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    Default A Date With The Night - Amber Heard - Sex Story

    It should go without saying that the story you are about to read is fictional. But just in case it doesn’t, I would like to stress that what you are about to read is purely a figment of my filthy imagination…


    It was an unusually balmy Friday night in London. Even though darkness had fallen over the busy streets, it did nothing to reduce the temperature.

    Most people had spilled onto the streets in an attempt to seek solace from the sweaty, overcrowded bars. They stood there and chatted, drinking beer while the streetlights flickered over them, as if they didn’t have a care in the world. The whole of Soho was alive with music and laughter, a sound that announced it was officially summer in London.

    And who could blame them? Nights like this were few and far between in England and when they happened, people savoured them as it was going to be the last.

    As the black cab wound it’s way down narrow Glasshouse Street and past the sea of happy faces lining the streets, it eventually stopped beside an anonymous alleyway.

    “Here we are boys!” Josh announced, jumping out of the cab and handing the driver a twenty-pound note.

    “Are you sure this is it?” Dave asked looking confused as he climbed out of the back of the cab, his friend Nick not far behind him.

    “It’s just down there.” Josh replied, pointing down the alleyway.

    “Yeah, don’t worry Dave. You’re about to discover London’s best kept secret!” Nick enthused, slapping Dave on the back.

    He reluctantly followed Josh and Nick down the dimly lit alleyway unsure of where it would lead them, when they came across a huge bouncer, standing in front of a door with ‘The Glasshouse’ over it.

    “Evening Gentlemen.” He said gruffly as he opened the door for them.

    The friends walked in and were greeted by an attractive blonde in an elegant black dress who told them her name was Katherine. She beckoned for one of the cocktail waitresses to come over and show them to their seats. Dave smiled at her, grateful that no one had recognised him yet.

    “Hi I’m Amber. Follow me,” the pretty red head said with a smile as she led them to their table.

    They sat down in a semi-circular booth covered in soft black leather opposite a long runway that led to a stage. The table was draped with white linen on top of which was a glass vase holding two pink orchids. Next to the vase was a cream coloured candle that smelt like vanilla.

    “Can I get you anything?” Amber asked reaching into the black apron tied round her waist to retrieve a small notepad and pencil.

    “Yeah I’ll have a JD, neat. And he’ll have the same.” Josh replied, pointing at Nick.

    “Do you have any Crown Royal?” Dave asked politely.

    “We sure do,” she replied, scribbling down their order. “I’ll be right back with your drinks.”

    “Nice!” Josh said with a cheeky grin as he studied her firm ass as she sauntered off towards the bar.

    “Down boy!” Nick remarked with a wink.

    “What can I say? I’m a sucker for a red head.” Josh sighed dramatically, running his hand through his own red mane.

    This is a strip club?” Dave asked incredulously as he looked around the room. “I’ve been to London like a bazillion times and I’ve never even heard of this place.”

    It was certainly like no other strip club Dave had been to before! The room was small and intimate with well-dressed businessmen sat at the tables surrounding the stage.

    Large crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling and everywhere you looked there were huge vases of white flowers that filled the room with the gentle scent of lilies and roses.

    There were candles dotted around the room, which made the gold-leaf walls shimmer and the place, definitely had an air of sophistication not normally associated with strip clubs.

    “It’s a gentleman’s club” Josh replied lighting a huge cigar. “This place is like nowhere you have ever been before Dave, known only to a select few.

    “Tommy Lee brought me here a couple of years ago and I stop by every time I’m in London. It’s very expensive so only attracts a certain type of customer and it’s very discrete. Tommy told me that they pay the paparazzi to keep away because they get a lot of celebs here, which is great for us.”

    Dave watched the cigar waive around as Josh spoke, the smoke dancing up and down as the distinctive smell soon filled the room.

    “So where are the strippers?” Dave joked, pointing at the empty stage. A remark which was met by a loud laugh from Nick and Josh.

    “Here we go.” The red head said with a smile as she returned with their drinks, placing them carefully on the table.

    “Thanks Amber.” Josh flirted, his eyes following her as she walked past the stage towards the red velvet curtain at the back of the room. The lights went down and a spotlight illuminated the silver pole that was mounted on the centre of the stage as the MC announced the next act.

    Satisfied that she was out of sight, Amber ran through the curtain and headed towards the dressing rooms as Kylie Minogue’s ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ drowned the narrow corridor.

    “OH MY GOD!” she cried as she burst through the dressing room door.

    “What? What’s wrong?” Polly asked startled.

    “Come with me!” Amber replied excitedly, grabbing her friend by the arm and leading her back down the corridor.

    When they arrived at the velvet curtain, Amber opened it slightly to give Polly a view of the stage. “What am I meant to be looking at?” Polly asked confused as she peered through.

    “Look!” Amber replied, pointing at the table at the end of the runway.

    “OH MY GOD! That isn’t who I think it is, is it?” Polly gasped as her eyes widened. “It can’t be!”

    “It fuckin is!” Amber confirmed, “I just served them their drinks.”

    Polly stared through the gap in the curtain at the three men sitting at the VIP table. They were all smiling cheekily as they watched the buxom blonde writhe about on stage.

    “I don’t know who the other two are, but that’s definitely Dave Grohl!” Amber gushed, interrupting Polly’s thoughts.

    “Oh my God it is,” Polly breathed. “See the guy sitting in the middle with the red hair? That’s Josh and the bald guy with the beard is Nick. They’re from Queens of the Stoneage. Dave drummed on their last album and he toured with them last year.”

    The friends stared through the gap in the curtain for a few moments before returning to the dressing room and closing the door.

    Polly began pacing around the room nervously as she tried to calm herself down. She was a huge fan of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters and she couldn’t believe that she was about to go take her clothes off in front of her hero.

    “I can’t do this!” she whispered, literally shaking.

    “Yes you can!” Amber soothed, handing her friend a cigarette and pouring her a large vodka.

    “But I don’t want Dave Grohl to know I’m a stripper!” Polly admitted.

    “You’ve got nothing to be ashamed about! He’s the one who should be ashamed. He’s a fucking rock star and he’s in a strip club! Why the fuck is he paying to see this when he can get it for free?” Amber joked, handing her friend the vodka.

    Polly lit the cigarette and downed the vodka; her face contorting as the liquid burned it’s way down her throat.

    “I’m only doing this to pay off my student debts and I’ve only got another thousand to go. I’ll get that in less than a month! Why did he have to come in now? I only chose this fucking club coz I knew no one I knew could afford it. Sod’s fucking law!” Polly ranted, pouring herself another vodka.

    “Listen,” Amber soothed, rubbing her friends arm, “OK, so this isn’t how you imagined meeting him, but at least you’re gonna meet him. You’re gorgeous and he’s gonna love you.”

    Polly smiled at her friend, grateful at her attempt to make her feel better. She downed another generous shot of vodka and continued with her make-up, her hands shaking as Amber stood behind her brushed her long black hair.

    “Polly! You’re on!” the MC shouted at her from the corridor.

    “This is it.” Polly said nervously, taking a final drag on her cigarette before putting it out. She poured herself another large glass of vodka and downed it quickly, the potent liquid making her head spin.

    “Go get him gorgeous!” Amber said positively, hugging her friend.

    They walked toward the stage and Amber winked at her before disappearing behind the curtain. Polly stood there nervously awaiting the MC to announce her, her heart racing. “I can do this,” she said to herself as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

    “And now gentleman. For your eyes only, Miss Polly Styrene!’ the MC said as Polly pushed apart the velvet curtains and strutted onto the stage like she owned the place.

    The Yeah Yeah Yeahs ‘A Date With The Night’ filled the room as the bright spotlight followed her towards the pole, her knee length black leather boots spiking the plush red carpet beneath her feet. She could feel her short frayed denim skirt brushing against the top of her ass as she walked, knowing that with each strut she was giving the men at the tables behind her a glimpse of her perfect ass.

    Polly fixed her lusty gaze on Dave who was staring at her, obviously impressed with what he saw. She took hold of the pole with both hands and twisted her body around it, rocking her hips provocatively in time with the beat. She unwrapped her legs and stood up straight, licking the pole seductively as she ground her horny pussy against it.

    Without taking her eyes off Dave she continued to contort her body around the stiff pole in rhythm with the blistering guitar riffs of the song as he watched her intently. Polly mouthed along to the words of the song as if she were Karen O herself, her short denim skirt riding up slightly to give him a view of her black lace thong. She threw her head back violently making her long black hair fall wildly about her face and as she leaned backwards, her ripped, black t-shirt struggled to restrain her firm breasts.

    It was as if Dave was the only man in the room and Polly danced just for him, unable to take her eyes off him as she swung around the poll.

    With one hand on the pole and the other in her hair, she began shamelessly grinding her hips, rubbing her soaking wet pussy against it again, a move that excited them both. Dave couldn’t take his eyes off of her as she suddenly fell to her knees.

    “Fuck me!” She heard Josh say as she began crawling on her hands and knees towards Dave, Karen O’s almost-orgasmic moans filling the room, her olive skin glowing warmly under the spotlight.

    When Polly reached the end of the runway she stared right at Dave, her eyes alive with lust. She spied the growing bulge in his jeans and licked her lips provocatively before rolling onto her back. Her head hung off the edge of the runway so that only the table separated them and her long, black hair brushed against the floor.

    Their eyes locked, Polly raised her hips so that her skirt fell down to reveal her black lace thong. She slipped her right hand under her thong and dipped her index finger between her moist pussy lips, before pulling it out to show Dave how turned she was. Polly watched as his mouth fell open when the spotlight illuminated her wet finger.

    “Holy shit!” Josh whispered as she brought her moist finger to her mouth and began sucking on it seductively, licking it clean with a wicked smile. Any inhibitions she had were now lost, her body and mind drunk with vodka and lust. She was no longer ashamed and now revelled in the control she had over Dave, knowing that she was giving him the show of his life.

    They were speechless as Polly lay there sucking her finger like a naughty schoolgirl and they all gasped when she brought her hands up and suddenly ripped open her tight, black t-shirt. The delicate fabric tore easily and as it fell apart to reveal her prefect breasts, she could see Dave’s mouth watering.

    “What I wouldn’t do to those tits.” Josh breathed as Polly arched her back so that her hard, chocolate brown nipples were pointing in their direction. As she closed her eyes and waited for the song to reach its climax, she basked in the intensity of their gaze, silently begging Dave to reach over and grab her firm breasts.

    She had never been so turned on in her life and as Karen O’s final groan signalled the end of the song, she got up slowly, winking at Dave before strutting back towards the curtain, ignoring the carpet of twenty pound notes that covered the stage.

    “Oh my God! That was so hot!” Amber said, meeting her offstage with a robe as they headed back towards the dressing rooms.

    Polly wrapped it around her near naked body with a cheeky grin.

    “I know! I’ve never been so turned on in my life. I really enjoyed it and I think he did too. I’m soaking fucking wet though. I may have to ‘finish myself off’ in a minute!”

    The friends giggled and just as Amber was about to shut the dressing room door behind them, the MC interrupted.

    “Hey the guy at the VIP table wants to see you.” He said casually.

    “Which one?” Polly asked, her heart racing.

    “I dunno his name. The one with the brown hair.” He replied.

    Polly almost fell over. “Send him in,” she said, praying he meant Dave.

    She and Amber stared at each other for a moment before they heard a knock at the door. Polly’s heart raced wildly as Amber went to open it and her prayers were answered when Dave walked in.

    “I’ll leave you to it,” Amber said with a wink at Polly before shutting the door behind her.

    “Hi,” Dave said warmly, his thick Virginian accent making her melt.

    “Hello,” Polly replied as casually as she could.

    They stood there and looked at each other for about a minute.

    “So this is what it’s like to be in the presence of a rock legend?” Polly thought to herself as she studied his face carefully.

    He was a lot better looking in real life and while he may never be described as classically good looking like the Brad Pit’s of this world, there was something undeniablely sexy about this man.

    “That was quite a show you put on back there,” he said finally.

    “Thanks,” Polly said seductively, offering him a cigarette.

    He took one and she lit it for him before lighting her own and sucking on the tip. She could feel herself relaxing as the nicotine dulled the edges of her anxiety and Dave’s welcoming demeanour put her at ease.

    “Polly Styrene?” Dave said with a smile, puffing on his cigarette.

    “She’s the singer from the X-Ray Specs.” Polly replied matter-of-factly, knowing that they were one of his favourite punk bands.

    “I know who she is. Before your time aren’t they? They broke up in ‘79,” he teased.

    “They broke up the year I was born and my Dad was devastated so he named me after her. I added the Styrene bit when I started here. My real surname is Palmer.” she replied honestly.

    Dave nodded and he allowed his eyes to drift over her perfect body as she leaned against the dressing table that sat under the large mirror on the back wall. Polly felt his eyes linger on her as she put out her cigarette and she smiled to herself, turned on by the attention but bored of the polite conversation.

    “So why did you want to see?” she said getting straight to the point.

    “I wanted to thank you for your performance,” he flirted, unfazed by her honesty.

    “Yeah I saw you enjoying it,” Polly replied with a wicked smile, referring to the hard on she spied when she was dancing.

    “Still am,” Dave laughed as he put out his cigarette, knowing exactly what she was talking about.

    “Come here.” She said firmly.

    They had flirted enough.

    Dave stared at her for a moment, making her wait before walking over to her slowly and cupping her face in his hands. Polly’s heart raced as he brought his mouth to meet hers in a deep, passionate kiss that forced them both to moan loudly. She buried her hands in his hair as she welcomed his thick tongue into her hot, wet mouth.

    As their tongues danced together, Polly’s hand slipped to the crotch of his jeans and she rubbed it tenderly, desperate to make him hard again. He groaned with approval moving his hips forward, pushing his cock against the palm of her hand.

    Polly broke their kiss and moved down his body so that she was on her knees and she looked up at him as she undid his belt. He stroked her face and smiled as she freed his hardening cock and began running her slender fingers over it.

    “Oh that’s it baby. Make me hard.” He encouraged as he watched her take him in her mouth and suck him gently.

    “Good at that aren’t you?” Dave groaned as she went down on him, expertly sucking his cock and licking his balls.

    “Deep throat me.” He said lustily as she licked the head of his cock like an ice cream.

    Polly did as she was told and took all of him in her mouth, hearing him groan deeply as she let him inch his cock down her throat.

    “Oh that’s it. Take it baby!” He said firmly as he began rocking his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth slowly as she swallowed every inch of his now rock-hard cock, desperate to please him.

    Dave pulled away suddenly and Polly reluctantly let his cock fall out of her eager mouth. He helped her to her feet and with one hand, roughly pushed her make up off the top of the dressing table. Polly’s lipstick and brushes flew violently across the room as he lifted her up and practically threw her on top of the table.

    She spread her legs and he moved between them, ripping open her robe with a grunt, his hands moving straight to her firm breasts. Polly groaned loudly as he squeezed them roughly, pinching her sensitive nipples before bringing his mouth down to suck them. Her torn t-shirt still hung around her shoulders and she could feel his stiff cock rubbing against the inside of her thigh.

    “Oh yeah!” Polly moaned as his tongue lapped at her swollen nipples. She loved having her tits sucked at the best of times but it was as if every nerve ending in her body was on fire. She’d never done anything with a customer before, but this was no ordinary customer.

    “Let’s see how much you want me,” Dave teased, allowing his hand to slip between her legs and beneath her black lace thong as she had done on stage not long before. Polly was already soaking wet after dancing for Dave so she almost came when his fingers finally found her throbbing clit.

    “Oh there it is. That’s what I want.” He said with a smile and as he began gently circling it with his index finger she could feel her warm juices running all over it.

    His hard cock was still rubbing against her damp inner thigh so she reached down and stroked it as he teased her with his fingers.

    “Oh Dave!” she called out, grinding her clit against his probing finger.

    “No not yet…” he teased, sensing her impending orgasm and removing his fingers from under her thong.

    “Please Dave…” Polly whimpered, desperate to cum.

    “Don’t worry baby. I’m gonna give you what you want real soon.” He promised as she let go of his cock and let him lift her denim skirt up.

    Polly held on to his shoulders for support as he kissed her neck, his tongue running all over her olive skin as she felt his strong fingers tugging at her thong.

    She gasped when, with one forceful yank, he ripped the garment away from her body. The sheer fabric tore easily and she moaned involuntarily as the cool air of the room suddenly hit her hot, wet cunt.

    “Fuck me Dave!” She begged, unable to wait a moment longer.

    She felt his mouth move down from her neck; over her breasts and flat stomach to the place she wanted him the most. He slowly licked the wet lips of her pussy before finding her swollen clit, expertly teasing it with his tongue.

    “Oh right there!” She called out, rubbing her wet cunt all over his face.

    Just as Polly was about to cum again, Dave moved his face away, delaying her orgasm for a second time.

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    Default Re: A Date With The Night - Amber Heard - Sex Story

    “Oh Dave. Please. I want you so bad. I’ve never wanted anyone as much as I want you right now.” She whimpered, her whole body weak.

    Dave smiled arrogantly to himself, pleased that he was now the one teasing her after she had toyed with him so ruthlessly during her dance. He took his rock hard cock in his hand and thrust it into her waiting pussy with a grunt, forcing her to cum immediately.

    “Oh yes! I’ve wanted this for so long!” She called out as she came.

    “Is that what you want?” he teased, Polly’s hot pussy spasming around his cock answering his question for him.

    “Oh fuck me please! Fuck me!” She begged and with her knee length boots still on, she wrapped her legs around his waist, savouring every inch of him inside her.

    They were both breathing heavily as Dave pinned her to the dressing table, her back pressed against the cool glass of the mirror as he fucked her mercilessly.

    “Fuck me harder. I can take it.” Polly begged.

    Dave obliged, putting his hands over her head and resting his palms against the mirror for support as he thrust in and out of her as hard as he could. He grunted loudly each time he plunged his cock inside her tight cunt and Polly’s full breasts bounced up and down against her ribcage as he did it.

    “Ah! Ah! Keep fucking me! Please don’t stop! Fuck me!” she pleaded as he moved his mouth down and began sucking her perfect tits and nibbled her sweet chocolate brown nipples.

    Polly’s hands found their way under his ‘Virginia is for Lovers’ t-shirt and she sunk her nails into his back as he fucked her for all she was worth.

    “Come on! Fucking take it!” He said through gritted teeth, obviously nearing his own orgasm as he fucked her hard and deep, his balls slapping loudly against her firm ass.

    “Oh give it to me! Fuck me Dave! Fuck me! Cum inside me please. I wanna feel it. Fuck me!” Polly begged, knowing he was about to cum.

    The couple were practically screaming the room down as they came, drowning out the thumping music emanating from the stage. Polly buried her head in his neck, inhaling the smell of sweat and cigarettes, making her spin out of control.

    “Oh Dave, I’ve wanted this for so long. I can’t believe this is actually happening.” Polly whispered tenderly in his ear.

    “Believe it baby. Take that! Come on! Take it! Take it! Take it!” Dave hissed as he roughly grabbed her hips and exploded inside her with a loud sigh of satisfaction.

    Feeling his orgasm deep inside her hot cunt, made Polly cum again as her nails clawed at his back. She could feel the sweat pouring down his skin and she wanted to lick it away with her tongue.

    He covered her mouth with his, swallowing her moans of pleasure as she came again. Holding her tenderly for a few minutes before withdrawing his cock from her cum-filled pussy.

    Even if she never saw him again, Polly knew that she would remember the way he held her then for the rest of her life. And while it wasn’t the most romantic of encounters, there was more tenderness in that one embrace than she had ever felt with a man before.

    “Oh baby. That was great. Thank you.” He breathed, softly kissing her face as he did up his jeans.

    Polly couldn’t say anything and just sat there, trying to recover from her orgasm. Her whole body ached and all she wanted was for him to hold her again.

    “Phew! That was just what I needed. Thank you.” He said with a sigh as he wiped the sweat away from his face with his hand.

    Polly just watched him tidy himself up, his face flushed from what had just happened. She wanted to tell him to stay but she knew that he wasn’t going to.

    “Better get back to the boys,” he said checking his watch. “Thanks again baby. That’s the best fuck I’ve had in ages.”

    With that he kissed her quickly on the mouth before turning around and walking out of the door as if nothing had happened. Polly got up slowly and wrapped her robe around her.

    She turned round to face the mirror, reaching for a tissue to wipe away the mascara from under her brown eyes. She had a look of pure satisfaction and contentment that only came from being fucked and she couldn’t help but smile when she noticed Dave’s palm prints smeared against the mirror.

    “Hope you charged him for that…” the MC said sarcastically as he walked past the open dressing room door as Polly rolled her eyes and kicked the door shut.

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    Default Re: A Date With The Night - Amber Heard - Sex Story

    This is the second instalment of Polly’s encounter with Dave Grohl. If you haven’t read the first part, you may want to read it first so you know what’s going on.

    Just to reiterate, what you’re about to read is fictional…


    A Date With The Night – Part 2

    By midday, the streets of Brixton were buzzing. It was another beautiful Saturday morning. Buses and cars clogged the narrow streets and the shops were full of people stocking up on groceries or looking for a new outfit to wear out that evening.

    As the sun was out, friends sat outside cafes drinking coffee and chatting about what they’d got up to in the week, while others preferred to sit alone reading a newspaper and watching the world go by.

    Polly was oblivious to it all; even the glorious sunshine pouring down on her from her bedroom window did nothing to rouse her from her sound slumber. She was still fully clothed after passing out on top of her bed in the foetal position clutching an empty bottle of vodka.

    The phone started ringing and woke her with a start. As Polly tried to decipher what the noise was, she groaned loudly, her eyes adjusting to the bright sunshine in the room as she fumbled around trying to find the phone.

    “Shit!” she snapped, as she knocked most of the contents off her bedside table. Hearing a smash, she looked down to see her small mirror broken in three pieces on the wooden floor, surrounded by white powder with her credit card and a rolled up twenty pound note beside it.

    “Hello?” Polly said groggily as she finally retrieved the phone.

    “Polly it’s George, I need you to work tonight. Raven called in sick.”

    “What? Why? Tonight’s my night off! I’ve been working at the bank during the day and working at the club every night this week, I need a night off!”

    “I don’t give a shit Polly,” her boss said coldly, “I heard what happened last night and I’m not amused. You fuck another punter on the premises again and you’re fired! Take ‘em to a hotel like everyone else.”

    “Yes George.” Polly replied sheepishly, blushing as she hung up the phone.

    She laid in bed groaning to herself about the telling off she’d received before rolling out of bed slowly, her whole body aching as she stumbled to the kitchen, still clutching the bottle of vodka.

    Polly shuffled over to the bin and threw it away, knowing that she’d gone a step too far, in more ways than one, the night before. The cocaine helped her forget and the vodka helped her to sleep, but in the harsh light of day, all that was left was a hangover and an even more painful memory.

    When it was time to get ready for work, she headed for the bathroom, reluctant to wash away Dave’s smell, frowning as she climbed into the shower, knowing that she was about to lose what little she had left of him.

    The hot water soothed her aching muscles and she could finally feel her headache ease as she washed her hair. The soft bubbles glided easily over her olive skin and gathered at her feet, covering the baby pink nail varnish on her toes. When she got out, she towelled herself off and pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt before heading for the door.

    It was gone six by the time Polly wandered into work. It was a nice afternoon so she had walked instead of getting the Tube in an effort to clear her head. As she walked in, everyone stared at her and she could hear the bar staff whispering and pointing as she made her way to the dressing room.

    She smiled at Blondie, one of the regular girls, as they passed each other in the corridor but she just looked down at Polly as if she were something she had stepped on in the street.

    As she walked into her dressing room, everything that had happened the night before came crashing back, hitting her like a punch in the stomach. Luckily Amber was waiting for her, which meant that she didn’t have to be alone.

    “God you look like shit!” She said as Polly walked in.

    “Cheers!” Polly replied studying her reflection in the mirror only to discover her friend was right.

    Her olive skin looked pale and sallow and there were dark circles under her blood shot eyes. Her long black hair looked like it hadn’t been washed at all and her crumpled clothes made her look like she had just crawled out of bed.

    “I’m gonna have to put my make up on with a trowel!”

    “Yeah if you can find it!” Amber joked, pointing at the lipsticks and broken eye shadows strewn all over the floor from when Dave had swept them off the dressing table the night before.

    Polly slumped onto the black leather sofa with a sigh as she looked around the room, filled with regret. She had fantasised about sleeping with Dave so many times but now that it had actually happened, she felt numb.

    This time yesterday Dave was her hero, someone she admired and fantasised about meeting some day. But now he was a real-life person whom she had shared something with, albeit very briefly, and now that she’d had that opportunity, she knew she couldn’t go back to the way things were before.

    “Everyone’s talking about me. George told me off on the phone this morning and Blondie just looked at me like I was a piece of shit,” Polly said wistfully.

    “Fuck ‘em! They’re just jealous. Blondie wishes she could fuck Dave Grohl but he wouldn’t want her ugly ass!”

    “Maybe he would, if she’d behaved as sluttishly as I did…”

    “Don’t tell me you regret fucking him?”

    “I didn’t think it would be like that!” Polly admitted, remembering how they had fucked like animals.

    “God Polly. You’re so naïve sometimes. You’re a fucking stripper! What did you expect? That he was gonna come back here and ask you to marry him after you just shoved your tits in his face? Your tits are great honey but not that great!”

    Amber’s words cut into her like a knife. She was right.

    “Maybe if we’d met under different circumstances…” Polly said.

    “Maybe. Just remember what we said when you first started here and hated it: no regrets. It’s a means to an end.”

    “But to what end?” Polly thought to herself as she nodded and smiled weakly at her friend, her brown eyes full of tears.

    “Do you still work here or what?” George asked sticking his head into the room.

    “Yes!” Polly replied, fighting back the tears.

    “Well get off your arse and get dressed! And don’t you have any work to do? I don’t pay you to sit in here and gossip Amber!”

    “Yes George.” Amber said quietly as she made a quick escape.

    “Did you hear what I said?” George said Polly who was still on the sofa.

    “Yes George!”

    “Don’t use that tone with me or you’ll be out on your arse!”

    A tear fell down Polly’s cheek as he slammed the door behind him.

    Now that she was alone, her tears fell freely as she noticed Dave’s palm prints still smeared all over the mirror. She bent down and picked her make up off the floor before getting dressed slowly, sighing as the MC told her she was on in ten minutes.

    When Polly eventually went out on stage, she may have been wearing the same outfit and dancing to the same song, but there was no passion or conviction in the way she performed. It was as if she was detached from her body, looking down at herself as she contorted around the pole.

    It seemed to go on forever and with every step of the well-rehearsed routine, Polly distanced herself further from what she was doing to the point that she didn’t even notice George waiting for her in the dressing room when she got off stage.

    “What the fuck was that?” he said callously as she pulled on her robe.

    “What do you mean?” Polly asked, pouring herself a large vodka.

    “That performance. I’ve seen sexier overweight housewives! What the fuck are you playing at Polly?”

    “I’m not playing at anything. I’m just doing my job George.” She replied as she downed the vodka and poured herself another one.

    “Well maybe you need an incentive like the one Dave gave you last night!” George grabbed her arm and reaching for his belt buckle.

    “Let go of me!” Polly screamed, dropping her glass on the floor as she struggled to free herself from his grip. The glass broke into tiny pieces at their feet and she screamed again as she heard George unzipping his trousers.

    “What’s going on?” Amber asked running into the room.

    George let go of Polly and spun round to face Amber who suddenly looked very scared. Amber flinched as he walked towards the door, getting out of his way and running to stand next to Polly.

    “If either of you say a fucking word about this you’re fired!” he warned as he stormed out.

    “Are you okay? What did he do to you?”

    “Nothing. I’m fine.” Polly said bravely.

    “I was just coming to tell you that he’s back.”

    “Who’s back?” Polly asked, her hands shaking as she lit a cigarette.


    The cigarette nearly fell out of Polly’s mouth as she heard his name and she could feel the blood draining from her face.

    “Are you OK?” Amber asked again.


    “Look I’d better get back or George will kill me. Are you gonna be OK?”

    “Are you sure it’s Dave?” Polly said quietly.

    “Of course. I just served him. He’s with some blond guy.”

    Amber left the room and Polly sat there quietly, trying to regain her composure. She found another glass and poured herself a vodka as she puffed nervously on her cigarette. Why had he come back?

    “Don’t forget you’re on again in fifteen minutes,” the MC shouted through the dressing room door as he walked past, interrupting her thoughts. She had completely forgotten that Raven did two sets, one at the beginning of the night and another one towards the end.

    Polly’s heart raced and her whole body shook violently as she realised that she would have to dance in front of Dave again. Why did he come back? Did she mean more to him than a quick fuck?

    At this point, there was only one way she could calm herself down, and she scrambled in her handbag to retrieve her small bag of white powder. Polly anxiously poured some of it on to the dressing table and with her credit card cut two lines. Her eyes filled with tears as she rolled up a ten-pound note and snorted the cocaine quickly.

    It hit her hard and fast and her insecurities eased momentarily as she fought to forget the memories the drug brought back. It was the reason she was so in debt and had to work in the strip club in the first place. But the torturous Catch 22 was that she relied on it to give her the courage to get on stage every night. But as long as she continued to take it, she would never be able to stop stripping to pay for it.

    As the drug took hold of her, Polly could feel herself calm down and the mist begin to lift. She wanted more than anything to see Dave again. To feel him. To touch him. To taste him. To feel his arms wrapped around her. And even if he didn’t want to have a relationship with her, all Polly wanted was to have one more night with him.

    Polly paced around the room nervously, a vodka in one hand and a cigarette in the other, overwhelmed with a feeling of déjà vu. She deluded herself that if she spent more time with Dave that he would realise that she was different from all his other conquests and that she was more than just a stripper. But the irony was, if Polly wanted to see him again, she had to strip for him.

    It wasn’t long until she was due on stage so she got dressed quickly, slipping into her stiletto-heeled boots and a tight back shirt as she struggled to secure the Velcro on her leather rip-away trousers as she made her way on to the dark stage.

    “And here she is again, just for you, Miss Polly Styrene!” the MC announced as she stood by the pole facing the VIP table and waited for the spotlight to hit her.

    Hearing the intro to the thumping rock song, Polly took a deep breath and braced herself as her body was bathed in light. When her eyes adjusted, she was looking directly at Dave, and as their eyes locked for that brief moment, Polly remembered how sexy she felt when she danced for him the night before and she was desperate to please him again.

    Polly watched Dave with a wicked smile as she began her routine, recognising the blond guy sitting next to him as Taylor Hawkins, the Foo Fighters’ drummer and Dave’s best friend. Her heart skipped a beat at the thought of Dave bringing him to show her off. Polly was his trophy and she loved it.

    Taking hold of the pole with both hands, Polly looked over at Dave and swung around it acrobatically, so that she landed on the stage on her knees. Throwing her head back with a dramatic sigh, she pushed her firm breasts towards him as her long black hair cascaded down her back, his eyes following her as he smoked a cigarette, watching her every move.

    Feeding off his excitement, she launched into her routine with renewed rigour, strutting around the stage as the adrenalin coursed through her body. This is when the cocaine came into its own, giving Polly the confidence and nerve she needed to do what she did best.

    Swinging around the pole again, Polly arched her back, giving Dave a quick glimpse of her breasts under her tight, black shirt before grinding herself against it, rocking her hips provocatively in time to the music. When she was facing him again she put her arms over her head and held on to the pole as she moved up and down, rubbing it between the firm cheeks of her ass.

    Dave watched her closely, licking his lips as she writhed around on stage, knowing that it was all for him. Deciding to really give them something to look at, Polly strutted down the runway towards him and when she reached the end of the runway, she stopped, hesitating for a moment, before reaching down and ripping her leather trousers away from her shapely legs.

    “Fuck me!” Dave said, his eyes wide as the Velcro gave way and he admired her black panties and long legs, silently begging her to take off her shirt. His eyes ran up from her stiletto-heeled boots, over her flat stomach, over her breasts and up to the wicked smile on her face.

    Polly threw her trousers on the stage and stood there with her hands on her hips as Dave stared at her. Excited by his attention, she reached up and tore open her black shirt, buttons flying across the stage as she pulled it over her shoulders and exposed her perfect breasts.

    “Jesus,” Dave gulped as he reacquainted himself with her figure, his eyes lingering on her chocolate brown nipples as he remembered the sound she made when he first took them between his lips.

    Polly pulled her shirt off with a pout and threw it at Dave so that it landed on his head. He laughed as he pulled it off, bringing it up to his face and inhaling her familiar perfume. She smiled as she watched him do it and winked at him before turning round and bending over to show him her perfect ass.

    Looking between her legs, Polly noticed Dave admiring her ass and she strode off stage with a smug smile as she heard him wolf whistling after her.

    George was waiting for her in her dressing room again.

    “Much better,” he clapped as she pulled on her robe.


    “Nice to see you finally got your act together Polly. I guess now it’s time for me to say thank you like Dave did last night…”

    Polly gasped as he grabbed her by the arm and threw her roughly on the sofa.

    “Get off me!” she cried, as he forced her legs apart and lay on top of her. Trying to struggle free, she reached up and scratched his face, making him wince with pain.

    “You slut!” he hissed, slapping her as hard as he could, annoyed at her resistance.

    The blow made her cheek sting and stunned her momentarily as her head spun out of control. Taking advantage of her surprise, he pulled open her robe and began grabbing her breasts.

    “Please! Get off me!” she begged as he continued to paw at her.

    “Shut the fuck up and do as you’re told!”

    “No! Stop! Please!”

    “I said shut the fuck up Polly!” he spat, slapping her again.

    Suddenly, she felt his weight lifting off her and she looked up to see Dave who had George by the scruff of the neck.

    “Get the fuck off her!” Dave said as he pulled him off Polly.

    George growled viciously as he swung a punch at Dave who ducked and slugged him in the stomach. The blow winded George who bent over as Dave grabbed the back of his shirt and literally threw him out of the room.

    Polly heard George cry out with pain as he slammed into the wall and Dave kicked the door shut with a grunt. He turned to Polly who was still quivering on the sofa and he helped her to her feet.

    "Are you OK?" he asked, cupping her face and wiping away her tears with his thumbs. Polly nodded, still numb with shock as he looked at her with concern.

    "Come on baby. Get dressed, we’d better get outta here."

    When she was ready, Dave put his arm around her protectively and led her to the door. She had never felt so safe, and she wanted to tell him how grateful she was for saving her from George, but she just couldn’t find the words.

    George was nowhere to be seen as they got Taylor and made their way outside. Dave hailed down a cab and helped Polly inside, directing the driver to their hotel.

    When they got there, the doorman smiled and nodded at them as they made their way through the revolving doors and into the elegant lobby.

    Richly coloured Persian rugs softened the well-polished marble floors and as Dave put his arm around her again, she melted into his embrace. Polly instinctively held her head up, telling herself, "I do belong here," over and over.

    The people waiting in the lobby watched them as they walked past, recognising Dave and whispering under their breath. Polly could see them pointing and a smile crept across her face as she strolled proudly with Dave to the elevators.

    When they eventually made their way to Dave’s room, Polly watched as he put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the handle and locked the door.

    "Take a seat Polly," he said warmly as he took off his jacket.

    She did as she was told and sat on the sofa with her legs crossed. The suite was exquisite with high ceilings, a big window dressed with theatrical drapes with an impressive view of London, beautiful antique furniture and best of all, a large bed that was sure to feature in all of her fantasises for many years to come.

    Dave went to the mini-bar and poured Polly a large vodka. She smiled as she accepted it, touched that he remembered her favourite drink. He got two bottles of beer and handed one to Taylor as they joined her on the sofa.

    "Feeling better?" Dave asked as he put his arm around her again and kissed her tenderly on the forehead.

    "Yes thanks," Polly smiled from ear to ear, touched by his concern.

    They chatted for about half an hour before Dave took the glass from her hand and placed it on the coffee table in front of them. With her face in her hands, he leaned in and kissed her softly, his lips lingering on hers, which made Polly moan as she accepted his tongue into her mouth. He stroked her face with his fingers as he kissed her gently, their tongues dancing.

    It felt so wonderful to kiss him again and Polly savoured every sweet moment of it. She didn’t want it to end and she could have stayed there all night just kissing Dave and feeling his face brush against hers.

    Their kiss became more passionate and Polly buried her hands in his short, dark hair as his tongue explored every corner of her mouth. Feeling movement next to her on the sofa, she suddenly remembered that they weren’t alone and reluctantly broke her kiss with Dave.

    "Sorry Taylor," she said softly, not meaning to get so carried away.

    "That’s OK," he replied with a smile.

    "Maybe Taylor would like a kiss as well…" Dave whispered in her ear as he showered her face and neck with gentle kisses.

    Polly averted her gaze and stared at the floor before looking up at Taylor who didn’t look surprised and her heart sank as she realised that he and Dave had come back to the club with exactly this in mind.

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    Default Re: A Date With The Night - Amber Heard - Sex Story

    Heartbroken, her eyes welled with tears as Dave continued to kiss her face and neck. How could he have been so chivalrous at the club and then tell her, in not so many words, to fuck his friend?

    Any doubt Polly harboured before this moment was now gone. She knew exactly what Dave thought of her, and it wasn’t much.

    "I don’t want to do this," she pleaded but Dave covered her mouth with his, knowing that she couldn’t say no to him.

    With his tongue in her mouth, Dave quickly pulled up her t-shirt to expose her full breasts. Her nipples hardened in the cool air of the room. She could feel his hands on her, caressing her breasts as he kissed her, and she suddenly felt very vulnerable. And while it wasn’t the first time that either of them had seen her naked, at least it was her choice at the club. She was surprised at how quickly she had lost control of this situation.

    But Polly was desperate to please Dave and as his hands explored her body while Taylor watched, she knew that she had little choice. Polly tried to summon the strength to push him away and get out of the situation, but she couldn’t resist him, quickly forgetting the agony she felt when he left her last night.

    Breaking their kiss, Dave pulled her t-shirt over her head and began slowly unbuttoning her jeans.

    "Get these off," he told Taylor who moved his hands to the waistband of her jeans.

    She tried to tell him to stop but Dave kissed her again, swallowing her protests, as Taylor pulled off boots before removing her jeans and panties in one practiced move.

    Dave moved his hands between her legs. Polly was still soaking wet after her performance earlier. She shivered as she felt his fingers brush through her pubic hair and between the moist lips of her pussy to find her swollen clit. He broke their kiss again and began gently circling her clit with his index finger as Taylor knelt on the floor in front of them, watching intently.

    "Don’t tell me you don’t want to baby…you’re so wet," Dave whispered as two of his talented fingers found their way inside her tight hole. Polly moaned involuntarily as he gently fucked her with his fingers and skilfully massaged her clit with his thumb.

    "Oh please Dave…I just want you…" was all Polly could manage as he ignored her resistance and tried to make her change her mind with his fingers.

    "Why don’t you tell me what she tastes like Taylor," he said with a smirk as he withdrew his fingers from her hot pussy.

    With his hands on her knees, Taylor slowly parted her legs and moved his face between them. He hesitated for a moment, knowing that Polly only wanted Dave, but when he caught a glimpse of her pussy, he couldn’t resist the urge to stick his tongue out and taste it.

    When Taylor touched Polly’s clit with the tip of his tongue, she arched her back and moaned loudly. Turned on by her reaction, he did it again, this time allowing his tongue to linger for a moment longer. On cue, she began moaning again, and he looked up to see her eyes closed as Dave sucked on her perfect breasts.

    Taylor knew in his heart that she didn’t want this, but he was so attracted to her and desperate to feel some of what Dave had felt the night before that he gave in to his lust. It was that primal notion that every man gives into at some point in his life; that a woman may be saying no now, but she’ll relent once he works his magic.

    Hearing her groan as he slowly ran his tongue over the thick lips of her pussy spurred him on and when he dipped it inside her tight hole, he felt her instinctively move her hips towards his face. Knowing that he had her just where he wanted her, Taylor ran his tongue over her throbbing clit, which made Polly cry out with pleasure.

    Holding onto her hips firmly, Taylor continued to tease Polly with his tongue, desperate to make her cum and hear her moan his name. His tongue glided easily through her honeyed pussy and he savoured the taste as Dave continued to kiss her and suck her tits.

    Polly’s body betrayed her and she could feel herself beginning to cum as Taylor’s tongue lapped at her swollen clit. She was breathing heavily and she closed her eyes as she felt that familiar feeling in her stomach.

    "Oh Dave…" she breathed as she could feel herself cumming.

    "Does that feel good baby?"

    "Yeah…" she admitted, knowing that he was as turned on as she was watching his best friend go down on her.

    So Polly let it happen. She couldn’t help it or stop it and she didn’t want to either.

    "That’s it. Keep going. Make her cum Taylor," Dave breathed.

    "Oh God!" she called out as her orgasm hit her, instinctively reaching down and burying her hands in Taylor’s shoulder-length blond hair, pushing his face into her wet cunt. She began rocking her hips up and down as she moaned Taylor’s name over and over, her toes curling.

    "That’s it Polly. Good girl. Cum all over his face…" Dave whispered in her ear, kissing her tenderly on the forehead as she tried to recover from her orgasm.

    Taylor moved his face over her flat stomach and to her pert tits where he began sucking on them eagerly. He then covered her mouth with his and Dave watched Polly surrender as Taylor kissed her deeply, wrapping her arms around him.

    "Lie on the sofa and open your legs," Dave said, bringing her back to reality.

    Besieged with lust and hungry for another orgasm, Polly did as he said and laid on her back, spreading her legs and resting one on the back of the sofa and the other on the floor. She watched Dave sit down in the chair opposite them. He slouched down into it and lit a cigarette.

    "Fuck her," he said firmly, as he blew a puff of grey smoke in their direction.

    Polly suddenly felt very uneasy as she waited for Taylor to undress before he knelt down on the sofa between her legs. She wasn’t sure how she got to this point, but now that she was here, she couldn’t see anyway of getting out of it.

    All she wanted to do was be with Dave and it seemed that now he and Taylor came as a package deal. Besides, she could see by the look on Dave’s face that he was enjoying the encounter. He knew that Polly would do anything to be with him so he called the shots and she had no choice but to obey.

    She wasn’t attracted to Taylor before tonight, but now that he was kneeling in front of her with his dick in his hand, she couldn’t wait to feel him inside her. Especially as Dave was watching and she knew that he would be next, which made it a forbidden pleasure that she just couldn’t refuse.

    They both groaned loudly as Taylor gently eased himself inside Polly’s warm cunt. She closed her eyes as she felt him inch his way in and she adjusted to the weight of him on top of her. He began rocking his hips back and forth, slipping his thick cock in and out of her slowly, which felt wonderful.

    Looking over at Dave, Polly could see that he was watching them intently as he smoked his cigarette, his eyes locked on them, which only heightened her pleasure. She couldn’t believe that it was the same man who saved her in the club; it was as if he was possessed.

    Taylor fucked her gently and she could feel his hot breath on her skin as he buried his sweaty face in her neck. Polly looked over at Dave again who was watching Taylor’s ass move up and down as her tits bounced on top of her ribcage. He obviously recognised the look on her face and her moans of pleasure as Taylor fucked her, reminding him of what they had done the night before.

    Wrapping her legs around Taylor’s waist, she gave in to everything that was happening, losing herself in the moment as Dave watched them closely.

    "Fuck her harder, she can take it," Dave incited.

    "She’s so tight…" Taylor moaned as if Polly wasn’t even there.

    "You’d better wear her in for me then."

    This was definitely a game between the two friends with Polly literally caught in the middle. She’d never done anything like this before and she probably wouldn’t with anyone else, but Dave. She wondered how many women he had met over the years that were willing to do the same.

    "Oh Dave…" Polly groaned as Taylor’s dick pumped in and out of her.

    "See Taylor…she loves it! Fuck her harder!"

    Putting out his cigarette, Dave walked slowly to the sofa.

    "How does it feel to be fucked by my best friend?" he whispered in her ear.

    "So good…"

    Spying the bulge in his jeans, Polly reached her hand up and began rubbing it as he smiled arrogantly.

    "See what you do to me Polly," he whispered.

    She watched as he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his stiff cock. Looking deep into his eyes, she took it in her hand and began stroking it steadily.

    "Come on…suck it," he ordered as she accepted it into her mouth and began sucking on it eagerly as Taylor fucked her pussy.

    "Yeah, that’s it Polly…come on…take it…" Dave groaned as she sucked his cock eagerly, determined to please him.

    Without withdrawing his cock, Taylor got on his knees and with his hands on her hips began thrusting himself more quickly in and out of her tight cunt as she sucked on Dave’s cock, sweat pouring down his back.

    "That’s it Polly…suck it…suck it…oh yeah…suck it," Dave groaned, playing with her tits as he fucked her mouth.

    "Oh shit! I’m gonna cum!" Taylor announced.

    ‘Fucking cum in her Taylor!"

    "Oh yeah! I’m gonna…"

    "Take it Polly! Take it!" Dave said as he watched his best friend near his orgasm.

    Polly’s moans of pleasure as Taylor’s fucked the life out of her were muffled by Dave’s cock in her mouth. And when Taylor’s hips bucked and he shot his load deep inside her, she arched her back as Dave inched his cock further down her throat, heightening her pleasure.

    Taylor withdrew with a sigh and got off Polly so Dave could take his place between her legs. Dave didn’t wait on ceremony and plunged his cock into her cum-filled pussy with a loud grunt.

    "I love you Dave!" she called out as she felt him inside her again.

    "Oh Polly. I love fucking you!"

    "Give it to me…please…please…oh God…oh God…fuck me!"

    Dave obliged by fucking Polly hard as Taylor watched.

    "How does it feel to have Taylor’s cum all over your cock?" she whispered.

    "You little slut!" he said, his eyes glazing over with lust as he grabbed her wrists and pinned her down to the sofa and fucked her for all she was worth.

    Polly could feel the muscles in her arms tighten as he held them over her head and their moans and the sound of his balls slapping loudly against her firm ass resonated throughout the suite.

    "Beg me to cum in you! Beg!" Dave demanded as he grabbed her face with one of his hands and pushed his thumbs into her soft cheeks, obviously nearing his orgasm.

    Holding her down with the other hand, he continued to assault Polly’s cunt with his cock, fucking her mercilessly as she cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

    "Dave please…" she begged as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

    "Oh God yeah Polly…I’m cumming…oh fuck!" he grunted as he came, exploding inside her with a deep sigh of satisfaction.

    Dave kissed her deeply as they both struggled for breath and Polly’s pussy ached from his brutal thrusts. He picked her up and gently carried her over to the bed where he and Taylor took turns with her all night until they were so exhausted they fell asleep.

    It was 4am when Polly woke up and Dave was fast asleep beside her. Taylor had gone and while she wanted nothing more than to wake up next to Dave in the morning, she didn’t want to endure the awkward goodbye. So she pulled on her t-shirt and quietly gathered up the rest of her clothes before heading for the bathroom to get dressed.

    Opening the door, she gasped as she saw Taylor kneeling on the floor and snorting a line of cocaine over the edge of the marble bath.

    "Sorry," she said blushing, not sure what to do.

    "Oh shit! You won’t tell Dave will you?" Taylor pleaded, looking like a lost schoolboy.

    "Of course not," she whispered, walking into the bathroom and closing the door.

    "Thanks. He hates this shit and he’d kick my ass if he knew I was in here. I promised him I’d stopped…"

    "Don’t worry, I know how you feel," she smiled, pulling out her own stash from her handbag and waving it at him.

    "Sex, drugs and rock and roll," he said rolling his eyes as she walked over and kneeled next to him on the floor.

    They did a couple of lines together while Taylor shared stories about life on the road and as they sat cross-legged on the floor and spoke properly for the first time that evening, Polly couldn’t believe that he had cum inside her just hours before. It was like they’d just met.

    "So do you and Dave do this a lot?" Polly probed. She didn’t really want to know the truth but she couldn’t help but ask.

    "Do what?" Taylor asked.

    "Don’t give me that shit, you know what I mean!"

    "Oh that," he replied with an impish grin, "I ain’t gonna lie. Dave and I have shared a lot of women. That’s just how it goes when you’re famous. It’s fun and women will do anything just to be close to you."

    "I see," Polly managed, the lump in her throat making it difficult for her to speak.

    "I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you," he said softly, "That’s just how Dave is. I enjoy the odd line of coke and he loves women. They’re his drug."

    Polly couldn’t look at him as he said it, his words ringing in her ears and she couldn’t stop the tear that fell down her cheek as she realised what a fool she had made of herself.

    "Why are you crying?" Taylor asked with obvious concern.

    "I just thought…I just thought…please Taylor, tell me I’m different…" she begged.

    "Oh Polly," he sighed, holding her hand and kissing it tenderly, "I wish I could but he has a fiancée. He’s getting married in August."

    Polly’s heart broke in two as he said it and the pain in her chest was too much to bear. She buried her face in her hands and wept uncontrollably, all of her delusions shattered. She felt his arms around her, hugging her tightly as she sobbed into his chest, too tired to pretend anymore.

    "You must think I’m such a fool Taylor. That wasn’t me in there…"

    "We’ve all done things we ain’t proud of Polly. I guess I never really thought about what it was like for the girl the morning after."

    "What’s going on in here?" Polly heard a voice say as she looked up to see Dave standing at the door.

    "Are you engaged Dave?" she whimpered, knowing what the answer was but needing to hear it from him. She looked up at him as she waited for him to reply, naively hoping that he would tell her that he was engaged but he was going to break it off because he was in love with her.

    But he didn’t say a word and Polly watched as he walked out, leaving her on the bathroom floor in tears and it broke her heart again.

    Taylor helped her to her feet; obviously embarrassed at the way Dave had treated her and left the bathroom so she could get dressed.

    When she went back out Taylor was gone and Dave looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders as he sat on the bed smoking a cigarette.

    "I’ll go then shall I?" Polly said weakly, still hoping that he would beg her to stay.

    "I think you’d better…" Dave replied without looking at her. Polly’s heart broke again as she walked away, tears falling down her face.

    "I never made you any promises Polly…" he said as she opened the door, his words hitting her like a slap in the face, as if this was somehow her fault.

    Polly shut the door behind her and waited in the corridor for what felt like forever, still hoping that he would come after her, even if it was to tell her that he didn’t mean to hurt her.

    If he had opened that door she would have forgiven him anything, but he didn’t. Polly reluctantly made her way to the elevator, looking over her shoulder a final time before she walked away.


    I hope that you enjoyed the final instalment of this story. Your feedback is, as always, welcomed. I would love to know what you think.

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