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    Default 007 - Quantum of Soreness - James Bond Sex Story

    007, aka James Bond, was in a major slump. It had been weeks since he'd last beat up a bad guy and M was getting a little pissed off that he was not having success tracking down a financial terrorist cell that was wreaking havoc in the UK financial markets.

    James had to admit, the loss of his girlfriend, Vespers, had been tough on him, and in more ways than one. Heartbroken, he attempted to take his mind off of her by sleeping around with some other beauties in various places he traveled. But it never seemed to work. The sex was boring and dull, and inevitably his mind would wander back to those days with Vespers... where the sex was fantastic.

    What Bond needed was a major shakeup in his life. Something to jar him out of the apathy he was feeling.

    As his plane landed in Istanbul, James was ready to dive back into his work. He enjoyed being back in Turkey where the women often had dark hair, dark eyes, and a smoldering sexuality. Perhaps he could kill 2 birds with one stone on this trip, get a good lay and get the bad guy.


    After checking into his hotel, James stopped for a drink at the bar. As he settled into his seat, nursing his exotic personalized martini, he spotted one of those dark Turkish beauties across the bar. Currently, she was staring intently at the screen of a laptop. James took the opportunity to meet her. As he walked around the bar he noted she was dressed in business attire, white shirt, vest, and tight knit skirt with patterned stockings covering very beautiful legs, and ending in high heeled sandals that showed off perfect feet. Within those clothes she was packing plenty of curves with big round hips, a narrow waist and nicely rounded b-cup titties. Her long mane of black hair was pinned severely back from her face in a pony tail. Her face showed an unblemished and bronzed tan, but her model looks were belied by the spectacles she wore to read the computer screen. As he approached her she looked up with sparkling green eyes.

    Her broad full lips parted as she asked, "May I help you?"

    "Yes, I was wondering... how's the signal here?" pointing at her laptop and then around in the air.

    "Hmm... is that the new replacement for 'What's your sign?'"

    "It does have a certain symmetry, doesn't it?"

    "I suppose..." she trailed off and stopped.

    "My name is James, James Bond, and I would love to buy you a drink."

    "Thank you, but I'm currently fine with this iced tea."

    "And what are you studying so intently."

    "Maps, local blogs, news."

    "You're a journalist?"

    She laughed in a melodic and very alluring feminine way. "God no! I've dated journalists and they're complete boors! Are you one?"

    James smiled, handing her a business card, "No. I'm in technology sales."

    She smiled in return and replied, "Wow! Sales! I never would have guessed. By the way, my name is Reena -"

    Just then they both heard a rumble and the floor started shaking violently. Reena fell back off of her stool but James caught her and steadied her onto her heels. Instinctively Reena threw her arms around his neck as she looked nervously around.

    "Earthquake!" James shouted above the din of rattling bar glasses and bottles. "Not too big yet." And as he said that the trembler died down to almost nothing.

    "6, or less, on the Richter scale would be my guess, depending on where the epicenter - "

    James didn't finish his sentence. At the relief of the end of the quake, Reena kissed James. After initially pressing her sexy lips against James' lips, she seemed to have thought better of the surprise kiss and meant to back off, but 007 was having none of that. He held her close and lightly pried her lips apart with his tongue. His tongue snaked into her mouth and she responded with a tongue dance of her own, and all the while Bond was feeling his way down to that wonderful ass. Their kiss didn't last any longer than the quake but as it ended, she stumbled back out of his arms.

    "I'm sorry," she said with her eyes widened by the surprise of events.

    "I'm not. If it takes a small quake to start your passion, then I'm ready for the big one," he joked.

    She smiled.

    James continued, "That one really wasn't the big one due to hit the North Anatolian fault. It was probably some relatively minor shifting of a fault beneath the Caspian."

    "Oh, so you're a geologist, too?"

    "A bit of a hobby of mine," he replied with a smile.

    "Listen, I have to get back to my room. It was a pleasure meeting you Mr Bond."


    As she turned to go James admired the swivel of those hips which he liked so much in women.

    "Uhhh... Reena?"

    She turned, "Yes?"

    "Last name?"

    She smiled, "It's Reena Bakir."

    "Thank you."


    To get a better look at the estate perched high on a local rock spire owned by Mr Demetrius Kopodoca, James had climbed 80% of the way up an adjoining spire to get a good look at the surrounding area. MI-6 had received a tip from a local investigator that Kopodoca was branching out from his local mafia-type crime business and was now quite active in the global financial markets, and particularly in the UK. James had been fitted for new eye contact lenses embedded with tiny microcircuits to allow him to photograph the area directly without using an obvious camera.

    Suddenly, James heard a cry from above him. A body was tumbling down the rock face. As the belay rope went taut on the first piton, the fall was stopped momentarily, but then the piton broke loose from the cliff and the fall continued. At this point the next stop point was 1,000 feet down. James swung out as far as he could from where his legs were temporarily anchored to the cliff. With his outstretched arm he snagged the arm of the person. James, anchored on the cliff above an overhang, swung the body beneath him in free air. As he looked down, he was a surprised to see Reena dangling from his arm. She had cried out, but then he heard another voice from above.

    A voice in Greek shouted down a warning and question.

    James pressed the index finger of his free hand to his lips as he looked down on Reena, who was hidden from view to anyone above.

    James called back, feigning ignorance of Greek, "Hello! I'm English."

    A head appeared over the edge of the cliff and called down in a thick Greek accent... "What happened? I heard some rocks falling. Did you fall?"

    "Yes, I certainly did... clumsy oaf that I am. Luckily my ropes caught me."

    The guy above had an AK-47 in his hands. "Who are you? Did you get a permit to climb on this rock?"

    "Yes I did. I called for one last night and was approved. The name is James Bond."

    "One moment while I check." After a pause, he continued, "Okay, you check out. You're the only one that has a permit for the day. You better be careful on this spire. Two deaths in the last year. Technical climbers love it but it's more serious than it looks."

    "Yes, I can see that," James replied. "Come to think of it, I feel a bit stretched out. I think I'll return to the base."

    "Good idea!" And then the soldier left the edge and returned to his watchtower perch atop the spire.

    With a weightlifter's grace, James swung Reena up to his chest and caught her around the waist. Her eyes were opened wide as he joked, "Nice of you to drop in on me."

    She buried her face in his shoulder, "Oh my God! Thank you. You saved my life."

    "We better get off this rock quickly. Especially since one of us obviously isn't supposed to be up here."

    The two of them shimmied over to a rappel line that Bond had set up and quickly descended down the rock face.

    As they returned to the hotel, Reena said, "I don't know how I can ever repay you."

    As James led her directly into his room he replied, "I can think of a few ways."

    As the door swung shut behind them, James lifted her up and she quickly swung her legs around his back with her arms around his neck. Her lips greedily latched onto his and they wasted no time opening their mouths into a full fiery french kiss. Their tongues were snaking into a sexy wet embrace as James moved across the room and bounced the two of them onto the bed. Reena didn't miss a beat and never broke the kiss as she fell beneath is sturdy body.

    Bond loved it all. She was obviously a very hungry woman judging from her kissing. Her tongue and lips and open mouth had a ferocity to match his own. They rolled around on the bed, rarely pausing for a breath. Bond always enjoyed testing a new woman... is she entirely submissive, does she get aggressive and try to dominate, is she cold, or passionate? This Turkish rock climber was red hot, she tried to force herself on top of him, and at times James let her play the game of dominant mistress in their kissing and wrestling.

    But eventually Reena surprised him. They had wrestled to a sitting position and suddenly she stopped. She pulled back and looked intently at him. Bond never blinked as he stared into her beautiful eyes. She said nothing but she moved a hand to Bond's rough face. He noticed that she was breathing hard and her round breasts were heaving beneath her shirt. Bond moved in and started kissing her neck and unbuttoned her shirt in the process. She sighed and then moaned as his fingers found her exposed breasts. He pushed her back flat against the bed and kissed up and down her belly but settled for flicking her nipples. He bit and sucked and kissed all around both nipples until she was moaning loudly. He began sucking quite firmly on one breast when she said, "Stop, wait a minute," but Bond simply kept sucking.

    "James, there is something I need to tell you about me."

    As he furiously sucked on her nipple while kneading the supple flesh of her breast, James mumbled... "what?"

    "Umm... you might not like this about me."

    Bond lifted his head with a puzzled look, "yes?"

    "Well... you see... my breasts lactate. If you suck any more on them you're going to get a small mouthful of milk."

    James' face broke into a huge grin, and descended back onto her nipple and breast. He sucked with ever more enthusiasm, causing Reena to tilt her head back with a loud moan. Soon he received a pleasant squirt of milk from her breast. He hungrily swallowed it all. He nursed at both her breasts for 10 minutes getting a small quantity of milk in the process. When he finally broke off, he noticed she was in a bit of a daze.

    "Are you okay? Does that hurt to lactate like that?"

    She came out of her daze and replied, "Oh no. I love it. It feels great to relieve the pressure at times. Sort of like a good pee with a full bladder."

    He laughed and started kissing her mouth again. But this time he started stripping off her clothes. As he started lowering her hiking shorts, he could see the top of her ass and it looked very inviting to him. He thought to himself... "What a day! Catch a falling girl and now I'm rewarded with an ass like this!"

    As her shorts were halfway down her hips, Reena stopped his hands. "James, wait - "

    A phone rang. It was his. James looked her in the eye for seconds while the phone continued to ring. Her eyes were guarded, not sure what to do or say next. He rolled off the bed and onto his feet. He grabbed the phone and said, "hello". It was M. She had some new instructions for him. As he listened to M, he turned to the bed, and he noticed Reena had retreated out the door. He saw a glimpse of her back as she had left.

    "Shit," he muttered.

    M's voice on the other end of the line, replied, "007! This lead is not shit! It was verified by one of our best local contacts."

    "Okay. I hear you. I'm on it chief."


    In the small village, below the Kopodoca estate, just outside of Istanbul, James made the rounds to gain information on the Turk Mafioso. He had met with the lead that M told him about and the Turk referred to an independent mafia group that had loose local ties to Kopodoca. One night 007 heard some shots while dining at a cafe. He quickly left and followed the action. As he sneaked down some back streets, he spotted several men dressed in black shirts and camouflaged fatigues fleeing a building. Bond stopped at the entrance, looked both ways, and ducked into the building. In the first room he found an elderly man freshly shot in the forehead. He looked around in several other rooms and found nothing.

    As he fled the building and gave chase to where the gang had fled to, he ran up an alley that branched off the main street. Here, Bond's instincts failed him. He turned a corner too quickly to foresee the coming danger. He blocked the blow of the first man who attacked him and gave him a hard punch to the chest. But another man caught him from behind. A blow to the side of his head made his ears ring. 007 stumbled and tried to kick his assailant's legs out from under him, but the man dodged his kick and landed another blow to Bond's head that made him see black.


    When Bond came to his senses, he discovered his hands, arms, and legs were all bound impossibly tight underneath his torso. He was lying face down with butt in the air on a table. He had freedom of movement to roll off the table but it would result in plunging 3 feet down onto hard concrete, and after that he would be unable to move, anyway. Surrounding him were 10 Turks. The leader could speak broken English and at regular intervals would approach him and demand his real name and business. Whereupon Bond would remain silent and receive a slap, kick or punch to various parts of his body.

    Finally after some internal discussion the Turks started laughing and divided in two groups of 5, one in front of him and one in back all sitting on chairs. Noticeably they all dropped their guns, but Bond didn't enjoy seeing what came next. On cue from the leader they all unzipped and started masturbating. The leader pulled his cock out of his pants too and started laughing.

    "Meester... this is wot you get if you don't answerrrrr!"

    As the leader moved around the back of the table toward his butt, a shout erupted from a dark corner of the room. All the men turned toward the figure emerging from the shadows. Bond turned to see none other than Reena Bakir walk toward the table to address the men. She was wearing black and camouflaged clothing as the men were wearing... obviously some type of uniform. She spoke in rapid Turkish and James' knowledge of the language was far too limited to understand. All the men seemed rather animated, some of them getting up from their seats. After some heated discussion they seemed to reach some sort of consensus. Reena started shouting something in Turk in Bond's face. The leader smiled and translated... "She ask you if you want to eat pussy instead of sucking my cock!"

    Bond just shook his head in silence. All the men erupted with laughter. The leader sat down and started jacking off with the other 9. Meanwhile Reena peeled off her shirt to approving whistles. After that she turned her back to Bond and started lowering her pants. By this point all the men were hollering and whistling. When Reena finally turned around she had a smile on her face, but James couldn't believe it. It's not her smile that he was focused on.

    Reena had an 8 inch boner standing straight up from her crotch. A pair of heavy balls hung below. 007 was shocked!

    Reena started screaming more things in Turkish and then approached his face.

    James' mind was reeling. If she was really part of this thuggish gang then he was totally fooled by his earlier encounters with her. On the other hand, if she was a deep plant within this organization then she might be risking her cover to somehow save him. Bond thought to himself, "HER! Why am I thinking of Reena as a "her"? Get a hold of yourself Jimmy boy! That's a guy. With a cock. And he's gonna stick it right in my mouth!" And yet when he looked up to see Reena's face, all he could think of was that he was a she. The beautiful woman he had previously met. "No, she has to be a plant. She is not divulging to the others that she knows English. She has some plan for me that is hopefully better than death."

    Bond knew he had to act the right away. He started shouting, "No no no!" to laughs of derision around the room. He shook his head as Reena grabbed his chin firmly and started rubbing her cock all over his face. He feigned resistance. Some of her pre-cum got in his eye. It stung. Finally, she pried open his mouth with her fingers and slipped her cock head into his mouth.

    James Bond, of course, was a notorious heterosexual. He had never come close to touching another man's cock, much less sucking one. But as Reena's cock entered his mouth he realized that it wasn't as bad as he thought it might be. The scent around her cock smelled like sex, and the remaining pre-cum taste wasn't half bad. He tried to resist, but she kept sticking it in deeper. He gagged. Then she pulled it out and shouted something. The leader cried out... "She says to kiss it!" She smashed her cock against his lips but he refused to purse them into a kiss. When she pushed it into his mouth again, he looked up at her face. She had a knowing smile and winked at him. Others in the room caught it and howled with laughter. But Bond saw it as something else. Her face was so feminine and her smile and wink so seductive that his mind flipped a switch. He rationalized to himself that this was not gay. He was actually sucking a girl cock. Something wholly unconnected to another man. At that point he relaxed some. She bent down and kissed him on the top of his head. As she did so, he felt something move about his wrist. When he jiggled his wrist he realized that it was looser. She may have cut part of his bounds without anyone seeing.

    Eventually, James was deep throating Reena's cock with gusto, but showing resistance all the way. At one point it would seem that she was ready to cum, but she pulled out. At that point she shouted to all the guys and they applauded wildly. The heels of her boots clacked upon the floor as she moved behind him. Suddenly, Bond was troubled all over again. He felt Reena's fingers push into his rectum with some sort of lubricant. Bond groaned. He really did not want to get butt fucked. Yes, he saw Reena as a woman... a transsexual woman. But now that she was going to enter his ass with that big throbber of hers, he was in doubt again about the "gay" thing. She played with the opening of his ass with the head of her dick. She popped the head into his anus and leaned over him. He could feel her soft breasts upon his back.

    She whispered in his ear, "Just relax baby." As she said it, Bond felt the bind on his other wrist loosen.

    She cried out to the room in Turkish again, and then slowly started pushing her cock into Bond's bowels. 007 felt an excruciating fiery pain in his ass. But he knew she could have slammed it in faster had she wanted to be cruel. Eventually she started moving her cock slowly into and out of his ass in long strokes. Bond did as commanded and relaxed. Eventually the pain subsided. He also began to feel the binds on his legs begin to loosen. She must have been surreptitiously cutting them with a small knife.

    As he was being fucked, Bond recalled that men had a g-spot around their prostate. He focused on his prostate and with time he did indeed feel turned on. About this time Reena noticed and again got laughs from the room as she reached around and stroked his now hard cock a few times.

    Reena started speeding her strokes and James felt more and more turned on. He didn't care about the gay stuff and just wanted to release. As he became fully erect, he started moaning and Reena reached around again, but this time kept stroking his cock as she continued to hammer his ass with her own cock. Through a blurred glance around the room, 007 realized the others had gotten quiet as they jerked their own cocks erect. Finally, Bond felt a stirring in his balls and his cock started pulsing. Reena felt it and squeezed it hard. One, two, three, and then four ropes of sticky cum shot out of Bond's cock. Reena released his tool and at the same time Bond felt the final tight bind around his abdomen loosen.

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    Default Re: 007 - Quantum of Soreness - James Bond Sex Story

    Reena kept fucking his ass, and now appeared to be close to her own orgasm as she made many noises. James' head was starting to clear and he noted that the five guys in front of him, including the leader, were all totally focused on their own jerking. He now had an idea of Reena's plans. At her orgasm, she would probably fall back, grab a gun and kill the guys in the back. Bond's task would be to vault forward, somehow grab a gun and kill the 5 in front of him. Bond tested the binds again, and was now sure they were loose enough for him to vault off the table and have a range of motion to allow him to effect the plan. He coiled his body, ready for spring for that moment. The tension in his body must have triggered Reena.

    He could feel a jet of cum hit the insides of his rectum. At that point she let out a huge yell and he felt her cock exit his ass quickly.

    Bond did a forward somersault on the table and then leapt into the air. The binds further loosened as he flew the through the air and flailed his arms and legs. He did a complete flip in the air and smashed his heels into the jaw of the unsuspecting leader. As Bond fell over the leader and across his chair, he heard the leader's neck snap. Bond rolled and found a gun, luckily an AK 47 automatic rifle. He heard gunshots on the other side of the room. His military instincts kicked in and he rolled again to a crouch and pulled down hard on the trigger. The other 4 guys leapt to their feet, but Bond cut them down in two sweeps of the machine gun.

    Then he rolled again, outside of the obstructive view of the table, and leapt to his feet with the machine guy aimed level to the other side of the room. Bond saw the other 5 guys, prone on the floor, and saw Reena spin around with her gun pointed at Bond.

    She yelled, "Stop!"

    Bond's trigger finger almost disobeyed her command, but he held back while keeping his gun pointed at her. He was now furious at her. "You sodomized me!"

    She yelled back, "Enough with this machismo bullshit! My cover is blown! We don't have time to discuss the details of your homophobia."

    With that she grabbed her shirt off the floor and put it on while pulling back up her pants. Bond was simply frozen, standing naked with the AK 47 pointed at Reena.

    "C'mon you idiot! Get some clothes on. We have to get out of here!"

    Bond snapped out of it. She had saved his life and she spoke the truth. They were in danger. It was time for escape.

    As Bond put on his clothes, Reena admired his naked body while she moved toward the door to listen for noises of people approaching. For Reena this entire experience had been surreal considering her earlier encounters with James Bond. She had worked hard to get this deep undercover, but she didn't completely regret the blown cover. Bond was a good man. And she had to admit, he was a great fuck, too. She had hoped for a more romantic encounter with him, but this wasn't bad. She could hear people running toward the door. She turned to see Bond finally tighten his belt and sling the rifle over his shoulder. She shouted, "Let's go!"

    Bond watched Reena run to a dark corner of the room. As he followed, he winced at how sore his ass was.

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