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    Default A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Vexed

    A Day In Gotham - 8 -- Batgirl Vexed (A promise fulfilled, a catty surprise, a dangerous enemy)

    (Follows episode 7 -- Batgirl Undone)

    (Authors Note -- It's taken a while to pull together, but thanks for your patience if you're following the series. As this implies, this story follows on from my previous efforts, but it can be read as an isolated story if you wish. As usual, Batgirl is still trying hard to sort out all her complex personal relationships with friends and foe alike!)


    Chapter 1 -- Disappointing Beginnings

    Chapter 2 -- Leaving 'Home'

    Chapter 3 - The Library Gets a Shock

    Chapter 4 -- Barbara Gets a Shock

    Chapter 5 -- A Dire Threat

    Chapter 6 -- Another Dilemma

    Chapter 7 -- A Promise is a Promise

    Chapter 8 -- Dark Plans Develop

    Chapter 9 - A Surprise for Barbara

    Chapter 10 -- Back at the Ranch

    Chapter 11 -- Another 'Electric' Experience

    Chapter 12 -- Who's Threatening Who?

    Chapter 13 - Tables Turned

    Chapter 14 -- Good Days, Bad Days

    Chapter 15 -- Confronting Catgirl

    Chapter 16 -- Tables Turned Again

    Chapter 17 -- Robin's Special Treat

    Chapter 18 -- A Dramatic Encounter

    Chapter 19 -- Satisfaction at Last

    Chapter 20 - Valediction

    Chapter 1 -- Disappointing Beginnings

    Batgirl was almost quivering with desire!

    She couldn't quite believe it, but after what seemed like years of trying she'd finally got her man! Batman was on his way at that very moment, ready to take her in his arms, ready for action!

    She gulped as the anticipation built within her, her whole body aflame with lust even before he arrived. God, but she had been waiting for this moment for so long!

    She'd slipped on the flimsiest of baby doll nightdresses, the sheer black material enhancing her nakedness rather than hiding anything. There was a furry hemline at the bottom which sat ever so slightly below her taut bottom, the small triangle of darker fur between her legs peeping through the opaque material just above it. Her breasts were standing out proudly in front of her, the thin material of the nightdress dangling precariously over her thrusting pink nipples.

    Her hands went briefly to her shoulder length light brown hair. It was in an unruly tangle after she'd ripped off her Batgirl costume and cowl, but it would have to do. There was no more time! She'd heard Batman's heavy steps approaching down the corridor and she stepped back slightly, the backs of her thighs rubbing up against the waiting bed. The fire in her body was now concentrating into a molten spot between her legs. She closed her eyes as the sensation increased, her quivering intensifying.

    Then they snapped open as Batman entered the room. It was an entrance she hadn't expected. He didn't just open the bedroom door, he simply broke it down with a crash and stepped over the wreckage.

    Then he was on her.

    There were no words. There wasn't any need for them.

    She was vaguely surprised to see that he was dressed only in his Black cowl and a pair of blue boxer shorts, but as he pressed his hardness firmly against that molten spot between her legs she simply dissolved into his arms, a long moan finally escaping from her lips.

    "Oh Batman!" she gasped, "why has it taken you so long to come to me? I've wanted you for so, so long and ........ ohhhhhhhhhh!"

    Her words were cut off dramatically as Batman cupped her breasts through the thin black material, squeezing hard and sending a tidal-wave of warm sensations flooding into her brain. Now she had only one thought in her mind, and she automatically reached a hand downwards between their hot bodies to caress the mighty erection that was pushing hard up at her sopping wet pussy.

    It was Batman's turn to groan, but not for long as he pushed her sharply back onto the bed, her legs dangling over the edge, and automatically spreading wide to welcome him. In seconds his shorts were down by his ankles and Batgirl's eyes were riveted on his colossal erect penis, almost bursting to plant itself within her.

    Her low cry of desire was animal like as she watched helplessly as he pushed up the flimsy nightie around her neck and then lean forward to take first one and then the other nipple into his mouth, licking and nibbling until she was squirming uncontrollably beneath him.

    It was fantastic, just like she'd imagined so many times before and then all rational thought was forced roughly out of her mind as she felt his huge penis push up against her wet, welcoming vagina lips and then thrust deeply within her.

    There was no time to savour the sensation though as Batman immediately began to drive hard backwards and forwards inside her. It was like the ultimate piston! What had been molten before was now white hot as her whole being seemed to revolve around her pussy, her clit and the pounding taking place below as her fingers dived purposefully in and out.

    "What............fingers ........aaaaaaahh?" she thought absently in confusion as her body arched, the orgasm that had building remorselessly finally overwhelmed her, sending wonderful, shivering little convulsions all round her super-tense body.

    As the blissful tension started to fade and she relaxed back onto the soft bedding, she started to take in her surroundings again. It was not what she wanted to see.

    "Oh no, not again...." she whimpered to herself as she lay on her side and curled her legs tightly up under her, "where...why ......?"

    She drew up the fingers of her right hand, coated in her own delicate juices and stared at them incredulously for a few minutes as her expression gradually changed from ecstasy to bewilderment. It hadn't been Batman after all. It had been another of those cruel dreams! The ones that had started almost a month ago when she'd witnessed her Batman getting together with Catwoman, her arch nemesis!

    "How could he have done that to me?!" she thought for the hundredth time in rising misery as she turned her head, burying it into the soft lemon pillow and began to sob gently to herself.

    Chapter 2 -- Leaving 'Home'

    The solidly built man sat on his simple, metal framed bed and waited.

    He hummed a favourite tune for a while and then a wide smile spread across his harsh features as he began to laugh mirthlessly.

    It didn't sound like a laugh though. The joyous sounds were garbled and muffled into unintelligible gibberish by the gas mask that he was wearing. He looked a like a strange alien insect from some b-rated feature film.

    He looked down with disdain at the dark blue striped 'pyjamas' that he was wearing, gave a snort of disgust, and looked at his watch yet again. At last! The thirty minutes were finally up and he positively ripped the mask of his face and let out another, louder burst of mirthless laughter. They couldn't keep HIM down for long!

    Jumping up, he threw the mask onto the bed, carefully laid down a small ribbon wrapped card and opened the heavy, steel door.

    The bright, harsh prison lights in the open corridor made him squint for a moment before he focussed properly and the laugh that escaped his lips now was full of mirth, but also dripping with evil.

    "Well, well.....what a sight for sore eyes!" he whispered to himself.

    All around him, figures in similar striped pyjamas were standing or sitting still, staring aimlessly in front of them. They looked like 'living' statues from a fairground, or, as the stranger preferred to think, like newly created zombies ready for the next Romero feature film.

    He began to walk casually down the corridor, stepping carefully past his fellow inmates and heading for a door at the end where two blue uniformed prison guards were sat at a desk, both immobile, both staring aimlessly ahead, just like their charges.

    Pausing briefly, he turned back and walked back a couple of paces to face one of the striped zombies that he'd just passed. He was an even more evil looking felon. Big, almost seven foot, shaven head and massively built. His deep brown eyes never flickered as he looked straight through the man drawn up in front of him.

    "Hi Peanut!" the man sneered, glancing down at the massive erection standing out, pole-like from between the zombies legs, "Pity about the side-effects of the gas, but totally wasted on you though!"

    He paused for a few more moments before swiftly bringing up his knee hard into the man's groin, crashing into the erection and forcing him back a couple of paces. The man's expression never changed though, he still stood still, rocking slightly but all feeling put in suspense.

    Breathing a little harder from the effort the stranger stepped back before continuing down the corridor.

    "That's the last time you'll attack me with THAT thing Peanut!" he laughed mirthlessly again, "And boy, are you going to suffer when YOU come back to your senses!!"

    That was it.

    "So easy," he was thinking, "just got to grab the uniform and keys from one of the guards, exit through the prepared side door and my accomplices will be waiting with the car and we'll be away!"

    Really was so, so easy. Well, if you were a master chemist and able to produce gases for all occasions it was!

    Chapter 3 - The Library Gets a Shock

    The man in the grey slacks and worn blue roll-neck jumper had moved his chair to get a better view. He'd been ogling his colleague all morning, and now that she was doing some work that involved bending down to retrieve documents from a low filing cabinet, he leaned forward in anticipation.

    "Damn!" thought Barbara Gordon as she caught Simon's eyes on her as she bent back up with an armful of files. She'd forgotten to squat down, and even though she was purposely wearing a demure, knee length skirt today, it had a long slit up the back and by bending over she'd given him a glorious view of the back of her long, well toned and stocking clad thighs.

    She glared hard at him across the room but, as usual, he simply responded with one of his cheesy grins. The other girls on the library staff had christened the new staff member 'Smarmy Simon' because of his perpetual efforts to catch them in unsuspectingly revealing situations but Barbara had tried hard to be fair to him. Her patience was beginning to wear thin though as she stormed back to her position on the Gotham City Library 'Enquiries' desk.

    Barbara enjoyed the relaxing quiet of the library. It was a peaceful contrast to her time as Batgirl where she would prowl the streets with Batman and Robin, putting anti-social elements out of circulation! Not much peace and quiet there! It was a much needed distraction.

    She sat back briefly as she patted her shoulder length light brown hair into position, before smoothing down her plain cream blouse over her firm bosom and making sure that it was tucked into her light brown skirt below the tan leather belt. The large brass buckle was the only element of showiness, Barbara being well aware of the Head Librarian's conservative views on dress code.

    The library was normally quiet, but there always seemed to be a little background murmur of conversation and Barbara's ears were well accustomed to it, so when that background noise suddenly disappeared and the silence was total, she looked up sharply.

    There was a reason why all conversation had stopped and that reason was heading purposefully across the room in Barbara's direction!

    Barbara eyes opened wide as she took in the apparition. So did all the male eyes in the room, and a fair proportion of the women too!

    A young woman, long, raven black hair flowing behind her was striding towards the Enquiries Desk. She wasn't tall, but extremely striking. This was largely the result of what she was wearing, or as Barbara was soon realising, not wearing!

    Just about covering her boobs was a skin tight, light blue top plunging deeply at the front to display a large helping of upper breasts. Barbara could tell that it was skin tight because her breasts were joggling up and down as she walked, clearly unrestrained and with unmistakable peaks where her nipples fought unsuccessfully to break through the smooth material.

    The skimpy top dropped down to a trim waist, where a black and white checked micro-mini skirt just about succeeded in covering her rear and her pants. "If she's wearing any!" thought Barbara in shocked horror. Her legs were covered in patterned white stockings that finished in a dreamy white band about half way up her thighs, held up by white suspender fastenings at front and back, and clearly visible to anybody looking. By now this was everyone in the library!

    As she reached the Enquiries Desk, she pulled up in front of Barbara, who had suddenly realised that her mouth had sagged open and was swallowing hard as she closed it. A large smile spread across the young ladies face, her eyes sparkling as she surveyed Barbara's confusion. She clearly knew what effect she was having on the room as she proceeded to unsettle Barbara even further.

    "Can you show me the BDSM section please?" The sweet voice was pitched to carry around the whole room.

    Barbara's cheeks reddened as she realised that everyone was now tuning in for her reply, some in shock, some in envy and some starting to smile themselves! She was struggling to compose herself, wondering whether she could throw out the newcomer for dressing like a tart, but realising that there were no rules covering this. She was at a bit of a loss.

    "Errrr, well ..............."

    "That's BDSM............Bondage, Sado.."

    "I know what it means thank you!" gasped Barbara at last, annoyance starting to get her into gear again.

    Who the hell did this woman think she was anyway? She looked back into the woman's eyes, seeing a spark of mischievousness reflecting back. They were strangely familiar somehow. Further thought was interrupted however by movement from her left. Simon had got up. It was either to help, or get a better view of the girl's breasts, and Barbara was pretty sure which, but he didn't get far enough to explore options.

    "Can I help?" he called across hopefully.

    The young woman dragged her eyes from Barbara's, switched them to poor Simon and gave him both barrels.

    "Sit down you little pervert!" she directed in a loud, frigid voice, dripping with menace.

    Simon gulped and dropped quickly back into his chair. Barbara was shocked with the sudden change of attitude, but at least pleased that she wasn't now the centre of attention! She wondered whether the woman knew about Simon's little fetishes. Maybe there was some signal that, as a woman, she'd picked up automatically? It was irrelevant though, as the two sparkling eyes danced back onto Barbara's.

    "Anyway," the young woman continued more warmly, "I'd much rather be served by this gorgeous looking receptionist here."

    Barbara rolled her eyes, back in control of herself. "I'm a librarian, not a receptionist thank you!" she corrected calmly, "You'll find what you're looking for upstairs, section F, isle 14." Her pride in having remembered the area so promptly was soon tempered by the realisation that people might guess that she was a regular visitor to that section herself! Her expression quickly changed from panic to query however as she realised that the woman wasn't moving. It was soon changing back to annoyance though as the young woman demanded that she accompany her upstairs to help her.

    There was a bit of a stand-off as she held her ground, explaining that she was far too busy, but the young woman finally won that round by pointing to the little sign on her table that offered 'CUSTOMER SUPPORT' in whatever way the staff could help.

    Barbara pursed her lips, swore under her breath about the Head Librarian's fatuous Customer Service policies, but eventually got up and reluctantly guided the dazzling young woman to the lift. In total embarrassment, she felt the eyes of the whole library following them across the open floor.

    Chapter 4 -- Barbara Gets a Shock

    The Gotham City Library was one of the mayor's pride and joys. Hence it always had good funding to maintain the multitude of polished wood fittings, and the black, wrought-iron work of the major structures. It was a dramatic product of the early twentieth century.

    When Barbara emerged from the old-fashioned lift on the upper floor, she led her new charge around the veranda overlooking the main hall from which numerous little alcoves led off at right angles. She was still uneasily conscious of the many eyes following them as she walked smartly down to an alcove half way down the hall, almost pushing the sexy young lady into it so that they were finally obscured from public view.

    "Right," she said in her most business-like manner, "The books that you're interested in are on the top two shelves over there." She indicated a point at the back of the alcove where the shelves reached high towards the ceiling.

    "Wow, you certainly don't want people stumbling onto them by mistake do you? They must be really juicy to be right up there! I bet you've explored them before though haven't you?" the young girl added cheekily.

    Barbara blushed a little in unconscious confirmation before drawing back and saying haughtily, "You can use the ladders over there."

    She had indicated a pair of wooden steps that were standing at the end of the alcove. The young woman looked at the rickety looking ladders speculatively before dragging them over.

    "OK," she said doubtfully, "but only if you'll stand at the bottom to hold them."

    "Oh fine," responded Barbara quickly, "Anything to get you out of my hair!"

    What Barbara hadn't factored in was the view that she would then have as she watched the sexy young legs ascend the ladder just in front of her eyes until her shapely ankles were just level with her face. As she looked up to check that everything was ok, her eyes went into autopilot as they followed the stocking clad calves upwards then reaching strong muscular looking thighs, half covered by the white stockings with the white band of the stocking gripping her upper thigh tightly.

    Barbara swallowed in secret delight as she let her eyes roam further up the bare flesh until it disappeared under the white band of her plain white panties which were clinging tightly around her bottom before disappearing invitingly between her legs. The girl had had to stand with her legs slightly apart for balance, making the view between her legs even more tantalising. It was the ultimate 'up-skirt' erotic moment, and although Barbara knew that she shouldn't, she couldn't help but drink in the sexy sight.

    After the frustrations of her early morning dreams, Barbara couldn't help but feel a stirring of arousal emanating from between her own legs. She swallowed again before finally dragged her eyes away.

    Not for long though.

    After a little while and some shuffling around from above her which Barbara studiously ignored, she heard a voice from above, "This looks good, what do you think?"

    As she automatically looked up, her eyebrows shot up and she swallowed hard again. The raven haired beauty had swivelled round on the stairs making a complete mockery of her protestations of doubt about the stability of the ladders. Inevitably, Barbara's eyes were dragged up the girl's legs again, but this time up the front portion before finally resting on the triangle of white panty covering her pussy. The skirt covered next to nothing!

    The little mound was tightly embraced by the thin material and the suspender straps running underneath had teased up the edges, allowing some light brown hair to peep out from under the material. Barbara's arousal level went up another couple of notches a she felt a light band of sweat cover her forehead before the reverie was broken again.

    "Hello! Anyone down there?!"

    Barbara's eyes shot up to meet the smiling face looking down at her, her face reddening yet again.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Vexed

    "I'm sorry," she gasped in distracted embarrassment, "what did you say?"

    If Barbara was worried about her reaction to being ogled, she needn't have. The young woman smiled again to herself at the reaction, evidently pleased at the impression that she'd made.

    "Doesn't matter," she said, gripping a small, plain covered book in one hand, "This will do."

    She immediately started to descend the ladder, which Barbara clung onto in frozen dismay, before tripping a little as she stepped off and falling into Barbara who automatically wrapped her arms around her to steady her. The young woman felt beautifully soft and alive, and only slowly pulled herself away from the embrace, initiating yet more little tingles around Barbara's now dampened pussy.

    "Oh drat!" exclaimed the young woman, "That's unsettled my waspie!"

    Barbara's eyebrows shot even higher as she watched helplessly as her charge innocently yanked up her blue top to display two perfect looking breasts sat on top of an ivory coloured under-bust corset. The upper part of the dainty corset ended in two little platforms which pushed her breasts up and forward, making the tight pink nipples and surrounding light brown areolas stand to attention. They looked absolutely marvellous to Barbara, but the girl clearly didn't agree. She dropped her hand to slide her fingers under her right breast and lifted it up from its soft little platform, proffering it to a statuesque Barbara.

    "There, feel that material," she said indicating the little platform surface. Barbara was horrified to see her hand automatically reaching forward to let her fingers run over the soft, ivory material.

    "Ooops!" exclaimed the girl as, with a look of triumph, she let the orb flop back downwards, trapping Barbara's fingers under the soft, warm flesh. If it was a test, Barbara failed miserably. Instead of snatching back her fingers immediately, she couldn't help but absorb the sensuous feelings for long seconds before slowly, reluctantly pulling them out from their warm little lair!

    The young woman clearly felt that she'd accomplished enough as she dragged her top back down, smiling broadly.

    "Don't worry, nobody's going to know. Well, unless that camera's working!" she added as an afterthought.

    Barbara spun round to follow her eyes to the centre of the main hall where, with a sinking feeling, she saw the CCTV camera dangling down from the ceiling.

    "Oh God......." she whispered as she realised with a sinking feeling in her stomach that there was going to be a big audience in the security room later when they reviewed THAT tape!

    The walk back down to the reception desk was done a blurry haze as the young woman almost shepherded Barbara along as she struggled to get back in control.

    When Barbara had finally scanned the book and handed it over to the grinning figure in front of her, she was surprised to see her being handed a little card in return. "For you Barbara!" the girl whispered secretively before twirling round and sauntering across the centre of the main room again towards the door, once again the centre of attraction.

    Barbara watched her go for a while before looking down at the card in front of her and almost fainting from shock!

    It read simply enough, in block capitals;


    At the bottom was no signature, just a little drawing of a cat, sat down and looking over its shoulder out of the card with long whiskers and a ridiculously cheeky expression across its face.

    "Catgirl!" gasped a horrified Barbara, jerking her head upwards to catch a glimpse of her arch nemesis stood in the doorway, obviously staying long enough to see her reaction. Then, with a little wave, she was gone.

    "But, does she know who I am?" Barbara murmured, still stunned at the revelation. The she realised with another shock what the 'promise' had been. It was when she'd needed Catgirl's help to get out of a sticky situation many months ago. In a moment of weakness she'd agreed to make love to Catgirl if she ever got caught again, and 'caught' she'd been - more than once in fact. She'd never dreamt that Catgirl would take it seriously, but now she was evidently looking for payment!

    "But she can't expect .......surely ....."

    Her thoughts were rudely interrupted however by the vibration of the Bat-Alarm nestling sleekly in the small of her back.

    Chapter 5 -- A Dire Threat

    "She's getting to be totally unreliable!" complained Batman in exasperation.

    He was sat on the edge of Commissioner Gordon's large oak desk, swinging one black booted leg idly back and forth as he stared across the room at the red and green suited Robin who was sat back on the comfortable leather sofa set against one wall of the old fashioned looking office.

    The Commissioner had gone out to see one of his senior officers and the two crime-fighters were alone, waiting upon the arrival of the third member of their team. Batman was irked that she was the last to arrive yet again!

    "It's supposed to be an emergency when I set off the bloody Bat-Alarm...... where the hell can she have got to?!"

    "Oh, she's probably tied up with something at the library Bruce," replied a calmer Robin, always the diplomat, "she does work for a living after all."

    "She's more likely to be tied up with that female detective that she's hooked up with!" replied Batman heatedly, and after a moment's thought, "And I wouldn't be surprised to find out that she was 'tied up' literally."

    "No, Susan's away on a course this month," responded Robin smoothly, "Barbara's just been delayed getting away I expect."

    As Robin finished his reply, the door opened and the Commissioner walked in, arm in arm with the purple suited Batgirl. She looked striking as usual, her glorious curves enhanced by the tight fitting costume, her red wig flowing down her back from underneath the purple cowl, her face glowing with a wide smile from something the Commissioner must have said.

    "Look who I stumbled into in the corridor," laughed Commissioner Gordon, "I do believe that she was going to run all the way from the lift!"

    Batgirl surveyed the scene. It had been good to bump into her father on the way in, not that he knew who she really was of course. Would she ever be able to tell him about her double life? It was a big dilemma for her, but she put it to one side as Robin jumped up and walked over with a smile on his face to give her a quick hug, "Good to see you Batgirl, you're looking great!"

    Batman was still sitting on the edge of the desk, his face drawn into a scowl, "Last again!"

    Batgirl's expression hardened. She hadn't forgiven Batman for recently taking up with Catwoman of all people, and she was about to give him a verbal blast in reply, when the Commissioner stepped between them. "Now, now Batman, this isn't the time for 'family' squabbles," he said calmly, "we've got bigger problems to deal with. Are you going to tell Batgirl about the note?"

    "Leopard Man's escaped!" exclaimed Robin from behind her, "And he left a note for us in his cell. It's a threat!"

    Batman, opened his mouth as if to speak, but in the end picked up a piece of paper laying on the desk and handed it over to a much more interested Batgirl. She quickly absorbed the message, written in large, black capitals;


    "Short and straight to the point," Batgirl murmured in a considered response, "but not very good on apostrophes in my view."

    "I don't care about his bloody grammar!" exploded Batman, "he's threatening Catwoman!!"

    "Well, that's ok then. It's not as if we care about HER is it?!" responded Batgirl heatedly.

    Batman was lost for words. He didn't know that Batgirl had seen him in a compromising position with Catwoman recently, so he had to be careful what he said about their arch-enemy.

    Robin came to the rescue again, "He's threatening Batman as well, Batgirl." She knew that he was right so she drew in a deep breath and fought to calm herself down.

    After that, the discussion quickly resolved itself into business. How should they deal with this?

    Leopard Man had been involved in a scam to rob the City of its annual budget when he'd been caught by Batman and Robin nearly a year ago. Catwoman had been his partner in crime at the time, but she'd quickly escaped when Batman had appeared on the scene. Evidently, Leopard Man held this against her, maybe blaming Catwoman for his capture?

    "How did you find out where he was holed up with Catwoman?" asked an intrigued Batgirl. She'd been on the wrong side of an encounter with Catgirl in the same building at the time, but she'd never understood how Batman had found them, and he'd refused to say at the time. Then she realised. "It was Vixen wasn't it?" she gasped.

    Robin was quick to latch on, "Of course it was! So there was some benefit in him sleeping with her after all Batgirl." This was aimed directly at Batgirl who'd given Batman hell when she'd found out that he'd been using Vixen, Catwoman's head Kitten at the time, to get information about her operations.

    Batman simply nodded, "It's not helping with this though," he said quietly.

    The police had no clues about how he'd escaped, or where he'd gone. The note suggested that he wasn't planning to leave Gotham City just now, at least not until he'd settled the score. They batted thoughts around for a while, but in the end, they ran out of ideas and just decided that they'd have to be extra vigilant.

    "I'll let Catwoman know," said Batman as he stood up again, not realising that he was lighting the blue touch paper again.

    "I'll BET you will!" sneered Batgirl in a loud whisper.

    "What was that Batgirl!" shouted Batman as he twisted round to face her.

    "Oh, just that it's your duty to look after ALL our citizens, isn't it?" she smiled sweetly before adding a thundering, "Even if they specialise in giving me HELL!!"

    Batman just stared hard at her for long moments before storming out of the room, slamming the door behind him, the glass panel just about staying in one piece.

    Robin sank back into the comfort of the sofa with a sigh and a soft chuckle, "Mmmmm .... that went well then!"

    Chapter 6 -- Another Dilemma

    Batgirl was still seething when she got back to the Library and changed back into her 'Barbara' clothes. It was absolutely typical of the man that he was more worried about Catwoman than the rest of his team she thought. Just because he was probably bedding that black suited bitch, she was convinced that all reason had gone out of the window. Was she jealous? You bet she was!

    But when she reached her desk, everything was tranquil again ..... until her eyes settled on the little card with the cat drawing.

    "Oh God, Catgirl!" she muttered to herself, picking up the card and remembering the incident with the little sex bomb earlier. She glanced at her watch. It was one thirty, plenty of time to get to the Majestic if she wanted to, but did she really intend pandering to Catgirl's little whims? She sat down quickly at her desk before staring into space, her mind still a turmoil.

    Still contemplating Batman's apparent betrayal, her thoughts inevitably switched back to Catgirl. She really was a cheeky imp, not much younger than Barbara who had to admit, reluctantly, that she was as sexy as they came and extremely desirable. Barbara's on-going lesbian affair with Detective Susan Reid had left her with little or no inhibitions about going with other women, but surely not Catgirl of all people? And after all the orgasmic torture that she'd suffered at her hands over recent months! It was an intriguing thought though and she felt a little thrill of excitement course through her body as her imagination took hold of the idea.

    "Absolutely out of the question!" she admonished herself haughtily as she picked up some papers for filing.


    The Majestic was one of Gotham's finest old hotels and cost an absolute fortune to stay in. Its dark, Gothic style architecture made it a little foreboding from the outside, but the warm, glossy wooden fittings and deep red upholstery soon made visitor's welcome when they entered through the large revolving door.

    Barbara had bypassed reception and gone up the stairs to the first floor, following the deeply carpeted corridor and counting off room numbers as she passed. Finally she reached room 110 and with a start realised that it was the Bridal Suite. This really was typical of Catgirl she thought in amazement, but now that she was here she was in a quandary. She glanced at her watch. Twenty five minutes late. Well, at least she wasn't likely to look eager!

    Her rational brain had been against this all along, but her emotional half couldn't resist the urge to check it out. After all, what harm was there?

    "Well, given the number of times you've been at Catgirl's mercy recently, quite a lot!" her rational brain chided, taking over again and deciding to hold back on the hand which was raised up to knock on the door, only to be absolutely horrified as her emotional brain drove her fist hard into the shiny wood.

    It was a few moments before she heard movement and the door handle turned in front of her. She was frozen to the spot, ignoring both her rational brain telling her to make a run for it down the corridor, and her emotional half telling her to push open the door, grab Catgirl and ravish her on the floor!

    When the door did open, Catgirl stood in front of her, still in her sexy outfit from the morning, raven black hair (surely a wig?) swirling around her shoulders and, surprisingly, a rather tentative grin on her face.

    "Hi Batgirl.... I mean Barbara .....I mean ......" she stumbled to a halt, before holding out her hand, "I err ......... wasn't sure that you'd come ....."

    Barbara tentatively took the hand and gave a hesitant smile herself, "I wasn't sure that I'd come either ....." before adding in a surprised tone, "but here I appear to be!"

    "And I'm so glad you did! Wow! Awesome! .......... Come on in," Catgirl gushed out as she drew the still slightly reluctant Barbara into the room.

    A quick glance around the room confirmed its use. As the Bridal Suite, it was a massive room, full of soft, creamy furnishings, and dominated by a massive four poster bed set against one mirror covered wall.

    "Wow Catgirl, you certainly know how to live. This would be a month's salary for me!" Barbara exclaimed inn admiration as she continued to scan the opulent surroundings, before adding a little cattily, "I suppose I'd best not ask how you can afford it?!"

    "Oh it's okay, it's on a credit card," confirmed Catgirl with a cheeky grin, "I don't think that the businessman that I borrowed it from is going to miss it for a while though. Two of the Kittens are 'entertaining' him for the day so I don't expect that he'll be looking for it for a while!" she laughed brightly as she answered, evidently back to her usual form.

    Then there was another moment of awkwardness as they looked at each other, neither woman quite knowing how to proceed.

    "It's easier when I've got you tied up somehow Batgirl," smiled Catgirl ruefully, "Are you really up for this?"

    Barbara was busy re-appraising the Library sex bomb, her tight blue top still accentuating her taut young breasts, nipples pushing up provocative little peaks in the material. The dazzling white stockings still climbing up her thighs to the white suspender fastenings before the bare flesh disappeared tantalisingly under the tiny skirt. Batgirl thought that the effect was a bit 'tarty', but incredibly sexy, and Barbara's emotional side couldn't help but lust after her.

    "Let's sit on the bed and see," Barbara replied in a voice that had grown husky as her arousal increased, before a question suddenly surfaced in her mind.

    "But who are you, and how did you know about me as Barbara?"

    "Oh, Catwoman seems to know all about you guys," replied Catgirl airily, "and my real name's Holly ............. Holly Robinson. So we're even! Pleased to meet you, especially if you're as good at this as I expect you are!"

    "Typical!" thought Barbara, "Batman's told Catwoman everything!" And with that thought flashing through her mind, any remaining inhibitions were cast aside as she almost dragged the willing Holly over to the bed.

    Chapter 7 -- A Promise is a Promise

    As they bounced down onto the soft cream coloured sheets, Catgirl laughed out loud. "This is going to be fantastic, I just know it Batgirl, sorry Barbara, sorry ....... this is weird, what should we call each other?"

    Batgirl didn't really care, by now she just wanted to take the young woman in her arms. "Oh, let's just be 'Barbara' and 'Holly' shall we? We don't want 'work' to get in the way do we?!"

    "No, certainly not," murmured Holly dreamily as she closed her eyes and let Barbara's hands caress her cheeks before sliding to the back of her neck and sending shivers down her spine, "God, I'm just going to let you do what you want with me........."

    Barbara had finally reached a decision. She'd had enough of the antics of Batman and Robin and she didn't see any reason why she couldn't enjoy herself with Catgirl if Batman was busy shafting Catwoman at every opportunity! And anyway, she was feeling incredibly randy herself by now!

    She bent forward and her lips were soon brushing across Holly's forehead, hovering briefly over her eyes as they sank downwards towards Holly's expectant mouth. Those parted lips turned automatically upwards to meet them and immediately both women were greedily kissing each other. It was an electric moment, their lips working hard against each other, tongues diving and twirling about as they fought each other for possession of the other's inner mouth. Holly's hands had wrapped themselves around the back of Barbara's head, pulling her harder towards her, but Barbara's hands wandered down, cupping Holly's breasts, feeling the nipples straining upwards under the thin material.

    After long moments they pulled apart for air, both breathing heavily, both women's eyes alight with desire.

    "Jesus!" gasped Holly, totally overcome by the intensity of the kiss.

    Barbara wasn't wasting breath on talk as she took hold of Holly's blue top and dragged it upwards until it was covering her face and trapping her arms above her head. Those spectacular, pert breasts that she'd admired in the library were now exposed again, pushed upwards by the waspie corset, pink nipples pointing enticingly upwards. It was too much to ignore as Barbara left Holly struggling to get the top off her head and leaned forwards to take a nipple into her mouth and roll it around with her tongue.

    The effect on Holly was dramatic. She gave out an animal like cry of pleasure as she finally ripped off the blue top and wrapped her arms around Barbara's head as each nipple in turn received her best attention.

    Holly eye's were closed again as she started to give out low moans of desire, then a brief sound of annoyance as Barbara pulled her lips away and leaned back.

    She licked her lips briefly, enjoying the slightly salty taste. "Best not to be too hasty," she laughed, "there's plenty of time for more of that!" then she pushed Holly backwards, fully onto the bed.

    "God, but you look good! Still...... no need for the skirt is there?!" as she leaned forward to unhook the fastening at Holly's waist, slipped down the zipper and then drew the checked mini-skirt down her legs before pulling it over the ankles that Holly had helpfully raised high in the air.

    Barbara now stood back and admired Holly's semi-naked body, sprawled before her on the bed. The ivory coloured corset pulled in her trim waist, her breasts looked taut and eminently kissable again, even as she lay back. Her gaze dropped further down, Holly obligingly opened her legs a little to expose more of the simple white panty that was tightly embracing her sexual mound. The material was so clingy that Barbara had no difficulty in tracing out the tantalising little valley below her pussy. She could feel her own little valley tingling with anticipation too!

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Vexed

    "Beautiful ........... just ...... absolutely beautiful!" Barbara gasped as she began to rip at the buttons of her blouse, dragging it off her arms, then fumbling with her own skirt zipper and wiggling her hips as she pushed the material down, letting it slide slowly down her long legs. The cream waist slip followed it within seconds and Barbara quickly stepped away from them, looking back at Holly with a challenging expression.

    Holly had propped her head up on an arm to watch the unintentionally sexy strip-tease, and was positively drinking in the sight of her erstwhile opponent. Barbara's creamy lacy half-cup bra was only just holding in her beautiful orbs and, much to Holly's surprise Barbara was wearing tan stockings over her shapely long legs. They hung down from a matching cream suspender belt, the suspenders dipping tantalisingly under and out from the small triangle of wispy cream material covering her pussy. Holly's throat went dry as she contemplated the erotic sight in front of her. She'd never expected Barbara to dress like this for work. She was usually so prim and proper!

    "Wow, double awesome!" gasped Holly in admiration. "You ought to lose the bra though!" she added huskily.

    Barbara was pleased with the compliment but let her hands cup her bra covered breasts for a few seconds, luxuriating in the thrill and watching Holly's mouth silently open, before reaching behind her to unhook it. With a quick shrug of her shoulders the material freed itself from her own beautiful orbs and dropped to the floor.

    It wasn't as if this was the first time that Holly, as Catgirl, had seen them, but this was different. This time Barbara was stripping off voluntarily, and it made her seem so much more sexy. Holly's whole body was already aflame with desire. She just wanted those lips back on her swollen breasts, and everywhere else on her body! Now!

    "God Barbara, now ......... please ........ just ..... do me!"

    Barbara was back on the bed in an instant, gently pushing the compliant Holly down onto her back again, her head dropping down to nestle briefly into the young woman's delicate neck.

    "Right," she whispered huskily into Holly's ear, "a promise is a promise, so just lie back and let me ravish you!"

    Holly just sighed out loud in anticipation as she sucked in Barbara's sweet fragrance. Maybe she could have replied if she'd been quicker, but Barbara's lips were now nibbling around her neck, her bare breasts pressing against Holly's own and they were both lost in the tingling thrill of it all.

    The sweet lips soon began to make tracks down her front and Holly was immediately writhing under their influence as they ran smoothly over the top of one breast and wrapped themselves around one of her oh so tender nipples. The sounds that escaped her lips were totally unintelligible, the air expelled from her mouth in short sharp breaths of delight as the tense pleasure built up inexorably inside her.

    Barbara let her lips suckle on the nipple for a while before letting her tongue explored all around the light brown areola and flicking across the nipple tip. She was pleased as she felt Holly's writhing intensify under her. She was getting really good at this after all the sessions with Susan!

    When she finally transferred her attention to the other nipple, she also let her hand slide smoothly down the front of the little corset until it slipped off the edge and encountered the bare flesh of Holly's lower tummy, just above the line of her panties. Holly let out an involuntary gasp as she felt the fingers trailing across the taut skin, the gasp turning quickly into a low moan as the fingers reached the elastic of her white panties and began to burrow underneath!

    Barbara had lifted her head away from Holly's breasts to watch the expression on her young opponents face as her fingers began to delve deeper under the stretch white panty material. She smiled in delight as Holly's expression changed into something like awe as they slid ever so slowly over the delicate fur of her pussy, reaching further and further down into the jungle before starting to tease open the waiting labia lips, gently but firmly tracing around the delicate folds of flesh, sliding smoothly over the oily damp surface.

    Holly's eyes were squeezed tightly shut and her head was thrashing slowly from side to side as her whole being became focused on the tantalising finger tips delicately exploring her most private parts. Her legs had automatically opened to allow the fingers the maximum possible access and as they started to trace little patterns around the sensitive entrance to her sopping vagina Holly thought that she would explode.

    Barbara too had seen how excited her charge had become and realised that she wouldn't be able to hold back her climax for long, so she calmly withdrew her hand from under the panties initiating a little wail of disappointment from Holly's tortured lips.

    "Won't be long now!" Barbara whispered as she slipped her fingers around the waist of the delicate white panties and swiftly drew them down over Holly's pussy and quivering hips. She dragged them up her legs with Holly desperately trying to speed up the process by lifting up her ankles and shaking them off one leg so that they hung lazily around her other ankle. Immediately she spread her legs again, and Barbara too sighed in anticipation as Holly's sexuality was totally exposed to her.

    She was momentarily distracted by the sight of the little bush of hair, nicely shaped into a little brown heart, the bottom of the furry point resting on top of the fold of skin only partially hiding Holly's engorged clit. Her eyebrows lifted a little in silent approval. Holly's eyes were now wide open and she was silently imploring Barbara to finish the job and release her from her torment.

    Barbara smiled back and nodded in understanding as she slowly dropped her head to drink at the fountain. As her lips drew themselves around the damp flesh, Holly let out a little cry and she was soon squirming uncontrollably again as Barbara let her tongue explore the throbbing pink vagina entrance and the surrounding folds of sensitive flesh. Barbara knew from experience that the moment was at hand and wasted no time in letting her lips move up to encircle the little fold of soft flesh above the pink gateway. Sensing Holly's impending climax, she drew the hyper sensitive little bud of her clit between her lips and let her tongue flick sharply across it.

    Almost immediately Holly's body arched upwards and froze as she stopped breathing for long seconds. She was at a tipping point as the pleasure reached a peak before collapsing dramatically over the edge, Barbara feeling Holly's body being overwhelmed by delightful little convulsions as the massive orgasm ripped through her.

    As Barbara lifted her head she was smiling again at how big and deep the climax must have been. Holly's drained body was now sagging back onto the bed, legs still stretched wide apart, arms writhing above her head as she began to drag in deep breaths of air.

    "Mmmm pretty good, even if I say so myself," muttered Barbara to herself as she tried hard to quell the tingles now radiating out from her own pussy. "God but Catgirl is such a sensual creature!" she thought dreamily in anticipation of what might be to come next!

    Chapter 8 -- Dark Plans Develop

    "You sure that you're contacts have got this right?!" breathed the large figure as he shifted his position for the umpteenth time.

    He was slouched in the passenger seat of a large, black 4x4 utility vehicle. The tinted windows ensured anonymity from prying outside eyes, but did nothing to block the view of the two occupants as they gazed down the street at the expensive looking apartment block.

    "Absolutely boss," replied the thin, weasel looking individual behind the driving wheel, his quick dark eyes flashing sideways as he spoke, "the blonde's definitely been marked down as one of her crowd, and those are her wheels parked outside."

    The big man focussed again on the open topped, bright yellow Ferrari down the street, its luxurious dark red leather interior almost glowing under the late afternoon sunlight.

    "Well, she'd better appear soon, I can't afford to be waiting around here all day. Maybe we should just go in and give her the works!"

    "We don't know the layout boss, might be a bit risky, can't we give it a bit longer?"

    As the words came out, his attention was caught be another flash of red in the doorway. His eyes widened as he took in the spectacular sight of the leggy blonde who'd emerged, pause for a moment to pat her hair into place. She was wearing a tight red mini-dress that accentuated the generous curves of her bosom and bottom, and hovered six or seven inches above her shapely knees. The matching, bright red high heels clipped hard on the pavement as she set off again.

    "That must be her boss! Jesus, what a figure!!"

    "That's why Catwoman selects them you idiot!" replied the big man calmly, "she wants her Kittens to captivate weak blokes like you!"

    Nevertheless, the big man had sat up and was watching intently as the smart figure walked over the road to her car. They were parked about thirty yards down the road from the Ferrari, but secretly he was as impressed as his underling as he watched her open it up and ease herself behind the wheel.

    Suddenly the driver of the 4x4 started to fret.

    "Christ, if she puts her foot down in that thing, we'll never be able to keep up!"

    "Oh stop worrying you dummy, this is downtown Gotham, with the traffic around here she'll be lucky to get above thirty!"

    Then they were off as they pulled out to follow the bright yellow target. As the big man said, it was easy. The woman made no attempt to speed up and the traffic levels made it easy to follow from a respectable difference. After about twenty minutes of mundane driving, she pulled off the main road into an industrial estate on the edge of the city. After about a hundred yards, she signalled left and pulled into the front car park of a small industrial unit. The big 4x4 slid silently to a halt on the street opposite.

    "This must be Catwoman's place then," breathed weasel face as he watched her switch off the ignition and open the low door of the sports car. "Jesus Christ!" he added as he watched the young blonde swing her legs round to get out of the low seat. Surely there was no mistaking the flash of soft creamy fur as she stretched open her legs to get out from out from the car?

    "Did you see that boss! She wasn't wearing ........." he started to blurt out agitatedly before being rudely interrupted.

    "I know, idiot. That's standard dress code for the Kittens. They... watch out!" The big man suddenly shrank back in his seat as he watched the blonde bombshell start to hurry across the road towards them, but they both started to breath easily again as she sauntered past them without even a glance and disappeared into on old, derelict looking warehouse behind them.

    "Oh smart, Catwoman! Very good - use one building for parking and the one opposite as a base. Brilliant!" the big man was smiling widely now. "Ok let's go, we can come back later with the boys to do a recce."

    Weasel face switched on the engine, "Told you it would work Leopard Man."

    Chapter 9 - A Surprise for Barbara

    Barbara was stretched out languidly on the bed, her eyes closed as she wallowed in another post-orgasmic stupor. She could still feel Holly's hands roaming all over her body, but they felt distant, almost like from within a dream.

    It had been such a great afternoon! The warm feelings almost overwhelmed her as her mind drifted back. After the initial, intense session, they'd taken it in turns to explore each other's bodies, each delighting in bringing the other to one deep climax after another. They gradually lost the rest of their clothing and ended up with their naked, intertwined bodies almost glued together by the fine layer of sweat that had enveloped them. It had been heavenly!

    Eventually they'd had to pause, both feeling absolutely sated, and surprisingly hungry!

    Barbara couldn't remember whose idea it had been to ring for room service, but they'd acted like young schoolgirls, sitting up in the large bed, backs to the headboard, white sheet carefully draped across their legs and laps as they waited for their sandwich order. The nice looking young waiter who'd eventually stumbled across them in his elegant blue uniform and bright brass buttons had almost dropped his tray in shock as he came in and saw them together, naked from the waist up.

    His eyes were transfixed on their bare breasts, glistening slightly after their earlier exertions and they'd teased him to come closer after he'd set down the tray with a clatter on a small side table. It took some coaxing, but eventually Holly's offer of a tip if he brought over her purse got the better of the young man. As she leaned forward to rummage for a banknote, the sheet slid even further down and her small, heart shaped, fury pussy slid into view. The waiter took a step back in shock, swallowing hard as his eyes flickered up and down between nipples and pussy, almost popping out of their sockets. After they'd found out that he was called Peter, they'd thanked him nicely and the sheet had somehow fallen even further to expose Barbara's little fur covered mound as well. At this he'd fled out of the room, clutching his tip as the two new friends collapsed into each other in a giggling heap.

    After the meal, they'd swapped stories for a short while like new teenage girlfriends before inevitably starting to make love again, Barbara unable to control her passion for her new lover.

    The recollections were starting to drift into the background as Barbara gradually started to pay attention to the things around her again, just in time to feel Holly, astride her now, lean forward to run her hands up her arms, still stretched high above her head, sending tiny little shivers down her spine again. As a bonus she watched one of Holly's delightful breasts bobbling near to her face and it was an automatic reaction to reach up with her mouth and grasp the tight little nipple between her teeth, before nibbling gently at it. Holly sucked in a big lungful of air as her nipple fired off a string of electric sensations into her brain.

    She paused for a moment before fiddling again with Barbara's arms, and then leaning back, carefully and reluctantly extracting her nipple from Barbara's grasp.

    "Oh God," she breathed as the sensation drifted away, "stop distracting me Barbara! I've got a little surprise for you!"

    Barbara looked up at Holly's face in puzzlement as the young woman sat back and reached up to catch hold of a strip of grey satin chord dangling down from the top of the four-poster framework. As she drew it slowly downwards, a devilish little smile spread across her face as she glanced down. Barbara's face creased further into puzzlement before changing quickly into consternation as she started to feel first her ankles, and then her wrists being drawn out remorselessly towards the corners of the bed. She twisted her head round in horror to see little loops of grey satin around her wrists and ankles, slowly dragging her into a spread-eagled position on the bed, Holly still astride her tummy and looking down on her in satisfaction as she pulled the bindings taut!

    "What.........!" spluttered Barbara in dismay as her eyes snapped wide open, and flashed with anger, "What the hell is this all about Catgirl!!?"

    Then, in a smaller, hurt voice, "I....., I.....trusted you as well."

    Chapter 10 -- Back at the Ranch

    Robin had spent the afternoon at Wayne mansion tinkering with the Bat-car. Now that he'd started an engineering course at college, he was regularly down in the Bat-cave with bits of the car spread around him. Batman wasn't entirely impressed. He was happy that his ward was developing new skills, but not so keen to find the sleek black machine in a state of disarray when it might be needed in a hurry! In the end he'd agreed with Robin that the tinkering could continue if the car remained operational at a few minute's notice. That was good enough for Robin, after all 'operational' could mean any number of things!

    It was past tea-time though and he was feeling hungry, so he'd finished the re-assembly, cleaned himself up and changed back into his civilian clothes before heading back up to the main buildings and appearing into the oak panelled reception hallway as Dick Grayson, 'spoilt' ward of multi-millionaire Bruce Wayne. He smiled to himself at the thought. Little did those people who gave him that label know about his adventures alongside the Caped Crusader!

    As he entered, he almost bumped into the conservatively black suited figure of Alfred, Bruce's venerable old retainer.

    "Oh, hi Alfred," he said brightly, "I'm starving ..... anything good in the pantry?"

    Before the old butler could reply, a door opened further down the hall, and Robin's eyes widened in surprise as Bruce came out of the sitting room, arm wrapped possessively around the waist of a tall, trim looking woman in a sharp blue business suit. They hadn't seen the two figures further down the hallway, and seemed to have eyes only for each other as the woman laughed gaily at some comment that Bruce had made as they headed for the doorway.

    When they reached the big oak door, they stopped and the woman reached up to wrap her hands around Bruce's neck to draw him towards her, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. Robin's eyes widened even further as the woman pressed her body close into her partner, her hips gyrating slowly as the tight skirt rode higher up her fabulous looking legs.

    This was too much for Alfred, who came out with the loudest "Hrrrrummmmph!" that Robin had ever heard.

    Even so, the two figures were reluctant to draw apart, staring deeply into each other's eyes before Bruce smiled an acknowledgement back at the shocked Dick and the affronted Alfred. The woman also glanced in their direction, her sharp features somehow vaguely familiar to Robin, but he couldn't recall meeting her anywhere. But then again, Bruce always had a string of beautiful woman in tow, so he didn't find that particularly unusual.

    "They don't always have a figure like that though!" he thought ruefully as he watched the woman disappear from sight, and somehow, it didn't take much to imagine what they'd been up to this afternoon. Dick's smile broadened further as he realised that whilst he'd had his hands full of oily machinery, Bruce had had his hands full of something else entirely!

    "Who was that stunner?" laughed Dick as Bruce closed the door and came back into hall.

    "Selina ....... Selina Kyle," Bruce replied with a matching wide grin, recalling the afternoon's strenuous love making with relish, "She's a ..... a sort of business colleague."

    "Wow, I hope that she's got a friend that I can do business with as well!" replied Dick enthusiastically.

    Bruce smiled even further, and after a moment's thought he responded in a measured tone, "You know, she does have a colleague ........ maybe, if you play your cards right .........?!"

    Dick was used to being teased by Bruce though, "Oh yeah! I'll believe that when I see it!" as he twirled away to head for the pantry leaving Bruce facing a stern looking Alfred. An Alfred who knew all about a lady called Selina Kyle!

    "I do hope you know what you're doing Master Wayne," he said stiffly, "Catwomen is a beautiful woman, but not the most stable of partners!"


    Outside Catwoman's lair the small group, dressed in their trademark brown furry suits were piling into the big, dark 4x4 that Weasel had parked further down the street.

    Leopard Man was pleased. They'd been able to infiltrate past the usual guards using some of his special trance-inducing gas to temporarily disable the normal guards. He was particularly pleased with his latest 'product' as it also acted as an amnesiac so they wouldn't remember being out when they came to. They'd probably just think they'd dropped off for a few minutes, so Catwoman wouldn't know that they'd been in.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Vexed

    The 'recce' had been completed in quick time and they hadn't been interrupted. He'd been able to map out the whole layout, and disable the alarm on one of the roof windows before they'd called a halt so that they were clear before the Kittens started to arrive for the evening entertainments. Most satisfactory!

    As he hauled himself down beside Weasel in the front seat, he couldn't help but give out a sigh of satisfaction.

    Weasel noticed, pleased that his master was feeling good.

    "Everything went well then Boss?"

    "Everything went VERY well!" he responded triumphantly, "So tomorrow sees the demise of that vicious feline traitor! Catwoman's going down big time!!"

    The last statement came out with such venom, that a slightly shocked Weasel decided to keep his mouth shut as he switched on and pulled the big vehicle away from the kerb.

    Chapter 11 -- Another 'Electric' Experience

    Back in the hotel bedroom, Holly had adopted a slightly pained expression as she stared down at Barbara's spread-eagled, naked form.

    "Oh come on Batgirl, I know how much you like a bit of fun to spice thing's up a bit. Anyway, it was almost your idea anyway!"

    "What do you mean!?" spluttered a mortified Barbara, who still couldn't believe that she'd allowed Catgirl to do this to her again.

    "Well, I got this trick out of that BDSM book that you let me have earlier," she laughed, then looking down even more mischievously at her victim, she added "And it's full of all sorts of other ideas that we can try as well!"

    Barbara lay back, and closed her eyes in exasperation. She was hardly new to BDSM. Her current lover, the delectable Detective Susan Reid had introduced her to some mild forms many months ago and there was no doubt that she found being pleasured while helpless to react incredibly arousing. But that was with someone she knew and trusted deeply. She wasn't anywhere near as confident about her new partner.

    "Anyway," continued a bubbly Holly, "I've got a much better surprise for you in a minute, but shall we make you a bit more comfortable first?" Without waiting for an answer, she leaned forward over Barbara to grasp the big, deep pillows from the top of the bed only to jump back with a gasp as Barbara's teeth began to sink into one of her dangling breasts.

    "Oi! No need for the rough stuff Batgirl!" she panted as she cupped it tenderly to examine a couple of light teeth marks around the brown areola.

    In annoyance, she grabbed one of the pillows, yanked up Barbara's hips and slid it underneath her bottom to push her furry little pussy high into the air, her strong thigh muscles and firm breasts tautening even further under the strain.

    The second pillow went behind Barbara's head, propping it up so that she was looking straight up between the valley of her beautiful orbs and up to the soft brown furry jungle of her pussy. Suddenly Barbara shivered a little in dread anticipation. Whatever Holly had planned, she was going to get a marvellous view!

    But Holly still seemed annoyed.

    "I'm not sure you deserve me Barbara. I've gone to a lot of trouble to give you a good time you know. The least you could do is to show a little appreciation!"

    "What!" gasped the spread-eagled Barbara again, stunned.

    "Anyway," smiled the impish Holly, suddenly excited and bubbly again, "I'll forgive you. I just can't wait to try this out!"

    Barbara twisted her head to follow Holly as she jumped off the bed, and retrieved her big grey bag from a nearby chair. She rummaged about inside it for a short while before extracting a long, cylindrical looking packet covered in a soft, shiny black material and tied together at one end by a black draw-string.

    The shape of the container had set Barbara's imagination going and her suspicions about its contents were confirmed as the Holly pulled apart the draw-string and began to withdraw a smooth, metallic looking dildo. Barbara was a bit disappointed really. After all Holly's comments she'd been anticipating something unusual, gross maybe.

    "Oh, is that all," she sighed in relief as Holly brought it over to the bed. It wasn't even particularly big, maybe six of seven inches long. Even so, her pussy had started to tingle a little in anticipation of a nice work-out!

    On looking closer however, helped by a grinning Holly holding it right in front of her face, she noticed some peculiarities. The end of the dildo seemed to turn inward on itself, leaving a small nipple sized cavity of uncertain depth, there were a couple of black buttons built into the base and the smooth, shiny surface was pock-marked by hundreds of tiny holes.

    Barbara switched her gaze into Holly's eyes, a quizzical expression spreading over her face.

    Holly couldn't contain herself!

    "I ought to make an apology at this point .... particularly as you're tied up! You remember the session we had with Mr Dynamo a few months back?"

    Barbara's quizzical expression deepened. She was hardly likely to forget that day in a hurry! She'd been inadvertently roped into Catgirl and her European friend's little sexual tryst and had ended up letting this strange, but incredibly exciting man take her to a level of passion she hadn't thought possible, culminating in him filling her with his equally strange, electrifying seed. The effects had been titanic, and she'd passed out with the sheer bliss of it all, which would have been great if that's all that had happened. Unfortunately, for the next few days the electric effect of his cum residue inside her vagina tantalised her so much that she was almost perpetually on the edge of a continuous series of mini orgasms until the feelings gradually began to fade away. She'd had to take two days off work!

    "Well, point is," continued Holly conversationally, "I was a bit annoyed that you'd let him come in you, particularly after he'd told me that it was such a bad idea, and seeing as you were still out for the count after he'd left..... well ..... I thought that I'd take a sample."

    "You what!" gasped a shocked Barbara again, "You actually rummaged about inside me?!"

    "Well, I used a spatula and test tube. I've got a pretty well equipped lab back at the Lair .... and I err, .......... wanted to see what was so special."

    "I can't believe it," grimaced Barbara as she squirmed her hips a little at the thought, before she experienced a sudden sinking feeling in her stomach.

    "And did you find anything interesting?" she queried hesitantly.

    Holly's smile spread widely across her face. "Yup! It was a really complex analytical challenge, but I did manage to identify some of the active ingredients. And ........" she didn't finish.

    "And?" queried a now thoroughly alarmed Barbara.

    The smile widened even further.

    "I managed to create an artificial mixture that has the same effect. Well, not quite as powerful, or long lasting," she added disappointedly, "But I did it ........ and it's in here!"

    She held up the dildo, "At the press of a button, it comes out of the holes like a little aerosol. And you're the ideal person to let me know what it's like!"

    Barbara's eyes were now wide with alarm. She struggled ineffectively with her bindings, her spread-eagled body writhing about sensuously under her tormentor's happy gaze.

    "Well, where shall we start?" said Holly as Barbara's struggles subsided, "Up here perhaps?" She was holding the shiny dildo between her fingers like a long fat pen and began to use it to draw little rings around Barbara's right breast. Barbara sucked in a deep breath as she felt the cool material slip across her sensitive skin, her breast tautening even further as her nipple stood up in anticipation. She swallowed as she watched the circling 'pen' climbing slowly but surely higher up her breast until, with a gasp, she watched her tender nipple disappear inside the indentation in the tip of the dildo. The tingling sensation had increased to an almost unbearable level and her legs were squirming again as the warm sexual tension built up across her whole body.

    Holly looked down with a wide, cheesy grin across her face.

    "Now then, which button was it?" she pretended to be deep in thought, before, with a look of triumph, she pressed the smaller of the two buttons in the base of the dildo.

    "No Holly no ............. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!"

    Barbara's voice tailed away into a subdued scream as she felt first her nipple and then her whole breast explode with mind numbing sensations. It really was just like she remembered from her session with Mr Dynamo as the 'electric' sensations vibrated around her breast, her nipple feeling almost molten and triggering matching tingles from between her legs.

    It took minutes before she could speak, her brain befuddled by the storm of nervous energy, "Oh my God, Oh my God, Ohhhhhhhhhh....."

    "Thought you'd like it," smiled Holly above her, "and now the other one I think."

    Barbara had no time to respond, still struggling to control the sensations from her right breast, as she watched blearily as the silver dildo switched its attention to her other pert orb, going straight for the nipple this time. As Holly hit the button, the new avalanche of electric sensations from her second breast rode the tide of the first wave and Barbara gave out a long drawn out moan as she unbelievably felt herself going over the edge into a strong orgasm, the multitude of little convulsions finally bringing some relief to her tense body.

    "Wow, how cool is that?!" gasped Holly in amazement as she watched Barbara being enveloped by the orgasm, "and we haven't even touched your interesting bits! Awesome!!"

    Barbara was dreamily coming down from the unexpected climax and finally managed to speak. Her rational brain was fighting to get control it was determined to be angry, but somehow those words wouldn't come.

    "God, Catgirl,, ... that was .... that was ....absolutely AMAZING!"

    Holly was grinning back, "I know .... the look on your face! Ready for part two?"

    She didn't wait for a response, and Barbara was now feeling so incredibly horny that she just hazily looked up into the gap between her fire-ridden breasts in rising excitement as Holly ( Celebrity Sex Stories ) drew the dildo up her taut abdomen and began to rub it across the brown, furry little jungle above her legs. With her waist pushed up into the air by the pillow, she couldn't see beyond, but she knew that, with her legs splayed widely outwards by the bindings, her most sensitive sexual lips would be gaping open. She also knew that, whatever her rational brain thought, all she wanted now was for the tormenting silver rod to be rummaging about, deep, deep inside her waiting vagina.

    Holly didn't seem to be in any hurry though as she ran the silver tip past the furry pussy and began to rub it up and down against her outer sexual lips.

    "Oh my God Holly," gasped a thoroughly inflamed and excited Barbara, frustration mounting remorselessly, "Just get on with it will you! I want it in me ..... now! .....ohhhhhhhhh!"

    Holly had finally pushed the tip of the dildo up against the pink entrance to Barbara's dark cavity, the flood of inner juices almost dragging it upwards as it began to slide smoothly into its nesting place until only the base and the buttons were visible, her strong vagina muscles gripping it tightly into place.

    Barbara had shut her eyes to luxuriate in the thrilling feel as the cool metal slowly invaded her inner sanctum. "Jesus," she gasped slowly, "That feels so, sooooo good!"

    Holly let her victim absorb the new feelings as Barbara wriggled her hips to maximise the warm sensations flooding up her body to merge with the red hot sensations still pulsating from her nipples. Barbara was clearly incapable of speech as the sexual tension began to rise inexorably again, and Holly looked down on her almost tenderly as her finger hovered over the bigger button. "Coming, ready or not!" she whispered, remembering the old childhood saying, as her finger pressed firmly down.

    Barbara was already drifting in a sea of warm sexual sensations when the aerosol was released from the dildo's myriad of holes, instantly spreading around her tender vagina walls. Barbara's lithe body immediately went rigid as every nerve in her inner sanctum suddenly lit up and sent a continuous stream of tiny electric sensations deep into Barbara's befuddled brain. Her breathing stopped as the inner tension rose to new heights, and the low animal like moan that escaped her tight lips highlighted her total loss of control until, with a cry, her body twitched uncontrollably as she was wracked by the biggest climax that she'd ever experienced!

    Holly watched on in silent amazement as Barbara's sweat drenched body twitched and convulsed before finally collapsing back onto the soft white bed-sheets. This was way more powerful than she'd expected! She bent to cup Barbara's face tenderly in one hand, but the experience had clearly been too much for even someone of Batgirl's physique and she'd drifted off into a deep, unconscious sleep.

    "Mmmmm, powerful stuff!" Holly whispered to herself as she slowly eased out the silver pleasure rod before gently removing her young friend's bindings.

    Chapter 12 -- Who's Threatening Who?

    Catwoman was busy zipping herself into her jet black, figure hugging suit. She was just thinking that it was almost a shame to cover up her beautiful body again, when a voice from behind distracted her.

    "Why go now Selina? We could make a night of it."

    It was a deep, very masculine, strong voice and it triggered a sweet tingly sensation from her pussy. She was almost tempted. It would have been so easy to run the zipper downwards again, climb back onto the bed and repeat the strenuous love-making of the afternoon. She could still almost feel the sensation of that oh so rigid cock pounding away between her legs, but she knew that she had other things to deal with. So, it was with an air of disappointment that she turned to face the semi-naked man sprawled languidly across the hotel bed.

    "Sorry lover boy, got to scoot I'm afraid."

    She finished zipping into the suit, pulling on her black cowl and settling it over her jet black hair before leaning over to place a kiss on the man's forehead, wriggling sharply to one side to avoid the arms trying to wrap themselves around her.

    "Now then Bruce, behave yourself!"

    She pointed to the familiar grey and dark blue costume draped carelessly across a chair, "Anyway, don't you have any criminals to catch these days Batman!"

    "I've caught you!" the handsome man responded cheekily.

    "That's a matter of opinion," replied Catwoman with an easy smile, "who paid for the room then?"

    "All right, all right.... I did ... but it was my turn .......... and I got the distinct impression from all the noise you were making that you might just have enjoyed it a little!"

    "Hey, that's not fair. A gentleman wouldn't be listening, and certainly wouldn't mention it!"

    "Oh, don't get the idea that I'm a gentleman," growled Batman as Catwoman finally headed towards the door. "And watch your back Selina," he added seriously, "that threat from Leopard Man was pretty specific!"

    She turned at the door and smiled back, "Well Batman, I do believe that you might care after all!"

    Then, with a sudden vicious expression clouding her pleasant features, "If Leopard Man tries anything on with me he's dead meat! I don't bother with the 'bringing to justice' bit, I just dish it out!!"

    Chapter 13 - Tables Turned

    Barbara came round very slowly, ever so pleasantly, the inner warmth of the giant orgasm still percolating around her whole body. From her toes to the tips of her fingers she felt absolutely drained.

    After a while, she gradually realised that she was still on the soft bed, curled up on her side in a foetal position, knees trucked together near her stomach. A mild breeze whispered across the room reminding her that she was still naked, and as she flexed her legs and arms a little she realised with a start that the bindings were gone. That reminded her of Holly.

    "The little monster!" she thought hazily, but with little emotion. She was too tired to work up any anger and she'd had to admit, as her memories resurfaced, that that really had been one hell of an experience!

    This seemed to bring back into focus the smouldering fires still burning around her nipples and deep between her legs. "Oh Gosh!" she shuddered as she realised that the sensations, although diminished, would still be tormenting her for some time to come. Still, it didn't feel quite as bad as when Mr Dynamo had unloaded himself into her!

    Now she became aware of the limp arm draped across her back and shoulder, and she twisted ever so slowly round to find herself looking into the calm, peaceful face of Holly laying next to her.

    Barbara had lost track of time. It must have been late she guessed because Holly seemed to have drifted off into a deep sleep of her own, her peaceful features disturbed only by the gentle sounds of her slow, shallow breathing.

    Barbara carefully slid out from under the arm, and wriggled off the bed, sucking in a quick breath as the smouldering fire between her legs woke up again.

    "Oh, I'm going to get you for this, you little temptress!" she whispered to herself as she stood over the sprawled, equally naked figure on the bed. Holly had turned on her back, her pert breasts rising and falling rhythmically with her breathing, the bed-sheet draped across her upper thighs just failing to hide the cute heart shaped pussy from sight. As she gazed down, Barbara was amazed to feel her lust resurfacing before an idea suddenly struck her. "Fantastic!" she thought with a wide smile as she turned and leaned over Holly's prostrate, sleeping form, reaching out above her sleeping head.


    Soon after, Barbara had showered and had towelled some life back into her aching muscles. She was in the bathroom, and after powdering herself with some perfumed hotel talc, she pulled up her bikini panties carefully over her sensitive pubic mound before sitting down on the stool and gathering up her stockings and suspender belt.

    The frilly cream belt was quickly fastened around her waist before she reached forward to slide up first one stocking and then the other, pausing momentarily to enjoy the feel of the sheer material embracing her smooth skin, before feeding the suspenders carefully under her panties and attaching the dark stocking tops.

    It was then that she heard the first sounds from the bedroom. At first it was just a faint moaning, but this soon developed into a cry of shock.

    Barbara smiled at her reflection in the bathroom mirror as she picked up her bra and eased her tender breasts into their waiting cups. Then she laughed as she heard Holly starting to shout out in annoyance. She stood up almost reluctantly, shook her head and stepped into her waist slip and skirt. By now the level of shouting and cursing next door was reaching embarrassing levels, so she headed into the bedroom as she pulled her blouse loosely around her shoulders.

    The sight in front of her set her off laughing again. Holly had stopped shouting as Barbara re-appeared and was looking back at her with a thunderous expression on her face. She was lying on her back, her wrists fastened into the satin strips, each pulled towards the corner of the bed just like Barbara before her. Barbara had left her ankles un-bound so that she could squirm about on the bed, and between her legs, under her heart shaped pubes peeped about half an inch of silver dildo, the black buttons standing out ominously.

    "I suppose you think this is funny Batgirl!" snapped Holly.

    Barbara smiled back, "It is rather ..... and I'm Batgirl again now am I? I thought we were supposed to be friends?" she teased.

    Holly spluttered an incoherent reply, before her expression softened as she considered her position.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Vexed

    "Oh, ok Barbara, you've made your point. I may have take a bit of a liberty .... sorry. So now you can let me go."

    "I don't think so you little imp!" Barbara replied as she finished buttoning up and tucking in her blouse, "Mind you ........ I wonder if there's any magic left in that thing?!" She reached over Holly's wriggling form and quickly pressed one of the dildo's black buttons.

    Holly's eyes widened in surprise as she felt the dildo pushed even deeper into her vagina, but Barbara was disappointed to see that there was no stronger reaction.

    After getting over the initial shock, Holly's eyes narrowed in triumph and a little relief, "Unlucky Barbara, only enough for the one 'shot' I'm afraid" but her relief was short-lived as her grinning nemesis took a hold of the dildo base and began to work it around inside her, slowly at first and then with more emphasis, gradually hitting all her sensitive spots.

    "Oh God Barbara," Holly breathed, closing her eyes as her hips swayed under the torment, "Jesus, that's .................. ohhhhh!"

    After a few minutes of increasing pleasure though, Barbara leaned over and planted a quick kiss on Holly's forehead as she stood quickly back up, leaving Holly's hips squirming as she tried to maintain the delectable pressure from the dildo.

    "Right Holly love, got to go I'm afraid. Do enjoy yourself with your invention though!"

    Holly's eyes had snapped open again in frustrated shock as she watched Barbara pick up her jacket and bag, heading towards the door.

    "No, Barbara! Come on, you can't leave me like this!"

    With a sigh of relief she sagged back onto the bed as Barbara paused thoughtfully and came back, only to have her hopes dashed as her tormentor picked up the hotel phone from the bedside table and dialled.

    "You're right Holly. That would be really unfair................ Oh, is that Room Service? ... Good ... I wonder, is that nice young man Peter still on duty? ..... Cool, can you send him up to the Bridal Suite to help my friend please, she seems to have got herself a bit tied up somehow ....... Straight away? Yes, that would be great, thank you!"

    "No, no, no, no! ........... please Barbara, let's be adult about this!" gasped an even more alarmed Holly.

    Barbara was still laughing as she opened the room door, leaving it slightly ajar behind her to subdue the curses fired off at her departing form.

    As she reached the lifts, she was just stretching forward to press the button when the doors swept open and the familiar figure in the blue uniform stepped out, and then jumped back in shock at her surprise appearance in front of him.

    "Hello Peter," Barbara smiled sweetly as she pulled him out of the lift, "wasn't sure you'd recognise me with my clothes on! Better get a move on though sweetie, Holly doesn't like to be kept waiting you know!"

    As she stepped past the bewildered waiter and into the lift before disappearing from sight, Peter could have sworn that this feisty young lady was singing happily to herself.

    Chapter 14 -- Good Days, Bad Days

    Batgirl certainly wasn't singing to herself the next day. A lot could happen in almost twenty four hours. A lot had happened. And most of it had been bad for Batgirl!

    As she sat in the back of the ubiquitous white transit van standing in the little car park opposite Catwoman's lair she was quietly seething. She still couldn't believe the events of the preceding afternoon!

    She'd gone to work at the library in fine good humour after the session with Catgirl, aka that little temptress Holly, the previous day. Her nipples and pussy were still tingling warmly after their dosing with Catgirl's 'Mr Dynamo' extract, but the effect was no way near as severe as the original. Pleasant in fact she'd thought, and distinctly arousing!

    There'd been plenty of 'knowing' looks from her female colleagues as she'd sat at her desk and she'd immediately known that the security video of yesterday's encounter with Holly was doing the rounds. She'd frowned at first, but then joined in the secretive smiles and glances. Maybe now she'd be treated more like one of the gang, but basically she didn't care, she just felt good.

    Then she'd come across the card on her desk. It had been weird. It was another invite to a hotel room for the afternoon. The writing was different, and there was no drawing of a cat, but it finished "You'll not want to miss this Batgirl!" so she'd assumed it to be the work of Catgirl again. Attached to the card was a hotel room keycard.

    She was looking forward to meeting up again with her new-found lover, and the morning passed quickly as the tingles between her legs led her to anticipate another afternoon of seductive debauchery!

    She'd decided to go suited-up in her figure hugging purple and yellow costume, her red wig sending long curls down her shapely back. It was always pleasing to see the effect on the public, and she'd not been disappointed as she'd swept through the reception of the Hilton and headed for the lifts. It turned out to be a penthouse suite, high up on the thirtieth floor, but she'd thought nothing of it.

    As she'd entered the room, her anticipation at meeting up with Holly again had dissipated quickly. The room was deserted, she searched around but there had been no sign of anyone having been in there.

    Finally she'd wandered over to the open veranda, letting in a pleasantly warm afternoon breeze. The strange thing had been that there were no table and chairs, just a large white telescope perched on a tall black tripod. After a thoughtful glance around, she'd noticed that it was pointing across town at another large tower block a few hundred yards away. Curiosity overcame her natural sense of caution and she'd bent down to look into the eyepiece, only to get the shock of her life!

    She was looking at a perfectly focussed apartment veranda on the tower block. The magnification made it look within touching distance, but the real surprise was the black figure in the centre of the view, staring back at her through a pair of binoculars and starting to wave.

    Batgirl had jumped backwards in shock. The black figure was terribly familiar, the shiny black suit over a tall, slim figure, the black cowl and pointed ears, and the coiled black bull-whip at her waist. There had been no doubt that it was Catwoman! Batgirl had been confused. Why the hell was this set up to spy on her arch-nemesis? She'd had to look again.

    Catwoman had still been in view, looking back at her through the binoculars and had seen that Batgirl was looking again. She'd waved again gaily, and pointed repeatedly to her left. It seemed obvious that she'd wanted Batgirl to pan the scope in that direction, which, with a sinking feeling in her stomach she'd done. She'd seen that she was looking into the bedroom of the next apartment, and was about to drag the instrument back to Catwoman when a movement caught her eye and she'd swallowed hard.

    Holly had come into the room from a side door, wrapping a silk and extremely short dressing gown and was tying the belt loosely as she jumped onto the large bed and bounced up and down a few times. She had seemed excited. Batgirl knew that she ought to look away, but she'd been transfixed at the sight of the lithe young woman sprawled across the bed, the dressing gown parting slightly to expose her shapely legs, powerful thighs and a darker triangle peeping out at the top. Batgirl's delicate pussy had begun to tingle at the memory of their cavorting together the previous day when Holly twisted her head sharply to one side and jumped off the bed, dashing to door at the end of the room. Batgirl clearly hadn't heard the knock on the door from that distance!

    What had happened next was about as traumatic for Batgirl as she could have imagined. Her mouth had dropped open in shock as she watched Holly drag another familiarly suited figure into the room. The last thing that she'd expected to see was the red, green and yellow suit of Robin materialising in front of her. Not that the suit had stayed in vision long. As soon as he was in the room, they'd embarked on a passionate kiss. Clearly not their first thought Barbara in dismay. Then Holly had been anxiously ripping off Robin's clothing until he'd been stark naked next to the bed, Batgirl's eyes drawn inevitably to his strong, powerful looking erection. Holly too had been looking at it with a growing smile spreading across her face as she cast off the thin gown and dragged Robin down onto the bed with her.

    For the next twenty minutes, Batgirl had been 'forced' to watch the two of them making passionate love together. Not forced exactly, she'd realised but she just couldn't look away. Their arms and legs had been wrapped around each other as their naked bodies had cavorted and twisted together before Holly had finally wrapped her ankles around Robin's back as he'd thrust into her and begun driving backwards and forwards energetically between her hips. Eventually, even though there was no sound, Batgirl had almost heard Holly's cry of satisfaction as Robin finally dropped down on top of her, spent and exhausted.

    It had been a riveting experience, and Batgirl's vision had blurred as tears of anger and frustration had surfaced. "How could they?" she'd moaned, "How could he!! Christ, she'd almost thrown herself at him recently and he'd rejected her. It just wasn't fair!!!"

    She'd swallowed hard to try and quell the tears, before swinging the telescope angrily back to the next veranda. "This is all your doing you evil witch!" she'd snapped as she got yet another heartrending shock. Catwoman was no longer alone on the veranda. There'd been no mistaking the bulky, grey and blue suited figure of Batman stood next to her. There'd also been no mistaking the possessive looking arm that was wrapped around her waist as they talked quietly, before Catwoman picked up the binoculars again and Batgirl had found herself staring directly into her eyes again a wide grin spreading across Catwoman's face. Then the ultimate insult! She'd put down the binoculars, gave her a thumbs-up, before tilting her head up and kissing Batman squarely on the lips.

    Batgirl's explicit curses had been interrupted by a knock on the door behind her. She'd thrown the telescope to one side in disgust, and stormed to the door with a sharp "What is it?!" which caused the hotel waiter to take a step back in trepidation.

    "Err this came for you Batgirl," he'd stammered, handing her a gift-wrapped package.

    Batgirl had still been fuming as she'd grabbed the package and slammed the door shut with a crash that had reverberated down the corridor.

    Ripping open the string and paper covering, she'd been left with a shoe box size cardboard box. Lifting the lid carefully, she'd been astounded to find a large, black dildo carefully positioned in cotton wool. There had also been a card. She'd known that she shouldn't have read it, but she did anyway.



    It was signed,

    'Ever your worst enemy -- CATWOMAN!'

    The rage had been building inside her remorselessly, and that had just been enough to tip her over the edge as she just lost it. Ornaments and furniture went flying as Batgirl vented her anger on the innocent hotel room!

    Chapter 15 -- Confronting Catgirl

    Batgirl was quivering with anger again as she re-lived the torment that Catwoman had planned for her. Fortunately she was distracted by the arrival in the car park of a beat-up old VW Beatle in a cloud of dust as it swung into the gate dangerously fast. It was light blue and a convertible, with the top down. It was hot and humid outside, probably the prelude to a storm.

    Batgirl was much more interested in the young female driver though, her short brown hair blowing in the wind as she screeched to a stop higher up the car park. The designer shades masked her eyes, but Batgirl had no doubt who it was. The young woman jumped out and locked the doors. She was wearing loose, cut up blue jeans and a tight yellow top showing plenty of cleavage above a bare mid-rift. When she started walking down towards the road, Batgirl was pleased to see that she'd have to pass the white van on the way.

    "How convenient!" she thought nastily as she got ready, next to the side door.


    The dramatic arrival had also been picked up by the occupants of the big black 4x4 parked further down the road.

    "You know, I'm pretty sure that's Catgirl," murmured Leopard Man, "there's something about that bouncy walk of hers."

    "That going to be a problem boss?" replied a hesitant Weasel.

    Just then they both got a shock. As the young woman was passing the side of a large white van, the side door slid open and a purple covered harm snaked down, wrapped itself around the young woman's neck scooping her off her feet and swinging her into the van in one smooth movement.

    "Wow!" exclaimed a shocked Weasel, "Did you see that!"

    "Amazing Weasel," his big companion said thoughtfully, "That looked like Batgirl. I wonder what SHE's doing here?"


    Catgirl had landed in a heap in the corner of the van as Batgirl had let go to close the door, but Catwoman's training kicked in instantly as she sprang up and adopted a low crouch, hands outstretched in a fighting posture. Then she recognised the purple and yellow figure in front of her, and relaxed into a more upright stance.

    "Oh, it's only you Batgirl!" she gasped in evident relief, "For a minute I thought it might be Leopard Man."

    Batgirl just stood in the confined space, glaring hard at her 'lover' from the previous day. Catgirl's expression narrowed as she continued talking.

    "What you looking so uppity about Batgirl? Given the way you left me in the hotel last night, I think that I'm the one that should be angry!" before adding with a growing smile, "You know, I had to give that waiter a blow-job before he'd agree to release me! He was kind of cute though ..... we're meeting up next week for a date!"

    Batgirl paused. She just couldn't believe what she was hearing! This was typical Catgirl, but she wasn't to be distracted.

    "How .... long .... have .... you ... been ... shagging ... MY ... Robin!!" she hissed.

    Catgirl was suddenly wary and took a step back.

    "What do you mean!" but she quickly recognised that Batgirl knew, " ........... how did you find out?"

    It took Batgirl just a few short and extremely sharp sentences to describe her voyeuristic afternoon, neglecting only the 'present' that Catwoman had sent to rub it in.

    "What! You actually watched me and Robin ..... making out!!" gasped an equally annoyed Catgirl, "You could have looked away!"

    Catgirl took another step back as Batgirl started forward threateningly. She tried to placate her, her hands raised, palms out in front of her.

    "Look, Batgirl ... Barbara ... I didn't know anything about it ... honest! Catwoman just told me the room was available, I didn't know what she was planning. I'll have to have a word with her about that. Look, stop," she added desperately, "it's no use us fighting over this!"

    Batgirl's grim expression hadn't softened though and she continued to advance on Catgirl.

    It really wasn't Batgirl's day though. Unfortunately she hadn't noticed a power cable looping across the floor in front of her, and as her foot caught up in it, she stumbled sideways, catching her head hard against the side of the van. Catgirl immediately took her opportunity, snaking forward like lightening to catch hold of her stunned adversary in a tight grip.

    "Sorry lover," she whispered as her fingers searched for her favourite artery on the side of Batgirl's neck, before squeezing firmly. Batgirl's head was already spinning from the blow, and has her brain was starved of oxygen, a curtain of darkness drew gradually over her limp form.


    "What do you think we should do Boss?" whined Weasel, "we didn't plan for Batman and his crowd to be here as well."

    "Oh shut up, Weasel, we don't know that Batman is involved in this. Batgirl might be here for any number of reasons. Just keep watching ... Ah what's this then?"

    As he'd been speaking, the side door on the van had slid open again, and the young woman who was probably Catgirl jumped down. She looked carefully around her before dragging a white sheet covered bundle to the door and heaving it over her shoulder, her legs braced for the load. She quickly slammed the door shut and began to stagger over the road towards the old warehouse opposite, the white sheet parting slightly to reveal a purple clad arm, hanging limply down Catgirl's back.

    "That's definitely Catgirl!" laughed the big man, "she's a feisty character that one. Look how quickly she's overpowered Batgirl. I'm not sure if she isn't more of a threat than Catwoman!"

    "But that means that they're both in there now," Weasel was watching as Catgirl heaved carried her burden to a side door and disappeared inside, "shouldn't we call it off?"

    "Oh don't be such a wimp!" replied Leopard Man confidently, "I can handle them if they get in the way, but it's Catwoman that I want." His eyes narrowed darkly. "She was the one that left me exposed to Batman and Robin in the first place, the traitorous bitch!!"

    "Another couple of hours before the boys arrive," he finished, " .... then we'll see what they're made of!"

    Chapter 16 -- Tables Turned Again

    When the dark veils started to lift from Batgirl's bruised mind and the memories flooded back she knew instantly that she was a captive again. Un-believable! Every time she confronted Catgirl something went wrong and she ended up in bindings of some sort! She moaned gently in exasperation as she tested her arms and legs to find her ankles lashed to something hard, her body bent over the back of something soft and her wrists bound together in front of her.

    "Oh God," she sighed, "Not again!"

    "Ah there you are Batgirl!" came a bright voice from just next to her. Batgirl lifted her head wearily to find her 'friend' sat on a comfy leather sofa just next to her. She'd been reading a magazine, but immediately put it down and smiled sweetly.

    Now Batgirl could take in her surroundings. They were in what looked like Catgirl's comfortable apartment. In the centre was a large leather, high backed sofa. Catgirl was sat at one end, Batgirl was bent over the back of the sofa at the other end, ankles tied to the base, knees pressing against the soft leather back, shapely bum high in the air, her arms stretching forward and down to where her bound wrists were tied to the front base of the sofa. It wasn't comfortable, and she could feel from the seductively smooth contact between leather and skin that she'd lost her Batgirl suit in the process. The snug feel of her soft black thong between her legs re-assured her a bit, but not a lot. What the hell was Catgirl going to do now?

    Catgirl was looking quizzically into Batgirl's face as she strained her head to look sideways at her.

    "I'd let you go Batgirl, but somehow I'm not sure that I can trust you. You did seem a bit cross earlier," she added in an understatement.

    Batgirl spluttered a response about betrayal with Robin, but Catgirl had recovered her composure by now.

    "Oh don't give me that Batgirl! It's not that long ago that I asked you if there was anything going on between you two and you denied it. Pretty heatedly in fact! So what's wrong with the two of us getting together from time to time?"

    It was Batgirl that was now at a loss. She remembered the conversation. It was when she'd been a bit confused over her feelings for the Boy Wonder and Batman. Catgirl had put her on the spot. Now the snap reaction had come back to haunt her! But why had Robin taken up with Catgirl of all people? It seemed so un-like him she thought. Catgirl unknowingly provided the answer.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Vexed

    "Look Batgirl, I don't want this to be a major thing between us, but Robin came to me when he was confused about you. We hit it off, no commitments, but we've had some good times together. Rewind that ... GREAT times together! You've no idea how good he is in bed!"

    Batgirl snorted in disbelief.

    "No, really!!" Catgirl added knowingly, "...... but he does keep going on about you. He probably still fancies you deep down, but why he'd want to get together with a mixed up dropsy like you I've no idea! Still," she added thoughtfully, "I like you both and maybe ........ mmmmm .... I think that' I've got an idea."

    Batgirl moaned again. Catgirl's 'ideas' had a habit of involving her in discomfort.

    "Let's just leave it Catgirl," she groaned, "Just untie me and I'll be on my way. I promise not to cause any trouble -- I just want to .... to .... Oh I don't know! I just need to be on my own for a bit."

    "Don't be silly Batgirl," exclaimed a newly enthused Catgirl as she glanced at her watch, "I know exactly how to fix this, but I need to get ready. I've got a visitor coming any minute!"

    With that she jumped up, sauntered over to her bed on the corner of the room and picked up her short silk dressing gown. Batgirl watched on incredulously, as she unbuckled the belt from her jeans and shrugged them down around her ankles. She was wearing a pair of brief lemon coloured knickers underneath, which quickly became her sole item of clothing as she pulled off the tight lemon top.

    Batgirl had a few moments to admire that sultry figure again before it was covered up as she wrapped the grey silk gown around her. It was the same one that she'd seen during that afternoon at the hotel, but now on closer inspection Batgirl could admire how closely it clung to her figure, a long green dragon imprinted on the material from the base of her spine, snaking around her waist to wrap it's claws around the full bulges covering her breasts.

    Suddenly, with a sinking feeling inside, Batgirl knew who the 'visitor' was going to be.

    "Oh my God," she gasped in shocked disbelief, "It's Robin that you're expecting isn't it?!!"

    Catgirl sauntered back over, "Very good Batgirl. Nothing wrong with your reasoning powers then! That's where my 'idea' comes in."

    Batgirl was now squirming hard against the bindings. She couldn't let Robin see her like this! Unfortunately, despite some serious pleading, Catgirl refused to release her claiming that it would spoil the surprise. That was too much for the alarmed Batgirl and she began to roundly curse her captor.

    "Oh that won't do Batgirl. It won't do at all!" She was casting around unsuccessfully looking for something to gag Batgirl with before lifting up the hem of her gown, and dragging down her lemon panties. Stepping out of them, she picked them up and advanced on her incredulous victim.

    "Sorry Batgirl, but you need to keep quiet for a while," she laughed as she started to stuff the warm material into Batgirl's mouth.

    "Nnnnrnghhh!" was the subdued response.

    Catgirl laughed again as she went back to the bed, and dragged off the light, golden coloured cover before returning and draping it over the sofa, completely covering Batgirl's semi-naked body.

    She stood back and admired her handy-work. The cover bulged a bit over Batgirl's upturned rump, but she didn't think that Robin would notice. She had every intention of keeping him fully distracted!

    Batgirl was breathing hard through the moist gag, the musky odour of Catgirl's pussy starting to invade her nostrils. She fought hard against the arousal, but in exasperation had to admit that, in her helplessness, all this was starting to turn her on!

    Chapter 17 -- Robin's Special Treat

    Just when Batgirl was starting to hope that Catgirl had been kidding her about Robins impending arrival, she heard a series of sharp taps on the door. It must have been some sort of code. Evidently he was a regular visitor she thought in dismay.

    She heard Catgirl skip across the room to open the door, and could imagine her pulling him quickly inside.

    "Hey Catgirl," came the familiar voice in mock protest, "don't be so impatient! Wasn't that session this afternoon enough for you?!"

    "Mmmmm that was yummy," was the husky response, "but I haven't had enough of you yet. No way! Come here and kiss me!"

    It didn't take much imagination on Batgirl's part to visualise the two of them embarking on a long smouldering kiss, their breathing getting deeper, Catgirl starting to emit little animal like sounds of passion, the rustle of hands running around and inside clothing. "Oh God," she thought again as she felt the tingling sensation deepen in the sensitive spots between her own legs, "this is just too much!"

    The next thirty minutes was an absolute torture for Batgirl. It was the exact opposite of the afternoon. Then she'd been forced to watch the two of them making out, but it had been like watching a silent movie, leaving her feeling slightly detached. Annoyed, but only from a distance!

    This time it was worse. Even though she couldn't see them, she heard every sound! Catgirl dragging Robin's clothes off, the two of them stumbling over to the bed and then the squirming sounds of flesh on flesh, lips licking and sucking, little grunts and sighs as the two new soul mates went about the familiar business of pleasuring each other.

    Batgirl's vivid imagination filled in all the gaps from her lack of sight. In her golden cocoon, each new sound was instantly translated into a vision of their erotic coupling. Catgirl's little cry as Robin finally penetrated her sent shivers down Batgirl's spine, her own pussy and vagina 'feeling' the violation, her own breathing getting ragged as the grunts and little squeals from the bed were translated in her mind into a vivid picture of Robin pumping away between Catgirl's splayed out legs.

    There were small tears of frustration in Batgirl's eyes as the sounds built up inexorably towards the ultimate climax, and she wriggled powerlessly against her bindings as Catgirl's long drawn out "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" and Robin's almost simultaneous "Jeeeeeesus!" only served to intensify her own feelings of total sexual frustration.

    A miserable thought surfaced in her mind, "Why, why, why did Catgirl always have to tantalise her so?!"


    A little later, Batgirl was subjected to the sounds of the two lovers starting to talk again in their post-orgasmic lethargy. For the two of them it was the natural bond of having just made love. It was small talk about their sensations, how good they felt, how good it had been for each other. Batgirl was starting to feel uncomfortable about listening, not that she had much choice! She comforted herself that at least there'd been no talk of 'love'! Maybe it was just a physical thing after all?

    Suddenly, Batgirl's senses went on high alert as she heard her own name being mentioned. It was Catgirl she realised. What was she playing at?

    "You never talk about Batgirl when we're together," she'd whispered.

    "I errrr didn't think that you guys got on," replied Robin doubtfully.

    "Oh, you'd be surprised!" Catgirl laughed, adding with a little emphasis, "We taunt each other a bit, but it's really just a bit of fun we have!"

    Batgirl's eyebrows raised as she considered her current position, under the cover and stretched over the back of the sofa. "What sort of 'fun' was this!" she thought in exasperation.

    "But I still think you fancy her Robin, don't you?" went on Catgirl blithely ignoring Batgirl's unspoken mental daggers, "It's the way that you look at her, and she does look pretty fit doesn't she?" Batgirl's anger went down a notch or two.

    Robin seemed to have thrown caution to the wind as he replied, "Oh she looks absolutely fabulous ....... well, no more than you do Catgirl .... but, I .... I just can't seem to fathom her out! She's so unpredictable!"

    Batgirl could imagine Catgirl grinning widely at this admission.

    "So if she was here now, and you were alone together.......?"

    "Oh, as if! Anyway, why are you so interested in Batgirl? I thought that we'd agreed that this thing between us wasn't a commitment -- just fun! And boy is it fun!!"

    This was music to Batgirl's tortured ears, but the long drawn out sigh that followed was a puzzle until Catgirl clarified the situation.

    "Mmmmm Robin you're just insatiable! You really are an absolute monster aren't you?" she whispered almost in awe to herself as she fondled Robin's stiffening cock, then adding a little louder so that there was no doubt that Batgirl would hear, "and this time I've got a little surprise for you. I want to play a game! I'm going to turn out the light and hide in the room," giggling as she finished, "When you find me, you can take me in any way you want!"

    Batgirl heard Robin mumbling something about a waste of time and that he just wanted to take her there on the bed, but then she heard Catgirl squeal in delight as she escaped his clutches and dashed across the room, throwing the light switch and plunging the room into total darkness!

    Chapter 18 -- A Dramatic Encounter

    Leopard Man was smiling to himself as he surveyed his handiwork.

    The operation had progressed incredibly smoothly. His men had surprised and quickly overpowered Catwoman's guards in the 'abandoned' warehouse. Almost too easy he'd wondered briefly at first, but hey, it was his plan after, all so why shouldn't it have been easy? Confidence was not a quality that he'd ever lacked!

    He'd immediately checked that Catwoman's rooms were empty, but he'd already seen her leave earlier in the afternoon so that was no surprise, then he'd headed off to the Kitten's Lair where more serious resistance could be expected. Catwoman's Kittens were as sexy as they came, and Leopard Man had fond memories of some of the wild pleasures that they would bestow on their comrades, but he also knew how dangerous they could be. Superbly fit and trained in a variety of martial arts, they were a fearsome prospect for any foe, and this time Leopard Man hadn't come in peace!

    In the end it had all been as easy as the first phase of the plan. He'd jerked open the door, quickly identifying the three Kittens lounging around in their opulent surroundings, tossed in the small grenade containing the nerve agent, slammed shut the door and waited the five minutes that he's calculated for the agent to dissipate before re-entering and dealing with his unconscious victims.

    Now the three of them were tethered together in the middle of the cushion covered room, glaring back at him with vicious eyes that left him in no doubt of his fate should they get free. Their skimpy costumes consisted of extremely short red and white checked mini-dresses with flared skirts, long white stockings fixed half way up their thighs to white suspenders threaded under frilly white panties. At the top, some soft white bodice material held in their generously curved breasts, threaded string chord pulling the material together just above their tantalising cleavage. There were two brunettes and the blonde that Leopard Man and Weasel had followed earlier.

    "Oh dear, my pretty little Kittens," he exclaimed dramatically, "I do believe that you don't like me any more! And after we had such good times together! Still, I hope that you're suitably uncomfortable - what do you think to my artistic style?"

    He was referring to the star shaped position he'd set them in. While they were still out, he'd bound their wrists together behind their backs and then sat them up in a little triangle, backs to each other so that he could lash each upper arm to it's neighbour, pinning them together. As an afterthought, he'd dragged their legs wide apart so that he could bind each ankle to its neighbour as well, creating the star shape and leaving each woman in a very suggestive position, the white frilly panties stretched tightly over their delicate little mounds.

    He was also glad that he'd decided to gag them given the volume of muffled cursers and threats that he got in response!

    Catwoman was taking her time he thought absently. He'd triggered the 'secret' emergency button ages ago, shortly after he'd dismissed his men. He wanted the final showdown with Catwoman to be just the two of them, and he wanted all the credit for taking her down!

    He glanced around the room again. As was the norm in the Kitten's Lair, it was covered in soft cushions of a variety of sizes and colours, surrounded with voluminous and expensive looking cloth drapes over the walls, and not a stick of furniture in sight.

    Except for the large, purple felt covered chest that he was currently sat on that is. It was a solid affair, and studded with bright rounded brass bolt heads. "I wonder what's in here?" he muttered to himself as he adjusted his position, watching a flicker of alarm pass over the face of the blonde kitten still staring malevolently at him. The reaction had triggered his interest and he bounced up, looking for the catch. It was round the back and didn't appear to be locked so he quickly flicked open the catch and carefully lifted the lid, his face lighting up in amazement has the contents were uncovered.

    "Well, you little devils!" he gasped as he took in the variety of sex toys jumbled up together. They were big, small, shiny, smooth, not-so-smooth, and some of them even Leopard Man failed to recognise. The variety of handcuffs and restraints were amazing. "Well, would you believe it," he said to himself in amazement, "I didn't need to bring any of my own!"

    Rummaging around, he pulled out a dainty pair of nipple clamps linked to a solid, heart shaped weight by short silver chains. Then he spotted one of the largest black dildos that he'd ever seen, completely covered in little nobbles and ridges. "Wow!" he said as he turned round to show it to the Kitten's, "who's for this one then!?"

    Still no sign of Catwoman he thought, so maybe there was time for a little fun then!

    With a wide grin on his face he knelt down in between the legs of his favourite kitten, the blonde with the malevolent stare. Now, he noted with pleasure, the stare was more uncertain, the deep blue eyes fixed on the large black implement in his right hand.

    He continued to smile as he let the tip of the giant dildo push up against the white frilly material between her legs, letting it rub firmly against the sensitive folds of covered up flesh before finally pushing it underneath her legs so that his victim was squirming around on top of the nobbly surface. His smile widened as he caught the quick intake of breath, muffled by the satin gag.

    "Thought you'd enjoy that blondie, now then ......" he whispered as his own breathing became a little deeper, his fingers finding the two string chords of the white bodice, and quickly undoing the little bow before drawing apart the soft white material until he could ease it away from the rounded mounds that it had covered.

    Her breasts were pert rather than full, with small light brown areola surrounding her prominent pink nipples. For a moment he cupped them in his hands, enjoying the feel of the soft flesh and the hardening nipples before letting them drop and picking up the silver chain and weight.

    "Now then blondie, how does this work then?" he asked innocently as he examined the little rubber covered clamps at the end of the chain, Slowly he allowed the jaws of the tiny clamp to wrap themselves around one of the pink nipples before releasing the spring and squeezing them together in a tight embrace. Her quick intake of breath as the sensation flooded her senses was enough encouragement for him to let out a short, hard laugh as he repeated the operation on the other nipple. At first he held up the little heart shaped silver weight that now dangled between the two captive nipples, but then, staring sweetly into his victims confused eyes he let it go so that it bounced up and down, pulling at the nipples rhythmically for a while and sending out even more sweet sensations to add to blondie's inevitable arousal.

    Leopard man sat back for a few moments to reflect on his fun so far, before reaching forward and taking hold of the base of the black dildo, pushing it backwards and forwards a few times before smiling into her befuddled eyes, "Well now blondie, what do you think we should do with this then?!"

    "I know exactly what I'M going to do with it Leopard Man!" came a menacing voice from the doorway.

    He jumped back in shock, realising in annoyance that he'd allowed himself to get distracted by the Kitten's and Catwoman had slid into the room without him hearing. She was standing inside the doorway in her skin tight black suit legs apart, hands on hips in a glorious, but extremely menacing looking pose. 'Thunderous' didn't come near to describing the expression on her face. She started to advance towards him, her words dripping with fury.

    "I was just going to put you out of your misery when I got hold of you, you worm, but after this!" she glanced briefly at her bound up Kittens, "God, I swear that I'm going to rip off that miserable piece of flesh between your legs and the girls can watch you eat it!"

    Leopard Man had backed up a few paces but had soon regained his composure. "Brave words Catwoman, but I think you'll find that things have changed a bit since we last met."

    Catwoman quickly scanned the rest of the room, "Where are your so-called 'men'"

    "Don't need them Catwoman, I've sent them home!"

    The lithe black suited figure was now within a few paces of her foe, both adversaries crouching and looking for an advantage. With a secret smile Catwoman activated her razor sharp claws which shot out from her finger tips with a loud 'CLICK', but was confounded when Leopard Man simply smiled at her.

    "Oh dear, is that the best you can do?!" he snarled triumphantly as he fingered his brown furry suit, "up-graded with a woven titanium alloy thread ..... completely impervious to those so-called claws!" He stretched out his own gloved fingers and with an even louder 'CLICK' his own claws shot out, glinting evily in the artificial light. "You'll appreciate this Catwoman. Diamond tipped! These will go through absolutely anything ...... absolutely anything .... I assure you!"

    Catwoman held back for a moment, considering the new situation, but she was nothing if not brave and with a snarl she launched herself at Leopard Man, claws reaching out for his throat. Leopard man had anticipated the move and swayed back and to the side, lashing out with one hand and grunting in satisfaction as the loud ripping sound accompanied a long tear in the side of Catwoman's suit. But Catwoman had learnt her fighting on the streets, and this just increased her anger as she writhed round, catching hold of his ankles and dragging the big man down onto the floor where they were soon enmeshed in a tangle of flailing arms and legs.

    'Blondie' and her friends could only look on anxiously, helpless to aid their mistress as they willed her to gain the upper hand.

    Chapter 19 -- Satisfaction At Last

    Batgirl just closed her eyes in exasperation as the lights went out all around her. She knew exactly what Catgirl was planning, but in her bound state was powerless to stop her. And after the frustrations of the last half hour, she wasn't at all sure that she wanted to!

    Robin had shouted out to Catgirl to put the light back on, calling her a few names in the process, but Catgirl had silently slid back to the sofa, dragged off the sheet and putting her lips to Batgirl's ear.

    "Told you we'd have some fun!" she whispered, before adding under her breath, "Damn! Forgot your thong! That'll give the game away as soon as he touches it!"

    Just then there was a loud crash followed by loud oaths as Robin stumbled into a coffee table near the bed. Catgirl instantly took the opportunity to dash around the sofa, gripping the waist straps of Batgirl's thong and quickly dragging them over her buttocks and down her thighs to hang limply around her knees. Then, surprisingly, Batgirl felt the bindings around her ankles loosen and suddenly they were free! Within seconds Catgirl was back at the other side of the sofa whispering gleefully into Batgirl's ear again.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Vexed

    "Hope he hasn't broken anything Batgirl, it would be a shame if you missed your turn!"

    Batgirl was now in a quandary of the worst kind. Her wrists were still bound to something low down at the front of the sofa, but if she'd wanted, she could have jumped over the sofa back to escape Robin's approaches. She was also doing her best to make a decision on whether to attempt to cry out or not. The gag would muffle the sound, but Robin would surely hear it? But that might just attract him over to her upturned butt. But wasn't that what she really, really wanted anyway?!

    Her head was spinning.

    It span even faster as Catgirl reached underneath her to cup her breasts, massaging them gently at first before her fingers and thumbs captured her erect nipples. Suddenly Batgirl had no capacity to make any decisions. Her frustrations had built her arousal up relentlessly all day and now the flood of pleasure washing through her from her tingling breasts was too much as she sighed heavily into the panties gag and abandoned herself to the glorious sexual tension!

    She felt rather than heard Robin's arrival as he finally blundered into the sofa just next to her, triggering yet more curses about Catgirl's juvenile mind! Batgirl felt Catgirl's fingers stiffen on her breasts as she heard the insult and wondered hazily if she'd speak and break the spell. She held her breath momentarily, but there was no sound and in an instant there was an electric sensation running down her spine as Robin's searching hand bumped into her bare thigh. The hand shot away again as if in shock at the discovery but was soon back, starting to explore the soft smooth flesh of her upturned butt.

    "Ah, there you are, you little feline devil!" breathed Robin in triumph as his hands continued to drift gently over her rounded cheeks, "Jesus, you're bent over the sofa!? Wow...... how absolutely cool!"

    Batgirl's skin was feeling absolutely electric as his hands explored her smooth curves in the pitch black darkness, the sense of anticipation was almost painful!

    "Mmmmm, you feel soooooo good!" he murmured slowly, before adding mischievously, "but you have been a naughty Catgirl haven't you?!"

    Batgirls wasn't listening, just wallowing in the fiery sensations that his hands were triggering when she suddenly felt them disappear. An instant later she felt a hand return, hard, as Robin brought it down on her soft rounded butt in a sharp slap! Instinctively she let out a muffled cry into the gag, while Catgirl gave out a short laugh of glee at the surprise turn of events, which Robin naturally misinterpreted.

    "Oh, you enjoyed that did you! Well, how about this then?" he laughed and proceeded to give Batgirl's upturned bottom a series of stinging slaps.

    Batgirl was wriggling hard under his grasp, her brain suddenly inundated by a surge of pain and pleasure following each impact. Catgirl was desperately trying to avoid laughing out loud again, but Batgirl could hear her muffled giggles in her ear, their heads close together again.

    Soon the magical hands were back though, smoothly running over her now red-hot skin, triggering even more pleasure so that Batgirl's squirming was developing into one of ecstasy as she willed the fingers to start exploring her more sensitive parts.

    No sooner willed than done! One of Robin's hands slipped down to the top of her thigh and slid slowly between her legs, which Batgirl instinctively opened as wide as the annoying thong around her knees would allow. She held her breath in sweet anticipation as the fingers crept up to feel for the soft damp slit of her labia, the first touch triggering another avalanche of pleasure as they delved first along and then started to burrow between her incredibly sensitised, wet lips before sliding smoothly over the delicious curled up skin inside.

    Catgirl had heard Batgirl's ragged breathing and muffled little animal like sounds, guessed what was happening and reached forward, under Batgirl's bosom to start playing delightful little patterns around her breasts and nipples again, the combined sensations bringing Batgirl to the very edge of reason!

    It couldn't last. Batgirl's senses were so fine tuned that, as she felt Robin's fingers begin to move forward towards her clit, she knew that the slightest touch of that magical little button would send her over the edge, and as the first finger slid over the little fold of skin her head exploded into a mass of warm colours, her body convulsing under Robin's hands as the giant orgasm ripped through her.

    "Wow Catgirl!" exclaimed Robin in a mixture of pride and amazement as he felt her shudder under is hands, "you were certainly ready for that one!"

    Batgirl was suddenly struggling to drag in lungfuls of air past the annoying panties balled up in her mouth as her body started to calm down and the kaleidoscope of colours that had invaded her brain were beginning to fade. Catgirl had noticed as well, and with a sense of relief Batgirl felt the material being dragged out of her mouth. "Sorry Batgirl, can't have you expiring on me can I?!" she whispered into Batgirl's ear.

    Batgirl didn't answer as she was now distracted by another magical feeling between her legs! There was absolutely no mistaking the sensation of a strong hard cock nudging its way up to and between her oily labia lips.

    "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she gasped as Robin's impressive phallus pushed firmly up against the sensitive pink skin at the entrance to her dark lair, ready to invade her sensitive inner depths. "Could this really be it!" she thought excitedly, "finally taken by one of her male colleagues, finally satisfied, finally .........!"

    "You ready?" breathed Robin huskily above her.

    Ready? God she'd been ready for so long now!

    "Mmmmmm" she managed, " ..........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" as Robin thrust his hips forward, driving his hard phallus deeply into Batgirl's eagerly waiting vagina. Batgirl's senses reeled again as she seemed to feel him occupy every square inch of her sensitive cavern.

    Robin had his hands firmly grasped around Batgirl's hips for leverage and after a short pause while Batgirl gasped in pleasure, he began to drive himself backwards and forwards in long, slow, strokes. Batgirl's body responded instinctively as she pushed back to meet each incoming thrust, revelling in the swirling pleasure sensations triggered around her clit when his body rammed himself fully into her.

    Batgirl's little cries of unadulterated pleasure were soon getting faster and faster as Robin began to increase the rhythm, thrusting harder, enough to almost lift her off her feet, his own guttural grunts of effort matching hers. Catgirl had started to massage her breasts and nipples again, already tingling hard from their earlier treatment and Batgirl was soon gasping in pleasure again as she felt another climax remorselessly building up within her. She was fighting hard to control it, desperate to prolong the intense agony that had her body tightened up like a coiled spring. Deep down she wanted to hold on for Robin, wanting them both to come together, but she was so filled with desire that she was beginning to lose control.

    Robin too was starting to feel that inevitable rise in pleasure from his hot phallus as it brushed repeatedly against the tight muscles of Batgirl's vagina and was determined to outlast his partner, so he slipped his hand around her waist, searching quickly through the little jungle until his fingers finally found and pressed the little pleasure button hidden below, immediately triggering a further shattering climax within Batgirl's already taut body, accompanied by a loud cry of release as the intense sexual tension exploded in her brain.

    Robin too felt the convulsions within Batgirl's vagina rippling up and down his sensitised cock as he drove hard and deeply into her for one final time and surrendered to his own sweet climax, exploding deep within her as a low growl of satisfaction escaped from his lips.

    For a short while the only sound in the darkened room was the heavy breathing of Batgirl and Robin as they both wallowed in their post orgasmic pleasure, reliving the sweet feelings as their sweat covered bodies calmed.

    Then the darkness was suddenly split asunder as a harsh, blinding light lit up the room!

    Robin's eyes had been shut as the light cascaded over them, and as he opened them in surprise, he had to squint for a few moments before anything came into focus.

    The first thing he saw was the naked form of Catgirl, across the room, hand on the light switch. "What!" he thought as his brain struggled into gear, "this just didn't make sense! Then who was the other naked form bent over the sofa in front of him? The one that he'd just finished giving a good shafting to." Then he saw the hair, and recognised her.

    "Oh God........... Batgirl ......... Barbara ....Oh Jesus .... I'm so sorr ..... I didn't know!" he spluttered as he pulled his limp cock smartly out of it's warm resting place.

    "Catgirl!! How could you?! God, she'll never forgive me!"

    Catgirl had meanwhile scampered back across to the sofa and was untying Batgirl's wrists.

    "Oh don't be such a wimp Robin," she laughed in delight at his reaction, "Batgirl's had the hots for you for ages. You were just too thick to notice!"

    Batgirl hadn't said anything, and as she straightened up her weary body, she twisted round to face a very hesitant Robin who took a quick step backwards while drinking in the sight of his naked partner. "God, but she looks good," he thought instinctively before cringing as one of her arms shot out towards him.

    The blow missed though.

    In fact, it wasn't a blow at all and Robin opened his eyes in surprise as the hand wrapped itself around his neck and drew his head back towards Batgirl's. The surprise was tinged with relief, and then with a warm feeling of lust as her sweet lips reached forward to capture his own and began to work on them hungrily, her tongue slipping lithely into his mouth and soon sparring with his own after he'd gotten over the initial shock. Her other arm had wrapped itself around his waist and was pulling him back onto her, her furry mound rubbing hard up against his re-awakening phallus.

    Batgirl had instantly decided that the time for playing hard to get was gone. She'd wanted Robin, and even if it was that imp Catgirl that had arranged it, she had no intention of letting the moment pass without letting Robin know how she felt about it!

    Catgirl watched the two of them knecking for a while from the other side of the sofa, a smile spreading across her face as she reviewed the success of her little ploy, but as the clinch started to get hotter, a frown developed.

    "Hey you guys, what about me? Don't I get any thanks?"

    Then the frown deepened as she stalked round the sofa to stand next to the embracing couple.

    "Oi! Hello there ... it's me ..... right!" she exclaimed as she brought the flat of her hand sharply down in a stinging slap on Batgirl's already tender behind!

    "Ouuuuuch!" gasped Batgirl as she broke off the clinch briefly to stare hard at Catgirl, who simply gave her a cheeky smile in return as she nestled herself between them, her own body tingling again she moulded herself into their naked flesh. Her hand drifted downwards and quickly wrapped itself around Robin's growing member, as he gave out a quick intake of breath. Not to be outdone, Batgirl too stretched her hand down, running it over Catgirl's and then tickling his balls briefly before running her nails along the sensitive skin behind.

    "Aaaargh" he exclaimed as his cock instantly hardened again under the delicious onslaught of the two women's delicate fingers.

    Catgirl and Batgirl looked into each others twinkling eyes and grinned. "Threesome?" they whispered almost simultaneously.

    "Holy Couplings!" gasped Robin in delight, "Triple Awesome!!"

    Unfortunately, the moment of lust and glee was shattered by the shrill sound of Robin's and Batgirl's Bat-Alarms, buried deep in their piles of clothing.

    "Damn!" gasped Robin as he broke off and bounded over to his phone, "It's the 'Emergency' signal!"

    He looked at the message for a moment before shouting across to Batgirl, "Batman says that Leopard Man's been spotted. We're to meet him at ................. oh, that's strange ....... the location's here ....... it's the warehouse!!"

    Instantly the three of them dashed for their clothes and began to suit-up.

    Chapter 20 - Valediction

    It was only a few yards down the corridor from Catgirl's suite to the doorway leading into the main warehouse.

    The three of them burst in almost simultaneously, and paused, checking out the big open space, but it was deserted. There were piles of large wooden crates built up into varying heights, almost like the skyline of a big city but the hard concrete floor was otherwise deserted. High on the walls stretched a row of narrow windows letting in the early evening light, a light that was gradually darkening as the storm clouds finally began to move in over Gotham.

    They moved carefully toward the centre of the vast space, scanning each gap and shadow warily but there was still no sign of any human presence, friend or foe.

    "It's too quiet," whispered Catgirl in growing alarm.

    The silence was instantly shattered though as one of the side doors crashed open and, in a swirl of grey and black cloak, Batman burst into the warehouse!

    He crouched warily for a moment, eyes darting around as he checked out his surroundings before spotting the trio, rising up and starting towards them.

    "Hey, you guys got here quick! Impressive!!" he said as Batgirl came over to meet him, "What's Catgirl doing with you?" he added suspiciously.

    "Oh, she's pretty worried about Catwoman as well. Just like you." Batgirl replied with a tinge of bitterness, "She's OK though. She's on our side on this one."

    Batman looked speculatively across at Catgirl and Robin who'd stayed where they were, about ten yards away, arm in arm. He looked back at Batgirl.

    "They're not ..........?"

    He didn't finish. His eyes had shot upwards at the sound of another, squeaky, door opening high above them in the corner of the warehouse.

    "Well, what a nice surprise!" boomed out the deep voice of Leopard Man, "Look Catwoman, we've got spectators!"

    Batgirl had twisted round at the sound but her vision was blocked by a pile of crates. Seeing the alarm spread over Batman's face, she peered carefully round the edge of a crate, foreboding beginning to grip tightly at her stomach

    The scene that met her seemed surreal! Leopard Man was standing on a high metal gantry. It wasn't large, but contained a small shack that looked like an old control room of some sort and a metal grilled platform, about eight foot long protruded over a sheer drop into the warehouse itself. The open door that they'd come through swung backwards and forwards in the increasing breeze giving out a series of high pitched squeaks of protest. It all looked old and decrepit, rust colouring the structure a dull shade of sand.

    Catwoman was a sorry sight. Leopard Man had her on the end of a metal rod, about four feet long. It was the sort used to control wild animals. A loop of thick wire was wrapped around her neck which disappeared inside the metal rod and came out of the end that Leopard Man held, allowing his fingers to control the tightness of the noose. Her arms were loose, but she couldn't twist around and reach him, any movement of resistance being instantly met with a tightening of the noose. Her shiny black suit was a mess, evidence of the struggle that they'd been through before he'd finally subdued her. Great rents and tears ran in all directions, a whole section of her suit shoulder dangling down, her white, pink tipped breast peeping out in stark contrast.

    Batgirl heard Catgirl give out a little cry of consternation behind her as Leopard Man forced Catwoman down onto her knees at the edge of the platform.

    "Good of you to drop in Batman ... and you two as well," snarled Leopard Man as he stood threateningly above his captive, "I hadn't planned on having you guys witness this bitch's demise ..... but it could be quite poetic really. Particularly as it will be your turn next!"

    Batgirl twisted back behind the crate, thinking hard. Clearly Leopard Man hadn't spotted her behind her little 'skyscraper', but he could watch everything the other three did, so it was down to her to do something! The recent love-making was instantly forgotten, her heart was pumping hard as the adrenaline surged through her.

    She scanned desperately around, her eyes quickly fixing on a set of old metal ladders, bolted to the bricked wall of the warehouse nearby. It led up to a narrow metal walkway that ran high along the wall side, finishing a tantalising six or eight feet from the gantry that Leopard Man now occupied. Batgirl checked the layout of the piles of crates, her agile mind instantly assessing the angles and realising with a surge of hope that she could get up there and quite close to the gantry before she would be seen!

    Batman was desperately trying to talk Leopard Man out of it, when he saw Batgirl gesticulating out of the corner of his eye, pointing at the ladders. A quick glance and he could see the plan, raising his own hopes. "Good girl!" he thought in relief as she dashed over to the wall and began scaling the ladder.

    Batman knew that he had to distract Leopard Man and delay what seemed like Catwoman's inevitable plunge down to the dusty concrete floor. Fortunately Leopard Man was vain enough to want to tell his little story of escape as Batgirl climbed ever higher.

    The snag was that she was almost having second thoughts! As she got higher and higher, the ladder was starting to move around under her grip, the old metal bolts working loose in their ancient concrete mountings, and she was forced to glance down in trepidation as she approached the metal walk-way.

    Was she really going to risk her life for Catwoman!

    It had been instinctive to start with, but now the little wisp of fear that the loosened ladder had triggered was making her think twice. This was the woman after all that had assaulted her one afternoon with that other bitch Zatanna recently, and who'd set up the 'Hotel Show' that very afternoon just to taunt her!

    She glanced down at Batman's desperate features as he continued to distract Leopard Man, at Catgirl's almost tearful expression of pain at her own helplessness before taking in a deep breath and climbing purposefully up the final six or seven feet to the walk way. As she pulled herself upright with a sigh of relief, she could feel the other three willing her on. "Oh well, I've come this far!" she thought decisively as she began to walk tentatively along the walkway, keeping close to the side of the wall. It had to be slowly because, with each step and with a sinking feeling in her stomach, she felt this metal feature sway under her as well. Clearly the retaining bolts holding the walkway to the wall were no better than the ladder!

    She had one good piece of fortune. The metallic, squeaky noises that she was triggering on the walkway were being drowned out by the louder squeaks from the doorway to Leopard Man's gantry as it swung back and forth in the increasing wind. Batgirl was near the high window levels and could see that the sky was darkening further as the storm clouds gathered overhead, the first few drops of heavy rain starting to ping into them.

    It seemed to take an age, but eventually the lithe purple figure had reached the point where she would lose the screening of the packing cases. For the last ten or twelve feet she would be in view of the gantry and Leopard Man would surely see her coming. She glanced back at her 'team'. They were still frozen to their spots, unable to move in case that triggered Leopard man into action. Catwoman was still tethered to the end of the animal restraint, kneeling on the edge of the gantry and teetering over the abyss. Leopard man was still boasting about his prowess in capturing her, but with a sense of alarm, Batgirl realised that he was coming to the end of his story. Batman too had sensed this and was urgently trying to prompt Leopard Man on.

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    Default Re: A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Vexed

    "No Batman, it's been nice chatting, particularly as you're so helpless, but I'm really getting rather bored with this now," shouted leopard Man above the sounds of the storm, "I think that it's time for Catwoman to prove that she can't fly!" As the menacing words came out, he pushed a little on the rod making Catwoman lean even further over the edge to stare down at the unforgiving concrete thirty feet below her.

    A sudden burst of thunder rolled out making everyone in the warehouse cringe and instinctively look upwards.

    It was time for Batgirl to act!

    The gap between her walkway and the gantry wasn't far. An easy jump for her fit young body, and as she was slightly higher, she would be dropping down onto Leopard Man. He'd have no time to react. It should be easy!

    With a quick intake of breathe she burst forward. Striding quickly towards the gantry, eyes focussed on where to place her foot on the walkway to launch herself across the gap.

    She heard Leopard Man's cry of surprise as he twisted round to see the yellow caped figure bearing threateningly down on him when disaster struck!

    As her weight went onto her launch foot, there was a loud snapping sound as the weak bolts under that spot gave way. She was committed to the leap but as her foot gave way, she didn't have the momentum to make it across the gap. Desperately she re-assessed her options as she realised instantly that she would fall short. With a huge sense of relief, she saw a round metal post on one corner of the open gantry. She would just be able to reach it if she twisted a little!

    With a gasp of effort, and a short cry of success she stretched out and her desperate fingers started to wrap around the smooth metal. But it was only momentary relief as Leopard Man quickly recovered his poised and swung his foot at her hand, cruelly deflecting it away from safety.

    There was still a chance though! As Batgirl twisted again she managed to catch the edge of the gantry with her other hand, desperately trying to find purchase for a strong grip.

    There was none. It had worn smooth over the years and, with a cry of frustration and shock, she felt her momentum drag her hand away again as she sailed haplessly past and downwards.

    With a gasp of dismay Batman watched in horror as the purple figure cart-wheeled sickeningly into the corner of a hard, wooden packing case, piled high above the ground before bouncing off the edge and falling like a broken puppet onto the concrete floor below. "Oh God, Batgirl!" he whispered in disbelief.

    Everyone was stunned, frozen in place and nobody in the warehouse seemed to breathe as they took in the sudden enormity of the event.

    Everybody except Catwoman that was! As soon as the pressure on her throat eased as Leopard Man dropped the tether to deal with Batgirl's attack, she twisted round on the floor, curling her strong legs up to her chest. As Leopard Man quickly twisted back towards her it was too late! She exploded her feet up into his mid-rift, launching him backwards over the edge. With a long drawn out scream, arms flailing, the brown clad figure dropped like a stone, landing heavily on his head about fifteen feet from the crumpled figure of purple and yellow. A pool of dark red began to spread remorselessly around his shattered skull.

    As Catwoman jumped up in triumph, she saw Batman finally sprinting the short distance to Batgirl. Casting round she saw a long chain dangling down from the roof passing close to the gantry. Immediately she leapt the gap, grasping the swinging chain and quickly shimmied down it to the floor below.

    "She saved my life Batman!! I can't believe that she'd do that!" she cried a she hurried over to where Batman had stooped down over the motionless purple figure.

    "I hope she's al............." added Catwoman breathlessly as she reached them. The sentence went unfinished as she watched Batman tenderly cradle Batgirl's masked head in his muscular arm, his other hand sweeping away the coils of red hair that had cascaded over her face. There wasn't a mark on Batgirl's face, her eyes were closed and her expression was one of peaceful repose, an almost radiant, still beauty in the dim light.

    Batman dragged his eyes back to Catwoman's. His shoulders seemed to slump and his eyes glistened with pain and anguish, "She's my daughter Selina ..... I've never told ...... I, I ........" He couldn't finish and Catwoman masked her own shock by kneeling beside him and placing an arm gently around his big shoulders.

    In the background, Catgirl gasped as she watched Catwoman's reaction in horror. Tears welled up in her eyes.

    "No, Batgirl you can't......"

    She twisted her head into Robin's chest as the warm tears began to run down her cheeks. Robin wrapped his arms protectively around her as he struggled with his own emotions, his throat suddenly dry.

    Just then the storm finally erupted overhead, crashes of thunder shaking the building, rain lashing hard onto the windows, and a series of almost continuous lightning flashes illuminating that sad little tableau in harsh, grim relief.

    The End

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