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    Default A Brush with Fame - Jennifer Ellison - Sex Story

    Zak was sulking and he'd be the first to admit it. Shit, he hated doing this. It wasn't annoying, it was the inconvenience that got to him, the interference into his own personal time, his life. He could've be home doing...well it didn't matter what he would have been doing, he'd still have preferred it.

    The fact that this was a classed as a luxury retreat hotel did not change his opinion in the slightest. Damn it, he didn't want to be there! And what was a "retreat" hotel anyway? Try as you might, you couldn't recoil from life, curl up in a ball for a few days and hope the world had changed for the better when you returned. He reminded himself that he was being negative again, but that seemed part and parcel of experiences like this.

    He'd been asked to stay here on behalf of the company he worked for. Well, in all honesty, he had been told he was staying. To try it out, be a guinea pig, open up wide and let's see if it's poison or not. The idea was to pamper potential new clients, make them want the company product that much more by sending them here for the weekend, no expense spared and all complimentary, with our best wishes. Such bullshit.

    The hotel was a designed to cater for the elite. Offering the very best in luxury to the lucky few that could afford it. Five star accommodation, state of the art gym and leisure facilities including a full size pool, award winning chefs offering a wide range of world cuisine. Zak thought you could dress it up however you liked, it was a place to de-tox, end of.

    He smiled sardonically at the memory of his arrival. The valet parker's gave a look of alarm and badly disguised distaste as he'd opened the driver's door to be greeted with Pearl Jam blasting out of the speakers and a guy in a football shirt and jeans sat behind the wheel.

    It was mid afternoon and Zak was cooped up in his bedroom. All the services that one could wish for at his disposal and he wasn't in the slightest interested. The only plus point was the free bar in the bedroom. There were very few guests staying, as it was a Sunday and most of the upper echelons of society would be getting themselves trashed somewhere expensive, before checking in come tomorrow morning. For that, he was thankful, the last thing he needed would have been celebrities with their heads up there asses, surrounded by that impermeable bubble that was their ego.

    In an attempt to curb his boredom and temper, he turned on the tv to try and lighten his mood. Talk show, news, financial news, people looking at houses in Florida that they had no intention of buying, r & b music, classical music, sailing (sailing?!), skiing and pay tv -- a couple of movies he'd already seen and some badly made soft porn. "Great choice," he said to himself, thinking that at least the latter may play a part later.

    He decided that he'd better start doing what he was being paid for and see if there were any potential problems for the precious clients. Heaven forbid anything should be slightly out of place. He wandered down to the reception area to 'take in the ambience'

    "Zak, it's vital that the ambience is right for our clients," his manager had reminded him.

    "Yeah, whatever," he'd thought in return.

    The area looked comfortable, clean, not too sparse, the lighting was right, air breathable ("didn't put that on the checklist did you, asshole?"), literally nothing out of place, when he heard her voice.

    "Hiya, I wanna check in, please."

    Her accent was as out of place there as he was. He turned, in dreamlike slow-motion towards the reception desk.

    And there she was. The girl who he had, rather ashamedly, thought was hot when she was acting as a teenage schoolgirl in a soap opera (she would have been about 15 at the time, her firm legs rising into a short, pleated skirt and a white blouse covering her, already developing, womanhood)

    Since then Jennifer Ellison had adorned a host of magazines, been on tv, starred in musicals and had a short, but unsuccessful, stint at the music business. From those early days, he had been drawn to her like a magnet.

    The basis of, admittedly, many fantasies and now he was stood less than 20 feet from her. The sexy Liverpudlian teenager had blossomed into a woman of stunning beauty.

    She was more beautiful in the flesh to Zak, the naked eye able to pick out the little nuances of her natural complexion that the cameras and make up unnecessarily covered. Her light brown eyes sparkled and she wore her long blonde hair straight, cascading over her shoulders and upper back, dark streaks running through it. She was wearing boots over skin tight jeans, the denim almost painted on to every luxurious curve, tight creases at the tops of her thighs diving into the delicious v between her legs. For such a slender woman, her breasts were nothing short of phenomenal, looking large, firm and full under her cropped top.

    He was transfixed by her presence. She glanced in his direction, offering a sweet, friendly smile. Somehow, through the haze of his mind he remembered where he was and smiled back, half raising his hand as if to wave. Instantly he cringed at the rather cheesy greeting, but she nodded slightly, smiling, before turning back to the receptionist. Zak stared for a few seconds at her firm ass, watching it rise and fall as she shifted feet, almost mesmerised before snapping back to reality. He was aware that he was developing an erection and his heart was pounding. This was hardly the time, so after returning to his room, splashing himself with cold water and letting his libido settle down, he rushed back to reception hoping to speak to her in English, not the garbled, confused language of the totally smitten.

    Unfortunately she had gone to her room and, try as he might, he couldn't find her in any of the various areas of the hotel, only managing to succeed in getting lost. He returned to his room, disappointed and wondering at the same time just what he would have said, had he seen her.

    Later on that evening, he was sat reading the dinner menu in the almost empty restaurant, unfazed by the vast array of food on offer. Again, he contemplated what he could have been doing instead of being there.

    "D'ya mind if I join ya?"

    Had he been eating, he would have choked. He looked up from the menu at two smooth, tanned thighs housed in a short brown skirt. It was her.

    For a few seconds he simply stared, mouth slightly open. She raised her eyebrows slightly, cocking her head to one side.

    "Are you okay?", she asked.

    "Erm, y...yeah...p..please...I mean...erm....yeah," he blurted, half rising from his seat, open hand gesturing to the seat at the side of him in a vain effort of gallantry.

    She smiled, not unkindly and sat down, crossing her left leg over her right, revealing almost all of her firm, brown thigh. Forcibly, Zak tore his eyes away from her legs, only a few inches of material covering the tops of her thighs and, to him what was, the Holy Land.

    "Shit!" thought Zak. "Shit, shit, shit, be calm, be calm". He tried to control his breathing as he felt a hot red flush developing on his face.

    "Ya don't need to be nervous, I won't bite," she said, smiling kindly.

    "I'm sorry, it's just that, I know you. Well I don't know you but I know you and..."

    She laughed, tossing her hair over her shoulders. Her breasts looked enormous but perfectly formed in the white, patterned top she was wearing. They strained against the material, hanging tantalisingly over the table with the hint of the nipples peeking through. Zak gazed at them for a second and again at her legs and tried to calm himself, aware that he was getting hard.

    "I hope ya don't mind me joining ya," she said. "It's boring eating on yer own".

    "Er...yeah, I know what you mean." Zak replied.

    "What ya having to eat then, anything ya like the look of?"

    Zak raised one eyebrow and made a low whistling sound, tapping his foot on the tiled floor. This brought more good-natured laughter from her and, this time, he laughed with her

    "I've not really decided," he said. "Anything you recommend?"

    "Nah, I'll have whatever you're having, I'm not fussy"

    "I'm Zak," he offered.

    "Jenny," came the reply

    Zak got his breathing under control and began to calm down, even managing to order dinner for both of them. She was delightful company and conversation was easy. Zak was almost overjoyed that the celebrity bubble he always imagined was non-existent with Jenny. She seemed very down-to-earth, which only heightened her appeal and made her all the more attractive to him. Eventually, he found himself relaxing and, throughout dinner, actually made her laugh and kept the conversation flowing. As his company was paying and she was backed financially by celebrity status they ordered drinks and wine.

    The short time he had spent with her was enough for Zak to be besotted by Jenny. He felt unable to tear himself away from her, like he'd wandered too close to her and had been captured by her gravity. Although very casual in nature, she had a charming sweetness and oozed sexuality from every pore.

    "You look so beautiful"

    The words had left his mouth before he could stop them. Too little to eat followed by alcohol and that was the result.

    "Ah, shit," he said, hanging his head slightly. "Great way to balls things up"

    "That's a lovely thing to say Zak," she replied, looking at his partly shocked expression before laughing again.

    "No, I...I mean it, I think you're stunning, far nicer you look in magazines and on tv, Oh crap I didn't mean that, I mean you are nice in those as well but.."

    "Will ya shut up and relax!"

    "Yeah I'm babbling again. Sorry I do that, it's been a long day"

    "Come on, let's take our drinks into the lounge"

    They signed the bills, Zak with one slightly shaky hand, and left the restaurant. His legs seemed to be moving of their own accord, the tiled floor feeling like one of those inflatable castles that parents hire to keep their kids occupied at parties. He stole sideways glances at Jenny as they walked, watching her hair bounce, her skirt rise and fall on her smooth brown thighs, her breasts move beneath her top. She was pretty much heaven sent, he thought, untouchable.

    The lounge bar was very quiet, with only a few people quietly seated in the far corner. Zak ordered drinks, amazed at the range on offer and commented that it would be an experience to get intoxicated in seven different languages. It was a really poor joke, but Jenny laughed anyway.

    Zak found a quiet place to sit in, away from the other guests, and sat on one of two small sofas. He expected Jenny to sit in the other, but instead she sat right beside him, her hip momentarily touching his as she adjusted her seating, sending a blast of heat to his groin that spread over his entire body.

    She swivelled towards his, her smooth calf mere inches from his leg. Zak hoped that she couldn't see the bulge developing in his jeans.

    They talked for a while, ordering more drinks in the process. Zak almost laughed at the amazing situation he found himself in.

    "The woman of my dreams sat next to me, sharing a drink," he thought. "It's madness!"

    As the drinks continued, they both found themselves becoming effected by the alcohol and, eventually, he had the courage to ask about a topic he knew was a little sensitive.

    "So, are you okay now? After the break up I mean?"

    She had been in a relationship with a man who treated her like dirt. His reputation for being a bully, thug and all round asshole preceded him.

    "Yeah, yeah I'm fine. It's been a while now so I'm over him thankfully."

    "I think he was an idiot, treating you like that." Zak scowled slightly in annoyance.

    "Thanks", she said, smiling again.

    "No, I mean it. He had a good lifestyle, but more importantly he had you. What else could he have wanted? Lads like me would give everything they had to be with someone like you."

    Instantly he thought, "Oh you stupid, corny bastard, what the fuck did you say that for."

    "You're really sweet," said Jenny.

    "Oh, not as bad as I thought!" thought Zak.

    "No I mean it. You're perfect, That's sounds really tacky doesn't it?"

    Jenny smiled. "No one's perfect, Zak."

    "No, I didn't think that, but from where I'm sitting if you're not the closest then who is?"

    He gazed at her. "You're stunning, you look good enough to eat."

    Jenny looked at him for a moment, then carefully placed her drink on the table. He'd gone too far. It would end with a polite goodnight and that would be that.

    She edged forward, towards Zak, the movement hitching up her already short skirt, revealing a white diamond between her thighs. Zak's mouth went dry and he couldn't resist looking.

    "Why do you like me so much?", she asked, uncrossing her legs, fully revealing her pussy, covered only by a thin layer of cotton.

    Zak felt like he'd been punched in the head, the empty lounge swam around him before rocking back into vision. His eyes were fixed between her thighs. When he looked up, Jenny was staring at him.

    "Well, um, you're really attractive and...."

    "And what?", she asked softly, "What else"

    "I, well, I like..."

    "My body?" she asked.

    "Yes," he croaked, "You have an incredible body".

    "Are you looking at my pussy, Zak?" she teased, opening her legs slightly more.

    Zak's mouth moved, as if to answer, but he found himself unable to speak.

    She moved towards him, draping her left arm along the top of the sofa, leaning towards him. The swell of her left breast pushed against his arm and the soft brown valley between them swelled up before his adoring eyes. Her nipples poked through the fabric of her

    "Don't be scared, I won't bite," she whispered.

    She draped her calf over his leg, Her entire leg was now fully on view. Gently she took Zak's hand and placed it on her knee. Almost whimpering, he looked up into her brown eyes.

    "Listen, I don't normally do this kind of thing, I mean I've always liked you and I'd never take advantage of you and I don't want you thinking that...that," he blurted.

    She placed one finger over his lips, silencing him, then slowly ran her finger tip over his lips. She put her beautiful mouth inches from his.

    "If I didn't want to do this, I wouldn't," she said softly.


    "Come on," she whispered. She stood and held out her hand. Zak took it gently, feeling almost delirious.

    Afterwards, Zak never remembered walking to her room, not because of drink more out of shock. One moment he was in the lounge area, the next seated in a rather plush double seated sofa in her suite.

    "I'll pour us a drink," said Jenny.

    He watched her walk, almost liquid in her movements, gazing at her firm ass rise and fall under the short skirt. She returned with the drinks and Zak took a large gulp, the whisky searing his throat before shakily placing it on a side table. She took a sip of her drink, placed it at the side of his, then stood in front and over him, one leg at either side. The construction work in Zak's jeans was now fully complete and on show, clearly visible under the denim, his cock straining against the material. He leant forward, and placed both hands behind her knees. Then, bending forward slightly, he bent forward slightly more and gently kissed her thigh. A small sigh escaped her.

    Zak's hands moved slowly up the back of her legs. Had it not been for the alcohol's somewhat numbing effect, he was certain beyond any doubt that he would have cum by now.

    He reached the top of her thighs, sucking in his breath as his fingers felt the gentle swell of her ass. Moving his hands up, he drew a crude love heart shape with his finger tips, his hands meeting in the centre. Zak could feel the soft material of her thong and his pounding heart. He traced the thong down between her firm cheeks, gently brushing the damp swell of her pussy. She gasped and rocked her hips slightly.

    "Oh God, you're giving me a heart attack!," gasped Zak

    Jenny laughed again and drew away from him. Her hands started to trace the outline of her breasts, fingernails brushing over her large nipples, making them erect and eager. She cupped them, lifting them slightly and pushing them together, enhancing her cleavage. She struck a pose like a ballet dancer, arms over her head, palms facing outwards.

    "Do ya wanna help me out of this?" she teased.

    Desperately hoping that his legs would support him, Zak stood and walked towards her. He could still feel the heat on his fingertips where he'd touched her. Shaking now, he grasped the hem of her top and lifted it over her head, watching her large, round breasts rise and then bounce back into position as she lowered her arms.

    "Oh shit, look at those," he moaned.

    "Do you like my tits, Zak?" she asked

    He nodded dumbly.

    "Would you like to see my tits, Zak?"

    Another nod, his heart now hovering around 180bpm. He was almost visibly shaking and a strange, watery taste came into his mouth as his hormones ran rampant.

    She reached behind her, unhooking her bra. Then, with a shrug, the bra fell to the floor. Zak stood, mouth open, eyes wide. Her breasts were almost too much to take in.

    His hands cupped each one, testing the full weight of them, his thumbs playing over her large nipples. Gently sucking at first, feeling the warm soft flesh of her breasts on his face, then teasing more with his teeth, flicking his tongue over and around Jenny's hard nipples. Her breathing quickened and she ran her hands roughly through his hair.

    Zak began to unbutton his shirt and it soon joined the bra. He encircled her slim waist, drawing her close. Her full lips inches from his, her warm breasts pressed to his chest, his heart beating, beating. He gently brushed her lips with his and she answered by pushing against him harder, her hot, warm tongue seeking his. He ran his hand down her side, under her skirt and cupped one buttock in his hand, pulling her leg to his side, wanting to feel it wrapped round him.

    Zak was overcome with lust, mixed with a feeling of total amazement. He moved down to her breasts again, kissing them all over, sucking, licking. She moaned with pleasure, throwing her head back, Zak gasping for air like a swimmer.

    Her hands reached down to his waist, ripping the buttons on his fly open. Zak cried out as she reached inside, encircling his cock. He pulsed against her hand and cried out again as she gently squeezed and massaged him.

    He wriggled out of his jeans, kicking off his boots. Then he stood naked in front of her, his cock thick and hard for her to see.

    "I want to bite your ass" he breathed.

    "I have something for you first," she said, dropping to her knees.

    She licked her lips seductively and Zak struggled not to pass out as her warm tongue found the tip of his cock, tasting the wetness already there. He stroked her beautiful hair, as she gently kneaded his balls with one hand, rolling her tongue round the head of his cock, flicking it, then gently sucking. The blood thundered in his veins, reeling his senses. Zak closed his eyes. He was soaring above the sea, flying, arms stretched out as the full moon reflected off the water far below him.

    She rocked backwards and forwards, sucking and licking, taking more of his cock in her warm, eager mouth. Zak felt himself at the point of no return and so, bending slightly, he eased her up to a standing position and cradled her gorgeous face in his hands. They were both breathing heavily.

    "You are so beautiful," he said, finding himself surprisingly choked with emotion. She kissed him softly at first, then passionately, letting him taste his cock, his passion. Turning around, she began to unzip her skirt. Slowly pushing the skirt down and waggling her hips, her breathtaking beauty stunned Zak again. Her firm, taught buttocks hypnotised him, the white thong complimenting her brown skin. She still wore heeled shoes, accentuating the shape and stretching her thigh muscles. She looked at him over one shoulder.

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    Default Re: A Brush with Fame - Jennifer Ellison - Sex Story

    "Well?" she

    "Well what" he said, his eyes never leaving her gorgeous ass.

    "I thought ya wanted to bite it"

    With that, it was Zak's turn to go to his knees. He nuzzled the soft, warm flesh, licking and nipping with his teeth. He eased the thong down, retracing the strip of material with his tongue, licking and probing her ass. She gasped and bent slightly forward, opening her legs. Zak's tongue continued to circle her ass, grasping at her buttocks before moving to her wet, swollen pussy.

    Her breath came in hitching gulps and gasps as his tongue entered her, finding the very core of her sexuality. Zak shuddered with ecstasy as her warm fluids entered his mouth, his eager tongue lapping them up. He shook his head from side to side, as if in denial, hearing her moans of delight and feeling her push onto his face.

    She turned to him. Her smooth, firm, legs apart, her full breasts and erect nipples glistening with sweat. Her flat, toned stomach curving down and in to her red, swollen, pussy. Zak's body ached for her, every fibre screaming, wanting to with her, be part of her.

    He stood, grasping her hands and led her to the couch. She sat down, opening her long legs for Zak to see her wetness, gently pulling the lips open with her fingers, revealing the pink and swollen clit. He walked to the couch and knelt before her, grasping her thighs. Pulling her towards him he began to gently lick her pussy and she writhed against him. Zak took each lip in his mouth, licking around and in her pussy, massaging her clit, exploring every inch of her. He slid one hand under her and massaged her ass with his finger. Jenny's hips began to buck as she squeezed her breasts.

    Zak kissed her stomach, her breasts, her neck, her mouth. Standing slightly, legs bent, he lowered himself onto her and slowly rubbed her pussy with the tip of his cock.

    She gasped. "Fuck me Zak, fuck me".

    With that, he thrust into her, grabbing her legs and drawing her to him, as if trying to enter her deeper than was possible. He kissed her again, her lips, her breasts, as his pleasure climbed to unimaginable heights. She moved with him, their bodies one, their minds unshackled from the restrains of this world, ethereal almost. They shuddered as the pinnacle of their lust approached, screaming almost, heads thrown back, bodies slick with sweat, gasping as wave after wave of ecstasy smashed over them.

    "Ohhhh fuck!" screamed Zak, his hips bucking uncontrollably as his cum spurted into her. Jenny wrapped her legs round him, biting on his shoulder.

    Zak fell onto Jenny, gasping for breath, shaking. His head cradled on her breasts, unable to speak, only to feel. He could feel the frenetic beating of her heart.

    Eventually, they dressed and sat looking at each other.

    "Ya won't tell anyone will ya?" Jenny asked, "If the press got hold of this..."

    "No, he said, "I know that's easy for me to say, but I promise. I know what they'd do to you and I'd hate that. I won't say a word, you have my promise."

    "Thanks", she reached forward and pecked him on the cheek.

    "There's just one thing I would like" he added.

    "Oh, yeah?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

    In Zak's house is a frame. He keeps it away from the sunlight, so as not to fade the picture inside. It shows Zak smiling in the morning sunshine, at the hotel entrance. His arm is around the waist of a very beautiful celebrity. Everyone knows her and all his friends say how lucky he was to meet her. He liked to tell them how he met her and how he came to get the picture. What he never told, was how he came to own one of his most prized possessions. It was a silky white thong and sometimes Zak slept with it under his pillow, dreaming of his brush with fame.

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