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    Default A Day In Gotham - Batgirl Undone - Halle Berry - Sex Story

    A Day In Gotham - 7 -- Batgirl Undone (Rejection, discipline, a stranger lights up the day)

    (Follows episode 6 -- Batgirl's Torment)

    (Author's note -- this represents a further episode in poor old Batgirl's monumentally dysfunctional life -- sorry for the delay -- useful if you read the previous episodes first but not essential -- hope you enjoy - comments welcome!)


    Chapter 1 -- Keeping an Eye on Things

    Chapter 2 -- Batgirl Prepares

    Chapter 3 - Robin's Big Chance

    Chapter 4 - Batman's Shocking Secret

    Chapter 5 - Misunderstandings

    Chapter 6 - Aftermath

    Chapter 7 - A Disagreement or Two

    Chapter 8 - A Shocking Meeting

    Chapter 9 - Catgirl's Electrifying Experience

    Chapter 10 - Foreign Service

    Chapter 11 - To Escape or Not To Escape?

    Chapter 12 -- Satisfaction at Last

    Chapter 13 - Catgirl On Top Again

    Chapter 14 -- A Dramatic Encounter

    Chapter 15 - What Now for Batgirl?

    Chapter 1 -- Keeping an Eye on Things

    Batgirl paused for a moment next to the innocuous looking white van. Plain and simple, it was just the sort used by tradesmen worldwide.

    Her senses were on high alert as she scanned the otherwise quiet parking lot. Two or three family saloons were scattered around, and a sleek looking yellow Maserati sat proudly in one corner, but there was no sign of life. Her tight, figure hugging purple suit looked tense however. She wasn't sure why, but there was something strangely threatening about the place, and she still didn't really know why she was there!

    With a quick sigh, and a last look around, she slid open the van's side door and disappeared inside.

    Any similarity to a plumber's or builder's van was immediately shattered. The high tech equipment flanking one side would have done justice to any secret service operation, a small cot-sofa nestled in one corner for long surveillance duties, but Batgirl quickly settled herself into a wheeled computer chair in front of various keyboards and a bank of monitors.

    With practised dexterity, she flipped switches to turn on the monitors, powered up a powerful computer and settled back to scan the screens lighting up in front of her. They showed images of various parts of the inside of a comfortable looking apartment. She checked kitchen, hallway, living room and finally two bedrooms. Just like the parking lot, totally deserted. Next, she picked up a small joystick and began to fine tune the views of empty rooms before finally settling back in her chair and sighing again in something akin to exasperation.

    It looked like the new surveillance system she'd quickly installed in one of the apartments overlooking the parking lot was working ok, but really, what was she doing here? It had started as an impulse after the frustration of the previous mornings encounter with Robin she realised. But now? Somehow it seemed like she might have stumbled on something important.

    The apartment in question was a 'safe house' that Batman had set up in a new block next to the river. Normally it would have attracted no attention whatsoever, but yesterday as she'd worked at Wayne Mansion with Robin as her alter-ego Barbara Gordon, doing the monthly computer back-ups she'd noticed something very strange. For the last six months, the standard surveillance recordings for the first Monday in each month had been replaced by the ones for the previous Friday!

    It had gone un-noticed for a while and she'd probably not have picked it up this time either if she hadn't been so upset. After the encounter with Robin, she'd just gone at the back-up work with an unusual intensity and the discrepancy in the recordings had suddenly stood out.

    So here she was, on a fool's errand maybe? Anyway, she'd installed her own cameras and would soon find out if there really was anything untoward happening.

    All thanks to Robin really, she thought with a scowl. Bloody Robin!

    With nothing to do but wait, her thoughts drifted inevitably back to yesterday morning.

    Chapter 2 -- Batgirl Prepares

    She'd showered early after doing her usual strenuous morning work-out.

    Taut but shapely female muscles exercised to just the right level. Glistening with a light layer of sweat in the early morning sunlight, Barbara Gordon examined herself approvingly in the gym mirror. Recently, she'd taken to exercising in the nude. At first she'd told herself it was because of the heat, but now she'd admitted that she enjoyed the narcissist thrill of watching her naked form going through her exercise routine. Yummy!

    After the brisk cold, then hot water shower she'd wrapped herself in a white terry cloth robe, dried her shoulder length light brown hair, and moved into her bedroom to stand before her wide dressing table.

    She'd looked into the big mirror and twisted her head, pouting a little. "Now then Robin, you won't know what's hit you!" she thought as she sat down in front of the dresser.

    She'd been happy, almost radiant even. She'd finally made a decision!

    After years of chasing forlornly after Batman, she'd finally decided to push him to one side. She'd known that Robin had had a crush on her since his teenage days, but she'd always fended him off until now. Sometimes non-too subtly she'd remembered with a little grimace! But that was behind her now. She'd decided that today's regular monthly computer housekeeping session with Robin at Wayne Mansion was going to be his lucky day. She was going to let him have his way with her after all!

    Now, she'd thought, all she needed to do was look ravishing, smile seductively and he'd be hers!

    First job had been her hair. She'd worked quickly to brush it into a shiny sheen with a slight quiff on the right side, before tucking the rest behind a rather shapely ear. She'd struggled a bit with make-up. How to look ravishing without being too obvious? In the end she'd gone for subtle cream shades, no lashes - just soft and becoming she'd hoped.

    Having got the top done, she'd turned her attention to the bottom bit. She'd leaned down to open a drawer, rummaged around a bit before extracting a flimsy pair of cream bikini panties and a matching lacy half-cup bra. She'd smiled delightedly as she imagined Robin's reaction when he saw her in those hot looking items!

    Quickly dipping her shoulders, she'd slipped the robe free and let it slide down her back to rest at her waist. She'd smiled again as she'd admired her exposed, pert breasts in the mirror. Her hands had lifted almost automatically to cup the firm mounds, sighing a little as she'd felt her pink nipples respond to the gentle touch. She'd definitely felt in the mood!

    It had taken just a second to sprinkle a little talc, and massage it into her soft skin, then with another wicked smile she'd picked up her expensive bottle of French perfume and dabbed a little between her breasts. Robin really wouldn't stand a chance!

    Picking up her bra, she'd quickly fastened it at her waist, twisted it round and gently eased the half cups over her now tingling breasts, sucking in a little air as she'd felt the soft material rubbing against the sensitive skin. In moments she'd put her arms through the straps, pulled them over her shoulder and eased them straight before her hands were back on the bra cups, nudging them comfortably into place. It had taken a conscious effort to drag her hands away as she'd felt more and more aroused by the thought of Robin's in the same place!

    Standing up, she'd let the terry robe slide down her legs and onto the floor, exposing the small triangle of tufty brown hair between her legs. She'd had to consciously stop one of her hands drifting down to investigate as she'd 'tutted' to herself and picked up the soft cream panties. Carefully stepping into them, she'd drawn them quickly up her long, tanned legs until they cupped her pubic hair, and then drawn the elastic waistband a little higher to pull the soft cream material tightly around her soft brown mound, drawing in a short, little breath as she'd felt the panties tighten around her sensitive sexual lips. She'd been feeling so ready for Robin at last!

    Taking her perfumed talc, she used one hand to draw forward the front of the panties' waistband so that she could tip a little of the fragrant white powder down and onto her little bush. With another indulgent smile, she'd let the elastic pull back onto her belly and patted the triangle of cream material gently triggering a small white cloud of talc to seep through the material, and sucking in another deep breath as the action had sent little electric sensations bursting from between her legs.

    Pausing again to admire her looks in the mirror, she'd considered her legs for a few moments but deciding against stockings. Her tan had developed well during the summer and she'd felt they looked good enough 'au naturel', so she'd twisted round to the wardrobe, rummaged for a few minutes before pulling out a light, fawn coloured summer dress. Definitely no trousers today!

    It had taken just a moment to step into the dress and pull it smoothly over her lithe figure. It was well tailored to accentuate her curves, and she'd shimmied her hips slightly to settle it comfortably into place before drawing up the little zip from her waist to under her arm. The arm holes were low and she'd known that it would show a hint of her cream bra, but that had all been part of the plan after all. As had been the low cut front, showing just a hint of cleavage and the high hem line, hovering three or four inches above her bronzed knees.

    Going back to her dressing table, she'd added the final piece of the jigsaw, a simple gold locket that had hung around her shapely neck nestling comfortably on her bosom between the gently rising flesh of her breasts.

    Stepping back a little in front of the mirror, she'd reviewed her efforts. A quick adjustment of her hair, and she'd grinned at her reflection in satisfaction. "Now," she'd whispered to herself in excitement, "let's see Robin's face when he sees this!"

    Chapter 3 - Robin's Big Chance

    Batgirl had swung her shapely legs out of the car, stood up and smoothed down her dress before surveying the quiet elegance of Wayne Mansion. It had still been early, around half past nine and the sun had just been starting to warm up the surrounding gardens when she'd drawn in a deep breath of anticipation, locked her Porsche and strode over the gravel drive to the main entrance.

    As she'd reached the great wooden door it had swung smoothly open and the craggy figure of Bruce Wayne's old retainer, Alfred, had appeared to welcome her in. She'd been secretly pleased to see even his eyes widen slightly as he'd taken in her sexy appearance.

    "Good morning Miss Gordon. How pleasant to see you again. You're looking very ....errr striking today if I may say so."

    "You may indeed say so Alfred. I'm feeling positively glowing! Is Robin, I mean Dick, up yet?"

    "Oh yes Miss, Master Grayson has been busy down in the Bat Cave for a while now."

    "Right, I'll scoot down and surprise him then." She'd smiled as she headed off down the hall towards the secret passages at the rear of the building, thinking that this 'surprise' would definitely catch the attention of 'Master' Dick Grayson! She'd considered reminding Alfred that Dick was well past 21 now, but she'd known how fixed he was in his ways.

    "Mmmmm," had mumbled Alfred to himself as she'd disappeared, "I hope that Master Grayson's mood has improved since he got down there. He's not been quite himself lately at all............. Still I'm sure that Barbara will cheer him up."


    As she'd entered the brightly lit cavern under Wayne Mansion that held Batman's storage and technical headquarters, she'd seen Dick bent over a terminal at the far corner. She'd tip-toed quietly across and crept up behind him. Whatever he'd been doing he'd not heard her approach and the first that he'd known of her approach was when she'd slipped her hands round his face to tenderly cover his eyes as she'd bent down slightly to plant a kiss on his neck.

    The kiss had never made it though. Robin had shot up and backwards at her touch, catching her face a glancing blow with his shoulder and she'd stumbled backwards.

    "Barbara!" he'd cried as he'd spun around, "What the hell do you think you're doing!"

    Batgirl had been rubbing her cheek, wondering whether it would bruise and had not been best pleased with Robin's response to her advances.

    "You lumbering ox!" she'd replied waspishly, then immediately regretting it she'd added sheepishly, "I'm sorry Dick ..... didn't mean to startle you. I ................errr was just .............."

    She'd not finished as she'd watched Robin's expression change from anger to amazement as he'd taken in the sight of her lithe, fresh figure and sexy dress. Then confusion had appeared as his mouth had opened once or twice without any words materialising.

    Regaining her composure and pleased at his delayed response, Batgirl had given him a bright glowing smile as she'd wiggled her hips for a moment and stepped forward intending to plant the missed kiss on his lips instead.

    Again she'd been thwarted though as Robin had turned his head at the last minute so that the kiss ended up brushing his cheek in a distinctly sisterly manner and, despite the intake of breath as he'd sucked in her musky fragrance, he'd taken a step back to keep her embrace at arm's length.

    "What's the matter?" she'd pouted in her best Hollywood style, running her hands down her waist and over her hips to show off her figure and the sexy dress again, "Don't you like me any more?"

    It had been supposed to be a rhetorical question, because she knew that Robin had been chasing her for years, but the smile gradually faded as she realised that Robin was taking the question seriously.

    "It's not fair Barbara," he'd mumbled, eyes still drinking in every line and curve of her body.

    "It's just not fair," he'd repeated, and then he'd swallowed hard as if finally making up his mind, "You're always taunting me.......but it never leads to anything! Look at that episode with Zatanna! I think that you look fabulous, but I'm not going to let you make me feel...... not anymore! ..............." He'd not been able to finish and before a shocked Batgirl could say anything further, he'd spun away from her and stormed towards the cave entrance.

    Batgirl had been amazed. She'd shouted after him, but her response had been the door slamming behind him. In the end she'd taken out her own frustration on Robin's chair, sending it tumbling across the cave floor with a well placed kick!

    Eventually she'd pulled over another chair and sat down in disgust, the skirt riding high up her thighs, just as she'd intended for Robin. Her amazement had soon turned to anger and frustration however as she'd replayed the brief encounter in her mind, and then despondency overtook her. What was the matter with her? She just didn't seem able to establish any form of relationship with the men in her life. Batman just seemed to ignore her as a woman, and now even Robin had turned her down!

    In the end, she'd reluctantly knuckled down to some work, and that had eventually led to her discovering the security tape anomaly at the safe house. Not quite the result that she'd anticipated when she'd arrived though!

    Chapter 4 - Batman's Shocking Secret

    Batgirl's thoughts were suddenly dragged back into the present as she heard a heavy sounding vehicle pulling into the parking lot.

    Jumping up, she peeped through the darkened slit window high on the van side and was surprised to see the Bat-car drawing to a halt about thirty yards away in a cloud of dust. Seconds later the large, dark grey figure of Batman jumped out and began walking towards the apartment block, black cape swirling behind him in the light breeze.

    She was about to open the van door to call after her crime crusading partner when something stopped her.

    "It's his 'safe house' after all, so no reason why he shouldn't be here, but why now?" she thought, "why just at the time when the security camera tapes are wiped?"

    A puzzled expression spread across her face as she slowly sank back into her chair and turned her attention somewhat tentatively back to the monitors.

    It didn't take long for Batman to appear in the monitor covering the door and hallway. Batgirl watched him stride purposefully into the living room, giving the place a quick scan before heading further into the apartment and opening the bedroom door.

    At this stage Batgirl was starting to feel a little embarrassed. Here was her senior partner and the subject of her long standing infatuation heading into the private sanctuary at the back of the apartment. Surely she shouldn't continue to observe. It would be like becoming a voyeur after all!

    But then again, there was a mystery here wasn't there? She needed to get to the bottom of it didn't she? With a hint of a devious smile spreading across her face, she leaned forward and switched the main monitor onto the bedroom camera.

    It was darker than the living room, and at first Batgirl was struggling to make out the scene. "Maybe I should have added more lighting?" she thought as her training kicked in, but her eyes quickly adjusted to the dimness and she could pick out Batman again.

    "Oh," she muttered in dismay as she watched Batman pull off the cape, throwing it to one side before sitting on the bed edge and starting to pull off his black boots and gloves.

    "Oh dear," she continued in confusion, "I really ought to switch off I suppose....." But she couldn't. She was riveted to the sight of her hero gradually pulling off his uniform in front of her. Suddenly she was desperately wishing that the cameras were in colour, but the black and white image was enough to send her blood pressure rising has Batman continued to disrobe in front of her.

    Her eyes gradually widened as Batman finally pulled off his suit, and stood up clad only in his black cowl and a pair of light coloured boxers. Batgirl was now almost drooling over the sight of his powerful semi-naked frame, firm muscles rippling around his upper body, taut stomach and powerful thighs looking exactly as she'd always dreamed. God, he was so desirable! She had to positively instruct her hand not to slide down her body to the warm area between her legs that had suddenly started to tingle in anticipation.

    "Jesus," she thought excitedly, "what now? Maybe I should go round and catch him like this? Maybe if I pulled off my suit as I went in he'd finally take notice of me, he could just take me right there!" Her breathing was getting ragged as her imagination ran riot, and now there was no will-power to stop the hand burrowing between her legs as she sighed softly at the touch.

    Then she saw Batman's head swivel and his eyebrows lifted. "He must have heard something. Damn, why didn't I add sound?" she thought in annoyance as her dreams fragmented with Batman jumping up and heading out of the bedroom.

    Quickly she switched onto the hallway monitor, just in time to see the door opening and a large, dark figure enter.

    Batgirl was annoyed to see that it was a female form framed in the doorway, but she couldn't make much out until she'd entered and closed the door behind her. There was no doubt that it was a large, powerful looking coloured woman though. Her bushy, sleek black hair swept around her shoulders framing a strongly boned face with high, dark eyebrows. She was wearing a light, summery looking dress that swept loosely down from her wide hips to finish modestly a little above her knee. There little in the way of modesty about the neckline however which plunged deeply downwards to display a generous portion of dark brown cleavage beneath a large gold chain dangling adown from her neck.

    Batgirl frowned. Despite the light, there was something vaguely familiar about her.

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    Default Re: A Day In Gotham - Batgirl Undone - Halle Berry - Sex Story

    She frowned even further when the semi-naked figure of Batman appeared in shot, arms outstretched to welcome his 'guest', and with no inhibition whatsoever he pulled her to him, their lips searching for each other as they embarked on a long, torrid kiss.

    The woman's hands were soon running around Batman's naked shoulders as he leaned forward and pinned her against the hallway wall, rubbing hard into his taut muscles. As their passionate kissing intensifies, Batman's hands were busy running up and down the woman's sides before cupping her breasts through the thin dress, causing the woman to break off the kiss and throw her head back in delight. Batman buried his mouth into the exposed neck and Batgirl was forced to watch incredulously as his hand slid down the woman's side, slipped under the dress, and rose slowly upwards. The woman's face was a picture of anticipation as the hand rose inexorably along the inside of her thigh until her mouth opened in a silent 'oh' when the searching fingers finally found and cupped her sensitive mound. Batgirl was transfixed at the screen, unable to drag her eyes away from the erotic scene, an involuntary 'ohhhh' escaping her own lips just as the woman's face dissolved into a silent drawn out sigh of her own.

    Batgirl continued to watch the action develop with a mixture of excitement, consternation and envy. She knew that she ought to switch off and leave Batman to his privacy, but the action was so intense and her sense of abandonment so high that she simply froze in front of the monitor, her breathing getting increasingly ragged as she watched the subject of her own private fantasies pleasure this stranger. She could almost feel each touch of Batman's hands on the other woman, and it was starting to drive her wild.

    Her own fantasies were suddenly distracted by the sight of Batman scooping up the woman in his strong arms and disappearing out of the view of the hallway camera. Instinctively, Batgirl quickly switched to the master bedroom camera, but to her consternation it was empty! With a gasp of annoyance she switched to the second bedroom, but that too was deserted.

    "What's going on!" she mumbled in annoyance before finally flipping back to the living room, and smiling again as she found the couple framed in the centre of the room, still closely entwined, still kissing deeply, hands roaming around each other and not millimetre between them.

    Suddenly the woman broke off the kiss and pushed herself slightly away from Batman, obviously breathing hard. She said something and Batman laughed, then she stepped forward and pushed Batman unexpectedly in the chest, causing him to stumble back slightly and fall backwards onto the large, soft sofa dominating the centre of the room. As he collapsed backwards, Batgirl's eyes were dragged to his boxer shorts where a mighty erection was only half disguised by the tent like pyramid that had developed between his legs. The woman's eyes too had greedily focussed on this evidence of his desire, and she said something else that caused Batman to smile in anticipation.

    The woman quickly reached up behind her back and from the camera position behind her, Batgirl watched in dread anticipation as she dragged down the zipper, drew the dress down to her hips revealing a white bra band and matching panties before shimmying it down to drop at her feet. Batgirl had to reluctantly admire her erotic looking figure, powerful looking frame and wide hips, the bra cups only half visible, but suggesting full and generous breasts. Batman's face confirmed her assessment as his eyes opened wide, seemingly drinking in the sight of the beautiful woman disrobing in front of him, the tent like bulge in his boxer shorts seeming to rise even further.

    There was little time for admiration though as the woman's hand immediately reached behind her again, undoing the bra fasteners and quickly shrugging it off her shoulders. All sense of teasing was gone as she rushed to get out of her clothes! A second later she'd pushed down the flimsy white panties and was stepping out of them. From the rear Batgirl's view of her was erotic enough, but she could see from Batman's expression how desirable she must have looked from the front as she started to move towards the sofa.

    Then something absolutely surreal happened!

    The woman stopped short of the sofa and her hands lifted up to her head. After fiddling around for a few seconds, to Batgirl's eyes, she appeared to be taking her head off!

    A second later, Batgirl laughed at herself as she realise that the woman was actually removing a wig! The long bushy black hair was lifted up and thrown carelessly to one side to leave the woman's head covered with short black hair, almost crew-cut in length.

    Suddenly a chill ran down Batgirl's spine, and she instinctively removed the hand from between her own legs that had been stoking up her own fires. She sat bolt upright as she suddenly realised why the woman had seemed familiar earlier.

    Even though the images were in black and white she knew that the woman's short spiky hair was red! This was undoubtedly Vixen, Catwoman's chief Kitten and Chief of Operations.

    "Surely Batman must know?" she thought desperately as the shock wore off a little. Should she dash in and break them up?!

    It was looking like that might be a little late though as her attention returned to the monitor. Vixen was now astride Batman on the sofa and was yanking down his shorts. The mighty erection that had been threatening to burst out was suddenly released and Batgirl gasped as she drank in the sight of Batman's unrestrained manhood. Even bigger than she'd dreamt of! This was so unfair! Not only was Batman giving it to another woman, but that woman was a key member of the opposition! And one who'd not been averse to treating Batgirl roughly when she'd managed to get her hands on her in the past!

    Batgirl was suddenly furious as she was forced to watch with an air of inevitability as Vixen took hold of the mighty rod, positioned herself above it and slowly sank down onto it, feeding it into her pussy, gasping silently in delight before starting to circulate her hips to manoeuvre it around every nook and cranny of her vagina.

    Batman's hands had risen to take hold of Vixen's light brown bouncing breasts, and as his fingers found and worked on the large dark brown nipples, she threw her head back and started to pump her hips up and down excitedly, glorying in the feeling of Batman's thick cock sliding in and out of her sopping dark cave.

    Batgirl was now so annoyed that she was ready to intervene, but something suddenly caused her to freeze in that acting of rising from the chair. A black rope-like apparition was suddenly snaking across the room, and with sense of incredulity she watched the tip rise up and wrap itself around Vixen's neck!

    At first Vixen was so deeply engrossed in her love-making that she almost ignored it, but then she too suddenly froze. This caused Batman to open his eyes, and suddenly they were wide with amazement.

    A black suited figure now strode into Batgirl's view. The tight, figure hugging suit left no doubt that it was a woman. With a deep sense of foreboding, Batgirl didn't need to recognise the bull-whip in her hand to know that this was Catwoman herself!

    "Oh Jesus!" she gasped as she jumped up, sending the chair flying and diving out of the van, "It's a trap! And they've got Batman! I've got to help him!"

    Chapter 5 - Misunderstandings

    In just a few short minutes, Batgirl had raced across to the apartment block, shot up the stairs and reached the apartment door.

    It was ajar, so she silently eased herself into the hallway trying hard to bring her breathing back to normal. Her initial inclination had been to dive straight into the room and to take Catwoman and Vixen by surprise, but something held her back and she paused by the room doorway to listen to the conversation in the room first.

    She was thankful that she did. It wasn't so much a conversation taking place next door as a loud tirade from Catwoman.

    ".....and so you fat cow, I'm really going to give you something to think about if you think that you can betray me like this! If you've even breathed anything about Sankey's, I'll ............ " Catwoman's voice rose even louder, "And after all that we've done for you ...........!!"

    Batgirl heard Batman say something indistinctly in the background, before being drowned out by another Catwoman outburst.

    "Don't you dare interfere Batman! God, I suppose I should expect this of you -- after all, most of your so-called brains are in your dick!!"

    Then it went quiet as Catwoman seemed to be getting her breath back, ended by a sudden little squeal from Vixen.

    Batgirl was in a quandary. Clearly this wasn't a trap. Well, not for Batman anyway, and if Vixen really was in a relationship with Batman, then that would explain how he seemed to know so much about Catwoman's plans recently. Not being enamoured with Vixen herself, Batgirl could see Catwoman's point of view as well.

    But she clearly had to do something, so after taking in a deep breath she moved slowly through the doorway.

    The scene was much as she'd left it on the monitor earlier. Batman was on his back on the sofa, black cowl looking incongruous against his otherwise naked body. Vixen's dark, muscular body was still astride him. Her naked body was covered in a sweaty sheen after her exertions, but her face was grimacing in pain. The latter evidently caused by the black whip looped tightly around her neck, the other end firmly in the grip of the trim, black suited Catwoman standing four or five yards to one side.

    Batman's eyes immediately opened in surprise as he saw Batgirl appear in the doorway, a fact not missed by the alert Catwoman who quickly spun round to face her.

    "Ah -- just what we need. Bat-bitch! What a surprise I don't think! I suppose your 'master' has sent for you somehow to rescue him has he?!"

    Batgirl glared at Batman. The sight of him between Vixen's widespread legs was making her almost as furious as Catwoman! It was a stare that no other female would have misinterpreted.

    "Why Bat-bitch, I do believe that you disapprove as well!!" Catwoman laughed nastily, "Looks like I'm not the only one betrayed here eh?!"

    Batgirl pursed her lips and took a threatening step towards Catwoman, but stopped as she yanked sharply on the whip, causing Vixen to squeal again as it tightened around her neck.

    Quickly, Catwoman glanced at Batman. "Better tell your 'girlfriend' here to back-off and do as I say, or I swear that I'll break Vixen's neck!"

    Batman swallowed hard, looking imploringly at Batgirl, and croaked despairingly, "I know it looks a bit .... err strange Batgirl, but please do what she says... I don't want Vixen hurt...."

    Batgirl transferred her glare to Catwoman, but stayed where she was, bringing a smile of triumph across Catwoman's face.

    "Right," she said quickly to maintain the advantage, "you can start by dragging that chair into the middle of the room." She indicated a high backed wooden chair that nestled in one corner of the room. She stepped back to allow plenty of space for Batgirl to get past without getting into striking distance. Then she turned her attention back to the pair on the sofa.

    "Now then Vixen," she said caustically, "maybe you could detach yourself from Batman for a moment so that he can get up and sit on the chair?!" She gave the whip a sharp tug to encourage her to get off. Batman looked utterly defeated as Vixen cautiously dismounted, leaving his now flaccid looking cock dangling between his legs. He gave Batgirl a glance of embarrassment as he slowly climbed off the sofa and slumped onto the waiting chair.

    Catwoman fumbled in her grey belt-band and produced a handful of plastic fasteners which she threw at Batgirl. "Make yourself useful Bat-bitch, tie him to the chair, and not too loosely!"

    Batgirl held back, but Catwoman still had Vixen by the neck, and Batman's desperate eyes almost pleaded with her to comply.

    "Oh, bloody men!" Batgirl cried in frustration as she grabbed the fasteners and slowly tied Batman to the chair. When she looked around again, Catwoman was smiling and pointing to the little phial of blue liquid that she'd set on the glass coffee table.

    "Now, you can give him his medicine!"

    Everyone in the room knew about the blue drug. It was Leopard Man's concoction from many months ago, and had the immediate effect of putting the user into a trance like state from which they were compliant to any suggestion made to them. It lasted from forty to sixty minutes - and had some other interesting side effects as well.

    Batgirl looked searchingly into Batman's eyes. Was he really prepared to accept this final attack on his dignity? Just for Vixen! Surely not!

    Batman wouldn't meet her eyes. Instead his head slumped forward in mute acceptance.

    Catwoman couldn't hide her glee as she laughed out loud. "Come on Bat-Bitch -- do as you're told!" she admonished.

    With an air of disgust, Batgirl eventually snatched up the phial, stormed over to Batman and quickly tipped the liquid into his opened mouth and with a snort threw the empty container to smash against the living room wall.

    "Tut, tut Bat-Bitch, temper, temper," laughed Catwoman, adding more sternly "Now, get away from him!"

    Batgirl retreated towards the door her face a picture of disgust which suddenly changed to shock and awe as she watched the drug take effect on Batman. His eyes had glazed over, but the side-effect was soon gloriously evident as his limp cock developed a life of its own, growing and rising before their eyes until it stood proudly up, straining towards the ceiling.

    Even Catwoman seemed impressed. "My, my Batman - you've not lost any of your basic abilities have you?" she sighed reflectively. Vixen and Batgirl's eyes were both fixated on the dramatic erection, but Catwoman was soon back in charge.

    "Now then Vixen my fat, treacherous kitten, seeing as you're such an expert, perhaps you'd like to get on?!" She encouraged her forward with a flick of the whip around her neck.

    Batgirl was frozen to her spot as she watched Vixen's naked brown frame approach the seated figure before she paused and looked pleadingly at Catwoman. One look at her stormy features dissuaded her from speaking however and she slowly lifted one muscular thigh over the top of Batman's legs and eased herself forward until she was on tip-toes astride Batman with his erect phallus nosing around at the base of her glistening pubic mound.

    "Get on with it!" almost shouted Catwoman, and Vixen swallowed hard as she eased herself downwards, gradually impaling her soft vagina on Batman's rigid pole, closing her eyes and sucking in deep breaths as she felt his hardness completely invade her dark cavity. No-one spoke for a few seconds as they absorbed the scene around them. Batman's glazed eyes unfocussed in front of him, Vixen's eyes shut tight in some combination of bliss and fear, Catwoman looking as furious as before and Batgirl's eyes wide in disbelief that this was really happening right in front of her.

    Catwoman broke the spell, by throwing more of the fasteners at Batgirl. "Right, tie the fat slob's wrists to Batman's and her ankles to his knees! And don't forget Batman's instructions!" pulling on the whip as she did so and causing Vixen to gasp again as the noose tightened even further.

    Batgirl reluctantly picked up the fasteners and walked back to the chair, pulling Vixens's arms forward so that they draped over Batman's shoulders and tying her wrists to Batman's at the back of the chair, ignoring the pleading look in Vixen's eyes as she did so. Well, she'd never liked her anyway!

    When she'd lifted up Vixen's ankles and tied them to Batman's knees she was helpless, her not insignificant weight dragging her down relentlessly onto Batman's rigid totem pole. She gasped as it pushed deeper into her, but otherwise stayed silent. She knew better than to beg for mercy from Catwoman!

    "At last!" exclaimed Catwoman as, with a flick of her wrist, she finally uncoiled the whip from around Vixen's neck.

    "You know Bat-Bitch, it's at times like this when you wonder why you run crime organisations," she said almost conversationally, "some people just so disappoint you."

    Batgirl didn't really hear the words, she had noted that the whip wasn't around Vixen's neck any longer, so this could be her chance to attack Catwoman? Before she could move however she flinched as Catwoman's arm flicked hard and the evil black whip flashed past her to strike Vixen's round behind a sharp, stinging blow and getting a cry of shock from Vixen's tightened lips.

    "Come on Vixen, let's see some action now that I've gone to all this trouble for you!" Catwoman called out in a derisory tone.

    Vixen began a half-hearted attempt at pumping herself up and down on Batman's engorged cock, but, bound as she was, couldn't get the right angle and eventually slumped forward again in something like despair.

    "Oh, sod it!" shouted Catwoman in disgust, flicking her wrist hard on the black whip stock and sending the whip's tip arching diagonally across Vixen's back, getting another scream for her trouble and leaving a long, thin red line across the greasy brown skin.

    This was too much for Batgirl.

    "No you don't!" she shouted as she launched herself forward intending to smother Catwoman before she could recover, but she'd under-estimated her opponent who simply stepped towards her in mid flight and brought the solid heel of the whip stock hard into Batgirl's forehead.

    The lights went out instantly and she never even felt herself crumple onto the floor.

    Chapter 6 - Aftermath

    Consciousness returned slowly and painfully.

    Batgirl's eyes flickered slightly, then shut tight again as she groaned, making her aware of the throbbing pain reverberating around the inside of her head, before it concentrated into uncomfortable waves vibrating under her forehead.

    She groaned again as she raised a hand to her tender, mask covered head. Gradually her eyes dragged themselves open again and she squinted around her trying to overcome the nausea from the pain that even the dim light in the room was triggering.

    "Oh God...." she murmured quietly to herself as the memories began to flood back. She was still crumpled in a heap on the apartment floor and everything was silent around her, so it looked as if Catwoman must have just left? She dragged her head round, squinting and fighting the nausea again as she took in the rest of the room.

    Her vision was still hazy, but thankfully she couldn't see any sign of Catwoman. Her eyes soon came to rest on the figures of Batman and Vixen, still joined and tied together on the chair. Strange, she thought, it looked like someone had thrown a red towel over Vixen. "Why would Catwoman do that?" she wondered in her befuddled state as she cautiously rose to her knees.

    She had her answer after she staggered to her feet, and her eyes began to focus properly.

    "Jesus!" she exclaimed in shock as she approached the two chair-bound figures.

    It was no red towel after all. Vixen's smooth dark brown skin was covered in a mass of criss-cross lacerations from her neck down to the base of her spine, bright red blood seeped slowly out of the deeper welts.

    "Oh Jesus," Batgirl repeated in concern as she tentatively felt Vixen's neck, breathing a sigh of relief at the slow, but steady pulse she found on the unconscious woman, "Did Catwoman really do this to you?"

    Batman was staring vacantly into space over Vixen's inert shoulder, still under the influence of the drug, and as Batgirl peeked down to his lap, she noted with annoyance that Vixen was still impaled on his giant erection. He didn't seem to be injured in any other way.

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    Default Re: A Day In Gotham - Batgirl Undone - Halle Berry - Sex Story

    "Lucky you, you ............"

    She was in the mood to give Batman a piece of her mind but knew it would be a waste of time until the drug wore off. Clearly she couldn't wait for that to happen. She'd no idea how long she'd been unconscious, and Vixen needed medical help. The state of her back was way beyond Batgirl's first aid skills!

    She flicked open her communicator and called for immediate response from the emergency services.

    With a start she realised that it was hardly a scene that Batman would want to be found in. She pursed her lips, tempted to let him suffer the ignominy of being found where he was before sighing, dashing into the kitchen for a knife and returning to slash open their bindings.

    Unfortunately, all this did was to let Vixen's legs sag down to the floor. She was still draped over Batman. A little gingerly she placed her arms around Vixen's waist and tried to pull her up and off Batman's erect cock, but she was a heavy woman and Batgirl didn't want to damage her back. After trying a number of positions and getting her half off, she eventually had to admit defeat and let Vixen sag back onto Batman's lap. If Batman had made any sign of enjoying the feeling, Batgirl thought that she'd have blown up. But his face remained as passive as ever.

    Stumped for a moment, she stood back, then realised that the solution, like the problem, lay in the drug's effects! The subject was compliant to external commands!

    She instructed Batman to stand up and hang onto Vixen, which, with his leg muscles bulging he did easily, keeping the unconscious woman dangling from his cock. She then had him lay down sideways on the carpet, and to pull out of the now prone form of his 'lover'. She gulped in something approaching awe as his giant erection gradually withdrew from Vixen's sopping pussy before instructing him to go into the bedroom and sit on the bed. She then eased Vixen over on her tummy in the middle of the carpet, putting her head to one side before re-checking her slow, shallow breathing.

    Nodding in satisfaction, she dashed into the bedroom where Batman was now sat on the edge of the bed, staring aimlessly in front of him again. Batgirl's eyes were anything but aimless as they zeroed in on that giant erection, still standing proud from between Batman's legs, glistening slightly from Vixen's pussy juices, veins almost throbbing in front of her eyes. It would have been so, so easy to quickly strip off her suit and ease herself onto the proud cock instead of Vixen. Wasn't it what she'd wanted for so long? But no, not like this she realised sadly and somehow she even restrained her hand from reaching out to feel as she grabbed up a towel to cover him.

    It was just in time as she heard heavy, booted feet arriving urgently outside the doorway to the apartment.

    Batgirl quickly placed the towel strategically on Batman's lap and rushed out of the bedroom closing the door behind her. She was just in time to greet two young paramedics and a police officer who'd rushed through the open door and were just inside the living room and staring with shock at the prostrate form of Vixen.

    "WOW!" one of the paramedics exclaimed as he knelt down to check her vital signs, "she must have REALLY upset you Batgirl!"

    "What...................!" spluttered Batgirl. She couldn't believe it. They actually thought that she'd done this!?

    "It was Catwoman you idiot!" she spat out.

    "Oh, right, OK ............ if that's what you want to go into the report that's fine by me!" he laughed cheekily.

    Batgirl breathed in deeply, closed her eyes briefly before replying in a more even tone. "OK funny guy, that's what I want. Will she be ok?"

    "Pulse is fine, heart sounds ok, breathing ok, but her back's going to take a lot of work. I've never seen anything like it -- whoever did it! We'll get her straight down to Emergency ...... if that's ok with you Batgirl. Will she need restraining when she comes round?"

    "Can't see her rushing off anywhere at the moment, can you? We'll let Batman decide when he gets down there," replied Batgirl casually.

    "Let Batman decide what?" came an unexpected voice from behind her.

    Batgirl spun round in amazement to see Batman, fully suited, appear uncertainly in the doorway.

    "Oh, my God! What's happened to Vixen?!" he gasped.

    "Pretty obvious," I'd have thought said Batgirl sarcastically, before pointedly adding, "She seems to have made a bad choice for a date."

    Chapter 7 - A Disagreement or Two

    Hospital corridors are amazing places, especially the Emergency variety. Pure bedlam in fact.

    Batgirl had just arrived after clearing out her surveillance gear and looked around her in dismay. The place was a seething mass of humanity dashing back and forth. Doctors, with stethoscopes flying, nurses rushing from one room and patient to another and clerical staff waving folders and papers as they shouted to be heard above the general din. All in that nasty glare of artificial light.

    Seeing Robin, she took him by the shoulder, eased him past a trolley holding a hunched but silent old man, into an empty office and closed the door.

    "What a place!" she gasped in exasperation, "How do they get anything done?"

    Robin smiled back at her, "Not easy is it? I think that I'll stick to my 'day' job!"

    "You've heard about Vixen?"

    "Yeah, Batman contacted me on the way here. He's with her now. He sounded a bit ............. subdued. He didn't really go into any detail. What happened?"

    Batgirl had to think about that for a moment before deciding that Robin needed to know.

    After she'd finished speaking, Robin, who's mouth had opened in surprise as the story had developed continued looking at her aghast, as if waiting for more.

    "That's it. More than enough in fact" she added, "What do you think we should do?"

    "Jumping Catflaps!" gasped Robin, "Wow! I don't believe it!"

    He caught the look on Batgirl's face and quickly added, "Well, obviously I believe it, but really ......... how did he think that he was going to get away with it? What a superstar!"

    It was Batgirl's turn to look aghast. "What! You think it's okay for him to have a bit on the side with one of the opposition?! I know he might have got some information out of her from time to time but who knows what he's told her about us!"

    "Look, alright, I know you're a bit starchy about that sort of thing, but Batman's pretty cool and he wouldn't have given away any of our secrets. Anyway, Catwoman wouldn't have reacted that way if he had. And he sounded pretty cut-up about Vixen when I spoke to him just now. Maybe he actually likes her?"

    "Are you kidding! Have you seen that red headed monster recently?!"

    "Yeah, well ........... she looked pretty fit to me when I was last involved with her!"

    Batgirl's thoughts flashed back to the time when Robin had been captured by Catwoman a few months ago and had also been subject to the blue drug. It had had the same effect on him as on ( Celebrity Sex Stories ) Batman, and Vixen hadn't been slow to take advantage then. But surely Robin would have been under the influence and wouldn't actually aware of it at the time though?! Strange.

    "Your taste in women sucks Robin!" Batgirl still hadn't forgiven him for her 'rejection' the previous day, ".............. and I'm not starchy!!"

    She glared at him for a few more minutes before she recognised the thin smile spreading across his boyish looking face. After a few more minutes she was smiling herself. She couldn't be mad at him for long, and he did look positively handsome when he used that smile!

    "You teasing me again?"

    "Wouldn't dare starch-face......ouch!" Batgirl had connected with a playful kick, but the smiles were still there. The banter was back again!

    Batgirl was puzzled, " know.... yesterday ............." she couldn't get out the words, but Robin had understood immediately, and his face was serious again.

    "Hey, I'm sorry about that. I was...... I don't know, feeling a bit weird yesterday I suppose. And you were acting a bit weird too. God, but you looked beautiful though!"

    He stepped forward and reached towards her, the smile spreading across his face. "Maybe I could ravish you here, now, instead."

    Now it was Batgirl's turn to feel uncomfortable as she took a pace backwards.

    "Oi, hands off! This is a public place!"

    Robin had stopped though and was laughing. "So, if it was a private place ........."

    She pursed her lips, not liking the way that she'd lost control, and not sure how to respond.

    "That would depend," she finished lamely, then, introducing a note of urgency to distract him, "Anyway, what are we going to do about Catwoman. We can't possibly let her get away with this!"

    Robin raised his eyebrows quizzically, "Not sure we can do anything at the moment. She'll be holed up in her lair by now, and I've no idea where that is."

    Batgirl's eyes narrowed as a thought suddenly struck her, "Maybe I do. Catwoman said something about 'Sankey's' earlier and she didn't know I was listening at the time. Maybe it's got something to do with that old warehouse down by the docks. It's supposed to be derelict, but I'm sure that it used to be called Sankey's Wharf ...... or something like that?"

    Robin's reaction was immediate and not what she'd expected.

    "Not a chance," he snapped dismissively, "Why would she hole up in that God-forsaken spot? It'd just be a wild goose chase, and anyway, we ought to wait for Batman."

    Batgirl's exasperation showed as she put her hands on her hips.

    "We don't have to wait for that big lunk to make up his mind before we do anything!"

    Robin laughed again. "Wow, Batman's really blotted his copy book with you hasn't he! Hey stop!"

    But Batgirl was already striding towards the door. "You stay here then and wait for your 'master'. I'm going to find Catwoman and give her a piece if my mind!"

    "Come on Batgirl, wait," shouted Robin after her, "we need to go into this as a team!" But it was to no avail as the door slammed shut in his face.

    Chapter 8 - A Shocking Meeting

    Catgirl was so eager to meet up with their new guest that she almost fluffed her make-up!

    It sent a little shiver down her spine as she remembered his touch at the meeting earlier this morning, and their brief, but smouldering glance as they arranged this afternoon's little tryst.

    It had almost been spoiled when Catwoman had come storming back after lunch and had summarily announced to everyone that Vixen was no longer a member of the team. In response to shocked questions from the other 'Kittens' she'd admitted the link with Batman, but hadn't gone into details, other than to say that she'd 'dealt' with the situation. Seeing the stormy look on her face, none of the 'Kittens' had felt inclined to go into details!

    When Catgirl did manage to get her alone shortly afterwards, she'd got the full story out of her. It had been hard to believe. Vixen had always been like a rock within Catwoman's organisation, and Catgirl had immediately recognised the underlying shock and turmoil beneath Catwoman's harsh expressions. They'd even hugged briefly. Not like Catwoman at all!

    Then she'd pulled herself together, announced that they'd need to move to another lair and shot off to make the arrangements. Shortly afterwards, she'd left to prepare the new hide-out, leaving the Kitten's and other staff to prepare for the move. Although Catgirl was left in charge, there was little for her to do, which was just what she wanted. There was no way that she was going to miss this little assignation!

    Back in her room, Catgirl glanced briefly at the trim, pink and black suited figure reflected in her mirror. She smiled back at herself, satisfied that her shapely figure was perfectly displayed before easing on her matching cowl and covering up her short, light brown hair.

    Then she paused as a thought flashed through her mind. She smiled at the mirror again, before grabbing a small bottle of expensive, light green perfume from her dressing table. Back in front of the mirror, she quickly unzipped the top of her suit, pealing it to one side and revealing her beautiful, small but firm breasts. She swallowed in anticipation as she lightly touched one, feeling the light pink nipple immediately spring to attention. God, she was so ready! Swallowing again at the thought of what was ahead, she dabbed a little of the perfume tenderly in the deep valley between her taut orbs, before taking a deep breath and pulling the suit top back over her prize assets and zipped herself back up.

    She'd arranged to meet him secretly in the warehouse section, but her plan had always been to go back take him back to her room. And she had no doubts about what would happen there!

    It was a little dark in the vast open area, sunlight only indirectly filtering in through small windows high in the wall sides. She got to the centre, amid jumbled piles of packing cases eyes starting to search around for him. She checked her watch, and was annoyed to see that she was five minutes early. Hardly a sign of a reluctant damsel, she'd thought, but hey, Catwoman had always taught her that when she wanted something, she should just go for it. And this she wanted. Badly!

    She heard a slight scuffling sound behind her and slowly turned round. "So there you are lover ....... Oh!"

    Her eyes had finally picked out the menacing shape of the purple suited Batgirl crouching on top of a large case, about five yards away. Her long red hair cascaded down her back, and her widespread legs taut, ready to pounce.

    Catgirl quickly got over the shock and instinctively adopted a defensive posture.

    "What the hell are you doing here Batgirl!?" she snapped in annoyance rather than fear. After all, she'd captured Batgirl numerous times in the past, and with some fun results she remembered with a slowly spreading smile.

    Batgirl jumped down from the case, but kept her distance.

    "I don't have a quarrel with you Catgirl," Batgirl too was remembering their past meetings, "well not at the moment that is! It's Catwoman that I'm after. Where is she!"

    Catgirl considered her response. She quite liked Batgirl, in fact she'd been trying to get her into bed for some time now, but just at the moment she was getting in the way of something far more important!

    "Luckily for you she's not here Batgirl," said Catgirl slowly, "and in her current mood that's probably a good thing for you! You can't really expect to overpower her surely?!"

    "I'm stronger than I look," flashed back Batgirl defensively, "and she's gone over the mark with Batman this time. Do you know what she did to Vixen?!"

    "Well, yes ............... I know that Catwoman disciplined a TRAITOR earlier," she replied casually, before adding heatedly, "What did you expect her to do! And anyway, since when have you cared anything about Vixen?"

    "That's not the point! You didn't see the state of her back did you?" shouted Batgirl, "Now, where's Catwoman?!"

    Batgirl was really annoyed now and started to move threateningly towards Catgirl, who dropped her shoulders, arms outstretched and on her toes, ready to meet Batgirl's advance.

    She didn't get very far.

    As Batgirl rounded one of the big cases, a figure stepped out of the shadows behind her. Batgirl had a brief intuition as she caught the flash of recognition in Catgirl's eyes, before feeling a hand settle lightly on her back.

    As she instinctively cringed, her body was instantly racked by a powerful shock which seemed to reverberate through every bone in her body before a dark curtain came mercifully down to blank out the pain.

    "Well, Cherie, and who have we here?" said the figure, standing casually above Batgirl's crumpled figure.

    Chapter 9 - Catgirl's Electrifying Experience

    Batgirl groaned as consciousness gradually forced itself onto her reluctant brain. She seemed to ache all over, and this was the second time today that she'd been knocked out. It was all getting to be a bit too much!

    As her eyes flickered painfully open, she realised with a sinking feeling that she was in Catgirl's apartment. Her mood wasn't improved as she also realised that her hands were tied together, and that she lay in a heap on a soft carpet in one corner. She flexed her muscles, and was surprised to feel her feet move. At least they didn't seem to be bound as well. This made her feel better, and groaning againm, she started to pull herself up into a sitting position.

    "Ah ma petite, she's coming round already," came a foreign sounding voice, "I told you zat ze effect wouldn't last long!"

    Batgirl's eyes were now focussing and she zeroed in onto the sight of two figures, intertwined on the sofa. One was Catgirl, her arms wrapped possessively around a tall looking man dressed in a cream and light blue suit and matching cowl. Catgirl didn't seem particularly pleased to see her.

    "Oh, ignore her Dynamo! Kiss me again like that. My body's still quivering from the last one!" She tried wrapping a leg around him as well to pull him closer.

    But the cream suited figure was disentangling himself and sitting up, much to Catgirl's evident annoyance. Batgirl could see now that the blue flashes on the suit were done in the shape of electric lightning bolts, and as he stood up and wandered towards her she drew in a breath at the sight of his muscles rippling under the tight material. This was a fit man, maybe the equal of Batman? "No wonder Catgirl wants him for herself," she caught herself thinking. But why was he standing over her now? Just to gloat?

    To Batgirl's surprise he knelt down and cupped her cheek in his bare hand. There was an immediate soft tingling sensation, not at all unpleasant. She realised with relief that he was smiling down at her, a thin black moustache evident under his strongly shaped nose.

    "I am so sorry, Cherie, I didn't realise that you and Catgirl were friends."

    That left Catgirl spluttering on the sofa as she too got up. "I said that we knew each other Dynamo! We're not 'friends'!"

    "Oh well, my English sometimes is a leetle rusty, but I can see in her eyes that she wouldn't have hurt you Catgirl," his other hand cupped Batgirl's other cheek, "She looks so delicate."

    Catgirl snorted, "Looks can be deceptive Dynamo, and in Batgirl's case, VERY deceptive! Come back to the sofa. We don't have much time! Catwoman will be back soon and I've been looking forward to this all day!"

    Batgirl's attention was drawn to the clunking noises from the corridor outside. Evidently another 'move' was on!

    "But Cherie, at least you must introduce us. It would be improper to continue otherwise!"

    "Oh God!" replied Catgirl in exasperation, "You Europeans certainly are different ..... but I'll forgive you if you run those hands over my body again!"

    Finally, she came over and took the opportunity of detaching those marvellous hands from Batgirl's face, frowning down at her.

    "Your sense of timing always sucked Batgirl!" but she did the introductions as requested, much to Batgirl's satisfaction, now totally intrigued by the newcomer.

    It soon turned out that the stranger really was European. He was from the south of France, called Monsieur Dynamo, and here in Gotham at Catwoman's request to discuss some sort of joint operation. Catgirl hesitated, but didn't go into details. She then described Batgirl simply as Batman's 'helper'! Batgirl ignored the slight, keen to find out more about Dynamo.

    "What's your power? What on earth did you do to me?"

    While Dynamo was thinking about a reply, Catgirl butted in again. "He can control static electricity Batgirl. You have absolutely no idea what it feels like when he touches you!"

    Batgirl frowned, "I think I do!!" staring hard at 'Monsieur Dynamo'.

    Dynamo was still smiling down at her, and raised his hands in mock surrender, "Pardon mademoiselle, I can be much gentler as well, I assure you. Maybe you will permit me to demonstrate?"

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    Default Re: A Day In Gotham - Batgirl Undone - Halle Berry - Sex Story

    "Don't you dare!" hissed Catgirl, dragging him up onto his feet and practically pulling him towards the sofa, "Batgirl's not into threesomes, and I saw you first!"

    He twisted her gently round in his arms, facing towards Batgirl and caressed her head briefly before running his hands over Catgirl's shoulders and inching them down towards her bosom. Catgirl drew in a quick deep breath and released it as a long drawn out sigh in response, her head arching back into the crook of his shoulder.

    It was Batgirl that he was looking at however as he softly whispered, "Well, maybe a leetle later then? ........ after I've looked after you my lovely kitten."

    Batgirl's eyes were now riveted on the hands, dropping relentlessly down to finally cup Catgirls suit covered breasts. Her own breathing started to shorten as her frustrations from the last couple of days rose to the surface. She swallowed as she felt a warm tingle start to emanate from that dark area between her legs. "God, I'm so horny," she thought incredulously and watched in amazement as Dynamo's smile widened.

    Surely his powers didn't include reading minds? But maybe it was her reddening cheeks that gave the game away. He winked at her, knowing that she was hopelessly attracted.

    His hands were now massaging the suit covered mounds that were Catgirl's breasts. "Are you ready?" he whispered into Catgirl's ear, but loud enough to carry across the room.

    "Mmmmmmmm , please" responded Catgirl, already fully aroused, legs wobbling a little.

    Batgirl watched in wonder, as Dynamo cupped Catgirl's right breast, his finger and thumb gripping the tip briefly before pulling them apart about half an inch. Suddenly, two bright flashes of brilliant blue light leapt from the tips of his finger and thumb to meet at Catgirl's suit covered nipple. Batgirl jumped, but not as much as Catgirl, who gave a little scream as her nipple suddenly sparkled with the intense feeling, flooding her brain with pleasure signals, her legs almost buckling under her.

    "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh God Dynamo!" she gasped eventually, "How do you do that!"

    He was smiling broadly now, at both women. "Just a leetle trick I learned as a youngster. Women do seem to like it though ............ would you like me to do the other one?"

    At first Batgirl was hoping that he'd been talking to her, but in an instant, Catgirl had grabbed him round the waist, pushed him onto the sofa and was busy peeling off her suit costume.

    As she pulled down the side zipper, and peeled off the top revealing her modest, but taut breasts, pink nipples gigantically erect and firm, he whistled in admiration. It was all the encouragement that Catgirl needed as she quickly pulled off her gloves and boots and then eased the costume over her hips and peeled it over her legs. In no time at all, she was naked apart from her black and pink cowl, and a small triangle of soft pink material covering her pussy. It was the quickest striptease that Batgirl had ever seen!

    Dynamo too was impressed and Batgirl could see that even his self-restraint was tested as he drank in the picture of Catgirl's lithe, semi naked body advancing towards him. "Merde!" he gasped, "you are even more beautiful than I imagined."

    "Get your suit off Dynamo, then you can do the other one," laughed Catgirl playfully, pleased at his reaction, and extra pleased to see him starting to undo his own suit in front of her!

    Batgirl was considering her options. Did they really intend to make love in front of her? Her legs weren't tied, so in theory she could get up and slip out of the room, but the noises in the corridor suggested that she'd be seen immediately. She could always call out to interrupt them, but she had a feeling that Catgirl in particular would not be best pleased. And that would make her un-predictable. Not ideal!

    Could they really have forgotten that she was there? Evidently not, as Dynamo caught her eye, smiled at her directly and whispered the word 'enjoy' silently over Catgirl's naked shoulder as she kneeled down by the sofa to help drag off his suit bottoms and boots.

    By the time that he was down to his own cowl and light blue shorts, Catgirl had climbed on top of him and was covering his face with kisses, while her hands roamed about across his broad, well muscled chest and shoulders. It was an enthusiastic performance that seemed to take Dynamo back for a while as he lay back and let Catgirl pleasure him for a while.

    That was until her lips had got down to his chest and had teased his own sensitive nipples. Suddenly he rose up from the sofa lifting Catgirl with him as if she weighed nothing, his thighs rippling with the effort.

    Batgirl was still transfixed as she watched him swivel Catgirl round to face Batgirl again, and his hands ran playfully down her sides before starting to lightly caress her breasts. The effect on Catgirl was staggering! She already had her eyes closed, head arched backwards into the crook of his neck, her glistening body almost quivering as she emitted a long drawn, out moan of pleasure.

    Batgirl's throat was dry, and she was feeling her own tell-tale tingling from between her legs as her own arousal increased. Her bound hands had found their way to that sweet spot and were pressing firmly into her suit covered own pussy. She gave her own sigh of pleasure. This was not missed by Dynamo, who grinned to himself at the sight of Batgirl squirming in front of him as well.

    His hands were now teasing and squeezing Catgirl's incredibly sensitive nipples, causing her to moan loudly again as the pleasure waves engulfed her, almost to the extent of not noticing one of his hands sliding down across her stomach before slipping under the band at the top of the soft pink triangle covering her pussy. Suddenly she almost froze, and finally gasped out something vaguely intelligible, "Oh Christ Dynamo........... please, Jesus it's so .......... good, please.......... Oh my God ....just touch me!!"

    Batgirl watched in awe as the fingers continued to rummage around under the pink material, before cupping the most sensitive lips between her legs which Catgirl had instinctively spread to give him better access. For a moment he didn't seem to do anything. Catgirl was still squirming in his grasp, her breath coming in short gasps. Still Dynamo didn't seem to be doing anything, and Batgirl couldn't understand why Catgirl's squirming seemed to be intensifying until suddenly Catgirl's lissom body arched even further forward into his hand and she seemed to freeze for a few, long seconds. Then her whole body shuddered as a massive orgasm pulsated through her, accompanied by a scream of pure pleasure! She would surely have collapsed but for Dynamo's strong arms hugging her to him.

    Batgirl swallowed hard. How had he done that? It was way too much of a reaction for a simple clit massage!

    Chapter 10 - Foreign Service

    Dynamo was now laying Catgirl gently down on the sofa, still moaning gently, her eyes dreamily closed, on her back but with one leg sprawled carelessly over the side.

    Then he turned and walked over to Batgirl.

    Her eyes were wary, but strongly distracted by the giant bulge in his shorts. He smiled again as he bent down in front of her, and began to undo the bindings on her hands.

    "I am sorry ma petite," he whispered in that delightful accent, "I don't think that Catgirl really needed to tie you up. I'm sure that you wouldn't cause any trouble would you? And anyway," he added thoughtfully, "I was rather hoping that you might join in at some stage?"

    Batgirl's throat was still dry, and she hadn't a clue how to respond. After witnessing him pleasure Catgirl, she was feeling so incredibly horny herself, but could she just give in to him like that? She was supposed to be a super-hero after all. But he was so incredibly erotic looking and she longed to feel those electric hands on her body!

    She was interrupted before she could respond anyway.

    "You must be joking Dynamo! She's far too starchy to indulge in threesomes!" It was Catgirl, still lying on the sofa, still breathing hard, but now propping up her head with her arm. "And anyway," she cooed, "I want you back here all to myself........." before adding throatily, "I want you in me!"

    Dynamo gave Batgirl a disappointed glance before laughing and returning towards the sofa. He knelt down beside Catgirl's prone form and stroked her face and hair gently. "But of course ma Cherie, how remiss of me to leave you in that state." He bent over and gave her a long, deep kiss that soon had Catgirl, and Batgirl, squirming again.

    Catgirl's body was still on fire after the thunderous orgasm, and, as usual, she was impatient as she reached down quickly to drag away the pink material still wrapped around her waist. It was soon dangling around one ankle, leaving her delicate triangle of pussy hair open for his inspection.

    "Mmmm, how glorious," he whispered again as he let his fingertips trail loosely across the little tufts of light brown hair, "I'm going to enjoy this!"

    To encourage him further, Catgirl lifted one of her legs onto the top of the sofa back, leaving her delicate sexual lips and pink vagina gaping in front of his eager eyes. Even Batgirl was impressed with Catgirl's almost animal like performance as she felt her fingers creeping over the damp area between her legs again!

    Dynamo wasn't wasting any more time as he hitched down his own shorts to expose an impressive erection that even the large bulge in his shorts hadn't fully hinted at.

    Catgirl's eyes were glued on the waving cock between his strong legs. "Jesus Dynamo..........." she ran out of words before continuing, "Oh God ....... just put it in me ....please!"

    Dynamo had now climbed onto the sofa between Catgirl's outstretched legs, and leaned forward to kiss her nipples briefly, his cock now nosing towards the gaping pink cavity of Catgirl's vagina, waiting expectantly to welcome him.

    Batgirl stopped breathing, Catgirl stopped breathing, Dynamo sighed briefly as he felt the tip of his cock nestling up against the soft, welcoming flesh around Catgirl's welcoming vagina.

    Then he leaned forward to ease himself slowly into her, Batgirl instinctively letting out a long breath of air as she watched Catgirl's face gradually dissolve into contorted pain or pleasure. It was hard to tell which at first, but the long sigh of appreciation that soon escaped her lips was immediate evidence of her delight as her soft pink flesh greedily swallowed him whole!

    Batgirl was frozen to the spot, free to escape, but absolutely transfixed by the sight in front of her. She watched in puzzlement as Dynamo simply seemed to hold himself still for a few moments before reaching his hands down under Catgirl's round bottom to pull up her hips a little so that he could wriggle even deeper into her. He still didn't seem to be moving inside her though, and Batgirl couldn't understand why he hadn't started pumping away.

    Catgirl didn't seem to care though! Her eyes were tight shut as she concentrated on extracting every ounce of feeling from the penetration, her hands and arms flailing around, one moment running through her hair, the next massaging and tweaking at her swollen breasts. She looked to be in absolute ecstasy!

    Still Dynamo was making no move. Batgirl couldn't understand it because Catgirl's reactions were of one who was being absolutely bombarded by pleasure. Her glistening body was starting to quiver, her erect nipples waving around like miniature flagpoles and the low mewing sounds that had started when Dynamo pushed into her were gradually increasing in intensity. Batgirl's mouth was dry as she recognised the signs of an impending orgasm.

    Suddenly Catgirl's frenetic movements on the end of Dynamo's hidden cock stopped as her taut body froze, her face was contorted, a high pitched sound escaping from her tight lips. Dynamo looked as if he was concentrating hard, but still not moving inside her. Batgirl realised that she was sweating hard as well. What was going on?

    The 'moment' seemed to go on and on and on, until eventually the high pitched whistle erupted into a loud scream as a mighty orgasm absolutely ripped through Catgirl's taut body which was jerking around uncontrollably as a myriad of blissful convulsions coursed around her from that white hot spot between her legs.

    Eventually the twitching subsided and Dynamo breathed out a long sigh of his own as he eased Catgirl's limp form back down onto the sofa, leaning forward to tenderly ease some strands of hair away from her face. Batgirl watched in continued dumb-struck silence as he slowly pulled back his hips to gradually ease his still erect cock out of the unconscious Catgirl's sopping dark lair.

    Chapter 11 - To Escape or Not To Escape?

    Finally, standing up at last, he looked round at Batgirl and grinned.

    "She's such a sweet girl, your friend. I hope that she enjoyed it!"

    Batgirl was speechless, but absolutely sure that Catgirl had enjoyed every single moment. She was so confused that she even forgot to respond to being called her 'friend'!

    As Dynamo began to walk towards her, Batgirl's still couldn't move, her eyes were riveted on the still swollen cock waving about between his muscular thighs. Her befuddled brain realised that if she didn't do something soon, he'd be upon her and she instinctively knew that if he touched her, she'd be unable to resist.

    "How ............ how did you do that?" she spluttered finally, "You just ....... well ...... didn't move!" she added in amazement.

    He stopped a couple of paces in front of her, still smiling winningly at her.

    "It's a trick I've learnt over the years. I've found that I can generate small bursts of static electricity from any part of my body," he replied, "...... and that includes my most treasured possession!" he added glancing down. "I can even control which parts of a woman's sensitive parts it hits," he added with a hint of pride, "most women seem to like it!"

    "Jesus," gasped Batgirl, swallowing hard as she couldn't stop her imagination triggering a flood of tingly sensations from her own sensitive spots.

    Dynamo took that as his cue to step forward and reach out place his palm gently on Batgirl's cheek. She failed to move back, and leaned her head almost imperceptibly into it as a dreamy expression ran across her face. She knew now exactly what she wanted!

    As she looked into his deep blue eyes though, she still wanted to know more, "But you didn't come in Catgirl. Why didn't you let yourself go as well?"

    His other hand was now cupping her other cheek, pulling her compliant body up to him, his hardness pressing into her abdomen. "I don't do that. Well, not to women I like anyway. It's a bit of a curse almost. You see, my cum is so full of static as well and I know that it can make a woman's vagina uncomfortably sensitive for some time afterwards. Days in some cases. It's ....," he shrugged his shoulders, " ......... a cross I have to bear."

    Batgirl's response was lost as he bent down to run his lips across hers, the kiss soon developing into a long and passionate one as they ran their hands around each other's neck and shoulders. When he pulled back slightly, they were both breathing hard as he slowly pulled her to her feet.

    "Formidable!" he gasped, "you're such a sensuous young woman .... I ..... I knew it when I first saw you!"

    Batgirl didn't care whether this was flattery or not. Now there was only one thing on her mind. Getting out of her suit! Her hands flew to the back of her neck to release the hidden fastening at the top of her zipper, but as it sprung open, his powerful arms had twisted her round so that he could pull down the zip himself. As he slowly eased it down to the base of her spine he let his finger trace its way down her skin sending such a flood of warm tingling sensations through her that her legs seemed to go into jelly.

    Now, he leaned forward and whispered into her ear, asking her if she wanted him to give her nipples the same treatment that he'd given Catgirl because that was best done with her suit still on. "As an aperitif!" he added. Her throat was dry, but she managed to gasp out a positive sound, and she looked down in awe as his hands ran up over her trim waist, and reached up to cup her purple suit covered bosom.

    The feeling was heavenly already as his hands briefly massaged her breasts through her suit, and then with each finger and thumb now surrounding the pointed peaks, he whispered into her ear again, "Ready ma petite?"

    She swallowed again and simply gave a brief nod as she stared downwards, just briefly catching the brief flash around each peak before her brain was swamped with the unbelievable waves of pleasure generated instantly from each nipple. Suddenly she had no control as a mini orgasm racked her body out of nowhere! Her legs gave way and she was simply hanging loosely in his strong arms as her brain went into meltdown.

    A few minutes later she started to surface from the warm orange mist that had engulfed her and found that Dynamo had laid her down on a soft sheepskin carpet in front of the sofa, Catgirl's prone figure still sprawled motionless across it.

    Dynamo hadn't wasted time. Her boots and gloves were gone, the utility belt was by her side, and he was in the process of peeling off the purple and yellow suit bottoms. She lifted her legs to help and then she was left with nothing on but her cowl, long red wig and the brief black panties covering her wet pussy. She soon noticed that his proud cock had lost none of its previous enthusiasm as he lay down beside her.

    "Good?" he asked tenderly.

    "Absolutely fantastic!" she replied as she felt the warm tingling still washing around her bare skin. She reached out and ran her hand almost wondrously and ran it along his erect cock, pausing at the base to cup his balls and tickle. She was so pleased to hear his quick intake of breath. "I can't wait for the main course!"

    He needed no further encouragement as he grasped the side of her black panties and began dragging them over her waist. She lifted her bottom automatically to help, and his breathing deepened as the small triangle of brown fur was exposed. As he dragged the slip of material further down, her labia lips gave away her aroused state, moist, full and starting to separate in front of his own entranced eyes. She kicked the panties away, before turning to face him. She was desperate for him to penetrate her, but there was something she needed to clear up first.

    "Dynamo," she gasped urgently, "I want this to be good for you too. I know that I'm going to enjoy it anyway, so you might as well do it your way................ and," she paused as she almost reconsidered, but went on anyway, ".....and I absolutely insist that you come inside me. I know what you said, but I want it so much!"

    He looked deeply into her eyes, a little doubtfully maybe. "Are you sure ma petite.......... I'd like it so much as well, but ... well .... are you sure?" he repeated.

    She nodded vigorously, impatiently now, "Yes, yes ......."

    "Then I'll take you from behind," he suddenly said decisively before turning the compliant, naked Batgirl onto her front and lifting her onto her knees.

    Chapter 12 -- Satisfaction at Last

    As she balanced on her knees, head on the rug, bottom high, legs apart and sexual slit fully exposed to Dynamo's eager gaze, she thought briefly about Batman and Robin. Very Briefly!

    This certainly wasn't her first man, and she was still in a glorious lesbian relationship with Detective Susan Reid, but she'd recently been concentrating so much on bedding first Batman and now Robin. Was this a betrayal of some sort?

    Any such thoughts flew out of her mind instantly though as Dynamo placed his hands on her waist. They rested briefly before running round her tense tummy and down to cup her taut breasts, tweaking her super-sensitive nipples again as he pulled her up so that she was now on hands and knees in front of him. Totally compliant, totally ready!

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    Default Re: A Day In Gotham - Batgirl Undone - Halle Berry - Sex Story

    She closed her eyes to savour the moment as she felt his hard cock nosing up between her thighs. His hands were back on her waist for support as he eased himself up against her soft, moist lips which instantly spread wide to welcome him into her.

    She gasped again as the tip of the hard cock finally came to rest her against her pink, oily vagina entrance. All she could think of was the impending push forward and deep penetration, but, almost to confound her, he paused for a moment, his cock tip tickling the sensitive flesh unbearably.

    "No, no, Dynamo!" she spluttered, "do it ... I can't wait!" and with that she pushed her bottom back and up, just as he pushed his hips forward, his hard cock sliding smoothly into her soft, moist interior. They both gasped in surprise and pleasure at the swift and deep penetration.

    Now, all Batgirl could think of was the feel of him deep within her, every nerve in her vagina tingling with the thrill of the contact.

    "Jesus," she gasped, "that feels so, so, good .......... Ohhhhh!"

    Without moving, Dynamo had somehow triggered a deep throbbing sensation within her. Her eyes widened as her brain was suddenly avalanched with pleasure signals, her vagina nerves suddenly overloaded with sexual stimuli.

    Vaguely, Batgirl realised that this was what Catgirl must have felt while she was dangling on the end of his cock. Somehow Dynamo was able to control the static impulses emanating from his cock as they soaked into her surrounding vagina. No wonder she'd reacted so strongly!

    Any such rational thoughts were soon dispersed however as Dynamo somehow made the throbbing move around inside her. It felt alive even though he wasn't moving! Batgirl was now totally absorbed by the fantastic sensations, totally unaware of the animal like mewing sounds escape from her excited lips. Her head was thrashing from side to side, her breasts swaying and jingling wildly about, but all she could think of was the electric feelings playing around inside her!

    And just when she thought that it couldn't get any better, it did! Dynamo was still immobile inside her, but was somehow focussing the sensations from his cock onto specific parts of her vagina, the pleasure waves building inexorably as her searched for her G-spot. He was judging his progress by the effect on Batgirl who was now completely lost in blissful excitement as the sexual tension built and built and built. As he neared the spot, he felt Batgirl's whole body tighten under his hands as she teetered on the brink of relief, breathing ragged, a high pitched squeal seeping from between her gritted teeth.

    Dynamo smiled to himself as he completed the job by bringing the focus of his static discharge right onto Batgirl's most sensitive inner spot, the flood of pleasure sending Batgirl straight over the edge into a mind-blowing orgasm. Her squeal became a cry of pain and pleasure as her whole body was suddenly racked by delirious convulsions, her brain dissolving into a sea of warm reds and oranges.

    She still managed to hang in there though, and after a few long moments of pulling in deep lungfuls of air, she lifted her sweat drenched head, still feeling his hardness deep within her.

    "Oh Jesus, Oh my God, Oh God ........................that was unbelievable!!" she gasped eventually.

    Her delirious comments were brought up short however as her eyes suddenly encountered the unwavering gaze of Catgirl. She had clearly come round, her glistening, naked body still sprawled across the sofa with head propped on one hand. She was gazing expressionlessly right into Batgirl's face as the crime-fighter wallowed in the waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

    Her own head and arms had collapsed into the rug as the orgasm broke but Dynamo still held her waist high in the hair, her pussy still transfixed onto his erect cock. His hips were now starting to push purposely in and out in short strokes as he sought his own release and Batgirl was savouring every moment!

    "Ah Cherie, are you ready for the main course?!" he said as he deepened his lunges.

    Batgirl's response was unintelligible as she stared back almost unseeing into Catgirl's ambivalent eyes, her focus totally back onto the white hot action developing between her legs again.


    This time Dynamo was in no mood to hold back! His rigid cock began to thrust more powerfully in and out in a quickening tempo as Batgirl's body literally danced on the end of it. He was soon grunting with the effort as he hung onto her quivering hips and sent Batgirl soaring towards another orgasm.

    It was almost a race against who would come first. Batgirl was determined to hang on as long as possible, but was soon teetering on the brink again and only vaguely aware of the final surging push that finally released Dynamo's seed deep within her. It was just as her own release washed over her, sending her body into a blissful series of strong orgasmic contortions before the dark curtains finally came down as she collapsed, spent, onto the soft and welcoming rug.

    Chapter 13 - Catgirl On Top Again

    As Batgirl's senses began to return yet again, she was confused.

    Her body felt deliriously languid, cocooned in softness but her eyes were still closed as her brain reluctantly released her from her post orgasmic stupor. She felt the soft comfort of the rug beneath her naked body, her arms were stretched out above her head, and then she suddenly realised that, as she wiggled her body a little her wrists weren't moving as commanded! Her eyes flashed open in shock as she realised that she was bound again!

    Twisting her head round she saw that her hands were indeed lashed together, the cord attached to one of the sofa legs.

    "What!" she gasped eventually as her wriggling had at least established that there were no other bindings. Her attention was quickly diverted from any further contortions as the black and pink suited figure of Catgirl came into her vision. She dragged her eyes round the rest of the room, but it appeared to be empty.

    "Where ...... where's Dynamo?" she finally queried as Catgirl came over to kneel down beside her sprawled figure.

    "He's had to go. He had another important appointment," said Catgirl in a neutral tone.

    "Have you any idea how long you've been out?" she continued in apparent annoyance, "Half-an-hour! It isn't as though we don't have other things to do you know!"

    She continued to gaze at the prone figure beneath her, contemplating her next words.

    "I'm not happy with you Batgirl! I have a nice afternoon planned with Dynamo, and who rolls in at the last minute and takes advantage? You!"

    She clearly was annoyed thought Batgirl who wisely kept her mouth shut as Catgirl started to emphasise her points by prodding the defenceless crime fighter in her chest with her pointed finger. "And it isn't enough that you get an absolutely glorious fucking. Oh no, you have to be the one to let him come in you as well! And even after he'd warned you against it!!"

    Batgirl quickly realised that this was the real bone of contention. Catgirl didn't like to think that she'd missed out on anything.

    "I errr .......... well it seemed like the right thing to do," responded Batgirl lamely, but starting to get annoyed herself, "especially after you'd passed out on him! And why am I tied up again?!!"

    "Well, I didn't notice you lasting any better than me! And you're tied up because I don't trust you!" Catgirl fired back.

    The two of them stared angrily at each other for a few more moments before Catgirl finally burst into laughter.

    "You should have seen your face Batgirl. You were absolutely gagging for it weren't you?! Mind you," she added in reflection, "it was certainly the best lay that I can remember. What did you think?"

    Batgirl's stormy expression finally changed to a rueful smile as she considered the experience, the feel of that pulsating cock gradually ravishing her, the power and warmth of the orgasms.

    "Fantastic!" she breathed out, but her expression changed again as she started to become aware of the tingling sensation around her pussy. She'd suddenly realised that there was something like a mini-fire burning away inside her vagina. "Oh!" she added in surprise.

    Catgirl had finally squatted down beside her captive on the deep rug, had seen the change in expression and guessed why.

    "How does it feel Batgirl? Is it really as bad as he said?"

    "Jesus!" replied Batgirl as she started to concentrate on the electric sensations rolling around her sex.

    "Apparently it can last for a couple of days!" added Catgirl lightly, hoping to rub it in.

    Batgirl was now wriggling to try and find ways to minimise the sensations. They certainly weren't painful, but they were gradually building up her arousal again and she knew that she couldn't afford to let Catgirl see that.

    "Oh," she swallowed, "it's not too bad really. I'm sure I'll be able to manage it."

    Catgirl looked down on her speculatively, before slowly removing her suit glove.

    "Really...........then you won't mind this then?"

    Batgirl watched helplessly as Catgirl's fingers circled her exposed breasts before reaching the nipples and squeezing them sharply.

    "Oh my God!" Batgirl gasped as the sensitive nipples exploded into life, swamping her with pleasure signals as they rose like flagpoles under the treatment.

    "Or this then......?" Catgirl's fingers were now lazily sweeping down across Batgirl's muscular stomach towards the triangle of soft brown fur between her legs.

    "No, please...." cried Batgirl softly as she felt the anticipation building remorselessly between her legs.

    But Catgirl wasn't to be denied as she let her fingers slowly cup the furry mound. Batgirl's whole body had tightened, her bottom and thigh muscles taut with the strain as she felt herself building quickly towards another orgasm. Surely this wasn't possible she thought in a combination of delight and despair, Catgirl had hardly touched her after all.

    Clearly Dynamo's seed had made the whole area around her vagina super sensitive. But just then Catgirl's cupped fingers squeezed gently and Batgirl rolled uncontrollably over the edge as a strong orgasm gripped her.

    "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh no!" she moaned as her head arched back and the convulsions gripped her.

    Even Catgirl was surprised.

    "Wow Batgirl, already .............. Awesome!" she said in disbelief as she felt the convulsions rippling away under her fingers.

    Batgirl was soon gasping for air as the strongest feelings subsided. As she opened her eyes again, Catgirl was still there, smiling down at her.

    "You know, I think this is going to be fun after all!" she laughed mischievously, before letting her fingers start to wander around Batgirl's super sensitive sex. As they slowly teased away at her labia lips and traced a pattern around her vagina opening, Batgirl was soon dancing away under Catgirl's gaze as another strong orgasm quickly followed the first.

    "Oh, this really is too easy!" laughed Catgirl as Batgirl's sweat drenched body started to calm down again, "Let's see how many you can stand!"

    For the next twenty minutes, Batgirl's body was racked with orgasm after orgasm as Catgirl let her fingers gently massage their way all around her pussy and the sopping lips below it. She left her clit alone, but almost any touch was now sending Batgirl's tortured body into another set of convulsions.

    At last Catgirl removed the tormenting fingers and waited patiently for Batgirl's ragged breathing to get back to something like normal. She stroked Batgirl's damp cheeks for a while as she waited for her to compose herself as the raging fire between her legs began to subside.

    "Could be a new record Batgirl! How many do you reckon?"

    Batgirl had totally lost count after the first three or four orgasms, and really didn't care as she fought to get control over her body again. The fire was still burning, and her whole body felt as if it had been hauled over a rack, but she was gradually overcoming the electrical sensations as she forced her breathing back to something like normal.

    "Just you wait Catgirl!" she finally spluttered, "I'll get you back for this!"

    Catgirl leaned down closely in front of Batgirl's face, and smiled sweetly.

    "Oh, I do hope so Batgirl! You owe me plenty after this afternoon's sessions! And anyway, you still haven't come good on your promise have you? Goodness knows how many times I've captured you since then?!"

    Batgirl was disconcerted by the reference to a promise she'd made many months ago to get out of a sticky situation with Batman. She'd agreed to make love to Catgirl if she ever got caught by her again. It had clearly been a mistake, and Catgirl clearly wasn't going to let it go. But surely not now? It would probably kill her she thought in horror.

    Catgirl could see the confusion sweeping across Batgirl's face as she squirmed under her to try and release her wrists.

    "Oh, not now you wimp! I want you in prime condition when you make love to me, and anyway.................," she added mischievously, "there's something else that I want to try."

    Batgirl didn't like the sound of this, but Catgirl was continuing merrily, "You seem to be pretty sensitive on the outside........ but ........ I wonder what it's like inside that cute little vagina of yours?!"

    Batgirl grimaced and squirmed hard, clamping her thighs together, but as soon as Catgirl's finger began to trace its way around labia lips again, she knew that it was impossible to resist. The fantastic sensations were spreading remorselessly up her body and her legs soon began to spread as if with a mind of their own, inviting the probing finger deeper and deeper!

    Her head arched back again and a long moan escaped her lips as she felt it circle around her delicate, pink entrance. She tried hard to fight back the pleasure signals swamping up her body to wash over her brain but her arousal was immediate. As the finger started to delve into the black hole, her hips arched as a mini orgasm swept through her, but Catgirl had been right. However sensitive her outer skin had become after Dynamo's seed treatment, it was nothing to the sensations being triggered in her vagina by the wandering digit!

    Batgirl's blissful cries were increasing in frequency and intensity as a second and third digit joined their partner inside her damp cavern and as Catgirl started to rub them up against her most sensitive parts Batgirl was immediately engulfed in the biggest orgasm that she'd yet experienced. Her whole body jerked up and down under Catgirl's tormenting grip as the tumultuous orgasm seemed to hit every nerve and muscle in her body.

    Catgirl hung onto Batgirl in something like wonder as the convulsions went on and on leaving Batgirl finally limp, unconscious again and totally spent in her arms.

    "Wow!" Catgirl gasped in amazement as she let the limp form sprawl back onto the rug, "Super awesome!!"

    Slowly she withdrew her fingers, and held them curiously in front of her. They were bathed in Batgirl's juices, and tingled pleasantly, the effect of Dynamo's seed spreading even further! Having watched Batgirl's incessant climaxes, she was feeling horny herself, and was on the point of licking the juices when reality pulled her back. Whatever was going on inside Batgirl to create such levels of torment, she didn't want it inside her mouth!

    Chapter 14 -- A Dramatic Encounter

    Reality came back to Batgirl slowly and painfully. Her body had been through so much pleasurable torture that every muscle seemed to be screaming out against her moving.

    She lay their quietly for minutes, gradually letting the light seep back into her world, until eventually she overrode her muscle's protests and began to stretch and move a little. She soon realised that she was still lying on the soft sheepskin rug in Catgirl's room, still naked and sweaty but at least her wrists seemed to have been freed!

    She groaned at the effort but finally managed to pull herself up, breathing heavily. She looked around wearily. The room was empty, and her purple suit, boots, gloves and black panties were piled up on the floor next to her. No sign of Catgirl, so maybe she could just dress and get out? It was worth try she thought with sudden enthusiasm before a quick twinge between her legs reminded her that she was still under the Dynamo influence!

    Carefully dragging her black panties up her thighs she was ultra careful to ease the material so slowly over her mound and pussy, sucking in the air as the sensitised flesh reacted to being captured in the soft material. Fortunately the brief flash of bliss passed reasonably quickly and she soon had her suit zipped on and was carefully dragging on her boots and gloves when the door burst open and Catgirl's suited figure stormed into the room.

    "And about time too Batgirl!" she snorted, "I was beginning to think that you were going to be out all night!"

    She waited impatiently, hands on hips, in the middle of the room as Batgirl finished dressing and staggered tentatively to her feet.

    "Come on! Come on!" she chided, "we're about cleared up here now and I've got someone coming to see me before we go!"

    Batgirl could feel her old self gradually coming back. She was starting to get annoyed!

    "And whose fault is that then?!" she snapped back, "If you hadn't taken advantage of me, I'd have been out of your hair ages ago! Ohhhhhhhhhh!"

    Batgirl had started to take a step towards Catgirl when a strong twinge from her clit had doubled her up.

    Catgirl immediately dissolved into laughter.

    "That'll teach you to be so generous to your men friends!" she laughed before taking a step forward and helping Batgirl straighten up, her eyes wide with amusement.

    "Oh God," gasped Batgirl wearily "...... and this can last for days???!"

    "Weeks probably," replied Catgirl with disdain, "You'd best get home and have a lie down ...... if you can keep your hands off yourself that is!" she added cheekily, "Come on, let's get you out of here."

    With that, Batgirl allowed Catgirl to lead her out of the room, down a corridor and back into the big warehouse space. The place really did seem deserted, so presumably Catgirl had been telling the truth and Catwoman had moved her operation somewhere else.

    Until that is they walked round the end of a row of big cartons and saw Catwoman herself! She was in the centre of the warehouse, half sat on the edge of a packing crate, dressed in her shiny black clinging suit, one shapely leg dangling down and swinging slowly back and forth as she read some documents.

    Catgirl quickly grasped Batgirl by the arm and pulled her back, "Damn! I thought that she'd already left. We'll have to go out through the front." She started to pull Batgirl back the way that they'd come.

    But Batgirl wasn't moving. She'd heard a sound from the warehouse doors on the other side of Catwoman. "Wait, look!" she added urgently as both women peeped around the cardboard cartons. What they saw froze them both.

    Batman had swept in! His grey and black suit almost lost in the dim warehouse space, but not before Catwoman had spotted the movement and jumped off the packing case, hand reaching instinctively for the coiled bull-whip at her waist! "Batman!" she cried in surprise.

    Batgirl was on the verge of jumping forward herself when Catgirl's arms clamped themselves around her.

    "Not now you idiot!" she hissed, "Let's see what happens ......... I don't think that a quivering mass of orgasms is going to do him much good anyway!!" she added spitefully.

    Batgirl didn't deign to respond, her attention fixed on the encounter in the middle of the warehouse. Batman had seen Catwoman's hands go for the whip and he hurled a Bat-arang quickly across the space, catching the bull-whip handle just as Catwoman released it, knocking it across the room away from Catwoman's flailing grasp.

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    Default Re: A Day In Gotham - Batgirl Undone - Halle Berry - Sex Story

    "That's better Catwoman," he snapped, "let's see how brave you are without your venomous black helper!"

    The two were now circling each other warily looking for an opportunity to strike.

    "I don't need anything to deal with you Batman!" she shot back viciously, "I'm just surprised that you've found time to come though. Aren't there any more of my staff left for you to shaft now that Vixen's out of the picture!"

    Batman made a feint forward, but Catwoman danced away.

    "You just can't keep it in your pants can you!!" she taunted.

    "Vixen didn't deserve that!" responded Batman in an almost hurt tone.

    "It's true!" shot back Catwoman, "And it's all down to you Batman. Why the hell did you need to seduce her of all people? I could hardly just ignore it could I!"

    "No, that's not true!" Batman shouted wildly as he dived towards his prey. This time Catwoman didn't step back, but ducked under the swinging arm, before aiming a kick between Batman's legs but catching him high on the thigh instead. This left her slightly off balance though, and Batman managed to catch her trailing arm before pulling her towards him. Within seconds they were wrapped together, rolling about on the dusty floor, arms and legs entwined, fighting for position.

    Again Catgirl had to restrain Batgirl from jumping forward. "Look!" she snapped sharply in Batgirl's ear, "We've got to stay out of this. It would be too complicated!" Batgirl was glaring hard at Catgirl, but before she could respond Catgirl was speaking again in a hushed tone, "Look," she said breathlessly, "Watch them! They're not hurting each other!"

    Batgirl looked back again. It was true, she realised immediately. The two adversaries were still rolling about on the floor, trying to get an advantage, but neither of them were landing heavy blows! It was almost as if they were trying to overpower a close friend.

    After a while, as the younger women watched in puzzlement, the struggles seemed to be losing their intensity and eventually Batman was able to use his greater weight to straddle Catwoman's hips as his hands capture her gloved wrists above her head. They were both breathing hard, staring at each other intently before Batman surprised them all by laughing, the sound reverberating around the empty space around them.

    "Hell Selina, it's been a long time since we've wrestled like that!"

    Catwoman's breaths were still ragged as she responded with a chuckle of her own, "Fuck you Bruce. You're only on top because you've got fatter over the years!"

    "Oi!!" she added as Batman quickly bent forward over her, running his rough lips over hers.

    This time it was Batgirl who had to restrain Catgirl from jumping forward. "I can't stand back and let the sod rape her!" Catgirl hissed.

    "Unlikely," breathed Batgirl, "Watch!"

    At first Catwoman had pulled her lips away from Batman's attempted kiss, but he'd persisted and chased them until slowly Catwoman began to return the kiss in kind, mouth working hard against his. Batman had released her hands, cupping Catwoman's face and her free arms, instead of shoving him off had wrapped around the back of his cowl, pulling him onto her.

    After long moments, they pulled apart and Batman rested on his elbows above her.

    "God Bruce, it's been so long!" murmured Catwoman as she hung onto him, "Why did we ever let it go?"

    "I've never forgotten Selina," Batman responded huskily, "you would go chasing off after your diamonds though wouldn't you?"

    Batgirl and Catgirl looked at each other in amazement.

    "I can't believe it!" snorted Batgirl.

    "I wondered before about them," whispered a more considerate Catgirl, "something about the way she used to talk about him."

    "But the two of them ........... an item?!" persisted Batgirl.

    Batman had now lifted himself up, but still sat astride Catwomans hips, pinning her down.

    "Well, what now?" she breathed.

    Batman was looking down at her costume. The shiny black material sat snug around her neck, but a short silver zip at the front about six or eight inches long finished in a large, bright ring dangling under her chin.

    "Unlucky Bruce, it's only decorative," she smiled, reading his mind as Batman put a finger into the ring and tugged the zip down. It finished just above the bulges of her full bosom. Batman simply smiled back though as his hands took a firm grip of the material on either side of the short zip, and started to pull them apart, his biceps bulging.

    "Bruce! Don't you dare! This suit costs a fortune ....."

    Catwoman's horrified protests were cut short by a load tearing sound as the black material split right down to her naval, exposing two full, yet firm breasts.

    Catwoman was stunned for a few moments before catching her breath. "Why you great numbskull, what the hell ........ohhhhhhhhhhhh" her annoyance immediately quelled as Batman bent down to take one of her brown nipples in his mouth, nibbling away until it shot upwards. Almost immediately he transferred his attention to the other one and gave it the same treatment, getting a little cry out of Catwoman for his trouble.

    Whether in delight or not, Catwoman was now writhing about under Batman and suddenly she managed to twist and jerk upwards at the same time, rolling Batman off her and instantly twisting onto him to reverse the roles.

    Batman was left staring up as Catwoman towered over him, her torn suit totally failing to control her bouncing breasts.

    "Wow Selina, you're boobs haven't lost any of their bounce have they!" he gasped in admiration, but Catwoman was now leaning forward herself and as she placed her hands on his chest there was a loud clicking sound.

    "Oh no!" whispered Batgirl to herself, "Her claws!"

    It took about five seconds of frantic activity for Catwoman to completely shred Batman's suit top. Not a drop of blood was spilled, but little of the grey material was left as she smiled down at a stunned Batman.

    "It's easy when you know how, maybe you should ask that brat Batgirl!" said Catwoman triumphantly as she pulled off her gloves so that she could run her palms dreamily across Batman's iron like chest muscles, "Mmmmm, you still work out then?!"

    Batman enjoyed the massage for a few minute before covering her hands with his, "Let's stop fooling around Selina, I want you.... I want you now ... it's been too long!"

    Catwoman swallowed audibly, "I know, me too.....but not here... come on, back to my private apartment. We might as well be comfortable!"

    With that, they climbed off each other and Batman scooped her up in his arms, "Lead on you naughty kitten .... I can't wait!"

    Batgirl and Catgirl had to quickly step back into the shadows as the two passed quickly by on their way to the inner sanctum, Batman almost running!

    Chapter 15 - What Now for Batgirl?

    When the coast was clear, Catgirl led a still dumbstruck Batgirl to the outer door.

    "Can you believe that!" spluttered Batgirl, "My Batman shacked up with bloody Catwoman! It's's ..... it's ..... "

    She literally ran out of words to express her frustration. How long had she been trying to bed him? It was just so unbelievably unfair!

    Catgirl had some sympathy for her opponent, and was almost as shocked herself, but she was thinking ahead.

    "I know ....... it's definitely a bit out of the blue. I wonder what she'll be like after ........?"

    They stood together outside the large warehouse door for a few minutes in the cool evening breeze, contemplating the potential changes. Catgirl was soon looking on the bright side however.

    "Hey, we might be on the same team soon! You'll definitely have no excuse to resist me then," as she pulled Batgirl round and planted a long and generous kiss on her surprised lips, letting her hand run down to Batgirl's crotch and triggering another avalanche of excitement between Batgirl's weak legs.

    She laughed as Batgirl caught her breath and cringed, and then looked at her watch.

    "Damn, I'm going to be late!" she blurted, "Look, you'll have to get the rest of the way yourself Batgirl. I know you don't want to leave me," she added cheekily, "but I'll be in touch soon, promise!" And with that she gave Batgirl a push down the driveway at the side of the old building.

    Batgirl was uncertain what to think, what to do or what to say. Her head was spinning, her pussy tingling warmly again as she blindly headed down the drive towards freedom, her whole world turned upside down in an instant.

    She may have had a fleeting glimpse of the green and red suited figure that emerged from the shadows behind her and dashed into the doorway to follow Catgirl back into the warehouse, but she was probably more concerned about the thought of what Batman and Catwoman were getting up to, her imagination running riot.

    "This can't be happening to me!" she sobbed as she gathered herself together and staggered towards freedom and a very uncertain future.

    The End.

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