Since I was 16 I've been a wrestling fan, the women are horny, and the Rock kicks serious arse. So I was delighted when one of my friends got tickets to RAW is WAR in M.S.G. during the Gap year we were taking touring America. We'd even laid bets on who would get bedded the most in America and who would get bedded my the hottest woman. Now I'm very modest, and I don't have the 8-14 ridiculously large dicks some read about in these trash stories, my dick is 6 inches, and my balls aren't particularly large, so I'm average or small, depending on whose perspective you look at it from. I also am not a slut/escort and have very British values, e.g. Most Americans are evil as they are mostly short sighted and they elect the most stupid president (BUSH) who won't sign a Kyoto agreement, which I see as very important for the future. I hope you begin to get a fair picture of the kind of bloke I am.

Anyway the deal is that most of the WWF Diva's are really hot. And I really respect their athleticism and showmanship even if it is entertainment scripted. I never dreamed I'd meet one though. When I saw Stephanie sucking my dick I let out a moan of pleasure. The brunette had made me hard and cum was already running down the side of her face. I'm not the kind of guy who likes to waste time so I sat up on the couch and she moved to get a better position also allowing me to get a decent view of her tits. Gasping for air, and not wanting to wake Lita up I reluctantly pulled her face upward and away from my cock- kissed her passionately and telling her she was "Tough Enough" told her to leave as I slid down next to Lita contently and cautiously picked her up placed her on top of myself and straddled her while she quietly slept, and placing my head back on the pillow tried to sleep again.

The only problem was that her red hair kept falling into my mouth every time I breathed so instead of breathing I ended up half breathing in and half blowing out- not the best way to try and get to sleep. Steph left a few minutes later- fully clad and washed with her finger down her skirt. This red hair ended up driving me wild. So instead of seeing nothing at all I decided to take matters into my own hands and get a better view. Problem is that once you see her naked you just want her, and sure enough after gingerly moving her I seeing those breasts heaving with every breath I started doing exactly what Steph had been doing to me- arousing her.

Starting with the breasts I moved my tongue out of it's hole and cautiously licked her from the bottom of the breast up the mound to the peak of the nipple then all the way down again the other side in a zigzagging form so that by the time I'd run out of saliva her breasts and what little chest there was were glistening with my saliva. She was awake then moaning contentedly her lips trembling as our faces met. She moaned words something to the effect of "we've got to stop- gotta go to work" she purred them again as I ignored her my brain too enraptured with moving my tongue down her face to care what she was saying. Passing her naval and the white skin mark where her G string normally is viewed and just as I was about to taste the supreme treasure when she got up making my tongue whiz along her somewhat furrier pubic hair and pre-cum juices and down her leg.

Call me desperate, but I didn't want to let her go so at knee height I followed the beauty into the shower lapping at her legs as more juice flowed down it mixing with water. My sausage was now oozing white juice over the darkened purple head and realising that there was no way I could stick my cock into her as she was turning around on the cold stone floor I resorted to grabbing her hips, and tackling her, putting my hand to catch her head. I think she was so startled by this that she didn't protest, but already having lost some load I stuck my cock into her tight hole and proceeded to move up and down on her. Pleasure had probably overcome her by now as she didn't complain, just lay perfectly still letting me feel around inside her with my shaft. Until she suddenly bolted almost as though she were having a seizure and came onto my cock splashing steaming juice onto the floor.

I turned to try and lap some off the floor, but all too soon it had washed away. Clutching a nearby rail she steadily got up and continued her washing, whilst I lay on the floor dazed until she accidentally trod on my arm, making me yelp in pain. Star struck I think was the term as I watched her wash all the smells of sex off her, and even though I stood up I she started splashing me with water encouraging me to wash with her I just stood there like a grinning idiot until she was done and got a towel from the rail and bring it around me she re-entered the area where the water was still splashing down, soaking the towel and making me start to get rid of the smells that were surrounding me. Then as though she wanted to torture me for all the rough sex we'd had she took the towel, knotted it and instructed me to stand where the "water was flowing". I complied and she said "I've always wanted to try this" and she fiercely started whipping me with this wet, hard towel, leaving my back red and sore.

Hobbling out of the hotel I made my way to WWF New York, in an attempt to wake me up from the fierce whipping I'd just endured and ultimately to get away from a sadist and just guzzle coffee to my heart's content. Not knowing about "Tough Enough" I was shocked to see Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley waltz out onto the stage in front of a lucky 13. She briefly caught my eye, and I could have sworn that the speech in which she stated "I'm excited" was directed at me… at which point I spat out the smouldering coffee onto my clothes- (If you watched it you'll see that that is why she perked up a smile)- anyway the 'lucky 13' were then left to their own devices as she went backstage. I was surprised because usually I thought she liked to be the centre of attention… it didn't take long to figure out why- a security guy had just perked up his face as she whispered something on his ear. 'Slut of the month or what?' I wondered as I scouted around for any familiar faces.

No body I recognised was otherwise around, but I got a few odd looks as I continuously scoured the room over the top of my paper. As the spoon fell down, and I bent to pick it up I saw a pair of legs that never seemed to end… if you've ever seen these 41 inch slender legs, I need them back! They were clean-shaven, sparkling with baby lotion and belonged to one very fit fine looking WCW star Stacey Keibler. Her face, angelic compared to anyone in the WWF I can think of (except maybe Molly Holly) and although she was heavily disguised under thick clothes and shades you could tell it was her- and that she was famous 'cos about every male in the joint was staring at her- infatuated with gaping mouths. All I could do was join them in staring as the blonde bent down and picked up a sugar cube from next to my table- giving the blokes a view of her ass, and me her cleavage. "Sorry" she murmured, as she sat at the table next to me- it was then that I felt like a fool for not noticing her earlier. "You enjoying the show?" I leaned over and whispered to her? "Not especially… not my style- I'm actually here to try and pick up a few pointers from Tazz and the crew"

"Wrestling wise?"

"Is that so hard to believe?"

"Yes and no"


"No as in you have the looks to need never fight- unless it's against rape, and yes because you're in this business"

"Makes a change from the old WCW, tell you that much- looks like a different outlet now"

"With WWF contracts?"

"Something like that. Listen I know we've only just met, but would you mind taking me to the back- there's a back door and these creeps look as though they might turn nasty"

"Sure… though I gotta tell you I'm sorta on a G.A.P. year from England so don't really know my way around?"

"GAP year?"

"Sorta year out to have fun, see the World, build up debt- the usual."

"Sounds interesting" The blokes were starting to advance on her now, as it seemed the waiter had refused to let them buy her drinks. So arm in arm we left and headed toward the back, I gotta say I was feeling slightly uncomfortable, but smug too as this time I was with a real class lady. As paused where the security guard was, who merely raised his cap and allowed us to pass through. She talked as we walked, "Torrie (Wilson) and I have a promo coming up on Sunday here. If you're here I'd love to offer you free tickets as a sort of thank you."

"Uhh yeah, I guess that would be O.K."

"You not a big wrestling fan?"

"No it's just that I don't know when we're leaving New York?"

"I can make it worth your while..." she teased If I'm ever going to have a seizure, then would've been the time. Heart heaving in chest I knew I was tempting fate by asking "how?" but it was a reflex reaction. She was obviously slightly taken aback, but true to her word she leant in, unfortunately out of camera sight, and lightly brushed her lips onto mine as her tongue darted into my mouth, teased my gums and then left again. She walked off and waved cheerfully while I just stood there in idiot mode as she rounded the corner. I continued on backstage down the passage she disappeared around when I almost bumped into her. "Trouble is, I only just met you, and wouldn't know how to get you in" she smiled tugging my hair and running her sensuous leg up mine, her body trembling in my hands" Gasping at words my tongue delving more deeply into her mouth I stuttered, I guess I'll just have to stay with you then.

We'd come to the star dressing room. There was only one and Steph was inside enjoying herself. Stacey had taken no notice and walked in through the door mouth engulfed by mine to the sight of a very naked Stephanie fingering herself rolling about on the floor. Her breasts were bouncing fiercely around and her mouth was eating her own cum as every so often she extracted to fingers and placed them in her mouth. Stacey looked shocked, whilst for the first time I was more relaxed and helping Stephanie up I guided her into the large en-suite bathroom gave her clothes and closed the door whilst all the while she was still fingering herself.

"Poor girl" Stacey was repeating, "probably never been satisfied in all her life" Deciding that Stacey was a woman of class I decided to take things nice and slow. Starting by moving close to her and smelling her perfume. The intimacy between us was growing and feeling it she reached down took my neck and embraced me again delving deep into my mouth. I reversed it swooping mid-rift back over my hand while we were still kissing, the back of her neck in my hand. If I'd have been looking I probably would have laughed at how 1950's we looked.

"I gotta tell you.. I want you… bad, but you're roughly my age... and I don't want to pressure you." She thought about this for a moment, flipping her long blonde hair in the process. "Hmmm," she deliberated, "We don't have top go all the way, we can just go close…" Deciding I liked this plan, I resumed kissing her, my finger trailing down her face and onto her blouse and as far down the legs as I could reach. Finding her button on the front of the skirt, I flicked it and the short mini-dress fell away, revealing panties holstering on the top of those legs. She threw her head back as I gently moved my head down her blouse gently biting all the buttons and flicking them back through their holes to reveal a delicate bra covering precious (albeit not large) tits.

As the blouse fell to the floor, my mouth moved back up the chest of my counterpart, covering as much of her chest with slobberish kisses as I could. She didn't seem to have the slightest idea what to do next, so I moved her mouth back against mine and delved into her again. Swaying her hips into mine I moved my head back down to her tits, and using one finger traced the fleshy bit slowly causing her body to vibrate in quivers of excitement as I slowly tickled her ultra sensitive tits. I took her down to the floor tickling her legs in the same way, neither of us noticing Steph climbing up to see the show from the window above the cubicle we'd left her in.

We both heard the ensuing crash though, which I can only assume came from her beginning to masturbate her naked self again, and letting go of the ledge. Getting up Stacey pulled me down so my mouth was in line with her tits and moving over the material, my teeth "accidentally" uncapped the hinge of her bra, allowing her boobs some freedom and letting her nipples taste fresh air. They were fairly large dark nipples, fully perked and directed at the mouth, which hung above them for a second in admiration. Stacey too perked up, but grabbing my head, pushed me down into her breasts allowing me to gently bite her nipples and massage them with my hand, the other was stuck in her mouth, as she gently sucked them occasionally biting softly into the fleshy part of my thumb, making me bolt with a nipple in my mouth, pulling her breast up, and allowing her mouth to make soft moaning noises as we lay on top of each other, gently caressing each others flesh. She must have noticed my dick urging to get out of my boxers as she suddenly pulled them down spring it free.

She didn't seem to know if she should be impressed or not, but popped it in her mouth as I sat down in a chair, and hunching over returned m attention to her. The sweat I was emitting rolled down my nose and onto her, and she promptly lapped it up. I could also feel the heat in her mouth moving over my shaft. Even if I'd wanted to I couldn't have cum, I few white drips may have leaked out, but my body hadn't had enough time to make more sperm as for the last few days I'd been depositing it in other women. Realising I was as good as impotent now, I decided to make us both naked as it wasn't fair mine had to be the only completely naked body. She didn't seem to notice as he panties slipped down. But she noticed as I pulled my cock out of her mouth, and slotted it into a tight hot box, which I was forced to rub to allow myself entry.. I steadied her attention as I indulged in her mouth again.

Allowing my cock to slide around, getting hotter, and pulsating more and more. I swear, it could've grown so much it actually went into her fallopian tube. She was on the verge of an orgasm, but hadn't reached it yet, as her body was shaking, and it was growing impossible to pull her, so withdrawing myself, I moved my kisses right down toward her hole, over her slit. I even went so far as slightly down her legs, coated in baby oil, but sweating as though a dog had slobbered on them, until my nose slipped into her hole, and that's when she came, right over my nose and all, so that only a few juices escaped down her legs, which I quickly drank up.

I couldn't do her anymore, and she was standing up slowly albeit shakily. To this day I don't know if she was surprised I didn't cum, she just picked my dick up, looked at it and put it into her hole as she turned her stereo on, and strange as it sounds we started to dance naked style. She made my schlong move like it never had before, and I really wished I had a load to get out of me. Unfortunately the dancing didn't last long as we heard groaning from the cubicle next door, followed by moans of pleasure. Regretfully I put my clothes back on, and Stacey did the same, and even more regretfully we didn't have any shower sex. But we unlocked the door, when Stephanie came out, jumping on top of Stacey and starting to kiss her feverishly, before seeing me, when she got off Stacey, whose skirt was beyond her panties, and jumped on-top of me, kissing me again.

All I could do was return the kiss, but gripping her firmly I holstered her up and moving back into the bathroom, hurled her onto the floor and told her to get dressed. Outside Stacey was straightening herself up, obviously in shock and so I told her to go back outside, and I'd make sure Steph didn't do any more damage. She went and locking the door behind her I went back into the bathroom, where Steph was getting dressed. Her as was bent into the air, giving me a perfect view of her perfect butt-checks. She was sliding her top on, when I unzipped my pants revealing my schlong.

She'd finished putting her top on now, as I as I stared at her I wondered why I hadn't fucked the 2 of them earlier. I'm not a fan of ass fucking, but I did. I slid it into her ass, ramming it in all the last 3 inches or so. And pinching her bottom, I told her "stay still bitch" She was screaming in hysterics and I moved my dick in and out of her ass, pumping her, tearing her ass apart. I saw her hand move down toward her pubic region. "You don't need to do that I told her". She span around, embracing me in a passionate kiss. My hands moved up beneath her top fondling her breasts as best I could, moving her nipples around rubbing them fiercely all I could do to heat them up and rub them raw.

Meanwhile her hands were moving down to my cock where she was giving me a hand job, whilst our mouths were locked together, sharing juices and tickling each other's tongues. Her bottom half was naked and I moved my dick toward her already lubricated-by-her-masturbating-cunt where my dick slid in easily, searing around in a warmer box throwing Stephanie off balance with surprise and releasing her first stream of cum around my dick and down her leg the cum lines steaming and streaking as they rolled down. Steph's mouth was also full of cum from her licking her hand, and she traded my mouth juices and Stacey's for her sweetened ones.

My tongue moved to the back of her throat, and my dick splashing around in her cum released another stream of cum, this lot dripping straight from her cunt to the floor. As I harmoniously rubbed and pinched her nipples, delved my tongue as far down my throat as I could and released her own cum back into her, she came again, shaking violently and collapsing back into my arms. Smiling to myself, safe in the knowledge that I would have fainted too, I re-cloathed her and put her in the main room, bending over and cleaning the floor in the process. Then completely re-clothing and straightening myself up, I placed Steph in a chair, and left, leaving out of the back and onto the streets of what seemed a very cold New York day.