In the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA, Beulah McGillicutty is heading to locker room area after escaping from the ringside area where Tommy Dreamer and Raven are having another bloody brawl. Beulah goes into Raven's locker room and has a slightly disgusted look on her face when she sees Raven's lackey, Stevie Richards is in the room as well.

"What the hell are you doing back here?! Raven is getting attacked by Tommy!" Beulah yells as she places her hands on her hips.

Stevie just shrugs, "Raven said to stay back here ... if he thinks he can handle him without my help, fine..."

Beulah crosses her arms, "So what business do you have being in here then?"

"Oh... I'm just waiting for you..."

Beulah raises an eyebrow, "Excuse me?"

Stevie smirks, "I just have something to show you..."

"And what's that?"

Stevie stands up, "Just my train."

"Your what?" Beulah has an extremely puzzled look on her beautiful face, and that expression changes to shock when Stevie unbuttons and unzips his daisy duke like jean shorts. Her eyes go wide as she sees that Stevie is packing a dick that is expanding in length and girth freely now that it's free from its restraints.

"My train..." Stevie takes a hold of his cock with his right hand, and holds it straight out, so it appears to Beulah that it's trying to reach her. Beulah licks her lips a bit, as she looks at the cockhead. Stevie smirks and asks, "Do you want a ride on the ol' Stevie Express?"

Beulah shakes her head as if to shake the cobwebs out. She crosses her arms and looks at him square in the eyes. "Raven could come in any moment and if he caught you like that, he'll kill you."

Stevie shrugs, "You didn't answer my question." He starts to slowly stoke his cock, which is now at it's full 11 x 3 inches. "Do you want a ride or not?"

Beulah looks at Stevie as if he has lost his mind, but she can't help but feel turned on by his boldness, and the sight of his cock aching for her touch. One side of her mind tells her to throw Stevie out, but the other side tells her she must have him. And that's the side that won out.

Beulah walks over to Stevie and pushes him down onto a metal chair and grabs his cock hard at the base. Stevie winces in a bit of pain, but Beulah smiles and slowly starts to kneel down in front of him. She has to use both of her hands to hold his cock steady as she licks up and down 3 sides of the his dick. Every time she reaches the tip, the gently taps her tongue against the tip, while every time she licks down one side, she flicks her tongue against his ballsac.

Stevie takes a moment to take off his T-shirt, and then leans forward to removes Beulah's black tank top. Once its off her body, Beulah angles his cock down a bit and takes it into her mouth. She slowly starts to bob on it, each time taking more of it into her sultry mouth. Stevie has his hands behind his head and his quietly suppressing his moans. Beulah opens her mouth wider to get the base in when she attempts to deep throat him. Beulah has sucked many cocks in her time, but none has given her such a challenge, because she gags quite noticeably. Stevie doesn't take much pity on her and places a hand behind her head. He then smacks the back of her head, and the force causes her to take in all of his cock at one time. Beulah gags and coughs, but she knows her reputation would be tarnished if Stevie told the locker room that she couldn't orally handle his cock, so she keeps sucking on it, breathing through her nose as best she can while not raising her head up enough to get a good breath of air.

As Beulah continues to work, the door to the locker room open and Raven enters, and sees the sight of his girlfriend servicing Stevie Richards. He immediately gets pissed and slams the door shut. Beulah jumps up and covers her chest, "'s not what..."

Stevie cuts her off, " saw...she was all over me..."

Raven takes off his leather jacket and throws it too the ground. "You two couldn't wait for me to dispose of Dreamer?"

Beulah looks at Raven is total surprise, and her surprise is multiplied as Stevie steps behind her and yanks down her shorts. Beulah turns around and is about to smack Stevie for that, but Raven closes in and stops her. He turns her around to face him and he kisses her somewhat forcefully, but she responds to the kiss, parting her lips to invite his tongue into her mouth.

Stevie kneels behind Beulah and parts her ass cheeks with his hands and starts licking up and down her asscrack, occasionally pushing his tongue into her asshole. Beulah moans into Raven's mouth, as Raven steps back and unties the flannel shirt from around his waist, Beulah then reaches forward with her hands and unbuttons Raven's tattered jean shorts. Raven then steps back and finishes taking off his ragged clothes. Stevie stops licking her ass and looks from behind Beulah to see how he measures up to Raven, and his eyes go wide. Raven has a dick almost twice as long as his, and it's defiantly twice as thick. In comparison, Raven makes Stevie's dick look like a pencil. Raven sits down on the metal chair, his cock sticking straight up.

Beulah lifts a leg and stands over Raven and carefully lowers her self down onto his donkey like prick. Her face shows she's in some pain and she stops half way. Stevie stands behind her once again, and pushes her down the rest of the way, causing Beulah to unleash a blood chilling scream. Raven places his hands on her hips and quickly bounces her on his tree trunk of a cock as if she was a basketball.

Stevie really can't do anything, but stand back and watch as Raven fucks Beulah and is pumping his cock like Thumper's foot (Bambi Reference, Oh my God!). Unfortunately for Stevie, he causes his own climax and he blows his load all over Beulah's back. Stevie curses and throws a bit of a tantrum, but grabs his things and leaves the room, in order to plot another night with Beulah.

Meanwhile, Beulah has gain some control and is freely riding Raven's prick, she has her arms around her neck and is rocking her hips back and forth, grinding down on him like an animal. Raven is enjoying the feeling of Beulah fucking him, but he has his pride. He wraps his arms around her and lifts her off his cock. While still holding her, Raven stands up and kneels Beulah on the chair. Beulah looks back at her lover as he spits on his hand, and runs it between her ass. Beulah swallows hard grits her teeth, knowing what Raven is going to do.

Raven takes his cock in one hand, positions it against her tight asshole, and then places both his hands on her hips. Raven slowly starts to pull her back, but Beulah shocks him and she pushes back as hard as she can, taking in as much of Raven's rod into her backdoor entrance as she can. Beulah has tears forming in her eyes, as Raven's cock is way to big for her, but Raven starts to fuck her ass savagely. Raven's thrusts are so hard and fast that the chair Beulah is on is shaking violently. Beulah is openly crying in pain, but is screaming for him to not stop.

Sweat drips down from Raven's body onto hers, and the droplets slides down her back and into the crack of her ass. Raven places a hand between her legs and starts rubbing her pussy, causing Beulah's body to shake in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Finally Beulah lets out a scream that would rival that of another raven haired beauty.

Raven pulls out of her ass with a pop and pushes Beulah off the chair. She falls to floor as if she was a rag doll, her body totally over taxed from the sensations she's experienced so far. Raven can see she can't take any more, and rolls her onto her back. He closes her legs, and positions her arms in a way that resembles his crucifix pose. Raven then stands over her stroking his cock with both hands and after a few moments, starts to cum. Because he's standing over it, he angles his cock downward, and his load falls like rain down onto her face. Beulah barley has enough strength to open her mouth, but does and catches some of his semen in her mouth.

Raven kneels down next to her and kisses her cum covered face as he places her hands on her chest. Raven then stands up and gathers his things and leaves, leaving her there, naked on the floor. Raven happens to leave the door open, and a few moments later Tommy Dreamer enters and sees Beulah like that... A smile crosses his face...

But That's Another Story