Chapter I:

On October 31, around 6 pm, the gang gathered at the Magic Shop per the orders of their mentor Giles. Each person had received a message either by email or phone and called the next person on their list. It was the usual manner in which Buffy's band of spook hunters assembled. Giles looked over the young faces and took note of who had managed to heed his call.

Xander, Cordelia, and Willow all sat talking about something mindless and snacking on Halloween candy, unaware of the peril that was about to plague the town of Sunnydale. Willow explained that Oz, her boyfriend could not make it because he was busy setting up for his band at The Bronze. After a few minutes the shop's bell rang and all heads turned to see who had arrived. Buffy Summers, aka The Chosen One, burst into the Magic Shop dressed in the latest fall fashion, not bothering to remove her sun glasses. Her general appearance took their collective breaths away. She was both beautiful and confident, sexy and athletic without flaunting it. Her silky, shoulder length blonde hair bounced as she skipped across the store. Before The Slayer crossed the distance from the door to her friends she said

" So what the deal? Let me guess just one more Halloween Night that yours truly gets to miss out on the trick and treating festivities 'cause I gotta kick some demon butt"

Buffy dropped her large pocketbook and plopped down on a stool facing her friends and teacher. She reached for the pile of candy between her friends and grabbed a phallic looking lollipop.

" What's a Slayer to do?" said Buffy unwrapping the treat. Without pausing she popped the lollipop in her mouth and began to work it in and out.

Buffy's girlfriends shrugged collectively and smiled. Xander swallowed hard fixated on watching Buffy suck on the piece of hard candy, her cheeks sunken with the suction.

"Well look at it this way Miss Summers at least you won't have to worry about loosing your awesome figure due to an overdose of chocolate."

Cordelia dressed in a long black silk Chinese dress, mouth full of candy punched Xander in the arm.

" Eck -cussse me, but does it matter that your girlfriend is sitting right next to you?"

Xander turned red and grinned

"Uhmmm, sorry honey" offered Xander " You know your sexier than Buffy."

In response Buffy cleared her throat and shot Xander a cold look. Xander became more flustered and tried in vain to explain himself. Giles intervened and choosed to change the topic to something more serious thus rescuing Xander.

"Thanks G-Man" said Xander approvingly

Giles went on to explain in his staunch English manner, the threat they would be facing tonight. He took his time and was clear with the important details. Often he would pick up a large musty book and consult it for reference to make sure he got his facts correct. Giles explained that a new demonic sprit had arrived in Sunnydale via the Hell Mouth. This particular demon was rather nasty in its assaults. Several young men and one young lady had been sexually assaulted. Their anus and vaginas showed signs of having been fucked repeatedly. All the victims had been found unconscious but with smiles on their faces.

" The attacks have been increasing in number the closer we come to All Hallows Eve" said the ex-librarian

"Wow and I taught this was gong to have something to do with Halloween" Said Cordelia.

Willow rolled her eyes and explained that Halloween was All Hallows Eve.

The cheerleader shrunk in her chair and tried to look pretty while she was looking stupid.

Giles went on to explain that the demon was recorded as having plagued Sunnydale every 100 years. It was nicknamed Halloween Jack.

"It seems this monster is dormant for a long period of time than rises up to begin its viscous attacks. The creature is a combination of many different sexually motivated demons. It is attracted to sexual pheromones and the scent of a woman's vagina. Furthermore once it is drawn to it's victim it forces itself on the person and grow stronger as a result of the sexual energy it produces with its victim. I propose we find a hidden place and try and lure this demon to us before it harms another soul.

All four of the young people stared open mouthed and shocked. After a moment Giles noticed and responded.

"Once we've drawn its attention one or two of us may have to engage it in a qusi-sexual manner while the rest of us destroy it.

Buffy spoke first, " Anyone else want to join me in the bathroom as I puke up my dinner"

Xander , Willow and Cordelia all raised their hands.

"Now look, I know it sound rather unappealing, " said Giles cleaning his glasses with his tie," but there are things we can to do to make it easier"

"Oh really, like what call 1-800-rent a Slayer and ask for my substitute, oh and make sure to have them throw in a side order of best friend to spare these guys as well" Buffy said looking over the top of her gaudy pink sun glasses.

"No Miss Summers that is not the answer. There is however potions and spells that can be employed to attract the demon as well as help us forget anything that we might find embarrassing" said Giles in a stern tone. "Now I don't like this any more than you do but we need to protect this city. Let us meet in the woods by the Sunnydale reservoir at 9pm. I suggest you all go home and get some rest".

Chapter II:

The sky was black. A huge harvest moon lit the autumn sky painting the landscape in a silver glow. Buffy and her friend stood in a circle wrapped in coats. Giles was busy unpacking a small chest.

"Xander be a good lad and gather some wood for a big fire" directed Giles

" Ohhhh, I love fires but we forgot the marshmallows" chirped Willow

" There will be no time for snacking" said Giles

"Gee get a load of Mr. Serious" joked Buffy

After thirty minutes a fire was prepared. It was large and warm. The friends gathered around it and soon found they did not need to wear their light jackets. Buffy was wearing a sleeveless turtleneck sweater and tight jeans. Cordelia wore a long plaid skirt and Doc. Martins, her hair up with lacquered sticks. Willow looked cute in her little Hello Kitty shirt and purple baggy jeans her auburn hair held in place with tiny barrettes. Xander wore his favorite bowling shirt and khaki pants that had too many pockets and didn't fit very well.

Giles surveyed the group and said " Alright lets begin".

Saying this Giles produced a container of dried power. Her sprinkled some into the heart of the flames. At once there was a rush of green smoke. The fire hissed and crackled. The green smoke wafted around the troop. They stood and inhaled the vapors.

"Cool light show big guy" said Xander "What's this stuff suppose to do?"

"It's an incense created in honor of Aphrodite. It will help us all to relax and lowers inhibitions"

Next Giles pulled out a potion and wrestled with the top.

He handed it to Buffy and directed her to put some on her like it was a perfume. Buffy followed his directions then following Giles motion passed lotion to Willow.

"This will help to attracted the demon" explained Giles

"Great" said Buffy unenthusiastically.

"Eewww" complained Willow realizing what she had done.

" It's important that we raise sexual energy to attract Halloween Jack" said Giles frustrated.

The green smoke continued to issue from the fire. Everyone began to feel the effects. Each person stood with eyes half closed and smiles on their faces as if they were experiencing secret personal pleasures. Lastly Giles produced what looked like a wine bottle. As he began to pull out the cork he called Xander to his side. Once Xander joined him Giles whispered that the bottle contained a powerful sexual attractant. Giles intended to anoint Xander with a little to help his girlfriend get more turned on" The plan was for Xander and Cordelia to engage in light foreplay. Buffy and Willow would serve as bait and Giles would watch from the woods. When the demon arrived Buffy, Willow and Giles would attack.

"Excellent plan" Said Xander and tried to grabbed the bottle from Giles

"Be careful you fool this is very powerful stuff" protested Giles

Xander and Giles fought over the bottle. Suddenly the cork shot out and Giles was drenched in the liquid. Shocked Xander took a step back and dropped the bottle. The ground absorbed the remainder of the potion.

Chapter III:

Almost immediately Giles realized that the plan had changed. Cordelia became enchanted with Giles and moved to be with him. Xander was alarmed but Cordelia paid no attention to him.

"Hey! I suppose to be the guy she crawls all over" complained Xander

"Yes, I know" said Giles " but look what you have done. "

Cordelia purred into the older mans ear and rubbed her sexy body against him. She nibbled his flicked her wet tongue around his ear lobe.

"Oh dear, this is rather unfortunate but we will have to make do. Go stand in the shadows and be ready to strike." Giles told Xander. Xander mumbled to himself and walked away cursing his bad luck.

Across the flames Buffy and Willow exchanged worried glances as they watched Cordelia make out with Giles. At first Giles was ridged but slowly he loosened up and began to enjoy himself. He crushed his mouth against the cheerleaders and battled hungrily with her tongue. His hands moved down to her waist. Cordelia was grinding her groin into Giles. She raised up one leg and wrapped it around Giles thigh. Her long plaid skirt fell open revealing a creamy smooth leg. Giles gripped Cordelia's ass with both hands. She moaned and ran her hands through his gray streaked hair. Xander watched from the wood surprised to find himself aroused. After several minutes Giles disengaged himself from Cordelia and looked around. Cordelia whimpered and sucked on his finger.

When Giles did not spot the demon he said, " We need to increase the sexual energy in the area. I suggest you two girls surrender to the fumes of green smoke and do what feels natural."

Then he turned to Cordelia and tore open her shirt. Cordelia helped the old man free her breast from her bra. Her dusky nipples instantly became hard exposed to the cool night air. Giles lost his normal rigid English disposition and thrust his hungry mouth at the young girls tits like a starved animal.

Buffy and Willow held hands and took a step closer to the fire. The green smoke caressed them and they fell more deeply under its power. They both closed their eyes and began to rock back and forth. Slowly Buffy walked away as if in a dream and began to touch herself suggestively. She squeezed her tits through the sweater and moaned. Willow had slipped her hand into the front of her jeans and smiled, eyes still closed, her mouth slightly open.

Suddenly they heard evil laughter on the wind. The demon had arrived. It burst upon the scene and stood drooling and panting just outside the circle of light. Giles directed Buffy and Willow to continue their self-pleasure

. "Try to entice the beast to you" he called.

At this time Cordelia had dropped to her knees unconcerned with the monster. She was more concerned about the monster in older British guys pants. She unzipped the old man slacks and released his hard cock. She took it in her hand and rubbed it against her soft breasts. It was massive and thick. Xander watched from the woods his own small penis hard and exposed. He spit into his hand and pumped his meat intensely. Cordelia kissed the tip of cock and tease its mushroom head with her tongue.

Buffy and Willow willingly followed Giles command and the pulse of their own lust. Both girls had become the complete victims of the green smoke. Their hearts raced and they wanted nothing else but to "fuck" or "be fucked". Buffy wiggled out of her jeans and sat on the ground in her high cut thong panties. The Slayer rubbed herself over her thin panties but soon pulled the soaked material aside. She then spread her sexy toned legs , used her fingers to peel her wet pussy lips open. Quickly she began to slip a wet finger in and out of her hot snatch. After a moment she reached for her bag. Locking eyes with the demon she pulled out a stake. Without breaking her stare she brought the rounded end to her mouth and ran her tongue along its smooth length. She then ran it down her chest, across her belly, down to her dripping cunt. In a whorish fashion she and began to pump it in and out.

Willow next to her was on all fours, her own pants removed. She rocked to the rhythm of her fingers on her hard clit. Her perfect pale and freckled ass glowed in the firelight. The demon watched as Willow moved three fingers from her moist hole to her tight brown anus. Slowly began to tease herself and then pushed one wet digit after another into her impossibly tight asshole. She let out a long moan. Giles head swam as Cordelia worked his swollen shaft in and out of her hot silky mouth. Cordelia was an expert cocksucker and took pleasure in given pleasure. Giles placed both his hands on the cheerleader's head and drove his big cock deep into her throat.

The Demon was mesmerized and advanced.

Across the fire Buffy fucked herself. She had pulled her sweater up over her tits and played and pinched her sweet pink nipples.

"Ohhhhh , mmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhhh" groaned Buffy uncontrollably

"You like watching me don't you Mr. Demon" she said in a husky voice

"Why don't you come over here and get a closer look at my wet pussy"

"Ohhhhhh, mmmmmm it feels so good" said Buffy working the wide stake in and out of her cunt.

Willow caught on and spoke up as well

" Oooooooooooo hey Demon why don't you come over here and fuck my sweet virgin ass. I want to feel your hard demon dick in my little tight hole. Willow wiggled and thrust herself towards the lusty beast. Her fingers working busily between her slippery cunt and her puckered anus. Her perfect tits bounced beneath her. Willow again joined Buffy chorus of moans.

"Fuck me , eat me, treat me like I'm your sex toy" challenged Buffy

Noooo, fuck me stick your long demon tongue up my ass " said Willow in throaty voice. " make me your ass-slut"

The demon continued further. It looked around. Its huge chest heaving with

excitement. It looked through yellow eyes as Cordelia pulled back from Giles throbbing cock, a string of saliva and precum stretched between her mouth and the tip of his dick. The beast was overwhelmed with the amount of sexual energy it had walked into. It watched the Chosen One writhing on the ground her normally neat hair a tangled blonde mess as she whipped her self to heights of pleasure. Willow had increased the paced of her self-pleasure and bucked on her knees, a slave to her own probing fingers. She worked her aroused clit with intensity.

Giles groaned "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Dear God! " as Cordelia pumped his penis with her hands, her mouth wide open to receive his shower of cum.

In the woods Xander stoked his rod and stare in disbelief at the wild scene before him. He had already cum once but he was determined to do cum again. Buffy felt passion wash over her and her body tensed as she rocked under the commands of her orgasm. Willow could also not longer contain herself and screamed as her pussy spontaneously contracted.

The Demon rushed forward to attack the two girls as Giles exploded. The British gentlemen let loose with a tremendous spray of cum soaking Cordelia face. Buffy laid on her back her wet and slick fingers buried deep in her punished pussy. Willow looked over her shoulder but did not stop her own self-abuse. Halloween Jack's head swam with lust. His cock hard and as long as an arm needed to be satisfied. He screamed and jumped forward. As it sailed over the flames Buffy jumped to her feet without using her arms. In a flash the stake was out of her dripping pussy and in her hand. The beast reached for her as she drove the weapon deep into its ugly face. The monster shuttered and stood still before bursting into million tiny sparks.

Everyone froze and nobody spoke for a long time. Finally Buffy looked over to her teacher and smiled at the sight of his big organ. Cordelia his personal slut still licking cum off the length of his semi hard manhood.

"Happy Halloween everybody" she said as she pulled her sweater over her head and walked over to Giles, a mixture of lust and mischief in her eyes.