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    Default A Christmas Ball to Remember - Sarah Kane - Sex Story

    Since graduating from school and university, Buffy had certainly changed her life around. She was now running her own business with the help and guidance from her former watcher, Giles. They had moved to the Isle of Sheppey, a small island just off the coast of England.

    “I need to move on, a fresh start,” she had thought to herself all them years ago.

    They made the move so they would be closer to the starting of the new Watcher’s Council, but far away enough to do their own thing. When the old Watcher's Council got blown up, Buffy was surprised to that there was a severance pay and as she was the Chosen One she got the lot. She used half the money to start the new Watcher's Council and some more to buy an old hotel, with 5 acres of land surrounding it. It cost a considerable amount, but it still left enough to restore it and hire staff.

    It was a large old building with ivy covering most of the outside, a mile long drive, a heated outdoor swimming pool, sauna’s, jacuzzis, a games room, ballroom, tennis courts and a neglected gym. Her first restoration was to the gym she had to get it up and running if her business plan was to work, there were the usual bench presses, weights, rowing machines and exercise bikes, for the customers. Then there was the other gym in the west wing with the “extra equipment”, on the far wall was an array of different weapons for weapon training, a punching bag suspended from the ceiling, a punch dummy and a vault horse atop a set of mats. At the back of the gym adjoining it is a library with an array of magical books, mystical books, demonology books, and all things alike. This section of the hotel was for those, like her, a slayer. After her last battle, the one with the first evil, she had given a little of her strength to those who were to be a slayer in the future. They didn’t have all the power she had and this is why she had set up her business, to train future slayer’s.

    Buffy and Giles had decided that because they didn’t want to locals talking about their business, that they would only use half of the hotel and the other half was open to the public in the summer months. They had hired staff to deal with the hotel itself, but only the manageress they employed knew of what went on in the other half of the building. Giles on the other hand had placed Sarah as the manageress for other reasons. When Sarah first came for the interview of manager of the hotel, Giles instantly felt at ease and attracted to her. She stepped into the office with confidence and she had great credentials from other hotels, but was leaving her old manageress job at another hotel as she felt that it wasn’t challenging enough for her. Sarah was 5ft 6 with long legs the looked like they went on forever, she had short brown hair that was stylish, yet sophisticated. After the interview both Buffy and him agreed that this was the perfect job with the challenge Sarah needed. Giles phoned her that night and asked if she could attend another meeting with them tomorrow, as they needed to go through the terms on what she would be hired for.

    She was given a tour of the entire building and they had a representative of their law firm, Wolfram and Hart there for the legal side of things. When they took Sarah on the tour Giles walked behind noticing the way Sarah’s arse swayed, and that is when he started to feel attracted to her. Sarah made some valid points so Buffy knew straight away that she would be suited for the job. As Sarah had suggested they installed key panels to keep things separate, only Buffy, Giles, the slayers in training and Sarah had the keys to those sections, out of bounds to “normal” customers. The complete west wing was designated to bedrooms, boardrooms and everything else that the slayers needed.

    “I love this time of year.” Buffy said stepping away from the Christmas tree. She looked up at her handy work, the tree was 20ft tall and stood in the reception hall it was adorned with flashing white light, the ornaments and tinsel were matching, gold and red and to top it off, a brightly lit star at the top. It was a few weeks away from Christmas and they had started to prepare for the annual Christmas Ball. The hotel was closed for winter, and most of the staff had left, leaving Sarah, to deal with the bookings for the next year.

    “Yes it’s um… pretty. Is everything ready?” Giles asked.

    “I’ve got Sarah making the arrangements of the guests, flight bookings, catering and the supervising the decoration in the ball room. Kennedy is in the training gym with the Slayer’s In Training (SIT’s) that are still here, the other’s have decided to spend Christmas with their families.”

    “Buffy… there’s something that I’ve got to say…(he removed his glasses and started to clean them on a cloth, from his pocket.) As you’re former watcher and now as your business partner I’ve got to say at how grown up you’ve became. And I’m proud of the way you have dealt with things. I know it mustn’t be easy what with your friends so far away but you’ve managed. Have you spoken to the other’s yet?”

    “I’ve been too busy getting everything ready. Sarah has taken care of things for me. I think we need to sit down and have a meeting about her. She’s fantastic and I think that she should have a pay increase, what do you think?” Buffy stepped over to the Christmas tree and started to adjust the tinsel.

    “Yes, Yes I think she should. I’m glad we hired her, she has become a great asset to the company. I’ve heard nothing except good reports especially from our lawyer, Lindsey McDonald from Wolfram and hart.”

    “Yeah he would say that, ‘coz I would say that he has a little something of a crush on her, haven’t you ever noticed the way he looks at her? ” Buffy finished with the tree and started to walk with Giles to the office.

    “No actually I haven’t.” He said opening the door. Sarah jumped a little when they entered, as she was so preoccupied with making the final arrangements, making sure she never went over budget, with everything.

    “Sarah, sorry to make you jump, how are things going? Have you got everything ready ‘coz I wanna go into London to get my dress, this afternoon, I’ve had a phone call from the dressmaker at Harrod’s and my dress is ready to collect.”

    “All the people on your guest list have replied and are all going to make it. I’ve had a phone call from a girl called Shannon and she sounds like she has the characteristics of a slayer. I’ve invited her in for a meeting tomorrow at nine in the morning, if that’s Ok by you both?” Sarah got up and adjusted her skirt that had ridden up her long legs from the way she was sitting and passed Buffy a file with what she knew already on Shannon. “Her full name is Shannon Smith and the her old school reports from Hemery High, shows that she has a tendency of fighting with other students and generally causing trouble. Her parents have split up and she is currently living with her father, and resides in Los Angeles. She said that she has been contacted by Lilah Morgan, from the LA branch of Wolfram and Hart and has been advised by her to come to Britain to see you. I spoke to Lilah and she is faxing over her report of her this afternoon.”

    “Sounds like someone I knew once.” Giles said smirking. Buffy gave him a gentle tap on his arm and smiled.

    “Seems you have everything under control and I will be able to attend the meeting.” Buffy said as she walked over to the phone and picked it up. “Hello Mark, it’s Buffy is the limo going to be ready in half an hour to pick me up from the front? …. Ok thanks.”

    Buffy chose to dress in knee high black boots, a tartan skirt and a white blouse. She couldn’t resist it as Mark was always checking her out as he drove, in the rear view mirror. She sat in the back of the black limo and watched as the countryside fade away to be replaced by the tall grey buildings of London. It only took less than 2 hours to reach. She had become accustomed to the countryside life and now hated all the hustle and bustle of rural life. It seemed that everyone had somewhere to go and had to get there as quick as possible. She looked out of the tinted window and watched the pedestrians scuttle down the pavements, many of them tourist from worldwide all of them looking in awe at the Christmas light over the London streets. When Buffy first came to Britain three years previously, she was just like them. While she was setting up the Watcher's Council and lived in a hotel room at the Ritz, she loved it but now moving away from it all, she wondered what was the attraction about this place?

    Mark pulled up outside of Harrod’s and climbed out and walked around the car, to open the door for Buffy. Buffy wished that she had worn trousers as Mark opened the door a gust of bitter cold wind blew in and up her skirt. She took the hand that Mark offered and stepped out on to the pavement. She walked into the shop welcoming the warmth behind the doors. She quickly made her way to the dress department and collected her dress paid for it and hurried back to the awaiting limo. She was in a hurry to make it back before it got dark, and her sister Dawn arrived. Mark was waiting patiently next to the limo and Buffy felt damp between her legs, she couldn’t resist a man in uniform. Mark was wearing a black suit, white shirt, black tie and a flat cap to match, he had noticed the twinkle in her eyes as she approached. He took the dress box, helped her in the back closing the door behind her, and placed the box on the front passenger seat next to him.

    Buffy must of fell asleep as when she felt the limo stop and Mark get out she thought she was at home, but she wasn’t she didn’t know where she was.

    “Mark, where are we?” Mark opened the back door and climbed in next to her, “What…” Her sentence was broke off by him placing his lips to hers and gently probing her lips with his tongue. She broke off the kiss, “What…”

    “Shh” was all he said.

    She realised what was happening and accepted and wanted it, she had fancied him since she first employed him. She opened her mouth to let his probing tongue in. The kiss was fierce, made out of pure lust and desire and he guided Buffy to lie down on the back seat, covering her body with his own. He broke off the kiss only to trail wet kisses down her neck she let out a small whimper and he took it as a sign to move on. He undone the delicate buttons and peeled the blouse back exposing her white satin bra, it felt so soft under his hands. Buffy sat up and removed the blouse and her bra. She then reached over and undone his tie and removed his shirt. She traces kisses all over his chest and when she reached his nipples she took one at time in her mouth and gave a little nip with her teeth. She carried on down and placed wet kisses along the waistband of his trousers while she unzipped them. She snaked her hand in between the opening of his boxers and pulled out his throbbing erection. Mark moaned at the contact made by Buffy’s hand and reached behind her pulling up her skirt at the back, pushing her thong out of the way and realised how wet she was, she wanted him badly.

    Buffy leaned down and took Mark’s member into her mouth and savoured the taste of pre-cum. She licked up the shaft of his cock as she pushed him down onto the seat and straddled his face, lowering her pussy to his awaiting mouth, while she took the whole of his cock right down the back of her throat. Mark moaned into her pussy and tried to concentrate on her. He licked up and down the fleshy lips, Buffy moaned appreciatively, vibrating his cock that was deep in her mouth. He spread the soft folds of flesh apart between his finger and thumb and continued on licking, occasionally licking her little pink clit, she moaned, so he took the whole of her clit into his mouth and gently sucked on it while he pushed a finger deep into her pussy. She was so wet that it slid in there easily and so he inserted another and another until he had three fingers in her knuckle deep. He pistoned her pussy and sucked her clit, she took up the same speed as him so as his fingers went in she took his knob even further into her mouth.

    She released his cock and swivelled around so that she was facing him, she kissed him tasting her own tangy juices on his lips. She crouched over him and took his cock in her hand and she lowered herself down, guiding it to her hungry hole. She felt the tip push into the hot cleft between her thick, excited labia lips, she lowered herself more, feeling a little resistance, she pushed down and felt his throbbing head of his cock pop into her awaiting wet hole. Buffy spread her legs as much as the confined area would let her, so that she could take all of his cock, filling her completely. She sat there for a moment, savouring the feeling. Mark reached up a grabbed at her breasts, twisting her nipples in his fingers, she screamed with pain and pleasure. She leant back, reaching behind her, as she rode on his cock, to cup his swollen hairy balls in her delicate hand, her other strumming a rhythm on her hard little clit.

    “Cum with me Buffy, cum with me.”

    She started the pump un and down on his cock harder and faster, wriggling her bottom, making his thrash about on the back seat of the limo. She looked down and saw his face was filled with pure pleasure and ecstasy. That was all she needed and he felt her pussy clamp around his cock, he couldn’t take no more and released his hot jism into her mixing it with her torrent of love juices deep within her cunt.

    “Well Miss Summers I had better get you home.” With that he dressed himself and left her in the back while she straightened herself out. He drove her home as if nothing had just happened.

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    Default Re: A Christmas Ball to Remember - Sarah Kane - Sex Story

    Sarah phoned up to Buffy’s room where she had been since arriving back with her dress.

    “Hello Buffy, sorry to disturb you but Dawn has just arrived.”

    “Thanks Sarah, can you show her to her room and tell her that I will see her when I’m showered.” Buffy said. ‘She sounds exhausted’ thought Sarah as she replaced the receiver. Sarah got up checked herself in the mirror that hung on the far side of her office and walked out into the reception hall to greet Dawn. Sarah noticed Dawn getting out of the limo that she had sent to collect her. Sarah noted that Dawn was petite just like her sister but the difference between the two women was that Dawn had dark brown hair and Buffy had blonde.

    As Dawn approached the difference began to show even more, Dawn’s eyes were blue, Buffy green, Dawn had colour to her cheeks but Buffy looked like she was in desperate need have a bit of sunning. It was the first time Sarah had meet Dawn, because this was only the second year that they was having a Christmas ball and the last time was just for the SIT’s and some member’s of staff, including herself. Dawn came bounding up the stairs obviously excited about seeing her older sister. Mark walked behind her laden with her suitcases and present’s.

    “Hello Dawn, I’m Sarah, we spoke on the phone.” Sarah offered her hand and Dawn shook it warmly.

    “Hi. Is Buffy about?”

    “She’s in her room, she has asked me to get you settled in your room and to tell you she will see you shortly. We’ve given you the queen suite on the east wing of the hotel it’s better than the honeymoon suite anyway. If you would like to follow me and I’ll show you to your room. Mark if you can place the presents under the tree with the other’s and follow us up with the cases, thanks.”

    Sarah walked along the reception hall with Dawn following, Mark placed the presents under the tree and followed. Sarah walked up one of the two stairs, that meet in the middle, one went off to the west wing and the other to the east but whatever one you took it didn’t matter as the both formed a balcony which over looked the hall. From this point of view you really appreciated the tree in its full splendour. Sarah walked along the corridor and took the elevator up to the third floor, where the honeymoon, queen, king and president suite’s were, each going up in size and the president suite took up all of the left hand side of the top floor. This were Buffy’s special guests for Christmas was staying, she had used the phrase ‘scooby gang’ when mentioning it to Sarah.

    Sarah reached the door to the queen suite and used the pass card to open the door. The biggest feature of this room was the four-poster bed with voile drapes that stood on a different level that you had to walk up a few steps to reach. Behind the bed was a floor to ceiling window that over looked the outside swimming pool. Dawn stepped in and her mouth dropped open in amazement, it was like a child in a sweet shop.

    “I know Buffy had said that it was big but I never expected it to be this big!” Dawn walked around the room, stopping to smell the fresh roses in the vase on the table in the middle of the room. “Is any of the other’s here yet?”

    “No you’re the first to arrive. Willow is expected tomorrow morning, Cordelia, Wesley and Angel in the afternoon. Xander and Anya are expected the day after.” Sarah turned to Mark, “Put those near the closet please and that’s all.” Mark did as he was told and then turned and left the room. “Cordelia and Wesley are staying on the next floor down. Buffy and Giles both have rooms in the west wing, if you need to speak to her then lift the receiver and you will be connected to me downstairs and I will put you through, if there’s anything else you need then please do not hesitate to ask.” With that Sarah walked out and closed the door behind her.

    Buffy let the powerful shower jets wash the rest of the suds off her body. She got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her naked body. She padded out into her room and into the walk-in closet. Her room took up the whole space of the third floor, there she had a office, where she done most of her work, a small gym, and the bathroom was lavish, not only had she a shower but a sunk in the floor bath with a jacuzzi feature. She couldn’t decide what to wear so she chose something simple a pair of jeans with a spaghetti strapped black top. It may have been sleeveless and cold outside but the hotel was lovely and warm. She looked at her watch and noticed that Dawn had already been here for an hour, she felt guilty and quickly made her way to the east wing.

    Buffy met Dawn on the stairs leading from the upper level.

    “Hi Dawnie, its good to see you again. How was the trip?” She kissed and cuddled her younger sister and noticed that Dawn had grown since last seen her.

    “Long. How are things, wow Buffy when you said this place was big I didn’t expect it to be this big! So where’s Giles?” They started to make their way down the steps that led into the reception hall.

    “Giles is teaching English Lit to the remaining SIT’s, many have gone home for Christmas.”

    “Giles is teaching now, no way,” Dawn’s face was of total amazement.

    “Yes way. Giles teaches both English Lit and language and then all of the studies that a slayer has to do. We have two other tutors that come in and teach the other lessons, a majority is still at school, but as a rule we don’t except anyone under fifteen. Have you eaten?”

    “No and I’m starving!”

    “Dawn your always starving!” Both women started to laugh and walk over towards the dinning hall that led through to the kitchen. Here there was only two chef’s pottering away when they walked in there was different aromas of food cooking in big pots on the stove. Buffy walked over to the fridge opened it and looked in.

    “Peanut butter and jelly? I still can’t get use to calling it jam!” Dawn nodded and Buffy got the ingredients out of the fridge and proceeded to make the sandwich for her younger sister.

    “So what’s it like being so far away from the others?” Dawn sat down at a table in a small dining area adjoining the kitchen. It was normally where the staff came to sit while on a break.

    “Weird, but I’ve been keeping busy training, recruiting and ( Celebrity Sex Stories ) the running of the hotel. Sarah, you met her when you first arrived, she’s the one who keeps the hotel and everything to do with the hotel ticking over. Enough about me how’s uni?” Buffy placed the sandwich in front of Dawn and she ate it like there was no tomorrow.

    “Uni’s great there is this one guy who’s kinda sweet” Dawn notices Buffy’s not so amused face and quickly changes what she said, “Well he is and before you say anything, he’s not interfering in my work, I have reports in my bag upstairs to show you that he’s not.”

    “Ok show me later. Let me show you around for a bit, not unless you wanna sleep?”

    “No that’s fine by me.”

    They sat opposite each other at the table Buffy taking in every detail of her sister, it had felt like forever since they had last met. Buffy got up and walked to the other side of the room to the phone and picked up the receiver.

    “Sarah it’s Buffy, can you phone Wolfram and Hart and get someone to come over for tomorrow’s meeting. I know we don’t usually do the signing of the contract thing so quickly with a SIT but I would like to get things wrapped up by Christmas. So if she is who she is, then we can get her to sign it straight away.”

    Sarah had just put the phone down from speaking to Buffy, and the thought of phoning Wolfram and Hart made her heart flutter and she felt the moisture between her legs soak through her panties. She picked up the phone and dialled Wolfram and Harts UK number.

    “Hello this is Sarah Kane,” she said to the receptionist.

    “Hello Miss Kane, would you like to be put through to Lindsey McDonald’s office?”

    “Yes please, thank you.” She waited on the phone excited about hearing his sweet voice in her ear. She absent-mindedly began to lower her hand to her pussy-soaked panties.

    “Hello?” ‘Oh god what am I doing?’ Sarah quickly pulled her hand from herself.

    “Hello Lindsey how are you?” she said a bit flushed.

    “All the better from hearing from you. So what can I do for you?” ‘What can’t you do for me?’ she thought, with a smile on her lips.

    “Buffy asked if I can ask you if you can attend a meeting tomorrow at nine?”

    “Funny enough I was planning on coming down tomorrow as I needed to talk to you about figures. Also can you let Buffy know that I will be attending this years ball and that she only needs to count one, I know the invitation was open for two but there’s only me.” Sarah’s smile grew even wider.

    “It is formal wear have you a tux or would you like me to organise one for you? We have a deal going with a dressmaking company, as we’ve been arranging the formal for our guest’s.”

    “No thanks I think I’ve got one at the back of my closet somewhere. Thank you any way. I’ll see you tomorrow, Sarah.” With that he hung up the phone.

    Sarah got up from her desk and wandered out to the ballroom. It was a grand room and this year she was in charge of the decorating of it for the ball. With only a week and a half to go she had to make things perfect, ‘especially since Lindsey will be coming here, alone’ she thought, with a smile on her lips, as she walked into the room. Instead of decorating it herself, she had hired a company to do it for her, this year she was well under the budget, so they could afford to have it done. The decorators were busy hanging the lights around the ceiling when she walked in, there was a DJ setting up his equipment on stage, everything was running smoothly. She walked to the middle of the room and twirled around imagining it complete and the people dancing and having a good time.

    “Ah Miss Kane, I was just going to come and look for you. Where about’s are you going to have the tables?” The foreman approached her with a clipboard resting on one thick, hairy arm.

    “Mr Richards, I was thinking of having some scattered around the edge. There will be a catering company coming in and they will need that door over there to come in and out.” She pointed to a door that was in the far left-hand corner of the room. “Behind there is a corridor that links up directly to the kitchens. So anywhere around the edges of the room will be fine.”

    She went out of the door that led to the kitchen and her high heels tattooed a beat out on the concrete floor as she walked. She walked into the kitchens and noticed Buffy sitting with Dawn at the staff table.

    “Hello Martin has the champagne delivery been yet?” Martin was the head chef he was a big burly bloke who obviously loved his food, because of the large belly that sat on his waistband of his trousers.

    “Sarah, lovely to see you. Yes it’s all there and in the fridge’s in the back chilling for the ball.”

    “Lovely, thanks Martin.” She turned and walked over to Buffy and Dawn. “Sorry to interrupt but Lindsey will be able to attend tomorrow’s meeting. Dawn tomorrow we have a dressmaker coming in tomorrow around one in the afternoon and she will need to take your measurements to make the alterations to a dress that Buffy’s ordered for you.”

    “Oh Buffy you shouldn’t have!” There was a huge smile that spread across Dawn’s face as she got up and hugged her sister.

    “I’m off for the night Buffy. I’ll see you at nine for the meeting. Bye.” Sarah walked out of the kitchen and across the dining room that was filling up with hungry SIT’s. Giles walked in behind them, reading a book and accidentally walked into Sarah.

    “Oh I’m sorry Rupert… Mr Giles. I should have been looking where I was going.”

    “Um…oh sorry and please Sarah, drop the Mr it makes me sound old. Are you off for the night? Got anything nice planned?” He closed the book that he was reading and looked at her.

    “Only me, a bottle of wine and a hot bath, then bed.” A picture of Sarah naked in a bath flashed into Giles’ mind and he felt a stirring in his groin.

    “I better let you go. I’ll see you in the morning” He said a bit flustered, wanting to quickly get away, to stop the erection that had started, before it got really noticeable.

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    Default Re: A Christmas Ball to Remember - Sarah Kane - Sex Story

    Sarah got up early to make sure that she looked her best for the morning’s meeting. She hated winter mornings waking up alone and cold. She got out of bed and opened the curtains where a flood of light, the sun was out but it certainly didn’t radiate any heat, shame, as she loved the summer months. She walked in to the bathroom and adjusted the temperature of the shower and climbed in. She felt the powerful jets soothe her aching joints, she spent most of last night asleep on her sofa.

    When she got in last night she had grabbed a cold bottle of Asti Cava out of the fridge, sat in front of the TV, and proceeded to drink most of the bottle and fell asleep at some point. When she had woken up and the TV was just a snowy picture, she switched it off and went to bed.

    When she had finished in the shower, she got dressed in matching underwear, black satin with lacy trimmings, a lilac trouser suit and platform sandals. She applied her make-up making sure her lips looked irresistible to kiss. She added a little bit of channel no. 5 behind her ears and on her wrists and a little more to make her smell wonderful. She spiked her hair at the back with hair gel and pushed the side down behind her ears. She grabbed her handbag and car keys walked downstairs. With the money that she on and what she had saved from the other jobs she was able to buy a detached house with adjoining garage. She walked through the kitchen to the door that led to the garage. She used the remote to open the garage door and climbed into her Honda CR-V. Twenty minutes later she was at the hotel. She checked her watch it was only 7:30, checked her make-up in the rear view mirror and climbed out locking the door behind her.

    Buffy on the other hand was still in bed, in her comfy pyjamas, her alarm had just sounded and she was just lying there thinking about the day ahead,

    ‘Willow is coming this morning, Angel and the other’s later. Angel…God I’d better get up and make sure that I look good to prove to him that I have moved on and still do…er… don’t have feelings for him.’

    She quickly scuttled out of bed and had a shower and got dressed in record time. She decided to wear black trousers, a loose fitting blouse and black open toed high heels. She swept her hair back into a ponytail leaving a fringe that side swept to one side. Her make-up consisted of eyeliner, mascara and lip-gloss.

    She walked into her office, which consisted of a large desk, a black leather executive chair, a computer, fax, and a sofa that ran along one wall. On her desk was a picture of her mother, which had sadly passed away due to a brain tumour, a picture of Dawn and one of Willow, Xander and herself. She started to study the folder of Shannon Smith and after reading through the report, that Lilah had faxed over, it was true that she had all the characteristics of a slayer. Perhaps with the permission from her father as she was only fifteen then they would be able to ‘recruit’ her, as to say. She glanced at her wall-mounted clock; 8:15 she still had forty-five minutes before making her way to the boardroom. She decided that she would re-read the file and make herself aquatinted with it properly.

    Giles was already in the boardroom, to room itself was large and there was a table that stretched most of the length of the room it could seat up to twenty people, nine each side and one at the top and the same at the bottom. At the top of the table there was a built in intercom that directly connected to the main office.

    Just outside had a small reception area that at times of meetings they had a SIT there to take any requests made, it was like a work experience. It helped for when they grew older and left the hotel itself and had to make their own way in life, at least they would have some knowledge of office work. They also ran a programme where in the last year of the SIT training they could opt to take some proper work experience, but many of them had chosen to work at the Watcher's Council.

    Giles was doing the same as Buffy reading the file of Shannon Smith. He had opted for the informal approach, a casual shirt that he left the buttons at the top undone and jeans. He knew that like the other meetings that they have had in the past with any of the SIT’s, that being in a room full of adults all wearing suits makes a teenage girl feel nervous and intimidated. So for the last few SIT meetings he had been dressing down, taking on a father type role. He put the file down and took off his glasses and started to clean them. He glanced at his watch 8:30, another half-hour and the meeting would be in progress, he jumped a little when the SIT that was on the reception desk came in carrying a tray with a jug of ice-cold water and five empty glasses.

    “Good morning Giles.”

    “Oh…um… good morning Eve.” She placed the glasses around the table and left Giles alone to his thoughts. He picked up his briefcase off the floor laid it on the table and took out the book that he had been studying all yesterday and most of the night. He briefly scanned the pages and took off his glasses, got up and crossed to the window the over looked the SIT’s outdoor training area. The SIT was following, Rona was another top SIT, and both her and Kennedy had the training down to a tee. Two and a half years ago there was just a handful of SIT now they had over fifty, from all over the world. Many of them had left for the real life but they all came for the annual parties as well as meetings to check in. But Kennedy, Rona and Amanda were the only ones left that decided to help with the training of the others. ‘Oh god…how am I suppose to tell Buffy? The world could be doomed if I don’t’ he thought sadly.

    “Hello Sarah Kane’s office”

    “Sarah it’s Mark, I’m phoning from the airport, Miss Smith flight has been delayed by two hours. I’ll phone you when I’ve collected her and I’m on my way.”

    “Ok Mark, I’ll let the others know thanks.” She pressed the end button again then dialled the extension to Buffy’s room,

    “Buffy it’s Sarah, Mark has just phoned to say that the flight has been delayed by two hours…Ok will do, he should be waiting in the boardroom I’ll phone up and let him know.” She replaced the receiver and looked up.

    “I never heard you come in.”

    “You were on the phone, I didn’t want to disturb you. Is everything alright?” Lindsey said with a smile on his face. She looked up at him noticing that his blue eyes were brighter than before and then she realised why from his position, standing the other side of her desk, he had a perfect view of her cleavage. She lent forward and rested her elbows on her desk she knew what he was looking at and wanted him to get a better look.

    “I don’t know how much you heard but Miss Smith’s flight has been delayed, so roughly she will be here no later than one o’clock. Sorry it seems that you are going to waste your time waiting around for her to arrive. If you had somewhere to go, then I will phone you as soon as I know our chauffeur has picked her up.” She said hoping that he hadn’t.

    “My plan’s were to spend the rest of the day here going through the contracts making sure they are up to date. Can you show me where they are kept?”

    “I will in a minute, I just need to phone Giles to let him know the meeting is delayed.” She picked up the receiver and left a message with Eve to let Giles know what is going on.

    “Right then if you would like to follow me I will take you to the file room, where the contracts are kept and if you wanted to look at the books for the hotel I think you will find everything in order.”

    She stood up, walked away from her desk and Lindsey opened her office door for her and he followed her along the corridor to the back of the hotel to the file room. She unlocked it using her pass-card and stepped in. She fumbled around in the dark trying to find the light switch, when she did the florescent lights flickered into life. There were two long rows of filling cabinets and a desk on the left-hand side with a small lamp above it.

    “On the left is the contracts for the SIT’s and the right everything to do with the hotel. The contracts are by alphabetical order and the hotel is by date. Anything else I can get for you?”

    “So where’s your contract?”

    “You will find mine in the hotel section in the first drawer,” she walked over to the right-hand side and opens the first drawer and starts flicking through them to find her one. She took the file out and handed it over to Lindsey.

    “There you go Mr. McDonald.”

    “Please how many times have we met now? And how many phone calls have there been? You don’t need to call me Mr. McDonald, Lindsey please.” He smiled it was a true smile that touched his eye’s. He walked over to the desk pulled up an extra seat, placed his briefcase on the floor and opened the file. “Come and sit.” He said patting the extra chair seat. “I don’t bite, honest.” She walked over and sat down next to him. They sat so close that his expensive cologne filled her senses and she felt a tingle run though her body and down in between her legs.

    “So it says here that you’re single, you live alone and you own your house, all by yourself?”

    “Yes, as I’ve got nothing to spend my money on I saved and brought it a little over a year ago.”

    “You’ve got good collateral for someone who’s only twenty six.” He turned over the page and accidentally brushed his arm against her right breast. “Sorry,” he said softly.

    “Don’t be sorry.” She turned in her chair to face him. He leaned forward and kissed her lightly on her lips. He reached up and cupped her face in his hand as he broke away,

    “I’ve wanted to do that since I first saw you.” It was her turn to take charge and lent forward kissing him passionately. He reached up and started to play with her nipples through her suit jacket, it hardened under his touch and she found herself leaning into his hand, wanting him to touch more of her breast. It seemed to last forever and she broke it off so she could get some air.

    “We can’t not here. I’ve got a room that I use when I stay here late, it mine and we won’t be disturbed. It’s on the first floor in the east wing and the first door on the right, give me five minutes then meet me there. Oh and by the way passion pink lipstick doesn’t really suit you.” They both laughed and Lindsey took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped it off. She stood up, kissed him quickly on the lips and walked out of the room allowing Lindsey to adjust the erection that had started. He stood up replaced the file, grabbed his briefcase, turned off the lights and walked out making sure the door was firmly closed behind him. He walked down the corridor and into the reception area. He noticed Sarah speaking to a redheaded woman and briefly stopped in his tracks.

    “Buffy’s in her room at the moment I think, just give me a moment and I will find out where she is. Ah Mr. McDonald is everything alright?” Sarah said as he approached them.

    “I was just wondering if there was anywhere I can go to freshen up a bit before the meeting,” he said trying not to laugh at the situation.

    “There’s the first floor in the east wing on the first right available if you would like to use that? Here’s the card, you know where you’re going or would you like me to get someone to show you?” She produced the pass card from her pocket and gave it to Lindsey.

    “Right Willow if you would like to just wait here I will get someone to collect your belongings and call Buffy for you.” Sarah walked into her office and called Amanda to show Willow where her room was. She tried to phone Buffy, but couldn’t get an answer from her room so she paged her to go to Willow’s room. She walked out of the office and Amanda was just arriving.

    “Amanda can you show Willow here to her room it’s the third level, the Kings suite and can you find Buffy to let her know. I’ve paged her but you know what she’s like, it’s more than likely that she has left it in her room. Thanks and nice to finally put a face to the name.”

    “Yeah likewise.” Willow said and left with Amanda. Sarah waited for a few moments for them to disappear before moving up to her room. She couldn’t help but smile on the way there as she knew what was going to be happening and she felt a wet patch in her panties, as she got closer.

    She reached the door and knocked, Lindsey opened the door with a champagne flute in one hand, and the cold bottle that Sarah had kept chilled in the fridge for a special occasion in the other.

    “What if I said that I was only coming up here to let you know that I’ve changed my mind?” A mischievous smile played on her lips. She closed the door behind her and walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa. Lindsey followed noticing her tight arse.

    “Would madam care to join me in a drink?” He bent down and handed her a glass and popped the cork of the bottle. Lindsey poured out the champagne in Sarah’s glass and then his own, putting the bottle on the glass coffee table in front of them. After a few sips he took her glass out of her hand on placed both glasses down. He lent forward and kissed her. She responded with desire and need, she had never wanted a man so badly like she did him. She started to undo his tie and pushed his suit jacket off his shoulders. He broke the kiss and took the jacket from her stood up and placed it on the back of a nearby chair. He offered his hand and she took it, he helped her up and then started to kiss her again. He removed her jacket and was amazed that she wasn’t wearing a blouse under it, he placed it over his jacket saying,

    “We don’t want to get any creases, it would look unprofessional if we turned up at the meeting looking like we had both been pulled through a hedge backwards.”

    He crossed to her and started to nuzzle her neck while toying with the straps to her bra, and then reached behind her to release the catch that held it together. He slipped her bra off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. He bent his head and touched her left nipple with his lips, brushing it gently, then flicking it with the tip of his tongue. Within seconds it had tensed and hardened. Taking it in his mouth he begun to suck insistently, each tugging movement making her tremble with a shock of pleasure.

    He seemed to know just how fast and hard she wanted. Then his other hand closed over the other nipple and he teased it lightly, nipping and pinching, massaging her breast with a circular movement of his palm. His kisses were so soft that it sent shivers down her spine, he began to get lower and upon reaching her waistband, he unzipped her trousers and steadied her while she stepped out of them. She was standing in the middle of her living room at the hotel in just her sandals and underwear. Lindsey stood back admiring the view, she bent over giving him a perfect view of her arse which was only cover by the small piece of material of her thong. She collected the glasses and the bottle and walked over to the doorway that led to the bedroom. She stopped it the doorway and glanced over her shoulder,

    “Coming?” she asked with a smile on her face. He followed her to find that she had a king-size bed so that meant there was plenty of room to play. He bent down, took off his shoes, socks shortly followed by his trousers he stood there in just his white boxers that had tented at the front. She took a sip of her champagne and walked over to him she started to kiss his chest, he wasn’t exactly muscular but his torso was well defined. He bent down and scooped her into his arms and walked over to the bed and laid her down. He laid to one side of her and started to kiss her again while he traced his fingers up the inside of her thigh, sending little electricity bolts through her entire body all the time getting nearer to the place she so longed to be touched by this man. He shocked her by ripping her thong off and let the remainders of it fall to the ground, until then he had been gentle with her.

    “Hey that was my best thong!” She said playfully slapping his arm.

    He laughed softly and rubbing her swelling clit, gently at first and then harder trying to discover the speed and pressure that turned her on. Her reactions taught him how to please her. Waves of pleasure shuddered through her. His fingers stroked and teased expertly. She reached down and her hand closed around the thick stiffness of his twitching prick, and involuntary spasm of surprise and pleasure made her shudder.

    She looked down at what she was fondling for the first time. His cock was as thick as her wrist. As she held it tightly, she could feel the bulging veins pumping rhythmically as his hot blood surged into the inflated tube of flesh. She began to pump the throbbing cock with a tight fist, jerking and squeezing it in a way that was both gentle and violent at the same time. He moaned and then by her surprise plunged three fingers deep into her soaking pussy and slopping them round in a circular motion which made her heave her buttocks up towards him with rising passion. She splayed her legs wide, easing the passage of his rotating, probing fingers into her hot and horny wet hole as it hungry depths ached to be filled.

    She pulled on his huge organ insistently urging him to move over her prone body and slip his welcome cock between her quivering, inviting thighs. But he had other ideas, pulling his fingers from her dripping fanny, he slid his hand around Sarah’s smooth rounded buttocks, his strong fingers digging into the soft flesh. Roughly he turned her over until she was laying face down on the bed.

    "Now - bring your knees up," he said huskily, as he pulled himself to his knees and straddled the back of her legs.

    She did as she was told, drawing her knees up until her round, white bottom reared up provocatively. He moved behind her and she could just feel the hard, hot knob of his throbbing cock touching lightly on her buttocks. He inched in closer behind her and let the long shaft of his cock slide under her soft cheeks until the burning, pulsing thick tip of it was resting against her fleshy lips of her oozing slit. He slid it up and down against her dripping pussy a couple of times, until her freely flowing juices had lubricated it thoroughly, then pulled back slightly, so that just the bulbous tip of his cock was again poised at the portal of her hungry hole. Teasingly, he contracted his muscles so that his prick jerked just slightly against her fanny lips, and then pulled back. She thought that he was going to call the whole thing off and she moaned and squirmed in frustration. She pushed her arse back trying to get to his cock and with consummate timing, he chose that second to lunge forward again, burying his great prick deep inside her welcoming sheath. She let out a gasp of pain and pleasure as the huge tool rammed home, writhing her buttocks against his belly frantically and feeling the swollen weight of his hairy balls against the soft cheek of her behind.

    As he was thrusting into her repeatedly, his arms snaked around her waist and his hands cupped around her soft breasts to squeeze them roughly each time his shaft struck home. She gasped, willing him to probe deeper into her and discover every last inch of her pussy with his cock.

    They both started rasping for breath as he continued to ram hard and fast into her, both their orgasms approaching fast, he picked up his pace as he felt her inner muscles start to contract around his cock. He knew he couldn’t hold on and they came together, her hot and slippery juices washing over his creamy sperm straight out onto the bed, soaking the sheets and her inner thighs. He pulled out of her and fell on the bed with enough room for her to lay with him, without being in the wet patch. She moved over and laid her head on his chest.

    “That was fantastic,” she murmured finally.

    “We must do that again some time.” She snuggled deeper into the crook of his arm and for the first time in ages she felt safe and warm.

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    Default Re: A Christmas Ball to Remember - Sarah Kane - Sex Story

    “I’ll keep you to that but not right now. Sorry to be a kill joy but what time is it?” He glanced down at his Rolex watch.


    “Come on finish your drink and join me in the shower.” As she walked out of the bedroom, she heard a knock at the door.

    “Coming,” she shouted she quickly ran into the bathroom and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around her naked body as she walked over to the door and opened it.

    “Oh…um…sorry, was you about to have a shower?” Giles stuttered. He glanced down at her body and then noticed that she was still wearing her shoes, he had obviously interrupted something more than just a shower. He glanced behind her and noticed a man’s suit jacket placed neatly over a chair. He cursed under his breath as he realised who’s jacket it was, but spoke as normal, not wanting her to know that he was jealous.

    “Mark has just phoned he will be arriving in the next hour. Have you seen Mr. McDonald?”

    “He came in earlier and then left, I will phone him as soon as I’ve had my shower.” She knew by the expression on his face that he didn’t believe her. He left and she closed the door.

    She walked in to the bathroom and noticed Lindsey already there, ‘God I want him again so soon but I can’t this is just a shower, nothing else can happen’ she thought opening the door to the shower and stepping in.

    “Who was at the door?” He had suds all over his body.

    “Giles to inform me that Miss Smith is going to be here within the hour.”

    “Shame, I was just getting ready for round two.” He grabbed her arse pulling her nearer and kissed her. “Maybe later?” She just replied by kissing him more ferociously making it clear that she wanted him just as much as he wanted her.

    In the boardroom Buffy sat at the head of the table with Giles sitting on her left, Lindsey sat three seats down with Sarah opposite him. They kept looking at each other trying hard not to start laughing at the passion that they had not long shared. The door opened and Eve walked in followed by a bleach blonde, young girl. Buffy stood up and offered her hand.

    “I’m Buffy, Shannon this is Giles a senior partner here, Sarah our manageress and Mr. McDonald, our lawyer.”

    “Hello,” they all same at the same time.

    “Don’t be worried, we’ve asked you to come in and so we could get to know you better. Ask you a few questions and for you to do the same. Please take a seat.” Buffy pulled out a chair on the right of her and Shannon sat down. “Do you have any questions before we start?”

    “No,” Shannon meekly replied. Giles quickly re-read the file, as so far she hadn’t lived up to what they thought she would, very outspoken.

    “It may sound like a silly question but how do you feel, I mean how long have you felt different?” Buffy asked.

    “About three years ago I felt like I was stronger. I can’t explain what, just that I did, and…”

    “Carry on Shannon, no-one’s here to judge you.” Giles encourage.

    “Well I decided that all of those people who took the piss out of me, sorry, those who picked on me at school because they thought I was a nerd, I got my own back.”

    The meeting carried on with questions being thrown around until after an hour they thought that it would be best if Shannon rested for the night, as she was jet lagged after the king trip and let what was discussed sink in. Buffy asked Eve to show Shannon to a room and they would continue in the morning. After Shannon left, it meant that they would be able to decide what the best course of action would be.

    “So what does everyone think?” Buffy asked.

    “Well I think that if we took her on, we may have trouble.” Sarah said firmly.

    “I think we should give the girl a break. I once knew someone with the same problems at her age and she has come through it and turned out to be a fine woman.” Giles turned to Buffy, who blushed at his remark, as she was the only one who knew that he was talking about her.

    “I think as your lawyer that if you take this girl on then you must tread carefully, not show her everything until she seems stable. I can produce a temporary contract until we know more. I will phone Lilah to see if she missed out on anything in the report that she sent you and ask how she met her.” Lindsey said getting up out of his chair.

    “Your right Lindsey, can you do that by tomorrow morning and we will meet here again at nine.” Buffy said. “If you excuse me, I’ve got guests arriving and want to freshen up. Sarah can you phone me when they get here please,” Sarah nodded her approval and Buffy walked out the door. Lindsey passed Sarah a folded piece of paper and with a wink walked out leaving Sarah and Giles alone.

    “I’m sorry about earlier Giles, I was just freshening up for the meeting.” Sarah said apologetically.

    “That’s fine. I’ve got some important things to do.” Giles said a little hastily and left.

    ‘That’s odd he always has the time to stay and chat,’ Sarah thought. She opened the piece of paper and on it Lindsey had written,

    Dinner tonight, I’ll pick you up at 9 Love Lindsey.

    With a smile she folded the paper back up and put it in her handbag and walked out making her way back to her office.

    Buffy had showered and got dressed in black leather trousers and a red tank top. She made sure that her make up was done to absolute perfection, giving herself smoky, yet very seductive eyes. When she finished she looked in the long mirror that stood in the corner of the room, she had to resist the temptation to play with herself, as she looked that sexy and she was feeling it too. When Sarah had phoned from her office and said that Angel and the other’s had arrived with a few guest, Buffy found that she had butterflies in her stomach and her heart beat faster. She quickly made her way down to the reception area and as she began to walk down the stairs, she could see Cordelia, Wesley, Angel and three other people, one female, one male and something else. Cordelia noticed her coming down the stairs and turned and faced her.

    “Buffy how you been? You look surprisingly good.”

    “Cordelia compliments coming from your mouth … are you feeling alright?” Buffy said crossing the floor with a laugh. Angel stopped talking to Sarah and turned to see Buffy. Cordelia was a right bitch when they went to school together. If there were a bitch of the year award it would certainly have gone to her, many times. Cordelia’s problem was that she was good looking and she knew it. She had a figure that some girls would die for, yet she could eat like a horse and not even put a pound on.

    “What happened to your long hair Cordy? But it still looks nice.”

    “A stylist from around the corner from my apartment done it last week for me.”

    “Hi Buffy,” Angel interrupted “Is Giles around? I need to talk to him urgently.” Buffy felt hurt as it was certainly wasn’t the response she was looking for.

    “Um…probably in the library he’s been in there a lot lately. Nice to see you too.” Angel looked a bit embarrassed as he noticed her sarcasm in her voice.

    “Sorry, it’s nice to see you too.”

    “So you must be Buffy, I’m Gunn, this is Fred,” he said pointing at the woman, “and this is Lorne.” Fred was a shy girl with long wavy brown hair. Gunn was the total opposite that was very outgoing and always ready for a fight and the red top that he was wearing went well against his chocolate coloured body. Lorne was like Gunn in a way, outgoing but hated fighting, he always seemed the only one who would get hurt. But the loud yellow suit he was wearing made Buffy want run and put on her sunglasses.

    “Buffy, you know I would never bring… sorry Lorne, a demon, if I thought he would be a threat but don’t worry, he’s on our side.” Angel said stepping up to her. Being that close to him made Buffy shiver.

    “Ok sorry Lorne, but we don’t have many demon coming here to stay. Sarah can you sort out rooms for our visitors please. Lorne with the exception of Sarah, our staff do not know what goes on here.”

    “So under cover, got it, Ok.”

    “Angel if you follow me I will take you to the library. Sarah get Mark to drop the bags in the rooms for them.” Buffy walked off with Angel following her. She led him through the gym in the west wing and into the adjoining library. Giles was sitting at a desk studying a book, making the occasional notes. He noticed them walk in, and got up quickly closing the book and shook Angel’s hand.

    “Good to see you. Did you bring the book?”

    “I did it should be in my room by now.”

    “Shall we go?” Giles asked hastily.

    “Yes. Buffy what room am I staying in?”

    “President, do you want me to show you?”

    “No thanks, Giles do you know where it is?”

    “Yes…um…I think so, I went there only once when the building was first restored.” They walked out of the room leaving Buffy there, alone. ‘Well that wasn’t what I expected. I wonder what they’re talking about.’ She thought miserably.

    “She doesn’t know and I would like it to stay like that until I know something definite.” Giles said walking along the balcony above the reception area.

    “The tree looks nice,” Angel commented as he saw the top of it. “It’s a shame that this has came up at this time of year.”

    “How did you come across it? Uh…here we are, the president suite.” Giles noticed the door ajar and peered in, Mark was there, putting Angel’s bags down.

    “There you go. The bags are in the hall there.” Mark said as he walked past Angel, handed him the key and walked out closing the door behind him.

    “It must of cost a lot to decorate this suite.” Angel said as he noticed that most of the furnishings were made from silver. The walls were painted magnolia, with a subtle gold boarder. As Angel and Giles walked into the living area Angel noticed that the window overlooked a maze, which led a summerhouse in the middle. The centrepiece for this room had to be the chandelier, which hung over a centre table with fresh flowers.

    “This is the bedroom with on suite bathroom and walk-in closet,” Giles said opening the door, Angel briefly saw in before Giles closed the door. “Here is the office and meeting room, a separate bedroom, the main bathroom and a kitchen area with a fully stocked fridge.” Giles continued pointing, at the different areas and doors. “Do you want to get the book and…” Giles sentence got cut off by the ringing of the phone. Angel scanned the room and found it over on the far wall, under a Michelangelo picture of ‘The Creation of Man’. It’s a picture that shows a man naked touching fingers with another man, which is believed to be god.


    “Hello Angel, this is Sarah, dinner will be served in the banquet room, just off the reception area, in half hour.”

    “OK thanks.” He replaced the receiver and turned to Giles. “Can we finish this after dinner?”

    “Oh, yes sure.” Giles walked out leaving Angel alone to get ready for dinner.

    He picked up his bags and walked into the bedroom. He had never seen anything like it, the bed was a four-poster that stood from floor to ceiling, and it was made of solid mahogany with gold etchings of vines that ran up the posts. A subtle soft glow of light came from the bedside lamps, giving the room a romantic mood.

    ‘God Buffy looked hot in that top.’ He thought as he stepped into the bathroom and took off his clothes. He adjusted the shower taps and then looked around, the bath was sunk in the middle of the room with steps leading down to it. He walked over to the basin, went into his wash-bag and got out his razor. He had a shave and then stepped into the shower, all the time his mind kept wandering to the image of Buffy. He felt a tingling in his groin and noticed that he had an erection, he moved his hand down to stroke it and then stopped himself.

    ‘I haven’t got time for this,’ he thought miserably. He got out of the shower and wrapped himself in the robe that hung on the back of the bathroom door. He walked into the bedroom and opened the suitcase, he took out black jeans, clean boxers, and a black shirt. I’ll unpack when I get back.’ He got dressed and walked down to the banquet room.

    He was the last one to arrive. As he walked in Buffy gave a nod to Sarah, who walked out of the room via a back door.

    “Sorry we’ve had to eat in here but the dining room is full of the SIT’s.” Angel sat down in the last available seat Buffy on the left of him, Fred on the right and Giles opposite.

    “Sorry I’m late. I haven’t missed anything?” Angel looked around the room and noticed Dawn and Willow in a conversation about spells.

    “Dawn I’ve told you before I don’t want you getting into magic.”

    “Sorry Buffy.” Both Dawn and Willow looked embarrassed.

    The door opened and three waitresses came out carrying bowls. They placed them down and they all started to eat the Carrot and Coriander soup. The waitresses stood at the back until they all had finished and proceeded to collect the bowls.

    Angel felt something travelling up his leg and quickly looked down to notice that it was Buffy’s foot. He looked at Buffy, who had a wicked smile on her face as she was talking to Lorne, apologising for the way she spoke to him when they first met. Lorne had done what she had asked and was wearing a polo necked shirt with a baseball cap on and whenever a waitress came near he kept his head bowed.

    “So if you want to sing for me later, I can read you, well the aura that surrounds you.”

    “I can’t sing.”

    “Buffy it doesn’t matter just a few lines. It’s easier to read people while their singing, they’re more relaxed.”

    “Ok maybe, I’ll think about it.”

    The waitresses appeared again and they placed platters of different meats and salads along the table and then placed plates in front of them. Buffy’s foot started to climb even further until it was resting in Angel’s lap. Under her foot she felt him getting harder so she rubbed her foot against him harder. After dinner they were absolutely gagging for it.

    “I’m going to bed goodnight.” Buffy winked at Angel and whispered, “Third floor east wing.” as she walked past him.

    “So if I retrieve the book you can study it tonight if you want.” Angel said to Giles.

    “Oh yes please Angel. Willow I may need you help within the next few days, there’s something that I want you to look at.” Willow looked over at him and nodded her approval and carried on her conversation with Fred about the Pergamum Codex.

    “Is it a spell?” Dawn asked enthusiastically.

    “Yes Dawn but you heard what your sister said, no spells.”

    “Well when we’ve done spells they always have consequences, but then saying that they’ve always been of the black magic kind.” Gunn said.

    Willow left with Fred to retrieve the book. Angel got up to leave.

    “I’ll drop it off to your room later Giles.”

    “I can see that I’m going to spend all night in the library so bring it there later, and don’t let Buffy know.” Giles whispered the last bit to Angel so Dawn couldn’t hear.

    Angel left the room, walked out to the reception area to see Sarah leaving with Lindsey.

    “Goodnight” Sarah called.

    “Night.” Angel waited until she was gone before climbing the stairs to the east wing. He reached the third floor and found himself getting excited as he walked along to the door. He knocked and waited for her to answer. When she answered she was wearing a black see through baby doll with lacy trimming. Angel’s mouth fell open as her could see straight through see her nipples, as she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He let his eye’s soak her up and felt his erection begin to get harder

    “What took you so long? Don’t answer just follow me.” She turned and Angel noticed her arse wiggling seductively. She led him through to her bedroom where she had lit candles all around the room. She lay down on the bed and without saying anything Angel walked over to her and laid down on top of her kissing her ferociously. She tugged at his shirt and ended up ripping it off his body. He started to kiss her neck and then her earlobes, giving them a quick nip with his teeth. He travelled down taking each breast into his mouth and spending a bit of time on each, he carried on after a while, kissing her tummy, belly-button and his chin hit her soft, blonde downy pubic hair.

    She moaned at the contact pushing his head down further, needing him to kiss her in that place there. He readjusted his position so that he was in between her legs and then bent down kissing along the top of her thighs getting higher each time. Every time he kissed her it sent shivers from the top of her head right down to her toes, all of her nerve endings were alive and on fire. The moment he placed his hand on her pussy lips she nearly came right there and then but resisted it. He opened her up with his thumb and forefinger and placed wet kisses on her inner lips, avoiding any contact with her clit.

    He licked away the juices that had already started to drip and savoured the musky taste. She tried to move away from his teasing tongue but he just grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her down on to his tongue, delving into the moist region of her pussy she let out a small scream and started clawing at the satin bed sheet out of pure pleasure. He pushed his tongue in and out for a while and then replaced it with a finger driving it deep into her. He licking at her nub coaxing her clit to come out, when it did he took it into his mouth and sucked it while flicking his tongue over the top. He felt her inner muscle contract around his finger and she started writhing around on he bed as her orgasm took over her body. When she finally lay still he withdrew his fingers and climbed up the bed next to her. She climbed up and sat down on his erection as they both moaned at the contact. She started bouncing up and down on his thick cock, squeezing her inner muscle every time she sat back down,

    ‘It wouldn’t be long before I come if she carries this up’ he thought as he grabbed her breasts and started to roll her nipple between his fingers. He suddenly pushed her off him and climbed on top of her, he plunged into her, driving his tip of his cock right up to her cervix. He paused for a moment savouring the welcoming pleasure of her inner muscles that had clamped around the base of his cock, sucking him in even further. He started a steady momentum of pushing and grating against her. He was thrusting in her a few times before he let out a moan of pleasure and she felt his hot sperm fill her. She hadn’t come and let out a small moan of frustration. Angel knew that she hadn’t so he spread her legs as far as he could and knelt down between them. He restarted his administrations to her clit, circling it with the tip of his tongue. He bit down on to it and she screamed with a mixture of pain and pleasure. He started to slap the outside of her thighs, and she moaned even louder than he had done before.

    ‘She must like it’ he thought as he brought his hand down harder, leaving a red handprint behind. Shaking his head, like a dog to his favourite toy, he nuzzled into her oozing fleshy fanny folds while his nose rubbed her clit. She was on the verge of an almighty orgasm when he stopped and moved away slightly. He dipped his finger into her wet hole and ran the juices up and down her crack so she was well lubricated. When he was satisfied that she was lubricated enough he resumed his ministrations, she started to writhe around on the bed, he knew that she was close to climax and inserted his finger into her brown hole, feeling her muscles clench around it like a vice. Slowly he started to piston his finger in and out of her while he continued sucking, the juices that was freely flowing down, just lubricated it even more. Within seconds she was coming, her juices running, gushing over his face he gulped it down like the ambrosia of the gods. When her orgasm had finished he took her into his arms and laid her on the bed. She rested her head on his chest as she slowly regained her breath.

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    Default Re: A Christmas Ball to Remember - Sarah Kane - Sex Story

    “God that was something else. I’ve missed you,” she said

    “I’ve missed you too. I’ve got to pop out for a moment I’ll be back as soon as I’ve given Giles a book that he wants.” He quickly gathered his clothes, gave her forehead a quick kiss and made his way to the door. He looked back and noticed that she had already begun to drift off to sleep.

    He quickly made his way along to his room without being caught without a shirt on and when he got to his room he noticed that there was a message on the answer-phone. He pressed play and listened,

    “Angel it’s Giles, don’t worry about the book tonight, I’ve found a copy of the ‘The Tiberius Manifesto, the Pergamum Codex...’ that I thought got blown up when the old Watcher's Council did. I’ll find you in the morning after my meeting.” Angel quickly showered and climbed into bed, he found that he fell asleep in no time at all.

    The next few days arrived and went. Xander and Anya arrived, much to the annoyance of Cordelia, who still had a soft spot for Xander. Every night so far, most of them had stayed up until the early hours of the morning catching up with what had been happening with each other's lives. But two people had decided not too, Giles and Angel they were too busy deciphering the books they were studying. Buffy missed Angel, as they hadn't been together since the first night of his arrival, she thought it would be different, that they spent most of the nights together, boy was she wrong.

    As Buffy looked around the bar, in the hotel, she couldn't help thinking that it was going to be one of those nights where she didn't get to spend time with Angel and everyone was going to be up late talking again. Sarah popped her head around the corner and scanned the room for Buffy. She walked over to her and interrupted her conversation with Willow.

    "Sorry Buffy, but can I speak to you for a moment?" Sarah led her out of the room and into her office.

    "I've been thinking a lot about Lorne. Perhaps we could use him while he's staying here."

    "For what?" Buffy asked intrigued

    "Well he can read people, so what if we asked the permission of the SIT's to allow him to read them? That way we can decide what the best course of action will be with them. I know that it's none of my business, but I thought I would put the idea across to you."

    "I have been thinking along the same lines, of course we need to talk to him and the SIT's, I thought that on the results that Lorne gives us, we could decide who goes up a level, stay's the same or even goes down a level. I'll talk to him tomorrow about it."

    "I'm about to head off for the night is there anything that you want me to do before I leave?"

    "No not tonight but in the morning I would like you to meet me in the boardroom, there's something that I would like to discuss. Oh and can you phone Lindsey to see if he could come along as well?"

    "Ok I'll see you tomorrow." Sarah got up and walked to the office door.

    "What about phoning Lindsey?" Buffy called. The door opened and Buffy took a little while catch on to the situation.

    "What about me?" Lindsey asked. He was dressed in a tux and ( Celebrity Sex Stories ) was holding a box with an orchid corsage on top.

    "About...about asking you to a meeting with Giles, Sarah and me tomorrow morning." Buffy felt a little awkward.

    "Sure what time?"

    "Are you off out for the night?" Buffy asked.

    "I was taking Sarah to the Wolfram and Hart Christmas party, it was suppose to be a surprise but oh well, here." He handed Sarah the box and she opened it, inside was a long gold satin dress, with a matching bolero and underneath was a white lace basque with a suspender belt with stockings, but no panties to go with it.

    "Oh sorry ... good, someone's gotta get some fun around here. Say about twelve?"

    "Are you sure?" Sarah asked. Buffy nodded her approval and watched them both leave the office. Buffy couldn't remember ever seeing Sarah so happy. Sarah and Lindsey walked over to the bottom of the stairs when Lindsey turned to her,

    "Oh! I forgot there's another box, go upstairs and put it on, I'll be up in a minute."

    Sarah quickly had a shower and walked into the living area with just a towel wrapped around her. Lindsey was there with two more boxes, one quite large and a small one. He was over by the drinks cabinet and turned around with a glass of champagne for her.

    "Here and quickly get dressed we don't want to be late." He passed her the larger box and the glass and she headed off to the bedroom where she quickly done her hair and make-up and then stepped into the dress. She opened the other box to find a pair of gold sandals with a diamond-encrusted buckle, and a matching purse. She looked at herself in the mirror and couldn't believe that it was her staring back. The dress was strapless, showed off all her curves and the split up the side, showed the top of the suspenders, she felt so horny without wearing any panties. She stepped out of the room and crossed to Lindsey who was staring open-mouthed at her.

    "Wow! You look...stunning!"

    "Are you ready?" Sarah took his hand and he pulled her back and kissed her.

    "No wait. There's another present." He said as he pulled away. He opened the other box and there inside was a pearl necklace with matching earrings.

    "Lindsey you shouldn't have, all of this must of cost you a small fortune."

    "Yes but it doesn't matter I had the money just sitting there in the bank with nothing and no-one to spend it on, that is until I met you."

    Lindsey took out the necklace and placed it around her neck while she put the earrings on.

    "I'd better keep my eye on you, there's a lot of single blokes that are going to be after you tonight."

    He took her arm and led her down the stairs to the reception area, Giles walking through and stopped to look at her, he wanted to say how beautiful she looked but he could only stand and stare, green with envy at Lindsey. Lindsey opened the door for her and she stepped outside, the cold air hitting her making her nipples hard. There outside waiting was a white limo and the chauffeur opened the door taking her hand to help her in. Lindsey climbed in beside her and the chauffeur started the engine and started to drive.

    Two hours later, a whole bottle of champagne, the driver stopped outside the Wolfram and Hart building in London.

    "So this is where you work?" Sarah said as she took Lindsey's hand a climbed out of the limo. They walked into the building and took the elevator up to the top floor. As they stepped out a waiter handed them a glass of champagne from the tray he was holding. She was envious at the way the room was laid out; she hoped that when all of the decorations were up in the ballroom in the hotel that it would look better than this. There was a Christmas tree in the corner, a small dance floor on the other side, with an orchestra playing classical music.

    "Ah Lindsey, glad you could make it. And who may we have here?" The man asked as he took her hand and kissed the back of it.

    "Mr Linwood, please meet Sarah, my girlfriend." Sarah was a little taken aback at the mention of girlfriend but certainly didn't mind. "Sarah, Mr Linwood, my boss."

    "Glad to meet you."

    "Sarah works at the 'Sunnydale Hotel', they're a client of ours." Lindsey continued.

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    Default Re: A Christmas Ball to Remember - Sarah Kane - Sex Story

    "So you're mixing business with a lot of pleasure!" Sarah looked a little embarrassed at his remark. "But it's good to see you with a woman, Lindsey." Linwood said as he walked off.

    "Don't worry about him, he's had a few already." Lindsey said to her as he slipped his arm around her back. A woman at the bar turned and looked out into the crowd and Lindsey noticed her looking in their direction. She got up and walked over to the sucking on the olive out of her (i)martini.(i)

    "That Lilah, she came over with Shannon, saying that I've got the contract ready to be picked up, I'll bring it tomorrow?"

    "We're taking her on, on a short term contract."

    "Hello Lindsey, nice to see you have actually brought someone along to these drab parties." Lilah was dress in a black spaghetti strapped, short dress.

    "Hello Lilah."

    "I recognise that voice."

    "I'm Sarah, we've spoken on the phone a few times." Sarah said shaking Lilah's hand

    "And how is Shannon? A feisty little thing isn't she?"

    "Actually she's been a well behaved young woman since she came to stay with us."

    "Do you want to dance?" Lindsey asked dragging her across the room; he was getting bored of talking about work. There were a few other couples dancing slowly to the music. Lindsey placed one arm around her back and the other in her hand and they danced to the music.

    "Did I tell you how wonderful you look tonight?" He whispered in her ear, sending goosebumps all over her body.

    "Yes you did, but it nice to hear it again."

    "Do you know that all the blokes in this room are looking at you?" Sarah lifted her head off his shoulder and looked around the room.

    "Tough, none of them have even the slightest chance, I'm with you." Lindsey smiled and his heart fluttered.

    "Sarah there's something that I..." Linwood's voice booming over the speakers interrupted his sentence.

    "Sorry Ladies and Gentlemen. But it's approaching midnight and the waitresses are now going to hand out the presents." The waitresses were all huddled around the Christmas tree and Linwood started to hand presents out pointing at each person so they knew whom they were for. There was a lot of commotion and ripping of paper. A waitress came up to them with two presents in her hand. Lindsey opened his, inside was a solid gold pen with his name on it.

    "Go on open yours. They came around with a list of presents ages ago before I met you so I brought you one myself, so you didn't feel left out." Sarah opened the box and inside was a ladies gold (i)Rolex(i) watch. "I noticed that you hadn't got one and got fed up of you asking what the time was," he laughed softly then added, "Turn it over." On the back was engraved, With Love Lindsey. He took it out and placed it around her wrist, if he looked up at that very moment he would have seen the single tear roll down her face. She quickly wiped it away and looked at him.

    "It's beautiful, thank you." She kissed him on the cheek. "What were you going to ask?"

    "Oh I was going to ask if you wanted to come back to mine tonight?"

    "I'd love to." He took her hand and led her out of the room and past Lilah. If they were walking slowly enough they would have hear Lilah mutter,

    "Common bitch!" She was jealous of Sarah because before Lindsey had come to London, they had a love, hate relationship. She thought that if he would of stayed then it would of become something more.

    "Sarah, wake up darling, we're here." A sudden blast of cold wind blew in that woke Sarah up as she looked out of the door she noticed that they were no longer in London but in front of a tall rise block of private apartments that ran alongside the Thames.

    "Good evening Mr. McDonald." The doorman said as he opened the door for them.

    "Good evening." Lindsey took Sarah's arm and led her to the elevator. Once the doors were closed he turned to her and started to kiss her. Her hands found it's way around his neck, while his hands held her closely around her waist. They only parted when the heard the bell signaling that they were at the floor they wanted. He took a hold of her hand and opened the door to the apartment. Inside was immaculate, like there was a woman in his life.

    "Cleaner." He said as if reading her mind. He undone his tie and let it hang loosely around his neck. He walked into the kitchen and brought out two glasses and a bottle of wine.

    "Sorry all out of champagne," he said with a little laugh.

    "It's not the champagne that I'm here for," she said as she crossed to him. She kissed him lightly and he responded by parting her lips with his tongue. The kiss grew more intense and when they parted she found that she was breathless.

    She walked over to the window and gazed out watching the waves crash into the riverbank. He walked up behind her and started to kiss the back of her neck while undoing the zipper at the back of her dress. When he had undone it she stepped out of it and he placed it on the back of a near-by chair. She turned to face him and let his eyes rake over her body. She saw the stirrings of his erection growing when he noticed she wasn't wearing pants, he then remembered that he'd forgotten to buy some for her. She walked away from the window and he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into his for a kiss. She had kissed many men before but never had she felt a spark run through her body like the way it does when she kisses Lindsey. He took her hand and led her over to his bedroom. It was a simple room, a bed and a wardrobe. He scooped her up in his arms and gently laid her on the bed. It was so soft that her eyes began to close and Lindsey noticed so he removed her shoes and pulled the duvet over her. He climbed in beside her and she snuggled up into the crook of his arm.

    "Good night I love you." He breathed into her hair.

    "I love you too Lindsey." He was a little taken aback as he thought she was asleep. But then her words replayed in his mind and soon he fell asleep, happy.

    The morning light streamed through the crack of the curtains and Sarah opened her eyes; she turned over and faced Lindsey. She kissed him and he woke up.


    "Hi. Did you sleep well?" she asked.

    "Like a baby. You?"

    "Yeah, sorry about last night, it was probably too much drink that sent me off to sleep. But I can make up for it now if you want."

    "Sorry Sarah but I need to go into the office to get the contract for Shannon to sign before we head to the hotel."

    "That's a shame. Are you able to drive me home so I can get some clothes?"

    "We haven't got time, but I'll tell you what, when I'm in the office why don't you buy some new ones?"

    "No I can't keep letting you buy me things. I've got money I can buy some."

    "No I want to. Look, it was me that dragged you back here. I forgot that you didn't have any clothes so let me please?" He said pouting at her.

    "Ok. There's something that I need to ask you it's about last night." She turned and looked at him seriously.


    "When you introduced me to your boss you called me your girlfriend. We haven't talked about it before and I was wondering if what you said was true."

    "Yes it is and if you can't recall me last night when I put you to bed I also said that I love you."


    "Yes I do."

    "I thought that it was only me that felt it. I love you too." He pulled her into a kiss before he got up and got dressed. She put on her clothes from last night and they took the elevator down to the underground car park. He pushed a remote on his key ring and a soft-top Mercedes beeped and unlocked itself. He walked over to the passenger door and opened it, kissing her as she sat down.

    Half an hour later he dropped her off outside the shops and gave her £200. She walked in and out of the shops feeling a bit out of place dressed the way she was. She soon found what she was looking for, a lilac skirt suit. She paid for it and asked if she could use their changing rooms to change into it. When she looked at herself in the mirror she noticed that she had to buy some new shoes. She walked into the shoe shop next door and brought some lilac high heel shoes. The shop next door had a Christmas sale on and she walked in looking at the array of saucy underwear. She picked up a red bra with a matching thong and suspender belt, brought it and left that shop, now she had spent Lindsey's money she thought that it would be best to buy him something. She walked a long the road for a bit wondering what she would buy him. Then she spotted the shop she walked in and found the counter she was looking for. Brought it and got it gift-wrapped. As she walked out of the shop she noticed that there was a sale on Channel no. 5 so she brought some and put some on. Her mobile rang and she answered it.


    "Hi are you ready, we've got two and a half hours to get to the hotel."

    "Just finished."

    "Where are you?"

    "Pick me up where you dropped me off, I'm five minutes away."

    As Sarah walked up to the car and opened the door Lindsey jumped, he didn't see her coming; she put her bags in the back seat and kept his bag in the front with her.

    "I'm busy all day, I'm at meetings with the Sunnydale Hotel, take all my messages for me. I've got to go something has just come up. Hi" he said as he leaned over and kissed her cheek.

    "You look nice, are you ready?"

    "Here have this first," she passed him the present that she had brought for him and he opened it.

    "(i)Versace(i) apparently it is a sharp, aquatic fragrance. With a feel of sea air, spicy rosemary is blended with jasmine and citrus notes. Or so the cashier said. What do you think?"

    "It's lovely thanks. Now can we go I hate to be late, after all Buffy did let me keep you all to myself for the morning."

    When they reached the hotel Lindsey helped her out of the car and they walked across the car park to the main doors, when she stopped. She stepped up to him and gave him a kiss.

    "What was that for?"

    "Well in a minute I'm going to be at work so there won't be anytime for that until later." They walked in and she said good morning to the SIT that was on the reception desk and made her way to her office to dump her bags of shopping until later. She looked at her watch, the one Lindsey had given her the night before and lost track of time, thinking about how much she loved him in a short time.

    "Sarah? Hello? We've got to go to the meeting it's starting in about fifteen minutes." Lindsey said snapping her out of her thoughts. She quickly composed herself and locked the office door.

    "Morning, I hope that you had a nice time last night." Buffy said as they entered the boardroom door together. Giles looked at Buffy a bit puzzled by what she said and then he noticed Sarah. There was this glow about her, something that he couldn't put his finger on, and then he noticed Lindsey.

    'Oh damn it, I've lost her to that lawyer.' He thought miserably.

    "Anyway, I've called you here today as I want to say something." Buffy said in a professional voice.

    "Yes and we have both discussed it and thought that it would be best." Giles said.

    Sarah began to get worried, 'maybe they're going to sack me, but I haven't done anything wrong.'

    'She looks like a naughty little schoolgirl.' Giles smiled at his remark.

    "Sarah, both me and Giles have been talking and have decided that what you have put into the running of this place is more than what we could have even imagined an, excuse the phrase, outsider could do. So we have decided that it's not our dream to own a hotel, it's yours. What we want is for you to buy the half of the hotel that is a hotel. We had someone in this morning to value the place and what we want to do for you is let you pay just a quarter of that amount and it's all yours. But and there is a but, we still want you to help run the other side of it all."

    Sarah was absolutely shocked by the offer. Buffy handed her a slip of paper and she turned it over staring at it.

    "No I can't accept it. If I take it, I want to pay more money." She doubled the figure and wrote it down and passed Buffy the paper back to her.

    "You can't afford this much."

    "I can if I sold my house."

    "That's a big commitment, I think that we should leave you to think about it for a while, Giles." Giles looked up and understood the unsaid message from Buffy's look. He got up and they both left Sarah and Lindsey alone.

    "If you sold your house where would you live?"

    "I'd have to rent or move in here. What do you think?"

    "As a lawyer I would have to say, you'll need to think this through very carefully. Looking at the books of the hotel itself, I'd say that it is a good little profit earner. But as a boyfriend I would say that there is another option." He took her hand into his, and she wondered what he was going to say.

    "The other option is for you to move in with me."

    "I'll have to think about it, it's a lot to take in."

    "Take all the time you need, the offer will always be there. I've got to get Shannon to sign this." He got up, kissed her on her forehead and walked out, leaving her alone to her thoughts.

    Buffy had decided that she had enough of ignoring Angel, she would get on with life, even if it meant without him. She walked into the sauna and quickly walked out, Gunn and Fred were in there kissing.

    'God, everyone is at it!' she thought miserably as she walked into the swimming pool.

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    Default Re: A Christmas Ball to Remember - Sarah Kane - Sex Story

    "Perhaps a few lengths would help," she thought aloud, steeping into the shallow end. The warm water lapped around her body and she started to swim the length. After a few she noticed someone standing watching her, she swam closer to get a better look.

    "You wanna explain why you're spying on me?"

    "I think we need to talk, but not now and not here."

    "No. No, if you have something to say, then say it and perhaps why ... why you had sex with me and then left that night?" she sputtered out, blushing at the remembrance of their encounter.

    "When I got to my room there was this message from Giles saying that he didn't need the book that night so I laid on my bed for a rest and I must of fallen asleep."

    "This book wouldn't have anything to do with Giles why he's being all grouchy?"

    "I wouldn't know. Any way I don't wanna talk about Giles, I wanna talk about us."

    "Us? There are no us." She started to swim away when she heard a splash. She stopped and turned around to see Angel break the surface, still fully clothed.



    "Wait, come here." She swam over to him and as she got closer he dived under water and grabbed her by her waist pulling her down with him. They came up for air and went back under, they moved together and slowly opened their mouths, locking them tightly to one another so no air would escape. They kissed; tongue's entwined with one another. Buffy had never kissed under water before and found it a whole new experience. It was certainly unique, the whole thing was so much softer than usual, and it was like his lips were the softest in the whole world and everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. They broke the kiss and quickly made it to the surface, where they came up gasping for air, holding one another close.

    "That was amazing!" she exclaimed, with a smile across her face. Angel reached up and brushed a stray hair away from her face.

    "Any way going back to before," he said looking into her green eyes, "there is an us and there always will be. Eve since I first saw you...when you were called"

    "What?" She asked confused.

    "I saw when you were called, you were at Hemery High and it was a bright afternoon, you has just said good bye to your friends and you were called upon. And from then I loved you, like I say I always will."

    "But why?"

    "'Cause I could see your heart. You held it before you for everyone to see. And I worried that it would be bruised or torn. And more than anything in my life I wanted to keep it safe... to warm it with my own."

    Buffy looked up into his eyes for a long moment, and then she kissed him passionately, and then pulled away, thinking.

    "That's beautiful. Or taken literally, incredibly gross."

    "I was just thinking that, too." He said grimacing, and then they both started to laugh.

    "Have you made love in a president suite before?" Angel said with a twinkle in his eyes.

    "No, but something tells me I'm about to."

    They quickly climbed out of the pool and walked back to the hotel, using the back entrance so they wouldn't be seen. They got into the lift and as soon as the doors closed they started to kiss, ferociously. Buffy started to pull at his top, not caring where they were, but just as she was about to undo it the bell signaling that they were at the floor they wanted. Angel stuck his head out to make sure that no one was in the corridor and when there wasn't he took her hand, quickly opened the door and pulled her in. As soon as the door was closed Angel pushed her up against it, pinning her there with his body, kissing her like an animal. She jumped up and placed her legs around his waist as he walked her through to the bedroom. She could feel his erection pushing through her thin material of her blue bikini, grinding against her pubic bone as he walked. As soon as he was in the bedroom he laid her down on the bed and started taking off his wet clothes. When he was just in his boxers he climbed on top of her and started to kiss her while he ran his hands all over her body. He broke off from the kiss and started to make his way down her body, starting with her collarbone. He reached her nipples and she let out a moan of satisfaction, which turned into a moan of nothing as the phone started to ring.

    "Leave it," she whispered huskily. The answer phone picked up and over the loud speaker they heard,

    "Angel its Giles. Get Buffy and come to my office, I've cracked the book and it's very important." Angel stopped what he was doing and looked up into her green eyes that were pleading with his brown ones to continue his administrations to her body.

    "Do we have to?" She asked with a pout and puppy dog eyes.

    "Yes," he said sternly he took her by the hands and pulled her up.

    "Um... Angel had completely forgotten that she was still only in her bikini. "Meet me there?"

    "Ok." They both kissed again before walking out of the door, Buffy headed to her room, while Angel headed to Giles' office.

    Giles was pacing his office floor when Angel entered, his glasses where swinging from one arm in his mouth. He didn't notice Angel enter, as he was too engrossed in the book in his hand.

    "So what's the matter, sorry I didn't mean to make you jump." Angel said as he saw Giles jump in the air with fright.

    "Well with copy of the 'The Tiberius Manifesto, the Pergamum Codex' I was able to find the exact date that the prophecy was on about, it's not good I'm afraid," Giles looked up when he saw Buffy enter the room.

    "What's not good? Giles I know that something's has been giving you the wiggins lately, so just tell me, I'm not a child you need to protect any more." She said crossing her arms and leaning against the wall.

    "You're quite right Buffy, you're not a child and I'm sorry. It's just that what with Christmas coming I didn't want to have to spoil it, but after my extensive research last night I came across something more solid."

    "Just spit it out." She said.

    "Oh god...another apocalypse is coming. It's going to be even bigger than the last, against the first; this is what we've been waiting for. Training the girls for."

    "No." Both men looked at her.

    "No. I can't do it. The last time we won was due to Spike. We haven't got him or that amulet thingy. So no."


    "What is it Angel?"

    "There's something I've been meaning to tell you...about Spike."

    "What about him?"

    "Some how, just after the fight, I received the amulet back and...and Spike."

    "What do you mean?"

    "At first he was a ghost, then, then he became human again." Buffy looked shocked and upset that Angel hadn't been bothered to mention it before.

    "So where is he?"

    "In L.A"

    "And you was going to tell me this when?"

    "When I had the chance, but what with Christmas and everything I forgot to tell you, I'm sorry."

    "I still can't. I-I can't put these girls' lives on the line. There were many that died last time, I won't let that happen again."

    "Buffy, there's a lot at stake, the world will merge with the hell dimension and you have to stop it. Or many more than the casualties that we lost last time will be dead, all of the human civilization will be wiped out, only the demons and the vampires and everything else, will live and rule this world. Do you want that? Do you want to die like that, knowing that you gave up?"

    "No it's's just that I'm tired, I don't wanna go on fighting all my life."

    "You have to Buffy," he crossed the room to her and stroked her arm, "I'll be here with you all the way."

    "But it's not fair, you''ll..."

    "I'll what?"

    "You'll get to live if you manage to get through it, people won't."

    "I won't be living, I'd rather die than to go on living without you in the world. So you have to fight."

    "I don't want to tell the other's yet. Christmas is only two days away and I don't want to spoil it for them. Not unless that this is going to happen on Christmas?"

    "No. Um...if I'm correct then it will be on the eve of the New Year."

    "Oh, at least we get to party before." Buffy said with a smile and then walked out of the room.

    "The earth is definitely doomed," Giles said watching her go.

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    Default Re: A Christmas Ball to Remember - Sarah Kane - Sex Story

    The day was hectic, for everyone, Sarah was getting the last of the arrangements for the ball settled, checking that the decorations were going to be better than Wolfram and Hart's. Buffy was out with Willow and Dawn doing last minute Christmas shopping in the Bluewater shopping center. Giles was doing more research with the help of Angel and Wesley; they thought that Wesley could help, as he was once a watcher like Giles. Lorne was doing the 'readings' of the SIT's; he got told to do it the day before with no explanation. Lindsey was taking charge of Sarah's finances, selling her house for her. He was in his office when he got the call,

    "Hello, Mr. McDonald, everything is being finalized by the end of today, like you requested. Congratulations."

    "Thank you, bye." He phoned through to his secretary and told her that he would be out all day with a client and that she could leave early today and wished her a Happy Christmas as he left.

    He arrived just in time for Sarah's lunch break and walked into her office to wait for her. When she arrived he just sat looking at her, he couldn't believe that he had found the one, in such a short period of time that they had been dating he knew.

    "Your house has been sold." He told her bluntly.


    "Finalized today."

    "But no-one's been round to view it."

    "I went there the other day."

    "So when do I have to be out by?"

    "You don't that's the beauty of it." He pulled a bottle of champagne out from behind her desk and two champagne flutes.

    "What do you mean I don't?"

    "You don't because the buyer that has brought it, for a bit higher than the asking price, and he loved it."

    "Who is it Lindsey?"

    "Well I thought that since you were buying this place and that you had decided that you were going to move in with me, well there's not enough space at mine so..."

    "So what?"

    "So, I've brought your house, that way you don't have to move your things out and you've already got a key." He smiled.

    "Oh Lindsey." She walked over to him and kissed him deeply.

    "Merry Christmas darling, here's to us," he said chinking his glass against hers.

    "Oh I've brought something along," he reached into his briefcase and pulled out a file.

    "What is it?"

    "The contract for you buying half of this place. Is Buffy and Giles around?"

    "Giles is, but Buffy's out shopping."

    "What have you got to do for the rest of the day?"

    "I'm doing the finishing touches to the ballroom, getting everything ready for tomorrow night. Why?"

    "Well on the way over to here, I noticed in a window a dress and realised that you didn't have one for the ball tomorrow, so I wanted to take you there to buy it."

    "No I'm fine I was going to wear the dress you brought me."

    "No you're not. Let me please."

    "Ok, I can spare you two hours, but no more than that." Lindsey took her hand and led her to the car, opening the door so she could get in. 'I could do this all the time for her, treat her like a princess,' he thought as he walked to the drivers door.

    As they drove out, Buffy was just arriving. She looked around at them and just continued to get her bags out.

    "What you smiling at?" Willow asked Buffy.

    "Just Sarah and Lindsey. They seem so right for each other and I have never in the three years that I have known Sarah, seen her smile like that. I wish that I can find someone who makes me smile like that one day."

    "But what about Angel? I thought that is why you asked him to come along. And-and me, with that spell. I done it the first night that he was here, don't say that I done it for no reason."

    "You've done it already, that's why." Buffy said with a quizzical smile on her face, Willow and Dawn just looked at one another.

    "You ready to come in or you just going to stand out here all day? I'm cold." Dawn complained.

    All three women walked in and went straight into the bar, where it had a large open fire burning away.

    "So what does the ballroom look like Buffy?" Dawn asked.

    "I don't know Sarah has been taking care of all the arrangements. She has locked the doors when no ones in there. We will only find out tomorrow night. All of the SIT's parents have been invited and the only staff will be the waiters, waitresses and Sarah. There's a buffet meal, and loads of champagne, wine and all that lot. That's all I know."

    The three women sat there getting warm by the fire, Buffy forgot about the fore coming battle only a week away, 'we should be getting prepared but, the way the SIT's training have been going, there should be no worries,' she thought.

    They sat there for the rest of the day talking and catching up, Xander and Anya even prized themselves away from their bedroom to join them. Lindsey walked in; Dawn saw him and her mouth fell open,

    "Who's that?" she whispered to Willow.

    "I think it's Buffy's lawyer."

    "He's cute."

    "And way much older for you." Willow said laughing.

    "Buffy can you meet me in the meeting room with Giles please."

    "Yeah sure, I'll just go and get him." They both left the room and Buffy went and got Giles out of his office and met Lindsey and Sarah in the meeting room.

    "Lindsey, Sarah what can we do for you?" Giles asked as he walked in the room.

    "I've got the contract here for you."

    "Already, have you got the finances already?" Buffy asked

    "Yes my house has been sold today and I have the money sitting in the bank waiting."

    "Right, pass me that here." Buffy said as Lindsey slid the contract to her.

    "As your lawyer I advise you read it first Buffy."

    "Yeah I would, but I trust you both. Sign here?" She asked pointing at the dotted line. Lindsey lent over and pointed to the line that she should sign. She signed it and passed it on to Giles. He signed it, and so did Sarah.

    "Congratulations." Buffy said getting up and crossing to Sarah and gave her a hug. "So if you've sold your house, where are you going to stay?"

    "Lindsey brought it and I'm staying where I am, and he's moving in." Buffy hugged her again but Giles couldn't help feeling that he had lost all round. He walked out of the room and went back to his office.

    "Anything useful?" He asked Wesley when he walked in.

    "Just the same as we already know, no mention of what's coming...Ah!"

    "Ah what?"

    "It says here that after the fight with the first, a hero will be recognized, and the uber vamps will find another way out...but the hero will not be able to do anything this time um...only the slayer will prevail."

    "At least we know what we're fighting."

    "I can't tell Buffy at the moment, she probably celebrating Sarah's good news."

    "Why so down about it?"

    "Because I thought that there was this connection between me and her. But then she's taken interest in that lawyer, and now they're moving in together."

    "Ah the classic case of the green eyed monster!"

    Buffy, Sarah and Lindsey went down to the bar to have a ceremonial drink.

    "To Sarah." Buffy said lifting her glass in salute.

    "Why, what's she done?" Dawn asked.

    "Brought half of the hotel, the actual hotel."

    " does that mean that we have to pay her now?"

    "No, Dawn you and the others will be staying here free of charge, like before." Sarah said.

    "Good because sex wouldn't be the same if we had to pay for the room." Anya said. Xander went red with embarrassment. Anya had a way with words, she was a person who didn't care what she said, but Xander did.

    "Anya honey, we talk about things like that when we're alone, not in front of everyone."

    Everyone continued to talk amongst themselves, Dawn kept staring at Lindsey, until Lindsey put his arm around Sarah.

    "Come on let's get out of here, there's a table booked for us." He took Sarah by the arm and guided her towards the door. Angel came in and saw them.

    "Lindsey," Angel said with a smile on his face, he remembered the last time they saw each other.

    "Cops suck? Do you know I got pulled over for that? Thanks."

    "Found your routes I see, does Wolfram and Hart know you're here?"

    "I work at the Wolfram and Hart in London now, thanks to you, I've changed."

    "But Wolfram and Hart hasn't I bet. I'm glad to see you've got things in hand." Lindsey leapt forward but Sarah stopped him from punching Angel in the face. Sarah led him out, while Angel stood there watching them go, laughing.

    "What was that all about?" Buffy demanded.

    "Nothing much." He looked at her and off her glare he continued, "Well when he worked in L.A, he was the thorn in my side as to say, so I chopped his hand off."

    "I never noticed that his hand was plastic."

    "No it's not. Wolfram and Hart gave him a new one."

    "What was that all about?" Sarah asked once she got him in the car.

    "You see this scar here?" He undone his cuff on right hand and showed her the scar that ran all around his whole wrist.

    "I've never noticed it before, you've always kept that bracelet on."

    "You know why now. Going back about four years I was co-vice-president of Special Projects in L.A and part of that was to investigate Angel and his team. Anyway Cordelia got sick and I was about to burn a scroll, then Angel came in and chopped my hand off. For months I had a plastic one and when the position to be vice president came up they sent me off to a hospital for a transplant. I left L.A after finding out where the hand came from and it opened my eyes, that the Wolfram and Hart in L.A was evil just like Angel and the others had been saying. I traveled for a while and then settle here, then when Wolfram and Hart approached me saying that the Wolfram and Hart in London was legit, I worked for them again. Now are we going we don't want to be late."

    Lindsey drove them home so they could get showered and changed. Sarah decided to wear a simple black dress that reached the top of her knees, black stockings and black high heels. When she came down stairs Lindsey was waiting for her.

    "You look nice, here put this on it's cold outside," he held up a tan suede coat for her, she put it on and it reached her knees.

    "Lindsey it's lovely, why do you keep buying me presents?"

    "Because I want to. Because I love you," he kissed here before opening the door for her.

    The drive to the restaurant was a quick one, they only went to the local Indian, and sat down. The waiter came over and took their order for the starters, king prawn butterflies that were coated in breadcrumbs served on a bed of salad. They ordered a bottle of Asti and held hands over the table, while eating.

    "So is everything ready for tomorrow night?"

    "I think so, the caters are coming in tomorrow lunch time to set up the buffet and the wine and champagne are already chilling. All the decorations are done and the DJ is finishing setting up an hour before. It should be a good night."

    "So you don't mind that I was the one that brought your house?"

    "No, of course not, I'm glad as it's got a lot of good memories there. It was my first house that I brought, I had lived in flats and apartments up until then, and so with you buying it, it means that I don't have to give them up."

    They ate their dinner, paid the waiter a ten pound tip, as it was Christmas and left. When they got home Lindsey scooped Sarah up into his arms and carried her through the door.

    "What are you doing?" Sarah said laughing.

    "Carrying you through the thresh-hold. That's what you're suppose to do when you buy a new house."

    "No, you do that when you get married, you carry the bride over it."

    "Well then, I'm getting in practice."

    They went upstairs but they didn't have sex, with all the wine, champagne and excitement they were both too tired to do anything but sleep.

    Back at the hotel, everyone had gone to their rooms leaving only Angel and Buffy in the bar.

    "We never got to do it in the president suite like I promised."

    "No, but don't you think that it's strange that you haven't lost your soul? Remember a moment of true happiness, your soul will be gone and you will turn back into Angelus."

    "Now that you mention it. I haven't before but I am now. Why's that?"

    "Willow was transcribing some spells and she came across one to protect the soul. I asked her to cast it and she did on the first night that you were here."

    "So you know what that means," Angel said with a glint in his eyes.


    He took her hand and led her to his room. As soon as the door was closed they started to kiss wildly. Knocking things over as they tore and ripped each other's clothes off. He slammed her against the wall and penetrated her, taking a moment to adjust to the comfort, knowing that he wouldn't lose his soul. She started to move her hips up and down sinking lower onto his cock, clenching her inner muscles around it, enjoying every minute. Angel couldn't hold on any longer and shot his hot sperm into her.

    "Sorry," he panted into her ear.

    "Don't worry there's always later, I'm staying with you the whole night, this is if you want me to?"

    "Yes," he said kissing her, this time passionately.

    He walked into the bedroom, still inside her and laid her on the bed, where they both fell asleep.

    When Buffy awoke she looked around to see that Angel was looking at her.

    "What's the matter, do I have bed hair?"

    "No nothings the matter. I just can't believe that we've been able to make love, without losing my soul."

    "I know. Wanna go again?"

    He kissed her his response and after a while started traveling down her body, kissing and nipping her body as he went down. When he reached her pussy he just gazed at it, taking in every detail, the slight blonde downy hair, the way her outer lips covered everything and the way her clit slightly poked through them. He opened her up using his thumb and forefinger smelling a musky scent of her and his cum from earlier.

    He gently bent his head and tasted her, to him she tasted of vanilla, and then he licked from her puckering of her brown ring all the way up to her clit. She let out a shrill of delight, so he done it again, this time just poking the tip of his tongue in her anus. She wrapped her legs around his head and her hands running through his hair. He moved his tongue to concentrate on her clit and inserted a finger into her anus while inserting his thumb into her pussy, which was soaking wet. He started a gentle rhythm of sucking on her clit while pumping her with his thumb and finger. She started to buck on the bed, with his free hand he held her down while continuing with his administrations.

    Soon she was moaning louder than before and just as she was about to cum he withdrew and flipped her over, pulling her up onto her hands and knees. He entered her with such force that he felt the end of his knob hit her cervix. He thrusted in and out of her feeling her climax was near he sped up, feeling his own approaching fast. They both erupted simultaneously and collapsed on the bed together.

    "That was..." Buffy rested her head on his chest and fell asleep.

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