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    Default A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Revenge

    Title -- A Day in Gotham -- 4 -- Batgirl's Revenge (Catgirl has butterflies, the Kittens get their Robin)

    (follows - 3 -- Batgirl's Dilemma)


    Chapter 1 ---------- Anticipation

    Chapter 2 ---------- Kitten Graduation

    Chapter 3 ---------- Marks Out Of Ten

    Chapter 4 ---------- Snaring a Robin

    Chapter 5 ---------- Robin Gets the Blues

    Chapter 6 ---------- Kittens Get Their Cream

    Chapter 7 ---------- A Depression Deepens over the Commissioner's Office

    Chapter 8 ---------- Catgirl's Turn

    Chapter 9 ---------- Robin's Reluctant Rescue

    Chapter 10 ---------Batgirl's Turn

    Chapter 11 ---------Escape

    Chapter 12--------- Robin's Turn (to explain)

    Chapter 13 ---------Catwoman makes a Promise


    Chapter 1 --------- Anticipation

    She swept into the Cats Den like she owned the place.

    A quick glance around the large, softly lit room quickly established that she was the first to arrive. The windows and the walls were hidden by large, heavy curtains and tapestries. Bright oranges and reds predominated, and the small Persian carpets hung and lit from behind gave the room a distinctly female feel, enhanced by the total lack of furniture. Just a variety of soft cushions, all shapes and sizes, but mainly creams, fawns and soft oranges lay spread all around the deeply piled burnt orange carpet.

    "Well .......... first come, first served" she thought as she headed for the centre of the room, picking up some of the cushions and making a little 'nest' of them for herself. A couple of the many cats in the room wandered over and rubbed up against her naked calves, sending a little thrill of electricity shooting up her leg.

    "Oi! That's my spot!" she squealed as she manoeuvred one of the cats out of the way with her foot before collapsing into her nest, wrapping the soft terry robe around her in the process.

    Holly Robinson let her body sink languidly into the cushions, wriggling her hips to ease them into a better position. The robe parted slightly in the process revealing long, smooth naked legs high up her thighs. Underneath the robe she was nude except for a pair of ivory silk French knickers, carefully selected after trying on most of her large stock of sexy lingerie.

    "It's a pity we need to keep on our tops," she thought, referring to the black, cat shaped cowl with pink, pointed ears which, as Catgirl, covered her upper face and head. Normally this room was her and Catwoman's private area where they were free to remove their 'Cat' suits in the certainty of total privacy in the most secure part of Catwoman's current retreat.

    Today was different though. Today was special.

    "Very special!!" she thought excitedly as she felt her body tingling all over in a sense of warm anticipation. It was Graduation Day!

    This would be the third of these bi-annual events that Catwoman had let her participate in. Before Catgirl turned twenty, Catwoman had been quite strict about her moral upbringing which contradicted somewhat with the rather murky pasts of both women. They'd both 'come off the streets' but by the time that Catwoman had taken her under her wing as a wild teenager, Catwoman herself had already become a rich and famous jewel thief. But at twenty, Catwoman evidently felt that her young charge was ready for the world and had allowed Catgirl to appear.

    There was no direct family connection between the two, but an 'older' and 'younger' sister relationship had soon developed and Catgirl felt nothing but warmth for her older, and sometimes prickly companion, safe in the knowledge that Catwoman cared for her deeply.

    As Catgirl had soon found out, a key part of Catwoman's organization, was her 'Litter' of Kittens. These young women, all in their twenties, were signed up by Catwoman for a life of adventure and sensuality. Both of which were provided in abundance! They actually ran much of her day to day operations and were rewarded with involvement in the many thefts and robberies which Catwoman's agile brain planned. They were a key element in her information gathering operation, using their overt sexuality to ensnare men (and women!), uncovering the details on which the robberies were based.

    Today, two were retired and two new Kittens were admitted to the Litter, and Catgirl was getting increasingly impatient and frustrated wondering where Catwoman had got to. It was her 'occasion' after all!!

    In the end she couldn't help but let her hand slip inside the folds of the robe and slide lovingly across the top of her breast, her breathing shortening as the thrill floated over her. She was anticipating the Kitten's final test. After weeks of training their graduation to full Kitten status would soon be complete.

    The final test was simple. They just had to prove to Catwoman and Catgirl that they could use the techniques they'd learned to pleasure a woman to a sensuous climax!

    "Hands-on experience in no uncertain terms!" thought Catgirl dreamily, her fingertip gently circling around an erect and tingling nipple.

    Suddenly, the door burst open and Catwoman had arrived, Catgirl pulling her hand out of her robe sharply as though caught out by the schoolmistress!

    She was dressed like Catgirl in a long flowing white robe, with just the black cowl of her uniform covering her head. Her tall, slim figure was as shapely as an hour glass and yet still powerful and strong. Somehow, there was always an air of menace in the air when Catwoman arrived on the scene, but it never worried Catgirl. After all the chaos and anger of Holly's early life, she'd had nothing but kindness and care from the moment she'd met her new guardian.

    "Sorry Holly," Catwoman announced breathlessly, "had to take a damn phone call. It's all been such a rush!"

    As she strode over to Catgirl, her robe spread out around her long bare legs, uncovering the dark bush of black hair at the top of her legs.

    "Oh no! I'm overdressed!" thought a panicky Catgirl as she remembered that her own delectable little mound was covered by her silk knickers.

    Catwoman wouldn't have noticed however as she quickly wrapped the robe back around her and busily created her own nest of cushions, stretching out languidly next to the reclining Catgirl.

    "Mmmmmm that's better. I've been looking forward to this all week!" she smiled devilishly at her younger companion, reaching behind her to press a buzzer. Catgirl simply nodded back in eager excitement!

    Catgirl was watching the far door into the Cats Den. It led from the Kitten's play room, and shortly after the buzzer sounded it slowly opened.

    Into the room trooped one of Catgirl's Kittens, closely followed by two young women also in white robes.

    The leading Kitten was Vixen. She was the senior member of the group and was also Catwoman's Chief of Operations. She was also the sexiest looking coloured woman that Catgirl had ever seen, amply emphasized by the Kitten uniform she was almost wearing!

    She was tall and powerfully built, definitely one to be reckoned with in a fight! Her chocolate coloured skin contrasting delightfully with the deep red corset around her waist, long suspenders holding up a pair of shiny white stockings. The top of the corset was designed to push up her ample breasts which were half covered by some white lace material. The final piece of the ensemble was a pair of bright, white frilly knickers that drew an appreciative sigh from Catgirl. All this was topped off with a distinctly dramatic hair style. Normally, away from the retreat she would wear a wig of long, curly black hair, but today it was discarded displaying her short, almost shaven head, and died a deep red! "She certainly knows how to make an impression!" thought Catgirl in admiration.

    Chapter 2 ---------- Kitten Graduation

    Vixen led the two potential graduates to stand in front of the two reclining women. She gave a slight bow. It was all part of the formal proceedings.

    "May I present two novices for your assessment," she said formally to Catwoman, turning to the two white robed forms behind her. "Here is Blondie," she indicated the taller of the two, "and next to her is Samantha." With that she half bowed again and retreated to settle down at the back of the room.

    Blondie was about six inches taller than the swarthy looking Samantha, whose olive coloured skin and long, curly black hair betrayed her Latin background. In contrast Blondie was much paler and her short blonde hair had been done up in a modern spiky cut.

    "Your turn to choose I think," smiled Catwoman to Catgirl, who was already squirming in anticipation.

    "I like them both!" she replied longingly, "but if I must............. I chose Samantha!"

    The Latin girl smiled her thanks at Catgirl and moved to stand in front of her, as Blondie did likewise in front of Catwoman. At an unseen signal from Vixen, they both untied their belts, shrugging the loose material off their shoulders and letting the robes drift down to the floor at their feet. Revealed were two beautiful naked bodies, almost glowing in the subtle lighting of the room.

    "Fantastic!" thought Catgirl as her excitement built further, "They've been using oil to prepare!"

    Although the statuesque blonde had a fine figure, Catgirl's attention was now focused solely on her 'personal' novice Kitten. Although shorter than her partner, she had a solid build with full but firm breasts. Catgirl was initially captivated by the large dark brown rings around small, pink nipples but she soon let her eyes wander downwards taking in the line of dark pussy hair below a firm stomach, pointing straight down to her mound and naked sexual lips. "God, shaved as well!" thought Catgirl delightedly as she finally let her eyes rove all over Samantha's body, positively eating up the young Kitten, who grinned back at the wanton appreciation in Catgirl's eyes.

    At another unseen signal from Vixen, the two nude Kittens stepped forward and kneeled beside Catwoman and her young partner. Samantha immediately pulled at the soft belt on Catgirl's robe, releasing the loose knot and easing apart the material, exposing Catgirl's own delicious body.

    "Oooh, knickers!" Samantha exclaimed in surprise. "They'll have to go!" she laughed, hooking her fingers into the waistband and drawing the smooth material over Catgirl's tufty pussy hair, along her thighs and slowly down her long, tapered legs. The sensation of being uncovered triggered a warm feeling between Catgirl's legs and she knew that she was already soaking wet as the sexual tension continued to build.

    As the knickers were eased off Catgirl's feet, Samantha took an ankle and slowly raised Catgirl's left leg until it was almost vertical, resting it gently on her shoulder as she shuffled round and started to lick and kiss the skin around the inside of her calf. Catgirl was immediately swamped with an almost electric tingling, flashing down her leg and setting her already smouldering pussy aflame.

    After what seemed an eternity, Catgirl sensed the lips starting to move slowly downwards along the inside of her calf, kissing, licking and nibbling at her sensitive skin as they went. By the time Samantha had reached her knee, Catgirl had closed her eyes and was already squirming and gently moaning in a sea of pleasure. Here Samantha paused for a moment, smiled to herself at the effect she'd already had before bending down, and continuing the process further down the inside of Catgirl's muscular thigh. Now that Samantha was bending further down towards Catgirl's body, her long black hair was starting to waft back and forth, running lightly across the Catgirl's pussy, gently tickling her open labia lips and stoking up the fire to an inferno.

    It was almost too much for Catgirl to bear. The waves of pleasure had been building inexorably as Samantha's succulent lips descended down her leg and now Catgirl could only think about how much she wanted those lips to complete the trip and start work between her legs. She knew that she ought to be trying to show more self-control, and if she climaxed so quickly Catwoman would probably make some sarcastic comment later. But frankly she didn't care, her whole being focused on the fire raging in her pussy, anticipating the delicious feel of those lips as they neared their ultimate target. She'd stopped breathing. Her whole body was tense and coiled like a spring, ready to let go at the first touch!

    Suddenly she realized that she did need to breathe again, sucking in short deep breaths as her eyes dragged themselves open and she saw that Samantha had lifted up her head and was gently lowering her leg back onto the cushions. Catgirl's brain couldn't comprehend, still awash with desire and lust she dimly heard Samantha whispering in her ear, "Too soon my mistress, much too soon!"

    Catgirl fought to get her breathing under control as she tried to quell the fire still raging between her legs. It was so hard.

    She looked round, Samantha seemed to have disappeared. She noted distantly that Blondie was busy licking and suckling Catwoman's bare breasts, and suddenly realized how much she needed to have her own swollen orbs given the same sort of attention. Her hand started to drift upwards, but she snapped it back down in frustrated anger. Catwoman had rules for these sessions and the main one was that the two of them had to be passive recipients, laying back and letting the Kittens demonstrate their talents, no kissing, caressing or taking charge themselves.

    "But where the hell is Samantha?" thought Catgirl in total frustration.

    A dark shape suddenly floated over Catgirl's head from behind.

    "Here I am mistress," whispered Samantha huskily from above her.

    She'd approached Catgirl from behind on hands and knees and now reached forward to bring Catgirl's arms above her head, trapping them between her knees.

    Her mountains of thick dark hair cascaded around Catgirl's face like a curtain as she lowered her head and started to kiss and gently lick the bare skin below Catgirl's cowl. As those soft, dark lips gently drifted across Catgirl's own expectant and moist lips it was sheer torture for Catgirl to hold back and not pull Samantha hard towards her so that she could squash them together driving her tongue deep into her mouth. Both girls knew it was against the rules, but for a moment as her lips hovered over her own, Catgirl wondered if Samantha would succumb to the moment as well. It was touch and go, but eventually the magical lips moved down to her chin and neck, leaving poor Catgirl wallowing in even more frustration!

    "Still that does mean that they are heading for my breasts!" thought Catgirl in delightful anticipation as Samantha inched ever further and further over her.

    It seemed to take an age for Samantha's lips to reach that sacred point, and Catgirl was now being distracted by Samantha's own breasts which were now dangling over her head as the young novice began to work on Catgirl's prized possessions. It was hard to decide what she should concentrate on. The pleasure that Samantha's roaming lips were triggering in her now swollen orbs or the swaying motion of Samantha's own full breasts, dangling inches from her face, with hardened nipples wafting back and forth tantalizingly within reach of Catgirl's hungry lips. Her tongue was ready to leap out and catch one of the dancing nipples when Samantha started to nibble at one of Catgirl's own erect nipples. The effect was electrifying as Catgirl lost interest in everything but the blissful messages flooding her brain. She shut her eyes tight and another low moan escaped her lips.

    Samantha was quick to gauge Catgirl's level of arousal, abandoning the firm young breasts and licking her way quickly down the taut, muscular stomach before burying herself in the sweet tufts of curly brown hair. The musky odour was so arousing! But there she stopped and as she shuffled forward again, propping herself up on one hand as she slid her other arm underneath Catgirl's bottom and lifted the now sodden pussy up to her expectant mouth.

    When the lips had ceased to torment her nipples, Catgirl distantly knew that she was hovering on the edge of a gigantic climax, but that it was being taken away again. She just needed something to tip her over the edge. Anything!

    She slowly, almost painfully, opened her eyes again as she vaguely felt her hips being lifted. "Oh my God...............sooooo beautiful!" she whispered in astonishment.

    Samantha was still astride Catgirl and leaning forward to take care of Catgirl's pussy. All Catgirl could see was Samantha's own shaved sexual lips silently swaying tantalisingly above her. Evidently Samantha was also aroused. They were wide apart and covered with the juices dripping from the dark, pinky cavern that they surrounded.

    Catgirl would have studied the sight closer had Samantha's mouth not finally found her own juicy slit, sending a whole new bunch of pleasure signals sweeping up and over her already ecstatic mind. Samantha now seemed to be in a hurry and it didn't take much licking and kissing before the tongue forced it's way between her last barriers and penetrated the entrance to her inner burrow, taking Catgirl to the very edge again.

    This time Samantha took pity on her young mistress and quickly moved that tantalizing tongue to the little sensitized button that had been crying out for attention for oh so long! A couple of flicks later, and Catgirl gave a long blissful cry as her whole body seemed to dissolve into a myriad of sublime convulsions as the long awaited orgasm finally engulfed her.

    Chapter 3 --------- Marks Out Of Ten

    Catgirl found consciousness so annoying!

    She'd soared so high in her climax and been wallowing so happily in the warmth and blissfully lethargic post-orgasmic state that she simply didn't want to alter anything.

    Eventually, opening her eyes ever so slowly, she realized that she was still breathing. Good sign!

    As her other senses gradually returned she realized that she'd been turned on her side, legs tucked up in a foetal position. Closely tucked in behind her she could feel the soft warmth of another naked body, and glancing over her shoulder realized that it was Samantha cuddling into her back and blowing lightly across her face to bring her round.

    "Jesus! What an experience!" she whispered breathlessly and was rewarded as Samantha's hips nuzzled even closer into her bottom!

    Her attention now shifted to the scene next to her where Blondie and Catwoman were intertwined in front of her. Blondie's face was burrowed between Catwoman's widely splayed legs and her hands were busy on Catwoman's pert breasts, squeezing and massaging relentlessly. From the faint mewing sounds escaping from Catwoman's lips, Catgirl realized that her partner in crime was nearing her own pinnacle.

    "She's lasted longer than me, but not by much!" thought Catgirl in satisfaction as Catwoman's swaying hips suddenly froze, her face tightening in blissful pain as a long "whooooooosh" of air shot out of her mouth. Finally she collapsed back into the cushions as Blondie's face surfaced from between her legs, a wicked looking smile of delight and triumph creeping over the young novice's features.

    No-one moved for a few more minutes, allowing time for Catwoman to compose herself.

    Then the two prospective Kitten's got up, wrapped their robes about themselves and at a nod from Vixen, gave a small bow and backed away from the two thoroughly satiated women. Samantha's face was full of a cheeky grin as she caught Catgirl's eye and Catgirl couldn't help but grin delightedly back.

    As they reached the door, Catwoman called for them to stop, still slightly breathless but as commanding as ever.

    "Vixen, you are to be congratulated on your training program. You surpass yourself yet again!"

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Revenge

    Glancing sideways at Catgirl, she whispered "What do you think? A pass?"

    "Well, I'm not sure," responded Catgirl in mock seriousness, triggering an anxious glance from Samantha at the doorway, "maybe we should check them out again just to be certain?!"

    "Ah!" laughed Catwoman, "you really are insatiable aren't you!!" Then, turning to the door again, "Two passes Vixen, celebration time I think!"

    With a squeal, Blondie and Samantha hugged each other as Vixen shepherded them out of the room.

    After lying together in silence for a while, silently reliving some of the excitement, Catwoman finally pulled her robe around her drained body and began to get up.

    "Wow, it's a good job we only do these twice a year. Any more than that and I think I'd explode!!"

    "Well, you older woman need more time to recover!" replied Catgirl cheekily as she quickly ducked under Catwoman's swinging foot.

    "Right, that's enough cheek out of you young madam!" laughed Catwoman, "Let's get showered and then we need to do a final check on tomorrow night's job!"

    Chapter 4 -------- Snaring a Robin

    Catwoman drove up to the side of the derelict warehouse and parked in the shadows.

    Both woman were fully suited-up as Catwoman and Catgirl respectively, with Catwoman's trusty black bull-whip attached to her utility belt and swinging at her hip.

    They'd used one of the 'firms' ubiquitous white vans, and as Catgirl jumped out, Catwoman was already catching hold of the old, rickety looking fire escape ladder. Within minutes, they'd both reached the top, stepping out onto a flat, low walled roof. They weren't even breathing hard.

    Catgirl scanned the roof quickly, there was a small looking shack in the middle which was presumably the head of the internal stairwell, but other than that it was featureless.

    "Come on," said Catwoman pointing across to the other side. "We'll be able to see the Jewellery store from over there."

    A quick double check showed no further movement, so they both scampered over to the wall and peered over. Below them, three stories down on the opposite side of the street was a parade of old shops. In the centre was a rather run-down, green painted shop with a set of dull, golden pawn-brokers balls above the door. The jewellery shop.

    This was to be the scene of Catwoman's next planned robbery. It didn't look much on the face of it, but Catwoman had a lot of contacts in the business and she'd found out that a large delivery of diamonds was expected tomorrow. Diamonds were like catkin to Catwoman. She simply couldn't resist them, and had every intention of taking ownership of the new delivery as soon as it arrived!

    Just then there was a noise from the shack as someone started to unlock the door from the inside.

    "I thought you said the building was deserted." said Catgirl as the two feline forms backed into the shadows behind the shack. "It was!!" snapped back Catwoman.


    Batgirl was getting bored with this.

    Hadn't they been over all the ground before? But oh no, Batman had insisted that they check it out yet again. And, to make matters worse, she'd had to put back a hot date with her new best friend, Susan Reid to comply.

    The thought of Susan sent a tingle down Batgirl's spine. Since the episode with Leopard Man last month they'd become incredibly close, and both women were keen to get closer still! In fact, it was Susan who'd rung up the night before to suggest they get together in the afternoon to try out some new toy that she'd purchased in Gotham's red-light district. Batgirl had spent the morning in a state of delightful expectancy imagining what it could be, and putting out a set of her sexiest lingerie in anticipation. Then the damned Bat Call had come in!

    That turned her thoughts to Batman yet again. She'd had a crush on Batman for years, but was becoming increasingly irritated by his apparent lack of interest. Rejection would have been annoying but being ignored was damn well infuriating!

    "What the hell!" she thought in disgust, "One last look around and then I'm out of here!"

    She'd climbed onto the roof of the building containing the jewellery store that Batman was expecting to be raided tomorrow, and checked every nook and cranny. Absolutely nothing had changed, just as she'd heatedly predicted to Batman after they'd met up in the Commissioner's office. She was about to head back to the stair-well in semi-triumph when she paused.

    "Better check on Robin though, "she thought and wandered over to the edge of the roof. This building was a couple of stories higher than the one across the street where she now focused her attention.

    "Where the hell are you!?" she muttered as she scanned the roof across the street, not seeing anything. Robin was supposed to be checking out that one! She was even irritated with her younger partner she realized in annoyance. Just like she had a thing about Batman, Robin seemed to have developed an obsession with her. It had been fun when they were teenagers, but now that Robin was older, he'd started to get more confident in his approaches and she wasn't quite sure how to deal with it, or even how she felt about it. Yet more complications!

    A sudden movement on the other roof distracted her as she saw the door to the stair-well burst open and Robin shoot into view, stumbling forward in his trademark red, green and yellow costume in the process. Maybe the door had been stuck. She couldn't hear any sound, but she couldn't help a smile as she imagined the "Holy.......!" and "Jumping .....!" that would have tumbled out of his youthful mouth.

    She was going to wave, but Robin had now collected himself and was heading for the low wall to look down on the shop. "Better not distract him" Batgirl thought, keen to get this finished.

    Suddenly another, more sinister movement behind the stair-well caught her attention!


    "I don't believe it!" snapped Catwoman as she peeked round the corner of the shack, "It's Robin!!"

    It took just a moment for the meaning to dawn. "That means Batman must know about the Job!" she whispered to Catgirl, her Cat-cowl only partially covering the expression of fury that had gripped her.

    "I just can't believe it!" she gasped again in frustration "How?!"

    She drew back into the shadows again to collect her thoughts. "Right Catgirl, we need to find out how much they know so we need Robin to talk! Here's what we'll do." Catgirl listened attentively, then smiled and nodded.

    When Catgirl was in position, Catwoman strode out of the shadows into the sunlight, unclipping the bull-whip as she backed away from the shack a few yards. Robin was leaning on the wall, back towards them and looking down at the shop, legs spread slightly apart.

    "Perfect!" smiled Catwoman evilly, as she flicked her wrist sending the tip of the whip snaking across the floor to nestle briefly between Robin's feet.

    Robin just had time to recognize that something had appeared on the floor under him when it suddenly leapt up to attack him! Catwoman had flicked her wrist skilfully again causing the whip's tip to flash upwards, coiling itself between Robin's legs and lashing him hard across his manhood.

    It was testimony to Batman's training and Robin's physique that he didn't just crumble in a heap, but the bellow of pain that he let out as he span around let everyone know that it had hurt.

    "Catwoman!" he gasped in horror as he saw the shapely, black suited figure across the roof just about to flick her wrist with the whip again. Robin almost cringed, but instead quickly stamped his foot on the end of the whip, causing the handle to jerk out of Catwoman's hand as she attempted to wrap the whip painfully around some other part of Robin's anatomy.

    "You'll pay for that!" shouted Robin in triumph as he dashed forward to attack Catwoman before she could recover the whip.


    Batgirl was transfixed on the other roof.

    She'd shouted a warning to Robin as she saw Catwoman appear, but it was drowned out in the traffic and she was helpless as she saw the attack taking place.

    Suddenly all seemed to be going well though and she was cheering Robin on as he dashed towards a helpless looking Catwoman. Until that is, a shapely pink boot shot out from the shadows at the side of the shack sending Robin sprawling and rolling to a halt at Catwoman's feet! Batgirl couldn't see exactly what happened next, but presumed that Robin had been gassed because he half rose and then collapsed in a heap.

    "Catgirl!" gasped Batgirl in exasperation as the black and pink suited figure emerged from the shadows, "The little minx is at it again!"

    Suddenly she was torn by indecision. Catwoman and Catgirl were carrying the inert looking Robin to the stairwell and would be soon out of sight. She knew that she should call Batman, but if she called for help they might be gone before anyone could stop them!

    In the end she dashed over to her own stairwell and raced down the steps, out of a back door to where her Bat-Bike was parked. At least she might be in time to follow them. Jumping astride the big racer, she hit the starter and felt the usual thrill as the engine roared sending powerful vibrations right through her pussy. "And Batman wonders why I prefer the bike!" she laughed.

    Quickly, she eased the big bike into the traffic and sped around to the other building, arriving tentatively at the back just in time to see Catgirl getting into a white van which then sped off into traffic.

    Batgirl was pleased with herself. They'd not escape now, the Bat-Bike being far better than the van in heavy traffic. Just to be on the safe side, Batgirl settled back five or six car lengths behind and tracked the van across town and into a light industrial sector. She had to be careful now as the traffic got lighter, but she was still able to follow comfortably until the van finally turned into the entrance to a new looking warehouse unit. Batgirl pulled up behind a similar looking unit next door which had a large, dilapidated 'To Let' sign hanging over the entrance.

    "Now what?" she thought, scanning the building next door from behind a large bush. The warehouse floor looked high and featureless, but it looked as though there was a suite of offices above the ground floor with plenty of glass showing down the sides.

    "Better call Batman," she decided, pulling the Bat-Phone out from her belt. Only snag with this plan was that it wouldn't work. As soon as she switched on, her earpiece was swamped with interference and no amount of adjustments would clear it.

    "Bloody typical!" Batgirl swore, stamping her foot in disgust, "Batman just can't get anything right these days!"

    Then she saw the power lines snaking high overhead before dropping down into a large sub-station at the end of the street. That would explain the interference, but she decided to blame Batman anyway!

    So what now? If she left to make a call, they might move Robin somewhere else but it would be madness to barge in un-supported. Scanning the building again she realized that the windows down the side were overlooked from the flat roof of the building behind her. Maybe she could find out what was going on from there. Nodding her head in decision she quickly ran around to where she'd parked the bike and scaled the fire escape. Checking that it was deserted, she carefully crossed the flat metal stripped roofing and peered across the gap between the two buildings.

    The windows ran along the length of the building, but only in the middle were the lights on. Batgirl had a perfect view into a large room, full of soft furnishings, but with a couple of pool tables and pin ball machines at one end. It was also full of sexy looking young woman in red corsets, frilly white knickers and suspenders, holding up sheer white stockings. They seemed to be chatting casually and sprawling about the sofa's looking extremely relaxed.

    "It's Catwoman's Kittens!" Batgirl realized immediately, "At least this must be the right place!"

    She settled down to watch for a while, but didn't need to wait long as Catwoman and Catgirl entered through a door at the back followed by two of her men carrying the inert looking Robin, hands tied behind his back. Dropping him somewhat roughly onto the floor, the two men turned on their heels and marched out again.

    "Now what?" an apprehensive Batgirl wondered.

    Chapter 5 ---------- Robin Gets the Blues

    As soon as the underlings had left, Catwoman called Vixen over. She was still seething.

    "Batman knows about the Job! We'll have to cancel, damn it!!" hissed the black suited figure. "Anyway, we've brought him back with us. I want to know how they found out!"

    Catgirl hadn't seen her boss so angry for ages and was beginning to fear for Robin as Catwoman fingered the bull whip at her hip. Fortunately Catwoman had other plans.

    "Right Vixen, get the Kittens to bring Robin round. He shouldn't be out much longer from the gas. Catgirl, go into the lab and bring me a phial of Leopard Man's blue liquid."

    Now Catgirl understood. The blue liquid was a powerful drug developed by a previous associate of theirs, now in jail. Its main purpose was to put a person into a trance-like state under which they would be open to auto-suggestion and to answer questions truthfully. But Catgirl was also deliciously aware of a side effect on men, giving them enormous erections lasting for thirty or forty minutes.

    "Mmmmm," she thought slyly, "I wonder what Robin's will look like!"

    In the background, the Kittens had begun the process of bringing Robin back into the conscious world.

    "If only he knew how they did it!" laughed Catgirl as she watched briefly before doing her errand. The Kittens had descended as one on Robin's limp body and begun caressing and massaging him all over his body, a couple of them snuggling up to his face, kissing and licking at the bare skin.

    Batgirl watched this from her rooftop vantage point in wonder, starting to feel a wave of frustration building between her legs as she watched her colleague being caressed back into consciousness. "Amazing!" she thought incredulously, "and he's the one that got caught!"

    By now Robin was starting to come round, head squirming back and forth, legs and arms starting to flex. At a command from Vixen , the Kitten's stood up and formed a semi-circle behind him.

    Eventually, Robin's eyes snapped open, focusing on the black feline form in front of him. Catwoman had her legs planted wide apart with hands fixed on her hips and from Robin's position on the floor looked absolutely stunning.

    "Holy Moses! Catwoman!!" he gasped finally after a good deal of coughing and spluttering.

    The black figure kneeled down beside him and let her viciously clawed finger run under Robin's chin. Robin was re-appraising the 'stunning' and thinking more along the lines of 'menacing' as he flinched back slightly.

    "I want a word with you, young Robin!" she hissed before standing up again. "Get him up and hold him," she instructed the Kittens, two of whom who bounded forward and dragged Robin onto his feet, holding his arms in vice-like grips. This was when Catgirl re-appeared with the phial of blue liquid which she handed over to Catwoman.

    Batgirl had now put on her Bat-Goggles, set to zoom, so that she could see more clearly and let out a gasp as she recognized the coloured liquid in Catgirl's hand. Robin too had spotted it and knew exactly what it could do. He started to squirm and kick but a couple of the Kitten's just dropped down and attached themselves to his ankles making movement impossible!

    At a signal from Catwoman, Vixen circled behind Robin, gripping a handful of jet black hair and pulling his head back sharply. Robin let out a cry in surprise and Catwoman stepped forward and poured the liquid straight into his gaping mouth.

    "They never learn!" she laughed to Catgirl.

    Robin's eyes almost immediately glazed over but Catgirl was more interested in the effect lower down as Robin's bright green pants immediately developed a very impressive looking bulge. Catwoman however had her mind set on business, and started to cross-examine the unfortunate crime fighter. She was desperate to know how Batman had found out about her plans for the jewellery store.

    Unfortunately for her, Robin didn't know! He was a mine of useless information about Batman's various plans, but when it came to the key question he was as stumped as she was! After about five minutes of getting nowhere she gave up in disgust.

    "Absolutely typical of that man!" she blazed, "He doesn't trust anyone! It was just the same when we were ............................." her voice trailing away as she realised that she was about to give away more than she wanted.

    "I wonder?" thought Catgirl in surprise. She'd heard rumours that Batman and Catwoman had once had a fling a few years ago. Could there be something in it?

    Chapter 6 --------------------- The Kittens get their Cream

    At this point Vixen came over and whispered into Catwoman's ear. Catgirl heard it and immediately leaned over to add something herself.

    Catwoman looked at the two of them, sighed briefly and then nodded, shaking her head in exasperation. "OK, I suppose so," she said.

    Vixen spun round with a squeal. "Right Kittens we've got him for twenty five minutes, then we hand him over to Catgirl!"

    With that, cushions were thrown down onto the floor and the four Kitten's still hanging onto Robin lay his unresisting form down on his back. The two at his feet leaned up and grabbed hold of the suit's green pants, drawing them down carefully over his hips and finally releasing Robin's enormous looking erect cock, swaying backward and forward like a flag pole as it sprang clear.

    Everyone seemed to stop to admire the sight, including Catwoman who was about to leave the room. "Enjoy!" she laughed closing the door behind her. Robin himself was immobile, his face expressionless, gazing distantly into space.

    "Right..........Action Stations Kittens!" shouted Vixen and immediately all the young women hooked their fingers into their frilly white knickers, drawing them smoothly down their hips with sensuous little wiggles and exposing eight expectant and already slightly damp looking pussies. Catwoman always liked to have some diversity in her organization and this was reflected in the variety of shapes, colours and thickness of their delightful bushes. Before the knickers were kicked off their feet, their hands were busy at the top of their corsets where they quickly unclipped the gauzy material covering their bosoms, exposing sixteen beautifully shaped breasts, nipples already standing to attention!

    Catgirl settled down in one of the soft sofas to watch, hand drifting across her suited tummy and resting just above her pussy. Already she could feel her own arousal developing.

    Batgirl was glued to the Bat-Goggles. "This really is ridiculous!" she gasped "Am I really supposed to just look on while the Kittens have their way with Robin?"

    That brought her attention back to Robin's mighty erection, still swaying about vertically as he lay on his back. After all the recent attention that he'd been paying her, Batgirl had begun to wonder what Robin would be like in the nude. Now she had a pretty good idea. Even taking account the effect of the blue drug, he was enormous! And now she was starting to feel damp between her legs as well!

    It didn't seem that Robin was in any imminent danger. "Certainly not to his virginity!" thought Batgirl, because she knew that Robin had been deflowered years ago at a college party. Maybe she'd just continue to watch?!

    "Oh, go on then," she thought letting her own arousal take charge.

    At this point, Catwoman returned with a large square looking card and loop of string in her hand. She had the Kitten's lift up Robin and stand in a group behind him before hanging the card from Robin's giant erection. She then lay down in front of the group and gave a camera to Catgirl who gleefully snapped the happy looking group. She said something to the Kittens that had them all laughing before she picked up the card and left again as the Kittens returned Robin to his place of honour on the floor.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Revenge

    As Batgirl refocused, three of the Kitten's wrapped themselves round the dark skinned Vixen, two taking a nipple each with their mouths the third burying herself between her legs. In the background another Kitten was shuffling and distributing playing cards from a pack. Each girl picked and held up a number. Samantha caught Catgirl's eyes in excitement as she showed her the three of hearts.

    "It's obvious who's going to be first," thought Catgirl as she watched the Kittens busily pleasuring Vixen, who was now swaying slightly, head back and sighing as the sensuous lips worked their magic. Catgirl never ceased to be amazed how quickly the girls were able to bring themselves up to a state of such arousal. "Mind you, they do have a time limit!" she thought selfishly.

    Vixen was clearly ready. She eased the Kittens off her swollen breasts and stood astride Robin's naked hips, looking magnificent as her dark skin contrasted with the red of her corset and white, stocking clad, muscular thighs. Slowly she lowered herself down towards the gently weaving phallus. Both Catgirl and Batgirl were transfixed at the sight of the dark pussy descending remorselessly towards the pink tipped penis. They both held their breath as Vixen's pussy lips seemed to search for and then capture the tip of the swollen monster, Vixen easing it backwards and forwards across her juicy slit for a few moments before sinking a little lower and groaning as the phallus penetrated her quivering damp vagina lips.

    Vixen held the position for a few more moments, absorbing the tingly warm sensations before gradually lowering herself further, sitting backwards slightly and impaling herself fully on Robin's giant cock. Again she held the position, gently swaying her hips from side to side, savouring the wonderful feeling as the phallus seemed to rub against the whole of her dark, wet inner lair.

    Vixen's eyes were shut as she started to pump gently up and down, concentrating solely on the waves of pleasure flooding out from between her legs.

    Robin's eyes were glassy, giving no sign of pleasure or anything else.

    Catgirl's eyes were greedy, lapping up every sensuous motion that Vixen made.

    Batgirl's eyes were wide open. She felt distinctly uncomfortable about her own state of arousal. But she continued to stare open mouthed at the dark, muscular Kitten gradually bring herself to a climax. Batgirl's own pussy was tingling remorselessly and she could almost feel the driving thrusts as Robin's pale white phallus would repeatedly appear for a few seconds before being greedily sucked back into the dark wiry bush between Vixen's legs. She could see that the tempo was increasing and the thrusts were coming harder. Batgirl felt herself holding her breath as Vixen drove on and on before eventually coming to a shattering climax as her body froze rigid for a few moments, and then dropped slowly forward over Robin as she dragged in lung-fuls of air.

    "Oh God," Batgirl thought faintly as the tingling between her legs intensified, "get a grip!"

    Given the time pressure, the other Kittens were soon helping to ease Vixen up and off Robin's still marvellously erect cock, glistening now with her inner juices and standing proud like a true champion! As she collapsed briefly onto the cushions to regain her composure, the tall raven haired Kitten holding the two of clubs was easing over Robin to replace her. She'd already been the recipient of a Kitten 'warming up' session and was so keen to sample Robin's wares that she simply lined up her pussy and dropped straight down onto him, forcing out the air from her lungs as she felt him drive deeply home.

    Catgirl was watching with unadulterated admiration the almost production line process that the Kittens had set up, and now that it was Samantha's turn next, three of the remaining Kittens stepped forward to give her the 'pre-Robin treatment'.

    That galvanized Catgirl who jumped up and tapped the shoulder of an Asian girl intent on attaching her dark lips to one of Samantha's dainty pink nipples. Samantha initially looked surprised, but was soon grinning all over her face as Catgirl smiled wickedly back and then bent forward to finally suckle the little pink button that had so taunted her earlier. It tasted lovely, a delightful mixture of bitter and sweet, and soon Catgirl was absorbed in licking, nibbling and teasing the nipple into the firmest of erections. She was considering taking over the other one when Samantha gently lifted her head, nodding breathlessly in the direction of Robin where the second Kitten was now being dismounted.

    "That was sooooooo wonderful!" she whispered huskily to Catgirl as she was led over to become Robin's next rider.

    Catgirl turned back to her seat, pussy tingling again in a glorious state of frustration and anticipation, but it didn't worry her. She just needed to be patient, she had plans of her own for Robin!

    Batgirl had no such thoughts. It was like being in the middle of a nightmare! She could see, but she couldn't touch and was forced to watch helplessly as Kitten after Kitten took advantage of HER Robin!

    She wasn't quite sure when her younger partner had become HER Robin, but she decided to put that complication to one side as she tried to develop a plan to rescue him. The Bat-Phone was still useless so it was up to Batgirl! And a mighty frustrated one at that.

    Chapter 7 -----------A Depression Deepens over the Commissioner's Office

    Commissioner Gordan's patience was starting to wear thin.

    Batman had been pacing backwards and forwards across his carpet for what seemed like hours.

    "Why don't you take a seat Batman," he sighed indicating a worn leather sofa down the side of his office, "I'm sure that those two won't have come to any harm, but we must be patient. I've got men scouring the city and they're bound to turn up something soon."

    "They should have been back ages ago!" snapped back Batman at his old colleague and friend, instantly regretting the tone. "I'm sorry Commissioner, but Robin would have been in touch if they'd been delayed. If it was Batgirl I could understand it. She seems to be on a different wavelength to the rest of us recently!"

    "Oh, don't be too hard on Batgirl," responded the old man, "She's probably just going through one of those phases that young woman do."

    Batman held his council. He knew that the Commissioner was unaware that it was his own daughter, Barbara, who inhabited the slinky purple Batgirl suit, so the comment was meant kindly, but he'd always assumed that 'phases' were for teenagers, not young women!

    He studied the air for a moment, thinking about Batgirl. He'd always prided himself that he'd acted like a father figure to the young crime fighter as she'd grown up, but that didn't seem to be working anymore as their relationship had become increasingly prickly. Did she want something else from him? He shook his head slowly as he put those thoughts to one side.

    "Where did you say that the traffic patrol had spotted Batgirl's bike?" he queried.

    "It was in lower downtown," responded the commissioner, "they said that she was riding normally and heading towards the industrial sector."

    "Why?" asked Batman for the umpteenth time, "They were supposed to be checking the ground at the jewellery store, so what's she doing down there? Damn it, I should have gone with them!"

    "Don't blame yourself Batman," replied the Commissioner, "It was a straightforward job, and we've both said that they've reached an age where they should be given more responsibility."

    "It doesn't make me feel any better," sighed Batman, sagging backwards into the seat.

    Just then, there was a 'ping' from the PC on the Commissioner's old oak desk. Modern technology had arrived, but he still wasn't comfortable with it.

    "Oh, I think that means that I've got an e-mail," he muttered as he reached for his glasses and turned to face the screen, "Funny, the sender's name is just a jumble of letters and numbers and there's no title. What the.................."he mumbled as he clicked the mouse to open it up.

    As the Commissioner drew his hand slowly to his mouth and silently framed the words "Oh No!" Batman jumped up beside him.

    The words were simple enough, in capital letters.


    Batman's fist came down onto the desk with a shattering crash. "That evil woman! I knew it!!"

    "Oh dear." said the Commissioner weakly. Then, after a pause, "It's funny that she doesn't mention Batgirl though, and who's this 'informant' that she's after?"

    "Oh that. I've had a source inside her little organisation for a while," said Batman heatedly, "It's how we've had so much advance warning of her plans recently." Then he considered the Commissioner's words, "And yes, she doesn't mention Batgirl! Maybe she's ok...... but why doesn't she get in touch! God that girl will be the death of me!!"

    Then something about the message caught his eye. "Look, there's an attachment!"

    A sense of foreboding passed over him as he took hold of the mouse, and clicked on the tiny symbol, triggering a large high resolution photo to appear.

    "My God Batman!" spluttered the Commissioner, "It's Robin! And there's Catwoman and that must be her Kitten's behind him and ..............." he was leaning forward to look closer, "Good grief, they seem to be in a state of errrrrrrrrrr undress! And what's that sign hanging at Robin's waist?"

    Batman was trying to control the sinking feeling in his stomach as he looked closer. "They've drugged him Commissioner, it's that damned blue concoction that Leopard Man developed. You can see it in his eyes."

    "And elsewhere!" added the older man as he suddenly realised what the sign was hanging from, "But what's it say?"

    The words were already imprinted in Batman's brain......


    "That feline creature has gone too far this time!" he stormed, "I don't care what we had before, she's going to suffer for this!!"

    The Commissioner was intrigued by Batman's outburst, but decided not to pursue it. "I wonder what Batgirl can be up to?" he mused hopefully.

    Chapter 8 ---------- Catgirl's Turn

    Batgirl was up to nothing.

    She'd studied the problem from all angles and she'd looked all round the outer layout of the building but couldn't see any way of getting in from the ground. She daren't leave to get reinforcements, but just staying here and watching the Kitten's having Robin was driving her round the bend!

    "I wonder," she thought, speculating about the gap between the two building roofs. "Maybe the Bat Wire would stretch?" She took out a coil of thin, but incredibly strong, nylon rope from one of her utility belt pockets. She also had a projector capable of throwing the miniature rope about twenty yards. Would that stretch?

    Her thoughts were interrupted by events in the other building. All the Kittens were suddenly grouped round Robin, jumping up and down excitedly. It was so annoying that she couldn't hear anything! She grabbed her Bat-Goggles again for a closer look.

    Catgirl too was on her feet and she definitely could hear the delighted squeals of the Kittens as they pulled up the last of their number from Robin's still motionless form, hugging, cuddling and chattering excitedly about their sexual prowess.

    "Well, that's eight very happy Kittens," thought Catgirl excitedly, "I wonder what shape Robin's in?"

    She needn't have worried. On closer inspection she could see that he was still laying back peacefully, no sign of any wear and tear and maybe just a hint of a smile? "No, surely not," she concluded. The trance-like state continued, and most impressive of all, the flag pole was still standing! It glistened in the reflected late afternoon sunlight, bathed as it had been in the collective juices of eight sopping Kitten pussies!

    Catgirl was positively beaming as she reached forward and pulled Robin to his feet, a little shakily at first with his wrists still bound behind him, but then standing like a Greek statue for them all to admire.

    "Right, " Catgirl commanded, "that's enough playing with the Kittens. I want a private talk with you!" She waved off the ribald comments of the Kittens before grasping Robin's rigid cock and leading him purposefully towards the door into the Cat's Den. This was more difficult for Robin who had to shuffle along with his green suit pants still wrapped around his ankles.

    As she opened the door and literally pulled Robin in she called across to Vixen to join them. Catwoman had left strict instructions that there must always be two of them with Robin. She clearly wasn't taking any chances with her prize possession!

    When they were inside Catgirl led Robin onto the cushion covered floor and told him to lie back down again. There were one or two personal questions that she had for the drugged crime-fighter and by now she was pretty desperate to have some fun of her own!

    "It looks like we've got about ten minutes before the drug wears off Vixen. You settle down by the door while I have a chat with him."


    Batgirl couldn't believe that Catgirl was leading HER Robin around by his giant cock. "What a cheek!" she thought angrily, or was that envy? "Damn the little minx, just wait until I get hold of her!"

    But as they disappeared through the door, she lost track of events. The next room in the building was clearly lit, but more subtly and large, ornate curtains blocked any view.

    That finally made up her mind for her and triggered action. She was clearly going to have to try the Bat-Wire after all.


    Meanwhile Catgirl had dropped down beside Robin and taken off her pink gloves. One finger lazily trailed up and down the mighty erection as she looked into Robin's face, looking for some sign of reaction. There was none however, except for the increasingly hot and tingly feelings spreading out from her own damp mound. "Concentrate!" she told herself half heartedly.

    "Now then Robin, who exactly are you?" she asked speculatively.

    "I cannot answer that question," was the wooden response.

    "OK, where is the Bat-Cave?" she tried.

    "I cannot answer that question," was the same emotionless reply.

    "Damn, they must have some sort of auto-hypnotic protection against such forms of questioning," Catgirl muttered, "maybe if I try something personal?"

    "What do you think of Batgirl?" she asked with a smile.

    "She's lovely!" was the now enthusiastic response, "Beautiful, sensuous figure, fantastic analytical mind. I really do want her!"

    "Wow, Paydirt!" thought Catgirl, "He's got the hots for my Batgirl."

    "I wonder if she knows?" she laughed and then her eyebrows narrowed a little.

    "And what do you think of Catgirl?" she asked carefully.

    "She's dangerous!" was the quick response, "And she's given my Batgirl a lot of trouble lately. I may have to sort her out. She's a sexy little devil though in that tight fitting uniform!"

    "What!" spluttered Catgirl, "YOU'RE going to sort ME out?! Right, that does it. We'll see about that!"

    "Still, at least you thought I was sexy!" she reminded herself as she leaned forward to pull off her boots, "Fantasy time I think!" she laughed.

    As she stood over Robin, feeling her inner excitement build, she gave a cheeky grin to Vixen "My turn!"

    It took just a few seconds to release the secret fastenings on her Catgirl uniform and then she casually slipped it off revealing her own semi naked form. Just her Cat-Cowl remained as she eased the ivory French knickers over her hips and down her legs, swiftly kicking them to one side.

    Her eyes were now glued onto Robin's mighty erection. She'd been eagerly anticipating this moment for the last half an hour as the Kitten's had had their way with him and she really couldn't wait any longer to ride Robin herself.

    She briefly felt between her legs but as she'd expected she was now well lubricated so she eased herself over Robin, kneeling between his hips as her sensitive sexual lips searched out the tip of Robin's cock as it drifted between her spread legs.

    It didn't take long to capture it, and she gave out a long, low sigh of satisfaction as she eased herself down and felt the head start to probe inter her inner warmth. "Wow, that's impressive Robin!" she gasped as she dropped lower, immediately feeling herself almost filled to capacity. Robin watched impassively as the naked young woman started to rotate her hips slowly round and round, but there was no other response.

    "God, that's so, so, so nice," she whispered huskily as she manoeuvred the giant phallus around inside her. Her breathing deepened and she closed her eyes as she concentrated on savouring every nerve tingling sensation that it triggered.

    Her plan had always been that Robin should wake up with Catgirl riding him, but she was starting to feel so flustered by the waves of pleasure building up between her legs that she was wondering if she could last! Maybe she could put the brakes on a bit?

    She leaned forward, resting her tender breasts on Robin's chest, her pussy greedily hanging onto the captured animal inside her, sucking in a lungful of hair as the movement triggered vibrations up to her super-sensitive clit.

    "Jesus Robin," she gasped in frustration, "where are you!?"

    She tried hard to hold still, but in the end she couldn't stop her hips from starting to push backwards and forwards, slowly at first but then increasing in tempo. Her nipples were rubbing roughly against the fabric of Robin's suit shirt and the combination of sensations was starting to drive her even wild.

    Soon she was leaning back up, driving up and down hard onto the rigid pole that she'd impaled herself on, fingers flittering across her nipples, squeezing, tugging and flicking until her head was twisting from side to side as the pressure remorselessly built up. The high pitched gasps squeezing from between her half open lips were pure, unrestrained feline.

    What she couldn't now see were Robin's eyes flickering. A spark of life had suddenly appeared, immediately clouded by confusion as he attempted to take in his surroundings. Suddenly he was overwhelmed by the sensations that had been building up un-noticed in his own loins, starting to feel the magical hot sensations overwhelm him as Catgirl's vagina pumped up and down on his massive erection.

    "Aaaaaaargh," he gasped between gritted teeth.

    This too went un-noticed as Catgirl continued to pound away enthusiastically on top of him, determined to get some respite from the climax that now seemed tantalizingly within reach. Somewhere at the back of her mind, she felt the rod coming to life within her, pulsating and pushing hard back at her. It was too late to register as rational thought though as her fingers desperately searched out her clit, finally bringing on the colossal orgasm that she so desperately craved.

    The strangled cry that escaped her lips as her body dissolved into a mass of convulsions was tinged with amazement as she vaguely felt Robin's own climax explode inside her, filling her with his own hot juices.

    She felt absolutely drained as she collapsed forwards onto Robin's chest.

    When she dragged her eyes open she found herself looking straight into Robin's wakeful young eyes. There was no sign of trance, just confusion and annoyance.

    "Catgirl!! What the hell are you doing!"

    "I should have thought it was pretty obvious!" she snapped back, irritated at being dragged so quickly out of her post climax lethargy.

    He was struggling with his bindings now but Catgirl's weight had him pinned down, and more importantly, her vagina lips still clung onto his resting member.

    "But why????" he was conscious again but still bewildered, memory still cloudy.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Revenge

    Catgirl place her elbows on either side of his chest and cupped her face in her hands, smiling down cheekily at his confused expression. "Well you young stud! Don't tell me you can't remember seeing to all the Kittens earlier?"

    "What!" he responded in horror, "I wouldn't do any such thing.......................would I?"

    She continued the cheesy grin and nodded silently back.

    "Jumping Jackrabbits! Me?" but a smile was crossing his face, "Really?"

    "Really," she responded, "And don't tell me you didn't enjoy yourself with me, I can still feel your juices slopping about!"

    "Oh My God! Did I? I thought I was dreaming! Gosh, I'm really sorry Catgirl."

    "Don't be soppy! It was really, really good," she laughed back enthusiastically, "I think that you and me might have a thing going here."

    "But we can't," he responded, confusion mounting, "you're with Catwoman!!"

    "Oh, she's not all bad," responded Catgirl airily. "Maybe you should join up with us? We could really have some fun then!" she added half in jest, but as Robin's face clouded she quickly added, "But anyway, there's nothing to stop US getting together every now and then is there?"

    His face brightened as he considered the possibility.

    Catgirl's face also brightened.

    With a shocked tone, she spluttered "Robin, I don't believe it! You can't be ready again so quickly?!"

    Robin's expression developed a sheepish grin as he felt his cock hardening and gradually started to expand remorselessly into Catgirl's damp, inner cave again.

    Her eyes widened in awe as she felt it growing larger and larger, forcing its way back into her until she seemed completely full again! Her pussy still felt radiant after her climax and within seconds, it was tingling and sending waves of pleasure through her again. Without any conscious thought, her hips were swaying backwards and forwards again, her eyes closing as she concentrated on the delectable feel of the resurgent beast drawing in and out.

    "Jesus Robin," she gasped as she swung herself back up, forcing the now rampant cock as deep into her as she could, "you're absolutely fantastic!"

    Any further conversation was impossible as she gasped again as Robin began to join in, forcing hard back upwards with his hips to meet each downward plunge from Catgirl's drenched cavern. Robin was now determined not to be outdone. He soaked up the sensuous image of Catgirl's lithe, glistening body bouncing up and down on his giant erection, her superb breasts dancing around in all directions. Her riding became increasingly frenetic, sweat bathing both their bodies as they abandoned themselves to bringing on another great climax. The waves of pleasure were remorselessly driving Catgirl over the top again as she pumped harder and harder, meeting each of Rob's determined thrusts with ones of her own, the shattering collisions as their bodies met sending powerful vibrations through her clit and finally tipping her over the edge.

    "Oh yessssssssssssss!" she squealed as she felt a new orgasm ripping through her. Robin gasped and came inside her again, firing his hot seed deep into her welcoming depths for a second time.

    It was all so blissful that she hadn't noticed the commotion behind her, and was only vaguely aware of Vixen's inert looking body dropping onto the cushions beside her.

    She did notice the purple clad arm wrap itself around her neck though, forcing her head to one side as a finger started to apply pressure to a sensitive point. She was struggling hard to break surface from the sea of pleasure that had engulfed her entire body when she heard a familiar but distant sounding voice and then the dark waves of unconsciousness closed in over her.

    "Bad Catgirl! It's my turn now. Lights out time!"

    Chapter 9 -----------Robin's Reluctant Rescue

    Batgirl was not best pleased.

    As she let the inert figure of Catgirl drop back onto Robin, she gave her young colleague a withering look as he spluttered back into life himself.

    "I can't leave you five minutes can I without you going round and having it off with all the opposition!"

    Robin spluttered again, suddenly defensive, "It's not my fault. I was drugged, and ..............." He tailed off as he recalled the last Catgirl session, realising what Batgirl must have seen.

    "Exactly!" responded Batgirl knowingly as she eased Catgirl's still form off Robin, finally releasing his now spent phallus.

    It wasn't that she was jealous she thought angrily, but "You didn't need to be so enthusiastic about it!" she spat, recalling the scene as she'd burst into the room.

    "Look, there's no time for this, "she added reluctantly as she had plenty more to say! "Catwoman's mob are all over the place."

    Quickly she reached around Robin's back and cut open the bindings allowing the young crime-fighter to roll to one side, sit up and flex his hands.

    "You might want to pull up your pants!" she snapped, indicating the ruffled green material wrapped round his ankles, "Then come and help me with these two."

    After Robin was dressed again, he helped Batgirl place Vixen on her tummy, stretching out her arms and legs on the cushioned floor, before going over to the first door and wedging it shut.

    "I'm going to give Catgirl something to think about this time!" a still seething Batgirl exclaimed, turning her adversary's inert form onto her back and then lifting her on top of Vixen. She pulled Catgirl's limp arms down behind her, lifting Vixen slightly and threading them under Vixen's bosom before tying the wrists together. When she let the two unconscious women down again Catgirl's shoulders was stretched tight, her breasts standing proudly and her arms pinned beneath Vixen. Catgirl's bottom was lying squarely on top of Vixen's, forcing her damp pussy high into the air as her legs dangled down below her. It was a spectacular sight!

    Proud of her quick thinking, Batgirl bent down to unhook Vixen's stockings from her suspenders drawing them quickly down her muscular dark legs, before gripping each of Catgirls ankles and using the stockings to bind them to the outside of Vixen's legs. Finally, it only took a couple of cushions between Vixen's legs to force them wide apart allowing Batgirl to stand back and admire her handiwork.

    Robin was looking at the sight of his recent lover's body stretched across the back of Vixen with some trepidation.

    "You're not going to hurt her are you?" he queried uncertainly.

    "And what would it be to you!" Batgirl snapped back, but then softened as she saw the expression on his face. "No, just for you I won't do anything that bad .................. but I do plan to have a serious chat with her!" she added.

    With that she told Robin how to get up onto the roof, about the Bat-Wire that she'd finally stretched across the gap so that they could retreat onto the other building roof, and told him to get going.

    As Robin headed for the door, he turned, still not sure whether to trust Batgirl. He'd never seen her looking so furious.

    "Go on, get out of here you chump!" laughed Batgirl, "I promise your new girlfriend won't suffer......"

    "Much!" she added quietly as Robin skipped out of the room.

    Chapter 10 ------------------------ Batgirl's Turn

    Batgirl paused again to admire Catgirl's beautiful naked body. Her still form was covered by a light sheen of glistening sweat after her exertions with Robin, highlighting her sensual curves. In her current highly frustrated state Batgirl was finding it incredibly distracting, but after a quick glance to confirm that the door into the Kittens lounge was still wedged, she pulled out a couple of phials from her utility belt.

    The first she wafted under Vixen's nose to no obvious effect. "There," she said to herself, "that'll keep you out for a good while!"

    Then she kneeled down next to Catgirl's face and wafted smelling salts under her adversaries nose, watching closely and smiling as the cowled face twisted away from the pungent odour. This was going to be so much fun! Especially after all the orgasmic torture she'd endured at Catgirl's hands recently.

    Getting into the spirit, Batgirl bent down over one of Catgirl's straining orbs, capturing the pink nipple in her mouth and giving it a little workout with her tongue. She heard Catgirl's quick intake of breathe as awareness came back with a flood before Batgirl nibbled hard with her teeth.

    "Ouch!" gasped Catgirl in surprise.

    Batgirl lifted her head. "Hello you evil little minx, remember me?" she said with a devilish smile spreading across her face.

    "Batgirl! What? How?" gasped Catgirl again. Then, "Ohhhhh noooooooo..........." as she realised that she was bound. She struggled vainly for a few minutes, but Vixen was like a dead weight beneath her. She soon realised that her arms were trapped somewhere below her, but at first couldn't understand what the soft mound below her bottom was, forcing her hips and pussy so high into the air. Eventually by straining her head sideways, she recognised the back of Vixen's head below her and finally understood her predicament, and how vulnerable she was to whatever Batgirl might be planning!

    "Oh my God!" she whispered to herself as she looked into Batgirl's deep brown eyes, only too well aware of the orgasmic torture that she'd inflicted on her adversary recently, and the devilish smile didn't indicate any likelihood of mercy in return! She shivered at the prospect, but couldn't ignore the electric response from her already sensitive pussy as her mind accepted her state of helplessness with a thrill of anticipation.

    "Thought that you'd enjoy getting up close to one of your Kittens," Batgirl whispered sweetly, admiring Catgirl's lithe figure as her muscles strained to break free. "Why do naked women get me going so much?" she wondered yet again as she felt the sweet tingling beginning to spread between her legs, "Concentrate!"

    "Now, first things first," she said to Catgirl conversationally as she waved a finger in front of her face, "I think that it's fine for you and me to indulge in a bit of fun from time to time, but I draw the line at you molesting young Robin."

    "He seemed pretty enthusiastic to me!" snapped back Catgirl with vigour.

    "That's not the point," responded Batgirl illogically, "he's not yours to have, so leave him alone!"

    "So you've got the hots for him as well have you?" was the catty response, "Does he know?"

    "That's nothing to do with you!" snapped Batgirl defensively, not liking the direction that this was going. To distract Catgirl she caressed the other breast briefly before taking a nipple between thumb and finger. "Now how does this go?" she was smiling again as she tweaked the nipple hard, sending an excited shiver running right through Catgirl. "I think that was how you did it wasn't it?"

    Catgirl had sucked in a deep breath and was about to scream for help when a gloved hand clamped itself over her mouth.

    "Hey, it's too early for the cavalry Catgirl!" said Batgirl as she scanned round looking for something to use as a gag, eyes lighting up as she spotted Catgirl's ivory knickers on the floor next to them. With a quick scoop of her hand the bunched up knickers were stuffed into Catgirl's mouth, muffling the attempted cry for help. Catgirl's eyes narrowed in anger as she looked on in frustration. This reminded Batgirl that time was limited though.

    "I'd love to chat longer," said Batgirl in mock disappointment, "but I really must be getting back to Robin. That's MY Robin as far as you're concerned!" she added waspishly.

    "But I won't go without leaving you a present. After that session with Leopard Man, I've been looking forward to meeting up with you again, so I've come up with something to return the compliment. You know, something to give you a bit of a buzz!"

    As the words tripped out, Batgirl reached into a belt pocket and pulled out a small, black winged shape device. At closer inspection it resembled the wings of a bat, with a smaller yellow bat symbol in the middle, and some small metallic looking fittings underneath. Batgirl held it up for Catgirl to inspect.

    "I'm sure a modern girl like you will know what a 'butterfly' is Catgirl," she watched as Catgirl's eyes widened and continued with a large smile on her face, "I've developed this myself ...................... just for you. Just to get your clit going a bit while I'm not here! I was thinking of calling it a Bat-Fly, but really that sounds like something that horses get so we'll stick with the original shall we? You'll notice no straps?"

    Catgirl nodded silently. "I'm going to glue it on. Superglue in fact," said Batgirl proudly.

    Catgirl was suddenly panicking at the thought. That would be permanent damage surely, and to her most prized possession. "Hrmphhhhhhhh," she mumbled distantly from behind the gag as her head thrashed from side to side in horror.

    Batgirl had already pulled another small phial of clear looking jelly from her belt and was smearing the metallic underside. Catgirl's struggles intensified as Batgirl started towards her hips and thrusting pussy.

    "Oh, don't be such a wimp Catgirl!" laughed Batgirl, "it's not really superglue, but even so it'll take a good hour for your juices to break down the suction so that you can get it off. Battery powered for even longer! Still, that should be long enough for you to have a really wonderful time don't you think?!!"

    With that she bent down over Catgirl's straining pussy. It was still running with juices after Robin's attentions earlier and the lips were wide open, leaving all Catgirl's pink inner folds bared. Batgirl paused for a moment, feeling the excitement building in her own damp jungle, indulging herself in the sensuous sight. In the end she couldn't resist bending further and suckling briefly at the well, before giving the little button-like clit a quick lick.

    "Mmmmmm, you taste good Catgirl. We must do this again some time!" she whispered huskily.

    Then she spent a few minutes easing the 'butterfly' into place, sliding the metalic contacts onto the folds around Catgirl's now fully expectant clit. Finally, when she was satisfied with the placing, she looked back up at Catgirl. Her expression had moved on from horror to a kind of dreamy acceptance as her clit started to tingle with the cool touch of the butterfly.

    Another dip into her utility belt and Batgirl produced a small white control unit that she wafted in front of Catgirl's now thoroughly frustrated face.

    "Can't do without one of these can we?" she said happily as she switched the unit on, a small red light blinking on.

    Catgirl's eyes lit up as she suddenly felt the pulsating vibrations that the 'butterfly' was feeding directly onto her sensitive clit. The long 'Ooooooooooh' of pleasure was lost in the gag and after a few seconds she realised that the frequency was randomly changing, causing the floods of pleasure to spring up and abate like the waves on a beach. "Oh God!!" she thought distantly as she desperately fought to remain in control

    "And this one will be the 'Intensity' I suppose," grinned Batgirl mercilessly as she twisted a dial, causing the waves of pleasure to build to even higher peaks before crashing through her straining victim.

    "Aaaaaaaaagh" cried Catgirl into her knickers as she felt an intense orgasm already bubbling just under the surface.

    "And this blue button here? Now what was that for?" asked Batgirl in apparent wonder.

    "Well, let's just press it and see shall we?" her thumb squeezing down hard, resulting in a sudden intense burst of vibration from the 'butterfly' sending Catgirl into the most wonderfully intense orgasm as her body bucked away uncontrollably on top of the unconscious Vixen.

    "Mmmmmmm," said an impressed Batgirl, "now that's what I call a climax!"

    Catgirl was still twitching a little as the butterfly's underlying vibrations continued to keep her on a high, but her eyes eventually flickered, almost painfully open. She was breathing hard, and could feel the pressure from between her legs building again almost immediately. "Nooooooooo" she spluttered into the gag as she realized that this would just go on and on and on!

    "Oh Yes! It's you turn to suffer now you little devil," whispered Batgirl into her ear as she cradled her young adversary's head in her hands, "and don't forget what I told you about Robin!"

    She suddenly spun round as she heard a noise at the jammed door.

    "Ooops, got to go Catgirl. Pass my best wishes to Catwoman!" she said as she headed quickly across the room, "Enjoy yourself!!"

    Pausing at the door, she couldn't resist hitting the blue button again and watching in delight as Catgirl's muffled scream and bucking hips signalled yet another devastating climax.

    Unfortunately, the banging on the opposite door was getting increasingly frenetic and, with a sigh of disappointment, Batgirl slipped out and dashed down the empty corridor to the staircase.

    Chapter 11 ----------- Escape

    When she reached the roof Batgirl quickly scanned around her, but it was deserted. She breathed sigh of relief. On the opposite roof, Robin was beckoning urgently.

    "No time to lose!" she thought as she dashed over to the edge where the Bat-Wire was secured, grabbed it with her hands, hooked her legs over and started pulling herself quickly across the gaping chasm below her.

    At the other end, Robin's strong hands grasped her and helped her twist off the wire and jump up beside him.

    "What took you so long!" he accused in concern, "I thought that Catwoman must have got you! And I can't raise Batman on the Bat-Phone!"

    Batgirl was busy unhooking the Bat-Wire, flicking it hard to release the catch loop at the other end and drawing it back to their side of the gap.

    "Oh, Catgirl and I had a few things to discuss," she replied mysteriously as she cradled the white control unit in her hand, "I think that she's getting the message though!"

    "What's that?" queried Robin.

    "Press the button Robin, and you'll see," responded Batgirl mischievously, as she handed the control over.

    Robin looked at the device closely before tentatively pressing the blue button, his head snapping sideways as he heard the distant, muffled sounding cry float across from the other building.

    "What???!" he gasped, almost dropping it.

    Batgirl had an evil looking grin on her face as she took it back, pausing a few minutes before pressing the button again and listening in satisfaction for the muffled cry.

    "You know Robin," she added putting her arm round his shoulder, "I think that Catgirl's having a really BIG day today. She'll think twice before crossing us again!"

    She was cut short as Robin dragged her backwards across the roof.

    "What the ......." she gasped as she struggled free and turned around, "Oh....!"

    Catwoman had appeared on the opposite roof with two of her henchmen. She didn't look happy at all, and was already unclipping the bull whip at her hip.

    "Bat-Bitch!!!" she shouted in fury, striding towards the roof edge arm already flinging the whip expertly forward. Luckily, Batgirl had taken another instinctive step backwards as the tip of the whip snapped the air viscously just a foot from her nose. She could almost smell the hot leather!

    "Wow!" exclaimed Robin from a safer distance, "she really seems to have got it in for you Batgirl. We'd better get away before the reinforcements arrive!" and with that they dashed over to the fire escape, taking the steps three at a time as they headed for safety.

    When they reached the bottom, Batgirl paused for a moment and hit the blue button on the control again but she was disappointed that she couldn't hear the resultant effect on Catgirl, masked as they were by the buildings. "Damn!" she swore in disappointment as she jumped onto her bike and hit the starter, glancing back briefly as Robin climbed on the back, waiting for his hands to grip round her waist.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Revenge

    Robin enthusiastically snuggled his hips closely around Batgirl as she bent over the bike and she was immediately distracted by the hard bulge nudging between her rear cheeks.

    "Robin!" she gasped, but he just pushed a little harder with his hips and responded nonchalantly, "Come on, we need to get out of here!"

    She couldn't argue with that, kicked into gear and shot off away from the warehouse complex and just in time as Catwoman's men tumbled out of the adjacent building.

    Chapter 12---------- Robin's Turn (to explain)

    The trip up back into central Gotham was quick as Batgirl scythed through the early evening traffic. She was proud of her riding abilities, tested as they were this trip when she felt Robin's hands inching up from her waist until he was now hanging onto her by her shapely, purple suited breasts. It was, she thought, distracting, dangerous, foolhardy and............well, rather nice, particularly as she was still feeling distinctly horny after her voyeuristic afternoon! She knew that she should have stopped and put the damper on Robin's ardour, but she was getting so confused about her feelings that she decided to just ride on and enjoy the experience.

    When they finally reached the Commissioner's building, she headed straight down to the underground car-park, police guards waving her straight through. She pulled up by the lift shaft, switched off and kicked down the bike's stand. Then she tried to disentangle herself from Robin, who seemed distinctly reluctant to let go.

    "Come on Robin, we need to update Batman!" she exclaimed as she struggled to dismount with Robin still hanging onto her bosom, if anything pushing the bulging pants closer into the gap between her bottom cheeks. "It's not funny!" she gasped as she tried hard to ignore the warmth welling up from her pussy.

    In the end she lost patience and twisted herself free, sending Robin sprawling to the ground.

    "Oh dear," she gasped in concern, "I didn't mean to hurt you!"

    But Robin was grinning broadly as he took her hand and pulled himself up.

    "That was the best bike ride I've ever been on!" he gushed, starting to pull Batgirl towards him, eyes glistening under the mask, "Let's do it again!"

    Batgirl was starting to wonder if this was the after effects of the drugs, but she was also reluctant to believe that it was anything other than her womanly allure that was attracting him.

    "Anyway," she added snidely, "after you've had all of the Kittens AND had a go at Catgirl, I doubt you'd have the energy?!"

    Strangely, Robin took the question seriously.

    "No Barbara," he smiled back, taking her hand again, "I'm really okay. I think the second time with Catgirl was pretty hot, but I don't really remember the Kittens."

    "Why has he suddenly switched to my alter-ego's name 'Barbara Gordon'," she wondered fleetingly before the actual words had registered.

    "What do you mean, SECOND time with Catgirl!" she thundered, snatching back her hand.

    Poor Robin was still blissfully unaware of the danger of his position and ploughed on.

    "Well, the first time I was still partially under from the drugs so I only really got going the second time round. Catgirl was really good though, it was fantastic ..................," his voice trailed off as Batgirl's furious expression finally registered. "I errrrr don't think it was as good as It would be with you though," he finished lamely.

    "I THOUGHT you looked to be going at it enthusiastically when I rescued you!!" she roared again, "I thought it was the drugs, but you just couldn't show even a bit of self-control could you! Bloody male egos!!!"

    At this she stamped her foot down hard on one of Robin's feet, twirled imperiously away and headed for the lift. Robin hopped painfully after her professing his innocence. She ignored him.

    When the lift reached the Commissioner's floor, Batgirl flounced out leaving Robin to limp along in her wake. Staff knew that the two had been missing and there was a general commotion around the offices as they went through to the Commissioner's door.

    Pushing it purposefully open, Batgirl was confronted with an amazing sight. The Commissioner looked up in surprise, shock being replaced by warmth as he got to his feet. Batman was sat slumped in one of the sofas, head bowed and held in his hands.

    "Batgirl!" exclaimed the Commissioner.

    At the sound, Batman jumped up and to Batgirl's amazement, strode over and wrapped his arms round her, hugging her to him. "Thank God your safe!" he breathed. Batgirl's surprise at the sudden warmth of his embrace, and the feel of his marvellously toned body pressing into her flustered her for a moment. She was a few inches shorter than Batman, but as she looked up into his concerned eyes she had an overwhelming urge to lift herself up on her toes to cover his firm, strong lips with her own.

    Too late! Robin had finally limped into the room behind Batgirl.

    "Robin!! You're injured!" gasped Batman quickly releasing the confused Batgirl and almost carrying Robin over to one of the chairs.

    "Oh, it's nothing," he replied airily, "I errrr sprained it a bit getting off Batgirl's bike."

    Batgirl raised her eyebrows wearily but said nothing, difficult as that was given Batman's next comment.

    "Batgirl, I don't know why you insist on going around on that dangerous thing."

    Then the Commissioner finally butted in and saved her replying, "But what happened to you, we've been at our wits end!"

    Batgirl was considering her words when Robin jumped in and told them the story. When it came to the incident with the Kittens and Catgirl, he skated over the details quickly professing not to remember much. At this point his eyes settled on Batgirl, imploring her not to add anything. Batgirl pursed her lips again and said nothing. Then Robin got onto his rescue by Batgirl and was so gushing in his praise that she was suddenly bathing in the warm congratulations from the two older men. "Oh well," she thought, "maybe I'll let Robin off for once!"

    Robin didn't escape quite so easily though as the Commissioner picked up the photograph from his desk. "Don't you remember this then?" he asked innocently as he passed it to the young crime-fighter.

    Robin took one look and gasped, "Oh ..................errr is that me?" Batgirl was watching his expression closely and detected a glint of a smile as he saw the size of his erection on the photograph. "It's just the blue drug," she added scathingly, "always exaggerates a boy's reactions!"

    She was more interested in the wording of the message. "Who's this 'Informant' you've got in her organisation?" she asked Batman pointedly.

    This time it was his turn to look uncomfortable. "I do have a source, but it's very delicate. I hate to keep secrets, but I really can't disclose anything. It was a solemn promise," he added eventually.

    Batgirl decided not to ask whether he'd been prepared to give up his source to Catwoman. She had an uncomfortable feeling about the answer.

    Batman wanted to change the subject quickly, and was suddenly all business, "Right Commissioner, let's get some men organised to raid the warehouse. Catwoman's probably gone by now, but you never know!"

    The Commissioner got up, and followed Batman to the door before turning to the two younger partners, "Get some rest you two, it sounds like you deserve it!"

    Batgirl went over to his desk to have another look at the photograph and didn't hear Robin follow. When she turned round, he was just a couple of feet away.

    "Thanks Barbara," he mumbled, "and I'm really sorry about earlier. The drugs I guess, I just don't know what came over me."

    He looked so incredibly forlorn, with his black, wavy hair tumbling across his forehead, that she didn't resist as his face reached inexorably forward towards hers. Inevitably, almost magically their lips touched and Batgirl breathed out a long sigh as she absorbed the wild, confused messages flooding her brain.

    Her lips had instinctively met his with a firm response and the kiss was developing into an uncontrollable passionate affair as Batgirl struggled to collect her confused thoughts. Batman, Catgirl, Susan and now Robin! Where was this all going? It was too much, too soon she desperately realised as she reluctantly dragged herself backwards away from those exquisite lips.

    She was breathing hard, and feeling incredibly horny again! Despite that she attempted to lighten the moment.

    "Hey, down Robin, there's only so much gratitude that a girl can take you know!"

    Robin wasn't fooled, he'd felt the response from her lips and wanted more. Much more! But he had the sense not to push his luck this time.

    "I want to show you more than just gratitude Barbara! But hey, maybe later?" With that he turned away and headed through the door after Batman, still limping noted Batgirl a little guiltily now.

    "What the hell now?" she finally thought, frustration surging through her.

    After a moment's hesitation she picked up the phone and dialled an extension.

    "Detective Reid please, "she paused for a few minutes as her fingers drifted absent-mindedly to her crotch, "Oh hi Susan, Barbara here," she continued huskily, "can you still get away tonight? I really need to see you."

    A vision of the two of them on her bed had surged into her mind, naked bodies intertwined, fingers and lips everywhere.

    "God!" she continued excitedly as her fingers continued to massage her damp pussy through her suit, "I really, REALLY do need you!"

    She paused, listening intently.

    "Half an hour?! You bet! See you there babe!!"

    Chapter 13 ------------Catwoman makes a Promise

    They'd arrived at their back-up place a while ago.

    After finally being released and brought round, Vixen had been busy organising the transfer and all had gone smoothly, Batman not arriving in time to interrupt their getaway.

    She was now at the door leading into the new Cat's Den, but she had paused as she'd raised her fist to knock. She was a powerful woman, and there wasn't much that frightened her, but Catwoman's current mood was so dark that even she had to take a deep breath before tapping the door and entering.

    "Everything's in place, Mistress. We're fully up and running again."

    The sinister, black suited figure of Catwoman was sitting cross-legged on cushions with her back to the door. She turned her head briefly to acknowledge Vixen's message. On the floor next to her lay Catgirl, her sweat covered body now wrapped in her white robe, her head lying in Catwoman's lap.

    "Thanks Vixen, you may go," Catwoman responded, before adding intensely, "And now I don't want to be disturbed!"

    As the door closed again, Catwoman returned to stroking Catgirl's face, running her fingers gently through her greasy hair, murmuring gentle platitudes to her exhausted young partner.

    The butterfly had done its job well. Catgirl had been racked by one intense orgasm after another for over an hour before the infernal machine had finally fallen off. Catwoman had tried everything, but had been powerless to do anything but hold her close as the ceaseless convulsions ripped through Catgirl's lithe young body.

    Finally, after the torment had ended, she'd fallen into a deep, exhausted sleep in Catwoman's lap, where she now lay. Peaceful at last, breathing slowly and shallowly as her body recovered from the immense sexual highs that she'd experienced.

    Catwoman continued to stroke Catgirl's head soothingly, but she was now staring into mid-air, her face contorted with anger as she finally squeezed out the words that had been boiling up inside her for so long.

    "You're going to pay for this Batgirl! You're really, really going to regret today!!"

    The End (for now)

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