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    Default Val & Kelly - Kelly Sappho - Sex Story

    Kelly's Sappho Weekend - Yet another Beverly Hills 90210 story

    Warning - This story contains adult content, such as sex between two young women, (in their early twenties). Thus the F/F+. Oral, Anal and good old fashioned sex the way only women can have it. This story does not contain sex between men and women! (Lets face it, most men don't care to read about that anyway). By the way, this story is somewhat long & does contain a bit of a plot, so don't expect to get to the sex right away!!!

    This Story was inspired by a photo of Tiffani Amber-Thiessen and Jennie Garth, where they were kissing at a club or something. The photo was part of a nude layout of Tiffany, in Celebrity Sleuth magazine. Although the pictures were originally shot for a European magazine if I recall correctly.

    (This is not my first story, although it is probably the first that I will release to the public).

    Please respect my wishes by keeping this header with the rest of the story. Thanks...

    "Val & Kelly"

    Kelly was feeling really lonely, since Brandon went away. He was only gone for a few days, but he was scheduled to be gone for another week. Steve & Claire, and David & Donna had driven up to San Francisco for a long three day weekend the day before. So there wasn't anyone to hang out with, except of course here arch-enemy, Valerie. Kelly & Val only spoke when it was absolutely necessary.

    Well, this weekend was beginning to look like one of those times when it was going to be absolutely necessary. Kelly didn't want to just sit around the beach condo with nothing to do, so she drove down to the Peach Pit After Dark, which was owned by Valerie. It was crowded as it usually was on a Friday night. Even though it was around 1:30 am. The club would be open for about another hour and a half, so she parked herself down at one end of the bar, the darkest corner, or so she thought.

    At around 2:15, as Val was looking out over the crowd, she spotted Kelly. Even though they were enemies, Val didn't mind if Kelly came in, because her money was as good as any rich Beverly Hills kid. Val, feeling especially nice tonight, picked up the phone, and called down to the bartender, and let him know that all of Kelly's drinks were on the house tonight.

    When told this, Kelly was a bit surprised, since she was the only one of the group that Val ever charged to eat or drink there. At the same time, she told herself to try to remember to thank Valerie later, if they saw each other. At about 2:50, the D.J. announced that it was time for last call. Having had about 4 strong mixed drinks already, Kelly ordered one more to cap off the night. She figured it would also help her sleep better, since she couldn't be with Brandon tonight. Valerie came down from the office to get ready to close the place for the night.

    When Kelly spotted Val, she asked her to come over so she could thank her for the drinks. Val said that it was no problem, and in fact asked her if she would mind staying for awhile, so that they could talk. Well, Kelly thought, it wasn't like I have anything better to do, so she told Val yes, she would stay. The place was cleaned & the cash was counted and put away for the night. Val decided to make the bank deposit the next morning.

    At about 3:45, when everyone else was gone for the night, they left and locked up the club. Val told Kelly that she should probably get a ride home with Val. Kelly agreed, as the five drinks had quite an effect on her. Val obviously had already sensed that, and they got into Val's sports car. Kelly asked what they should do about her car, and Val told her that they would come by and get it tomorrow.

    After about five minutes of driving, Val asked Kelly if she would mind going back to the house with her. Kelly said she didn't mind, and at the same time, asked Val what it was that she wanted to talk about. Val told her that she wanted to try to resolve some of the problems between them. Kelly said that she thought that since they were both adults now, that it probably was a good idea. They didn't speak much for the rest of the way back to the house.

    When they arrived, Val parked in the back by the pool, and when they finally came to a stop, Val asked Kelly to wait out by the pool and she would be right back. Kelly did as Val had requested, and Val went inside for a few moments. Kelly was sitting on a lounge chair when Val came back out, she was carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses. As it turned out, this wine was Kelly's favorite. (Could Val have had this planned?)

    Val sat in the lounge chair next to Kelly, who was just staring out over the moon's reflection covering the pool. Val poured and handed Kelly a glass of wine, then poured one for herself. Val held up her glass and proposed a toast, "here's to a new beginning between us". Kelly's reply was simply - here, here, then they both sipped their wine.

    Val was the first to speak, look Kelly she said, I know that there has been a whole lot of tension between us since I got to town. And it's partly because of Brandon, but mostly it's been, I think our two very different personalities, and possibly our very different upbringings. I was born in Minnesota, where our family values it seems are much more important than those of the people out here in California. People in the Midwest work very hard for what they have, and it seems that the work ethic out here is far less important.

    It appears to the outsider that Kids from Beverly Hills are just spoiled rotten brats, and a lot of the ones I've met are. That alone pisses me off to no end. People out here don't work as hard for their money as we from the Midwest do. Kelly added, that most kids their age don't have to work unless they want to, and not many want to. Some do volunteer work like Donna and I do.

    Kelly asked Val if that was all that was the only reason she didn't like her. No, said Val, it's not the only reason. And it's not that I don't like you, but rather that I felt like their was a competition between them and that Brandon was the prize. You know that I've had a crush on Brandon since we both lived back in Minnesota, but when I first met you... Val hesitated asking Kelly if she would like some more wine. She said yes, and Val poured them each another glass of wine. Kelly told Val to continue.

    ...I really was jealous that Brandon had you. It wasn't that I was jealous of you, but, well I don't know how to tell you this. Kelly thought she knew what Val was about to say. When Val said the she had a crush on her, Kelly knew she had assumed right.

    She was stunned, yet at the same time she was starting to get kind of turned on. She gulped down the rest of her wine, and held out her glass for more wine. Without having to be asked, Val poured Kelly another glass of wine. Val told Kelly that she was sorry if what she said had made her feel uneasy. Kelly took a sip of her wine, then set down her glass and told Val that what she had said did not make her feel uneasy, but rather was kind of turned on by the thought.

    Kelly told Val that she had a confession to make. Val asked what it was, and Kelly told her that she had wanted to be with her sexually, ever since, Brandon and Kelly had been on the phone, and as Brandon said, Val walked out of the bathroom the two of them shared, half naked. I believe, as Brandon said, you were wearing a black lace bra, black lace panties, and black high heels. My mind was not in it for the rest of the conversation. I kept thinking of what exactly you looked in your sexy little outfit. And, in fact I have thought of just that sight on many occasions, when having sex with Brandon, or even when I was alone at night.

    Kelly told Val that she had always thought she had been "bi-sexual", but had never really been with a woman, just fantasized about it. She wasn't really sure how to go about asking another woman, much less Valerie. Val told her that the best way, was to just go for it. Taking that as Val's o.k., Kelly leaned forward & kissed Val on the lips, softly at first, then before Val knew what hit her, Kelly pushed Val back onto the lounge chair, and was on top of her with her tongue between Val's lips.

    Val was a bit overwhelmed, but tried in earnest to keep up with all of Kelly's moves. Kelly soon had one hand up underneath Val's half shirt, and was fondling her breasts, while the other hand was used to prop herself up over Val. Val meanwhile was running both of her hands along Kelly's back, occasionally stopping to rub Kelly's ass through her jeans.

    "You're making me so hot, are you sure your are not a beginner at making love to another woman?", Val asked. You are the first woman that I have ever wanted to be with, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon, Kelly said. She then got up to her knees, and lifted Val's top up over her head, and had instant access. (Val rarely wore a bra).

    Kelly loved what she saw, although Val had had a boob job when she came out to California. Kelly told her that they looked a whole lot better than most of the girls in at college, who had boob jobs. Val took that as the compliment that it was, and told Kelly that she wanted to see her breasts too. Kelly was happy to oblige, and not only did she have her blouse off in just seconds, but also had her jeans and tennis shoes off, as well.

    Kelly then climbed back on top of Val & started to squeeze and lick all over Val's tit's like a kid with a new lollipop. She ran her tongue up & down through the cleavage, when she squeezed the tit's together. Then finally told Val that she wanted so badly, to taste her. Val really got excited at this, and arched her back long enough to pull her mini-skirt down. Kelly was already trembling from being so nervous about this whole experience, but when Val stopped momentarily just at the pubic area, Kelly could see in the moonlight, that Val was completely shaven down below. Kelly told Val to please continue, but slowly, so she could take this lovely sight in.

    Val, when she thought Kelly was going to start hyper-ventilating from the ordeal, continued, very slowly. Kelly reached her hand out to see what it felt like, it was very smooth, Val must have just shaved it today. Kelly asked, and Val told her that she actually had just done that tonight before going in to the club, but that she did it almost everyday. Kelly asked her why, and Val's response was that most guys don't really like messing with the pubic hair, and most women that she knows did it, so she had been doing it for about three years now.

    Kelly told her that she could hardly wait to see what it felt like with her tongue on the pubic area, but even more, could hardly wait to taste Val. She would find out soon enough though. Val finished taking her skirt off and laid it on the chair next to them, where their other clothes were. When they were both naked, Val suggested that to start off with, they should try a "69", until Kelly got the hang of it. Kelly told her that was alright.

    Val lowered the back of one of the chairs, & then lay down on her under Kelly. As Kelly eased down over the top of Val, they started stroking each other once again, this time it was not as intense, they decided mutually, to take it a bit slower. Kelly reached her hand down between Val's legs just above her pussy, then after a short moment, started rubbing the slit. Eventually, she found Val's clit, and took it between her thumb & forefinger. She squeezed the clit just as she had done earlier to Val's nipples.

    Val was too hot to do anything but "dive" right in, and soon had her tongue way up inside of Kelly. Partly from the excitement of being with another woman, and partly because of the fact that Val had stuck her tongue so far up inside of her, Kelly had a HUGE orgasm. When Kelly tried to do the same to Val, she not only made Val squirm, but also hurt herself by trying to do so. Val told her to take it easy, & try to do what comes natural to her. Taking that advice, Kelly slowed way down, and told Val that she was very much enjoying this "girl fun".

    After about an hour of sex by the pool, the two young women decided to go for a swim. Since they were both naked already, they just dove right in, playing little games with each other. Games that young lovers play, like swimming between each others legs, and lifting each other up out of the water. Only with Valerie, she would swim between Kelly's legs and rub her hands through her nether region.

    This obviously got Kelly quite excited, but she let Val know that she had had enough for now, and that she really wanted to get to a bed so she could get some sleep, it was after all now 5:15 in the morning. The girls got out of the pool, gathered their clothes & glasses, and headed inside. Val asked Kelly if she would come to bed with her so they could wake up together. Kelly granted her that wish, and off to bed it was.

    At around 10:30am, Val & Kelly awoke and got out of bed, so Val could take Kelly to get her car, and so she could go make the club's bank deposit. When they arrived at the club, Nate was taking out the trash at the Peach Pit, his part of the business, and noticed the two girls driving up, and asked why Kelly's car was left her overnight. Kelly just told him that she had a little two much to drink the night before and that Val was kind enough to drive her home, and bring her back.

    When Val went inside, Nate asked Kelly what was going on, why they were so buddy, buddy all of a sudden, and Kelly told him that they had decided to try to be friends, that their reasons for not liking each other were simply too childish. Nate, smiled and told her that was a good enough reason, and said goodbye as he walked back inside. Kelly waited for Val to come back out, before she left, and told her that she enjoyed the talk, and the excitement the evening before. Val told her that she did too, and that she wanted Kelly to come back to the club tonight to see a great band play tonight. Kelly accepted, but told Val that she did not plan on drinking as much tonight as she did last night.

    The two said goodbye to each other and Val told Kelly that she would call her later in the afternoon, around 5:30 or 6 o'clock. Val got in her car and headed for the bank, and Kelly drove back to the beach condo to take a shower, and get some sleep. When she arrived home, she immediately shed her clothes, and went into the shower to soak for awhile, but she as hard as she tried, she couldn't keep her mind off of the previous nights activities. She would find herself lathering her tits for an excessive amount of time, until her nipples were almost hurting from all of the attention. Then she later she would find that she was inadvertently rubbing the soap up and down over her slit.

    Before she could control herself though, she had brought herself off to 2-3 orgasms. She just couldn't get her mind off of Val, and knew that she would have to see her again tonight, so she could learn more about what it was like to be with another woman. During her shower, which much to her surprise, had lasted 45 minutes so far, she reached up on the shelf that held the supplies that the women that lived there needed when showering. She found a new pack of razors, that she bought to shave her legs, and the shaving lotion that Claire, on of her two roommates used when shaving her legs.

    She remembered what it was like to feel and lick Val's clean shaven pussy, and decided that she would like to find out how it felt to be that way herself. After carefully lathering up herself, first with soap, and then with the shaving lotion. She seemed to spend an awful long time using that brush to apply the shaving lotion, but eventually she put it back in the cup, and put them up on the shelf again. She reached down with two of her fingers, and spread her lips apart. With the other, she gently started to shave around the edge of her lips. She took her time, and when she was finished, was delighted that she had not cut herself one time. She rinsed off, & got out of the shower.

    Feeling a bit hungry, she decided to see what there was in the fridge, after a few moments, she found some leftover Chinese food, heated it up and ate that. When she was finished, she went to bed to make up for what sleep she did not get overnight.

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    Default Re: Val & Kelly - Kelly Sappho - Sex Story

    Warning - This story contains adult content, such as sex between two young women, (in their early twenties). Thus the F/F+. Oral, Anal and good old fashioned sex the way only women can have it. This story does not contain sex between men and women! (Lets face it, most men don't care to read about that anyway). By the way, this story is somewhat long & does contain a bit of a plot, so don't expect to get to the sex right away!!!

    This Story was inspired by a photo of Tiffani Amber-Thiessen and Jennie Garth, where they were kissing at a club or something. The photo was part of a nude layout of Tiffany, in Celebrity Sleuth magazine. Although the pictures were originally shot for a European magazine if I recall correctly.

    (This is not my first story, although it is probably the first that I will release to the public).

    Please respect my wishes by keeping this header with the rest of the story. Thanks...

    "The next day"

    Kelly had awoken by the time Val called, just before 6 o'clock. Val asked if Kelly had spelt well, she said yes, and asked Val the same question. Val told her that she had gotten a few hours of rest, but no sleep, because all she could really think about was the fun that they had the night before. Kelly again told her that she was amazed that two women could have so much fun together, and also said that she would be at the club tonight, because she had a surprise for her. Val told her that she could hardly wait, and that she would also have a surprise for Kelly. they talked for a few minutes more, before hanging up and getting ready for the evening ahead.

    Kelly didn't really intend on getting ready that early, but Val being the club owner, was going in to open the doors for the workers, so she had no choice in the matter. Kelly decided to just hang around the condo until around 10pm, then she would go to the club. When she got to the club, she talked with a couple of acquaintances, and ordered a drink, Val was already at the bar, when she walked up. She told Kelly that she needed for her to come up to the office, after she got her drink. About five minutes later, Kelly was upstairs knocking on the office door, Val opened it and hurried Kelly inside so that she could get in a nice long, deep, kiss.

    Kelly jumped slightly when she heard the office's private bathroom toilet flush. Val told her to relax, and that she could trust the person on the other side. Kelly told her that she was just surprised, and that she would judge for herself. Well, the next few seconds were like an eternity for Kelly, as she awaited the culprit.

    To say that Kelly was surprised when the other person walked out, was an understatement. Who would it be but, none other than her one time best friend, Brenda Walsh. BRENDA WALSH!!! Oh my god, Kelly said, "I don't believe it, what are you doing here?" Brenda told her that she was on her way to see her parents in Japan, and decided to stop in and see the old circle of friends. They hugged each other, for a few moments, before letting go. Val told her that seeing Brenda was just one of the surprises that she had for her. "And what might another surprise be?", asked Kelly. Well, when the two of us lived back in Minnesota, we were the best of friends, in fact some of our friends thought we were too good a friends. Little did they know how right they were.

    Kelly, was very intrigued by now, and just flat out asked, "you mean, you two were lovers?". Yes, exclaimed Brenda, and we still are whenever we see each other for any amount of time. "WOW", exclaimed Kelly, I can't believe, that, first I made love to a woman, but that it was the person that most consider to be my arch enemy. And then, I finally get to see my one of my best friends from high school after 3 years, and find out that she has also had sex with this same woman. "And, you know what really pisses me off now?" What's that, Brenda asked. "The fact that If I had known this all those years age, that I might have been able to make love to you". Well, said Val, you may be in luck, it seems that Brenda is going to be here until tomorrow night. So unless I'm very wrong, you will in fact get that chance, right Brenda?

    You bet, Brenda told Val. I've been thinking about it ever since you told me when you picked me up at the airport this afternoon. Kelly was dumbfounded, not only because her friend was here, but that she was actually going to, it seemed, make love to booth of these women tonight. Val told the other two, to make themselves comfortable, and she would be back shortly after she made a cash pickup at the bar. It didn't take long before Kelly & Brenda were on the couch talking about how Brenda liked being in London for the last 3 years. Brenda said that it was okay, but she really missed her friends back here, & could hardly wait to graduate college next year, so she could come back to live here again.

    When Brenda told Kelly that she was disappointed that everyone else was out of town, all Kelly could do was say, I know, but we're going to have plenty of fun tonight without them, aren't we? "I don't think you realize just how much fun we're going to have Kelly". A puzzled look came over Kelly's face, but not for long. They got to talking about how it was that Brenda had become Val's lover. Brenda told Kelly that one night when Brandon was at a friends house, and their parents were away for the night, that they had a sitter from the neighborhood spend the night watching them.

    The girls had heard rumors that this particular sitter liked girls more than she liked boys, so they, being young girls asked if it was true. She told them all about it and before the night was over, she had turned the two into lovers forever. Kelly was starting to squirm by now, and it wasn't going unnoticed by Brenda. She moved closer to Kelly, and asked if she would like to start without Val. Kelly could hardly speak, she was trembling so much, more she had with Val.

    Just then, Val came through the door, telling the two that she had made arrangements for someone else to lock up tonight. The three of them headed back to the house, & when they arrived locked the house up, and headed for Val's bedroom. Kelly was the first to enter, as such, she noticed that there were a few boxes from Fredrick's on the bed. She didn't ask what they were, because she figured she'd find out later anyway.

    Brenda told Kelly that if she wanted to have sex with Brenda & Val, that she would have to obey their every command. Kelly asked if that meant that she would be their slave, & Val told her yes, but not in the sense that they would be performing S & M, or B & D on her. Kelly was relieved at hearing that, and told the other two, that she would do whatever they wanted her to do. They reassured her that they were not into anything too kinky, so she shouldn't worry too much. Tonight they were just going to try a few new things on her.

    Val told Kelly that she was going to sit back & watch for awhile, so Brenda could finally have her chance to find out how much Kelly had learned the night before. Val took the boxes off the bed, and went to the other side of the room and set them down next to the chair where she sat down. But only after she took off all of her clothes, what little bit she had on anyway. She reached into one the boxes, & pulled out two long cylinders, one vibrator, & a strap-on dildo about ten inches long.

    Kelly's eye lit up when she saw the dildo, and she told them that she was really interested in getting fucked real good with it. Brenda asked if Kelly had ever used a vibrator before, and she said that she did have a very special one that she used whenever Brandon wasn't around.

    She asked Kelly if she had ever used it in her ass, and when the answer of no was spoken, she told her that things would change tonight. Again, Kelly's eyes lit up, and she told them that she was ready to get started when they were.

    Val, naked by now, sat back finally and watched along with Kelly, as Brenda used some K-Y jelly to lubricate the vibrator. Kelly was anxious to try out anal sex with something other than Val's fingers or tongue, not that she didn't like it, but because she knew that it would just feel different. She was instructed to turn over on her stomach, and place a couple of pillows under her upper thighs and on into her pussy region.

    She wasn't disappointed either when Brenda squeezed some K-Y on her asshole and began to massage it in, and around the hole. She squirmed a bit at first, but since she had already experienced this part with Val, she was used to it, and boy did she like it. At first Brenda was only using one finger then added another, then another. Kelly was really starting to go wild now, then before she knew it Brenda had withdrawn all three fingers, and instantly inserted the vibrator in their place. Brenda was taking it easy on Kelly at first, but then started to push & pull the vibrator in & out. She still had yet to turn it on, but that was alright because Kelly was loving it anyway.

    Eventually the vibrator WAS turned on, and instantly Kelly had her first orgasm of the night. Slowly, Brenda inserted it even more, and Kelly started humping back at it, getting into the rhythm of Brenda's stroking. It didn't take long for another orgasm to hit, as the vibrator was stuffed almost all the way in Kelly ass. After Kelly had come two or three more times, she needed a rest. But it wouldn't last long, perhaps only a few minutes.

    Brenda excused herself, and went into the bathroom, taking the dildo & the K-Y with her. She returned a few moments later with the dildo strapped on around her waist and looking like some freak that happened to have tits and a dick. However the sight was a major turn-on to both of the other women. So much so, as far as Val was concerned, that she finally got up out of the chair, where she had been sitting quietly for the last half an hour watching Kelly & Brenda going at it. Walking over to Brenda & getting down on her knees, taking the dildo into her mouth, and licking and then sucking on it like it was a real man's cock.

    Val must have thought that the damn dildo was going to cum any minute now, because of the way that Brenda was humping her friends face. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Kelly after watching what seemed like an expert in Val, was eager to try it out for herself. Val asked her if she had ever sucked a man's cock before. Sadly however, the answer was no, that she had wanted to try it with Brandon, but he didn't like the idea of cumming in a woman’s mouth, then having to kiss her after that. Therefore they had never engaged in that activity.

    Kelly placed her hand around the base of the dildo, & stuck out her tongue to lick the tip of it. There was still a little bit of Val's saliva on it but that didn't bother her at all. She eagerly licked at it, then apparently trying to impress the others, tried to deep throat it, as much as she possibly could. She got only about three inches in before she started to gag on it. But, not wanting give up so easily, she again tried it, but this time more slowly.

    This time she was more successful, she manages, by taking her time, to get nearly all of the monster down her throat. After she had her fill so to speak, she slowly eased her head back, so she wouldn't gag, and let it fall from between her lips. Val & Brenda were so impressed that they gave a standing ovation, hooted, hollered & cheered. The girl was indeed becoming an insatiable bi-sexual nymphomaniac.

    Val was proud of the fact, since she had been the one that introduced Kelly to the wonderful world of girl-girl sex. She & Kelly kissed a very passionate kiss, then not to be outdone Brenda kissed Kelly just as passionately. Boy, were they proud of what they were doing to their formerly, thought of as just a prude, Kelly.

    Val told Kelly to get back up on the bed, lay back across the pillows and stick her ass up a bit. Val climbed onto the bed as well, but got up in front of Kelly and told her to start licking her sopping pussy, who was Kelly to disobey, and why would she want to disobey anyway.

    Brenda got onto the bed also, and told Kelly that she was going to get a nice double fuck this time. Taking the just cleaned vibrator, she inserted it into Kelly still wet pussy, turned it on and slid it in & out like she had earlier. Kelly's ass was still a bit loose from the monstrous ass fuck she had just been put through, and thus it was still very lubed. Brenda didn't need any more lubrication when she stuck the head of the strap-on right inside of Kelly's asshole.

    Taking it slow, so as not to hurt her, Brenda told Kelly to hump back at the cock as she had done to the vibrator. That helped a lot, and soon, Kelly's ass was filled to the very end of the dildo. Now, Brenda was really impressed, not only could Kelly take the whole thing in her mouth, but she also could handle having it shoved all of the way up in her asshole. It felt to her like it was going to come out her throat, but she didn't mind it, in fact she was really liking it now.

    Kelly was becoming, in Val's mind, possibly the best pussy eater she had ever met, & she had met quite a few, both men & women. Kelly was in fact so good that she learned, to please Val before she herself got off. (It was like a man & woman situation, please the woman, before you please yourself, then just roll over & go to sleep). That was the same attitude that Kelly had taken now, & she discovered how much more she enjoyed pleasing Val, & then having a huge orgasm herself.

    After another hour like this, they rested for a few minutes. Brenda took off the strap-on, and immediately went to Kelly, put it around her waist, and tightened it. Now Kelly felt like the freak that she thought Brenda had looked like at first sight, but as far as the three young women were concerned, there was nothing more beautiful at this time, than the other women there. With or without a dildo hanging down between their legs.

    Once again starting with a clean vibrator & dildo, Val used some K-Y to get them both lubed up. After giving Kelly a deep kiss, and a nice little titty suck, she got back on the bed, this time on her back, & had Brenda get up between her legs. Brenda then went to work sucking on Val's tits, while grinding her own tits into Val's pussy. Kelly, rather than using the K-Y, decided to use her tongue to get Brenda even more wet. After a few moments of pussy licking by Kelly, she, for the first time in her life, found out what it was like to lick an asshole. She had to admit, that it really wasn't as disgusting as she had thought it would be. Not that she would do it all of the time, but there really wasn't a bad taste or odor to it.

    She probed her tongue inside of the little ring, the idea still did not really appeal to her, but since the other two had done to her, she felt as though she would at least put up with it for awhile. She got Brenda's asshole all lubed up with her tongue, and as the others had done to her, she inserted a finger into Brenda's asshole.

    This had Brenda coming very hard and very fast. Kelly was definitely learning all the right things to do to please another woman or women in this case. Kelly started to wonder if Donna might actually be able to get into this lifestyle. She was after all a virgin, so she'd never experienced what it is like to have a man/boy inside of her, but perhaps she would be more inclined to give this sort of sex a try.

    It wasn't like Donna wasn't attractive or anything. It's just that she thought that since her mom & dad wanted her to be a virgin until she got married, that she didn't need any kind of sex in her life.

    As she was making Brenda come for a second time in just moments, she began to plot out in her head, how she would introduce Donna, into the beautiful world of lesbian sex.

    After another couple of hours of making each other cum multiple times, The three young women decided to actually try getting some sleep. Anyway, it was now 7:30 in the morning, and The others would be home in a few hours. Thus the girls decided it was time for each to head off to separate rooms.

    Val laid down a few minutes later, and was asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow. Brenda decided to take a shower, before getting to sleep. Meanwhile Kelly, rather than going to bed, went instead to her desk and sat down with a pad of paper and pen, to plot out the forthcoming sexual awakening of the girl that had been her lifelong best friend.

    It took Kelly only about and hour to figure out exactly what and how she was going get Donna into her bed, but she was determined to it all right, and tonight was the night that it was going to happen. It had to happen while all of tricks that she had picked-up in the last 36 hours, were fresh in her head.

    Kelly finally laid down to get some rest, and rest she did, she was pretty tired after all of the sex that she had had with her two friends, and a bit sore too. She didn't even hear when the others had arrived home, and in fact she ended up sleeping for about 7 hours.

    When she finally awoke, she strolled into the shower, and got cleaned up, before going down to the kitchen, to grab a bite to eat.

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