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    Default A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Turmoil

    A Day In Gotham - 5 -- Batgirl's Turmoil - (Catwoman's Revenge, excitement at Wayne Mansion)

    (Follows episode 4 -- Batgirl's Revenge)

    Author's Note : It's generally a bad idea to start with an apology, but here I go anyway! This should have been one story, it was always designed that way. Unfortunately, as I penned it, it just seemed to take on a life of its own and now it's too big! My fault, poor discipline I suppose. I considered taking out the scalpel and hacking a few bits out, but I thought that the continuity would have been blown (and I haven't yet got the skills or heart required to destroy something that I've just created!). So here we are, a story split into two. I hate film titles with numbers so this one's titled 'Turmoil' and it will soon be followed by 'Torment'. I hope that you'll bear with me. I'll be pleased if you enjoy this one, I'll be delighted if you enjoy both! Apols once again -- damn, that's twice now!


    Chapter 1 -- Dark Beginnings

    Chapter 2 -- Confusion at Wayne Mansion

    Chapter 3 -- Robin Reflects

    Chapter 4 -- Batgirl starts the day with a Susan

    Chapter 5 -- Presents for Batgirl

    Chapter 6 -- Robin gets a Shock

    Chapter 7 -- Catgirl keeps an eye on things

    Chapter 8 -- Zatanna's Magic Show -- A surprise for Batgirl

    Chapter 9 -- In the Wrong Hands!

    Chapter 1 -- Dark Beginnings

    The tall and slim, raven haired woman sitting behind the smart modern desk punched the air in silent delight as she read the text message that had just beeped onto her mobile phone. A broad smile expanded into a loud, exultant laugh as she leaned back and stretched in her leather swivel chair.

    It had looked like developing into a rather grey day in Gotham as she'd arrived at her secret office early on this Saturday morning, but now, no amount of rolling dark clouds could dispel the ray of sunshine that had burst over her.

    Selina Kyle was equally comfortable dressed as she was in a navy blue power suit over a crisp white blouse, or as her alter-ego, Catwoman in a slinky, figure hugging black cat-suit. She was equally at ease running a small business via her office computer as she was in handling her trademark black bull whip in confrontations with Catwoman's many adversaries. Of course the 'business' was in fact illegal, based as it was on Catwoman's semi-regular jewellery heists, but that didn't alter the facts. She was a capable, formidable and rather dangerous woman!

    It was still early, Selina being in the habit of getting through her business workload quickly so that she had plenty of time to indulge herself later in the day, and she was distracted by the pungent aroma of fresh coffee wafting across the room from the percolator on a corner table. She jumped up, still pleased with her news as she discarded her jacket and headed across the room for a cup, pausing for a few minutes to check her appearance in the office mirror.

    She almost purred as she admired her sleek looking figure. The tight fitting dark blue skirt with the patent black leather belt accentuated her narrow waist and the tailored white blouse wrapped snugly around her bosom, just sheer enough to give a hint of the lacy white bra striving hard to contain her firm breasts. As her eyes scanned downwards she stretched out one of her long shapely legs to open up the wicked six inch slit down the side of the skirt, exposing an inch or so of black stocking top.

    "Mmmmmm -- not bad, even if I say so myself," she murmured, pausing long enough to undo another blouse button and revealing a little more of her impressive cleavage.

    She was still smiling as she dropped back into her chair, a cup of piping hot Brazilian blend on a mat at her side. For a few moments she was lost in another world as she gazed out of the window reflectively until her mobile suddenly shrilled and dragged her attention back into the office.

    She glanced at the caller-ID, and the smile was immediately back.

    "Hey, it's great to hear from you lover! I got your message just now but I assumed you wouldn't be able to talk?" She paused as the voice on the other end explained that it was okay now.

    "So, everything's in place at your end?" Selina continued, "I've arranged for a few of the Kittens to come over and help bring the errrrrr 'packages' back, and then you'll be over as soon as you can this afternoon?"

    She listened for a few more minutes, before replying.

    "No, Catgirl won't be involved. I love her like a daughter, but I think that she's got too involved to be trusted with this one. I'm arranging for her to be out today. In fact, she should be here shortly so that I'll be able to make sure that she'll be well away!"


    Holly Robinson was a bit peeved that Selina had called last night and asked her to do her a favour today. She'd been planning on a big shopping expedition with friends, and although the request was couched as a favour, she knew that Catwoman expected to be obeyed.

    She'd arrived in the corridor outside of Selina's office and was about to knock and bustle in when she stopped. There was something about her friend's voice that had struck a subconscious chord, and she listened more closely to the words drifting ominously through the door.

    ".................I know, I know." Pause. "Well, I can tell you that I intend to make life VERY uncomfortable for them. They'll think twice before crossing me or my loved ones again!"

    There was a longer pause before Selina continued in a much softer tone.

    "And I'm so looking forward to our get-together later as well. It's been so long. Why don't you come to Gotham more often?"

    Holly had been a little surprised at the original outburst, but the softer tone encouraged her to complete the knock on the door and to enter the office.

    "Oh, hi Holly," Selina responded as she caught sight of her younger accomplice, then talking into the phone again, "Look, Catgirl's just arrived so I'll have to go. I'll see you later and we can catch up again then." She listened for a few minutes and laughed huskily, "Me too..... I can't wait!"

    "Well, that sounded interesting," queried Holly as she took in the sight of Selina, lounging back in her chair, ankles perched up on the edge of the desk and tight blue skirt riding well up her shapely thighs.

    "It's just a dear old friend who's in town for a few days. We've got ... errrr plans for this afternoon," said Selina as she pulled her ankles off the desk and leaned forward in the chair.

    "Really........ anything interesting? Maybe I could tag along as well?"

    "No, sorry Holly, you'll be busy I'm afraid. I've got an important job for you!"

    With that Selina explained that she needed Batman followed. She'd had a tip that he was meeting somebody important during the afternoon and she wanted to know who it was. She'd considered sending one of the Kittens but had decided that this was important enough for Catgirl to take it on.

    "That's why I suggested you came in 'civvies'," she added, "I don't want Batman to know we're interested in him," as she re-appraised the young woman standing in front of her.

    "What IS that you're wearing Holly? The idea is to be inconspicuous!"

    Holly glanced down at her casual gear. She was wearing some white pumps with pink flashes, a pair of designer slouch jeans, shredded at the knees and hanging off her lower waist. Above that was a tight fitting lemon yellow top cut low enough to show a good eyeful of cleavage, and high enough at the bottom to leave about six inches of naked, well tanned mid-rift on display. She was average height, shorter than Selina, with a light brown fashionably short hair cut cascading down one side of her face.

    "What do you mean? It's all the fashion these days," she responded sharply. "Well, among the younger crowd that is!" she added cattily.

    "That's not the point!" flashed back Selina, "I know that you're over twenty one and I wouldn't dare to interfere with your lamentable lack of dress sense, but Batman will probably take one look at that and arrest you for public indecency!"

    "Oh tush, there'll be loads of young woman out shopping today dressed like this. I'll fit in perfectly!" With that she poked her thumbs into the waistband of her jeans and pushed them down another inch, leaving Selina to look on scandalously as the waistband verged on displaying her pubic hair.

    For a moment the atmosphere was charged, but then eventually Selina eased back in her chair and smiled.

    "You know, you remind me of me when I was your age! I wouldn't have listened to a middle aged woman either."

    "Oh, you're not what I'd called middle aged," responded Holly quickly, pleased at Catwoman's response. She knew that Catwoman was now somewhere in her mid thirties, but she'd never admitted to an exact figure, and certainly hadn't sounded worried about it. She'd cared for and brought up Holly herself after she'd helped get her off the streets almost seven years ago now and they'd developed a close, almost sisterly relationship. But it was never in doubt who was the senior partner!

    "And anyway," added Holly with spirit, "Any man stumbling in here would take one look at that suit that you're almost wearing and you'd have to beat him off. You look so sexy!"

    Selina laughed, relieved that the tension had gone, and went on to describe how she'd found out that Batman had an eleven o'clock meeting at City Hall, so Holly just needed to keep an eye on the entrance for when he came out.

    "Oh, and you don't need to dash back later to report," she added, "We can review what you find tomorrow."

    Holly raised her eyebrows in surprise. It wasn't like Catwoman to leave things for later.

    "You sure?" she queried.

    "Absolutely Holly, I'll probably be tied up with errrr other things anyway. You might as well go out and enjoy yourself. Anyway, you'd better get moving so that you can set up your surveillance position."

    Holly smiled at her senior partner and nodded, turning towards the door. As she was in profile to Selina, she heard a sudden intake of breath followed by another exclamation.

    "Are you wearing anything under that top!?"

    Holly turned her head and smiled mischievously, "You really want to know?"

    Selina opened her mouth, but in the end just raised her eyes to the ceiling and laughed in exasperation, shaking her head, "Scat you little imp! I give up!!"

    Chapter 2 -- Confusion at Wayne Mansion

    The scrambled eggs were steaming deliciously on a fresh silver serving plate as Bruce Wayne scooped up a large portion, sprinkled on a dash of Worcester sauce and headed over to the breakfast table where he sat down, alone, in the large, high-ceilinged room.

    His spirits were good and he'd had an energetic night but he was looking forward to an important day 'on the job' as Batman in his relentless pursuit of the criminal elements in his beloved Gotham City.

    But there was one slight cloud on the horizon that had been troubling him overnight and as Alfred, his faithful man-servant arrived by his side with his morning pot of Darjeeling tea, Bruce was concerned enough to raise it with the old man.

    "That was a fine dinner party last night Alfred. You really do us proud every time!"

    "Why thank you Mister Wayne. It did seem to go quite well I thought," replied the old man neutrally.

    Bruce paused for a while before continuing. "What did you think of Batgirl's behaviour Alfred? I really couldn't make her out. When she arrived she was so warm and friendly, quite delightful really, but then when the others appeared she just became awkward. If it hadn't been for Dick cheering her up later on I dread to think what we'd have done!"

    The old manservant was a master diplomat as well as a faithful retainer.

    "Miss Gordon did seem a little put off when your other guests appeared Mr Wayne. It occurred to me that she may have thought the dinner party was just going to be between the two of you. Had you told Barbara that the others would be there as well?"

    Bruce thought for a moment, but then admitted that he wasn't sure how he'd couched the invitation.

    "But even so, why that reaction?"

    Alfred chose his words carefully.

    "Perhaps you haven't noticed the way she looks at you Mister Wayne? I imagine that she may have developed a bit of a 'thing' for you. That black evening dress that she wore last night looked new and quite .........," even he was lost for words for a moment, ".....errrr spectacular? She might well have been disappointed if she thought that she had you to herself, and then found out that she wasn't the sole object of your attentions?"

    "Do you really think so?" responded Bruce uncertainly, reflecting on the evening again. "That black dress was quite um .... revealing, and she was certainly very attentive before Dick and Zatanna arrived."

    After a further pause he continued a little uncertainly, "And she does like to errrr touch a lot, doesn't she? Maybe there is something ........................"

    Then Bruce shook his head vigorously, "No, it can't be that. We've spent the last six months fighting over practically everything. She can't possibly have those sorts of feelings for me!"

    Alfred was picking up the dirty plates, "I think that you'll find that strong feelings manifest themselves in all sorts of strange ways Mr Wayne, but speaking of your house guest, are you expecting her down for breakfast today?"

    Bruce's thoughts were immediately dragged back to the present and he was quite relieved to put his difficult relationship with Batgirl to one side. He smiled and felt a familiar surge between his legs as he recalled Zatanna's naked body partially wrapped in the twisted sheets of his bed when he'd woken. She was still heavily asleep after their night's exertions and he'd spent a few moments admiring her voluptuous form before sighing as he pulled up the sheet to cover her beautiful, full breasts. They had been rising and falling tantalisingly in time with her shallow breathing and he had been almost hypnotised by the almost rhythmic movement of her dark nipples before he realised how much of an effect they were having on his hardening cock. He'd almost reached across to wake her, but had decided that she looked so peaceful he wouldn't disturb her, satisfying himself in the end with a little kiss on her forehead after he'd pulled up the sheets before sliding out of bed.

    "I think Zatanna may sleep a little longer Alfred," he responded finally, trying desperately not to sound smug, "so there's no need to keep cook any longer - assuming Dick's been down that is?"

    "Oh, Master Grayson came down earlier and just had a coffee and toast. He said that he'd had a restless night and needed to go for a run. He'll probably be back by now though," replied the man-servant as he headed for the door.

    "Robin's turned twenty one now Alfred, he might start getting a bit stuffy if you keep calling him "master" you know," chided Bruce softly as Alfred left the room.

    When Alfred had gone, Bruce leaned back in his chair, thoughts switching eagerly to Zatanna again. What an exciting woman she was! She'd been abroad performing her magic show for quite some time these last few years, so Bruce hadn't seen her for ages, but when she'd been staying in Gotham those few years ago, they'd become very close. Very close indeed! When he'd heard that she was returning for a charity luncheon, he'd lost no time in contacting her agent and inviting her to stay at the Mansion, and he'd been absolutely delighted when word came back that she'd accepted.

    When the time of her arrival had been confirmed, Bruce had cleared his diary and had sat by a window watching the drive up to the mansion for her arrival, as excited as a schoolboy.

    As her hire car eventually drew up in front of the house, he'd rushed out to meet it, opening the driver's door in gallant greeting. His expression had frozen as his eyes had drunk her in again. She'd been wearing a tight, light blue dress, halter neck dropped low enough to tantalisingly display the tops of her generous bosom. Her smile had been infectious as she'd cried out a greeting, and she'd been secretly pleased to see Bruce's eyes drawn down to her long legs as she got out. The tight skirt had drawn high up her thighs during the journey, and as she'd swung them out of the car Bruce didn't miss the black stocking tops that peeped into view.

    As soon as she was out, he'd bent down to give her a welcoming kiss that had soon turned into the smouldering type as she wrapped her arms round his head and pressed her lips back enthusiastically against his. The stirrings between his legs had started to get uncomfortable as he'd eventually broken it off and scooped her up into his arms. She'd laughed infectiously as she'd asked whether he was intending to carry his 'bride' over the threshold.

    Bruce had joined in the banter, laughing in return as he'd suggested that 'a bride' being carried over a threshold led only to one thing!

    Her expression had changed, the smile was still there but it had taken on a taunting look as she'd challenged him to find out for himself. That was all the encouragement that he'd needed as he'd almost run up the steps with her, dragging open the heavy oak door and dropping her onto her feet on the other side, forcing her back against the door as it swung shut and his lips had searched hers out again. This time the smouldering kiss had ignited them both!

    Zatanna had been breathing hard as she'd started to grind her pubic mound into his loins, searching out his massive erection. She'd sighed as he'd forced his bulging trousers back into her, but suddenly she'd held back, concerned that the staff might see them. Bruce had been quick to re-assure her that he'd given them all the afternoon off, congratulating himself on his devious forward-planning.

    They'd both been almost as desperate as each other and as her hands had roamed through his hair, he'd dropped his own hands to her thighs, grasped the hem of the dress and unceremoniously yanked it up to her waist. Glancing down, his blood pressure had soared even further as he'd drunk in the sight of the stocking clad thighs and pastel yellow garter belt. A small triangle of almost transparent lemon material had covered her mound and damp looking pussy, the black, curly hair peeping through suggestively.

    The sight had driven him almost wild as one hand had run quickly over her stomach and delved under the lemon material to cup her furry sex mound. The other was busy massaging her breasts through the dress top. This had triggered a wild cry from Zatanna whose own hands had suddenly left his hair and were fumbling with his belt, dragging his trouser front open. They'd immediately dived into his pants to release the monster erection that had been straining to escape. Bruce had sucked in air as her fingers had wrapped themselves around it, drawing it out even further. She'd looked hungrily into his eyes as she'd gasped "Now Bruce, here!"

    Instantly he'd grabbed hold of her panties, pulling them roughly to one side as her fingers had guided his giant erection between her legs and up to her sopping, welcoming opening. They'd both gasped in unison as they'd felt the tip snuggling into her soft vagina lips before he'd thrust hard and deep, lifting her onto her toes as her bare bottom was crushed against the cool hard wood of the door.

    The anticipation had been deep in both of them and they're excitement had soon reached a crescendo as he'd pumped back and forth inside her, neck muscles straining as he'd desperately tried to retain some measure of control. Her arms had wrapped themselves around his neck and as they tightened into an almost vice-like grip and she started making little mewing sounds, he'd changed his action, starting to stab into her with frequent short thrusts that crashed their bodies together sending sweet vibrations ringing through her clit.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Turmoil

    Within seconds she'd been swallowed up in a fantastic orgasm that had completely overcome her. She'd let out a long low cry into his ear as he'd felt her body tighten and then convulse around his driving cock. It had been his signal to let go himself. With one long drive, deep into her wet cavern he'd gasped as his own release had finally overcame him and his hot seed had exploded into her.

    It had been so fantastic, so draining that they'd clung together using the hard door for support for many minutes before their breathing and emotions would allow them to speak. He'd started to say how fantastic it had been for him, but she'd simply reached her head up and closed her lips onto his in a moment of supreme tenderness.

    Looking back, Bruce was still amazed at how effortless they'd picked up on their physical relationship. Hardly a minute had gone by without them touching, caressing, exploring and whenever they were alone, she'd shown him just how passionate she still was! He'd frowned slightly as he thought about it again. There had been something almost animal like her when she'd let herself go. Fantastic!

    He sighed as another painful erection caused him to squirm in his chair. He was suddenly desperately hoping that she'd be down very soon!

    Chapter 3 -- Robin Reflects

    Dick Grayson had finished his ten mile run and cleaned off the sweat and dirt with a refreshing cool shower. After a brisk rub-down he felt re-energised and was lying on his bed, wrapped in a warm terry robe, considering whether he ought to 'suit-up' as Robin again.

    That's when the problems began again.

    That's when he started thinking about Batgirl again.

    That's when a large bulge appeared in the terry robe at the top of his strong, muscular young legs.

    "Oh God!" he thought in silent exasperation, "not again!"

    It had been a weird evening of so many highs and lows and he'd been tortured by the memories all night. It had all started so well. Batman had mentioned earlier in the week that he had a house guest staying and that he was going to arrange a small dinner. He'd asked what Robin thought about inviting Barbara as well and he'd been quick to tell Bruce that having Batgirl come as well was a great idea. He'd then spent the next few days on tenterhooks at the prospect of being her 'escort'.

    When he'd arrived at the dining room, he'd paused in the hallway to check his appearance in the mirror. He'd put on a smart grey lounge suit, with a plain white shirt, a burgundy tie and shiny black shoes. Well, it was a semi-formal occasion after all he'd thought. He'd checked that his mop of unruly black hair was in some sort of order and opened the door, pleased to see that Barbara was already there.

    Boy, was she there! Dick had been amazed at the sight of her, standing next to Bruce by a small side table as he prepared her a cocktail. She was half in profile, her hand resting lightly on Bruce's shoulder and her face was beaming as she made some joke about his mixing abilities. She was dressed in a long black cocktail dress that Dick hadn't seen before, and he'd been stunned at the sheer sexiness that it displayed.

    Barbara was taller than average for a woman, but not what you'd call 'statuesque'. She had a compact, well toned body and a lot of it was on display tonight! The cocktail dress was fitted tightly around her narrow waist and fuller hips before flaring down to the floor. It would have been impossible to walk in had it not been for a very long slit down one side which exposed a stockinged thigh well above her knee, with maybe just a hint of black stocking top peeping out. Dick's throat had gone dry as he took in the scene. The dress was held up by two narrow silver threads, looped over her shapely shoulders which dropped down and attached themselves to a low halter top, pulling her firm breasts together, the dress seemingly just about covering her nipples. The silver line then continued down the centre of the dress down to floor level, breaking up the plain black of the rest of the garment. To set it off, she'd worn a small silver pendent hanging from around her narrow neck and resting in the folds of her bosom.

    The effect had been devastating, particularly on Dick who had almost stumbled as he came into the room.

    "Wow, Barbara," he'd stammered out, "You look absolutely stunning!"

    He'd pretended not to notice Barbara's expression darken as he came over and tried to kiss her on her full red lips, getting only a quickly turned cheek instead, but he'd nevertheless been almost overwhelmed by her delicate jasmine perfume instead.

    He couldn't really ignore her retort though as she'd said sharply, "What are you doing here?"

    He'd looked questioningly at Bruce, who'd picked up the vibes already.

    "Didn't I say Barbara? Dick's joining us for dinner, along with Zatanna, my house-guest."

    Barbara had taken a step back at the mention of another name, particularly an unknown house-guest.

    "Who the hell's Zatanna?" she'd responded waspishly.

    "Oh, Zatanna's on old friend of mine," Bruce had said soothingly, "She's a master magician and she'll be performing in that Charity Lunch that you're both attending tomorrow. There was no point in her staying at a hotel when she could spend a few days here!"

    Barbara had quickly registered that Zatanna was female and that she was staying alone with Bruce. Her expression had sharpened further, and it was at this point that Zatanna had made her entrance.

    The door had opened behind where Barbara was now standing and it was the expressions on both men's faces that caused her to spin round and face the new guest.

    Zatanna was tall and elegant. Her face had a kind of narrow, Slavic look and her thick black hair cascaded around her head and down over her shoulders. Her grey eyes sparkled devilishly.

    Dick had taken all this in at a glance, but it was the rest of her that had caused both men to pause, and look on in open-mouthed admiration.

    She was well built, and was wearing a shiny light blue cocktail dress that positively shimmered around her. It was floor length, looking positively alive as it quivered tightly around her as she walked forward, emphasizing her sensuous curves. The dress was gathered into a couple of bows at her shoulder before falling down sleekly to run over her ample breasts, the two sides of the dress held together by a narrow string of silver thread loosely connecting two built in silver rings on the inside cover of each ample breast. This left a gap in the material displaying a tantalising half moon--like view of each full orb, before the gap swept downwards, pulled wider at her mid-rift by the tight fitting waist and eventually looping together just under her navel, which contained a large oval shaped turquoise stone.

    Bruce and Dick had both been left speechless at the sight and Bruce had had to positively force himself forward to take her hand and bring her forward for introductions.

    Dick had glanced at Barbara with a little trepidation, but she had seemed just as frozen at the sight as the men. Her expression was stony however and Dick was just hoping that she'd keep quiet, but then he'd been distracted by the sight of Zatanna's back as the two of them passed him.

    The dress didn't just fail to close at the front, there was also little of it covering her back! The two sides of the dress dropped almost vertically from the ends of her shoulder, only looping together again at the base of Zatanna's spine, just in time to cover her rounded bottom. It was held together, if that was the right word, by a couple of strands of silver ribbon, one across her shoulders the other at her waist. Her bare back, smooth skin and taut but feminine muscles had been an electrifying sight, especially with a tattooed blue and green serpent peeping out from under the dress at the base of her spine!

    Dick's jaw had dropped an inch at least, not missed by Barbara whose expression had moved on to thunderous as she'd given Dick a sharp kick on the ankle.

    "Grow up you numbskull!" she hissed as she'd turned to watch Bruce place his hand on Zatanna's bare waist and guide her over to the table for a cocktail. She had followed each movement with a glare that would have turned them to stone had they but noticed.

    That had set the tone nicely for the meal, served solemnly by Alfred as usual. Bruce had been the perfect host, Zatanna had been the perfect guest, full of stories from her life on the stage, Dick had tried hard to respond brightly and Barbara had sulked throughout, answering in monosyllables and trying hard to avoid laughing at any of Zatanna's many amusing anecdotes.

    Her behaviour could hardly have gone un-noticed and Dick had seen Zatanna raise her eyebrows once or twice in Bruce's direction and he'd half expected Bruce to throw his hands up in exasperation and explode, but in the end everyone had just done their best to ignore Barbara's tantrum.

    That was a good thing reflected Robin, because if there'd been a big scene, Barbara would have stormed out and then he'd have missed the dance, and, as he felt his blood pressure rise, he definitely would not have wanted to miss that!

    It had come about later in the evening after everyone had given up trying to bring Barbara around. Bruce had put on some slow dance music and he and Zatanna were wrapped in each other's arms gliding around the room to the soft latin beat. Dick was starting to feel uncomfortable again as he watched Zantanna sultry body sway against Bruce, and he knew that Barbara was watching the scene with unadulterated loathing. He'd cringed when she'd got up from her chair, half expecting her to assault the dancers who were now lost in their own world, but instead she'd strode over to him, taken his hand and almost dragged him into the centre of the room.

    "Do you want to dance then?!" she'd challenged him. He'd looked into her face, beautiful, but still looking decidedly angry, and when he hadn't immediately responded, there'd been a sharp, "Well?!"

    With a bit of a swallow, he'd put out his arms and smiled winningly back at her, "My pleasure Barbara -- as always!" he'd gulped.

    Her expression had softened suddenly. There had been a hint of relief and Dick had suddenly realised that she'd been feeling hurt and alone as well as angry.

    At first they'd danced at arms length, almost testing each other out, but soon and much to Dick's surprise, they were dancing easily and closely together, the tension dissipating by the minute. There was still a spark there though as Barbara had eventually leaned forward and rested her head on Dick's shoulder, she'd whispered into his ear, "Damn that man! And I hate that woman, how can Bruce stand her!?"

    By now however, Dick was feeling intoxicated by her perfume again, her intimate physical presence sending his hormones haywire. He'd hardly heard what she said. He'd already forgiven any bad manners and was just wallowing in the moment, trying hard not to get too carried away because he'd had plenty of experience of Barbara's unpredictable moods.

    It wasn't long before he'd been unable to conceal the effect that she was having on him as the bulge in his trousers increased in size. Barbara soon caught on as his erection started to press into her abdomen and she sucked in her breath as she felt his hard manhood rubbing against her. Dick was dreading the moment. Normally, she'd probably have pulled sharply away with some sort of withering comment, but last night she'd actually buried her face closer into his neck, breathing harder and whispering into his ear, "Mmmmm Dick, that feels kind of nice!"

    It wasn't long before she'd started responding in kind, lifting herself up on her toes and pushing her pussy hard back into Dick's concealed hardness, quickly developing into a circular grinding motion as she'd felt the waves of pleasure building. Dick had been past caring what the others were thinking as he hung onto the revitalised young woman in his arms and let the waves of pleasure wash over him as well.

    In the end, it had had to stop. Dick wasn't sure whether they'd scandalised Bruce or whether he'd just decided to turn off the music anyway, but as the sensual beat had died away, Barbara seemed to collapse into him and he'd had to half walk and half carry her back to a sofa.

    The rest of the evening had passed relatively well. Barbara had livened up, being particularly attentive to Dick for a change and when he'd gallantly escorted her to her car she'd surprised him again by putting her arms around his neck in the doorway and giving him a long smouldering kiss which had literally taken his breath away. So much so that he'd not been able to say anything sensible as she eventually twirled away laughing and headed for her car.

    Back in his bedroom, in the grey morning light, he shook his head in wonder.

    "What a night!" he reflected again, still sprawled on his bed, another painful erection to deal with!

    He was due to pick up Barbara later in the morning so that they could attend the Charity Luncheon as Robin and Batgirl, the one where Zatanna was due to be the star attraction.

    "Holy magicians!" he thought excitedly, "That should be an encounter worth watching!"

    Chapter 4 -- Batgirl starts the day with a Susan

    Barbara was busy in the kitchen.

    She'd finished her early morning work-out in her private gym and, before heading for the shower, she'd decided to put a casserole into the slow cooker for tea. She'd been to plenty of charity lunch functions in the past as Batgirl and always seemed to come away feeling hungry. This time she was determined to avoid the inevitable pizza!

    The beef had been seared, the shallots pealed and the gravy and seasoning added to the cooking pot. A generous splash of red wine had followed, and she was just in the process of chopping some carrots and celery when the doorbell rang.

    "Damn," she thought looking at her watch, "surely even Robin wouldn't turn up so early?"

    "Mind you, after that kiss last night? What was I thinking? He'll be uncontrollable now!"

    She still wasn't sure how she felt about Robin, but she was getting nowhere fast with Batman, and Robin was kind of cute after all. Maybe?

    "Oh sod it! More complications!" she sighed as she headed for the door.

    After a quick look through the peep-hole, she squealed in delight, quickly unlocked the door and swung it open to reveal her new friend, Susan Reid, laden with shopping bags and standing in front of her with a beaming smile.

    "Just been shopping nearby, so I thought I'd surprise you with a couple of presents that I came across!" she exclaimed.

    "And you should stop waving that knife about," she added with a smile referring to the chopping knife still in Barbara's hands, "I might have to arrest you!"

    Susan Reid was a detective on the Gotham City police force, and they'd both been involved in an operation to capture Leopard Man and Catwoman a while ago. This had not gone entirely to plan to say the least, but had resulted in the two women getting very close. Very close indeed at some times! They were both in their early twenties, but Susan was a couple of years older and generally took the lead in their developing relationship.

    Susan immediately bustled in, planting a quick kiss on Barbara's lips as she dropped her various bags behind the door and kicked it shut behind her. She was little shorter than Barbara, but well built, her finely toned body covered today in a red blouse and flared white skirt. Her long blonde hair wafted across her face as she twisted to face a surprised Barbara again.

    "God, it's great to see you Susan," Barbara spluttered, "but I'm out with Robin in about an hour, and I'm just putting a casserole on. You should have phoned!"

    "Oh, an hour's plenty of time for what I've got in mind!" she responded with a sly wink, "but let's get that cooking out of the way first shall we?"

    With that she ushered Barbara back into the kitchen to finish chopping the vegetables. Barbara was wearing only her soft grey, baggy tracksuit top and bottoms. She'd slipped them on after her work out just to get her tea sorted before her planned shower, and as she leant over the kitchen table to finish chopping the carrots, Susan hovered around in the background chattering about her shopping trip.

    Eventually, as Barbara was finishing the detective came up behind her, still chattering away, and, disconcertingly running her hands around Barbara's hips. The wandering hands soon slipped under the tracksuit top and were running up her belly in the direction of Barbara's firm young breasts.

    "Jesus Susan!" she exclaimed as she felt her nipples tightening as her lovers palms cupped them and gave a gentle squeeze, "I could have chopped off a finger!"

    "Oh, not someone with Batgirl's control I think," was Susan's husky reply as she nuzzled her lips into Barbara's neck, "Anyway, girls who don't wear bras deserve all they get!"

    With monumental self control, Barbara finished the last of the carrots, tipped them into the pot before setting the timer and washing her hands, all the while suffering at the hands of Susan as her skilful fingers gently kneaded and caressed her prized possessions. Barbara was already feeling hot and flustered as Susan's hands started to pay some serious attention to her nipples and suddenly she wanted more. Much more!

    Lifting herself on her toes, she quickly twisted round, completely taking Susan by surprise as her hands were trapped in the tracksuit. Barbara immediately reached around Susan's bottom, grabbing a cheek in each hand she lifted the gasping detective off her feet and forced her backwards across the kitchen until she was trapped up against the fridge/freezer. Leaning forward, she forced her lips onto Susan's and began a fiery kiss. The detective's initial tense surprise soon gave way to lust as she pushed her hips back into Barbara's, wrapped her arms around Barbara's neck, and pulled her lips even harder onto her own as their two tongues started to writhe and explore each other.

    Their breathing came hard and fast, and Barbara's hand was soon scrabbling at the buttons on Susan's blouse, fumbling them open one by one to reveal a red lacy half cup bra, pushing Susan's small but pert breasts together. It took a second for the hand to ease over the exposed half of one beautiful orb and twist the lacy material away so that she could grasp a whole breast, bringing a small cry from Susan's mouth as she absorbed the electric sensation.

    Susan's hands had now worked their way down Barbara's bare back, under her tracksuit bottoms, and were grasping her round cheeks, pulling Barbara's hot pussy directly onto Susan's. The joggers and skirt material were thin and they both gasped in unison as they started to grind against each other, triggering waves of hot pleasure from their now damp pussies.

    "Jesus!" gasped an electrified Susan, "Bed?"

    Barbara opened her eyes long enough to see in Susan's eyes the same desire and hunger that was consuming her. "Bed!" she replied breathlessly, as they reluctantly separated and headed out of the kitchen, shedding clothes every few yards.

    By the time that they'd reached the bed and thrown themselves together on it, Barbara was naked and Susan was left with a flimsy pair of lacy red panties and the white hold up stockings that she'd come in. The panties didn't last long. As their two lithe bodies writhed together on the stark, white sheets, Barbara's hands raking down Susan's back and bottom, she grasped the thin side of the panties in annoyance to pull them down. There was a sharp tearing sound, and suddenly the panties had come away in Barbara's hands.

    She almost paused to apologise, but Susan didn't seem to have noticed and her fingers were now busy between Barbara's legs. She gasped in pleasure as she felt Susan's fingers delving between her wet labia lips and first one and then two eased their way slowly into her welcoming soft vagina. She immediately threw the flimsy red material to one side and let her own hand run around Susan's naked bottom, fingers disappearing in the damp crack between the cheeks and bringing a long sigh from Susan as she felt her own fires intensify to almost painful levels.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Turmoil

    The sweat was glistening on their bodies as they continued to pleasure each other in ways that only experienced lovers do, both getting more and more excited as they squirmed and rubbed together, glorying in the delicious sensations surging around their bodies.

    Eventually, when Susan felt that she couldn't stand much more, she looked deep into Barbara's lust filled eyes. "Trib?" she whispered.

    "Mmmmmmmmmmm," was the only reply that Barbara could manage as she felt the waves of pleasure washing deliciously all over her. Her only thought was now one of release from the glorious tensions that she was suffering.

    She watched eagerly as Susan extracted herself from the embrace and twisted herself round on the bed, pulling a twisted sheet away from her in annoyance as it tangled in her feet. Susan shuffled backwards with her feet alongside Barbara's swollen breasts until she had her soaking pussy more or less alongside Barbara's. "Ready?" she whispered huskily.

    "Please, Susan just do it!" gasped an absolutely frustrated Barbara, opening her legs so that her damp pussy lips were exposed to Susan's greedy looking eyes. Susan smiled mischievously as she lifted one of Barbara's legs, and slid herself underneath, pushing her own leg over the top of Barbara's and bringing her blonde haired pussy right up to Barbara's. They both tensed. Holding their breaths as they eased the two sensitive areas into contact, Susan throwing her head back in delight as the pressure of their two sex lips meeting triggered renewed waves of pleasure from between her legs. Suddenly she felt on fire! The same sensation hit Barbara and she was so far gone that she thought she was going to faint. "Ohhhhhh," she whimpered.

    After the initial tremors had passed, Susan was busy re-arranging her position so that the two girl's clits were kissing each other in an oily embrace, triggering an absolute avalanche of red hot sensations in both of them. She swallowed hard as she struggled to maintain control, and reached her hand forward to Barbara, who almost painfully reached forward and grasped Susan's wrist.

    They looked at each other hungrily for a few moments, almost sated, before starting to rock back and forth, using their arms as levers, and driving their clits together hard and rhythmically. Eyes shut tightly, faces twisted in concentration as they rode the incredible sensations washing up from between their legs. It was fantastic, and it didn't last long. It couldn't!

    They were both well gone when they'd started and the intensity of the tribbing was so high that they almost simultaneously exploded into mind-numbing orgasms. Susan screamed as she felt her body wracked with climactic convulsions, flaying her head from side to side, Barbara simply froze and let out a long drawn out "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" as the breath exploded from her lungs.

    It was minutes later that Barbara regained her senses, breasts rising and falling sharply as she sucked in air. Both women had collapsed backwards, legs still intertwined but no longer taut and tense, just languid as the sweat glistened over their naked bodies. A glimmer of sunshine finally poked through the clouds outside, bathing her bedroom in a soft yellow glow, enhancing her feeling of total bliss.

    "Jesus, Susan," she gasped as she raised herself on and elbow, "that had to be the best ever!"

    Susan opened her eyes slowly, almost painfully, "Am I still alive?" she whispered in wonder, and then, "Not bad for a 'quickie' you sexy bat-thing!"

    This caused Barbara to glance at the bedside clock. "Oh no!" she wailed "Robin will be here soon!" She looked at Susan slyly, "Maybe we should just ignore the door? I never wanted to go to this stupid event anyway! We could 'rest' together"

    Susan laughed. "I don't think we'd get much 'rest', do you?!" She untangled her legs carefully and gave Barbara a push with her foot. "Go on, get showered and I'll watch out for Robin."

    As Barbara reluctantly got up from the bed and headed for the shower-room, Susan admired her fantastic figure again, but suddenly remembered something.

    "But come into the living room before you put on your Batgirl suit. I've got something for you!" It was all very mysterious, but Susan steadfastly refused to elaborate!

    Chapter 5 -- Presents for Batgirl

    Barbara was soon back in the living room, a white satin-like wrap loosely tied around her as she towelled her light brown hair dry. Now she was impatient to be ready before Robin arrived.

    "Ok Susan, what's the big mystery?" she blurted out as she came through the door.

    By now Susan had commandeered one of Barabra's white terry robes and was standing by the modern chrome and glass table. Two brown packages sat in the middle of the table. Susan turned when Barbara entered, eyebrows raised but saying nothing, twirling a strip of lacy red material from one of her hands. Barbara immediately went red as she stuttered an apology.

    "Oh, your panties! Sorry about that Susan, I may have been getting a bit too enthusiastic there."

    "Don't worry about it Barbara," Susan was smiling now, "that sort of enthusiasm has my full support! Anyway come over here, I want to show you these." She threw the ripped red panties onto the sofa and indicated the plain brown parcels, one was small and box-like, the other much longer and rectangular in shape.

    Barbara came over to stand beside her lover, still feeling radiant after their love making, looking at the packages in their plain brown wrappings suspiciously.

    "Have you been down to the sex shop again?"

    "I had to go to quite a few to find these!" replied Susan mischievously, "Oh come on, let me show you!" she added impatiently as she grabbed the bigger one and ripped off the wrappings. There was a big grin on her face as the article inside appeared. It was bright pink, long and shaped like two massive, adjoining penises. It was clearly a double dildo.

    Barbara was dismayed. "It's huge!" she gasped.

    "I know," laughed Susan, then adding a little huskily, "and just imagine what it will feel like in action!"

    "That's exactly what I'm worried about," replied a shocked Barbara, "Jesus, that must be nearly three inches wide, and, and ....God knows how long!"

    "Oh don't be such a wimp Barbara, it's not that big," responded Susan, a little disappointed in her reaction, "Well, not quite! Look here, feel it." She added as she passed it over to Barbara's hesitant hands.

    Actually, it wasn't as bad as she'd feared thought Barbara. The surface was softish, but as she pressed harder with her fingers she felt the underlying firmness increase. There was some flexibility in it, but not enough to allow it to bend significantly. As her fingertips began to explore the contoured surface, her anxiety diminished and she started to feel her pussy express an interest. At the central joint of the two opposing ends, it was much more flexible allowing the two 'penises' to operate at different angles. A couple of horn shaped appendages stood out, bending forwards suggestively. As her fingers ran over the ribbed surfaces, it was clear what part of the body they were designed for, a fact duly noted by her brain as her clit gave her a little expectant tingle.

    Susan had watched Barbara's expression changing with amusement, but soon grasped back the 'monster' from Barbara's now reluctant hands and put it back on the table.

    "That'll have to be for later," she laughed, before picking up and starting to unpack the smaller package, "but this is for now."

    At first, Barbara couldn't make out what was in Susan's hands. It was smallish, purple looking, a couple of inches long with what looked like little wings sprouting out at the top and attached to coiled up, thin black strapping.

    Then it dawned, and she took a step back. "It's a butterfly!" she blurted out. She knew all about these clitoral vibrator stimulators having only recently fashioned a special one of her own design to inflict on Catgirl at their last meeting. The memory was fresh and she had an uneasy feeling about this one.

    "Of course it's a butterfly," laughed Susan, holding it up so that Barbara had a clearer view, "and look, purple. It'll match your Batgirl uniform!"

    "No way that I'm wearing one of those!" exclaimed Barbara, retreating a further pace backwards.

    "Oh don't be so timid Barbara! You have to learn to live a bit!" Susan responded irritably, "I was planning on coming over later this evening and I thought that this would keep you 'simmering' nicely!"

    "But I can't wear that in public!"

    "Yes, you can. No-one will be able to see it. And with your level of self-control you'll easily be able to handle it," Susan added the latter as an afterthought.

    "What do you mean 'my level of self-control'," challenged Barbara angrily.

    "Oh, come on now Barbara, you can be a bit anal at times you know," Susan responded with no hint of rancour, "you need to let yourself go a bit from time to time. Here, let me show you how it fits." With that she reached forward, undoing the loose knot in Barbara's wrap belt, allowing the material to fall back and displaying Barbara's beautiful semi naked form again.

    "Right, drop 'em!" she ordered as she unravelled the black strapping from the butterfly body and spread out the plastic, lacy looking wings.

    "What do you mean?"

    Susan had finished with the straps and knelt down in front of Barbara's statuesque figure. "You know what I mean!" she continued impatiently as she reached up, hooked her fingers around the waist-band of Barbara's black, lacy thong before steadily drawing it down her thighs and leaving it dangling between her knees.

    The sight of Barbara's pussy brought a little sigh from Susan as she took in the light brown, freshly talced pubic hair and the moist looking labia lips, still slightly parted after their earlier exertions. It was only with a great show of self-restraint that she stopped herself from leaning forward and suckling.

    But before Barbara could protest further, Susan brought up the purple butterfly and, with tender care eased it into place on her pussy.

    Barbara sucked in air briefly as she felt the cool vibrator nodes nestling between her already sensitive labia lips and let out a little "Oooooh" as her pussy responded magically to the butterfly's presence. Susan was pleased with the effect as she took Barbara's hand and placed it over the purple wings. "Here, hold it in place while I put on the straps."

    When she'd finished pulling the straps underneath Barbara's bottom and connecting them to a ring in the small of her back which was already connected to similar straps from the top of the butterfly running over her abdomen, she returned to the front and took off Barbara's hand, the butterfly now held firmly in place.

    "Now then," she continued, looking directly into Barbara's face, "We just need the final adjustments," as she took hold of the body of the butterfly and began to wiggle it about causing the cool nodes to slide around until she saw Barbara's eyes widen and heard her gasp as they finally came to rest right up against her now throbbing clit.

    "There, that should do nicely," she grinned at Barbara's confused expression as she reached around her waist, and pulled sharply on the straps at the back, forcing the butterfly even deeper into Barbara's soft lips and triggering a low moan as Barbara felt a wave of pleasure burst through her body.

    By the time Barbara had regained her composure, Susan had pulled up the thong to cover her new insect companion and was running her fingers lightly across the material to smooth it down.

    "Will you stop that!" gasped a now thoroughly disconcerted Barbara as the tingling in her pussy intensified.

    Susan gave her a big cheesy grin. "There, that wasn't so bad was it?" She didn't wait for a response. "The batteries should last all day, and its set to trigger at random times so you'll never quite know when to expect it. It's going to be so exciting!"

    Barbara wasn't so sure, just having got over the installation sensations!

    "I'm not sure I'll last all the day!" she sighed, before brightening up. "Anyway, nothing's happening so it must be broken!"

    "Oh, I haven't switched it on. Silly me!" responded Susan before reaching down between Barbara's legs and flicking something under the base of the purple attachment. When she bent back up Barabara was puzzled to see her moving her lips silently which disconcerted Barbara for a few seconds, but still nothing seemed to have happened.

    "Still nothing -- ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Barbara finished breathlessly as a burst of vibrations hit her clit, triggering a flood of pleasure messages to her brain and causing her to jerk half forward in response.

    "That'll be about right," laughed Susan, "test vibration ten seconds after switch on! Next one could be anytime!" she added mischievously.

    Before Barbara could compose herself and respond, the doorbell chimes interrupted them.

    Chapter 6 -- Robin gets a Shock

    "Damn - Robin's here already!" she gasped eventually.

    Susan was quick to take control, "Oh, don't worry. You get off to your 'room' and suit up. I'll let Robin in. And don't you dare remove that delicious butterfly!" She patted Barbara's bottom playfully to send her on her way, ignoring the withering look that she got in exchange.

    Robin waited patiently outside Barbara's flat, having spent some time working out a witty line to greet her before pressing the doorbell. When the door did finally open his mouth opened, but nothing came out. He took in the sight of Detective Reid, clad in a white terry robe, and his mind raced. What was she doing here? And wearing that robe? He got no further though as the figure in white leaned forward and almost dragged him in.

    "Hi Robin, it's been ages! Hope you're well?"

    Robin had only met Susan a couple of times since the episode with Leopard Man months back. The snag was that he'd been with Batman when they'd rescued the drugged detective from Leopard Man and Catwoman's clutches, and remembering the sight of the gorgeous, naked woman tied down on the bed still sent shivers down his spine. He couldn't think of her without seeing that naked form, and here she was in front of him wearing, it seemed, little more.

    His eyes dropped to the ground as he mumbled an incomprehensible reply.

    If Susan noticed his discomfort, she ignored it. "Come into the living room while Barbara get's her kit on," she instructed, taking Robin's arm in hers. Robin's heart rate rocketed and his brow grew damp.

    "It's good to see you again Susan," he finally got out before coming to an abrupt halt in the doorway, "Jumping jackrabbits, what's that!"

    "What?" replied Susan innocently after seeing Robin's eyes fixate on the pink double dildo sat boldly on the centre of the table.

    "It's a..... It's a .............," Robin was struggling for words but his mind was busy adding up two and two. He turned to look at Susan in shock, "Oh no, are you and Batgirl................ an ....errr..... item?" he finally managed to get out in obvious disappointment.

    Susan cocked her head to one side with a pained expression on her face. "Oh Robin, don't be so old-fashioned! Come over here." She half dragged him to the sofa, pushed him down, and flopped onto the soft cushion next to him. As she sat forward, she crossed her legs and took care to make sure that the robe parted enough to show plenty of thigh and her white stocking tops. She was rewarded as Robin gasped and his gaze zeroed in on her half uncovered thighs. Taking advantage of Robin's frozen state she rested her hand on Robin's knee.

    "We're not really an 'item' Robin," she responded in a serious tone, "but we do enjoy the most fantastic sex together!" she added with a laugh, instantly regretted as she watched Robin's face fall.

    "Oh dear, do you fancy Batgirl as well Robin?" she was searching his eyes behind the mask and he couldn't disguise the answer.

    "Hey," she continued, "don't worry. Barbara and I have a definite 'non-exclusive' arrangement. We can go with anyone we fancy." As if to emphasise the point her hand began to travel slowly up the inside of his thigh and to his horror, Robin felt himself respond immediately as his green pants began to bulge. Then his eyes were dragged to the room doorway as Batgirl appeared, resplendent in her bright purple, figure hugging uniform. The purple was broken by the bright yellow of her utility belt, her cape and the large bat symbol across her bosom. Her red wig cascaded over her shoulders as she strode in, the greeting for Robin strangled off as she saw Susan's hand drifting high up Robin's thigh.

    "SuSAN!" she called in exasperation with the emphasis definitely on the second syllable, "Will you stop that with Robin!"

    Susan's head turned slowly, but her hand stayed put. "Well, you should look after him better Barbara. He was just telling me ........"

    Robin's eyes widened as he jumped up and greeted Batgirl loudly to cut off Susan's sentence. The last thing he wanted was to have Batgirl find out he fancied her from Susan!

    "Are you ready Batgirl? We really need to get going if we're to be on time."

    Batgirl was still glaring at Susan, who was smiling back innocently, and she hadn't finished, "You'll have to excuse Susan Robin, she seems to be..................................oooooooooh!"

    Batgirl's face had contorted into a pained expression as the butterfly suddenly triggered a series of vibrations directly onto her clit, which instantly responded and flooded her brain with sharp, electric sensations. Instinctively, her thighs tightened as she squeezed her legs together.

    Robin had jumped forward and taken Batgirl's hand in concern as she sucked in air for a few moments to recover. "It's ok Robin," she gasped eventually, "I must have tweaked a muscle a bit when I did my work-out this morning. I'll be ok now." All the time she was glaring over Robin's shoulder at Susan who was rolling about on the sofa in helpless, silent laughter.

    "It's not the only thing she's 'tweaked' this morning Robin!" sobbed Susan hysterically.

    "Oh, come on Robin," Batgirl spat out finally in exasperation, "let's get into the Bat-mobile and away from this mad-house. Susan will lock up."

    Robin suddenly looked uncomfortable, "Errr, Batman's taken it with him. He said that we should go on your Bat-bike."

    Batgirl suddenly exploded, "Isn't that just typical of the man! He's so self-centred! It's unbelievable."

    Robin nodded a couple of times but held his council. It had been hard work persuading Batman to take the Bat-mobile away with him because he'd really fancied a ride on the pillion of Batgirl's powerful Bat-bike. Cuddling up behind her as she straddled the bike was fantastic and recently he'd found that she didn't object when his hands strayed up from her waist to hang onto her suited bosom instead. The thought intensified the erection that he was still struggling to hide.

    Batgirl was resigned to the bike in trepidation though. She always felt a warm thrill between her legs at the vibrations from the powerful engine, but if that combined with a burst from the butterfly.................. she literally cringed at the thought!

    She looked into Robin's eager face and realised that this also meant that he'd be snuggled close into her as well, no doubt a hard erection pushed into her spread bottom, and hands wandering around her suited bosom cups. She sighed, but then smiled at last. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all?!

    "Come on Robin," she said taking his hand and pulling him towards the door, "let's go and do our duty!"

    Chapter 7 -- Catgirl keeps an eye on things

    She was bored.

    Following Batman had been easy.

    He'd pulled away from the Commissioner's Office in the Bat-mobile on time and had kept to all the speed limits as he'd driven slowly across town towards the river.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Turmoil

    Now she was parked up in the street, sat in the innocuous blue station wagon that she'd checked out of Catwoman's fleet garage, watching the entrance to a modern waterfront apartment block.

    Batman had disappeared inside the building over an hour ago after parking the giant Bat-mobile in a lot at the side of the building. Catgirl had been in two minds about whether to follow him in, but it was the sort of building that had a keypad lock on the entrance lobby. She could have hung around until someone came out, but then she'd have no idea where Batman had gone in the building, so she'd retreated back to the car, and positioned it where she could see both the entrance and the parking lot next door. She wouldn't miss Batman when he came out.

    Unless she fell asleep she thought irritably!

    Still, there had been some fun she remembered as a slow grin spread across her face.

    She'd been sat in the car for half an hour when the four youths had approached her brazenly from the other side of the street. They were all wearing hoodies and from the way they grouped together, Catgirl knew they were up to no good. As they reached her station wagon, they split up and made a grab for the front and rear passenger doors, but Catgirl was too quick for them as she hit the central locking button.

    Slightly disconcerted the apparent leader, a short, thick set teenager with a military crop of light fair hair came round to the driver's side and banged on the car roof.

    Catgirl wasn't stupid enough to jump out before assessing the danger, but when she'd had chance to study the ugly, acne covered face glaring down at her through the side window she felt confident of her ability to deal with them on her own. She was a super-villain after all!

    As she hit the button to lower the window, the youth looked up in surprise and called to the rest of the gang.

    "Hey, this one's a bit sporty. We'll have some fucking fun here!" With that the other three, dashed round to the driver's side and began staring down the abundant cleavage that Batgirl's lemon top was still displaying.

    "You here for some cock whore-lady?" the leader laughed, "We give a good fuck down here, and it looks like it's your lucky day!"

    "Really?" replied Catgirl primly, smiling innocently, "I'm sure I don't know what you mean."

    "Really!" grunted the leader as he suddenly lunged forward to grab a handful of Catgirl's partially exposed breast. Big mistake.

    At first he was surprised that his hand had failed to reach the beckoning flesh, then his face contorted in pain as Catgirl twisted the wrist that she'd casually captured backward and sideways until it would go no further. He tried to stifle a scream, but not with much success.

    Catgirl was now smiling brightly back up at the group.

    "What a pleasure to meet you young studs. Any other time and I'd ........... well, frankly, I think I'd just step on you, but hey, I'm a bit busy today, so maybe you guys would just tootle off and leave me alone?"

    There was no response from the frozen faces.

    Cat girl sighed expressively and muttered "Oh dear," as she twisted further and harder until the screams from the young thug were accompanied by the sharp cracking sounds of breaking bones. As the leader fainted, she let go and let him slide down the outside of the car to the pavement.

    "Have a nice day y'all," she replied casually in a southern drawl to the remaining three who were still not moving. "Now, don't make me get out of the car................" she added menacingly, and with that they'd dragged up their companion and were quickly beating a hasty retreat.

    "I ought to be getting cops pay for this!" thought Catgirl in satisfaction as she watched them stagger away.

    Catgirl smiled again at the memory. Maybe they'd come back for a second go she wondered, but it seemed unlikely and she leaned forward as she watched a postman walking toward the apartment block, bag over shoulder. She sighed again as she went back into the dull routine of picking up her note-pad, noting the time and describing the latest visitor. It was a busy place. This would be the twentieth entry already.

    Chapter 8 -- Zatanna's Magic Show -- A shock for Batgirl

    Batgirl was starting to feel good.

    They'd been feted when they'd arrived at the theatre, the almost mandatory dignitary speeches had been relatively short and the luncheon had turned out to be surprisingly nice.

    After the meal, Robin and Batgirl had been shown into the theatre's Executive Box, which turned out to be within touching distance of the stage. It was fitted out in a lush, deep red and she'd been placed in a comfy, soft theatre chair alongside Robin with the best view in the house. Robin's behaviour had been gallant and exemplary throughout, although she suspected that he was somewhat inhibited by the presence of the Charity Director and his wife sat directly behind them.

    Thinking of Robin brought a smile to her lips. She thought that the ride through town to the theatre had gone pretty well overall. As she'd expected, Robin had snuggled himself closely into her bottom when he'd climbed onto the pillion of her big bike and they'd only gone a few hundred yards before his hands had strayed up from her waist and attached themselves to her purple suited, prominent bosom.

    When the butterfly had kicked in as they were approaching the junction of 45th and Coalway, she'd briefly lost concentration as the waves of pleasure surfaced again and she'd missed the red light. Looking back, she was still mightily impressed with the way that she'd smoothly swerved around the big brown lorry that had come at them from the side. She'd congratulated herself on her perfect balance and throttle control as they'd finished the journey into town, and only noticed at the last minute that Robin's hands were now firmly clasped around her waist again!

    But now it was time for Zatanna's magic act.

    Batgirl leaned forward in anticipation, desperately hoping there was something she could do to put her off.

    Her entrance was spectacular. The lights had dimmed over an empty stage, but suddenly there was a flash of intense light, a burst of pink smoke in the centre of the stage which gradually cleared to reveal the master magician. She was dressed like a circus ringmaster with long black hair tumbling out of a tall dark hat, a dark blue jewelled short waistcoat fastened by a couple of silver buttons under her bosom, with long tails dangling around her bottom and down to the back of her knees at the back. She wore a tight, silver looking ruffled top attempting non-too successfully to restrain her ample breasts, the wide v-neck resulting in an impressive cleavage that Robin was clearly admiring closely.

    Her long, slim legs were encased in black fishnet stockings, which disappeared at the top under shiny blue satin stage pants, drawn high up her waist and tightly covering an impressively flat tummy.

    Her appearance had drawn a massive round of applause, not least from Robin who was sitting forward and clapping enthusiastically. Batgirl considered kicking him, but reluctantly decided against it given the company they were in. In the end, Batgirl had to sit back and 'enjoy' the show through pursed lips.

    After twenty minutes, she'd gradually had to admit that Zatanna was a class act. Objects had appeared and disappeared at regular intervals combined with dramatic music and accompanying light show. Robin was still entranced and Batgirl had had to admit that her adversary knew how handle an audience.

    Batgirl finally sat forward again as the climax of the show seemed to be arriving. Zatanna had been telling a funny anecdote, while assistants brought on a two tall silver cabinets, placing them at either side of the stage. Then Batgirl got a shock as she realised that Zatanna was beckoning her and Robin onto the stage. She drew as far back into her seat as she could, but there was no escape as the audience clamoured for them to come down. Robin looked keen and he stood up, grabbing Batgirl's hand and almost dragging her over the front of the box before jumping down onto the stage.

    Zatanna welcomed them with a big hug, grinning widely. "Don't worry," she whispered, "all you'll need to do is to step into one of the cabinets and I'll make you appear out of the other one. It'll just happen, you won't need to do anything. In fact," she added mysteriously, "I think that you'll enjoy the experience more than you think!"

    Robin immediately volunteered to go first. He allowed Zatanna to lead him by the waist to the nearest cabinet. She opened the door and whispered into his ear as he stepped in. As the door closed, Robin's green gloved hands appeared out of hidden holes in the roof. The audience cheered enthusiastically, and Zatanna swirled round the cabinet showing that there was no other way out.

    She seemed in no hurry to complete the transfer as she went over to the other cabinet, opened the door and showed that the inky blackness inside was indeed empty.

    Finally she strode back to Batgirl, giving her a mischievous grin as she waved her arm in the air, the lights dimmed again and there was another bright flash of light and sound like a crash of thunder before the house lights returned, and Batgirl could see Robin's hands now protruding from the cabinet at the opposite side of the stage.

    Zatanna swept over to the cabinet to open it and release a delighted looking Robin. The crowd applauded as Zatanna gave him a big kiss, much to Batgirl's annoyance, before flaunting back to Batgirl.

    "Right," she smiled, "you still up for this Batgirl?" It was an open challenge and Batgirl smiled back through narrowed lips as she strode purposely towards the empty cabinet. Zatanna followed laughing, opened the door for Batgirl and asked her to put her hands through the roof holes like Robin had done.

    "I think I can manage that!" hissed Batgirl with a glare, puzzled a little by the expression of triumph on Zatanna's narrow face.

    The door soon shut, wrapping Batgirl in a cloak of darkness. She sighed, and reached up to the roof holes, easing her purple gloves through and wiggled her hands about. She heard a faint cheer from the audience, but was immediately distracted by events in the cabinet!

    As her hands had disappeared above her, she felt them being gripped by some unseen force. At the same time something wrapped around her ankles and dragged them apart to the sides of the cabinet and immediately she felt her body being surrounded by some strange sponge-like material. To make matters worse, the blasted butterfly decided to kick in and she was swamped with pleasure signals as her clit responded to the sharp vibrations.

    She was sweating hard in her tight costume as the vibrations faded away but, to her horror, she found that they were replaced by a continuous 'massaging' feeling from the sponge-like material surrounding her body. It was a like a thousand hands, sometimes gently, sometimes roughly, caressing every part of her body. She cried out in shock, but no-one could hear and soon the cry turned into a low moan as she felt the 'hands' roaming around her inner thighs, up and over her pubic mound, over her waist and on around her suit covered breasts. She gasped as she felt her nipples harden uncontrollably and faintly wondered if this was the 'enjoyable experience' that Zatanna had hinted at.

    It was all getting too much for Batgirl's already sensitised erogenous spots as the relentless and simultaneous massaging triggered an overwhelming surge of pleasure in her now befuddled brain. She had soon reached the point at which she just wanted release from the erotic torture, and as if on cue the butterfly kicked in again to bring Batgirl's tortured body to the brink of a massive orgasm.

    As the delightful vibrations on her clit finally swamped her, sending her senses spinning, she abandoned herself to the warmth of hazy brightness that suddenly surrounded her as every muscle in her body seemed to twinge and contract. She seemed to be flying as she wallowed weakly in a warm post-orgasmic stupor.

    Then she was suddenly jerked back to harsh reality as the air was literally forced out of her lungs and she found herself rolling about on a cushioned surface, strong hands grasping at her legs and arms.

    Chapter 9 -- In the Wrong Hands!

    Batgirl was breathing hard, feeling sore and absolutely furious. The pleasure of the climax had been banished immediately as she'd struggled ineffectively on the large mattress under the stage as four of Catwoman's Kittens had fought to hold her down. Now she was on her side, hogtied, her wrists and ankles lashed painfully together behind her arched body.

    She could see Robin trussed up on the floor nearby, but not nearly as uncomfortably. His hands and feet were tied and he was gagged, but that was all. He looked on at Batgirl miserably as she struggled against her bindings. She was so annoyed! It was obvious that the magic act was just a trick to allow Catwoman to capture them, and they'd just blithely walked into it. Her hate for Zatanna had suddenly escalated to stratospheric levels!

    The hate had to be put on hold though as one of the Kitten's advanced menacingly. All of the Kitten's were wearing light pink coveralls, soft pink ear covers and white, stiff whiskers sprouting out from under their noses. This Kitten was by far the biggest, she was a coloured, muscular looking woman with short cropped red hair and Batgirl had an uncomfortable feeling that they'd met before.

    "Remember me you purple insect?!" she hissed menacingly as she stooped down and reached behind Batgirl to give her bindings a sharp pull to make them even more uncomfortable. Her face was inches from Batgirl's when she saw the signs of recognition dawn. It was the Kitten who'd been protecting Catgirl when she'd rescued Robin from their clutches recently, Vixen, and Batgirl suddenly remembered the blow that she'd landed to fell her.

    "Exactly!" Vixen snapped viciously, "I've been waiting a long time for this Batgirl, and I can assure you that you're going to regret that day. Catwoman's promised me that you'll suffer. It's just a pity that I can't be there to watch you squirm!" She emphasized the point by grasping Batgirl between the legs and squeezing hard, almost forcing the infernal butterfly deep into her vagina.

    Then she was up on her feet again giving instructions to the others about transporting the prisoners back to Catwoman's lair. It appeared that she didn't intend to join them, much to Batgirl's relief!

    However, Vixen hadn't finished with her yet, as she turned back, producing a small canister from a pocket before giving Batgirl a sharp kick and then spraying her face with some substance that almost immediately alleviated the pain by drawing the welcome darkness of unconsciousness over her.

    Then Vixen headed purposely over to Robin, canister at the ready.


    Robin eventually awoke suddenly in a small, badly lit room. It took a few moments to realise that his hands were securely fastened above his head and his ankles immobilised wide apart to something hard. He seemed to be upright but leaning back slightly. The gas had dulled his brain and it took a few more moments before he twisted his head to find that he was strung up on a metal A-frame. It looked remarkably similar to the one that Batgirl had been tied to in the Leopard Man incident.

    After twisting his head the other way he quickly established that he was alone in the room. There was no sign of Batgirl. Where could she be? Robin's heart sank as he remembered the threats that Vixen had made before they'd been gassed. It didn't usually do any good in these situations but he thought that he'd give it a try and shouted at the top of his voice for help.

    It still didn't do any good. After a few minutes the door burst open and the sinister black suited figure of Catwoman appeared.

    "Will you shut up Robin!" she shouted harshly, "no-one's going to help you here. I can guarantee you that!"

    Robin cringed slightly. Catwoman was a sexy looking lady clad in the tight, shiny black suit with the silver belt at her waist, the coiled black bull whip hanging at her side. She was tall and shapely and Robin had often fantasised about how she would look without the suit, but in the current circumstances he found himself swallowing hard as he remembered just how harsh and vindictive she could be when provoked. Whatever had riled her, Robin was keen not to make it any worse. He kept his mouth tightly shut!

    She came over and checked his bindings, muttering in satisfaction at their tightness, then stood back, hands on hips, looking Robin straight in the eyes. The black cowl covering the top of her face made it difficult for Robin to judge her expression, but the steel blue eyes didn't look as harsh as Robin had feared.

    "You'd be well advised to settle down and co-operate," she said eventually. "I've got a few things to sort out with Batgirl, but I don't really have a quarrel with you at the moment, so just hang-out there for a while and I might just let you go!"

    Robin surprised himself. "No, Catwoman! You can't hurt Batgirl. I won't allow it!"

    Catwoman laughed nastily, "Well, well, how gallant of you Robin. I really don't think that bitch deserves you!" She looked him over and slowly shook her head, "Can't see how you can, but if you think that you're going to interfere with my plans for her, you've got another thing coming!"

    With that she reached into a pocket, took out a strip of white material and wrapped it round Robin's head to gag him.

    "There, that should keep you quiet!" she laughed, and then leaned closer to Robin's ear before whispering, "I've rigged up a speaker in the corner there. You'll be able to listen in to the events next door," before adding nastily, "Don't strain yourself too much. You won't be able to help her!"

    Robin strained at the bindings anyway and made muffled noises into the gag as Catwoman swept out of the room, but in the end he had to admit that he was powerless.

    "What now for Batgirl?" he thought desperately.

    The End (of the Turmoil, and next comes her Torment!).

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