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    Default A Day at the Beach - Louise Redknapp - Sex Story

    This story is a complete work of fiction.

    "Mmmmmmm," she sighed as the fine grains of sand filled the gaps between her toes.

    For a brief moment in her hectic life, Louise Redknapp's slumbering dreams matched reality. A sun drenched beach, secluded, private and edged by the bluest water imaginable. Even with her eyes closed she could sense the sunshine warm on her bronzed skin. She was sure that no one could see her, or even knew she was here, and, as such, felt really tempted to remove her top. However, she was still nervous of who could be out there, somewhere, just waiting and so her body stayed modestly covered.

    "Stunning, gorgeous, beautiful. Just look at her," said the man to his partner. Taking the binoculars from the man who had spoken the second man looked down on Louise sunning herself contentedly by the sea.

    "Fuck me," he commented as his eyes roamed over her beige sports top, and focused on the zip front undone to reveal the beginnings of her cleavage. Before he handed back the binoculars he had also studied her long tanned legs covered by a wispy piece of red silk wrapped around a beige bikini bottom that was clearly high cut and could quite easily have been a thong. "That face would look good even in an overcoat," he said feeling his ever hardening erection.

    "Come on let's get down there, and sort her out!"

    Louise's peace was shattered by the ringtone of her mobile phone.

    "Shit," she muttered to herself, leaning up to rest on one arm whilst the other fished in her bag. "Hello?" she said, somewhat annoyed, as she flipped the phone's answering pad down. " Yeah, that's right, I'm here for two more days, and it's my own, free, time, and no, I don't want anymore bloody photo shoots. See you in two days. Bye." She closed the phone up. "Bloody managers," she said to herself putting the phone back to rest in her bag. Settling herself back down, Louise returned to her dreams.

    Gradually the heat of the sun, the sea breeze and the fine sand faded into a haze as she drifted into a light sleep. Suddenly her mind's eye went dark. Something had obstructed the sun. She could still feel the warmth on her body so it couldn't be a cloud. As the shadow in her mind slowly crept to the front of her senses, she opened her eyes.

    "What the fuck! Who are you, piss off and leave me alone," she shouted angrily.

    A slight flick of the front man's wrist and a long, eight inch blade, gleaming and razor sharp emerged out of his hand. Louise fell silent and began to panic. When she finally found her voice once more it was less assured and reflected the fear she now felt.

    "P.p.p.please, don't hurt me. I can give you money, anything. Just don't hurt me." She begged.

    This only served to ignite the lust of her would be captors. As the man knelt down beside her, she felt the blade on her face as he inserted the tip inside the bottom of her left nostril. Louise could hardly breath for fear that any slight body movement on her part would result in her nose being ripped open.

    "Listen, and listen well. We now own you. For the next few hours you will do exactly as we say. Understand." Louise was silent still, completely dumbstruck by her predicament. "Do you understand?" he shouted louder. Louise nodded very gently. Very slowly he removed the blade, and Louise heaved a sigh of relief.

    "No, don't. You can't," she objected, as a large, thick rope was tied tightly around her right ankle. But they could and they did.

    Louise still lay on the sand, although she had propped herself up on her elbows to see the thick hemp tied very tightly around her ankle.

    "Stand up," came the order.

    She did, nervously waiting for their next move. She was secured at the end of a ten meter piece of rope.

    "What are you going to do to me?" she quizzed. No answer came, only a lecherous smile from both men. Louise swallowed, as a creeping fear overtook her. She looked stunning dressed only in her brief, beige bikini bottoms and sports top, covered by the thin sheer red silk sarong which now blew around slightly with the breeze, revealing more golden tanned thigh to the receptive eyes of her watchers.

    Flicking out the blade once more the man approached Louise. She stepped back stretching out the rope to its full length until she was forced to stop. She screamed as her hair was gripped and twisted tight in his fist. She moved her hands up to stop him, but, as her body twisted along with her hair she was slapped hard on the left cheek.

    "Owwwww!" she cried, then stopped abruptly as the blade grazed her face. She dare not breath as the sharp knife moved down her neck and across her shoulders. He increased the pressure slightly and nicked her skin. Louise screamed, although it was only a pin prick. A small trickle of blood ran down her upper arm.

    "I could make that a lot worse," he whispered to her, "understand?".

    Louise nodded.

    "Good girl. Now we want you to strip. Just for us, here. Strip naked, and do it very slowly. No one will see you, there's no one here, is there, except us. That's why you chose this place. Now go on, get to it."

    She could not believe it. She was shocked and frightened, very frightened.

    "Louise, remove your top please," came the instruction. Remembering the slap, the knife, and seeing the large, powerful men, Louise knew she had no option but to comply.

    "Get the top off, now," the man snapped. She could not believe she was about to undress in front of two complete strangers. The men could feel a stir in their loins as, looking down at the sand to avoid meeting their lustful gazes, she took the zipper in her fingers and began to slowly wind it down.

    Inch upon perfect inch of golden flesh came into view as she moved it lower and lower. A great view of her cleavage and the outline of her breasts were now clearly visible. Louise paused. She knew that she had to oblige, and, in fact, the pause only heightened the eroticism of the act. Shamefully she continued until the zip became unhooked and the top parted down the middle.

    "Let's see your tits in full, Louise. Off now!"

    Completing the first part of her humiliation, she slipped the top off her shoulders and, taking it in her left hand, she dropped it to the sand. The men stared at her reddy brown nipples, hard and erect in the outdoor air.

    "Fuck me!" came the simple statement. It said enough. She looked gorgeous.

    "Your red, silky, thingy please, off!"

    Louise was now truly horrified, as, semi naked, she moved her hands to the knotted sarong. Again she stalled, but only succeeded in delaying the inevitable. Tears welled up in her lovely, large eyes and her red, pouting lips began to quiver. She glanced down at her top laying on the sand.

    "Come on Louise. I will count to five. If you are still wearing that thing, we will help you get rid of it. That will be much more unpleasant for you believe me!"

    Louise sobbed openly now, as the man counted.


    Louise's fingers touched the silky fabric.


    "Okay, okay, just don't touch me. Please." Louise accepted her fate. Her fingers pulled at the knot and the sarong just came away, floating gently down to the sand.

    "Turn around. Oh yes, look at those."

    Louise knew what they were referring to. Her bikini bottoms were indeed thong backed, and they could now see her entire bottom save for the small triangle of beige material as it disappeared into her pert, little arse.

    Wearing only her stunning bikini bottoms, Louise faced the men once more. No one spoke, but she knew what they wanted to see, and also that she had to provide for them. She hooked her thumbs into the thin waist band of the bottoms and began to pull them down.

    "Stop!" came the order. With the bottoms still in place, Louise stopped, surprised and confused.

    "We'll play a little game, eh."

    Louise was now even more confused.

    "You will masturbate for us, with your bikini pants on, and we will time how long it takes you to come. For each minute you take we will whip your body with a long, leather whip. Understand, cunt?"

    Louise reeled both from the use of the word "cunt" to address her but more so from the shocking act she had to perform and its dire consequences.

    Finding her voice Louise begged and pleaded with them.

    ", please, you can't do I can't do that, I can't!"

    "You will slut and you will do it now. The clock has started." With that he checked his watch and both men looked at the almost naked Louise. She continued to search for mercy, begging them, silently, with her big, round eyes.

    "Go on Louise, get on with it, and stand with your legs slightly apart facing us." they ordered.

    Poor, humiliated, Louise knew that she had no choice. Tears rolled down her cheeks, as a sheen of perspiration formed on her naked chest and breasts. Very reluctantly Louise reached down to her flat, tanned stomach. Smoothing it with the flat of her palm she continued down to her bikini covered mound. The men ogled her as she moved aside the thin material and moved her right hand under the hem and onto her pubic hair. For one last time Louise looked at the men, hoping it was all a joke. But it wasn't.

    She cupped her now, slightly moist, pussy, then grasped her cunt firmly, massaging the lips with her fingers.

    "Oh yes, go on," came a grunting sound from the men. Louise pushed down and into her mound, groaning slightly as she inserted her index finger into her slit.

    "Oooohhhh," she moaned, closing her eyes as she pushed slightly against the intruding finger. She whimpered as she felt her own finger begin to create little circles inside of herself. Conscious of the need to come as quickly as she could, Louise removed her finger and sucked it into her mouth, wet it, and put it back inside of her pussy, attacking it from under the top of her bikini bottom this time.

    The men went wild, frantically stroking their hard erections openly through their trousers.

    Louise became more horny, as she tried to shut out the men and concentrate on the need to come. She cupped her hand over her mound and gasped as her fingers rubbed over her stiffening clitoris. She had done this many times before, but only ever privately. Teasing it further she nipped the erect little bud, and quivered as two fingers slid up into her slit. She now used her thumb to massage her clit and she could feel the heat coming. Louise gasped urgently, as her hips were grinding now in hopeless abandon against the attentions of her own hand. Her lovely, exposed bottom cheeks clenched and opened under the feel of her own touch, and she threw back her head on the verge of orgasm, when suddenly.

    "Okay, okay slow down," she heard the man's voice say, as her arms were held firmly by her side.

    "What are you doing, no, please. You have to let me come." Her body trembled with lust. She stood stiffly, breathing heavily as the men said nothing. They just looked at her drinking in her nakedness, sensing her sexuality. They held her for a whole two minutes.

    Then. "Carry on now, you've had four minutes."

    Louise was released to go back to her performance. Her urgency now increased ten fold both from the need to limit her forthcoming pain and also because of the desires now stimulated within her. She stood with her legs spread, as, once again, she cupped her own delicious mound. She was still hot.

    The stunning beauty pressed her fingers desperately into the pink folds of her now very wet pussy. Her thong was dampened and outlined the details of her masturbation for her audience to see. She found, again, her still pulsating clitoris, and she nipped it, shuddering with lust.

    "Oooohhhhh, yesssss," she hissed, lost in desire, as her fingers performed with a practiced expertise. Louise's pleasure rose to a pitch, as once more she brought herself to the verge of orgasm. When suddenly, once more, her eyes snapped open. Again she was held, and again the watch was checked.

    "Please, please let me come," she begged,

    "It makes us so horny to hear you say that, doesn't it?" one man said to the other.

    "Six minutes fifty eight, fifty nine. Seven minutes. Carry on!"

    Closing her eyes once more, Louise ran her hand down her body and again underneath her bikini bottoms. She had to admit to feeling more than a little horny herself at this moment, as her hand once more rubbed against her pussy. Louise inserted a finger from her right hand, then two and three and moved to cup her right breast with her left hand. She squeezed her tit and groaned deliciously.

    "Leave your tits alone you horny bitch," came a shout. Releasing her breast Louise inserted a fourth finger into her dripping slit and began to frig a little harder.

    "Mmmmmmmmmm!" she moaned. Pulling her pink pussy lips apart she played with her clitoris. The nub began to stiffen again and she groaned loud and long. The men watched in awe as she once more became high on the desire pumping through her glorious body. She stimulated herself to the point of no return, almost, almost, almost. Then.

    "OH, FUCK, NOT AGAIN. PLEASE YOU HAVE TO LET ME COME! YOU HAVE TO!" Louise shouted breathlessly, as her arms were held firmly once more. Her groin was slick with her own juices and her light, beige bikini bottoms sported a dark damp patch, as her body trembled with desire. She felt one man caress the tops of her shapely, tanned thighs, and she began to whimper once more.

    Louise was now desperate to come.

    "Nine minutes, Louise, and still no orgasm."

    She was released.

    Forcing herself onwards, ignoring her extreme embarrassment and humiliation, Louise once more started the rhythmic action that fed her lust. She felt the surges of desire spread throughout her body as she reached the point of no return. Her orgasm was upon her, and she could not, must not, stop.

    Louise fell to her knees, and this time the men did not stop her. It was as if her whole hand had disappeared inside her slit. She wanted to come, oh how she wanted to come!

    "Yes, oh, yes. F..U..C..K M..E, I'm Comemingggggggggg!" and with that she did, long, hard and gloriously.

    A frantic and tremendous orgasm overtook her, as she lay on the sand and writhed ecstatically until the last ounce of breath was dragged from her and she lay still, exhausted, soaked by her own juices.

    The men were silent for a few minutes. The bulges at their groin giving away the turn on this had been for them.

    "Fucking first class, a superb show Louise."

    She could barely hear them, still lost in the rigors of her masturbation.

    Louise, stunning, opened her eyes and blinked as the sunlight crept through her lashes. She saw the two men, standing, trousers removed, cocks massively erect.

    "So, my beauty, what can you do about these?" said one man, referring to his blood engorged member.

    "P.p.please," she whimpered, exhausted, "No more, no more. I can't." Her eyes closed again.

    "Oh, yes you can, and you will. You see you currently have 11 lashes waiting for you. You now have to make both of us come, and each minute it takes you is a further lash for your gorgeous body."

    Louise groaned, and screwed her eyes even tighter shut.

    "So the quicker we fill you up the better for you," said one.

    "You have two minutes to decide on how you want to take us," said the other.

    Louise sat up, feeling the sand mixing with her sticky juices creating a painful rubbing against her thighs. But that was the least of her problems right now. She could not believe what she still had to do, and what would follow afterwards.

    "So, are you ready?" came the enthusiastic request from her excited captors. Louise nodded reluctantly.

    "How shall we take you?"

    Louise looked up, but struggled to say anything.


    "I will get onto all fours and one of you can take me from behind, and I will blow the other of you off." Louise could not believe she had said this and hung her head in shame.

    "Great, off your go then." They watched through lust filled eyes, as Louise flipped herself onto her hands and knees, exposing her stunning bottom fully to the men.

    One man positioned himself behind her. Louise bit her lip as she felt his thick cock brush against her slit. She moaned slightly, quietly, as he moved aside her soaked bikini bottoms and rubbed his stiff cock head in her juices. He massaged her moistness into his shaft making himself slick and slippery, ready for entry.

    Louise braced herself. She felt her thong pulled tighter and then tighter and still tighter until she almost lost her breath. Then she shuddered as a loud rip signaled that her bikini bottoms had been torn away, revealing her well trimmed pubic hair.

    "Ooohhhh," she exclaimed as the sea breeze washed over her new nakedness. Then she realized what he was doing. His cock moved off her slit and became positioned at her bottom. Finding her small hole he opened it with his wet finger.

    Louise mewed in agony. "Noooooo, pleeeaase!" she objected as she bucked and writhed under the searching feel of the man's long digit. He removed his finger, only for Louise to feel the tip of his cock nudge forward.

    "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she moaned as he slipped his stiff rod into her.

    "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" she screamed as he forced himself past her sphincter muscle and became fully embedded in Louise's arse.

    For a few seconds he was still, while she became accustomed to her position. Then he fucked her bottom.






    Each stroke brought about a cry of pain from Louise.

    Her whole body shook as he rode her. Her head hung low, and her rounded, full breasts swung freely. Then she felt it. The second cock was at her head.

    Looking up she saw the purple tip just an inch from her face.

    "Open up," he said with glee. She did, and he sank his knob into Louise's mouth. She nearly gagged. Further and further he pushed. She was going to have to deep throat him and Louise adjusted her head and neck so she could achieve this.

    What a sight she was. Both cocks now fully inside her, Louise drove them on, desperate to feel their sperm erupt inside her as quickly as possible. She bucked her bottom back and forth, containing her quiet agonies under the cock in her mouth.

    Louise sucked up and down his shaft again and again.

    Given the turn on the men experienced as Louise had masturbated in front of them, they did not take much encouraging to release their juice. Feeling them twitch, Louise knew they were almost there and drove harder.

    Then it happened, and it happened simultaneously. The man in her arse arched his back and howled his release scratching his finger nails down her naked back. Louise yelled too and he filled her completely.

    Then the second man shoved hard. Louise did gag this time and nearly spit him out. He grabbed her hair and held her head in place while he pumped his groin into her face.

    Eventually, both men drained themselves and slipped out of her.

    "Fucking ace Lou."

    She collapsed, now truly exhausted. Spunk dribbled out of her bottom, down her thighs and also from the corners of her mouth.

    "So, that took us six minutes making a total of seventeen lashes," one man said with delight.

    Once more Louise groaned. "No please, I've done enough. Leave me alone."

    But it wasn't to be. Louise was flipped easily onto her stomach. She was too weak to fight as the long rope was unfastened from her ankle and small ropes were tied to her wrists and ankles. Four two foot stakes were driven into the sand and the ropes tied around them.

    Louise was secured,spread eagled, face down on the sand.

    Her tears started afresh as she waited for the whip to fall. She had never been whipped before, and she didn't think she could stand it.

    "We are going to put this on your eyes Louise, so you can't see the lash fall," one man said as her red, silk sarong was picked up from the sand and fastened around her head.

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    Default Re: A Day at the Beach - Louise Redknapp - Sex Story

    "Please," she whispered quietly and simply, "don't."

    Louise heard the shuffle of clothes as the men redressed. She was left to ponder her fate as they prepared.

    "W..w..ill it h..h..hurt," she asked naively.

    "Oh yes, very much," came the reply.

    Louise sobbed even harder. She waited in trepidation for the kiss of the leather. She waited and waited, but nothing came. Louise pulled on the ropes holding her. It took a bit of effort, but they began to come loose.

    Excitedly, Louise pulled harder and they came free. She freed all her limbs and sat up.

    She was alone, they had gone.

    Despite her agonies and humiliation she was immensely relieved. Louise looked around, blinking at the sunlight. She saw her tattered, scattered clothes laying around her and could still feel the soreness in her bottom. The men's sperm was beginning to dry on her chin and thighs, and the whole thing seemed like a dream.

    But she knew only too well that it wasn't.

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