Jeff was having the worst day of his life. After being fired from his job he went home only to discover that his roommate had a girl over. The tie on the doorknob was his cue to beat it. Oh well, he thought, I could use a good beer anyway. While making his way through the busy streets, Jeff noticed some posters advertising the Britney Spears concert on the fifteenth. In two days, he thought.

Imagine being that rich. Travelling all over the world and making money for singing a bunch of shitty pop tunes didn’t sound that bad.

“Just hilarious,” he thought to himself, “She does nothing and gets millions. I work my ass off and get fired!”

Still thinking about the attractive singer, Jeff ran into a stranger and nearly knocked her down.

“I am so sorry,” he apologised. “I’m so clumsy! I was lost in my thoughts and I didn’t even see you. Are you all right?”

It was then that Jeff noticed something peculiar about this woman. She had a baseball cap pulled low over her face and wore large, black sunglasses. Jeff could only tell that it was a woman he was talking to because of the long, blonde hair that leaked out from under her cap. She muttered something about being fine and that it was her fault and started to walk away but Jeff was persistent.

“I can’t just let you go off without properly apologising. Tell you what, I was just heading for the Black Tavern and I would gladly buy you a drink. Unless you’re busy, of course…” When she didn’t answer Jeff held out his hand and introduced himself, “I’m Jeff.”

After casting a furtive glance around she shook his hand.

“I’m Britney.”

Jeff and Britney were sitting in a dimly lit corner of the tavern. She had not removed her hat and glasses but that was all right with Jeff. Sitting across from her, he could not help but be attracted to his new acquaintance. Now that she had unzipped her jean jacket, Jeff could see Britney’s large breasts pushing against her tight T-shirt. Part of his mind was in the conversation and the other was contemplating ways of ripping off her clothes and fucking her savagely.

Britney was also being drawn in by her new friend. She couldn’t help but feel as though she had known Jeff her entire life. She felt so unexplainably comfortable with him. It had been such a long time since Britney had had a good fuck and she was getting extremely horny.

“Listen Jeff, I’m only in town for the Britney Spears concert and I was wondering if you would like to come back to my hotel room with me,” with that she removed her sunglasses and baseball cap to reveal who she really was.

“Oh my god!” Jeff almost choked on his beer. “You’re Britney Spears!”

After his initial shock Jeff realised that he was probably making Britney uncomfortable.

“I know we just met Britney but if you’re as horny as I am then let’s not wait for the hotel. Follow me.” Jeff stood up and calmly walked into the women’s bathroom where they were not likely to be interrupted by the all-male customers of the dirty, old tavern. No one but Britney seemed to notice Jeff’s departure. She in turn walked into the rarely used women’s bathroom without being missed.

The bathroom was one of the dirtiest places either of them had ever set foot in. A row of stalls faced a row of sinks in the brightly lit room. Cracked and unwashed mirrors sat on the wall above the sinks The florescent lights were a stark contrast to the dim lights of the bar and illuminated many cobwebs and a floor that hadn’t been moped in years. (Seriously, no exaggeration.) All these things, however, did not deter the two.

Britney and her new lover locked lips in a frenzied kiss as Jeff ripped off the jean jacket and cupped Britney’s firm breasts in his hands. He had dreamed of doing this so many times. After an eternity of wet tongues and soft lips, Jeff pried himself away from the superstar. He slowly slid the tight shirt over Britney’s beautiful, blonde head and watched in amazement as her perky tits came into view.

Jeff sucked on her beautiful breasts feverishly, flicking his tongue over her erect nipples every so often. Britney hadn’t been touched like this for a long time. She could feel her vagina tingling with anticipation as Jeff’s tongue slowly trailed downwards. He popped the button of her tight jeans open and undid the zipper. He now reached into Britney’s damp, black, satin panties and slowly brushed her pubic hair.

Britney’s clit was on fire. She wanted Jeff to ravage her but he was only tormenting her with his slow, deliberate moves. She was breathing hard now, her ample chest heaving with every breath. When she could no longer stand it she let out a frustrated squeal and thrust her own hand down to her pussy. Jeff was quick to stop her though. He held both her wrists tightly as he savagely whispered in her ear.

“Do you want my cock? Is that what you’re after? Do you want me to fuck you long and hard?”

“Yes,” came a soft response.

“I can’t hear you Miss Spears!”

“YES! I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me right here in this dirty bathroom. Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before!”

Jeff let go of Britney’s wrists and stepped back. With one swift move threw off his T-shirt to expose his muscular body. Britney admired his heavy biceps, his smooth chest and abs. Next he slid out of his pants and boxers, letting his penis spring free from its cotton prison.

She could not help but moan softly as she rubbed herself inside her underwear. She had never wanted a man so badly in her life. Jeff came over and freed the pop princess of her sneakers and pants. He then ripped the black panties from their owner with a tear. She did not care that her underwear was ruined, all she cared about was feeling his manhood inside her body.

The young man roughly grabbed her smooth ass and pulled her toward him. He placed the very tip of his member inside her outer walls, and then with one powerful thrust he unceremoniously inserted himself in her dripping twat. Jeff drove himself deep into her tight, young pussy. His grunt of satisfaction was met with her gasp of relief. Finally, Britney was being entered. Jeff withdrew an inch or two, then hammered back into her. Over and over he thrust his erect penis into Britney Spears’ wet vagina. Nothing had ever felt so good. Over and over her muffled squeals of pleasure could be heard

The diva could feel her orgasm building with every deep penetration. Her gasps increased in speed, matching Jeff’s faster pumping. Her tits were bouncing wildly as he continued to grip her round ass tightly. And then, with a feeling of release, she had her orgasm. Her whole body twitched and shuddered in pure bliss as the orgasm wracked her very being. This is what Justin had never been able to do. He had wanted to find a “soulmate” when all Britney had ever wanted was a good fuck.

Jeff was not quite finished with the superstar. He had one more thing to teach her. He removed his rock-hard erection from the depths of her pussy and asked her if she had ever done anal.

“No, please don’t! I’m not ready,” she begged, although secretly she wanted to experience what others had never done to her.

Jeff roughly turned the singer around so that she was facing one of the mirrors. He forced her to lean over and grab the counter. His cock still covered in Britney Spears’ pussy juices; he placed it on her asshole, grabbed her hips and commanded her to spread her long silky legs, now covered in sweat.

“Do it you little bitch! It will only hurt if you don’t co-operate.”

As she did, his penis entered a few inches into her opening but was met with a squeal of pain. Her ass was gripping him tightly, prohibiting any further penetration. Nevertheless, Jeff forced his way through her tight ass until he was mostly in.

The pain was unbearable. This was absurd, she was Britney Spears, dammit. An international superstar didn’t need to be anally raped in a dirty bar.

“All right,” Jeff panted, “maybe you’re not ready. Relax your ass so I can get out.”

Britney was only happy to oblige. She suspiciously loosened her ass for Jeff to remove himself. To her relief, he was indeed pulling out but at the last moment, taking advantage of her trust, he quickly thrust himself back inside until he touched the very end of the tunnel. His scrotum slapped against her clit and before she could react, it happened twice more. Jeff ‘s hips and buttocks were a blur as he drove himself inside the world-famous ass over and over.

In the mirror, Britney’s tits were jumping out of control until Jeff reached out and grabbed them fiercely. He was no longer being gentle with her fine breasts. Britney was no longer fighting his entries. She was loving every moment of ass-pounding action. Once again she was nearing orgasm. Her muffled cries of pain and pleasure were now full-blown screams. Jeff grabbed her wet, sweaty hair and pulled her head up so that she could see the reflection of the abuse she was taking. She then came, her pussy overflowing, as it had last time, with love juices.

Jeff slowed his pumps. He was almost spent but he needed to ejaculate. Britney’s screams of “Cum in my ass!” drowned out his own panting. All she wanted from him was to feel his hot seamen inside of her but Jeff pulled out of her ass. He turned her around again and pushed her down to her knees. Expecting to suck him dry, Britney Spears was shocked to feel his hot load on her face. Squirt after squirt landed on her delicate features until Jeff was done.

He then quietly got dressed. When she approached him he roughly pushed her away and said, “Think of this as karma,” and exited the bathroom.

Naked, covered in a stranger’s seamen, the superstar looked around the dirty bathroom for her clothes, only to realise they were gone. Used and humiliated, she sat in the bathroom.