The pretty brunette licked her lips as she approached the handsome young man before her. She looked into his eyes with a hint of lust as she stopped in front of him.

"Just another quick suck and fuck." she thought to herself. "It's not like I haven't done this before."

For Foxxy Network News anchor and reporter, KIran Chetry; this was just another day at the office. Just another cock to blow and let screw her tight pussy.

After all, she had to protect her secret from the rest of the Foxxy News employees, didn't she?

E D Hill; the newly married morning show host; had taken the petite brunette under her wing. E D had advised Kiran, that even in this modern electronic day and age, the old boy network is still in place. To get ahead; sometimes a girl just has to give some head. [As well as some pussy!]

Kiran had taken this philosophy to heart. A little under the table sex can do wonders for a girls career. Especially when her reporting skills and experience are somewhat lacking in comparison to the other Foxxy News ladies.

She had just finished her weekly suck and fuck with her mentor and benefactor; the mysterious Mr. K. Another week of job security procured by her sexual favors.

The Foxxy News executive had just zipped up his pants and left the on the air lounge, where this sexual tryst had taken place. Kiran was in the process of straightening her disheveled clothes and fixing her makeup; when she had become aware of the presence of another person in the room.

"Oh!" She exclaimed as she turned around to find herself staring into the face of a grinning young man. It was Kevin; the business secretary of the ladies of the Foxxy News business team.

"Just how much did you see?" she asked the good looking young man. The pussy eating grin on Kevin's face gave her the answer even before she had heard his reply.

"All of it, I'm afraid." There was a hint of lust and power in Kevin's voice. He had heard the rumors of Miss Chetry's sexual shenanigans; but until now; no one had seen the proof.

"Is there anything I can do to have you keep this a secret?" She pleaded with him in a frightened, soft, voice. Kiran knew what the answer would be. Once more, she would have to put out to keep her secret safe.

"Do I really need to tell you?" Kevin answered the pretty anchor as he began to unbuckle and unzip his trousers in preparation of the forthcoming sexual encounter.

Kevin couldn't believe his luck. He was about to have a fantasy of his, {as well as many other of the men at Foxxy News.}, come true! A fuck-fest with Kiran Chetry!

Kiran eyed the bulge in Kevin's pants as she approached him.

"This might be fun." she thought to herself as she stopped in front of the hastily disrobing man.

The pretty brunette dropped to her knees and helped the horny stud before her take his pants off.

His penis sprang forth from the briefs confining it. Proud and erect; it's tip already glistening with drops of precum. It was just a couple of inches from Kiran's waiting, open mouth.

Kiran looked up into the face of the man she was about to perform oral sex on. There was a gleam of lust in her eyes as she started her sexual offering.

Her tongue darted out and quickly licked the tip of the rigid member in her face. A groan of pleasure escaped from Kevin's throat at the touch of her tongue on his cock.

Kiran set to work with her talented mouth and tongue. Kissing, licking, and savoring the taste of Kevin's manhood. She licked the underside of his penis; each lick producing a jerk of his cock and a moan of pleasure from him.

Kevin looked down at the pretty face orally copulating him and marveled at how well praticed she was at her art.

"She must have sucked a lot of guys to get this good." He thought as another lick and kiss caused his pecker to jerk once more. "Man, she really is a good cocksucker!"

Kiran now had the young man in front of her, right where she wanted him. She was in total control. The blowjob she was delivering would surely keep Kevin quiet about what he had seen.

In the back of her mind, she knew that this would be another ritual to be performed on a regular basis from now on. Just how many guys would she have to surrender her sexual favors to in order for her to move up the ladder at Foxxy News?

The pretty reporter opened her mouth and took the head of the cock before her into it's warm, moist, caress. She sucked the male member, slowly, methodically; and with a passion. She loved the feel of a cock in her mouth and the taste of cum as it shot across her tongue and down her throat.

Kiran began to bob her head back and forth on the rigid tool in her mouth. Kevin groaned as Kiran's deepthroating of his engorged member was quickly bringing him to climax.

Kiran sensed that Kevin was about to explode inside of her mouth and sucked on the cock head encassed in her lips.

With one final lick and suck; Kevin felt the buildup of jism in his balls; come forth. His penis jerked and began to deposit it's creamy prize into Kiran's willing, sucking mouth.

Kiran's cheeks bulged as the first load of jizz filled her mouth. The taste was exquisite! A swallow of the love goo followed by another quick lick and suck of Kevin's cock, produced another tasty load down her throat.

Kevin was breathless; as he again and again shot his creamy cum into the pretty brunette's mouth. Kiran swallowed all the cum that he had to give.

It was over way to quickly for Kevin. His member spurted one final weak drop onto Kiran's waiting tongue.

She looked up at the satisfied face of the young man she had just blown. From the look on his face, it was apparent that he would willingly keep her little secret from those who didn't need to know.

She gave the flacid dick one last kiss and lick. A shudder went through Kevin and the blowjob was complete.

"How was that?" she inquired as she rose to her feet. "Good enough for you to keep mum about what you saw?" A trickle of cum was dangling from her lips.

"Well; it IS a start!" Kevin grinned back at the pretty brunette. "If the brass gets full service; I can only assume the same applies to me!"

"Now it's my turn to return the favor."

Kevin placed his hands on the tight, silk, top Kiran was wearing. His hands caressed the pert, erect, nipples of Kiran's pear sized breasts. Kiran trembled at his touch. Her breasts were like magnets of pleasure.

The rubbing and tweeking of the mounds of Kiran's womanhood was having the desired effect on her. The gentle touch and rub on each of her milky white mounds was almost too much for Kiran to bear.

Kevin stopped his manipulation of Kiran's breasts and took her into his arms. Their mouths parted and a tongue twisting french kiss ensued. Their tongues began a probing search of the inner reaches of one another's mouth and throat. A passion surged throughout the two of them as the kiss ended as suddenly as it had begun.

Kevin took Kiran by the hand and led her to a table in the corner of the break lounge. His newly recharged manhood was ready for action. A hard, deep, fuck in Kiran's hot, tight, lovehole was forthcoming!

Kiran turned her back to Kevin; presenting herself for some backdoor action. Kiran loved doggy style sex. A cock could penetrate her pussy to it's maximum from behind.

Kevin also enjoyed the end banging; but for a different reason. He liked to grab and fondle a woman's tits as he explored her from behind. Besides, the pretty, petite, host had a great rack! A set of breasts just begging for attention!

Kiran bent over the table, her hands resting before her. She wiggled her miniskirted ass to entice Kevin's cock. His penis; now hard once again; twitched in anticipation of the fucking it was about to receive.

Kevin reached around Kiran's slender waist, and undid her skirt. It fell to the floor at her feet. She was wearing no stockings or hose. Only a tight pair of white silk panties stood between his cock and it's goal; Kiran's tight, moist, cunt!

Kevin pulled her panties off in one quick motion. The sight of her small, firm, butt and inviting black haired pussy; invited him to impale it with his rigid manhood.

But first, he made sure she was ready for him. He bent down and kissed her two firm butt cheeks. He enjoyed the wiggle she gave each time he kissed her fleshy buns.

Kevin then knelt down and spread the folds of Kiran's hairy womanhood; revealing the pink, sensual inside to him.

His tongue darted out and found her clitoris. A soft moan escaped from her lips as his tongue surrounded and sucked on her love nub.

A warm sensation radiated from her clitty throughout her womb. A hot passion consumed her.

With one final lick and taste of her hot quim; Kevin positioned himself behind the petite host's hairy lovehole.

A quick, hard thrust embedded himself deep inside of Kiran's cunt. A loud moan came from her lips as the invading fuck tool filled her love mound.

He leaned forward and began to fondle, once more, Kiran's mounds. This had the effect of pushing his penis even further inside the tight fuckhole of Kiran Chetry.

He began this dance of lust and sex slowly, at first. The soft, gentle thrusts of his manhood were met by a equal backthrust of her hips.

They were fucking in glorious rythym with one another.

Kiran increased her ass bucking and Kevin caught the meaning. The time for soft, gentle, loving was over. It was now time for what they both needed and desired; a good, hard, fast fuck!

Kevin's hips began thrusting faster and faster into the hot, tight cunt. Kiran groaned each time his cock penetrated her inner regions.

Kevin could sense the build up of his soon to come orgasm. He abruptly stopped his hip thrusting and fondling of Kiran's pert breasts.

Before she could protest, Kevin took his rigid fuck tool from Kiran's hot cunt. He spread her butt cheeks wide; revealing her tight brownhole to him.

Ever since he had first seen the sexy, petite, brunette; he had wanted to bang that tight, sexy, ass of hers.

He thrust his cock forcibly into the inviting tight anus before him. Kiran let out a cry of surprise and pleasure at this anal intruder. She wiggled her hips and ass which caused Kevin's penis to penetrate her forbidden hole even farther.

Kiran liked having her ass fucked. Now that Kevin had his ass reamer embedded to it's hilt up her forbidden hole; the time for anal pleasures was at hand.

Kevin marveled at how tight her ass was. It gripped and held on to his cock like a cork in a bottle.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Kiran was impatient. She wiggled her ass once more and commanded, "Fuck my ass, mister! I like it hard and fast!"

One thing Kevin learned in his dealings with women is to never question a lady. He began to thrust his rigid pole deep inside of Kiran's tight, sexy, ass.

As his cock went even deeper up the pretty brunette's bung hole; Kiran reached one of her hands into her hot, moist, cunt. She began to finger herself in unison to the thrusting member invading her anus.

Kevin felt himself overcome with lust as he grabbed the gyrating hips of the soon to climax, Kiran.

He cried out as his ass reamer began to shoot it's hot, creamy, load deep within the bowels of Kiran's forbidden back door!

The feel of the warm love cum filling her anus; along with her own finger fucking of her hot quim; brought Kiran to a mind shattering orgasm of her own!

Kiran's orgasm was so intense; that even when Kevin was finished filling her anal cavity with his jism; he could not pull out. Her spasming pussy and asshole would not let go of the invading ass reamer.

After a couple of minutes; Kiran's death grip on his penis by her ass hole relaxed.

Kevin pulled his flacid cock out of the tight, red hole it had just made his own.

Kiran straightened up from the table and turned to see her new lover.

"I hope this will help you keep our little secret." She said this as she bent over to retrieve her skirt and panties from the floor.

"That takes care of this week! As for next week; we'll have to see what we can arrange." Kevin was smiling from ear to ear as he said this.

Now, he had the upper hand. A weekly suck and fuck fest would be his to enjoy; or Kiran's secret would be revealed to the world.

"Oh, well," Kiran thought to herself as she turned to leave, "E, D. did warn me that to get ahead you sometimes have to give some head!"

"See you next week, lover." She said this in parting as she left the lounge and headed to her next hosting assignment.

Kevin finished dressing himself and decided, that as long as he was here; to get himself a cup of coffee.

He barely had the cup poured when the door to the break lounge opened and his friends; Greg, the head intern at Foxxy News; and Harry, the head cameraman entered.

"Hi, Kevin!" Greg said in greeting. "I just saw Kiran Chetry walk by, and boy is she ever one hot, babe!"

As he poured himself a cup of coffee, Harry said; "Do you think there's any truth to the rumor that Kiran puts out to the brass to get her assignments?"

"I think that's nothing more than office gossip. Kiran is too classy a lady to go that route." Kevin smiled to himself as he said this.

"I can't wait for next week." He thought to himself.