I spend some time with the internet porn star and fulfill a fantasy.

I'm a young guy in my mid 20's who just happens to have a fetish for mature women. I just think they are much sexier and more desirous when they are 40 and up. Since this is my preference, I scan the internet and look at all the granny and MILF sites. That was how I discovered Stunning Summer.

For those that know of her and have the same desire as me, no explanation is required. For those that don't know of her, she is an internet porn star who happens to be in her late forties. She is blonde, with nice blue eyes and a pleasingly plump frame. She is about 5'4 but looks smaller as she fills out in the right areas. Her tits are 36DD, and those amazing hips are 37.

She has a website where you can "donate" for her services. Services include everything from social interaction to personal attention. Also on her site are pictures, videos and the like outlining what she offers. But it was other sites that offered a more compelling look at this lady.

Summer is hot in the sack. You can tell even though she is an actress, that she really likes what she does, and her reactions are true. A number of sites have her with multiple hung black guys who put her thru the paces. She can engulf almost any size cock in any hole and not flinch. She takes internal shots as well as splatters to the face with tongue cleanup. The way she can ride a cock is awesome with her plump ass bouncing and moving the way it does. You can tell that it affects her partners as well and they strain to hold back from blowing their loads. I am not na´ve to believe this is all real, but I think one can tell if people are going thru the motions or are enjoying themselves, Summer is enjoying herself and it is infectious.

Well about 4 months ago, I got a call from a lawyer who informed me that my uncle had passed away suddenly in an accident. After adsorbing the shock of the news, he told me that I was the sole beneficiary of my uncle's estate and could I come to California when the probate would start. I went out there and discovered that besides a nice mortgage free home near San Diego, my uncle Dave had also left about 200K after debts. Not having much money myself, this was a jackpot.

It was at this time I made contact with Stunning Summer and set up a date with her.

I met Summer in a bar of her choosing and was awed when she came in with a black cocktail dress on that highlighted her cleavage and those hips and ass. Stunning was really the word for her. She was a delight to talk to over several drinks, very knowledgeable over various subjects. We finished up and headed back to my hotel. Once the financials were finalized, Summer did a slow strip tease and gradually exposed that hot body that I only had seen flicker on the computer screen before. She was an excellent kisser and things progressed slow and with passion. This woman knew how to ooze out passion and heat. She began to work on my dick and proved to be the most excellent cocksucker I've ever encountered. Her pussy and ass opened up to my probing fingers and I had a slight concern, based on the size of my equipment, that I would be able to fully enjoy this experience. I am about 7 inches and some of the guys on the internet were almost twice that and far thicker, and she required little effort to accommodate them.

I had nothing to worry about, as Summer proved to be most adaptive. Her pelvic action could be like a vise on a pen. My dick felt like it was in a recently broken in virgin. We fucked slow then hard and then frantic. I got to enjoy her pussy, ass and mouth. But the highlight of my night as well as my fantasy, was when Stunning Summer sat on my lap and did the gyrations and bouncing on my dick that had me mesmerized since the first time I saw her on the computer. She allowed me to come inside her bareback and I thought all the fluid in my body was flowing out. I had one more experience that night before we called it quits.

I am grateful for the experience and still email Summer for a possible repeat when I get back to California.

I got to live out a fantasy into reality. I hope you can have the same one day.