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    Default A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Dilemma

    A Day in Gotham -- 3- Batgirl's Dilemma

    Chapter 1 Good Dream, Bad Dream?

    She woke up with a start, instantly awake and scanning her surroundings urgently. What had happened!?

    Her heart was racing, but her breathing quickly returned to normal as her brain registered the air of normality in the bedroom. The early morning Gotham City sunlight was streaming through the curtains and already it felt pleasantly warm as her home city prepared itself for another baking hot mid-Summer day.

    She slowly surveyed the bedroom again, wondering what on earth had caused her to wake up with such a start, but there was nothing out of place.

    A bad dream maybe? A nightmare perhaps?

    Whatever it was had left her bed looking like a train wreck. During the Summer she liked to sleep nude under a large white satin sheet. Now the sheet was twisted and entwined around one of her muscular thighs, and even the under-sheet was curled up and crumpled beneath her with the matching pillow nowhere to be seen.

    As she propped herself up on her left elbow, she realised that her body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat, making her beautifully proportioned legs glisten slightly as the morning sun-rays bounced off the lower half of her naked body. As her gaze travelled upwards she was soon aware that her equally well proportioned breasts were also covered in the same fine sheen of sweat. Why?

    Then, with a start, she felt that her brown-pink nipples were almost painfully erect, straining away from the firm round mounds beneath them.

    As she gazed at the erect nipples, her confusion surfaced "What the....?" she thought, and then felt her right hand automatically sliding down her side as if it had a mind of its own. She didn't stop it though as it drifted further across her tummy and became lightly entangled in the curly brown hair of her pussy.

    "Jesus!" she thought as the fingertips delved a little further down and felt the damp, almost oily lips of her sex ready to part at the slightest touch, "That must have been one hell of a dream!" But for the life of her she couldn't recall the subject. With regret, she knew that she ought to be moving. She had an urgent appointment that morning, but couldn't resist letting the finger tips run lightly backwards and forwards along the damp crevice, wallowing in the flood of warmth spreading out from between her legs. Then, with a snort of either annoyance or regret (or both!), she snatched her hand away from its burrowing and sat up abruptly.

    "Come on Barbara Gordon," she said to herself, "Got to get on!" But she felt a part of her mind promising to continue her little fantasy at a more convenient time. With that little half promise, she got up and sauntered breezily into the bathroom.

    After washing and showering, she headed back into the bedroom, still delightfully naked, but with a towel turbaned around her wet auburn hair and sat down in front of a large, modern dressing table. In front of the main mirror she proceeded to dry her hair and apply her make-up in preparation for the day ahead. After she was satisfied that her beautiful, strong features were suitably highlighted she stood up and opened one of the drawers. She rummaged briefly through the soft silky lingerie before extracting a pair of black, lacy panty briefs. As she stood back from the dressing table, she couldn't resist standing in front of the long mirror, taking that 'artistic' pose with her back to the mirror, but twisting round so that her strong, pert breasts were in profile and drawn even tauter as she raised her hands together above her head and smiled wickedly at herself in the reflection. The results of her regular work outs were plain to see as her shapely calves led up to strong and muscular thighs, a hint of curly hair in profile before moving onto a firm belly and well muscled back. Her skin felt radiant, and she couldn't help but release a narcissist sigh as she admired her well toned form. "Healthy and strong, yet not over the top and ugly!" she congratulated herself.

    Giving up the pose, she swung back around and stepped into the black panties, quickly drawing them up her legs, and pulling them over her hips, using her fingers to smooth them around her waist and drawing them up between her legs immediately feeling another little tingle as the material wrapped itself around her labia lips, reminding her how she'd felt when she awoke. "Stop it!" she thought urgently as she caught her hand drifting down over the soft panty material.

    So, with a little sigh, she leaned forward over the dressing table and did a strange thing.

    Her arms stretched to either side of the wide dressing table and simultaneously pressed into two panels at opposite ends.

    With a little 'Whoosh' of some internal mechanism being triggered, the whole dressing table began to twist backwards and sideways, opening up a passage to a small, well lit room behind.

    Chapter 2Transition

    The room was surprisingly large with a workbench and tools down one side, cupboards containing an array of chemicals and electronic devices and a lab bench on the other. Concealed lighting in the roof gave off a soft, yellow glow.

    At the far end was a skeletal contraption holding a dark purple, shiny body suit with the symbol of a bat in flight etched in yellow across the bosom. The accompanying accessories of the costume, black knee length boots, black arm length gloves, a matching purple hooded cowl, yellow cape and her trademark fiery red wig lay on a table next to the suit. Her heart quickened as she contemplated the transition into her alter-ego, Batgirl.

    Suddenly she paused, half way across the room and a frown spread across her beautiful features. The sight of the suit had re-ignited the faint memories of the dream that had just troubled her. She realised that it was something to do with Catwoman and, more particularly, her feisty new partner Catgirl. But still couldn't remember the details.

    She was annoyed at the thought of Catwoman intruding into her thoughts again. What made it worse was that her feline nemesis had bested her on the last three occasions that they'd met, and she couldn't help but glance down to her bare thighs, the bruising from being hog-tied having only just faded away.

    The memories of Catgirl were different. She was younger, probably in her early twenties and had only recently teamed up with her more senior partner, but whereas Catwoman was basically just a criminal, intent on making money from wherever she could, Catgirl seemed to get most of her pleasure from teasing Batgirl! The thought brought an on involuntary tingle from between Barbara's legs as she recalled the orgasmic tortures that she'd undergone from the little feline minx at their last encounter. Then came the frustration and embarrassment of having to be rescued, nude, by Batman! How was she ever going to get Bruce to take her seriously as a partner (and as a woman!) when he was always having to come to her aid?

    With a shrug, she put these thoughts to one side and strode over to the costume, glancing irritably up at the wall clock and realising that she was going to be late for her appointment with the Commissioner and Batman.

    Quickly she pulled down the suit from its hanger, feeling the smooth, sexy, yet almost impenetrable surface run across her fingers. The suit was one piece, but split down the back to just below the hips. She carefully stepped into first one leg and then the other, pulling the suit up so that the armoured crotch material had snugly enveloped her panty covered sensitive areas. With practiced hands she then pulled the suit around her, easing her firm breasts into the built in armoured containers at the front of the suit before finally putting her arms in and shrugging the suit around the front of her body. She then performed some well rehearsed contortions to reach behind her with her fingers, running them up her spine to her neck as the material of the suit sealed itself behind her.

    The boots and arm gloves were tightly fitting, but quickly put on and she then reached across to the workbench to pick up her gold looking utility belt, wrapping it around her waist and snapping the batgirl motif belt buckle together at the front . Finally she fastened the cape around her shoulders, put on the flame red wig and pulled over her head cowl fastening around the wig to the suit at her neck.

    There was a quick, practiced look in the mirror, a slight adjustment to the cowl, a devilish little pout of the lips as she admired her appearance and she was ready. "Barbara Gordon, meet Batgirl" she laughed.

    Having reset the secret door from the bedroom, she stepped into a hidden lift at the back of the room which whizzed her down to the basement garage where her Bat-Bike was waiting. She quickly threw her leg over the big 1000cc frame and switched on. The engine caught immediately and there was an instant erotic moment as her thighs wrapped themselves around the throbbing frame which Batgirl had to put out of her mind as she pressed the button to open the secret door exit.

    She felt immediately invigorated in the fresh morning air, pulling speedily out of an industrial estate complex and onto the main road into uptown Gotham. She realised that she was still going to be late so, felling slightly guilty that she wasn't on an emergency call, she activated the 'Express City' button on the bike. This caused all the traffic lights in her path to change to green as she approached, ensuring a speedy run right through to the Commissioner's Office.

    Chapter 3A Devious Plot

    Batgirl parked next to the Bat-mobile at the front of Police Headquarters. Aware of the time, she dashed up the steps into the building, acknowledging with a smile the many waves and shouts as she crossed the foyer and headed into the Commissioner's Office.

    She exchanged a warm greeting with Gloria, the Commissioners ancient secretary and was immediately buzzed into the large imposing room.

    Commissioner Gordon sat behind his huge oak desk, tipping back in his chair as he laughed at some quip that Batman had made as she entered. Batman and Robin were standing on either side, Batman in particular looking a little tetchy.

    "You're late again!" he accused as she sauntered over and took an easy chair on one side of the room. "And hello to you too Batman!" she shot back, irked at Batman's tone.

    "Now, now you two," said the Commissioner, instantly acting as peacemaker, "I'm sure Batgirl was just held up somewhere."

    "Exactly." she replied with a smile at the old man. "Or overslept!" added Batman.

    "Wha......," she responded, but didn't finish as Robin made a comment that left her a little stunned.

    "If it was extra beauty sleep, then it's worked Batgirl. You look gorgeous today!"

    That seemed to leave the Commissioner and Batman speechless as well as they exchanged glances.

    "Well errr, maybe we'd better get on," stuttered the Commissioner, "Would you explain to Batgirl about the latest devilish plot that we've unearthed Batman?"

    With that Batman clicked into business. It transpired that recently one of the Gotham City Finance committee members had suffered a minor heart attack. This wouldn't have been news in itself, except for the fact that he was found in the bed of his rather young and attractive secretary. Again this might have raised eyebrows, but not much else, even in the staid circles of Gotham's elite had the secretary not been found a day or so later cuddling naked up to her employer in his bed in the hospital just as his wife arrived. In the ensuing scandal it had emerged that the young lady's behaviour had suddenly changed a week or so earlier, her personality having switched from a demur church-going conservative, to a raving nymphomaniac almost overnight.

    Batgirl was intrigued to hear the juicy scandal, but didn't see why this would come into their territory. However, Batman continued before she could jump in.

    "The Commissioner was astute enough to wonder if this was a solitary case, and put out some feelers amongst his colleagues."

    "And I was astounded to find out that three other secretaries appear to have undergone behaviour changes within the last month as well!" said the Commissioner heatedly. "And guess what....... they are all secretaries of Finance Committee members!"

    "We've had a chat with these gentlemen," continued Batman, "and strangely enough they're distinctly reticent about their relationships with the women. We think that they're under their devious sexual spells."

    "And guess how many committee members need to sign-off major payouts from City funds?" chipped in Robin.

    Batgirl immediately saw where this was going. "Four?" she tentatively responded.

    "Close," said Robin, "Five."

    "But that means we're one short?" queried Batgirl.

    "Exactly!" jumped in Batman, "There must be another secretary that is due to be transformed."

    "And out of the three that are left only one is young!" continued Robin in triumph.

    "So, who would that be?" finished a now attentive Batgirl.

    Batman smiled at his three colleagues, "Let's go next door and you'll see."

    With that the four of them trooped into the adjoining office where a couple of blondes were sat next to each other on a sofa, chatting together easily.

    At first Batgirl thought they must be twins. They both wore the same dark red suits, jackets unbuttoned over white blouses and with black belts clinging to narrow waists. They both dangled black high heeled shoes from shapely feet, leading up to elegant calves and knees peeping out demurely from the hems of their skirts. She guessed that they must be mid to late twenties, about her own age.

    Batgirl raised her eyes, almost reluctantly, to their faces and could hardly distinguish between them. Both had deep brown eyes, shapely noses and narrow, angular chins -- both were now looking at her expectantly.

    "Look closer," instructed Batman with a smile.

    She did. Then she noticed that their necks were slightly different, although the cut of their hair was the same, one had a slightly rounder face. But even on close inspection she had found it difficult to separate them.

    "Meet Eleanor, secretary to Head of Management Accounts," said Batman as the girl on the right bowed her head and smiled at Batgirl.

    "And now meet Detective Susan Reid. Who just happens to resemble Eleanor so closely that she's volunteered to swap with her for a while." Now it was the turn of the girl on the left to tilt her head at Batgirl and smile.

    "Wow!" said Batgirl, "You're the nearest thing to twins that I've ever seen!"

    After the introductions, Batman thanked Eleanor and let her go, leaving the pseudo twin, Susan to explain how they planned to let her act as a decoy to see if anyone attempted to approach her. The plan was that she would carry a tracking device in her shoulder bag. Batman and Robin would monitor her from the Bat-Cave and Batgirl was asked to act as close support, being nearby at all times. Batgirl promptly agreed.

    With all the details agreed, Batman and Robin left leaving Batgirl to spend some time with Susan to organise their end of the operation.

    Batgirl was immediately impressed with the young detective. She was positive about her role, and turned out to have plenty of experience in dealing with tough and dangerous situations. Her attitude was great, and judging by her strong muscular looking legs, she was a fit looking young lady. Just the sort of shape to tantalised Batgirl these days, she was finding it difficult not to imagine her naked body under the demur suit. "Get a grip!" she thought, annoyed at her new preoccupation with naked woman. It had only started after her last encounter with Catgirl, what had she done to her? Concentrate on hunky looking Batman instead she decided.

    In the end, plans were made. Susan would drive back to the Finance Offices where she would take over Eleanor's role. Batgirl would follow at a discreet distance and meet up with her in her office.

    Chapter 4A Bit of a Problem.

    Batgirl had no problem tailing Susan as she drove the couple of blocks between the Commissioner's Office, and the City Finance Building. She watched her car disappear down the ramp into the underground car park, and scanned the area closely around the building for signs of anyone taking an undue interest.

    Nothing looked amiss so, after a few minutes she followed her down the ramp and into the gloom below. It had no sooner occurred to her that some extra lighting wouldn't go amiss when she realised that some of the lighting had been deliberately sabotaged - and there was some sort of commotion taking place in the far corner of the bay!

    Parking the bike against the wall, she quickly used the shadows to gain ground, dodging between parked cars and trucks to get nearer to the source of the noise. Soon she saw that Susan was in trouble!

    She had parked in her alter-ego's bay next to a large white van. In the dim light Batgirl could see that a side door was open on the van, and Susan was struggling with two brown clad figures, one holding what looked like a white handkerchief. She seemed to be giving a good account of herself as one of the figures dropped to its knees after receiving a well placed kick between the legs, and she was struggling to free herself from the grasp of the second assailant. He was behind her, big arms wrapped around her chest and waist and hanging on for his life as Susan squirmed and twisted to get in a telling blow, skirt riding up her legs as she attempted to kick backwards.

    Batgirl paused for a moment admiring the detective's performance, and was just stepping forward to intervene when a third figure appeared from behind the white van, reached around the two struggling figures to wrap a second white handkerchief over Susan's face. The effect was immediate! Her struggles seemed to lose all strength, and she was soon limp in the arms of her attacker.

    Batgirl had now got near enough for a better look at the scene. The initial two attackers were dressed in brown fur-like suits with matching helmets, and what looked like whiskers sprouting from the faces. The final assailant was dressed in a lighter, fawn looking fur suit covered in dark leopard like spots. His face too was covered by helmet and whiskers. He seemed to be the leader.

    "You useless numbskulls!" he shouted, "Get her in the van. Quickly!"

    "Really," said Batgirl in a voice dripping with menace as she planted herself in front of them. "Better just put her down gently and you can give yourselves up quietly. Then I won't need to break any bones!"

    Her sudden appearance seemed to freeze them! Then, slowly, the figure on his knees began to get up. Big mistake.

    In a move almost too quick to see, Batgirl had placed a vicious kick between the legs of the strange looking animal-man. It had a human effect though and, with a scream the brown figure was again rolling about on the concrete floor.

    "Now then," Batgirl said casually to the second brown figure hanging onto the inert Susan. "Drop her and you're dead!" and she started towards the leopard like figure, intent on doing some further damage. After a pace forward she froze. A movement by the van door had registered in the very corner of her eye, and she felt a tingle run down her spine as a sultry, feline sounding voice registered from behind her.

    "Well, Batgirrrrrrl - what a pleasant surprise!"

    Batgirl span around too late. As she took in the dark suited feline form of Catwoman in the van door, a cloud of gas enveloped her face, her limbs suddenly felt like ton weights and she collapsed to the hard ground in a heap. And wasn't that a smaller figure behind?

    'Oh no! Not Catgirl again, surely!?' was her last thought as darkness crashed in around her.

    Chapter 5 All Tied Up and Nowhere to Go

    Groggily, Batgirl started to come round. Her head was dangling down between her arms she realised, but it seemed too heavy to lift. With a prodigious effort, she forced her eyelids open a little and then immediately shut then tight again as the light set off a piercing headache. Gradually more of her senses returned. Her arms were fixed somewhere above her and she was leaning slightly backwards against some sort of hard rod like surface at the small of her back. She tried to move her feet, but they wouldn't budge.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Dilemma

    She thought that she'd kept her return to senses a secret, but no such luck. A cloud of sweet scented fragrance wafted across her face and she felt the underside of her chin being tickled.

    "Come on now Batgirl. I know you're with us and I've been so much looking forward to playing with you again!"

    Her eyes snapped open instantly, ignoring the pain as she focused on the soft, smiling features of arch-nemesis, Catgirl! She was dressed in her usually black clinging costume, flecked here and there with pink, the black mask covering her upper head matching Catwoman's except for the pink inner ears.

    She was a little shorter than Batgirl, but just as shapely. The black body-suit revealed her well honed muscles, narrow waist and powerful legs. At her waist was a grey, jewel encrusted pocketed belt which Batgirl knew to her cost were packed full of devilish aids. She wore pink boots and gloves and long white whiskers attached to the nose of her head-cowl. She was a kaleidoscope of colour compared to Catwoman's rather drab, black outfit. She was also a little devil!

    Now that her eyes were open, Batgirl took a few moments to scan her surroundings. The two of them appeared to be in a small room, containing a single table and three utilitarian chairs, pushed up against a long, wide window which took up most of the length of the room. It gave a view onto another room over the top of a table--like bed and beyond onto a wall mounted lab table, filled with glass containers of coloured liquids. Batgirls presumed that the 'window' was in fact a one-way mirror.

    The table in this room had been pushed aside to make way for a strong metallic looking A-frame. As Batgirl twisted around she could see that her hands were cuffed together above her head and locked onto the tip of the A-frame, her legs were spread wide apart, each ankle strapped to the legs of the A-frame, about three feet apart. Her arms were stretched above her, but not high enough to make it impossible to stand.

    She noted that her utility belt had been removed and placed on the table, well out of any possible reach, but after a quick check round the rest of her suit Batgirl was relieved that nothing else seemed to have been interfered with. With renewed confidence, she began to pull and tug at her bindings, but even with her prodigious strength, she couldn't budge them.

    Catgirl watched Batgirl's struggles with amusement. She'd taken a pace back whilst Batgirl looked around and was admiring the way her body's sinews stretched and strained as she tested her bindings. She really did love to look of her adversary when she was struggling!

    At that moment the door opened and Catwoman stepped into the room closely followed by the man in the leopard suit. Immediately the atmosphere turned menacing.

    ".... and you need to sort out you're bungling cubs Leopard Man! Fancy leaving that woman's bag behind! I just hope there was nothing useful in it!!" She didn't sound happy, and the interrupted conversation sent a cold shiver down Batgirl's spine as she realised that the tracking device had been left behind with it. How was Batman going to find them now?!

    "Good, I see that Catgirl has given you a proper welcome!" the black suited figure hissed as she walked round the A-frame, testing the strength of the bindings before finishing close up in front of her face, one talon tipped finger resting on the spot under Batgirl's chin that Catgirl had been stroking so sensuously a few moments ago. Batgirl held her breath. She knew that, should she wish, Catwoman was capable of raking that talon deeply across her face taking nose, mouth and anything else in the way with it. And sometimes she wished! Even Catgirl looked uncomfortable.

    "Now 'Batbitch', just why were you there in that car-park today of all days?"

    Batgirl knew that she couldn't give away their knowledge of the plan, or that Batman would be in pursuit. She thought desperately for an explanation.

    In the end it was obvious. She had arrived there to pay her taxes. It was so incredibly mundane that it might just be believable!

    "Taxes!" hooted an incredulous Catwoman. "My God, you're such a sad specimen! Who the hell pays taxes these days?!" The room filled with laughter as they all joined in.

    Catwoman was still staring inquisitively into Batgirl's eyes and she tried not to flinch.

    "Mmmmm it's just the sort of thing you goody-goody types would do I suppose. Maybe we'll let it rest at that."

    With that she snorted and twirled away. "Come on Leopard Man we've got business to attend to."

    Then she glanced back at Batgirl's strained form, dangling from the A-Frame. "Catgirl has some plans for you I think" she said with a devious smile. "I'm sure you'll not get bored!"

    Then they were gone, leaving Batgirl sighing out in relief and Catgirl simply sighing in anticipation!

    She took off her gloves and came over to stood behind Batgirl, resting her cheek on one of Batgirl's straining arms, "Now then my little plaything, where shall we begin?"

    "Oh here I think," she continued as her fingers deftly lifted Batgirls' cape and ran up her neck to the top of the secret seam on her Batgirl costume. "I really do need to change that," Batgirl thought yet again as Catgirl's experienced fingers unlocked the seal and ran remorselessly down her back, sending shivers up Batgirl's spine as the suit opened up along her spine.

    As the material separated Catgirl purred in satisfaction, then, noticing the black lacy band exposed at her waist she exclaimed in surprise "What......, panties Batgirl? I thought you were braver than that!"

    Batgirl knew better than to answer and flinched slightly in anticipation as the fingers began to massage the base of her spine in little circles before drifting up the bones to the middle of her back. "You know Batgirl, I think that I like this bit best," she whispered into her ear as her hands drifted either side of her chest, pushing under the Batgirl suit and easing under her firm breasts, nudging inside the armoured front-piece. "Mmmm," she coooed breathlessly, "Absolutely delectable!" as her hands cupped each breast, fingers searching out and gently tweaking Batgirls nipples.

    Despite the situation, Batgirl knew from previous confrontations what to expect but her body couldn't help but respond as the nipples hardened and she felt her pussy begin to swell and lubricate. "Oh no, not again," she whispered through clenched teeth in exasperation. Then it occurred to her that she had a chance of escape! She knew that Catgirl wouldn't be able to get her suit off without releasing her from the bindings on the A-frame, so at some stage she'd have a chance to overpower her. She just needed to be patient!

    Catgirl wasn't about to rush though, as she spent the next few minutes caressing and squeezing Batgirl's breasts under the suit, tugging and flicking the nipples from time to time and generally tantalising her as much as she could. Batgirl found the combination of sexual manipulation and her bound, incapacitation increasingly stimulating. She had to fight hard to repress the waves of pleasure starting to build up within her.

    At last Catgirls hands almost reluctantly left their positions around Batgirl's firm and now radiant orbs, and pulled around to her back again.

    "It's fun Batgirl, I know, but we really need to move on." Batgirl immediately tensed her charged body for the possibility of escape - only to be sadly disillusioned!

    Catgirl's fingers were now rising up her back again until they were cupping her elegant neck from behind. Batgirl knew immediately what Catgirl intended but could do nothing but twist her neck desperately to one side.

    "Now, now Batgirl -- don't play hard to get," as her fingers found the carotid artery and began to press down. "Lights Out!" Batgirl heard vaguely as her brain was starved of oxygen and she gradually blacked out.

    Chapter 6 Still Tied Up -- and a Little Uncomfortable!

    This time Batgirl awoke with a start, eyes flashing open immediately. She was annoyed. This was so frustrating! How could a young imp like Catgirl have her under her power yet again?!

    At least this time she'd come round without her captor noticing. Catgirl was half-sitting on the edge of the table, one leg swinging backward and forward under her as she watched through the 'window' into the next room, where Catwoman and her new partner were doing something with coloured liquids on the far bench.

    Batgirl breathed a silent sigh of relief. Then she was mortified to realise from the cool air circulating around her body that Catgirl had had time to relieve her of her uniform and still get her strung back up on the A-frame again. Damn! Another opportunity missed and here she was at the little minx's mercy again.

    Her breasts still tingled from the earlier attention that they'd had from Catgirl, and having her arms tied above her made them stand out, naked and proud in front of her. Batgirl was at least relieved to feel the soft, lacy material of her black panties still clinging around her hips, and her arms and feet were still encased in black boots and arm-gloves which at least stopped the bindings biting into her flesh.

    Maybe they wouldn't be so secure now? Worth a try Batgirl thought as she attempted to silently flex her muscles and pull at the restraints. But they wouldn't budge and, inevitably, the slight movement had caught Catgirl's attention.

    She was immediately off the table and at Batgirl's side.

    "Gosh - you are a wimp Batgirl. I thought you'd only be out for a few minutes, but I've been waiting here for ages!" She smiled broadly as she took off her glove again and ran her finger under Batgirl's right breast, slowly drawing it up vertically over the sensitised flesh. The anticipation instantly hardened Batgirl's nipple which the passing finger gave a quick flick as it drifted past, causing Batgirl to draw in a sharp breath as the nerves signalled their pleasure.

    "And now we really can play can't we?" Catgirl cooed, a little breathlessly.

    Batgirl was struggling to gain control, especially as Catgirl's hand cupped her breast, giving a brief little squeeze before dragging downwards over her stomach, heading south! Batgirl was proud of her fitness and her tummy muscles instinctively tightened as the fingers trailed lightly over them, if anything enhancing the warm signals of anticipation swelling up from between her legs. She really did need to stop this somehow, or did she? God it felt good.

    "So Catgirl," she tried, gritting her teeth "what's going on next door?"

    The trailing fingers had reached the elastic band at the top of her panties and paused, playfully running along the band, tickling her bare skin.

    "Nothing to do with you Batgirl," she replied dismissively, but then added with a giggle, "but you might enjoy the show!"

    By now the fingers had returned to the centre of her tummy and were starting to burrow under the black lace material. Batgirl was getting desperate as they began to rummage through her little bush of pubic hair, but was it desperation to stop or to continue?

    "But what's happened to the young woman that you kidnapped?" she persisted half heartedly as the pleasure signals from her pussy started to gain the upper hand.

    "Oh, you'll see her soon enough!" laughed Catgirl in triumph as her fingers found the start of the magical crevice between her legs.

    "Aaaaargh!" was all Batgirl could manage in response as she sucked in a deep breath.

    Her legs were trapped wide apart on the 'A'-frame giving Catgirl almost unrestricted access to her most private and sensitive parts. The black lace panties were no protection at all as Catgirls fingers roamed underneath at will. It didn't help that Batgirl knew how adept her new nemesis was at inflecting her brand of sensuous torture and her current helpless plight was simply magnifying the effect as the sexual tension rose remorselessly.

    The tantalising fingers had now split up as they passed down either side of her pulsating outer lips, triggering little flashes of electricity around her pubic mound as they passed, before stopping as they met together again under her bottom. Batgirl found that she'd stopped breathing as the fingertips paused at the base of her labia lips, silently urging Catgirl to finish the job they'd started but, as usual, she wasn't to be rushed. Her face had that devilish look about it at as she searched Batgirl's eyes, lapping up the sensuous confusion she saw reflected back.

    Then the two fingers became a single finger as Catgirl slowly pulled it back upwards, delving deeply between batgirl's now sodden lips, drawing it smoothly across the top of her gaping womanhood and coming to rest just next to her clit. The effect was absolutely electric as Batgirl's thighs and stomach muscles tensed rigid under the almost unbearable waves of pleasure that were pulsating between Batgirl's legs. She knew she was panting in sharp, short breaths, but couldn't control it as her body simply took over.

    "Well now Batgirl," admonished her temptress, "you do seem to be rather damp down there don't you? What sort of advertisement is that for a female superhero?" The fingertip was now resting hard against her now sensitised and swollen clit adding yet further to the incredible level of arousal that she was suffering.

    Catgirl pressed a little harder, and Batgirl couldn't avoid a long, low moan escaping from her lips, which only gave further encouragement of course.

    "Shall we bring the suffering to an end?" she queried innocently.

    "Just do your worst Catgirl, I can't stand any more," Batgirl whispered, utterly defeated.

    "Oh well, maybe later then," she responded lightly as she pulled her hand out of the panties and smiled sweetly at her super frustrated foe.

    "Jesus!" was all the reply she got as Batgirl sagged back on her bindings, totally consumed by frustration as her body begged out for some final stimulation, her breathing still coming in little bursts as she fought to control herself. "Just you wait until I get out of this!" she silently promised herself with feeling as she directed a hateful glare at the now highly amused young creature in front of her.

    Chapter 7 The show must go on Being a female superhero, Batgirl soon managed to get herself back under some sort of control although the sweat glistening on her body would have been a bit of a give away to her feelings for the casual observer. Catgirl couldn't be described as casual though as she taunted her captive with some descriptions of what further games they could play, and Batgirl's body still tingled in apprehension or anticipation. She wasn't sure which.

    Suddenly there was a welcomed interruption as a movement in the next room caught their attention. A door was opening and the two brown suited thugs from earlier entered, carrying the inert figure of Susan between them. Batgirl was pleased to see that one of them was walking rather stiffly. They were followed into the room by two of Catgirl's 'Kittens', who were dressed in the usual sexy, red mini-corsets designed for narrow waists and showing off their ample bosoms. A pair of black leather micro-skirts over suspenders and black stockings finalised the uniform. One had short blonde hair, the other raven black stretching way down her back.

    "Don't they look nice," said Catgirl in appreciation, although Batgirl wasn't sure whether she was referring to the kittens or the muscular looking men, and decided not to ask as her attention was really focussed on poor Susan.

    She was still wearing the demur red suit that she'd been captured in.

    The two brown lunks carted her over to the bed in front of the window and dropped her rather roughly down. There was no reaction from the young detective though as her face flopped to one side. Probably drugged Batgirl thought.

    "Told you that you'd see her soon didn't I?" said Catgirl watching at her side.

    "What are you going to do to her?" Batgirl asked in concern.

    "Oh, not me!" laughed Catgirl before her expression clouded a bit. "Catwoman won't let me get involved with this side of the project. "

    "Still, she let me have you instead, so that's fine by me," she continued as she reached over and tweaked one of Batgirl's nipples playfully!

    This was all very well, but Batgirl was getting really worried about Susan's fate, particularly when the two Kittens sauntered over and began to remove her clothes. The blonde one started by lifting her shoulders slightly as she teased the suit jacket off her shoulders and arms, followed quickly by the other kitten unfastening her belt, releasing the skirt fastening at her waist and sliding the red skirt down her long shapely legs.

    At the other end, the first kitten had quickly unbuttoned Susan's sheer white blouse, parting the two halves to reveal a nice lacy white bra as she pulled the blouse away, just as the second kitten had drawn the white half slip down Susan's legs to follow the red skirt onto the pile of clothes rising on the nearby chair.

    Everyone seemed to pause at this point. Catwoman and Leopard Man left the chemicals bench to come over and take a look while Catgirl had inched closer and closer to the window to get the best possible view.

    Susan's semi-naked body was now stretched lengthways on the white sheet, her head still turned gently to one side as if asleep. The spectators all seemed to be impressed with her lithe figure, although it was impossible to hear the comments from within the other room. She was left with her lacy white matching bra and briefs covering her modesty, and white stockings covering her legs. The stockings were elastic at the top, holding them onto her thighs about three inches below her briefs.

    Then Catwoman herself bent forward to reach under the prostrate young woman, releasing the bra fastening and slowly pulled the cups away from her small, but firm pale breasts. Each mound was tipped by a small round circle of light brown and a high buttoned pink brown nipple.

    "Wow!" enthused Catgirl in appreciation.

    Catwoman briefly ran the back of her hand across the young girl's exposed breasts, and smiled as she said something to the others. Then she moved down the bed, took hold of the briefs on either side of Susan's waist before dragging them down her thighs and exposing thick tufts of blonde hair pointing like an arrow to the dark band between her legs. Then she stepped back, leaving a nude Susan lying on her back still, her well honed muscles and trim figure a delight to behold and blissfully unconscious throughout the whole process!

    "Double Wow! A real blonde as well'" breathed Catgirl as she turned and looked back speculatively at Batgirl. "You've got some competition here!"

    Batgirl couldn't help but join in with the general admiration. Susan's naked form was every bit as breathtaking as she'd imagined earlier, but she was now very worried about her fate at the hands of Catwoman.

    "Look Catgirl. I don't know why you've abducted this young woman," she pretended, "but I'm sure she can't help you. Why not put me in there and let her go?"

    Was she really saying this? Well, superhero to the fore she thought resignedly!

    "What - you'd really like to experience Eleanor's fate?" was the incredulous response.

    Batgirl suddenly wasn't sure now, but she'd gone this far. "Of course! You MUST release her!!"

    "Mmmm," was the cagey response, "I'll have a word with Catwoman." And with that she left the room with Batgirl still trussed up and staring down at the naked form of her new colleague -- and wondering what she was letting her-self in for!

    Chapter 8 An Offer Spurned -- Or is it?

    Batgirl watched attentively as Catgirl appeared in the next room and spoke to Catwoman, indicating back to where Batgirl was watching through the one-way mirror.

    Catwoman looked up speculatively before a sly grin spread across her face as Catgirl continued to explain her thoughts. As she finished, Catwoman nodded and the menacing look she directed in Batgirl's direction sent an immediate chill down her spine.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Dilemma

    Catgirl was immediately busy in the drawers under the bench, taking out some objects that Batgirl couldn't readily make out. She went across to one of the Kittens and gave her a short white cylindrical looking object. After giving her some instructions, she glanced at the unseen Batgirl and gave her a very cat-like grin. "Just like the cat whose got at the cream! What's she up to now?" thought Batgirl a little warily.

    Almost immediately, Catgirl swept back into the room.

    "Sorry Batgirl. Catwoman won't do a swap but she did say that she'd be extremely happy for you to share the experience!"

    "Damn! That's not what I said!" flared Batgirl in annoyance.

    "True. But you're tied up and we're not. So it looks like we get our way."

    She laughed as she laid out her spoils on the table. There were a couple of thin leather straps, another white cylinder matching the one that Catgirl had given to the Kitten. Now she noted the little flat flanges protruding from one end and a white looking wire attached to the bottom. There was something like a TV remote control and the final object was ellipsoidal shaped and silver metallic in appearance, about three inches long and a couple wide. "What on earth were they?" puzzled batgirl.

    Catgirl wasn't elaborating at first. She waited, looking into the next room until 'her' Kitten came over to the bed and, taking each bare wrist in turn, looped round some restraints and attaching Susan's arms to the sides of the bed above her head. She then turned her attention to her ankles, pulling them apart and attached similar restraints so that each one was also fixed to the sides of the bed, leaving her naked blonde pussy standing proudly at the junction of her widespread, milky white upper thighs. "Oh no! Catgirl, you can't let them do this!" pleaded Batgirl, struggling at her bonds.

    "Just a minute!" warned Catgirl, because it was clear that the kitten hadn't finished.

    She took a large pillow from under the bed and eased it under Susan's hips, raising her delectable looking pussy even further. Then she picked up the small white cylinder that Catgirl had given her. It was about three inches long and about an inch in diameter with rounded nose at one end and the same short flanges at the other. Batgirl was horrified as she suddenly realised what it looked like.

    The Kitten bent down and picked up a small jar of jelly like material and proceeded to coat the surface before bending over the prostrate detectives hips, making sure that she didn't block Batgirl's view as she eased the rounded tip of the cylinder around Susan's anus and then pushing more firmly to ease the object deep into her unprotected back passage. The poor detective still didn't even quiver an eyelid.

    Surely that should have hurt! "Oh my God! Is she still alive?" shouted Batgirl in desperate concern.

    "Of course she is," replied Catgirl with disdain, "Leopard Man is an absolute whizz with drugs. She'll be out just until he's ready to start the indoctrination process."

    "What's that?" asked Batgirl, hoping to distract here nemesis.

    "Oh, wouldn't you like to know?!" responded Catgirl as she picked up the leather belts and almost danced back in front of Batgirl. Her eyes flashed with impish glee as she added mysteriously "And you'll soon be taking part anyway!"

    Chapter 9 Catgirl Enjoys Her Work

    With that Catgirl looped the first belt around Batgirls waist, buckling it tightly around her taut belly muscles. Batgirl was doing her best to see what was going on but her own prominent breasts were getting in the way. As the leather tightened around her she felt the cold imprint of a smooth metal ring that was attached to the belt settling on her spine at the back. Catgirl then leaned around Batgirl's prostrate figure, and clipped the end of the second leather belt onto the ring, leaving it momentarily dangling down between the cheeks of Batgirl's bottom like a tail.

    Kneeling down in front of Batgirl's spread-eagled legs, Catgirl ran her fingers across the top of Batgirl's black lace panties, then tucking them under the material at her waist she drew them down over her hips exposing Batgirl's pussy again, and leaving the band of lacy material tight around her upper thighs.

    "That's better," she said as she reached through the gap between the briefs and Batgirl's now exposed nether regions, grasped the dangling leather strap and drew it forwards to rest across the tops of her panties. Batgirl realised with alarm that this was going to be used as a crotch strap. Her already moist and receptive pussy area positively tingled at the thought.

    Catgirl was now back at the table again, bringing across the white article that Batgirl now knew was a butt-plug. She waved it tantalisingly back and forth in front of Batgirl's face, giving her time to see the shape in detail and, inevitably, to imagine what it would feel like as it was inserted. Batgirl couldn't help but start to sweat.

    "Do we really need to do this?" she almost pleaded. "And anyway, what's the wire for?" as Batgirl studied the thin white cord dangling from the base.

    Catgirl just laughed "Hey, you were the one that wanted to share your partner's experience! Now shut up and let me get finished or we'll be too late. By the way, I'm going to give this butt-plug a new name in your honour. I'm going to call it your Bat-plug!!"

    Batgirl rolled her eyes in exasperation.

    "Damn!" continued Catgirl, "Forgot the jelly! Looks like this could be a bit painful Batgirl," she added but with absolutely no sense of regret. Then she cocked her head to one side a little as she thought of something. "But then again ..... maybe not. Let's see now," she murmured as the hand started to travel downwards and Batgirl strained hard to see past her bosoms again as the hand and butt-plug disappeared down between her legs.

    Batgirl was mortified that she was so helpless, but the sense of anticipation was so incredibly arousing! Suddenly she felt the smooth end of the butt-plug nuzzling along the line of her outer labia lips, gently running up and down before delving deeper and triggering a whole flurry of mixed alarm and pleasure signals in Batgirl's already befuddled brain.

    Catgirl had been bent forward as she positioned the wicked device, but now looked up into Batgirl's eyes to watch as the confusion built up in the young crime fighter. With an almost evil smile she drew the butt-plug upwards and started to circle Batgirl's already sensitised clit. Her thigh and tummy muscles tightened hard and she had trouble breathing again, then the tip was drifting downwards again and pushing deeper between her open lips. Batgirl still could not breathe as the anticipation built up like a coiled spring within her and for a moment or two longer Catgirl held the butt-plug just on the tip of Batgirl's vagina, slowly circling the entrance enjoying the mixture of frustration and anticipation dancing across Batgirl's features.

    Batgirl had completely given in to her animal instincts. A thin "mmmmmmm" escaped from her lips as she strained her hips and pussy forward, trying hard to entice the tantalising object within her.

    Then Catgirl acted.

    With a whoosh, Batgirl let out her imprisoned air.

    "Jesus!" she exclaimed loudly again as the white tube at last pushed into her moist tunnel sending a crescendo of pleasure right round her stricken body. It didn't matter that the butt-plug was small. It was just the sense of relief that SOMETHING was finally delving around her innermost lair. Batgirl sagged against her bindings again, but Catgirl wasn't about to give her any respite as she started to twist and manipulate the head of the butt-plug around the inner linings of Batgirls now tingling pleasure gorge. "Ohhhhhh!" was all batgirl could manage as the tense sensations started building again in response to the gyrating object deep within her.

    Catgirl was clearly enjoying herself, but a quick glance through the window into the other room reminded her of her real task and with a sigh of annoyance she slowly withdrew the butt-plug leaving Batgirl panting and incredibly frustrated yet again. "That's what I like about our sessions Batgirl," her tormenter whispered into her ear. "You're such a sport -- and so easily aroused!!" she continued as she waved the butt-plug in front of Batgirl, now almost dripping with her innermost juices.

    Through bleary eyes Batgirl watched the object disappear downwards again and she instinctively flinched as she felt the rounded tip running through her pubic hair, nestling and pushing against her clit for a few more tantalising moments before running lightly across her sexual lips again. This time it didn't stop, despite Batgirl willing it to sink back into her gaping vagina. Batgirl was now consumed with both desire and alarm as the tip continued its journey under her bottom and started to circle the tight little muscle group around her anus. She was suddenly consumed by a sense of dread. There was absolutely nothing she could do to stop her most private part being violated!

    Catgirl paused again to heighten the sense of apprehension before using the tip of the butt-plug to tease apart the protective muscles and easing the smooth plastic about a third of the way in.

    Batgirl had squeezed her eyes shut as her whole body became focussed on the sensation of invasion at her rear end. After a short while she relaxed slightly and opened her eyes. It was uncomfortable, but not nearly as painful as she'd feared. Much as she hated herself for it, she found the combination of the wanton invasion and her helplessness even more arousing.

    "There, that wasn't so bad was it," cooed Catgirl as she stood back up, taking the opportunity to run her fingers across Batgirl's pussy once more so that she could enjoy Batgirl's squirming reaction. "Now, it's time to explain a bit more. You see the butt-plug that's been inserted into the young lady next door includes a sophisticated set of sensors that I've designed and a transmitter. They'll pick up every aspect of activity and feeling that the young lady next door feels in her pussy. The one that you've got is the receiver! Simple isn't it?"

    Batgirl was still drawing in deep breaths and struggling to concentrate after the sensual overload of the last few minutes. Catgirl was annoyed, and reached out to tweak one of Batgirl's nipples sharply, bringing Batgirl's head sharply forward as she tried to handle a new flood of pain and pleasure messages. "Come on -- concentrate!" Batgirl nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

    "Anyway, this brings me to my latest invention." she said proudly as she brought over the metallic looking object from the table. There was something strangely familiar about its ellipsoidal shape. "As you can see," she continued, flaunting the device in front of Batgirl, "it's designed to fit across a woman's most sensual parts, but the clever bit is this!" she finished proudly. She pressed a button on the control and out of nowhere the upper surface of the object began to grow quickly into the shape of a big, erect penis. Batgirl's eyes opened wide. She had an uncomfortable idea where that would be going!

    "Now the front part here fits around a woman's clit," gushed the proud young inventor, "but the really clever part is the built in software which decodes the signals received by the donor butt-plug and replicates the 'action' so to speak onto the subject that's wearing it! Doesn't that sound fun!?"

    So this was how she would experience Susan's ordeal realised Batgirl a little numbly, but at the same time her aroused body was craving for release -- and this device looked like providing it big time. She felt her body tremble at the thought.

    "Nothing to say Batgirl?" disappointment dripping from Catgirl's excited features "Well, I suppose it's all a bit overwhelming isn't it. Never mind, you can thank me later!" she laughed as she was down on her knees again placing the new device between the lips of Batgirl's now thoroughly drenched pussy, easing the attached clit stimulator into place and finally drawing forward the wire connector from the butt-plug and connecting it to the receiving socket at the base.

    "Now then, we just need to complete this Batgirl," she said as she reached further under Batgirl's straining body, and sharply forcing the butt-plug fully home, taking Batgirl completely by surprise. "Uuuuumph!" she grunted as it was rammed fully up her back passage, the flood of new discomfort and pleasure messages almost sending Batgirl over the edge.

    By the time that she had returned to her senses, Catgirl was just finishing looping the crotch strap under Batgirl's legs. She attached it to the front of the waist belt and gave it a sharp pull to tighten the strap hard under her legs and at the same time push the instruments of Batgirl's torture deeper into their crevices! It didn't matter how much Batgirl wriggled, there was no way to escape their sensual and invasive feel.

    "Oh, just in time!" exclaimed the devilish Catgirl as she glanced back through the window into the room next door.

    Chapter 10 Susan Centre Stage

    Batgirl dragged her eyes open, struggled in vain for the umpteenth time to get her feet and wrists free, but to no avail. She tried wiggling her hips, but had to stop as the crotch strap jiggled about the butt-plug and whatever it was that was cradling her vagina sending out more relentless waves of pleasure. With almost superhuman effort she held herself in check and tried to concentrate on the events unfolding next door.

    Catwoman and Leopard Man seemed to have finished at the lab bench and Catwoman was talking to her two Kittens who seemed to be responding enthusiastically to her request. Everyone's attention then seemed to focus on the prostrate and unfortunate Susan.

    "Oooh good!" enthused Catgirl, "Get ready for action Batgirl!"

    In a scene of almost surreal horror, Batgirl watched as the two Kittens approached and began to work on the naked detective. The blonde one had taken her breasts and after gently massaging them and running her fingers around the nipples, she bent down and started to suck and tease at them with her teeth.

    The dark haired kitten had meanwhile climbed onto the bed and knelt down between the young woman's outstretched legs. With a nod from Catwoman, she bent down to start running her lips and tongue tantalisingly around the blonde pussy exposed so nakedly in front of her.

    Batgirl hung on the A-Frame transfixed. There was nothing she could do but watch as the two Kittens remorselessly ravished their now semiconscious victim.

    At this point Leopard Man stepped forward with a small syringe full of the yellow coloured liquid and squirted some between Susan's limp lips.

    After just a few seconds, Batgirl saw Susan's eyes quiver a little, then open wide suddenly in shock and horror as she took in the scene around her. Her young body was soon writhing about on the bed as she tried to escape the attentions of the two Kittens who were still working away at her unprotected sexuality. Batgirl gave out a low growl of anger as Susan's ineffectual struggles continued.

    Unfortunately for Batgirl, this brought Catgirl out of the trance that she seemed to be in watching the action in front of her. She looked puzzled.

    "Why Batgirl, you seem to have developed more control than I thought you had!" Then she looked at the control on the desk.

    "Drat, I didn't switch you on did I?!" With that she leaned forward and pressed a button on the control.

    Batgirl was immediately aware of a strange feeling from around her pussy. It had been tingling before after Catgirl's previous attentions, but now her whole pussy area seemed to be on fire!

    A horrified expression crossed her face as she suddenly linked what she was seeing to what she was feeling. Each time the raven haired Kitten ran her tongue around Susan's sweet vagina entrance, it was Batgirl who could feel the 'tongue' gliding around her own pleasure spot. As her lips moved up to suck Susan's clit, it was Batgirl who was deluged by the waves of pleasure being inflicted somehow on her own defenceless sex.

    Catgirl was pleased to see the emotions and disbelief flashing across Batgirl's face. "That's better," she said reaching across to the remote and twisting a dial. "I'm going to increase all the effects that you feel by 30%. You are a super-heroine after all!"

    Batgirl felt the waves of referred pleasure intensify and she almost bit her tongue trying to hold herself back as the kittens tongue started to dart in and out of Susan's defenceless vagina, the object between her legs somehow replicating the tongue's dextrous feel in amazing detail.

    "Of course, I haven't had time to extend this to cover other areas" breathed Catgirl in Batgirl's ear, so I'll take care of the top end shall I?"

    With that she bent her cowled head down, caressing then squeezing Batgirl's tense breasts before taking each erect nipple in turn, sucking and nibbling at it -- copying the effect of the blonde Kitten on the still writhing Susan.

    It was too much. After a few more minutes of attention from Catgirl's lips and teeth, and the almost relentless pressure on her clit and vagina, Batgirl's damn burst as the waves of pleasure took her over the edge and her body was writhing in response to her long held back orgasm.

    "Oooooooooooooooooooh My God!" she exclaimed as she collapsed back onto the frame.

    Catgirl was smiling devilishly back at her as her eyes eventually re-focussed.

    "One down and, well, I wonder how many to go?" she coooed as she turned to the window.

    At least this meant that her aching breasts gained some respite as the feline minx concentrated on the form of poor Susan, still being ravished relentlessly by the Kittens next door. Batgirl could tell this without looking from the continuous attentions being paid to her pussy from the infernal machine between her legs. It wouldn't be long before she would be over the edge again she realised dimly as the remorseless pleasure signals started to build again.

    Fortunately, a little respite was at hand as Catwoman tapped the two Kitten's on their shoulders and they stepped back leaving Susan's body still twisting slowly from side to side, a golden sheen reflecting from the film of sweat now covering her.

    Batgirl breathed a sigh of relief as the assault on her pussy died away and, breathing deeply, she was able to get some measure of control back. She watched as Susan opened her eyes again, her mouth drawing in a deep lungful of breath. They'd been clenched shut as soon as she'd realised that there was no escape from the Kitten assault, but now they darted round the room looking for a way out. It probably wasn't the right time but Batgirl couldn't help but admire the young detective's superb body, her sexuality positively drowning Batgirl in even more desire as she ran her eyes over her body. From the long, sensuous looking legs over to her drenched looking pussy and up to the small, pert breasts whose nipples now stood up incredibly to attention. Batgirl's eyes were transfixed by them. They must have been almost an inch high!

    Chapter 11The Cubs Show Their Paces

    It was immediately apparent that her tormentors were moving on to the next stage and one of the hunky looking cubs stepped forward to stand near Susan's head on the bed. The blonde Kitten settled on her knees in front of him running her fingers down some invisible seam above the groin of the costume. With a sense of dread Batgirl watched as a large, erect phallus slipped out from between the man's legs. Susan's eyes too were transfixed by the sight in front of her as the kitten ran her lips up and down the shaft which responded by stretching out even further.

    Susan's face was now shaking from side to side as her mouth opened and closed, but Batgirl couldn't hear the words and now Catwoman and Leopard Man came forward, the latter carrying a large, stubby syringe filled with the yellow liquid from the lab table.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Dilemma

    It was smoothly done.

    Firstly, Catwoman leaned over and pinched Susan's nostrils together, causing her mouth to jerk open for air and in a second the syringe had been squeezed through her lips and the liquid forced down her throat. Job done, the two of them stepped back to examine their handy-work.

    Susan coughed and spluttered for a moment, but then her eyes seemed to glaze over and, though her struggles continued they were much more subdued, almost as though she were now resigned to her fate.

    The next few moments were fixed in Batgirls mind forever as the cub was now led around the bed to climb on at the bottom and then, inevitably, to position him-self between the young detective's wide spread legs. Susan was still squirming, but had now lifted her head and was staring, transfixed, as the sight of the cub's erect manhood lowering itself towards her naked pussy.

    "You evil bitch Catwoman!!" shouted Batgirl ineffectively through the window, renewing her struggles to break free, aghast at what she knew was about to happen. She was also horrified at the thought of how the device snuggling above her own sensitive vagina would react to the impending events.

    "Catgirl," she pleaded, "do something!"

    "Oh, ok Batgirl" she responded as she came over to stand beside the squirming figure on the A-frame, smoothly cupping Batgirl's breasts in her palms and started to gently kneed them with her fingers.

    It was too late to say anything else as the cub now leaned forward and the massive erection slid its way remorselessly towards Susan's gaping slit. Batgirl was transfixed again as the tip seemed to nose itself between her open lips before pausing.

    "Ooohhh!" Batgirl exclaimed as the devise between her legs replicated the tip of the phallus and began to nuzzle smoothly into the opening of her own drenched vagina. The resemblance to an erect cock threatening her own inner sanctum was overwhelming and despite Batgirl straining herself upwards away from the source it simply followed her and nestled in deeper!

    Then it didn't matter anymore as the cub in front of her thrust forward.

    "Auuuuuuuuuugh!" Batgirl cried, the air bursting out of her mouth as the wicked device replicated itself on the phallus now delving deep into Susan's innermost sanctum, and dived into Batgirl's own unprotected vagina. It was unreal, as she felt herself being totally invaded by the hideous device but saw that Susan, instead of crying out in sympathy had closed her eyes again, incredulously a satisfied looking smile had spread across her face.

    "What the hell has that yellow fluid done to her?" she asked Catgirl through clenched teeth as the swollen invader throbbed away inside her.

    "It's good isn't it!" replied Catgirl casually, "It removes a woman's sexual inhibitions and heightens her sex drive. I'll save some for you!" "It's got to be administered carefully though," she added, "That's why it's built up gradually, but we've always got the green antidote if things get out of hand."

    Batgirl didn't dare ask what 'out of hand' implied, but asked about the blue liquid instead, still trying to adjust her hips to minimise the effect of being impaled.

    "Oh you'll soon see what that does!" replied Catgirl with glee, adding to Batgirl's almost unbelievable tension by bending her head to playfully suck and tease one of her taut nipples again. As Batgirl tried desperately to draw away, she laughed briefly and then concentrated on next door again.

    Soon Batgirl felt the unbearable tension building up inside her again. The pseudo phallus impaling her stayed mysteriously still but the front part of the device was busy tickling and vibrating around her already excited clit. Dimly Batgirl realised that this reflected what Susan was feeling and she soon realised that the young detective's inhibitions were definitely on the wane!

    After a nod from Leopard Man everything went haywire! The cub began to ease back, before beginning a violent, regular pumping action in and out of Susan's now compliant inner parts.

    Batgirl desperately tried to hold herself back as her linked 'phallus' started to drive in and out of her own soaking tunnel, but she was soon struggling as the device fed back all the vibrations coursing through Susan's vibrant pussy, which almost instantly pushed Susan into a big orgasm. Batgirl had a second to see Susan's hips and body start to twitch and strain before all the sensations hit her own clit and the tidal wave broke again. Batgirl too was once again bucking and straining against her A-frame as the waves of undiluted pleasure broke across her body and for a delicious few minutes, Batgirl was cocooned in the warm feelings flooding around her straining body as everything else seemed to drift away.

    It didn't last.

    All too soon she was brought back to reality as the bucking bronco within her continued to pump away, seemingly intent on wearing away the inner walls of her vagina. Batgirl was sweating hard as she tried yet again to hold back the deluge of messages firing out of her tender parts, but was mesmerised by the sight of Susan's body jerking backwards and forwards in response to the driving thrusts, her breast bouncing and the erect nipples dancing around in some form of demonic dance. She shut her eyes briefly, but that just accentuated the feelings from her tortured pussy.

    She watched Susan's eyes closely as the cub continued to plough his phallus back and forth within her. Was that some flash of fight as the detective tried desperately to control her own bounding desire? Batgirl hoped so, because she knew that if Susan hit orgasm again, she'd be dragged along with her. She concentrated on deep breathing to try and keep the new tidal wave building up at bay, at least comforted by the now rather strained look on the face of the cub. It was now a race against time as the pressure built inextricably again, but would the Cub last?


    Just as Batgirl was thinking that he was about to run out of steam, she felt Susan's next orgasm building as the electric feelings around her clit reached another peak and yet again the young woman was bucking and jerking underneath the onslaught inside her. Batgirl managed to hold off a little longer and was amazed to actually feel through the artificial phallus a kind of explosion within her as the cub simultaneously climaxed inside the unfortunate detective's bucking body. It sent Batgirl over the edge again as she desperately realised that she was losing count.

    Catgirl was there to help.

    She lifted Batgirl's limp head, now sagging down in spent exhaustion and held up her hand with three fingers vertical.

    Chapter 12Can this Go On?

    Batgirl was looking forward to a respite as the now physically drained cub pulled his limp phallus out of Susan's sopping sex. Batgirl gave out a long, heartfelt "Ooooooooooooooooh!" as she felt the phallus shape shrink back into the base of the device, leaving her engorged vagina throbbing away, but at least now emptied. Susan herself looked drained, and had given up struggling, lying limply on her back. She looked as exhausted as Batgirl felt.

    The respite was brief.

    As the cub dismounted from the bed, the raven haired kitten bounced onto it and was immediately between the young detective's legs, enthusiastically licking around all the crevices of her pulsating pussy and sucking up the juices dribbling out of her wide open slit. Batgirl was mortified as the area around her own pussy came under a renewed onslaught from the infernal device between her legs.

    Catgirl looked on approvingly at her adversary's discomfort. "No rest for the wicked Batgirl!"

    Susan was soon squirming again as the Kitten continued to tantalise her gaping slit and Batgirl started to feel the waves of pleasure building again from the repeated attention the 'tongue' was giving to her own clit.

    In the background, Batgirl was horrified to see the second Leopard Cub being led forward by the Blonde Kitten and it was clear that the torture would continue as his large phallus was released and stroked up to full size by the Kittens greedy lips.

    Susan's eyes were like saucers as she was forced to watch and realised that the last episode was about to be repeated.

    Catwoman and Leopard Man repeated their earlier act to insert another syringe of yellow liquid between the poor girls' lips. Batgirl had to look on helplessly, feeling drained and defeated.

    This time, the effect on Susan was quicker. Her eyes narrowed and instead of the shocked expression of earlier Batgirl saw her looking hungrily at the cub's vibrant penis, following it intently as the second cub climbed between her legs and bent over her. Batgirl watched incredulously as her young partner started to lift up her hips to meet the on-coming monster between the cub's legs. The irritation and massaging around her own pussy was suddenly intensified as the device picked up the excitement being generated between Susan's widespread legs.

    The cub leaned gently forward to ease his erection smoothly into Susan's welcoming slit and steadily deeper, tantalising Batgirl as she too felt the slow and remorseless invasion into her own vagina again. The rest of the device was now pulsating all around her invaded vagina and rhythmically pushing against her clit. It was impossible to think straight and she was only dimly aware that Susan's face was now contoured in ecstasy as she succumbed to a gigantic orgasm, triggering yet another wild frenzy starting between her own legs and then rolling right through her.

    Batgirl briefly had time to see Catgirl hold up a hand with four vertical fingers before her attention was back on the scene in front of her. With amazement, she saw the two Kittens step forward and release the bindings around Susan's feet. With that came hope. Maybe they were finished somehow? It was soon shattered though as, with a gasp of disappointment she watched Susan raise up her knees and lock her ankles behind the Cub's bottom forcing his phallus, and Batgirl's version ever deeper into their damp and dark lairs.

    Batgirl sucked in her breath for a moment in dread anticipation.

    "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she gasped as Susan began to drive her hips backwards and forwards on the cub's now oily phallus, eyes squeezed tight shut as she concentrated on the feelings building within her again. The Cub was clearly enjoying himself as he responded enthusiastically, driving forward hard to meet Susan's rising pussy, the vibrations from their bodies meeting driving straight into Susan's clit and soon sending her into another orgasmic shudder.

    Batgirl didn't last that long! The intensified action (and her additional 30%) had set fire to the whole of her body and she had no energy left to try and combat the waves of pleasure pulsating from between her legs. Her muscles tightened and relaxed out of her control as she succumbed even before Susan this time.

    There was no respite however as the Cub simply continued pounding backwards and forwards, Susan's body responding by trying to squeeze and envelope the assaulting pole at the same time. The next orgasm hit both girls simultaneously, leaving Batgirl totally spent and drifting into a haze of semi consciousness as each orgasm relentlessly triggered the build-up to an even deeper climax. Susan on the other hand was driving back at the Cub harder and harder as she greedily consumed the waves of pleasure coursing through her now sensitised body, muscular thighs gleaming with sweat as she tightened her grip around her 'assailant'. Batgirl was finally brought back to reality as the remorseless assaults within her vagina eventually died away. It took a while to grasp that the cub had finally climaxed in the detective, and was resting on his arms gasping, Susan's legs still wrapped tightly around him. She clearly had no intention of letting go!

    Catgirl was soon back in front of her sweat soaked adversary and gazing directly into her eyes, almost with a look of compassion.

    "That's twelve so far Batgirl!" she exclaimed, "Awesome!!"

    She looked thoughtful as Batgirl hung unresponsively in front of her. Limply dangling from her wrist bindings and dragging in a deep lungful of air, glistening breasts and nipples still standing out proudly.

    "Mmmmm," she murmured cupping the device between Batgirl's legs and feeling its rhythmic undulations as it continued to reflect Susan's wanton desire, "Maybe we should give you a little break." "I wouldn't want you to miss the finale, but I'll remove the added 30% stimulation anyway -- I'm not sure you can take it," she added ominously and with that she pressed some buttons on the control and the infernal device was stilled.

    Batgirl wasn't about to thank her, but she did muster a little sigh of appreciation.

    Chapter 13A Climax too Far.

    The respite continued as Batgirl wearily watched events develop next door.

    The plan was clearly for the cub to disengage after shooting his bolt into Susan's tender parts but it wasn't that easy.

    As he strained to pull away, Susan's locked legs pulled him closer. Evidently keen to hang on to him!

    After a few minutes of struggling, the Kittens climbed on to the bed and began to pull at Susan's ankles in an effort to release the now captive cub, but Susan was having none of it as her strong, taut thigh muscles fought to hang on to her prey.

    Batgirl's amazingly fit body had now had time to recover some of her strength, and she smiled as she saw how discomforted Susan's assailants had become -- and all because they'd achieved their objective so well. Susan was now fighting to keep her own prey!

    It couldn't last and soon Catwoman had had enough. She strode forward and with a sharp flick of her wrist struck her palm across the young detective's cheek. Susan's head shot to one side in response, eyes wide in shock. Distracted by the slap, the Kittens were finally able to untangle her ankles, and release the bemused looking cub.

    "She's a spunky one," admitted Catgirl in admiration.

    "Too damn good for you demons!" added Batgirl, the fight returning with her added strength.

    "Oh, it's not over yet," taunted Catgirl, "just wait and watch ....... and feel!" she laughed as she switched on the device again. Batgirl immediately felt the now familiar thrill shoot around her pussy, but at least the monster was held in check.

    Now that she'd lost the cub, Susan seemed to have flopped back onto the bed, still restrained by her wrists, with her freed legs outrageously wide apart despite the lack of bindings. She was clearly still offering herself for further attention.

    As before, Catwoman and Leopard Man came over carrying the syringe of yellow fluid, but instead of fighting against them, Batgirl was aghast to see Susan open her mouth wide to receive the next 'dose'. The two looked at each other, laughed and tipped in the fluid. If anything Susan's eyes flashed with an even deeper animal lust, scaring Batgirl to the core.

    "Now watch," instructed Catgirl as she leaned forward intently.

    This time the blonde kitten had crouched down in front of Leopard man, drawing down the secret seam and revealing the biggest human cock that Batgirl had ever seen.

    "Impressive uh?" continued Catgirl.

    The Kitten was immediately at work, licking and nibbling until the phallus was stretched taut, veins almost throbbing.

    "Oh God!" exclaimed batgirl, suddenly realising that this giant rod would probably soon be driving deep into both of them, and unlike Susan who was watching greedily, Batgirl was squirming at the thought.

    And just when she didn't think that it could get any worse -- it did.

    Catwoman had gone over to the bench to bring over a small phial of the blue liquid which Leopard man immediately raised to his lips and poured into his mouth.

    Batgirl was then struck by two things. Firstly he seemed to go into a trance like state, eyes unfocussed but standing unaided. Secondly her eyes were dragged downwards as the unbelievable happened and the erect, giant phallus grew even bigger. At least an inch thought Batgirl in horror.

    "Now you see what I meant don't you Batgirl," laughed Catgirl playfully as they watched the phallus swing from side to side as Leopard Man was led by the kittens onto the bed and between Susan's widespread legs. "It's a pity about the 'trancy' side effect though. Leopard Man needs to work on that."

    "Oh by the way," she added, as though for a casual afterthought, "he can maintain that erection for over thirty minutes."

    Batgirl's eyes widened in disbelief and shock. Thirty minutes!!?

    Despite her animal like hunger for satisfaction, even Susan was obviously impressed by the size of the monster facing her between her legs which she widened as far as she could to stretch open the now sopping entrance to her vagina. Catwoman was at hand to ease forward Leopard Man so that the tip of his cock was nuzzling the pink lips 'guarding' the gaping hole.

    Susan's features broke into a look of wanton lust as she felt the contact and in her desperate need to for satisfaction forced up her hips even further to try and capture more of the giant intruder. Batgirl was also forcing up her hips, but in a desperate attempt to escape the attentions of the giant pseudo cock now nudging at her own dark entrance, but the tight crotch strap ensured that there was no escape and she could only tensed her muscles as the devilish shape nudged further in.

    Batgirl was cringing, anticipating the drive into her body and uncomfortably aware of the building set of vibrations around her clit as Susan's anticipation fed through to her. Suddenly, Batgirl realise that the phallus was in motion again as Leopard Man eased forward a little further, both giant cock's now forcing open the two woman's openings to the full width of the throbbing penis. Batgirl squeezed her eyes shut, wondering whether even her fit body could cope, but was soon more concerned about the raging fire around her clit as Susan went into a massive climax. Batgirl hung on grimly, but not for long.

    Susan's orgasm faded slowly and she was basking in the warm glow seeping around her body, but as she started to open her eyes again, Catwoman tapped Leopard Man on the shoulder and with a grunt he thrust forward again.

    Batgirl couldn't help the strangled scream that escaped through gritted teeth as she felt the giant rod force its way into her innermost depths. The nerves in her vagina suddenly electrified as the replica phallus pushed its way deeper and deeper, her whole body seemingly balanced on top of the giant invader until it seemed to fill her completely.

    Susan had gone into orgasm again immediately she felt the drive forward begin. Batgirl followed within a couple of seconds, the unbelievable penetration seemed to completely fill her and combined with the onslaught on her clit finally driving her way over the edge.

    Catgirl watched in appreciation as she saw Batgirls eyes suddenly widen and sparkle, her hips and muscles taut and straining until the blessed relief of the orgasm swept over her and she could sag back for a few moments in relief.

    Batgirl couldn't believe how quickly they'd come. And this unnatural erection might last thirty minutes? "Aaaaaaaagh," she muttered weakly, "must stay in control."

    That didn't last long as Catwoman again tapped their assailant on the other shoulder, glancing into the mirror as she did so with a malicious looking smile. Batgirl knew instantly who that was directed at, but didn't have time to think about it. Leopard Man immediately began pumping backwards and forwards in short thrusts, the shaft of his giant phallus triggering every nerve end within the two girl's vaginas, and the constant fast pounding against Susan's pubic bone was sending continuous tremulous vibrations instantly up and around their clits.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Dilemma

    Batgirl was sweating hard as she struggled weakly for control, and she survived the first of Susan's climaxes. But the waves of pleasure were pounding hard into her befuddled brain again and shortly afterwards as Susan came yet again she was overcome, her impaled body gyrating wildly around the source of her torment, a long low moan escaping her lips.

    What her befuddled brain couldn't understand was Susan's reaction. Her body was continuously bucking between Leopard man's thighs, her pert breasts bouncing around in their demonic dance as her hips greedily drove back at him as he thrust forward, positively welcoming the ecstasy generated from her now almost continuous climaxes.

    Where Batgirl was feeling deeply drained, Susan seemed to be feeding on the energy generated!

    Chapter 14Enter the Caped Crusader

    After yet another shattering climax had rolled through her, Batgirl was losing the will to fight back, ready to abandon her body to the inevitable when some movement caught the corner of her eye.

    All eyes in the room next door were riveted on the drama taking place on the bed, but behind them the door was slowly opening and Batgirl caught a glimpse of a familiar head. Suddenly the door swung fully open and in a blur of grey and red, Batman and Robin burst into the room.

    The two cubs were the first to swing round and instantly leapt forward to attack. Bad move. In a flurry of arms and legs the two assailants were soon dumped into inert heaps at the feet of Gotham's finest.

    The brief time taken to overpower them was all that Catwoman needed however. Batgirl watched in horror as she saw the two Kittens being shepherded quickly towards a side door as Catwoman reached for the bull-whip at her side. Ever the expert, she quickly flicked her wrist as Batman and Robin started to advance, rapping the tip around their feet and bringing them both down in a heap. By the time they'd recovered and reached the door Catwoman had escaped and locked it behind her. Batgirl saw Robin's mouth moving and could almost imagine the "Holy.....!"

    The action was so startling and sudden that she'd been distracted from her inner turmoil for a moment. Then she realised in horror that the action between her legs was starting to get the better of her again as Leopard Man, ignoring the confusion around him continued blissfully pumping away between Susan's thighs!

    "Oh come on Batman!" she shouted in tortured anticipation as the dark crusader swept across to the bed to rescue the young detective.

    There was a snag to this simple plan. Susan wasn't keen to be 'rescued'.

    At first Batman and then Robin combined to try and unlock the sweet girl's ankles, but to no effect -- just like the Kittens. Susan wasn't budging, indeed she was absorbing yet another delightful climax as her hips rocked again underneath the trance-like Leopard Man.

    Batgirl was about to shout at Batman again in glorious frustration when Catwoman and the Kittens swept into the room. The black suited figure took one look at the scene on the bed and swivelled round to face the almost distraught Batgirl.

    She was seething with anger.

    "How the hell did HE find us here Batbitch!" she fumed "You'd better tell Batman to keep out of my way in future or...........!!!" She realised Batgirl wasn't concentrating and leaned forward to pinch and twist one of batgirl's swollen nipples to get her attention.

    That was it. Batgirl lost it again as the unexpected added stimulus sent her convulsing on top of the piston-like pseudo penis, still madly gyrating within her.

    "Oh!!" shouted Catwoman in exasperation. "This is ridiculous! Come on Catgirl, time we got out before those two start exploring!" and with that she was heading for the door.

    "Hang on," squealed Catgirl, "I need my Batgirl orgasm gear!" indicating the crotch strap between Batgirl's glistening legs.

    "Well, be quick then!" shouted Catwoman at the door. "We'll get the Cat-car ready -- don't be long!"

    Just as Catwoman and the Kittens disappeared, Batman finally managed to untangle Susan's ankles, spreading her legs so that Robin could yank back Leopard Man away from his dastardly work.

    The feeling of the gigantic rod smoothly retreating from her inner warmth was almost enough to send Batgirl over the top again as she let out a long "Oooooooooooooh," of appreciation. There was still a burning fire around her clit, and her emptied vagina was still throbbing away but at least the inner turmoil was ended.

    Meanwhile Catgirl was quickly unbuckling the belt and crotch strap, glancing continuously at the window to make sure that Batman and Robin were still occupied. As the crotch strap was freed she simply yanked out the 'Bat-plug' taking Batgirl completely by surprise and triggering a final unexpected orgasm as her crotch and rear-end nerves suddenly exploded into action.

    "Ooooh -- sorry Batgirl," squealed Catgirl in delight as she gathered her implements together. She was still kneeling in front of Batgirl's throbbing pussy as she finished which was gaping wide and dripping with juices after the withdrawal of the gigantic pseudo-cock. The temptation to lean forward and suck at the juices dribbling over the delicate folds of pink skin was almost irresistible. So she did.

    Batgirl rolled her eyes at the sudden activity again as Catgirl's head disappeared between her legs for a few all-too brief minutes. She knew she shouldn't, but couldn't stop her body enveloping the probing tongue, and try as she might she couldn't stop herself enjoying the blissful touch of those delicate lips. "What's the matter with me?" she thought as her hips swayed gently to the touch, "Why are Susan and Catgirl having such an effect on me?"

    But all too soon, Catgirl had drunk her fill and was up on her feet, checking that Batman and Robin were still occupied next door. She needn't have worried. Now that Leopard Man had been dealt with and trussed up with his cubs, Robin had returned to Susan to help her, but had been caught by surprise as the nubile young lady had wrapped her arms around his head and dragged him on top of her. She was now trying hard to plant passionate kisses on the young lad's squirming face. Batman rushed over to help.

    "She a real enthusiast, that one," said Catgirl in admiration again before returning her attention to Batgirl.

    "Got to go my pretty one, shame we've been interrupted don't you think?" Batgirl breathed deeply and kept her counsel.

    "You do look a bit wanton like that though," she noted, admiring Batgirl's stretched and sweat glistening naked form, black panties still rolled down on her muscular thighs.

    Stepping forward with a grin she gripped the panties, dragging them back up and over Batgirl's hips, making sure that she gave them a sharp pull upwards as the front cupped her sensitive pussy causing Batgirl to suck in air as she felt the material embrace her throbbing mound.

    "Au revoir!" she laughed, about to spin away and follow after Catwoman.

    "No!" screamed Batgirl. She had suddenly realised what she would look like if Batman was the one to release her. She'd been found naked the last time that Batman had rescued her from Batgirl's clutches - and he hadn't let her forget it!

    Pride had to go. "Please. You can't let him find me like this!" she begged.

    Catgirl was caught by surprise, but stopped.

    "It wouldn't be the first time," she remembered thoughtfully as she came back in front of Batgirl. "Maybe I could let you go though." She was thinking fast, and suddenly her eyes lit up. "There'd be a price though!"

    "What do you mean?"

    Catgirl checked the next room again, where both Batman and Robin were now cavorting on the bed trying to pin down the squirming Susan.

    "Plenty of time," she thought as she leaned closer to Batgirl's face, wafting her sweat fragrance across her in the process and whispered huskily "Next time I capture you Batgirl, I want you to make love to me. No restraints, just the two of us, pleasuring each other."

    Batgirl breathed hard, desperately confused. She couldn't promise that surely? Her brain was saying 'no' but her body was saying something else entirely!

    Catgirl decided to raise the stakes. She leaned forward further until their noses were almost touching then pressed her luscious, pink lips over Batgirl's, taking the young crime fighter by surprise again as she cringed back. Not for long though as she felt her body respond almost immediately, working her own lips back at Catgirl's and as Catgirl squeezed her lithe tongue between Batgirl's soft lips her own tongue responded instantly, twisting, dancing and joining together in mutual embrace.

    They were both breathing hard when Catgirl reluctantly pulled away, and their eyes were locked in a mutual state of lust. Any inhibitions Batgirl had over kissing another woman were long gone after the day she'd just had.

    "Yes?" queried Catgirl, still breathless.

    Batgirl struggled for a moment with her conscience, but however much it sounded wrong her lips framed the word 'Yes' softly in reply.

    Catgirl bounced up and down with glee. "Promise?" she squealed, not quite able to believe it.

    There was still time to for Batgirl to change her mind, but in her current state............ "Promise," she eventually whispered in resignation "Just get me down from here! ............ and you've got to capture me first!" she added, the fight returning.

    "Not been a problem in the past." was the casual reply as Catgirl reached up and flipped open the fastenings around batgirl's wrists, then jumped back in case Batgirl had been fooling her.

    She needn't have worried, Batgirl's aching arms simply flopping down by her side almost lifelessly, her head sagging down in response.

    When she looked up again, Catgirl had gone.

    She was still breathing hard, but needed a few minutes to get life back into her numbed fingers. As she glanced through the window to check on Batman's progress, she burst out laughing. The two crime-fighters had finally managed to overcome the young detective, but only by binding her wrists to the bed again. "Full circle!" she thought delightedly, revelling in Batman's discomfort for once.

    As her strength flooded back, she quickly reached down and flipped open the fastenings around her ankles, finally managing to stand up straight. Her muscles were still so stiff, but she needed to get sorted so she staggered over to the table to retrieve her Batgirl suit. She removed her boots and stepped into the costume, very gingerly as the sleek material wrapped itself around her sensitised pussy and even more gingerly as the two front cups enveloped her swollen breasts. With a sigh of relief, she was able to twist round, seal up, drag on her boots and hey presto! Batgirl was back!

    Chapter 15 Batgirl Gets the Prize

    She took a deep breath before pushing open the door and striding confidently into the lab room.

    Batman and Robin both span around as she made her entrance.

    "Holy Superheroes!" cried Robin enthusiastically, "It's Batgirl."

    "Where the hell have you been?" said Batman, somewhat less so.

    "That evil feline monster gassed me when they captured Susan......" she started and continued to give the two of them a VERY edited version of how she'd been tied up and forced to watch the events through the one way mirror.

    "But I got away in the end," she finished triumphantly "so I thought that I'd better help you with Susan."

    Robin was horrified at the tale. "Jumping Jackrabbits! Poor Susan!"

    Batman was more measured "A dastardly plot indeed. But as there appears to be an antidote, maybe all will be well -- eventually." Glancing at the wall he added "I wondered about that mirror. Come on Batgirl -- show us this room."

    That wasn't in Batgirl's plan, but Batman had already taken her arm and was guiding her out of the room, "Susan's not going anywhere and the three Leopard scum are well and truly trussed up." Batgirl could see what he meant, but the funny thing was that Leopard Man still looked as if he was in a trance and the gigantic erection hadn't subsided much. Batman followed her gaze. "That's powerful stuff by the look of it. We need to get it analysed at the Batcave."

    When the three of them trooped into the little side room, Robin was again shocked at the sight of the A-Frame. "Holy Moses Batgirl! Did they tie you to that?" Batgirl nodded.

    "And that's all?"queried Batman suspiciously.

    Suddenly he stooped down and lifted up a pink glove lying under the table, studied it for a minute or so and then realisation hit home as Batgirl's heart sank.

    "Catgirl was here as well?!"

    She decided not to answer.

    "And she just made you watch? Nothing else?"

    Batman knew all about Catgirl and was sounding distinctly incredulous, but Batgirl held her ground despite feeling her face go a bright shade of crimson. Fortunately Batman let it drop and after a brief scan round the empty room they trooped back into the lab.

    Batgirl had been developing a plan while they'd been talking. Every time she saw the delicious looking Susan's now prostrate form on the bed, she felt her sex tingle, and in her current state the young detective was clearly the right person to scratch that itch!

    "Look Batman. It's probably better if I sort out young Susan here. You strapping males will just be a distraction for her." A bit of flattery never went amiss with Batman! "And anyway, we need to analyse all the liquids before we use them," she added as she stepped over to the table, putting the phials of green and yellow liquids into her utility belt.

    She handed the blue liquid to Batman, "I'll sort out these two back at my place, and you can do the blue one. See if you can reverse that ridiculous erection on Leopard Man!" she laughed, holding back her desire to give him a well placed kick on exactly that same member after the torture he'd inflicted.

    Batman thought about it for a moment, couldn't see anything wrong, so shrugged his shoulders and said, "OK Batgirl. About time you did something useful anyway."

    Batgirl was happy enough to have got her way, so bit back a catty response!

    "Hey!" she exclaimed thoughtfully, "How DID you manage to find us without the tracker device?"

    "Oh we got lucky," Robin chipped in, "We got an anonymous call!"

    "That CERTAINLY was lucky!" reflected batgirl as she cringed at the thought of what the next thirty minutes would have done to her without their intervention!

    With that she went over to the bed/table. Susan's restrained body looked absolutely delectable, although even she was looking a little tired. Her smooth skin was still glistening, her pussy was drenched with juices, and her hair with sweat, but her eyes still looked back at Batgirl's with unadulterated lust. Batgirl leaned forward and whispered into her ear. The eyes opened wider, lust still dominating but she nodded with a look of sweet anticipation spreading across her face.

    Batman and Robin looked on with amazement as Batgirl released the young woman, helped her sit up and then calmly helped her get dressed from the pile of clothes on the chair beside them. No struggling, no fighting and no attempt at sexual games.

    "How the hell did you manage that?" exclaimed Batman who'd clearly been expecting to have some fun at Batgirl's expense!

    "What did you say to her?" he added suspiciously.

    "Oh nothing much," Batgirl replied airily, "I just told her that I'd be taking her back to my place so that we could work on each other.... err I mean on the antidote." Fortunately, Batman missed the slip.

    Susan was dressed now and was gingerly stepping down onto the floor. Batgirl had her arm around her waist as she helped the young detective towards the doorway, who instinctively wrapped her arm around Batgirl for support. Batgirl had to twist slightly so that Batman wouldn't see the hand cupping her suited breast!

    "You might as well take the Bat-mobile, Batgirl. It's parked out front. Robin and I can get back with the police when the Commissioners men arrive."

    "Oh, how long do you think it will take to get the liquids analysed?" he added as the two woman reached the doorway.

    Batgirl thought about it for a while and Susan whispered in her ear. Batgirl laughed and shook her head. "It'll be at least a couple of days Batman." "I'll work at it full time, but we can't afford to risk anything going wrong for all these unfortunate secretaries," she added quickly as Batman looked as though he was going to challenge her

    "And that gives us at least 48 hours together," she whispered back into Susan's now expectant face.

    "Batgirl's such a conscientious crime fighter!" exclaimed Robin, shaking his head in something approaching awe, "And after all that she's just been through!"

    "Mmmmmmmmmm," replied the Caped Crusader thoughtfully, watching the two figures disappear around the door, not sure if he'd really seen Susan's hand drifting down Batgirl's side to cup and squeeze one of her suited bottom cheeks!

    The End (for now).

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