I've been to the South of France before, and loved it. So this long weekend break to Nice was just what was needed to lift me out of the gloom of boring life back home.

As it was, I was pleased with myself for having booked the break so far in advance. The hotel was jammed packed with dignitaries. Some convention or other had all but filled the Hotel. I was a little peeved, because with them being there, so were all the security people, looking menacing and brusque as can be expected.

My room was okay. It was clean and tidy, a little on the small size, but had a wonderful view of the Nice beach and the sea lapping in. Like many hotels I have stayed in, this one had a door to the adjoining room. As with all the other hotels, out of curiosity, I just had to try the door.

Totally expecting it to be locked, I was surprised when it swung open as I pushed the handle, revealing a naked woman in the room. There was a slight pause as we both registered the sudden shock. My first reaction was to try and apologize; hers was to grab the towel that lay on the bed.

I was just about to open my mouth to utter my apologies, when she let out an ear splitting shriek. Before I could blink an eye lid, the main door banged open and a burly guard ran at me.

Bam...I was wrestled to the ground, my face firmly pushed into the carpet.

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry" I pleaded.

It took some explaining, but eventually the guy let me get up. I continued to plead my innocence, which was finally accepted by the man and by the woman who I had disturbed.

As I was gently pushed back into my room, It suddenly occurred to me who the woman was. It was Condoleezza Rice. I had just barged into the room of the American Secretary of State, I was lucky to be alive. I spent some minutes mulling over the magnitude of the situation, when the flashes of her naked body started replaying themselves in my mind.

Reliving the naked scene over and over I was surprised that my cock was getting hard. I new she must be fifty plus, but the body I had just seen, was quite incredible for a woman of her age. A woman of any age to be quite honest.

My cock was by now fully rigid and demanding some attention. I wanted a shower anyway, so I thought I would combine a shower with some hand relief, with the images of Dr. Rice still transfixed in my head.

Just before doing that, I went to open the balcony doors to let the breeze freshen the room. Taking a deep breath of the lovely sea scented air, I was suddenly horrified to see that my balcony was shared with Condoleezza Rice's room, and not only that, but she was standing on it staring at me, and more to the point, at my big throbbing cock.

"Sorry...sorry" I yet again apologized rushing back into the room.

That embarrassment certainly killed my urge, and so, I just had a shower, leaving the hand relief for another time. After that, I dried off and had an hours nap.

Waking up quite refreshed, I got ready to go down to the bar. It was very busy, people chatting away, in various languages. After three drinks I asked for the bill, paid and headed out of the bar.

"Was that her" I thought to myself, as a woman looking like Condoleezza Rice walked past the bar entrance.

Looking round the foyer I couldn't see her. While still looking all over, I went to the toilet. Because I was preoccupied looking for Dr. Rice, I accidentally went into the ladies toilets. Seeing no urinals on the wall, I didn't immediately realize my mistake, and went into a toilet cubicle instead. Who should be sitting there, with her skirt pulled up, and taking a piss, but yes, Condoleezza Rice.

"Sorry...sorry" I apologized to her yet again.

I rushed out of there, and dashed straight to my room to hide. This was turning out to be quite some break. I was certainly not endearing myself with the Secretary of State. Twice now I have caught Dr.Rice naked or semi naked. The first time I got a good view of her tits. They were large for a woman with a small stature, but still kept their shape. The nipples were large and a deep black. I got a quick glance of her pussy, which looked well cared for. The scene of her on the toilet pissing came back to me. I could clearly see the golden spray as it squirted out of her pussy.

Sure enough, thinking this soon had me rigid again. I decided to have that delayed wank. I stripped my clothes off and lay back on the bed, and started to play with myself. All I could think about was seeing Condoleezza naked & of her having a piss. It really turned me on, because I was beating my meat really hard. Throwing all caution to the wind, I began to talk aloud as I masturbated.

"Yes...Yes Condoleezza fuck me hard just like that. Let me fuck into that beautiful black cunt. Oh God I can feel your lovely hot cunt lips around my cock".

Reaching climax, with eyes tightly closed, I pumped my cock a few more times, shouting her name, when the cum exploded from me, blasting the hot sticky goo all over the place. As I eventually opened my eyes, my cum was still seeping out of my cock. I had to congratulate myself on a very satisfying wank.

When all of a sudden something caught my attention. In the mirror by the balcony door, I saw the reflection of Condoleezza Rice. She had been watching the whole scene through my mirror. My heart missed several beats. All I could do was utter:


I woke up a little late the next morning, that dreadful scene of the day before still replaying in my mind. Condoleezza had caught me masturbating. She didn't say a word, just went back to her room.

"Should I go apologize"? I didn't know.

Having showered and dressed I went out for the morning. The streets of Nice beckoned me. They didn't disappoint me, they were full of pretty young things, dressed in little light weight gear. I was soon working myself into a state of friskiness.

Once I had fed my eyes with all the pretty girls, I went back to the hotel, and up to my room. It was such a lovely day that I went to sit on the balcony and drink a coke.

The sea looked so blue and inviting, the smell of it wafting to me. Being totally engrossed with the beauty of it all, I was startled when the other balcony door opened. Condoleezza Rice stepped out, saw me sat there, turned and walk back in.

"I don't blame her" I thought to myself.

A few seconds later she reappeared, carrying some paperwork, and sat on her balcony chair.

After a few minutes, I decided to apologize for my behavior of yesterday. I was just about to speak, when she realized what I was about to do, and lifted her hand up to silence me. She just looked back down and read her paperwork. I can take a hint.

Managing a few strategic glances, I watched as she read. She was wearing a white silk blouse; her bra was clearly visible through it. I thought I could see the darkness of her nipples, but I could have been mistaken in the strong sunlight.

She had a knee length navy skirt, and wore no stockings. She didn't have to wear any; her legs were smooth and unblemished. As I was viewing her legs, I glimpsed white knickers occasionally as she bent sideways to change paperwork. During one of these glimpses, I must have been gazing too intently, because she caught me looking.

I quickly looked away, pretending nothing happened. About a minute later she got up and went inside. Only to reappear a few minutes later, and resume what she had been doing.

After a little while, I felt confident to glance again. She continued with her paperwork. When I looked to view her white knickers, I couldn't see them. I was puzzled, thinking she must have pulled her skirt lower. But when she bent again, I saw just how mistaken I had been. I could quite clearly see curly pubic hair.

I felt myself flush. The blood rapidly pumping through my body. She had seen me looking, and had gone to take her knickers off. Not knowing how to interpret this action, I played a waiting game. She continued to go through her paperwork, but with each bending and shuffling on the seat; her skirt was riding further up her thighs. Not only that, her knees were spreading little by little.

My cock was pretty damned hard by then, and the bulge was clearly visible in my shorts. I really didn't know whether this was a come-on or not. I mean, this was a powerful woman; you can't just make mistakes like that with her.

After some time, the sight of her black cunt was driving me crazy; I had to take a risk. And with that, I got up and went over to her. Sitting down on the balcony floor, I put my legs underneath her chair, and pulled myself to her, so my face was staring into her crotch. I then eased her skirt to her waist, opened her legs wide and stuck my mouth over her cunt.

When I felt her push down onto my mouth, I knew I was safe. I started to eat her pussy the best I knew how. I felt her paperwork drop to the floor. She grabbed the back of my head, and pulled me hard into her cunt. She tasted musky, and was already quite wet. Her pubic hair was quite bristly on my face. She tasted very nice indeed.

Concentrating on sucking and nibbling her clit, she had her first orgasm of the occasion. It was very thick and sticky, and frothy white. There was a lot of it, and was soon coated all over her crotch. To get a breather from all that cum, I lifted her legs behind my back, and raised her butt further up. I then got stuck into her ass hole.

It took some forcing, she was evidently not used to having this done, but once I got my tongue in, she relaxed a little. I was soon pumping in and out of her shit hole. She tasted salty, but with no hint of shit. She was soon well in to me doing this, and soon exploded into orgasm again.

When I looked up at her, I saw that she had opened her blouse and had pulled her tits out of her bra. She must have been squeezing her nipples, because they were massive. It was time for a bit of action for my cock I thought to myself. I soon stripped off, and had my cock at her mouth. She grabbed it, and pumped it back and forth. A drop of precum was soon licked off, and then my cock was warmly received into her mouth.

This woman was amazing at blow jobs. She took me down her throat with very little effort, and I'm not small by any means. She gagged a few times, but was soon ramming it back down. I felt like cuming but was determined not to; I wanted to fuck her first.

Pulling out of her mouth, I raised her to her feet, and stripped her off. Luckily for us, we were on the top floor and out of view from anyone else. Not that that mattered, and the time we would have fucked each other in the foyer.

Turning her round, with her back to me, I bent her over. I noticed how smooth her ass was. She was in very good shape. Her pussy lips presented themselves, ready for my cock. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit, forcing the end of my cock between. I soon found her cunt hole and stabbed straight in.

"Arrrrrr" she squealed, as I plunged straight in.

After several thrusts, I was ball deep in her cunt. She rocked back and forth onto my cock. Her cunt was juicy and dripping wet. As I fucked into her, she would grab my balls and squeeze them. By now I was really hammering into her cunt, she was panting, her big tits swinging back and forth. My cum started to boil and I felt it shooting up, and spurting out deep inside her cunt. As she felt me cuming, she too came at the same time. Our cum mixing together.

We stayed like that for a minute, just to get our breath back. Without asking, she turned round, got on her knees, and began to suck my cock. She squeezed the last drops of cum out of it, and licked it clean. She licked my balls, and then took my cock back into her mouth. After some minutes of this, I was soon hard again.

Turning her round again, she was expecting me to fuck her cunt again, but I had different plans. I put my cock at her shit hole. She flinched, but I held her there. It took quite some time and effort, but eventually I managed to open her ass up. Slowly at first I eased my cock into her ass hole. It was tight, but worth the effort.

She was whimpering to begin with, but once she relaxed she loved every single inch of it. I was soon banging into her ass like I had her cunt. As I was fucking her ass, she was fingering her cunt, my cum was still sticky in it. She was cuming often, as she did, she would push hard backwards, forcing my cock deep into her ass.

I managed to hold off for quite some time, but eventually I blew my wad deep inside her ass. It felt quite a lot, but I couldn't tell, I was so far inside her. Once out, she took a little more persuasion to suck clean my cock, after where it had been. But again, once she got going, she soon enjoyed it.

She did such a good job at sucking, that I came for a third time, blasting my cum in her mouth and all over her face.

By now, I had fucked her three holes, and was a bit spent, so I had to take a rest from fucking. Condoleezza was quite insistent on more sex, so I had to satisfy her with two empty coke bottles.

We went inside, on her bed, and I inserted a bottle in her cunt and another up her ass hole. I was ramming these into her simultaneously. After a while, her cunt and ass just remained wide open, I was able to fuck her with many different objects. She even had the phone in her ass.

I was pleasing her like this for the rest of the night. When my cock was able, I would fuck her again. Towards the end, she was covered in fresh, dried or drying cum. It was even coated in her hair. She eventually fell asleep, my cum was still trickling from her cunt and ass. Her lips were crusty from it.

Next morning, before she woke I went back to my room, but not before I had wanked, spraying my cum on her lips. She never woke, just licked the cum off while she slept.

I never saw her again. She left that morning to fly home. Whenever I see her on the news, I get an instant hard on. She was an amazing fuck, and loved my cock deep inside her.