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    Default A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Torment

    A Day In Gotham - 6 -- Batgirl's Torment (Catwoman's lesson, even more revenge, a confused Robin)

    (Follows episode 5 -- Batgirl's Turmoil : this is part 2 of the same story)

    (Author's Note;

    Once again, an apology for having to split this story. This is part 2 of the tale started in 5 -- Batgirl's Turmoil, so anyone reading from scratch might want to start there. If not, I've added a very brief summary below which might help with some of the context.)


    Chapter 10 -- Catwoman's Moment

    Chapter 11 -- A Friend Joins In

    Chapter 12 -- The Torment Continues

    Chapter 13 - A Surprise for Catgirl

    Chapter 14 -- Unexpected Relief

    Chapter 15 -- A Kind of Escape

    Chapter 16 -- Unfinished Business

    Chapter 17 -- A Long, Hot Soak

    Chapter 18 -- Complications Arise

    The story so far,

    Bruce Wayne's old flame Zatanna is back in town to perform her Magician Show at the Gotham Charity Luncheon. Bruce invites her to stay at Wayne Mansion for a few days and she agrees. Batman is ecstatic when passions are rekindled, Batgirl less so.

    She meets Zatanna as Barbara Gordon at a dinner arranged by Bruce, the two women instinctively disliking each other.

    Barbara takes solace briefly with Robin, confusing his feelings no end before next day having a hot morning session with her girlfriend Detective Susan Reid, who brings along a couple of presents. Firstly a giant pink double dildo that they decide to leave for later and secondly a clit stimulating 'butterfly' that she persuades Batgirl to wear for the Charity Luncheon.

    Batman can't attend for some unknown reason. Robin acts as 'escort'.

    Catwoman also arranges to meet an old-flame, and plans an unpleasant surprise for Batgirl.

    Catgirl is sent off to keep an eye on Batman. In the process she 'deals' with some young thugs.

    Batgirl and Robin are invited on-stage with Zatanna and 'disappear'- only to turn up later at Catwoman's lair. Robin's tied to an A-Frame in one room and invited to 'listen-in' while Catwoman deals with Batgirl next door -- oh dear...


    Chapter 10 -- Catwoman's Moment

    Catwoman was in her lair, pretty much on her own, just the two 'guests'.

    She'd given the Kittens and most of her other staff the rest of the day off because she had plans. Plans which involved a limited number of participants, plans which involved a large slice of revenge!

    She was humming merrily to herself as she left Robin struggling, alone and tied onto an A-frame in the small side room. He was a cocky little devil she conceded as her tight, black suited figure headed down the corridor to the next door, but he didn't really interest her at the moment. Behind the door was her current prey, and the culmination of a good deal of work. She smiled viciously. She'd been planning this moment for many weeks after Batgirl had inflicted an erotic torture on her younger companion, Catgirl, and was determined to enjoy every second of it!

    She opened the door quietly, and slipped silently in. It was a much bigger room than Robin's and almost bare of furniture except for a massive, metal framed bed in the middle of the room linked to a small bedside table. Harsh, bright lights were shining down from the ceiling directly onto the bed, setting the rest of the room in shady darkness.

    Directly in the middle of the bright illumination lay the purple suited figure of Batgirl, gloved hands cuffed together and attached to the metal head-frame by a six inch, silver metal chain. Her shock of red hair was splayed about her purple head cowl as her arms were drawn together above her head, pulling the clinging purple suit tightly across her firm bosoms. The white sheet that she was sprawled on was twisted chaotically about, testimony to the struggles that Batgirl had made to get free -- unsuccessfully.

    Batgirl had eventually given up the hopeless struggle of trying to free her hands, and was resting under the bright lights, conserving her strength. She knew that she was probably in Catwoman's lair. It was her Kittens after all that had subdued Robin and herself at the theatre before gassing them. When she came round she was tied to the bed, alone under the harsh white lights, and wondering where Robin was.

    "Bloody Zatanna!!" she'd cursed to herself. The famous female magician was the one that had delivered them into Catwoman's hands! Bruce Wayne's house guest would you believe! Batgirl had shaken her head in exasperation as she recalled the raven haired beauty at last night's dinner. Every atom in her body had risen in an instinctive loathing as soon as she'd seen her, but she hadn't expected anything like this.

    The only good thing about her situation so far was that the infernal clitoral butterfly had behaved itself since she'd come-to. Her lover, Detective Susan Reid had attached it to her sensitive pussy earlier in the day for a bit of fun after a sensual bout of love-making, and it had been going off at irregular intervals ever since, driving her wild! Just as Susan had intended, but just what she didn't need if she had to contend with Catwoman!

    Her best hope seemed to be that it was Catgirl who'd captured her. They were similar ages, early twenties she'd guessed. They weren't exactly bosom buddies, but Catgirl's interest in her seemed to be in inflicting devious erotic situations on her. Not always comfortable, but infinitely preferable to Catwoman's tastes. She'd peered into the darkness surrounding her a few times, hoping to catch a glimpse of the black and pink suited figure, hoping that she was just tantalising her again.

    No such luck!

    Catwoman had approach silently almost to the side of the bed before Batgirl's head twisted round as she became aware of her.

    "Nice of you to drop in Bat-Bitch!" she hissed evily, "I've been wanting to have a chat with you for a while now."

    As she sat on the bedside she continued in a neutral conversational tone, "You see, I can't really have you molesting my staff without ..............," she was cut off as she twisted suddenly to catch hold of the purple boot that Batgirl had launched at Catwoman's head.

    "My, my Bat-Bitch, you're really just so predictable!" she exclaimed as she twisted her body round to sit across the top of Batgirl's legs, pinning her down. She grasped the top of the boot that she'd just captured and yanked it off, "I think that we'll just lose these shall we, just in case you get tempted to misbehave again!" The second boot immediately followed its partner over the edge of the bed.

    Now Catwoman's black suited figure suddenly twisted again and to Batgirl's consternation she was suddenly sat astride her hips and leaning menacingly forward towards Batgirl's face. At any other time, she might have admired her assailant's fantastic figure. The skin tight black suit clung to every curve and left little to the imagination, but Batgirl's attention was elsewhere. There was a clicking sound as Catwoman triggered the release of steely looking claws from the ends of her right hand fingers, one of which she placed threateningly under an apprehensive Batgirl's chin.

    Batgirl squirmed away but couldn't escape the cold, steely feel of the sharpened digit.

    "Now, as I was saying Bat-Bitch," breathed Catwoman, "Catgirl is a dear friend and colleague, and I'm not going to have you abuse her and get away with it, so I've arranged for you to suffer a little today........... well, maybe more than a little actually! I've got a friend coming over soon and we've got some very uncomfortable plans for you!"

    Batgirl had realised immediately that Catwoman was referring to the 'butterfly' treatment that she'd handed out to Catgirl at their last encounter. Having sampled the relentless butterfly herself during the day, she was beginning to have some sympathy for Catgirl's ordeal. It didn't alter the fact that she'd only been getting her own back for some of the erotic treatment that Catgirl had inflicted on her beforehand but somehow Batgirl didn't expect Catwoman's sympathy. More to the point, Batgirl was wondering, who would the 'friend' turn out to be? There was one small chance.

    "You mean Catgirl's here too?" she tried looking around Catwoman into the darkness, hoping that Catwoman's younger accomplice would be around. With a bit of luck, she'd restrain her mistress's wilder instincts!

    "No," said Catwoman with the malicious grin spreading wider across her face, "I've sent her off on an errand. My friend is much more in tune with my ideas of discipline and .......... errrrrr punishment! You'll get on well I'm sure -- not!"

    Right in the middle of Catwoman's threats, the infernal butterfly had kicked off again and as Batgirl strove hard to suppress the sudden sweet activity between her legs her face grimaced. Catwoman beamed, pleased to see Batgirl in discomfort, even if she misinterpreted the reason.

    "It's good that you feel some remorse Batgirl, because it will be better for you if you co-operate in this afternoon's events. I was going to mention that I'd got Robin strung up next door, and although he's bit uncomfortable, it could be worse ........ if you get my drift. But I feel sure that you'll get the idea ...... won't you?" she added menacingly.

    Batgirl was still recovering from the butterfly attack, but was savvy enough to know when she'd been outmanoeuvred. "No," she whispered dejectedly, "co-operation it is."

    "Good!" smiled Catwoman, "Now, we might as well prepare. You're way overdressed for what I've got in mind!"

    With that, she placed her clawed fingers near Batgirl's shoulder and pressed gently into the purple suit. "Better stay still Batgirl, I wouldn't want to draw blood just yet," she laughed nastily.

    "You won't make any impression on my suit Catwoman," replied Batgirl with returning spirit, "Batman paid for the best, it's strong stuff!"

    Catwoman raised her eyebrows and simply drew her clawed fingers slowly and diagonally downwards, up and over one of Batgirl's purple covered breasts. Batgirl was mortified to see four strips of pale skin appearing behind the claws as they easily cut through the bright purple material. Her misery was compounded when a pale pink nipple sprang out into the bright light through one of the tears. Catwoman was really laughing now, and capture the nipple briefly between her thumb and forefinger, giving it a playful tweak that made Batgirl suck in air again.

    "Ah!" exclaimed Catwoman in triumph after her laughing fit died away, "looks like you'll need to get Bruce to pay for a new tailor!"

    Batgirl was silently cursing Batman again when she suddenly realised that Catowman had referred to Batman by his real name. She evidently knew more about them than Batgirl had expected, but her distraction was short lived as Catwoman instructed her to lie still again, and after the last demonstration, Batgirl just held her breath and hoped that Catwoman was as good as she'd said!

    She was.

    In almost a frenzy, Catwoman simply shredded the front of Batgirl's uniform down to her utility belt leaving batgirl's firm breasts naked in the harsh light, just a few thin strips of purple remaining to hang loosely down from around her neck. Batgirl looked down in horror, but was relieved, in fact amazed to see that her smooth skin was still intact as the sharp claws did their work. In other circumstances she might have congratulated Catwoman!

    Clearly Catwoman wasn't finished though. She quickly disposed of the bright yellow Utility Belt, yanking it off and throwing it to one side, then, with just her forefinger claw she drew a tear vertically downwards from her tummy. Batgirl's sense of horror deepened as she realised where the finger was heading and she drew in her tummy muscles and hips so that there was as much room as possible as the finger drew the single tear over her pubic mound and down between her legs. Batgirl let out a long sigh as the danger to her most sensitive area seemed to be past, but Catwomans clawed finger had continued downward along the inside of her thigh until she'd reached the end of the suit leg, which then sprang apart, exposing one long, shapely leg. Catwoman quickly repeated the process down the other leg and had soon peeled Batgirl's suit away from her body, leaving her modesty covered only by her black thong.

    "That's better!" smiled Catwoman as she captured Batgirl's naked, squirming legs again. She looked more closely at the plain black thong. "Not a very exciting choice of lingerie Batgirl," she commented, "I thought you'd have more taste. Still, it's only in the way anyway!" With that she hooked her claws into the waistband sides, cut through the material and pulled the thin material away, revealing the bright purple butterfly nestling deeply and comfortably over Batgirl's damp pussy.

    Catwoman's eyes widened and her mouth opened in surprise at the sight. Batgirl felt her cheeks going bright red.

    "Wow, Batgirl. I take it all back. You're really a bit of a swinger after all!"

    It was just inevitable, Batgirl thought in despair, as the contraption chose that moment to inflict another surge of powerful vibrations onto her clit. Her legs tautened and her face grimaced again as she fought to control the powerful, surging sensation from between her legs.

    Catwoman simply hung onto her legs laughing riotously.

    Chapter 11 -- A friend joins in

    As Batgirl's breathing returned to normal, Catwoman suddenly had her by the neck and was fastening something at the back under her shock of red wig hair. Then, despite her struggles, two narrow little plastic tubes were being threaded either side of her face to meet at her nostrils where Catwoman clipped them in place.

    "What?" gasped a shocked Batgirl.

    "All part of the plan Batgirl ............ you'll see why later!" Catwoman added nastily.

    Batgirl hadn't heard the door open, but Catwoman suddenly sat up alertly and swung around.

    Batgirl followed her eyes and out of the gloom, a figure approached them. It was a woman, quite tall and well built with long, bushy blonde hair. Around her eyes she wore a silver, ballroom mask, her face was spread into a wide smile. Around her body she wore a short, shiny kimono, belted loosely at the waist and displaying a generous cleavage between the folds. As she took in the long, muscular thighs, Batgirl had a sinking feeling that she was dressed for action.

    Catwoman had immediately jumped up from the bed to greet her in a long, warm embrace. They were evidently old friends, and as she guided the new arrival to the bedside Catwoman was chiding her gently for not getting there earlier.

    "I see you didn't wait," the blonde laughed, as she took in Batgirl's semi-naked appearance and shredded, torn uniform. Batgirl was a little unnerved at the hard, grey eyes that stared down at her. Then her eyes drifted down to the purple creature nestling between Batgirl's thighs.

    "Hey, you didn't mention that you were going to 'butterfly' her as well Catwoman!"

    "I know........ amazing as it may seem she was actually wearing it when she arrived!" responded Catwoman, "She's a racier young devil than I'd thought. Shame that it doesn't go off more often though," she added with a tinge of disappointment.

    "Oh I know how to fix that!" laughed the new arrival, "hang onto her legs."

    Immediately her fingers were delving between Batgirls inner thighs, lifting the butterfly slightly and squirming around between it and Batgirl's sensitive inner lips. With a little grunt of satisfaction, her fingers flicked at something under the butterfly and she withdrew them quickly so that she could ease it back into place. Batgirl had been trying hard not to let the delving fingers excite her too much, but almost immediately there was a powerful burst of vibrations on her clit again and she squirmed hard as Catwoman held onto her and the breath was forced out of her lungs.

    "There," said the blonde in satisfaction, "she should get the treatment every few minutes now!"

    Batgirl was about to make a withering response when, as predicted, there was another, even longer surge of action on her clit and she was suddenly swamped almost uncontrollably with waves of excitement. Her head thrashed from side to side as she tried to keep in control, but she'd almost gone over the edge and she knew that another burst would trigger a big climax. She was desperate not to give them that satisfaction, but her whole body was now screaming for release and she looked at them with loathing through bleary eyes as they just smiled down at her, waiting.

    They didn't need to wait long. Batgirl's weary body had still not recovered from the previous onslaught as the butterfly kicked off with another long burst of vibrations, and this time Batgirl was way too far gone to even try to control it as her whole body tensed, ready for the blessed relief of the impending orgasm.

    That was when her nostrils were assailed by a brief burst of pungent gas. Suddenly the waves of pleasure dissipated, the desperately sought after climax fast fading away, but her body was still wracked with frustrated tension. Whatever the device around her neck was it seemed to be able to detect the onset of an orgasm and 'suffocate' it by a quick burst of the pungent odour. Fiendish! She gasped and opened her eyes wide to see her two opponents laughing down at her again. Catwoman leaned forward.

    "Come on Batgirl, you didn't think we'd brought you here to enjoy yourself did you! By the time we've finished you'll be absolutely begging us for that orgasm!"

    Again Batgirl's planned waspish response was cut off by the butterfly initiating yet another build up of sexual energy between her legs. It looked like being a long afternoon!

    Meanwhile, Catwoman and the blonde had sat down together at the end of the bed to leave Batgirl to suffer the butterfly on her own. In between the bursts of activity on her clit that was gradually driving her wild again, Batgirl watched in amazement as Catwoman's hands reached around the back of her neck and released the fastenings of her shiny black suit, easing it off her body and revealing an impressive semi naked form, covered only by tiny lace blue panties.

    Her pert breasts stood out proudly from her body, dark nipples already hard and pointed as the blonde bent forward to capture Catwoman's lips in a long, sultry looking kiss, hands reaching up and caressing the firm orbs, bringing a small cry from Catwoman's lips.

    This was immediately swamped by the loud cry of frustration from Batgirl as another gigantic orgasm was thwarted by the pungent gas up her nostrils. "How did it know!?" thought Batgirl angrily as her frustrations rose remorselessly.

    Catwoman had now untied the blonde's kimono and pushed it over her shoulders to reveal her ample round breasts and a pair of short, creamy knickers. Soon, Batgirl was watching in awe as they were clasping each other closely, breasts pressed hard together as they kissed hungrily, hands starting to roam enthusiastically over each others' backs and sides.

    Batgirl's attention was now divided between the regular assaults on her clit and the riveting sight of the two women making out in front of her. She was on a sexual high already and the sight of the interlocked, semi-naked forms of Catwoman and her friend were beginning to drive her over the edge again and she let out a long moan as another orgasm was stifled at birth.

    Her legs were starting to quiver uncontrollably as she dragged her eyes open again, looked down between her own straining orbs to see Catwoman kneeling between her legs, upright and facing her now. The blonde's hands were wrapped around her body, cupping Catwoman's breasts, kneading and plucking at her nipples. Her head was nestled into Catwoman's neck, forcing it to one side as she kissed and nibbled at her sensitive bare flesh. Batgirl could see that Catwoman's eyes were closed under her cowl as she luxuriated in the attention from her sexy companion. Another, smaller burst of vibrations on Batgirl's clit caused her to bite her lip, but her focus was now riveted on the sensual sight in front of her. She watched in awe as one of the hands that had been teasing Catwoman's breast disengaged itself and began a slow, tantalising journey down across Catwoman's tight abdomen towards the triangle of blue lace covering Catwoman's pussy.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Torment

    As the fingertips dipped under the waistband of Catwoman's thin blue panties, Batgirl could almost feel their presence on her own skin as they burrowed under the delicate material and delved into the hidden pussy hair. She saw Catwoman's body tighten as her breathing started to come in short gasps, and started to imagine those fingers running across her own pubic mound. Suddenly Batgirl didn't care whose fingers were rummaging around so playfully inside Catwoman's panties. She wanted them on her own pussy with an hunger that frightened her.

    Almost incidentally Batgirl realised that she hadn't had any attention from the butterfly for a while. Maybe the batteries had finally run down? But the sight of the blonde's fingers rummaging around in Catwoman's panties was so sexy that Batgirl would have fitted a new one herself if she wasn't tethered to the bed-head. Suddenly she strained hard on her bindings, desperate to get her own hands free so that she could wrap them around her sopping pussy.

    Batgirl so wanted to replicate the 'feel' that Catwoman must be getting as the blonde's roaming fingers burrowed deeper into her pussy and started to rub hard at the hidden, moist slit. Catwoman had widened her legs as much as she could to give the driving fingers easy access as they worked hard under the panties, starting to run in little circular motions around her sensitised clit, her hips were gyrating and she was soon letting out little mewing sounds as a shattering climax approached.

    When it came, Catwoman seemed to freeze momentarily, still wrapped in the embrace from the other woman and she let a long, low sigh of intense satisfaction as the convulsions ran through her. She seemed to sag back into the blonde's arms and, as the tantalising fingers finally extracted themselves from the delicate blue material they gave Catwoman's mound a little pat of affection.

    Batgirl had found the whole sight so incredibly arousing that she found her hips gyrating as well, she was desperate for release herself again, but she had no way of slaking that sexual desire with the butterfly dead between her legs! She tried wriggling her legs tightly together, clenching her bottom muscles tightly but it was no good and she sagged back onto the bed in weary frustration again.

    Suddenly she sat forward in shock.

    As the blonde had gently, almost lovingly, laid the gloriously spent Catwoman on her side, she'd twisted round giving Batgirl a view of her immaculate bare back. It was beautifully shaped from high, square shoulders down to a narrow waist, with well toned muscles glistened slightly with sweat in the harsh light. She still wore her cream knickers, and peeping out over the waistband was a small tattoo.

    Batgirl recognised it immediately and gasped yet again. The blue and green head of the serpent was rising and un-coiling out and up her spine from under the knickers. It was exactly the same as the one that she'd spotted on Batman's partner from the previous night in the stunning low-backed orange gown. It must be Zatanna! But she'd had black hair surely? So, the blonde mane cascading around this woman's shoulders would have to be a wig?!

    "My God!" thought Batgirl in horror, senses suddenly sharpened by the sudden realisation, "Does Batman know that Zatanna is in league with Catwoman, and how come she knows him as Bruce Wayne?" The possibilities were suddenly horrendous, but at the end of it all lay Zatanna and Batgirl's hate for the woman suddenly notched up a few levels.

    Chapter 12 -- The Torment Continues

    Unfortunately for Zatanna, she didn't know that Batgirl had identified her, or that she already hated her, or what her reaction was likely to be!

    She was just in the process of bending over Catwoman's reclining form at the bottom of the bed, when Batgirl's naked foot caught her squarely on her behind with enough force to launch her over the startled Catwoman. She grasped at the bedding as she rolled to the edge of the bed, but couldn't stop herself ending up as a bundle of flailing arms and legs on the floor.

    Batgirl's squeal of delight was immediately interrupted by a furious Catwoman. She'd come out of her post orgasmic stupor instantly, twisted quickly around and jumped astride of Batgirl's waist again, pinning her down. Batgirl had a brief erotic moment as Catwoman's swollen breasts danced in front of her eyes, before the laugh was choked off by a hand across her throat!

    "Bat-Bitch!" snarled Catwoman, "you promised to co-operate!" She paused for a moment breathing hard, "Do you really want me to have that chat with Robin?"

    A dejected Batgirl was beaten again, and she knew it, but before she could respond, she flinched. She'd been watching warily as Zatanna picked herself up from the floor and came storming around the bed. Her hand whipped across Batgirl's face, slapping her cheek with a sound like a gunshot. Batgirl's head snapped sideways and she'd closed her eyes, readying herself for the return swipe when nothing happened. When she tentatively opened her eyes, she saw that Catwoman had caught Zatanna's hand in mid air and the two women were glaring at each other.

    "Don't damage the goods just yet Zee!" she snapped. Wow, a reprieve Batgirl thought!

    But not for long.

    "There'll be plenty of time for that sort of thing later," added Catwoman spitefully as she turned her attention to the prostrate super-heroine, "and anyway, she's promised to behave for the rest of the afternoon........ haven't you?!"

    Batgirl mumbled a strangled "Yes" out of pursed lips, still struggling against the sexual tension coursing through her body. Zatanna just glowered at her, snatching her hand free, but making no attempt to repeat the strike. Suddenly Batgirl was quite relieved that Catwoman appeared to be in charge, Zatanna's twisted expression had looked distinctly unbalanced!

    Then the butterfly surprisingly kicked off again in a long, final death throe and as Batgirl grimaced and squirmed between Catwoman's legs, she couldn't prevent another long low moan escaping from her lips. The charged atmosphere immediately dissipated as both her antagonists dissolved into fits of laughter. Strangely, Batgirl was less than amused!

    Catwoman eventually sat back and dismounted from Batgirl's waist.

    "Well, I think that we've had the aperitif Zee, time to move onto the main course!" as she bent down to the bedside table and withdrew a couple of black, sausage shaped objects.

    Batgirl had twisted her head round to see better, and suddenly wished she hadn't. As Catwoman untangled the strapping from the black objects, she could see that they were large strap-on dildo's. Not ridiculously large like the pink double dildo monstrosity still lying on her living room table that her lover, detective Susan Reid, had presented her with earlier, but large enough to cause her to suck in a deep breath at the sight.

    Batgirl's eyes flashed between the two women, but were soon dragged back to the black beasts that Catwoman was untangling. She had little doubt about who they were intended for, a fact soon confirmed by Catwoman as she showed one to Zatanna.

    "These were developed by Catgirl. She's got an amazing aptitude for this sort of thing!"

    Batgirl's hopes sank further. If Catgirl had been involved, it usually meant bad news for Batgirl.

    Catwoman was demonstrating further to her friend, "The dildo looks fairly standard, shaped like a penis and well ribbed, but it's the fitting behind that's important. The base of the strap-on is shaped to fit inside and over your labia, right up to your clit and there's a mechanism at the base that converts the movement of the dildo into rubbing motions all round your most sensitive parts." She seemed slightly out of breath as she paused and ran her fingers lovingly along its length, "It's absolutely fab to use ....... guaranteed orgasms!"

    Zatanna looked down nastily at Batgirl's now horrified face, focussing on the tubes around her neck, "And Batgirl won't get a single climax in return?! Shame! Come on Catwoman, let's get fitted up!"

    With that she hooked her hands into the waistband of her knickers and slipped them down, revealing her trimmed, dark black bush and confirming Batgirl's suspicion about the blonde wig. Not that that was in Batgirl's mind as she watched Catwoman bend down, easing the large black dildo into place over Zatanna's pussy and pulling the straps tight between her legs to fasten at the back. Batgirl's eyes were riveted on the black monster as it waved about in front of her, her pussy now tingling in anticipation. "God," she thought again in erotic confusion, "I actually want that in me! What's wrong with me?"

    Quickly, Catwoman had slipped down her blue panties and she'd eased the remaining strap-on into position on herself, giving a little squeal of delight as Zatanna knelt down beside her and pulled the straps tight, forcing the fitting tight between her soft, damp sex lips. Catwoman then knelt on the bed, easing Batgirl's legs apart before grasping the now useless butterfly and literally ripping it off Batgirl's so, so sensitive pussy and causing batgirl to suck in air as her clit was finally 'released', tingling pleasingly. As Catwoman threw it down she smiled as Batgirl unconsciously widened her legs, presenting her wet pussy and its dark pink vagina entrance for the big black dildo's attention.

    "Well, Batgirl," she murmured huskily as she felt the strap-on start to stimulate her own juices, "I do believe that you want this as much as I do. What a pity!"

    But Batgirl wasn't listening as she watched in a mixture of dread and sweet anticipation as Catwoman eased the black penis forward until the tip was nestling between her soaking wet labia lips. Her vagina had been crying out for attention for so long that she had to bite her lip to stop crying out as Catwoman slowly twisted and turned the tip of the dildo around the entrance to her dark opening. She tried lifting her hips towards Catwoman in a desperate attempt to capture it completely, but Catwoman wasn't to be rushed and lifted herself away a little. As Catwoman absorbed the electric sensations around her clit from the base of the dildo, she shut her eyes in delight before suddenly easing forward deeply into Batgirl's welcoming cavern, both woman moaning loudly together at the sensual feel.

    Batgirl now found an annoying distraction from the intense pleasure pulsating between her legs as she felt a stab of pain from one of her swollen breasts. Opening her eyes in shock she found Zatanna bent over her, lips spread around a tight, taut nipple and teeth nibbling hard. She knew that Zatanna meant to hurt, but by then she didn't care. Combined with the sensations between her legs, it was so erotic that, after all that had gone on today she was almost immediately pushed straight into a climax. Only to be dismayed yet again by a burst of the annoying odour into her nose. It was so incredibly frustrating that she started to thrash about on the end of Catwoman's dildo, which only encouraged Catwoman to start pumping the dildo in and out harder. Batgirl was hopelessly getting ready for another failed climax when suddenly Catwoman gave out a sharp cry as she reached her own satisfying orgasm and collapsed forwards onto Batgirl's tortured body.

    Batgirl was sucking in deep breaths of frustration as Catwoman eventually eased her hips backwards and pulled the black beast slowly out of its dark lair. As she almost collapsed to one side, she was replaced immediately by an excited Zatanna who, with a cry of victory, simply drove her dildo deep into Batgirl's still throbbing pussy. Unlike Catwoman, who'd probed around her vagina carefully and erotically, Batgirl found herself hanging onto her bindings tightly as Zatanna simply pounded away between her legs, letting out little cries of delight as the clit stimulator on the strap-on did its work between her legs. Her ample breasts were jiggling about crazily in front of Batgirl's excited eyes as Zatanna too was finally overcome by a noisy climax, one that was simultaneously denied to Batgirl, who eventually cried out herself in total and absolute frustration. God, this was so unfair!

    It was the start of a long, wearying hour for Batgirl as her two antagonists took turns to use the strap-ons on Batgirl, twisting her round like a doll into whatever positions they fancied and bringing on a continuous series of erotic highs for themselves. Batgirl soon lost count of the number of climaxes she'd nearly had, and her initial hope that the gas generator around her neck would fail at some critical point had long dissipated as she'd finally reconciled herself to the physical and mental torment of watching the two woman sate themselves on her with no hope of reaching her own desperately sought after release. The two of them were intent on keeping her in an almost continuous state of sexual tension until her every muscle was coiled tightly like a spring, screaming for the trigger that would release their energy. But that trigger never came!

    Eventually she'd reached a stage where her tortured mind couldn't tell what was real or not as she suffered spells of almost sexual delirium. She had a bad feeling that she'd been pleading with Catwoman for glorious relief at some stages, but she wasn't sure. The only thing that she was sure about was how much sexual tension was trapped in her writhing body. It was absolutely intolerable!

    Finally, with her pussy still aflame with desire and after Batgirl had been reduced almost to the role of passive, but anguished spectator as events swirled dizzyingly around her, she felt Catwoman shake her head hard to bring her abruptly back into the present.

    "Come on Bat-Bitch! Get with it!" she laughed nastily. She was breathing hard after her exertions and there was a distinct post-orgasmic glow about her face which actually softened her features a little, "Zee and I are going to have a break now............. but we'll soon be back for some desert ............ so don't even think of going anywhere!"

    Batgirl hazily watched as the two women carefully unstrapped the evil black dildos, enthusing over their own excited feelings as they threw them onto the bed. Catwoman turned off the harsh overhead lights leaving the room illuminated only by some additional softer lights behind the bed head, and they walked, arm in arm towards the door.

    That was when Zatanna said something to Catwoman and headed back to the bed on which Batgirl lay spread-eagled and squirming as her contorted body still yearned for relief.

    "Wouldn't want you to cool off too much while we're away Batgirl!" she hissed nastily as she picked up one of the greasy dildos, reached down between Batgirl's tortured legs and pushed it home, deep into her sopping pussy, causing her prey to squirm even harder as she felt her tingling vagina invaded yet again, swamping her brain with yet more pleasure signals.

    Then she was gone, following Catwoman out of the room and leaving Batgirl writhing alone on a bed of erotic misery.

    Chapter 13 - A Surprise for Catgirl

    The afternoon had been every bit as boring as she'd feared when Batman had disappeared into the apartment block. Catwoman had asked her to follow Batman wherever he went during the afternoon, but apart from the trip from town to the riverside residential location there'd been nothing. He'd gone in and simply disappeared from sight.

    Catgirl was dressed in civvies as her alter-ego Holly Robinson. Shredded and faded light blue designer jeans and a tight lemon half top designed to show off her trim figure nicely hinting at a generous dose of cleavage between her firm young breasts.

    Apart from a brief interlude with some young punks, no-one had come near her as she'd sat back, noting each coming and going out of the main doors. Maybe word had gotten around about the broken arm she'd inflicted on one of them because nobody else seemed keen to disturb her.

    After almost three hours and when she'd filled in three sheets of A4 with detailed descriptions and timings, Batman had finally re-appeared out of the doors, sauntered casually round to the Bat-mobile and set off back into the town centre.

    Catgirl had pulled out behind him, hanging back a little as they hit traffic but she'd had no difficulty trailing him back to the Commissioner's building in central Gotham where she was left in a bit of a quandary, wondering whether she should hang around any longer. Catwoman had been pretty precise about it only being the afternoon that she was interested in so Catgirl waited outside for a further ten minutes before giving up and pulling away from her parking spot.

    "Where to now?" she'd wondered. Catwoman had said she didn't need to report in until the following day, but something about the telephone conversation that she'd overheard in the morning persuaded Catgirl to head back to the Cat's den anyway. She was as inquisitive as any cat, and she was intrigued to find out who Catwoman had been planning to meet.

    When she'd parked up in the underground car park, she considered going straight through to Catwoman's office but looking down at her jeans and tight lemon top, she decided to suit up first. So she took the lift up to her own room, noting how quiet it was around the place. Had Catwoman given everyone the day off she wondered, a puzzled expression creeping over her face.

    When she reached her room it took just a few moments to pull out her black and pink flecked Catgirl suit. She quickly discarded her civvies, retaining just her tiny lemon thong and stepped into the slinky, clinging suit, feeling the little burst of excitement flash round her body as she sealed it tightly against her skin. After gloving and booting up, she carefully pulled the cowl and tall pink ears into place, checked the mirror and gave a quick smile of appreciation. "A figure to die for! Even though I do say so myself!" she whispered to herself.

    When she reached Catwoman's office she paused. There was a light on and she could hear voices. She listened hard, but they were indistinct. It sounded like Catwoman and another female voice, so this was presumably the mysterious 'friend' that she'd been talking to on the phone earlier. "Oh well," she thought as she knocked and began pushing open the door, "nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

    The opening door caught Catwoman in mid-sentence, "............ and I think she's starting to get the .......... Oh Catgirl! I wasn't expecting you tonight. You didn't need to report back today!"

    She had started to sound a little annoyed, so Catgirl jumped in quickly "Oh, I thought that you'd want to know about Batman straight away. Have I done wrong?" she added innocently, her eyes darting eagerly round the room.

    Catwoman and her 'friend' were sat, leaning back on comfy office chairs behind the desk. On the desk was a half eaten cold meat buffet and an almost empty bottle of white wine. One of the 'good' bottles of Australian Chardonnay noted an impressed Catgirl. This clearly wasn't just any old acquaintance visiting today. The two woman wore simple white satin robes and not much else judging by the cleavage showing down the front of her blonde friend's partially open robe. Suddenly Catgirl was feeling uncomfortable as she realised what sort of relationship she'd burst in on.

    But Catwoman was in too good a mood to let Catgirl's appearance annoy her for long. She introduced her friend simply as 'Zee' and, intriguingly, said no more about her. She soon had Catgirl describing the afternoon. Laughed at the episode with the young thugs and quickly scanned the lists of people going in and out of the apartment block. Catgirl was beginning to think that she really had been wasting her time when Catwoman suddenly paused, looking closely at the sheet in front of her.

    "Now that really is interesting," she said quietly, almost to herself as her eyebrows lifted a fraction.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Torment

    Catgirl was surprised. She'd had a good look through the list herself and hadn't noticed anything, so what had Catwoman spotted? Whatever it was, she wasn't saying as she put down the lists, thanked Catgirl and bade her a friendly goodnight.

    There was no doubting the dismissal and Catgirl had no alternative but to retreat out of the door, saying her goodbyes and leaving the older women to their meal. "And whatever else they get up to," she smiled to herself slyly.

    Heading downstairs, she was on her way out when she noticed more light under one of the 'interview' rooms. "Strange," she thought, "now why was that?"


    Robin had been fighting against his A-Frame bindings all afternoon as he'd been assailed by the sounds of Batgirl's torment being fed through the speakers from next door, but his cries and shouts of outrage had been well stifled by the tight gag. He'd been straining hard again and making no impression when suddenly he was distracted by a faint, but familiar sweet fragrance. As his head snapped around, it was delicately caught in a black gloved hand.

    "Well, Robin, I didn't know that you'd decided to drop in," purred Catgirl contentedly as she came round to stand in front of him, her other gloved hand coming up to cup his face as she reached up and kissed him briefly on his forehead.

    "You know, you only had to let me know that you were coming and I could have arranged for something far more comfortable. I'm afraid that Catwoman doesn't entirely appreciate you."

    Robin was trying hard to talk through gag, but suddenly froze and his eyes widened as he felt Catgirl unbuckling his bel, removing a glove and easing one of her hands down the inside of his green suited pants.

    "Aiiiiiiiiiiing" he gasped into the gag as the hand wrapped itself around his rapidly expanding cock. Catgirl now had her head resting on his shoulder as she smiled sweetly, carrying on an almost mundane conversation with him as her delicate fingers explored his now giant erection, before dropping down to cup his balls and to tickle the sensitive skin behind them. Robin was finding it impossible to concentrate on Catgirl's words though as the fingers continued to play around his prized possession and his squirming against the restraints was less about getting free and more about encouraging those tantalising fingers. It didn't take long for Catgirl to get fed up of the one sided dialogue though and she quickly used her free hand to loosen the gag.

    "There now Robin, we can talk properly now," she murmured into his ear, "You know I'm quite disappointed that you've not come down before now. We seemed to hit it off pretty well last time you were here, didn't we?!"

    Robin briefly reflected that he'd been bound, gagged and drugged at the particular time, but then realised that he hadn't been drugged the whole time, and when Batgirl had caught him enthusiastically fucking Catgirl it hadn't gone down well with his crime partner. That dragged his attention back to Batgirl. Somehow he knew that Catgirl wasn't involved in Catwoman's plans and he needed to get her to help.

    "Look," he began, "....Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Catgirl's fingers had reached the base of his erection and were now looping round to cradle his balls again.

    "Jesus Catgirl," he gasped as her sweet smile widened into a cheesy grin, "You need to ........Ooooooooh" as her fingers started to flex loosely around the captured soft flesh, stroking against the taut skin under his legs, sending electric messages straight to his brain.

    "Batgirl....." he finally gasped, then, "Ouch!!"

    Catgirl's fingers had suddenly tightened around his crown jewels as she stepped back looking squarely into his face now.

    "You mean Catwoman's got Batgirl here as well?" she exclaimed in shock. "Why didn't you say! She'll be in danger! Catwoman's determined to teach her a lesson for what she did to me last time. Where?"

    "Next door," gasped Robin, twisting his head towards the speakers on the wall, "Please................. stop squeezing!"

    Catwoman's hand shot out of his pants as she twirled round and headed for the door. "I've got to help her," she exclaimed to herself.

    Robin was pleased that the pressure on his balls had gone, but he was still tied up helplessly. "Catgirl, wait, get me down first!"

    Catgirl paused, but came quickly back saying caustically, "Oh Batgirl's right, you can be such a wimp sometimes Robin -- and you a Superhero as well!" She quickly flipped open one of his wrist bindings but then really did shoot out of the room to the rescue. Robin's arm finally flopped down uselessly and Robin realised in frustration that it would take minutes before the circulation got his fingers working again. And that was going to hurt!

    Chapter 14 -- Unexpected Relief

    As the door eased slowly open, Catgirl was careful to check the shadows. The last thing she needed was to have Catwoman find her here.

    As soon as she'd peeped through the first crack, she'd seen Batgirl's semi-naked form sprawled and shackled in the middle of the bed. "Shit!" she thought sorrowfully, "Too late!"

    There was a brief moment of anger, but she knew that Catwoman didn't really understand the relationship that she'd developed with Batgirl. Where the two of them had spent time inflicting erotic little tortures on each other, it had never been supposed to get out of hand. Mind you, after Batgirl's recent 'butterfly' attack she'd been planning some fun of her own with Batgirl, but evidently she'd been beaten to it, and Catwoman's response to attacks on her 'family' was harsh and pretty unequivocal!

    After ensuring that they were alone, she approached the bed quietly, eyes glued to Batgirl's slowly writhing naked form. Arms straining above her head, it was clear that she was in perpetual discomfort, but Catgirl was shocked at the remains of the shredded uniform around her neck, and the torn remnants around the floor. Catwoman must have been really in a mood this afternoon she thought in horror.

    As she came round the side of the bed, Batgirl's eyes suddenly flashed open, and she flinched visibly, her glistening body shrinking away from the black and pink uniformed figure.

    "Oh no, not you as well Catgirl!" she almost sobbed, still wracked by the sexual tensions undulating through her body.

    Catgirl was immediately at her side, hand running soothingly across Batgirl's moist cheek.

    "Not my doing Batgirl. Catwoman seems to have taken a dislike to you unfortunately."

    It was then that she spotted the gas device attached to Batgirl's nostrils, and the black dildo strap-on sat securely in her pussy.

    "Oh dear, I see what they've been up to. You poor thing."

    Batgirl felt a brief flash of anger. "No thanks to you Catgirl! I gather that they're your idea!"

    "Well, true," her nemesis responded, "but I wasn't planning on using them on you! Well, not just at the moment anyway. Here let me take this off," she added as she leaned forward and removed the nostril device that had been tormenting Batgirl all afternoon. "And maybe I can help out a little further.............?" she continued as she let her fingers run loosely over one of Batgirl's erect nipples, sending flashes of desire straight to the heart of Batgirl's befuddled brain.

    Catgirl was looking closer at Batgirl's reddened breasts as she spoke. They were both covered in nasty little bite marks, but still standing proud, nipples aloft. "Wow!" she exclaimed, "it looks like they've been eating you!"

    "It wasn't Catwoman, it was that bloody Zatanna!" flashed back Batgirl angrily.

    "Who?" queried a perplexed Catgirl.

    "Oh never mind!" Batgirl responded in weary disgust and would have gone on but Catgirl bent her head over one breast and, very lightly, ran her lips and tongue over the angry surface paying special attention to the taut nipple.

    "Ohhhhhhhh My God," whispered Batgirl as more pleasure waves washed over her.

    "More?" queried Catgirl cheekily.

    "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm" responded Batgirl as she closed her eyes and let Catgirl start to stoke up the fires again that had been burning inside of her all afternoon.

    After giving both breasts the same soothing treatment, Catgirl gingerly reached down and took hold of the dildo easing it slowly out of its dripping lair. Batgirl gave a long low moan as her vagina almost begged to have it back again, but she was soon twisting about in eager anticipation as Catgirl's delicious tongue began to lick and flick at every little nook and cranny in her pussy.

    This time, as the pleasure built up to excruciating levels, Batgirl knew that there would be no last minute disappointment, no gas to dampen the fire. She just needed one touch to her clit and it would be all over. She squirmed and squirmed, but it wasn't happening! Where the hell was it? "Don't tell me Catgirl's going to leave me like this now!" Batgirl thought as she dragged open her eyes painfully again. Catgirl's head was still poised above her pussy, but she was looking playfully at Batgirl, "Ready?"

    Batgirl tried to form words but couldn't. She simply nodded her head urgently instead and watched transfixed as Catgirl's mouth sank back down to her pussy, lips surrounding Batgirl's clit as she sucked it tenderly into her mouth. It was enough.

    Batgirl's tortured muscles finally exploded into string of blessed convulsions as a strangled cry escaped her lips, and her body gyrated under Catgirl's hands. Her whole body was finally alight with glorious sensations!

    "I seem to be getting pretty good at this!" reflected a pleased Catgirl as she held onto Batgirl, feeling the twinges from her own pussy as she jealously watched the gigantic orgasm rip through her arch-enemy. Then Batgirl went limp in her hands as her body finally relaxed and she passed out.

    Chapter 15 -- A Kind of Escape

    Batgirl's return to consciousness was slow and pleasant. She felt warm and glowing as her body gradually recovered from the battering it had taken, finishing with the immense high that Catgirl had just given her. She seemed to drift pleasantly for a while, almost floating on soft, comforting clouds until gradually her senses began to return. She soon realised that her wrists had been freed and she had curled up on her side, still on the bed but in a foetal position, hands resting calmly across her pussy, clamped between her thighs.

    As she finally opened her eyes she cringed slightly from the sudden brightness. She could vaguely make out figures in front of her but she couldn't yet focus properly. Then she

    thought in confusion that she must be dreaming. Somehow Robin had appeared in the room with Catgirl kneeling beside him? How? She struggled to comprehend.

    That was until her focus had sharpened and she could see that her red shirted Robin really was there. Not only that, but his green suit pants were down by his ankles and Catgirl was greedily licking at a very impressive looking erect cock! Batgirl opened her eyes wide in shocked amazement, just as Catgirl decided to take Robin's cock deep into her mouth, gradually sucking the vibrant beast down her throat. Robin's eyes were closed, his hands gripping Catgirl's cowl and his face grimaced as he struggled to retain control. But when Catgirl's tongue started to wrap itself around his captured member he lost it completely, driving hard into Catgirl's mouth as his juices exploded deep down her throat.

    "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah," gasped Robin in delight.

    "Robin!!" gasped a now thoroughly awakened Batgirl in dismay as she sat bolt upright.

    Robin's head snapped round, "Batgirl! I ................."

    Their eyes locked for a moment in shocked uncertainty before she noticed his eyes dropping from hers and drinking in her naked form. Robin had never seen her nude before, and suddenly as her state of undress dawned on her, one hand shot down to cover the soft brown fur between her legs, while her other arm looped around ( Celebrity Sex Stories ) her bosom to cover her breasts. She knew it must look ridiculous and she knew that she'd gone bright red. She was just so confused!

    Catgirl confirmed her judgement as she jumped up, licking her lips and smiling at Robin. "There, that's you seen to as well."

    Looking around at Batgirl's now prim pose she laughed, "It's a bit late for that now Batgirl, he couldn't take his eyes off you when you were in dreamland! I had to work really hard to distract him.................mind you it was worth it in the end, ................ wasn't it Robin?" She slowly ran her tongue around her lips as she said it and laughed again as Robin too realised his own state of undress, turned quickly away before dropping down, grasping his pants and yanking them back up.

    Glancing at her watch, Catgirl suddenly realised how long they'd taken and was now keen to get her charges out of the way before Catwoman returned. Her guardian always had a soft spot for her but Catgirl wasn't keen on trying to explain the current scenario if she returned before they'd got away!

    Batgirl was just as keen to go as anybody, but there was a problem.

    She nodded at the remnants of cut and shredded purple uniform lying around the bed. "I can't go out looking like this!" she blurted.

    "Oh I suppose not," responded Catgirl wearily, "Mind you, you'd have some fun in this neighbourhood!" she added with a smile that was most definitely not returned!

    "Right Robin, make yourself useful, here's the key to my room. I've left some jeans and a top on the sofa. Batgirl can have them if it gets her out of my hair!" After giving him some directions and pushing him urgently towards the door she sat down on the bed next to Batgirl.

    "Not like you to be shy Batgirl, are you and Robin ................................?"

    "No we're not!"

    "He is kind of cute though?"

    "That's none of your concern! And you can keep your paws off him Catgirl!"

    "But if you're not interested .............."

    Batgirl simply pursed her lips, held herself tighter and refused to answer.

    "Mmmmmm," responded Catgirl eventually, "Interesting .......... "

    Batgirl breathed out a long sigh of resignation and was about to treat Catgirl to a long tirade of expletives when Robin bustled back in, putting down the jeans and lemon top next to Batgirl.

    "Well, at least turn round while I put them on!" snapped Batgirl.

    Catgirl laughed at Batgirl's discomfort. "Better do as she asks Robin, she's acting like an old washer woman at the moment! And did I hear a 'thank you' for the gear Batgirl?"

    Batgirl was busy dragging up the jeans, taking extra care to ease them slowly over her tender pussy before fastening the belt and examining the slouch fitting and shredded knees.

    She picked up the lemon top and started drawing it over her head.

    "Of course I 'thank you' Catgirl," she replied cattily, "but I thought that you'd have better dress sense than this!" By then she'd pulled the tight, stretch top over her bosom and was trying to draw it down to cover more of her tummy, but only succeeding in displaying some spectacular cleavage.

    "Don't be cheeky, that's expensive designer stuff," replied an annoyed Catgirl, "You've got less dress than Catwoman!"

    Then she took in the sight of the bulging top. "My, my Batgirl, it does look a bit tight. Have you been putting on weight? What do you think Robin?"

    "No I haven't!" exclaimed a mortified Batgirl but she was distracted by Robin, who'd turned round at hearing his name and was looking at her in wonder, mouth open.

    "Wow, awesome Batgirl!" he gasped eventually, eyes riveted on the sharp points in the top made by her erect nipples.

    Batgirl gave up trying to re-arrange the top to look respectable, slipped on the pumps and jumped up in exasperation. "Come on Robin, it's time we got out of here." She certainly didn't fancy another meeting with Catwoman.

    "Err, hang on people!" shouted Catgirl, "It would look better for me if you fastened me up. At least you can pretend to have overwhelmed me to escape!"

    Batgirl paused on her way to the door, and turned round smiling, the aching was easing and her spirit was returning.

    "I'll 'overwhelm' you all right you little imp!" she laughed, suddenly a little sorry for her sour attitude. Catgirl had released them after all, and she had given her the biggest orgasm of the day. It would be churlish to refuse.

    She jumped back on the bed, pushing Catgirl around in a mock fight before grabbing her wrists and fastening them to the shackles that had previously held her to the bed-head. Both woman were breathing hard as she knelt closely over Catgirl's face.

    "Thanks Catgirl, don't know what we'd have done without you," she whispered as she bent forward to give her a kiss of gratitude on the cheek. Catgirl was quicker than she'd expected though and twisted her face round to capture Batgirl's lips with her own. Before she'd realized it Batgirl's lips and tongue were pressing hard back as they indulged in a short, passionate kiss. Eventually she had to pull away, but both woman were breathing even harder now.

    "Remember your promise Batgirl," Catgirl whispered back huskily, "Next time?"

    Batgirl realised that she was referring to a promise that she'd made Catgirl some time ago, and that involved making love to her if Catgirl ever captured her again. She'd regretted it at the time, but suddenly the thought seemed more appealing. "Next time," she responded with a knowing smile, then she was up and heading back to Robin who'd watched the whole episode in some dismay.

    Still they couldn't get out as Robin suddenly decided that he ought to thank Catgirl as well.

    Before she could stop him, Robin had dashed back to the bed, leant over and planted his own lips onto Catgirl's who, when she'd got over the initial surprise was responding enthusiastically. Batgirl crossed her arms in frustration as she waited for them to stop, but as she watched Catgirl's body start to squirm under Robin as he started to run his hands over her suited breasts, she could stand no more. She walked back and grabbed Robin by the collar, yanking him up. "Come on numbskull, there's no time for that!"

    Catgirl was reluctant to let them go now. Being tied up and kissed was really quite pleasant she thought in delight, but there was something else she needed to do. She called Robin back as he started after Batgirl and whispered into his ear. Robin smiled and nodded back at her before dashing out off the room with Batgirl.

    "What was that all about?" asked an exasperated Batgirl.

    "Oh, nothing important," lied Robin as he desperately tried to remember the telephone number that Catgirl had whispered into his ear.


    Catwoman and Zatanna were glued to the security camera screens in that back of Catwoman's office.

    "God," snorted Catwoman, "I thought that they'd never go!"

    "All part of the plan then?" replied Zatanna evenly.

    "Well, not exactly. I hadn't expected Catgirl back today. I was planning to let Robin escape somehow and rescue Batgirl himself. Anyway," she added watching the screen showing the tethered Catgirl on the bed, "it all worked out in the end. I only wanted to make sure Batgirl realised that there are some boundaries that she can't cross and I think that we got that message across in no uncertain terms!" She laughed mirthlessly.

    "You're happy that Catgirl let them go then?" queried Zatanna slowly, "She seemed to be getting pretty close to them."

    "Oh, the three of them are still young, early twenties. Generally they just tease each other. It's all down to hormones I guess. If it came down to it I know that I can rely on Catgirl, and who knows, their relationship might be useful at some stage."

    "Well maybe so Catwoman. It's your business after all. Want me to nip down and let her out?"

    Catwoman looked sideways at Zatanna and smiled, before slipping her hand inside the folds of the blonde's robe to cup one of her generous breasts. Then she was pulling her friend over towards the sofa.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Torment

    "There's no rush Zee. I'd rather continue what we started earlier," she whispered throatily as the robe fell apart in front of her.

    "In fact I might not be able to get down there until the morning. That'll be another lesson learnt!" she added a little more harshly.

    Zatanna laughed as she was in the process of removing Catwoman's cowl, "That's what I like about you Selina. You're all heart!"

    Chapter 16 -- Unfinished Business

    Batgirl dashed through her front door, leaning on it backwards to slam it shut in exasperation.

    What a journey!

    As soon as they'd got clear of Catwoman's neighbourhood, and before Batgirl had had time to think, Robin had called Batman to get him to pick them up. She'd removed her cowl, the remains of her uniform and red wig so that she looked almost 'normal', but the quicker they got away from the area the better.

    Typical of the man he'd turned up in the Bat-mobile which of course was a two-seater.

    When he'd pulled up and seen Batgirl in her Barbara Gordon form, his eyes had nearly popped out of his head. His first thought had been that they must have been on some sort of honey-trap operation, with Batgirl acting as hooker for bait. Batgirl had killed that line of thought with a withering glance, but she had been quietly pleased to see that Batman's eyes were struggling to rise higher than her generous cleavage.

    Robin had been about to go into detail when she'd grabbed him by the arm and pushed him backwards over the bonnet of the Bat-mobile.

    "I don't think that we need to trouble Batman with the details!" she'd hissed into his ear, and when she'd got an uncertain response she added, "If you tell him, he's bound to let slip to Catwoman that Catgirl let us go. You want that?"

    With a look of horror spreading over his face, Robin had kept his mouth shut as Batgirl made up a story about them trailing some suspected drug dealers. Fortunately Batman seemed to be in a hurry to get back, and although he'd given them a strange look, he hadn't challenged them further.

    That was when the problem of the seating arrangement materialised.

    There was never any question that Batman would be driving. Batgirl had offered but Batman had just looked on condescendingly. Whilst that discussion had been taking place, Robin had jumped nimbly into the passenger seat and had been patting his lap for Batgirl to get on.

    "You've got to be kidding!" she'd exclaimed as she realised what that would mean. She'd already spotted a suspicious looking bulge in Robin's suit pants.

    "Oh just get in Batgirl!" Batman had shouted in exasperation starting up the black vehicle, "I'm sure that Robin will hang onto you!" Unfortunately, the 'hanging on' was exactly what had been worrying Batgirl!

    She'd then spent the whole journey back to her place wriggling her bottom to try and avoid the bulge that was trying to nestle between her cheeks and surreptitiously fighting off Robin's hands as they squirmed to get under her lemon top. She hadn't been entirely successful. One hand had slipped passed her defences and had been cuddling the underside of her right breast for most of the trip.

    As they'd pulled up, she'd jumped out with relief and with a quick "Thanks" over her shoulder she'd dashed in before Robin could follow. She just couldn't handle any more at the moment.

    Now, with her back still to the door, she breathed out a long sigh of relief, her legs beginning to tremble a little as delayed shock drained the energy out of her. After a short while she tottered unsteadily into the kitchen, made herself a strong cup of black coffee, grabbed an energy bar and sat at the kitchen table to re-gather her strength.

    It really had been 'one of those days', she reflected wearily, big time!

    One of the advantages of regular work-outs is that it improves the body's speed of recovery and Batgirl's highly tuned body was no exception. Within minutes her agile brain was dispassionately reviewing the events of the day and starting to make plans. She would have liked a long soak in the bath, but immediately decided to postpone it in favour of a quick shower.

    She quickly discarded Catgirl's loaned garments in her bedroom and, after an invigorating session under the hard jets of water, she was soon feeling like a new woman. A woman with a plan, a woman with a new mission. Definitely not someone to be messed with!

    First things first, as she towelled her hair dry, she picked up the phone and talked her lover, Susan out of coming back that evening. It hadn't been easy because their love-making in the morning had been intense and both women had been looking forward to the night. The very thought had triggered twinges of interest between her legs, but not only was her pussy and breasts still feeling a little tender after the session with Catwoman and Zatanna earlier but she now had other plans.

    She checked the time and carefuly pulled on some fresh black panties before triggering the special on her dressing table that opened her private 'Batgirl' rooms. She stepped over to a closet and pulled out a new purple Batgirl suit, glad that she had the foresight to keep in a few spares.

    After a close inspection, she stepped carefully into it, sealed the back and pulled on her boots, gloves and a new yellow utility belt. When she was comfortable she fitted her cowl and shock of long red hair to her head and looked in the mirror.

    "Voila!" she exclaimed, "Batgirl is back! ...................................... AND ready for action." She added with a determined looking expression.

    For the next few minutes she went around her garage gathering up a variety of bits and pieces that she dropped into the boot of her black civilian Porsche. Finally she paused, mentally cross-checking that she had everything that she need before a flash of inspiration made her head back into the apartment.

    She dashed into the living room and grabbed the giant pink double dildo that Susan had brought earlier in the morning. As her hands wrapped themselves round it, she paused again to shake her head in amazement that any woman could handle it. Then, with a sly chuckle she headed back to the car.


    When she was half way up the drive to the secluded Wayne Mansion, she drove the little Porsche off the drive and pulled up behind some bushes, leaving it hidden before continuing on foot. When she reached the mansion, she checked out the gravel car park at the side and smiled in approval as she noted that it contained only one of Bruce Wayne's run-arounds. It looked like she was in time, so she withdrew into the bushes and settled down to wait. She could be very patient when the prize was worth it, and Batgirl knew exactly how much this particular prize meant to her!

    It was getting dark and a little cooler when she heard the car crunching the gravel on the drive. Lights had appeared at rooms in the mansion, so evidently Bruce must be in she thought, but no-one had come out to disturb her. She held her breath and waited for the car to arrive.

    Finally it appeared from around the corner and pulled up conveniently near to where Batgirl was waiting in the shadows. It was a large white Ford rental saloon. It contained Batgirl's prize. It contained Zatanna!

    Zatanna must have been in a rush to get back as she was still wearing her stage outfit. The dark blue jacket and long coat-tails were wrapped around her back, the silver top still revealing acres of that impressive cleavage. As the car door opened Batgirl reluctantly had to admire the long shapely legs that twisted round onto the gravel, the black fishnet stockings seeming to go on forever as they disappeared into her tight, blue satin pants. She was a stunning woman thought Batgirl jealously. No wonder Bruce had fallen for her and she hated her more than ever for it!

    As Zatanna was bending into the back of the car to retrieve her dark blue top hat, she froze as she heard steps behind her on the gravel. Quickly she jumped back up and span round to be confronted by the sleek, purple suited Batgirl, a couple of yards away.

    "Oh, it's you Batgirl," she smiled, breathing a little easier, brain working quickly, "I'm sorry I didn't get chance to see you after the show. Hope you enjoyed it!"

    Batgirl's expression would have frozen hell over, "Oh don't worry, I was 'entertained' all afternoon thanks to you!" she hissed.

    Zatanna's face took on a puzzled expression. Surely Batgirl couldn't have known that it was her with Catwoman?

    "That's a fine looking tattoo on your back Zatanna," continued Batgirl nastily, "maybe I should scrape it off for you?!" and with that she stepped forward to grasp her foe around the neck.

    As soon as the tattoo was mentioned, Zatanna had realised that she was in trouble. She took a quick step back and called out loudly "RAEPPASID!"

    Suddenly she was gone and Batgirl was left clutching at thin air as she stumbled forward.

    "What!" she spluttered casting around with her hands for where Zatanna might be.

    It was lucky that she had twisted her head as, in the corner of her eye she saw a fallen tree branch soar up from the ground and arc round towards her head. She ducked instinctively and it whistled inches over her cowl! As she steadied herself she was in time to parry another attack from the wooden assailant which this time fell lifelessly to the floor.

    What the hell was going on she wondered? Batgirl was on her toes, casting round again, but there was no sign of Zatanna and how had she got the branch to attack her? It was mystifying, but Batgirl had no time to think as she heard steps on the gravel behind her. As she twisted round again she was just in time to see a large rock descending towards her head. This time it was too close and there was no escape as Batgirl watched in horror as the rock seemed to approach in slow-motion. There was just time to twist sideways a little causing the rock to land just a glancing blow to the side of her head, sending her sprawling untidily onto the gravel beside the car!

    She was stunned for a few seconds but had started to use the car to drag herself up when she heard a little snort of glee from behind her and steps on the gravel. She still couldn't see any sign of her attacker, but as she twisted round again, her face was next to the car wing mirror, and suddenly she could see Zatanna's reflection above and behind her as she lifted the rock, ready to bring it crashing down on Batgirl's head again. That reflection was all that Batgirl needed though. She launched her elbow backwards and upwards in the direction of Zatanna's reflection, feeling a satisfying jolt as it connected with something hard.

    As she twisted fully round she was relieved to be confronted by the sight of Zatanna's crumpled form on the gravel, a thin dribble of blood escaping from the corner of her mouth where the elbow had connected.

    Batgirl stood over her in triumph, breathing hard as a hard smile spread across her face. So Zatanna really was a master illusionist she reflected wearily. How had she done that? She thought back to the strange word Zatanna had shouted before 'disappearing'. Maybe that was it she reflected as she stooped down to bind her unconscious victims wrists and ankles together. She quickly added a gag in case Zatanna had any more tricks like that up her sleeve!

    Now it was time to disappear herself though as a door opened and she heard Bruce Wayne calling out Zatanna's name. Batgirl quickly hefted the bound form of her nemesis over her shoulder, chuckling to herself as she retreated into the bushes and started to make her way back to her car. She still had plans for Zatanna!

    Chapter 17 -- A Long, Hot Soak

    Barbara settled herself into her large, deep bath carefully. The hot, soothing water was covered in bubbles and full of special restorative bath oils. Just what she'd been promising herself since the 'session' with Catwoman. She'd lit fragrant candles around the bathroom and placed a big glass of full-bodied yellow tinged wine within easy reach. This was going to be so incredibly relaxing after her tortuous day!

    After she'd got back in she'd tidied away her Batgirl gear and gone 'off-line', switching off her official contact line so that she could have the remainder of the night to herself. She'd left her 'personal' phone on just in case her friends needed to contact her in an emergency, but was hoping it stayed quiet.

    As she sank lower, the water and bubbles lapped deliciously around her shapely neck and she closed her eyes to wallow in the soothing sensations as the hot water caressed every inch of her naked body, soothing away the soreness and bruising. She let out a long sigh of contented, languid pleasure.

    A little later, the water was still pleasantly warm, the wine glass half empty and Barbara was drifting along quite nicely when her day-dreams were interrupted by the ring tone on her mobile. "Drat!" she thought, grabbing it and looking at the caller-id. She grimaced, but decided to take the call anyway.

    "Hello Robin."

    Robin's voice sounded a bit distant, definitely outside somewhere.

    "Hey Batgirl, didn't you get our call-out?"

    "No, I'm switched off."

    "But you're needed. We've got an emergency!"

    "I'm in the bath Robin! You guys will have to deal with it."


    He didn't finish as she suddenly interrupted.

    "Where are you? It sounds windy."

    "We're down by the river, underneath the Gotham Memorial Bridge."

    Barbara sat up in a bit more interest, the soapy bubbles dancing around her breasts as her nipples broke surface.

    "Anything interesting?" she replied evenly as a knowing smile spread across her face, memories of the old steel girder suspension bridge flashing through her brain.

    "It's Zatanna Batgirl! It's terrible! She's been kidnapped and strung up under the bridge!"'

    "Oh dear, what a shame."

    "Really Batgirl, she's dangling down from one of the road planks. Every time a vehicle goes over it sets the plank vibrating and Zatanna gets thrown around like a jack-in-the-box."

    Barbara's smile had now broadened into wide grin, "Is Batman there?"

    "Yes, of course. He's frantic but there's nothing he can do. There's a bomb!"

    Barbara had to cover the phone as she burst out laughing.

    The bath-water was filled with ripples as her body was wracked with silent mirth. "Describe it for me Robin," she eventually gasped.

    Robin misinterpreted her tone. "I know........... it's unbelievable isn't it. Who'd want to hurt Zatanna?" He got no intelligible response, just garbled sounds out of his receiver, so he went on to describe the scene for Batgirl.

    "She's bound and gagged, dangling down from a rope, about fifteen feet above the tow-path. Her costume's been ripped open down the front, her pants are gone and ..................... You're not going to believe this Batgirl. There's a rope looped around her body under her breasts. Wow Batgirl, you've got to see those breasts to believe them. Spectacular!"

    "Come on Robin, concentrate on the description," chided Barbara, but the vision was starting to excite her as well. She'd had plenty of time to admire those breasts at Catwoman's and she could understand Robin's infatuation as one of her hands drifted down to gently caress one of her own bubbly covered orbs. "Go on...."

    "Well," continued Robin a little breathlessly, "the rope from the bridge goes under her waist rope and is looped under her bottom and tied to a ..................... it's pink. Actually.........., "he cleared his throat, ".... actually, well, it looks like it's tied to a big pink dildo. And she's impaled on it!"

    Barbara couldn't stop the laugh exploding down the line.

    "It's not funny Batgirl, she's suffering up there!" then, a little suspiciously, "Did you have anything to do with this? That dildo looks remarkably like the one I saw on your living room table this morning!"

    "Oh, there's probably hundreds around," replied Barbara innocently as her hand moved lazily from one breast to another, causing her pink nipples to stand out to attention. "Anyway, it's just the sort of thing a woman like Zatanna would keep at home," she added cattily, "she probably did this herself ................ just a bit of attention seeking!"

    Barbara couldn't help but imagine how Zatanna would feel impaled on that huge dildo. It must have invaded every inch of her vagina, and with the rope jerking it up and down as the traffic went past it must be driving her wild. "Good thinking," she smiled as she suddenly felt a twinge of interest from her own submerged pussy.

    "Anyway, what's that about a bomb?"

    "It's in a wooden crate that's tied between her ankles! It's got writing painted on it, and its driving Batman round the bend. He just doesn't know what to do. It says 'THIS IS A BOMB BATMAN! ONE TOUCH AND .... BOOM!"

    "Jumping Puppets," added Robin in horror, "there's an army convoy heading for the bridge! Zatanna's really going to suffer now!"

    Barbara couldn't restrain the fits of laughter any longer as she almost dropped the phone in the bath. When she managed to control her giggles again, she picked up the phone. Robin was still chattering away at the other end of the line.

    " was you Batgirl wasn't it! That pink dildo ...........I should have known! But why?"

    Barbara was suddenly serious again and responded with steel in her tone, "You don't know the half of it Robin! I'm not going into details, but I KNOW that she's bad news. I owe her this big time!" she added viciously.

    Robin wasn't sure, "But she can't have done anything that bad, it was Catwoman that captured us after all and................ well, would you believe it!!"

    Barbara was alert again. "What's going on?"

    "Catwoman's just turned up .................. and she's not happy. I'm keeping out of the way! She's having a right royal row with Batman. Lots of arm waving. Strange, they're not actually fighting though. Ooops, cancel that, she's just grabbed her bull whip! I might have to help."

    "I'd keep well out of it if I were you Robin," advised Barbara urgently. She was happy for Batman to take his chances, but she definitely didn't want Robin hurt. For a moment the feeling surprised her.

    "It's ok Batgirl. She's thrown one end up to wrap around a girder. It's hanging down beside Zatanna. Oh no ......... there go the army trucks. Wow, Zatanna's jerking around like a puppet. She's trying to scream I think, but the gags muffling it. Catwoman's shouting at Batman again .... oh she's climbing up her whip to get alongside Zatanna. Wow, she does move well!"

    Barbara was starting to lose interest -- the vision of Zatanna dancing around on the dildo was incredibly erotic. She'd got the phone cradled between her shoulder and her neck, leaving both hands free to caress and kneed her breasts, luxuriating in the tingly sensations exploding in her brain.

    Robin was still doing the description. "Catwoman's got up to Zatanna now. She's holding her steady. Oh, was that a kiss....weird! Now she's twisted upside down and she's fiddling with the crate. Batman's shouting at her again, but she's ignoring him. It looks like she's freed the crate now, and, oh, she's dropped it! Batman's dived for cover, but the crate split open when it hit the ground and it's full of ............ errrrr bricks, oh, and an old alarm clock by the look of it."

    Barbara really didn't care any more -- she knew exactly what was in the crate.

    She suddenly realised that she was starting to feel incredibly randy again! Her body had been so pumped up with sexual hormones all day that she was finding it really difficult to settle. The hot, soothing water, good wine and fragrant candles were combining to create an almost surreal atmosphere that was kicking off her subconscious desires and she had no will-power to resist.

    She closed her eyes briefly and immediately a vision of Robin appeared. He'd slipped into the bathroom naked and she literally drank in his young muscular form as he grinned at her, before stepping into the water at the opposite end of the bath. Her eyes were glued to the rampant erection swaying between his legs, and without thinking her legs opened for him as she rested her ankles on the sides of the bath. Her breaths were coming in short gasps of anticipation, her eyes were dragged open and equally suddenly he was gone.

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    "Oh God!" she whispered as she realised that it was just a dream. But dream or not, her whole body was filled with desire again and a slow fire was building between her legs as her hand slipped down to caress her fur covered pussy. The warm water was lapping lazily around it, but she knew that it would have been soaking anyway!

    The vision of Robin had gone, but she could still hear him on the phone. "Could she?" she wondered in confusion? It couldn't do any harm surely? The words jumbled excitedly out anyway.

    "Robin......listen, do you want to come over? I'm still in the bath ............... and I'd love a massage or maybe you could .............oooooooooh" she didn't finish as her delicate fingers had developed a life of their own, starting to delve into her pussy, spreading the lips wide.

    Robin was a bit disconcerted. "Sorry, what was that Batgirl? I'm not sure that I heard right."

    "Do you want to join me in the bath or not?!" she gasped, thoroughly excited as the fingers started to work their magic.

    "Jesus, Do I!?" he exclaimed, but he still held back uncertainly, "you're not having me on are you?"

    "Just get over here Robin ..... NOW!"

    Chapter 18 -- Complications Arise

    Catwoman was gently handling the inert looking form of Zatanna down to Batman when an agitated looking Robin arrived by the tow-path.

    He would have liked to help of course, but just at that moment he was on a 'promise' and everything else was subordinated. All he wanted was the keys to the Bat-mobile. Simple enough request he'd thought.

    Simple it was. Batman had simply ignored him as he tenderly laid Zatanna down on the cool, damp grass, running a hand gently over her sweaty brow to try and bring her round. Finally it seemed that he'd realised that her clothes had been ripped apart as he dragged off his cape to cover her modesty. "Oh my lovely Zatanna, who could have done this to you?" he'd whispered with a sad shake of his head.

    Robin had tried again, but Batman was now busy fending off an agitated looking Catwoman, who'd jumped acrobatically down from her whip-rope and had barged Batman to one side as she too tried to cradle Zatanna's head.

    Batman had been looking flustered and had given Robin short shrift when he'd tried to get hold of the keys. How the hell else was he to get Zatanna back the mansion?

    For the first time in his life Robin had lost his temper with Batman. They'd had a short, sharp exchange, but Robin couldn't really come up with a good reason for his urgency and in the end it was to no avail. Batman wasn't to be budged, and having cursorily brushed his partner aside, he was soon bending down beside his houseguest again, wanting to know what the hell Catwoman was doing there.

    Robin had watched the two of them start arguing again about the care of their victim when he'd given up in disgust. They sounded like an old married couple! In despair he started to jog down the tow-path back into town. In his heart of hearts he knew that he'd be too late and, by the time he got to Batgirl's place, the 'moment' would have gone - perhaps forever! He was literally quivering in annoyed frustration.

    Batman was vaguely aware that Robin had disappeared, but was now more concerned about Catwoman's intentions. He'd made it crystal clear that Zatanna was staying with him, but Catwoman wouldn't budge, insisting that she was one of her closest friends. It was absolutely ridiculous of course. "Whatever would Zatanna want with a troublesome woman like Selina?" he'd asked himself in amazement.

    Then Catwoman had asked him what he'd done with the bindings and she'd gone absolutely ballistic when he'd admitted that they were still on her.

    "Even the Dildo!?" she'd shouted in shock as she bent forward to grab the cape.

    Catwoman was stronger than she looked. She'd snorted in disgust at the sight of the Zatanna's ripped clothing and the obscene looking dildo still impaled in her dripping pussy. "Fucking typical!" she'd hissed coarsely as she sent Batman sprawling with a sweep of her arm, "It's always the woman that has to be practical."

    Catwoman quickly had the bindings around Zatanna's wrists and ankles removed, looking closely at them before handing them to Batman who'd crawled back next to her. "Anything strike you about them?" she asked suspiciously.

    Batman wasn't really interested. His eyes were now fixed on Zatanna's sweat covered pussy, complete with its giant pink attachment. His hand had reached tentatively forward, only for Catwoman to brush it aside.

    "You must be joking!" she'd snapped.

    With a tenderness that Batman had never seen in her before, Catwoman pulled of the rope attachments and started to ease the dildo slowly out of Zatanna's innermost cavern, twisting it slightly until it started to withdraw smoothly. Zatanna was clearly still well lubricated as she drew it smoothly backwards and more and more of the pink monstrosity began to appear. When her cavernous vagina had finally released the last of it, Batman and Catwoman had looked at each other in shock.

    "My God," whispered Catwoman in awe, "it's not possible. How could she have taken it? It must have been horrendous!"

    Batman was simply speechless. He'd never seen anything like it. He'd looked round for Robin, hoping for a bit of moral support against Catwoman, who was clearly intent on taking over.


    Robin was a sad sight. He was sitting under dark, menacing trees by the tow-path, cross-legged, head bowed. He'd gotten maybe half a mile before tripping over a tree root in the darkness. His ankle was sprained, he could only hop and he felt as miserable as he looked. In the end he sadly got out his mobile.

    He was in a quandary. He'd had a crush on Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon, since they were in their teens, but she'd never shown the slightest interest in return. Recently she seemed to have changed and his hopes had been rekindled. A couple of kisses here and there, that electric dance last night at the Wayne mansion and now that last mysterious phone call.

    What was going on?

    He needed to talk, someone sympathetic preferably. He flicked though the contact list looking for the number, but eventually changed his mind, hesitated, then punched in a new number.

    He listened in increasing despondency as the ring tone went on and on. Eventually the voicemail activated. He pursed his lips, couldn't think what to say and cut the connection in exasperation.

    Would nothing go right for him?!


    Catgirl had been getting increasingly restless. She was still shackled to the bed in Catwoman's lair and it was getting late. Surely Catwoman should have been down by now to have another go at Batgirl? She'd considered the possibilities and decided in annoyance that it must have been that Zee character's fault. They'd looked like they might be getting physical with each other when she'd left them. Damn the woman! Come on, get on with it you guys! She'd tried shouting, but the place seemed to be deserted.

    She'd jumped when the phone on her belt activated. The ring tone was 'Seventh Cavalry'. Just what she needed now she'd snorted, unable to reach it until it finally went onto voicemail. She could almost hear her bright, effervescent voice..... 'Hi, it's Holly and I'm probably tied up! I'd love you to leave a message.' Never a truer word she'd thought in disgust.

    "Come on Selina!" she'd shouted for the umpteenth time, "Where are you?"


    At that moment, Catwoman was standing over an inert looking Batman who was crumpled on the grass next to Zatanna. Their argument over who should look after the still unconscious magician had finally pushed her over the edge and she'd resorted to a gas capsule. How Batman could possibly believe that he had rights over her lover she just couldn't understand and she'd decided that drastic measures were necessary.

    Tenderly, she scooped up the limp form and cradled her in her arms. Zatanna murmured a little as she was moved, bringing a smile to Catwoman's face. "Darling, don't worry, it's me, Selina." She bent down and placed a tender kiss her on the forehead before carrying her charge up the bank to her waiting car.

    "We'll get you back to the lair and you can tell me what happened," she spoke slowly, almost to herself. "I think that I might want to exact some retribution!" she added quietly.


    Barbara Gordon had no interest in being Batgirl at the moment. The only thing that interested her was the wonderful sensations drifting around her body as her fingers delicately found their practiced way around her pussy, rubbing and stroking, gradually bringing herself nearer and nearer to her impending climax.

    The comforting surroundings of her familiar bathroom, full of delicate fragrant odours and combined with the wine were playing tricks with her brain again as she began to squirm in the water as the tensions built up to a peak.

    Suddenly the vision was back!

    The strong manly torso, the rampant erection taunted her again. She was so close to coming now that she had no idea what was real or not as the pleasure waves built up on each other and threatened to completely overwhelm her. Her beautiful body had stiffened, breasts and nipples taut, her fingers were on auto, but they knew exactly what to do as they rose up and started massaging her super-sensitized clit.

    She froze briefly as the tremendous orgasm kicked in, then her whole body was swamped with wonderful little convulsions as the coiled up tension finally found release. A long sigh escaped from her lips as she sank back limply into the welcoming warm water.

    Finally, still in her dream world, a few whispered words escaped from her lips, "Oh Batman! It's you at last. Why has it taken you so long to come to me?"


    The End -- until next time?

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