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    Default A Christmas Present For Mickie Jame

    It had been a very long day for Mickie James now all she wanted to do when she got home was to put her feet up and read a good book. Turning her key in the lock Mickie stepped into her dark hallway and flicked on a light. Hanging her coat up Mickie thought about what a day it had been signing all those fan's pictures and books. Tired and ready for bed Mickie walked into her living room and got a huge shock. A figure was under her Christmas tree Mickie was amazed because the figure had her ass sticking up and her satin red panties were easily seen.

    "What the hell," Mickie shouts out as the figure moved and stands up. It was Trish Stratus dressed up in a Santa costume that shows off her huge tits and most of her sexy legs.

    "I'm Trishy Claus," said a dressed up Trish smiling from ear to ear.

    "But what are you doing here," Mickie asks again still amazed Trish is here in her house.

    "I'm putting your presents under the tree," Trish says smiling pointing to the presents under the tree.

    Mickie's face breaks out into a grin, "Oh but Trishy Claus I've been a bad girl."

    "Oh really?" Trish says giggling, "Well on my list it says Mickie James is nice not naughty."

    "But Trishy Claus I am a bad girl you see there's this girl at work," Mickie says head down shifting from on foot to other nervously.

    Trish moves over to Mickie's sofa and sits down, "Come on Mickie sit on my lap and tell me all about it."

    "Ok Trishy Claus," says Mickie who skips over and sits her jean-clad ass on Trish's bare legs.

    "Now then tell me all about this girl at work," Trish says.

    "This girl is so nice she's like a champion," Mickie says looking Trishy Claus with her eyes lit up.

    Trish strokes Mickie's back as she continues to talk, "And her hair is lovely and blonde with boobies just like yours," Mickie says poking Trish's tit though her Santa suit.

    "Very nice," says Trish rubbing circles round Mickie's back, "But what do you want to do to this girl that makes you naughty."

    "Well Trishy Claus whenever I see this girl all I want to do is kiss and lick her all over," Mickie says then whispers, "Does that make me a bad girl Trishy Claus."

    "I'm afraid Miss James these sort of thoughts make you a very naughty girl," Trish says. Mickie hangs her head in shame but you can hear her giggling.

    "Mickie James for thinking such bad thoughts about a co worker I'm going to give you a spanking," Trishy Claus says smacking her hands together.

    "Ok Trishy Claus," says Mickie reluctantly sliding over Trish's lap sticking her butt up.

    "I'm sorry Miss James but it has to be bare bottom," Trish says licking her lips.

    Mickie smiles then gets up and undoes the button on her jeans and tugs them down past her hips. Her bright red panties stare out at Trish as Mickie strips off her jeans.

    "Panties too Miss James," Trish says though her dazzling white smile.

    Mickie blushes as her fingers slip into the waistband of her panties and tug them down her tanned legs. Trish gets her first look at Mickie James pussy only to gasp out loud as she sees that it is totally bare. Mickie kicks her panties onto the Christmas tree then walks over to Trishy Claus before lying down over her lap. Trish gives Mickie's bare ass a few gentle rubs making the brunette giggle and stick her ass up higher in the air.

    "You have such a great ass Mickie James," Trish says stroking those golden cheeks of Mickie making the young diva moan in pleasure.

    "However Mickie you are a bad girl and must be punished," Trish tells the bent over Mickie raising her hand. Mickie closes her eyes but still screams as Trish's hand bounces off her asscheek.

    "Did that hurt Mickie?" Trish said with concern but Mickie just shakes her head so Trish lifts her hand and delivers 3 quick spanks to Mickie's bare ass.

    "OOWWWWWWWW," Mickie yells as her ass shakes from the impact while Trish continues to spank Mickie's ass making her golden tan mix with reddening cheeks. Trish strokes Mickie's ass crack making her shiver with pleasure then goes back to the hand spankings, 6 more loud shots to the bubbly diva's ass then Trish stops.

    "Ok Mickie James I think you have paid your debt you are now a good girl," Trish says pushing a bottomless Mickie onto the floor then standing up.

    "Yes Trishy Claus," Mickie says with a sad look in her eyes while pouting.

    "Now Mickie time for your big surprise close your eyes please," Trish says in a strong tone as Mickie's eyes light up and she leaps to her feet.

    "Yay I love surprises Trishy Claus," Mickie's says looking at Trish as she walks towards the Christmas tree.

    She looks back at Mickie who quickly slaps her hands over her eyes so as not to look. Once Trish has checked that Mickie is not looking she kicks off her heels and pulls down her Santa suit. Still checking Mickie can't see Trish's Santa hat, white socks and red panties are removed and hidden behind a sofa. Mickie is getting bored of waiting so she slowly moves her hands and opens her eyes to see Trish Stratus standing naked in front of her.

    "Oh my god Trish you're here and hey where did your clothes go," Mickie says staring up and down Trish's fantastic body.

    "Mickie I don't know," Trish says shyly pretending to cover herself up, "All I remember is someone in a sleigh picking me up and telling me they were going take me to my true love."

    "Wow Trish I er made a wish to Trishy Claus and she spanked me till I became a good girl," Mickie says, "And I wished for you and you're here."

    "Well Mickie you got exactly what you wished for" Trish grins as she walks forward towards her.

    Mickie smiles back and pull her top over her head letting her own naked breasts out into the open. Trish and Mickie embrace in the middle of the room, their lips touch and slowly Mickie and Trish French kiss by the light of the Christmas tree. The two divas big tits rub against each other as their nipples softly rub together and both girls moan thought their kiss. Mickie breaks the kiss first stroking Trish's blonde hair out of her face then grabs her hand.

    "C'mon you time for bed Trishy Claus doesn't come for girls who are not in bed," Mickie says in a dominating tone leaning Trish to her bedroom.

    They climb the stairs and Mickie took Trish into her room and helped Trish into bed.

    "Night night Trish sleep tight," Mickie says tucking Trish in then kissing her on the forehead.

    "Mickie aren't you going to get in with me it's very cold," Trish says doing her puppy dog eyes up at Mickie making the Woman's champion smile.

    Mickie giggles and climbs into bed alongside Trish and snuggles next to her favorite diva feeling her body next to her.

    "So" Trish said her face right next to Mickie's, "What's Trishy Claus like?"

    Mickie kissed Trish on the bridge of the nose before answering.

    "She's a lot like you she has long blonde hair a cute face and some awesome tits," Mickie buries her face into Trish's boobs making the Canadian moan out loud.

    "No more teasing Mickie I want you, I want you now," Trish says with a fire in her eyes.

    Mickie giggles then rolls herself on top of Trish, their tits crush together and Mickie stares deeply into the Canadian's blue eyes. Trish pushes her face forward and sticks her tongue down Mickie's throat making the brunette gag as Trish kisses her hard. Mickie response to this hard kissing is by rubbing her tits across Trish's boobs making their hard nipples touch sending waves of pleasure though them both. Breaking off the kiss Mickie starts to slide down Trish's body her tongue out licking in between her big boobs and down her toned ads. Trish feels herself getting wetter and wetter as Mickie slowly licks down Trish's body before making it to her soaking wet cunt. Moaning as she feels Mickie's cool breath next to her Trish rubs her own boobs as she waits for Mickie. She doesn't have to wait long as Mickie James dives into her soaking wet snatch and licks up all her juices as she teases Trish's clit. Already halfway to cumming before Mickie started licking Trish starts shouting out and pulling on her own nipples as her orgasm build.

    "Mickie fuck more Mickie lick me out oh god MICKIE," Trish ends up screaming as Mickie's tongue flicks against her clit and she loses control.

    Cum covers Mickie James's cute face as the Diva laps up whatever amount cum she can see.

    "Mickie I left a present for you under the bed," an exhausted Trish says.

    So Mickie wipes Trish's cum off her face and dives under the bed and comes up with a large pink strap on.

    "Trish I think this is for you," Mickie says with a smile throwing her the big strap on.

    Trish ties it round her waist then stands up as Mickie gets on all 4's sticking her ass up.

    "You want this big cock in your ass Mickie," Trish asks while stroking the diva's butt.

    "Please Trish I need your big plastic dick in my ass," Mickie begs with Trish who puts the head of the strap on right next to Mickie's asshole.

    Trish pushes in hard to Mickie's unlubed ass making the diva scream out loud as the head of the strap on goes deep into her asshole. Waiting until Mickie stopped screaming then slowly Trish pulled the strap on out and drove it back in again hard. Mickie's ass was being tortured by Trish's big strap on and the brunette screams loud every time the strap on goes deep inside her anus. However after 10 hard shoves and screams Trish takes her plastic dick out of Mickie then starts to lick her biggest fan's asshole and Mickie loves feeling Trish's tongue inside of her. Trish gives Mickie's ass a few good long licks getting the inside of her ass wet then starts to push the strap on into her ass as Mickie moans in pleasure. Now that her ass is lubed up it is easy to slide the 9-inch plastic cock inside of Mickie's ass. Trish starts to fuck Mickie's ass digging her hands into her big thick asscheeks holding herself steady. Mickie is not only loving being fucked in the ass but the fact her idol is doing it just makes it so much better for Mickie allowing her to move her hand back and rub her own dripping wet pussy. Trish is enjoying banging Mickie's ass it feels so good to fuck and with her hands digging into her asscheeks Trish wishes she had given out more anal sex in her life.

    Sweat runs down Mickie's forehead as she feels her own pre cum running down her own fingers as she fingers her dripping wet pussy. Looking up Mickie sees in her full-length dress mirror Trish behind her, eyes closed in ecstasy fucking her ass and this picture was enough to send Mickie over the edge. Mickie's primal scream wakes Trish up from her own day dreams to see that Mickie is cumming all over her bed as she cries out Trish's name. Trish waits until Mickie has finished before stroking her own pussy, which is soaking in her own juices. She quickly works 3 fingers inside of her and pumps away before silently cumming all over her long fingers. She watches Mickie slide her thumb into her mouth before falling fast asleep so she wipes her own cum off her hands using a towel by the foot of the bed. Trish pulls out of her ass letting her go and Mickie falls face first on the bed her ass shaking slightly from the impact. Quickly Trish removes the pink strap on and brings the bed cover up and over hers and Mickie's body. She wraps her arms around Mickie's body pulling her closer before resting her own head down onto the bed then they both fall asleep in each other's arms.


    Trish wakes up suddenly to find Mickie is not lying next to her and the strap on she had on has been taken off. Confused she pulls on a pair of Mickie's black panties next to the bed and Trish feels a warm tingle as her pussy rubs up against a wet patch on the panties. Pulling on a t-shirt Trish goes down the stairs to find Mickie is in the kitchen wearing a big black sweatshirt cooking breakfast.

    "Morning Trish you sleep ok?" Mickie asks in her normal hyperactive self gazing at her idol.

    "Yeah Mickie," Trish answers sleepily, "Last night just felt so good I needed a lie in."

    "No Trish it's fine here have some cereal," Mickie pushes a bowl across the table and some of the milk spills out and over Trish's chest.

    "Oh my god Trish I'm so sorry here let me help," Mickie scared at the disgusted look on Trish's face moves over to help her.

    Rubbing her hands all over Trish's T-shirt Mickie works fast so Trish doesn't get upset and leave but after a few minutes she stops and sees Trish isn't mad. Instead Mickie sees she had been rubbing all over Trish's breasts and it has turned Trish on, as her nipples are erect and pushing up against her shirt. Mickie looked up at Trish who was smiling then pulls her in close and kisses her. Kissing back hard both Divas rub each others body's as their tongues roam around in each others mouths. Breaking the kiss Mickie smiles to her blonde lover and leads her into the living room sitting her down on the sofa Mickie picks something up.

    "I wonder whose panties these are," Mickie giggles as she holds up a pair of red satin panties.

    "Well Mickie I think there mine I must have left them there before fucking your brains out" Trish says in a cocky tone.

    "Trade you Mickie those panties for these" Trish opens her legs and shows the shocked diva the panties Trish put on.

    "Hey those are my panties give them back," Mickie, says acting upset that Trish is wearing her panties.

    "C'mon Trish," Mickie asks, "Trade me back my panties."

    "Maybe if Mickie takes her top off Trish will give back her panties" Trish says in a very sexy voice making Mickie's pussy damp. Mickie doesn't say a word she just lifts her top up and pulls it over her head to reveal her naked body.

    "Wow no panties Mickie" Trish says as she stares at her best friend naked body again.

    "Well I would wear some panties but some bad girl stole them and is now wearing them," Mickie says sadly but stares at Trish with an evil grin as the blonde gets to her feet.

    "You think Trish is a bad girl," Trish says looking down at the floor acted like a naughty girl going to detention.

    "Yes Miss Stratus you are a very bad girl sneaking into a house fucking the hell out of the poor sweet girl that lives her," Mickie says with a stern tone then walks over to the tree.

    "Now to teach you from ever being a bad girl again you will take your clothes off and meet my Christmas present," Mickie pulls up a large paddle shaped present from under the tree and walks over to Trish smacking it on her hand.

    Mickie sits down in the same place Trishy Claus sat and spanked her last night and unwraps her paddle then looks at Trish. Feeling her own juices leaking out Trish takes the shirt off letting her big boobs bounce free. Hooking her fingers into the waistband of Mickie's panties and tugs them down her legs. Mickie looks on staring at Trish's naked body then she points to her knees and Trish climbs onto them bending over. Stroking Trish's ass for a while Mickie waits until she feels Trish relax then she smacks Trish's ass hard with the paddle brushing her ass instantly. 10 more spanks have Trish on the verge of tears but feeling Mickie holding her down and spanking her Trish can't help but get very turned on. So turned on a little more pre cum runs down onto Mickie's legs but she doesn't notice as she is paddle spanking Trish's sexy ass again making the red marks bigger and brighter. Finally Mickie stops puts the paddle down and kisses Trish's sore ass a few times then feels how wet Trish's pussy is.

    "Does Trish want Mickie to help make her cum," Mickie softly asks and her hero nods her head so Mickie picks her up and she lies down on the floor with Trish's pussy above her face.

    "Trish do you want to lick me as well?" Mickie is able to call out softly from under Trish's cunt.

    Mickie does not get a verbal answer but feels Trish's fingers slip inside of her so she takes it as a yes and starts to suck on Trish's throbbing clit. Fingering away on Mickie's tight pussy Trish gets a third finger in and starts to thrust them in faster making the Diva on the bottom of the 69 shiver with delight. Her tongue moves fast over Trish's shaved pussy Mickie makes sure she has licked up all the blonde's pre cum then using her tongue like a hard dick she rams it into her pussy. Trish's cry of pleasure sounds so good to Mickie so her tongue rams the dripping wet pussy above her harder and faster determined to get more cries of bliss. Somehow Trish is still able to keep her fingers working inside of Mickie but it's difficult as Mickie is licking her pussy better than last night in fact better than Trish had ever felt. Using her hands to hold Trish's hips still Mickie moves her head forward sending her tongue further up her friend's pussy flicking against Trish Status's G-spot nearly bringing the house down as Trish screams. The Diva of the decade is in total heaven as her number one fan gives her pussy the best licking of her life and all she can do to thank Mickie is yell out her name louder and louder as she feels the tip of her tongue flick her G-spot.

    Having made a lot of women orgasm in her life Mickie knows how much Trish loves this and she also knows that she has one last trick to make Trish's orgasm perfect. Mickie's right hand lets go of her hips and travels over Trish's bruised and sore asscheeks then her index finger is quickly inserted up her rectum. It all happens so fast that Trish has no idea what happened but on the verge of the best orgasm of her life she feels sometime crawling up her ass and before she knows what's happen Mickie shoves her finger up her ass.

    The yell of "OH GOD MICKIE," can be heard for miles as Trish's cums down Mickie's tongue, into her mouth and all over the diva's sexy face coating it with layer of cum.

    rish pants and moans as she lays still while slurping noises can be heard from under her as Mickie makes sure none of Trish's cum goes to waste. Once she has swallowed all of the Canadian's juices Mickie tries to get Trish off of her but Trish's fingers are still inside of her pussy. Mickie knows Trish is out of it so she must think of some way to get Trish's fingers out of her womanhood but just as she thinks that Trish pulls her own fingers out of Mickie. So Mickie again goes to roll Trish off of her so she could get up but as she tilts her hips up a big dick is shoved up her open pussy lips.

    Mickie's high pitched girlie scream surprises even her but her lubed with cum pussy had all 9 inches of her festive strap on inside of her with one thrust. Tears of joy run down Mickie's face as Trish quickly moves the strap on inside of her cunt every single stroke hitting the most sensitive part of the Woman's champion's pussy making her howl. Trish wants to repay Mickie for her fantastic climax and when she looked up and saw a strap on already with female juices over it Trish didn't have to think twice. Wildly Mickie moves up and down causing carpet burn on her back but means the plastic cock goes deeper and deeper inside of her and she feels her orgasm rising. Keeping up the fast pace Trish knows the end is near as Mickie's body is shaking beneath her so she carries on waiting for her best friend to cum. Mickie's yell is as loud as Trish's with the same result a torrent of cum explodes from Mickie's pussy covering the strap on also covering Trish's hand and wrist with her pussy juice. Mickie breaths hard trying to get air back in her lungs as Trish rolls off her and crawls up to her face holding the cum covered cock. In front of Mickie's eyes Trish licks and sucks the dick until it is clean of Mickie cum then lies down next to Mickie.

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    Default Re: A Christmas Present For Mickie Jame

    "So Mickie did you like your Christmas present," Trish asks stroking the Diva's hair out of her face.

    "God Trish I loved it so I guess New Year is round at your place," Mickie laughs as her hand rubs Trish's red cheek.

    Trish leans closer, "Only if you promise to bring your new toys to play with."

    Both divas giggle then kiss each other one last time then fall asleep in Mickie's living room.


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