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    Default A Birthday To Remember - Kylie Minogue - Sex Story

    One sun shiny day, glamour pop princess Kylie Minogue was laying topless on the sundeck catching the morning sunshine at the pool side area of her three million dollar dig in Sydney Australia. She was in a good mood that day and sexually attainable.

    Gibi Fender, one of the prop designers who worked on some of her latest videos was expected to arrive any moment. Kylie was going to give him a haircut as she promised. A few days ago at the wrap up party of her video Gibi heard Kylie blabbering to all and sundry about loving to cut her friends’ hair. Getting into the conversation, Gibi offered his long hair for Kylie to cut it in a trendy short style. Kylie thought Gibi had an incredible sex appeal and a great sense of humor that really tickled her funny bone. Fancying Gibi as a potential bedmate Kylie invited him before the party ended to come over to her lair and see what she could do with his hair.

    Hearing Gibi coming to the pool area Kylie wore back her white lurex bikini top on. After the exchange of greetings and cheek bussing, Gibi held out a cloth bag to Kylie. She opened it and a Dalmatian pup emerged melting her heart. She cradled the furry pup into her arms like a baby. “Isn’t he cute,” she said touching one ear that was distinctly all in black while the other one was spotted.

    When she gave the pup to her maid for feeding, Kylie swung out of the lounge chaise to begin her routine laps in the pool. She pulled up her high leg bikini bottom stressing that pouty V with the hint of the cleft between her sexy legs and when she turned around to put down her pink wrap-around glasses on the lounge chaise her perfect pair of ass-cheeks almost blew Gibi’s mind away.

    “Hot, isn’t it?” Kylie said smiling.

    “Yeah, scorching like I’m in hell’ ” Gibi replied quickly averting his eyes from her most coveted legs and bottom that he’d so often jerked off during the period that they were shooting her music videos and stared in the blue sky.

    “So why don’t we dip into the pool first before I do your haircut?” Kylie invited.

    “Oh, I didn’t bring a swimsuit,” Gibi said despairingly.

    “C’mon, be brave, wear what you have in there,” she said in a playful tone.

    “What made you think I’m wearing one?” he quipped.

    “Nice guys wear underwear,” she laughed.

    Gibi blushed but nonetheless stripped off his surf shirt, Polo Sports denim shorts and sandals until he was down to his dark blue Calvin briefs.

    Gibi was a dreamboat material with green eyes, dark long hair, and muscularly lean. Kylie took a meaningful inspection of his studly asset as presented by his Calvins and she was satisfied. She splashed into the pool and Gibi followed suit.

    Instantly they became like old buddies in the pool. Shy as he was Kylie knew how to bring out the man in him. When they hauled out of the pool, they picked up their towels and dried themselves and Kylie led him to the gazebo.

    At the gazebo, Gibi pulled a white metal chair and sat on. Kyle started playing the temptress and sat straddling his lap.

    “Now, let’s see,” she said and slipped her fingers slowly through the hair at both sides of Gibi’s face. “You have a square face so if you want a really short do then I’m going to style it in a way that it’ll bring out the jaw line.

    “A-huh,” Gibi muttered feeling that the man in him was rapidly growing and hardening under her bottom.

    “Hmmm, I have this weakness of grinding myself to guys rising to the occasion,” she said as her bottom rocked back and forth on his tumescent.

    Gibi blushed. “I guess this is a privilege occasion,” he said stifling a groan coming out of his throat.

    “It takes two to tango,” she whispered teasingly placing her hands on his shoulder and rubbing herself hotly at him. Gibi could only agree.

    “We’ll fix this later on, won’t we?” she said giving him a wink as she gave a once over look at the tightening matter in his Calvins and eased reluctantly out of his lap. Gibi quickly shifted his dick to a more discreet position when Kylie turned away and opened a box case on a table where she retrieved a black nylon material and two scissors. She tied the strings of the black nylon around his neck to cover his upper body from the snipped hair. Soon she started cutting away his shoulder length hair. When it was short enough she used her little scissors for the finishing cut.

    “I love it, I look different,” Gibi said when he looked in the mirror.

    “Yeah, you can now double with Brad Pitt,” she said happily satisfied with what she’d styled. “Later on I’ll put some blonde highlight on the top and on the upper sides around leaving the lower sides dark to put some style into it.”

    “I appreciate that but ah…it might take too much of your time.”

    “I’ve got time and when I start on something I like to complete it until I feel satisfied. Let’s go to my jive-ass cabana and shower,” Kylie said taking his wrist to lead him there. Gibi could hear his heart beat out of his chest.

    Inside the cubicle, Kylie made a funny face at him and directed the spray of the handheld shower toward him and down to the tent forming in his briefs, all the more revealing the shape of his tumescent. She screamed as he grasped the shower from her hand and turned the spray all over her. She raised her chin and relished the invigorating spray making her nipples poked like bullets in her bikini top. Gibi couldn’t believe he was doing this to Kylie, his fantasy girl and one of the most desirable women in the world.

    “Hey, I gotta shampoo your hair first. Run the water in your head…alright that’s it…now turn it off,” she raised her voice as he directed the shower head to her bikini bottom. “Oh gosh what are we doing here, hey let’s take it one at a time ok?”

    Gibi obeyed and let her work on his head, shampooing and massaging his scalp gloriously. “Get down on your knees!” she ordered.” You’re so tall,” she giggled girlishly.

    Gibi sank down on his knees his eyes following the shape of her delectable body. He let out a silent wow at the up close view of the shape of her pussy concealed by her white V-string bikini. He was impelled to nudge his left cheek to her soft belly, whirling, feeling her soft pampered skin, taking a whiff of her young fresh scent with eyes closed followed by pecking lightly on her belly bottom.

    “What are you up to naughty boy?” Gibi was speechless as he continued rubbing his face on her belly while holding her curvy, tantalizing hips. He couldn’t help thinking whether to smack his lips at the center of her intimate flesh or pull her bikini down.

    “Kylie, you’re so irresistible,” he croaked finally.

    With his hands running the sides of her thighs, they ended up kneading her perfectly moderate out thrust butt, digging his hands into her ball of flesh.

    “Time to rinse you, Gibi, “ Kylie said turning on the shower and directing the spray over his head while her other hand mussed his hair. His face slid lower and dragged her bikini a few notches down. He almost choked himself as he breathed in a scent which he thought no ordinary mortal would ever imagine to describe. Certainly it was not the shampoo. It was the alluring scent of her womanhood. “Oh god you’re breathtaking!” he exclaimed as his nose felt the fuzz at the very lowest part of her belly which her drifting bikini had exposed due to the fact that his mischievous hands had been fiddling with it.

    “Hey! Not too fast, big boy I still have to soap you,” she said but actually she was letting him pull her bikini down.

    Compelled by the sudden surge of lust desire Gibi shoved his face to her crotch which he then jarred earnestly against it, nibbling the barely concealed private flesh. Kylie made a low-pitched wail from her throat.

    Kylie got so turned on that she peeled off her bikini top revealing her perky breasts. Having done that, Gibi boldly pulled down her bikini to get her all naked. Kylie kicked away the bikini from her foot and at that instant Gibi was quick to grab her under her knee. Kylie automatically draped the leg he held over his shoulder and Gibi raised it up a bit just to get enough room for him to get a close look of her heavenly treasure and give her slit a long lick from the bottom up.

    “Oh Gibe…Gibe…give it to me, shhhh, ooh shit…hh…Ahhh…Ahhhh.” Next thing she knew Gibi was twirling his tongue into her cunt hole.

    Such a neatly trimmed pussy, luxuriant hair only enough to shroud the keyhole to her paradise. Gibi opened her cunt lips and began waving an aggressive hello along the inner lips which blossomed out to be nipped and gnawed. Her warm arousal juice oozed from along sides of her pussy lips and drenched his chin. She ordered him to put a finger inside her. He quickly obliged and felt its clenching power as his questing finger probed in. While churning his finger inside, his tongue strummed her engorged clit, sucking it in his lips and squirting it off and lapping everything around it up for all its worth. Kylie tossed her head back and rocked her pussy against his finger and tongue. Her face transformed quickly into a critical stage of reaching her peak and Gibi was enflamed to perform double time. She uttered guttural noises and not long after, she burst into shuddering, clenching spasm.

    “Ooh, that was awesome and quick!” Kylie said still shuddering at the power of her orgasm as her hands circled his head.

    “You couldn’t wait, huh. Now face the wall and “I’m gonna soap your back,” Kylie said. He obeyed and pressed his hands on the wall like he was going to be cop frisked. She looked at the V of his back, his blocky butt still concealed by his Calvins which she pulled down in reckless abandon down his athletic legs. She knelt down and took glimpses of his hairless balls hanging tight between his legs and started soaping him sensually from the bottom standing up when she reached his shoulders.

    After a while she snuggled up behind him rubbing her body against his soapy back. Gibi raised his head, blew a silent whistle and feeling divinely shocked at her body sliding to and fro, side by side on his back especially the firm mound and the pubic hair scrubbing under his butt skin. She rubbed one leg along his side, wandered her hands across his chest and rock-hard abs while her lips brushed on his shoulders moving up to the side of his neck and licking his earlobe. She stopped short at reaching his tumescent and poured shampoo over it.

    “Ohhh,” a sticky moan erupted from Gibi’s lips as she began stroking his shaft from root to tip using both hands.

    “Gosh, you have an awesome meat hammer here,” Kylie said as she stroked like in a perpetual motion. She stopped to cover his cock and balls at the base with one groping hand and then with the flat of her other hand rotating over the head with the right amount of exquisite pressure. “I guess lots of gals are lining up for you,” Kylie said as she began to make tiny jerking of his well-sculpted cock head with her thumb and forefinger circling around it. “Perhaps I should call you Bigi rather than Gibi,” Kylie said smiling at her humor.

    “I must confess that I am still a virgin,” Gibi said wincing. “And I won’t be able to withstand what you’re doing.” His breath was starting to labor.

    “Virgin my ass! A virgin! How old are you?” Kyle asked very surprised, stopping momentarily her torture of bliss.

    “I’m turning 20 tomorrow,” replied Gibi glancing over his shoulder.

    “No kidding? You’re just gonna be 20?” Kylie was astonished.

    “My oh my, you’re making me feel ancient!” Kylie said her hands clapping over her cheeks.

    “Anyhow I lost my virginity when I was sixteen,” Kylie confessed. “How come it’s kinda late for you getting initiated into this wondrous human activity.”

    “Well my first time should have happened in high school if only the principal didn’t catch me with my pants down and was ready to do it with my girl then.”

    “Poor baby? And what happened?”

    “Well, I almost got expelled from school. Unfortunately I grew big and the girls were kinda scared of my love muscle so they just jerked me off and that’s as far as I’ve gone to in the realm of my sexual experience,” Gibi answered.

    “You mean they didn’t let you park your dick in their cunnies ‘coz it’s too big for ‘em?”

    “A girl once called my stiff here as a kidney scraper and that doomed my hope of screwing girls. From then on I thought my appendage is a disadvantage.”

    “Those girls might’ve been fucking cocktail sausages. For me I like bratwurst like yours,” Kylie said feeling his boner back with two hands stroking it in corkscrew fashion. Gibi struggled not to come sooner and it showed in his face.

    “Now turn around so I can take a closer look at your love bat,” she said and rinsed the soap off his body all the more exposing his ramrod on fire.

    “I have a confession too. I’ve never encountered a male virgin. This is a special event in my life. Gibi tossed his head back and moaned deeply as she turned around and lodged his cock under her pussy locking between her thighs.

    “You’re so hard I’m like sitting on a mountain bike,” she muttered.

    Gibi started making subtle thrusting motion while his hands covered her perfect b-cup breasts making tiny grasps and squeezing and tweaking her nipples with his fingers. Kylie noticed the head of his cock popping into view below her pussy. She could make him enter her but she hesitated preferring just to rub her pussy back and forth to his shaft. This was starting to give her another orgasm. He wondered if he could start fucking her now but he wanted to go for it at her pace. Besides he wanted not to come too soon as he was already struggling to hold back.

    “Oh Gibi, this us utterly fantastic,” muttering between moans from all that friction her clit was getting. “Think this is gonna give me a kick in the mule’s ass kind of orgasm. OH Wow!”

    Gibi thrust harder bending his knees slightly to give her a really good rub. “Oh shiiit, think I’m coming again! Oh,” her voice was rising to crescendo.

    Gibi was extremely inflamed that he announced he was going to cum any moment.

    “Oh god, all right, I’ll save mine later. Go ahead come and make my day. Gibi pumped like a jackrabbit with her pressing him tightly around her thighs and incredibly as it was she screeched to her climax. Before long Gibi blasted a perfect arc of cum and Kylie was so fascinated that while she came she watched his cum like they were shooting out of her pussy.

    Loosing count of his shootings, she spun around and sank to her knees before him and sucked at him.

    “You’re delicious,” she said as she went down and sucked him as there were still some cum oozing out. However she gagged and sneezed and some of his cum sprayed out from her nose. She stood and rinsed her face from the shower.

    “You come like it would never end! Whew!” she said when she finally managed to speak.

    “I came too soon. Couldn’t help it Kylie,” he gasped. “That’s a dishonorable discharge,” he said looking shameful.

    Kylie held his cheek. “It’s alright, I understand. It’s perfectly normal. That happens and believe me I’ve never experienced it before. It’s so unique. I’m so amazed I’ve done it.”

    “I could’ve done better.”

    “No, don’t predict. Just let it happen, let your intuition flow and you know, just get it on and think later.”

    “Oh damn lucky me as I would get these valuable tips from you.”

    “From now on I’m gonna be your sex guru,” Kylie said her face glowing more radiant.

    “Guru-vee!” Gibi said cracking his charming grin.

    “Suddenly, I suddenly feel starving. Your cum are such appetizers. C’mon let’s finish up and we’ll have lunch at the gazebo.” Afterwards, Kylie wrapped herself in a towel and Gibi after drying himself out wore back his shorts and shirt.

    “I’ll call the maids to serve us at the gazebo and we’ll eat there, I’ll just get dressed up,” Kylie said and ran up to her house.

    Gibi felt so high that he cart wheeled outside on the grass to contain his overwhelming joy.

    Later two maids brought the food at the gazebo and it smelled delicious. Kylie came back dressed in a halter pink dress cinched at the waist making it tantalizingly short with the matching wrapped around shades.

    Lunch was sizzling Mango chili roast chicken with rice. The dessert was sweet glazed cherry pie, sprinkled by sliced toasted almonds on the top crust. Gibi was in seventh heaven.

    “I have a Filipino cook and she’s so good. Oh, I have something to show you after our coffee, I have a brand new car that I’d like to take a spin to the ocean drive,” Kyle said.

    “Oh great, what’s your car?

    “It’s a two-seater Audi TT roadster,” said Kylie.

    “Wow, I’ve seen that auto, that’s fantastic!” Gibi exclaimed.

    Kylie drove the grape colored roadster and climbed up the hill top that looked out to the view of Philip Bay. The view of her short dress and shapely legs were better.

    “May I?” Gibi said pressing a hand over her thigh. It moved up under her skirt and stopped short of touching her panties. The wind blew her hem up and the crotch of her matching pink panties showed briefly leaving a tiny bit on show as the hem fell back. She parted her legs a little and Gibi took the opportunity to feel her panties with his fingers. Oh, that grand feeling of touching that flimsy protective covering! His cock was instantly on fire again lodged between his shorts and thigh. “Hey, Gibi hold your horses I might not be able to hold on to the wheel less you want us to go crashing over the hill,” she said her eyes widening. “You’ll have more of that when we get back,” she compensated.

    “Oh, you’re a sex magnet, Kylie. I can’t help it,” he said pulling away his hand with a lusty expression still etched on his face. She laughed and gazed at him while her hand reached for the bulge in his pants.

    “May I?” she asked and squeezed the mouse in his trouser before he could speak.

    “Hey Kylie keep your eyes on the road!” Gibi said and she screamed letting go of the wheel and holding up her hands like she was crashing. Her sudden loud screaming although there was no oncoming vehicle to smash on startled Gibi.

    “What’s that for?” asked Gibi.

    “Nothing,” she laughed. “Just one of my dramatic antics when I’m so thrilled!” And she continued laughing. “Anyway, tonight’s the night. What we did this morning was a sort of dry run. I’ll baptize you in the name of my mouth, tits and pussy.”

    “And so I’ll be born or rather ‘burn again’ in your hot…” Gibi trailed off licking his lips with great anticipation.

    When they reached the top they kissed like teen-agers and Kylie whispered sweet nothings into their ears. “When we get back home, I’ll give you another blow job to end all blow jobs and you’ll scream,” she said in a girlish tone. They walked around the edge, watched the breathtaking view, and exchanged rapport with each other interspersed with loving kisses.

    Gibi drove the car back home and commented that she had chosen a car that was more fun to drive than he expected.

    “What about the owner of the car?”

    “Totally upbeat, cool, alluring, classy and wow, what a guzzler!” he said coyly.

    “You’re a good critic. You should write for Rolling Stone.”

    Back in the house, the two went to Kylie’s audio visual room. They fixed some drinks and Kylie played a homemade video of herself strutting about in a black short peignoir open in the middle in her bedroom. It showed partly her cleavage, flat abs and v-string black panties. In the video she appeared sensually studying herself in the mirror making a few erotic dance moves like what she might be practicing for her music video. Her hands wandered and caressed her body emphasizing her breasts through the sheer fabric as well as her tight rounded bottom. After that she sat on the edge of her bed and slipped out of her panties although no pussy was shown. The camera panned up from her legs past her hips and tits the nipples faintly showing and then her lovely face. Then her hand was shown close-up moving over her silky smooth thigh until her teddy was raised above her hips and a neat trimmed dark bushed appeared. On close up she fluffed her pubic curls flattened by her panties until it ended up playing herself.

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    Default Re: A Birthday To Remember - Kylie Minogue - Sex Story

    Onscreen, Kylie was showing her wondrous pussy and its pink wattles as her fingers used her favorite technique of getting her off.

    Offscreen she was slowly stripping down her clothes.

    “Who shot this film?” Gibi turned to her and startled to see her already topless and feeling her lovely pair of breasts, pulling and pinching her nipples.

    “Secret. I won’t tell you,” she replied with eyes closed.

    Gibi was once again hard as a rock. He was pleased to learn something about how Kylie would touch herself and bring herself to a shuddering climax. Words were not spoken much during the show and when it was through he looked at Kylie and their eyes locked. “Let’s watch another show. Shall we?” Kylie suggested.

    “As you wish.”

    When the video came on, Kylie stood and shimmied.

    Na na na na, can’t get u out of my mind… Kylie laughed. “Oh how I love to watch myself. I’m so full of vanity.”

    “You’re really fantastic. I think you’ve got the best sexy video.”

    “And what about Britney Spears’?”

    “Not even close.”

    “I believe you. No it’s too much boasting, I like Britney too. I admire her talent,” she laughed.

    Kylie cradled his face with her hands and planted roving kisses on his face, lips, and earlobe. Gibi swallowed the tingling sensation. She straddled his lap.

    Gibi was again treated to her perfectly petite hourglass figure with two perky tits projecting from her chest. She drew them pert jugs toward Gibi and let her hard gumdrop nipples be captured and chewed by his lips.

    Kylie unbuttoned Gibi’s shirt and bared his smooth chest. She kissed his nipples then tracked down to his rippled tummy. Unbuckling his belt he unzipped his shorts gently. When Kylie tugged down the shorts, his GI Joe snapped out and stood at attention. Her fingers curled around it and smeared his big knob across her glossy lips like a fat lipstick. She sealed her lips at the ridge of his knob brushing the tip of her tongue under as she circled around. His cock jerked in response as she licked sway under the slit of his cock.

    Soon she took it in her mouth making delicious sounds. Gibi could feel his cum being sucked up and he didn’t want to come yet so he wheeled out of the couch and made Kylie sat back on.

    He sank on his knees on the carpeted floor and run his hands around the curves of Kyle’s body. He nibbled her breasts and licked at her stiff nipples.

    Kylie poised her legs like the MacDonald’s M at the front edge of the sofa. He had pulled off her panties and her pussy was once again on show enchanting and smelling like perfumed garden. Gibi lost no time zapping up the appetizers by kissing and nibbling her inner thighs before going to the main course. As he neared his destination he thought of a style on how to orally send Kylie sky-high. His idea was the ‘alphabet game’ wherein he would draw the capital letters of the A-B-C with his tongue very slowly around her jutting clit. And so he plunged to work and when he reached K, Kylie was squirming and at M, her chimes were already ringing.

    “I want you inside me now, Gibi” Kylie ordered in panting breath. When Gibi entered her, sex was strident, explosive, wall-banging seizure beyond description. He was hard as steel but she had the vice-grip to match.

    “Pull it out when you’re about to cum. I want to see your spunk shoot out from your cock.”

    When Gibi did, Kylie moaned happily and whorishly waggled her tongue, beckoning to deliver his spunky loads. Gibi threw his head back and started spurting thick creamy sperm all over her face.

    “Happy birthday, Gibi” she said. “This is better than blowing candles on a cake, isn’t it?” she added and swallowed back his gradually softening cock, which by then she could take all entirely.

    “If there’s a more profound word other than ‘thank you’ I would express it now. “I love you, Kylie, you’re the greatest thing that ever happened to me” he said planting a very affectionate kiss on her sperm drenched lips.

    The following morning they played tennis in Kylie’s own courtyard. Kyle had no underwear beneath her white tennis skirt. Gibi kept loosing, as he could not concentrate on the game.

    In the afternoon Kylie brought Gibi to a shopping spree and at night time, they had a romantic dinner at a fine restaurant. When they got home they jumped on the bed and made love that was one for the books—utilizing 20 famous positions from around the world.

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