I remember that cold December night just like it was last night and I am sure I will remember it like that for the rest of my life. My band, Jadestone Doll, was just starting to make a name for itself in the Twin Cities. We had just been signed to a small record label and we had earned a small cult following. None of this however even compared to the opportunity we would be presented with next, the chance to tour with my personal idols, the band Queens of the Stone Age.

In the first couple of months of the tour I was very stand offish. I tend to get more shy than usual when I am around people that I feel are way better than myself. This personality flaw of mine kept me from getting to know the guys of Queens of the Stone Age in the way I would've liked to. Other than a few exchanges of small talk, I usually shied away from them when they approached me.

During the first week of December we had the luxury of staying in a nice hotel as opposed to the cramped tour bus and I had decided to relax in the hotel bar all by myself. I had been in there for about an hour and was feeling quite pleasant from the two screwdrivers I had enjoyed when in walked Queens of the Stone Age's guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen.

As our eyes met and he started walking towards me, I became all excited and jumpy. I knew that since I was a bit buzzed that I would have no problem talking to him. He stopped in front of the empty barstool next to me and kindly asked,

'Is this seat taken?'

'It is now, have a seat Troy' I said with a smile.

'I'm glad I caught you in here Tiff' he said as he sat down. 'We've been on tour together for two months and you haven't really spoken to us. Joey thinks you're a snob.'

'I am not a snob, I'm just really shy.' I told him.

'Yeah that's what I figured; you seem too nice to be a snob.'

'Well to be honest Troy, it is more than shyness. You guys are my favorite band, I completely look up to all of you and I'm afraid of saying something stupid.'

'Look Tiff, we may be good musicians, but we are just normal guys like everyone else.'

I smiled comfortably at his reassuring statement as the bar tender approached us.

'Ready for another screwdriver?' The bar tender asked.

Before I could reply, Troy chimed in.

'Yes she is, on me, and I'll have a jack and coke.'

I turned to him with a puzzled look on my face.

'Jack and coke huh?' I questioned 'I would have thought you'd drink something more sophisticated.' I said looking at Troy who was well known for being the rocker that always wore a suit and tie.

'Like I said darling, I'm just an average guy on the inside.'

After a few more drinks and laughs, Troy turned to me and said

'Let's go take a walk in the courtyard.'

'I don't know Troy. I'm pretty drunk. I don't think I will be able to walk straight.'

'Don't worry Tiff; I will be there to hold you up!'

We left the bar and went for a stroll in the hotels courtyard. As I suspected, I couldn't walk straight. Of course it didn't help that I was holding onto Troy and he couldn't walk straight either. Before we knew it, we both tripped over each other and fell in the grass with him slightly on top of me. We laughed and giggled over our sudden drunken folly and before I knew it, my hand seemed to acquire a mind of its own. My hand reached up to him and started caressing his cheek in the way a lover would.

The frolicking dance in his eyes faded and a serious romantic look replaced it. Suddenly his eyes began to close and he was lowering his head towards mine. That is when I realized that something unbelievable was about to happen. He was going to kiss me! I was actually about to make out with the infamous Troy Van Leeuwen!

I held no resistance as his open mouth touched mine and our tongues greeted each other with their first hello. As our lips made love to each other my mind drifted off into a dream. We kissed long enough for Queens of the Stone Age's song 'The Blood Is Love' to play in my head in its entirety. He broke from our kiss and lovingly rubbed his nose against mine.

'I'm sorry; I just had to taste those full lips of yours.' He said as he looked into my eyes.

'Oh yeah? And how did they taste?' I asked

'Sweet like an apple. You should've warned me of how infectious your kiss is.'

'I didn't have the opportunity to warn you now did I?'

'I guess you didn't.' Troy replied.

He gave me one more wet kiss and helped me up to my feet.

Troy walked me to my hotel room door where we shared another deep kiss after making sure that we were alone in the hallway.

'Are you going to invite me in? Troy asked while looking at me with the most adorable pleading puppy dog eyes.

'Troy, I would like to but I don't want to be seen as that kind of girl.'

'What kind of girl?' He asked.

'You know; the kind of girl that puts out right away.'

'I understand and I don't want you to be that kind of girl either.' He said 'But I defiantly want to kiss you again sometime.'

'You will Troy.' I gave him a wink and retired to my room for the night.

For the next two weeks Troy and I became tour companions and also carried on a torrid make out affair. We tried to keep it as secret as possible. We'd sneak off to hidden rooms backstage after shows. We'd have secret rendezvous in restrooms and behind trees at venues. We thought we were doing a good job at staying secret until just a few days before Christmas when we were caught red handed.

Troy and I had snuck into a conference room at the hotel we were staying at that night. We were both desperate with need for affection with one another and eagerly started exploring each other with our hands as our tongues once again greeted each other with their special hello. Suddenly the door knob started to turn. Troy and I both gasped in unison as we realized at the same moment that we had been so anxious to be together that we had forgotten to lock the door.

In walked a man that I had lusted after even more than I did Troy, Queens of the Stone Age's ginger haired lead singer Josh Homme.

'Hello Troy!' Josh said with a sarcastic tone in his voice.

Josh then looked me up and down before saying 'Hello Tiffannie.' With a lowered tone in his voice.

'Hi Josh, I guess you caught us.' Troy said shamefully.

I couldn't stop staring at Josh; he was just too perfect of a male specimen for me to look away. He caught me staring and winked at me to let me know that he noticed.

'You know, you two aren't fooling anybody.' Josh spoke 'Everyone knows that you have a thing going on.'

Troy and I just stood in silence not knowing what to say in our defense.

'Don't worry about it, no one cares,' Josh said breaking the silence. 'I just followed you here because I wanted to ask Troy up to my room for some tequila. You can come too Tiff, Do you like tequila?'

'Yes, I love tequila!' I replied.

We then followed Josh to his hotel room.

Josh had the most beautiful hotel suite. Besides the huge king sized bed, the room had its own little living room area complete with a cozy sofa set and a killer entertainment system. He motioned for Troy and I to have a seat on the sofa as he grabbed the tequila, some shot glasses, and a small bowl of lime slices from the kitchen area. He sat next to me on the sofa and filled the three shot glasses to the brim with the precious liquid gold. We grabbed our glasses downed our tequila after merrily clinking our glasses together. Josh and Troy both downed their shots with ease but I cringed as the sharp liquor burned my throat. I wasn't used to drinking hard liquor, especially tequila.

There was a reason why I usually refrained from drinking tequila even though it was my favorite. Tequila makes me looser than a cheep hooker. 'Tonight will be the night Troy finally gets laid' I thought to myself. After about five shots each, the three of us just sat still, pleasantly buzzed from the cactus juice, starring at some late night movie on cable. Troy was on my left, Josh was on my right, and I was sandwiched on the sofa between these two glorious men that I admired so much.

I turned my back to Troy and laid on his chest with my head resting into his neck. Soon I felt his warm lips moving their way seductively up and down my neck. I closed my eyes taking in the pleasurable sensation of Troy's tongue dancing on my neck. The alcohol had numbed my inhibitions and for awhile I had forgotten that Josh was on the sofa too. As soon as I remembered that we were in Josh's room, I opened my eyes and glanced in Josh's direction to find that he was facing Troy and I, enjoying the romance novel that was being acted out right before his eyes. I didn't mind Josh watching at all, in fact, it made me even hotter. Our eyes met and I gave him a horny smile. He continued staring at me with a serious half lustful, half drunken stare and I wondered if he was even fully awake. That wondering faded quickly when Josh reached for my right hand that was sitting next to his leg on the sofa.

I sat there quietly in awe as he lifted my hand to his lips and kissed it like a gentleman. He continued to worship my hand, taking his time and care to kiss, lick, and suck each finger. He would look up at me with that serious facial expression every so often for a moment as he did his work, then he would focus his full attention back to my hand. Once Josh had felt satisfied that he had worshiped every inch of my hand, he began to work on the rest of my arm, allowing his tongue to frolic on every single inch of my fair skin on the way up.

I couldn't believe what was happening to me! Troy was still behind me kissing my neck and Josh was beside me, worshipping my hand and arm. I was so hot that I couldn't stand it and my unworshipped hand had found its way under my skirt, rubbing the outside of my black silk panties.

Josh had worked his way up to my neck and was kissing the sensitive area of my neck just like Troy was doing to the other side. Then suddenly I had felt that Troy had stopped kissing me. Both Josh and I looked over to see that Troy was watching Josh as he joined in on the fun. Josh decided to test and see how much Troy minded if he joined in. He grabbed my chin, pressed his lips against mine and slipped his tongue into my mouth. After kissing me for a minute, he looked at Troy to see if he was at all bothered by the kiss. Troy wasn't bothered at all; in fact he showed that he was turned on by the show by rubbing the bulge that was forming under his slacks.

Josh pulled me away from Troy and onto his lap, holding onto my sides underneath my shirt. He took a moment to look into my eyes and caress my sides up and down before he pulled my lips towards his and we began to make out while Troy watched. I was so turned on that I began to grind into Josh's lap, stimulating my panty clad clit against his awakened cock inside his jeans. Soon we could no longer concentrate on kissing and just moaned into each others mouths.

Josh became enraptured in pleasure to the point where he could no longer keep his mouth on mine. He broke away and laid his head on the back of the sofa and continued to moan. Troy decided this was a great opportunity to join in and helped me remove my shirt and bra. As I continued to dry fuck Josh, Troy sucked on my nipple as if he hadn't eaten for days.

After a few minutes of this, Josh climbed out from under me, pulled me from Troy's grasp on my nipple and off of the sofa. By my hand he led me to the bed, sat me down at the end and stood directly in front of me. I needed no further instruction as I fumbled with his zipper and revealed his throbbing eight inch cock, one of the biggest I had seen in quite some time.

I looked up at him playfully as I teased the underside of his head with the tip of my tongue. However Josh was way too horny for silly games and he grabbed the back of my head and forced the entire length of his cock down my untrained throat. I had never deep-throated a man before but I had no problem giving my number one idol my best effort. It was so exciting to feel his dick flex and stiffen in my mouth.

Just as my gagging was starting to subside, I felt something tap against my cheek. I looked over to see Troy standing there, naked from the waist down, holding his cock in his hand eagerly waiting for his turn. I stroked Josh lightly with my left hand so he would not feel ignored and I took Troy into my mouth. Troy's cock slipped in easier as it was an inch shorter than and not as thick as Josh's monster. Not to mention, my throat had been properly stretched and prepared by deep throating Josh.

I took turns pleasuring my two favorite men by making love to one cock with my mouth and then the other. I was more pleased by seeing how happy I was making them than if they were playing with my pussy. But that wasn't enough for me; I wanted to offer them my entire body. I decided that I wanted them both inside me at the same time.

I stood up from the bed and helped them out of their remaining clothing. I then did a little strip tease dance for them as I slipped out of my skirt and panties leaving my knee high leather boots on for a stimulating visual effect. Since Josh was the biggest between his legs, I decided that he would be in my pussy since I certainly didn't want that big thing taking my anal virginity.

I stood in front of Josh and pushed him backwards with one hand in his chest until he stumbled on the bed and lay down on his back. While looking at him with an evil grin, I straddled his mid-section and eased myself onto his cock, guiding it in slowly with my hand. I groaned in pleasure as I felt his thickness fill me completely. I sat straight up on top of him and closed my eyes as I took in all the feelings that overwhelmed my senses as I rode the entire length of his cock.

I came out of my short trance remembering that Troy was still left unattended and I didn't want him to feel neglected. I placed a couple fingers near my wet hole as it was being violated by Josh's cock and collected my wetness on my fingers and lubricated the puckered virgin hole of my back side with my own fresh pussy juices. I then looked at Troy and beckoned him to come hither with my forefinger. As he approached me I leaned forward so that my ass was pushed out, letting him know that he was welcome to enter. Consequently my huge double D breasts were smashed into Josh's face and he eagerly sucked on them, until he realized that Troy was about to attack me from behind, so he sat himself up as much as he could to watch the invasion.

Troy lubricated himself by spitting on his cock and rubbing it in a bit and then approached my awaiting hole. He helped me prepare for the painful sensation by teasing me to help me relax. He ran his cock up and down the entire crack of my ass and then placed it against my asshole and wiggled himself just enough to tickle it. After he felt that I was as ready as I'd ever be he slowly e ntered inside. The pain was almost more than I could bare and I almost wanted to call the whole thing off. Yet the need to be ravished by these two beautiful men was greater than any pain I could ever feel and it gave me the strength to pull through. Within minutes the entire length of Troy's dick was enveloped in my ass and he began to gently fuck me. Josh lay back down and I really went to work rocking back and forth between both cocks. I could feel their cocks rub together inside of me through the small tissue of flesh that separated my asshole from my cunt and it was this sensation that made me start to lose control.

I felt the beginning of my orgasm and I started having visions more powerful than any acid induced trip. Every color of the rainbow exploded in my head and I was overwhelmed by visions of stars and fireworks. It was at this moment that I realized that something deeper was taking place here. I was not fucking these two men; I was making love to them. I was deeply and truly in love with each one of them and being graced with the opportunity to be with them at the same time was a gift. This realization sent me over the edge and I heard my own voice as if it was coming from somewhere else, screaming out loud with the most intense climax I had ever had in my life.

Troy responded to my orgasm with his own and I could feel his cock convulse violently in me, signaling to me that he was about to empty his seed into my ass. Even though my orgasm almost left me with no strength, I continued to buck wildly, paying more attention to him than Josh, so that I could help finish him off. Troy's face stiffened up and turned red. With three short hard thrusts he exploded and came violently in my ass. I swear I had never heard a man call out so loudly as he was cumming before. This pleased me because I knew I had done well to please him. He removed himself from the chain and went to clean himself off in the bathroom.

After a few minutes Troy had came out of the bathroom and dressed himself. He approached me while I was still impaled on his band mate's cock. No words were exchanged between us as he sweetly kissed me with a kiss of thanks and proceeded to leave. Leaving me alone with Josh. Josh was in an alcohol induced state which made it hard for him to climax. He could tell that I was exhausted from my orgasm and flipped me over on the bottom and allowed me to rest a little bit as he climbed on top of me and continued to pound away at my pussy. Once I had regained my strength I had him sit up and I sat on his lap just as we were when we were making out on the sofa, only this time we weren't dry fucking. He really was inside me as we kissed and licked each other passionately.

It was in this position that all this sweet passion made me climax again. I threw my neck back and listened to the erotic sounds of Josh's groans as I let loose my fluid cum juices upon Josh's still rock hard cock. Even though Josh still hadn't cum, I could go on no longer I was completely spent. I was a bit disappointed since I didn't have the opportunity to have Josh's cum in or on me, however Josh was quite tired himself and we both collapsed and fell asleep in each others loving embrace which was quite satisfying to me.

In the morning I woke up to a glorious surprise. Josh was kneeling over me, jacking off with his cock pointed at my breasts. I was so happy; I would finally get the prize I was denied the night before. I reached my hand under him and felt up his hard balls and asshole as his fist pounded away at his shaft. When I knew he was nearly ready to release I pressed on the tender patch of skin that covered his g-spot which made him shake just before he exploded. Ropes and streams of cum blasted out of his cock onto my breasts, neck and chin. The upper part of my body was being bathed in his sweet jizz.

After he was done, he gave me an even bigger surprise. He knelt down and licked every drop of cum off of my breasts. I had always dreamed of a man doing that to me but never met a man who was secure enough in his manhood to taste his own seed. With his juice still in his mouth he kissed me, sharing the taste of our lovemaking between us. It was the most romantic thing I had ever experienced.

That was the only time Josh and I would ever be intimate. Troy and I continued our love affair throughout the tour. After the tour we tried to stay in touch but both of us became too busy to keep up and now only see each other for fleeting affairs and romantic long distance phone calls. Every holiday I get a card from Josh and he always puts in a note that he can't stop thinking about that cold December night. I can't stop thinking about it either.