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    Default A Dance To Remember - Anna Torv - Sex Story

    Wendi smoothed the long brown hair that cascaded halfway down her back, gave herself one last glance in the restroom mirror, and headed back to the dance floor. Adjusting her strappy white tank top, she went to her accustomed place next to one corner of the area. She was still a little too self-conscious of her dancing ability, so she tended to hang out on the periphery of the cluster of dancers. Anna, her best friend, strode up to her, face flushed with excitement.

    "Oh my god, Wendi!!"

    "What is it Anna?"

    "I just overheard some of the bouncers talking and they said someone really, really famous was expected to come to the club tonight!!"

    "Oh really? Did they say who?"

    "No, no but it must be a REAL star, because they were expecting personal bodyguards to be here with them!!"

    Shrugging as Anna bounced off to spread her juicy rumor to some more people, Wendi let the Hip-Hop music flow through her body, gyrating to the beat. Unbeknownst to her, there was someone on the sidelines, watching her with interest. He licked his lips as he saw her smooth tan skin gleaming in the overhead lights.

    Wendi was not expecting to be blessed with a partner tonight, because most of the guys gravitated to the better dancers, not to her hiding in her corner. Suddenly she felt the familiar sensation of someone coming up behind her. Her mystery dancer grabbed her hips and pulled her closer, until their bodies were lightly touching. Doing her level best to keep up with his swinging moves, she laid her hands on top of his, resting on her hips. Suddenly she realized how BIG the hands were. She felt a slight frisson of fear as she did the math and realized what a HUGE man this must be.

    Wendi tried to turn and look at her partner, but he laid his head on her shoulder and growled in a smoky, gravelly voice, "No baby, don't look, you'll ruin it, just dance like I'm inside you, fucking you."

    She started with recognition as his voice whispered in her ear. She couldn't quit place that voice, it sounded SO familiar!! She was slightly afraid, but also becoming more and more turned on. She backed her tight little ass farther into him, to where his crotch was grinding against her butt. Wrapping his arms around her, he began stroking the inside of her bare thighs, riding her miniskirt up higher and higher. Reciprocating the motion, Wendi braced her hands on his rock hard legs and forced him to go lower and lower, grinding her hips into his.

    Slowly her mystery man began stroking upward, stopping just short of her now wet pussy. Faint with desire, she ground herself into his pelvis harder, coveting the massive erection she felt against her butt. In a sexual fervor, she tried again to turn around, and was again rebuffed, his hands now sliding up her bared stomach to her full breasts, dipping inside her low cut shirt, palming a nipple and rubbing her into a frenzy.

    "Please, whoever you are, I don't normally do this... but please take me somewhere, I need you."

    "Oh no honey, not tonight, I've got other things to do, but I'm going to make sure you ARE ready for me when I do get the time." The 'whiskey and cigarettes' voice whispered in the cup of her ear. That voice!! She knew it!!

    "So tell me sexy, where do you live? "

    "In an apartment two blocks down, the Sunset Structures, number 345." She answered, panting over the pressure he was putting on her nipple.

    Suddenly, he turned her around, and she saw that it was too dark to make out his face, even if he removed the wraparound shades he was wearing. And the confusing glimpses afforded by the strobe light did no good either. He semi squatted. Her facing him and they began to slowly dance again, her hands on his shoulders, grinding crotch to crotch.

    He slipped a finger inside her before she knew what was happening.

    "Oh sweetheart, nice and tight and wet for me huh? You are definitely one to remember." Purred that naggingly familiar voice again.

    Wendi felt like the room was spinning crazily as he massaged her G-spot, suddenly with a rush of embarrassment she realized she was going to come very hard and most likely moan in front of all these people.

    Seeming to see her anguish, the mystery man captured her rosebud lips with his and stifled the moans against his teeth, his tongue dipping into her mouth to taste the honeyed sweetness.

    Flushing with need and excitement, she again looked into the enigmatic face, still cloaked in shadow, purposely it seemed. He leaned down from his 6' height to her 5' 11" and again ravished her mouth, teaching her ways to kiss she had never dreamed of in all her 25 years.

    Then he lasciviously licked his index finger, which had been inside her minutes ago, and with a rapturous look on his face, waved goodbye as he stalked away.


    "So who was Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome last night?" Anna asked wryly the next morning.

    "I really don't know, his voice sounded so familiar to me, but I couldn't quite place it." Wendi answered, brows drawn together in confusion.

    Later, Wendi walked into the living room of the apartment she and Anna shared and stopped dead in her tracks, gazing disbelievingly at the TV.

    How could she have not known that voice?

    Anna had been watching one of their favorite movies, "Pitch Black" with VIN DIESEL!!

    Suddenly she remembered the voice... it had to have been him.


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    Default Re: A Dance To Remember - Anna Torv - Sex Story

    Weeks passed since the night she met Vin Diesel.

    Wendi had just about convinced herself she must have been mistaken. Vin Diesel choosing HER out of all those girls on the dance floor? How ludicrous!!

    She had put the incident out of her mind by the time the New Years Eve Party rolled around.

    Wendi and Anna showed up at the club late, the party had already started. Couples were gyrating on the dance floor to the heartbeat thumping of hip-hop music.

    Wendi breathed in the intoxicating odor of a variety of colognes and perfumes, mixed in with tangy sweat, as she walked onto the dance floor.

    Yet anticipating a nice evening of dancing, Wendi sought her corner, and began to move. Slowly accustoming herself to the beat, she gyrated and moved like a sex goddess.

    Suddenly she felt someone behind her, as strong arms wrapped around her waist.

    "Hello again sexy..." Vin's voice ground in her ear.

    Shocked, she found that she had frozen and couldn't move.

    Playing with a lock of her mahogany colored hair, Vin spoke again.

    "Would you like to see the VIP room?"

    "Y-y-yes... I would." She stuttered out finally deciding that she couldn't pass THIS chance up.

    Taking her hand, and nodding at the bouncers, he led her upstairs to the room. Looking around she noted the overstuffed couches and elegant chairs, offset by two cherry wood end tables with a smooth glass finish.

    They were the only people in the room.

    "Where's your um... entourage?" she asked timidly.

    "YOU are my entourage tonight baby." He replied, a smooth sexy smile lighting his features.

    Hugging her close, he lowered his lips to hers and a fire was lit in her veins. She kissed him back, tongues darting, exquisite pleasure heightening her perceptions. Suddenly Vin started flicking his tongue over the end of hers, and her knees turned to water.

    "Too much for you honey? Yeah that is what I am going to do to your clit, slip my tongue all around it and vibrate it until you cum for me."

    Wendi moaned just thinking about it.

    He carried he over to one of the couches and laid her down, pushing her skirt up all the way to her waist. His hand moved between her thighs as he slipped off her now drenched panties with the other.

    Kneeling at the side of the couch, he spread her legs wide and blew gently on her wet sex. The sensations were almost overwhelming for Wendi, she started writhing on the sofa when his tongue touched her enflamed clit.

    He did just as he said he would, licking firmly all around it before diving in and vibrating the small pleasure spot with the tip of his very talented tongue. Every so often Vin would dip down to taste the honeyed essence of her cunt, slipping his tongue as far inside her as possible.

    Soon her fingernails bit down into the plush sofa and her body began trembling. Suddenly her lithe frame was wracked by the waves of an awesome orgasm.

    Vin pulled back but not before he licked her pussy clean of all the cum that had been produced. He stood up and unbuttoned his jeans, pulling forth a huge erection.

    Knowing exactly what was expected of her, Wendi knelt before him and took his turgid member in her mouth. Wrapping her hot tongue around his shaft she began to increase suction gradually as she slowly fucked him with her mouth.

    Vin moaned in pleasure, cupping the back of her head in one big hand.

    "I can't take any more baby I need to be inside you NOW!!" he breathed.

    "And I want you deep inside my cunt." Wendi replied.

    Lying down on the couch he reached for her, pulling her down on top of him. With a sweeping gesture he swiftly divested her of the tube top she was wearing. Wendi's grapefruit sized breasts swinging free.

    Taking one dark nipple in his mouth Vin listened to her moans with appreciation.

    Reaching between them, Wendi lifted his huge cock and slid it into her wetness, cumming at once from the slick friction.

    "Oh yeah baby that's it, cum for me." Vin growled at her.

    His hands roved her body caressing her back, shoulders and down to where their bodies joined. Wendi sighed in pleasure.

    Thrusting into her, Vin grew frustrated and lifted her up, carrying her to the wall and cupped a buttock in each hand. Wendi felt exhilarated and helpless to stop this giant that had her pinned up against the wall.

    Her actions limited, she touched his shoulders and licked across his full lips. Suddenly a shudder crawled up from her pussy, and she started moaning in ecstasy for the second time.

    Vin pounded into her, massaging her buttocks with his hands after every thrust. She came several more times.

    Then he placed her on the floor, and drawing her left leg across his right shoulder, entered her in one swift thrust.

    His hard cock hit her G-spot immediately. Wendi shuddered out an everlasting orgasm, every time he thrust into her, her body vibrating and her breathing coming in gasps and spurts.

    Suddenly she looked up and saw how glazed the eyes looking down on her were.

    "Baby I'm about to cum." Vin whispered.

    "Yes cum deep inside my hot, wet cunt." Wendi groaned, unable to breathe for the pleasure.

    With a last shudder he pushed as far inside her as he could get and gave himself over to the frissons of pleasure washing over him.

    Rolling off of her, he lay on the plush rug, breathing raggedly. Wendi was not sure whether he would like for her to leave or how he did things like this.

    Staring at him, and noticing his half closed eyelids, she opted for leaving. With some regret she gathered up her things and dressed quickly, noting the sated snuffles coming from the naked giant on the floor.

    'Some women would feel cheapened by this.' Wendi thought to herself wryly. 'But not me! I'm so happy to have done that with THE Vin Diesel that I could probably explode!!'

    She slipped out the door as quietly as possible, closing it softly behind her. She made no qualifications that she was special to him, she figured he probably did this frequently with women, a quick fuck and that was all, he probably preferred them to leave on their own volition so he wouldn't have to participate in the awkward conversation necessary to get them to leave and not make a fuss.


    Later that night, as Wendi lay in her bed, she relived her experience with Vin. She could almost imaging his lips on her skin once again when she drifted off to sleep... and was awakened by the insistent ringing of the phone. Groggily she rolled over and looked at the clock.

    "3 am what the fuck?" she growled irritably fully intending to give the caller an earful.

    "Hello?" she answered.

    "Hey sweetheart, where did you go? I wasn't finished with you..." Vin growled over the telephone line.

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