wet and swollen. I rocked my cock gently back and forth in her arse until my balls began to tighten.

    "Soon Carol love," said breathlessly as I began to fuck her arse hard again. I could see my cock gripped by her anus as it slid out. This and her eyes was enough! "It's coming Carol!" It did! Balls tightened, cock swelled, and spunk jetted deep into her bowels.

    "Oh dear god!" she cried as I felt her whole body spasm, her rectum and anus clench around my cock. If anything this added to my pleasure, squeezing a last, weak pulse. I tried to remain inside her for as long as I could but, unfortunately and even with Cialis, I softened and was expelled. I rolled sideways and turned to face her. She turned as well and we kissed tenderly.

    "That was marvellous," she whispered, "thank you!"

    I smiled and kissed her again. "I should be thanking you," I said softly, "it was pretty good for me as well." We lay in each others arms for a while just enjoying the closeness of our naked bodies then she turned and we lay in a 'spoon' position. It is very difficult, in this position, not to let one's hands wander. Mine did, finding her gorgeous tits. I stroked breasts gently and captured hardening nipples between my fingers. After a while Carol began to push her bottom back into me. She turned her head and I kissed her lips and neck. Thank god - or perhaps the chemical companies - for I was beginning to feel an erection coming on - and so soon after cumming! Carol must have felt it as well for she reached back and settled my hardening cock between her cheeks.

    "Mmm, that IS nice," she murmured, "feels just right!"

    "Just right for me as well Carol," I whispered as my cock hardened between her receptive cheeks. I continued to kiss her neck and shoulders as my hands stroked her tits and hips. This is a great position to 'make love' without urgency. Gentle movements, soft words, and stroking bring pleasure slowly without the need for release. Carol was able to turn her head so we kissed as well, tongues gently probing between lips. How long we stayed like that I don't know but I enjoyed every moment so close to this beautiful woman.

    After some while Carol reached back and, wiggling her bottom, eased my cockhead into her bum. I let out a long groan as she took half my cock inside. "That is bloody marvellous Carol," I whispered as she moved back and forth, fucking my cock with her tight but slippery rectum.

    She was completely relaxed now and it was easy to feed a little more of my erection inside on each backward push. Soft sighs of pleasure slipped from her lips as we both moved. I nipped her neck and shoulders gently as my passion increased. Its not easy to get really deep like this but again it provides a relaxing and very intimate arse fuck and, lacking urgency, can also last for an age.

    I finally lodged as deep as I could in this position and we both stopped moving. "Carol, love, you are fabulous," I whispered, "your arse . . ."

    She laughed, "Your cock! I like this. Stay for a while - don't you dare cum - then we can try a few different positions." She laughed again, "You can tell me your favourite!"

    "You can tell me yours," I laughed, "then we can do them!"

    After a while she began to move again. "Let me turn on my side," she whispered. "No! Don't take it out!" So we eased into another position. Carol on her side with one leg drawn up exposing pussy and anus, me kneeling holding that leg up and driving into her arse. This is great for deep penetration.

    "Oh fuck yes," moaned Carol as I drove home, "that feels great. Oh, oh, oh, oh, yesssss!" I was fucking her hard just now, thighs crashing against her bottom. I was a long way from cumming, just enjoying her body and her orgasms.

    I leant forward and whispered, "Good?"

    "Fuck yes! It feels different like this. Nice but I want to get on top!"

    "in your bottom!?"

    "Mmm. My favourite!"

    I smiled, "Well then, off we go!" Shifting positions together Carol managed to get on top without completely losing my stiff cock from her still tight bottom. As she eased into position, sinking down on my cock, a big smile graced her features.

    "Oh that is even better!" Her bottom rested on my thighs, my cock completely buried in her back passage. The look on her face - of sensuous passion mixed with an almost possessiveness - was sexy and exciting. Moving gently up and down, just a little at a time, her smile got even bigger. She leaned forward, bending my cock at a wonderfully exciting angle, and our lips met. The kiss was long and passionate, tongues entwining. Her movements changed now, up and down replaced by back and forth. Faster and faster then all sorts of movement until she let out a low scream of passion. My cock was on fire and I had to hold tight. It was seeing her massive orgasm that made it difficult!

    Finally she was finished and flopped forward. "Oh heck," she said breathlessly. "Sorry! So good. It's so big like that. Are you OK?"

    I laughed. "Just about. Good?"

    "Oh yes! Very good!" She raised her eyebrows, "Can I turn round?"

    I laughed again. "More?" She nodded with a big smile. "Turn then!" She did and what a sight. The broad reach of her arse, cheeks spread by her knees each side of me, was before my eyes. My cock, buried in her arsehole, was bent forward. The feeling, one I had never experienced before, was strange but very enjoyable. She began to 'bounce' up and down, looking back over her shoulder as she did so.

    "My bum," she said, "touch - please!" I did, squeezing, stroking, caressing. It didn't take long before she let out another low moan. Her rectum gripped my cock tightly as yet another orgasm rocked her body. She slipped off my cock as she came down and lay next to me. "Fantastic man!" she said kissing me. "That was wonderful. I think I was rather lucky to break down!" I smiled in thanks. "Now - anything you want?"

    This was said in such a tone that told me she meant it. I think I could have actually done anything to her. I didn't want to do 'anything' - I just wanted to fuck her arse! "Face down love. Can I fuck that gorgeous arse of yours face down?" Her response was to languidly roll over.

    "Like this?" she asked smiling.

    "Legs together," I said bringing a look of surprise to her face. She closed her legs.

    "Like this?" said with a soft, sexy smile. I nodded and bent to kiss her lips. "Be big like this," she whispered.

    I smiled, "Will be!" I moved into position slowly wanking my cock. A knee each side of her hips, I reached down with one hand and parted her cheeks revealing her not so tight anus. Somewhat red and swollen. I leant forward. "Sure you're OK?" I whispered, "I haven't hurt you?"

    She smiled, "No. Stretched but fine. I want it again. Like this - be so big!"

    Back up, I eased her cheeks apart and, bending my cock forward, speared her anus driving half inside her.

    "Oh fuck!," she groaned breathlessly, "oh fuck! Yesssssss! Harder! Now!"

    I drove down and deep then leaning forward and taking my weight on my arms, I thrust even deeper into her willing bottomhole. Thighs slapped against buttocks as I began to feel my orgasm building. Sadly, little thought for Carol now, just the constriction of my cock in the heat of her rectum bringing me closer.

    "Oh god Carol," I finally managed as balls sent spunk - what little was available - deep into her body. She was so tight like this - that's why I like this position so much. "Here it comes!"

    "Oh yes! More - I want more! Aaagghhh!" She squeezed tight as my cock swelled with each pulse and groaned in time. Soon, too soon, it was over. I rolled sideways and lay still. My intense orgasm had left me drained.

    "That was nice," she whispered covering me with arm and leg. "I'm so full! Two lots of cum! Devil!" I pulled her lips to mine. It was a long gentle kiss as we ended in each others arms. Again, I'm not sure how long we lay like this. We might even have dozed in that wonderful 'after sex' heaven, half awake, half asleep.

    Movement brought me back to the real world as Carol left my arms. "Leaking," she laughed. "Your fault! I must tidy then . . . Bath?"

    "Mmm," I muttered watching her walking to the bathroom, her bottom swaying. She is truly beautiful!

    After a few moments she called me in and we bathed together. Not much play this time, we were both a bit tired now. I know I certainly was. I hadn't experienced this much sex [and related exercise] for many a year and I suspected it was the same for Carol [and her bottom!]. We dried each other with a gentleness springing form our lovemaking.

    Carol donned pyjamas, I stayed naked, and we climbed into bed together. It had been such a long time since I slept with a woman and it was so nice to snuggle up to her warmth. Sex didn't raise it's head - both of us were sated I think - and we fell asleep quickly.

    The alarm woke me at 6:00 a.m. and I blearily dressed kissing Carol on the cheek. "See you at breakfast," I whispered and was answered by a soft mutter of agreement. I made my way back into the hotel without being seen.

    I showered [to wake myself up], dressed, and made my way to breakfast. As before Carol looked fabulous although slightly subdued. Worried that I had hurt her in my passion I asked, "Is everything OK?"

    She smiled, "Mmm, I'm sorry. I just wish I could stay. Last night, Sunday, was fabulous."

    My hand covered hers, "We'll be back Friday!"

    She smiled, "Mmm. Got any more pills?"

    I laughed, "At least two," I said, "and one should be enough!"

    She smiled back, "Can't wait!"

    Breakfast finished I ran her to the car hire office where we said goodbye in a rather subdued manner because we were in public. I waved as she left hoping I would see her on Friday.

    The rest of the week flew by and the conference finished on Friday at lunchtime. I spent the afternoon playing golf at the hotel having booked in for the extra night. I didn't see Carol arrive but was relieved and extremely pleased to see her enter the bar before dinner. As before she looked fabulous. We supped an aperitif together, then had dinner. It seemed as if she hadn't been gone, our conversation picking up where it left of. When I got to her room later the sex continued in the same manner.

    It was a long and enjoyable night. I fucked Carol's pussy, mouth, and arse [three times!]. It was another night of sheer pleasure.

    Saying goodbye in the morning was not a problem as we had agreed to keep in touch and meet when we could. We would become part of each other's life.

    So - I hope you enjoyed the fantasy. Please vote and comment. ALL comments are welcome although I would urge 'anonymous' to provide an opportunity for response if the comment is negative – or, indeed, positive..

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