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    Default London 2007 - Samantha Brown - Sex Story

    This story is rather long, and I spent all night writing it. If you're only looking for steamy sex scenes that are the main story, look elsewhere. There's a lot leading up to the sex here, but I think that sometimes makes for a good story. Comments are welcome. Rate if you liked it. The 1 in front of the title means there will be more to come.

    1 London 2007

    I'm the kind of person that is trusting, and distrusting of the internet. I've had my fair share of run-ins with incredibly creepy people, but I have also met amazing people. I have friends online that I have been friends with for almost 10 years. I've fallen in love through the internet. I've made best friends through the internet. My online friends and I have had our fair share of falling outs, but we're there for each other, no matter what. We've listened to each other's elations and to each other's heart breaks. We've always told each other, "I swear we'll meet one day." I was young and hopeful when I said those things, and didn't think it'd actually happen. I loved to imagine what it would be like when we actually met.

    Then I got older, and I held a steady job and made my savings account quite hefty. I decided that it would be now or never, so I waited one day to catch all of my British friends (all friends with each other, too) all online at once. I made a chat room in our preferred messenger and asked what their plans were for the next couple of weeks. It was odd how it all seemed to work so perfectly, they didn't really have anything going on. Then I sprung it on them that I was coming there. We talked late into the night/early in the morning depending on the time zone about what we'd all do.

    My first several days in Britain were spent in London. I had watched something with Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel one time, and she was going to these various places in London. I had recorded the name and location of all the places I wanted to go that she had shown, and begged my friends to take me there. It was the one thing I wanted to do as a tourist. I couldn't have cared less about the Buckingham Palace. Of course, I did have to ride the London Eye and I had to take pictures with Big Ben, but that was about it.

    I was very excited to see all of the places that were shown in some of the Harry Potter movies. Amy knew I was a big fan of Harry Potter, and that I was practically in love with Daniel Radcliffe. She showed me all of the hot spots and places that were based off of real-life locations. Equus was currently in production too, a play that Daniel Radcliffe stood naked with a horse on stage. I'd seen the pictures and lusted over him through those pictures. We were the same age, and it's like I grew up with him. I watched him go through puberty. He'd always been attractive, and he continued to be so as he matured. To play the role of Alan in Equus was a big jump from his roles as Harry Potter, and I thought it was awesome.

    After long days of doing everything we could think of, our nights were spent in various pubs. I drank more in those nights than I ever had when I first discovered alcohol. It was like Amy and Francois were trying to keep a considerable amount of alcohol in my system at all times. I could barely remember the names of all the people I met, but one person I did remember was Iain. He was a kind man. He was moderately attractive. I could tell he had a thing for me by the way he kept eyeing me. It was a little awkward for me, but I just kept taking drink after drink of my delicious mead -- something I'd always wanted to try, thanks to Samantha Brown.

    Now I'm a week into my vacation in Britain, today we did more than I would have thought possible to do during daylight hours. I was beat, and I just wanted to stay inside and do absolutely nothing. But no, Amy made me get dolled up and told me we were going to another pub. There was no arguing with this one, so I slipped on a cute denim skirt, black bohemian shirt with gold encrusted detailing with some cute gladiator sandals. There really wasn't anyone to impress, but I thought I'd at least try to look awake and enthusiastic.

    The air was a little crisp, but it felt good and made me more alert. We'd been walking for a little while before Francois came out of nowhere and kissed my cheek before slipping his arm through my free one - Amy had the other one.

    "You look perfect! My perfect little American girl," Francois cooed.

    Amy choked back a laugh. "She doesn't really want to go out tonight. She didn't try hard enough. I should have told her to give her more incentive."

    "Tell me what? Guys?" I spoke up. "There aren't any pubs in this area, where are we going?"

    They ignored me, and as we rounded a corner I could see something going on further up the block. I couldn't read the shop sign because I'm nearsighted, and don't often wear my glasses when I feel I don't need them. Considering I thought we were going to a pub, I didn't bother to put them on.

    "Amy..." I said impatiently.

    "I hope all of you Americans aren't this impatient. Honestly!"

    I rolled my eyes and smiled. We actually are all pretty impatient, it's pathetic. But, we were closer to the shop and I could see that it was a book shop. That was exciting in itself. I love to read and to have the chance to buy books from Britain was even more exciting. There was a group of women standing outside the shop, talking animatedly, but I couldn't tell what was going on. "What's going on here?" I asked.

    Francois was about to answer when one of the women shifted position. I could see a sign in the shop window behind her. There was a big picture of a young Daniel Radcliffe in his Harry Potter costume and another picture of him as he's seen in Equus. The text under the pictures said, "BOY WIZARD TO STABLE BOY -- GET YOUR AUTOGRAPH TODAY!" A very large grin spread across my face. Both of my friends burst out laughing. "You slippery gits," I mumbled. Now I was fussing with my hair, with my skirt. I hardly looked cute enough.

    "Oh, will you stop? You look gorgeous!" Francois told me.

    I sighed and fidgeted with the bracelet I wore. It was a stupid (not stupid on any other day, though) Harry Potter charm bracelet I bought when I was 14 years old. Amy had insisted I wear it tonight. "The gold matches the gold embellishments on your top, you have to wear it!" Oh, that silly liar. I was going to get her big time for this.

    We pushed past the group of ladies and went into the shop. There were a big handful people inside, some already brandishing signed objects. Others were in line. I was suddenly very nervous. By the time we made it to where the line was, there was only one person ahead of us. When she walked away, there he was.

    His hair was a little disheveled; his best look, in my opinion. His eyes looked tired, and I suddenly felt a little bad about keeping him longer. The top few buttons of his dress shirt were undone and a tie was draped over the back of his chair. He flashed me a tired, yet pleasant smile. Amy nudged me forward while she and Francois stood back to watch this train wreck.

    "Hi there," he said.



    "Um, have you anything for me to sign?" he asked.

    Shit. I looked around and patted myself and looked up, smiling sheepishly. "Oh, uh... I didn't know I was coming here, I don't h—" Amy interrupted me by shoving a book into his hands. "There you go, give that a sign." Amy winked at me and went to rejoin Francois, whom I could hear chuckling behind me. My eye narrowed as I watched Amy and walk past me, also snickering.

    A blush had appeared on Daniel Radcliffe's face, but he flipped the front cover open and went on to sign the inside cover. He flipped the book closed and with an embarrassed smile handed the book to me. I looked at the cover and gasp, whirling around to glare at Amy. She burst into laughter. I turned back around and looked back at the book again. It was a sex book, all about sex and sex positions. I could literally kill Amy right now. I opened my mouth to speak, but Daniel Radcliffe just smiled and held up his hand. "I have friends just like her, don't worry."

    I bit my lip and smiled, and thanked him for the autograph. I turned stiffly and walked across the room to the cash register to pay for the book I was pretty much forced to buy. After purchasing the book, I glanced back at him. He was looking at me curiously, a slight smile on his face. He nodded his head and stood from the chair, giving himself a good stretch. That was the last image I saw of him before I stalked past Amy and Francois. They hurried to catch up to me as I was already out of the store.

    "Amy, I cannot believe you! I have never been so embarrassed in my entire life!"

    In between laughs, Amy tried to apologize. "It was the first book I could find. You truly seemed to be in a bind. I didn't want to keep your precious celebrity waiting for too long." I rolled my eyes, "Spare me, Amy. You did that on purpose. You're horrible." But, I couldn't help but laugh at the situation, as embarrassing as it was. I had to laugh, because if the rolls had been reversed I may have done the same thing. We're two peas in a pod, Amy and I. I slipped my arm over her shoulder. "Just horrible."

    We went to a pub that night after I put the Daniel Radcliffe signed sex book back in my hotel room. Amy told the story again and again as more of our friends arrived. Every time she told it, I drank more and more. I don't think I would ever be able to live that down, but I guess it's a good thing I don't actually live in this country.

    The night wore on, and finally Iain and his gang of misfits arrived. I wasn't exactly looking forward to seeing him, but I felt like he was my escape. I grabbed an extra drink from the table, the kind he ordered every time we were in the pubs, and stole him away from his friends. They whistles and cat-called, which I found kind of disgusting. Iain wasn't going to get lucky tonight, at least not with me. We went to sit at another table and talked and drank. He noticed the charm bracelet I wore, and he fingered it lightly and smiled. His finger slipped off of one of the charms and traced along my wrist.

    "I work for a TV station, you know."

    "That's cool," I responded.

    "Yeah, we get celebrities to come in sometimes. I saw your charm bracelet just now and it reminded me that that Harry Potter guy, what's his name?"

    "...Daniel Radcliffe," I informed him.

    "Yeah, that kid. He came into one of the studios last week. Celebrities love to bring a lot of free stuff, for the staff, for the audience, whatever. The staff had a raffle the other day for some of the staff gifts. I didn't really get to choose, not that there was anything decent to choose from..."

    "What are you talking about, Iain?" I asked impatiently.

    "Well, I was given a ticket for Equus. I don't really want to see a naked man with a horse, if you know what I mean."

    I could hardly contain my annoyance, despite where this was headed. "And?"

    "Well, it seems you like this guy. Do you want it? The show is for tomorrow night, it's one of the last showings of the year, I guess."

    I pretended to think for a second, but of course I would take the ticket! I leaned in to hug Iain, but I think he thought I was going to reward him another way and felt his lips touch mine. I pulled back short and looked at him. "Oh, uh... Iain, you're a cool guy and all, but I don't feel that way about you."

    I could tell that he was a little crushed, but he opened his coat and pulled out an envelope from his breast pocket. "That's okay, a guy can dream. Here's the ticket, enjoy yourself. I think it's a front row seat, or something close to it." Then he stood up and walked to our group of friends, his swagger gone. I felt bad about turning down Iain, but it was replaced by the excitement of the ticket. I ripped open the envelope and pulled out the ticket. It was second row, somewhere in the middle of the row. I held in a squeal of excitement and drank the rest of my mead. (I'm seriously thinking I'm obsessed with the stuff.)

    Amy took me shopping the next day after determining that I had absolutely nothing to wear to this sort of occasion. I was dressed in the best outfit I could afford, even though Amy pitched in from her savings fund. Now I stood in front of the West End Theatre with a shit eating grin on my face. The sun reflected on the windows and turned them into mirrors. I stared at my reflection in awe. My hair fell in loose blond curls down to the middle of my back. It was pinned back on one side with an emerald clip. My eye makeup was light, next to nothing. I wore plum-colored eyeliner because it made my green eyes pop. My mascara was especially dark, but not clumpy. I was never one for lipstick, so I just wore tinted lip balm. I wore a strapless black cocktail dress that was rimmed with emerald colored diamonds on the bust and on the bottom hem; I bought the pin with the dress, having found it in the same store. I wore no nylons; my legs were tan and flawless at the moment, though I'm not always so lucky. My calves were beautifully toned, and the shoes I wore helped to that. The heel was a modest height and a beautiful satin green that complimented the emerald on my dress. I looked and felt high-class.

    The theatre had this aura about it that seemed intimidating to someone who wasn't used to this kind of scene, such as myself. I felt extremely lucky to be here, to have come to London at this time. I didn't really believe in things happening for a reason, but if I did, this would be an incredible sign. I took a deep breath and stepped into the building. It took me several attempts to find where I was supposed to go, and somehow I managed to find my way backstage. No one asked me any question, not one person asked to see identification or if I was authorized to be back there. I did help myself to the refreshments they had sitting out, though. Upon my wandering, I stumbled upon a door that said "Main Theatre". I opened the door, and found all of the seating. With a happy squeal I set my empty cup down and proceeded to find my seat. It wasn't too long after that that the lights dimmed and the play started.

    Needless to say, amazing! I was oddly aroused, and wasn't shocked at how gorgeous Daniel Radcliffe looked completely naked. The pictures I'd seen on the internet were either cut off at the waist or censored with a black block covering his genitals. He had an extremely cute ass, nice and tight. I imagined bouncing a quarter off of it and laughed. The man next to me looked at me strangely, and I smiled. I was too aroused; I could feel moisture seeping into my black lace panties.

    The people on either side of me seemed to be riveted on the performance, and I needed just a little relief. I slowly slid my hand across myself and pressed down on my pubis. I stifled a groan but knew I could go no further without revealing myself. I bit my lip and closed my eyes as I moved my hand away, and sighed. When was intermission?

    At some point after the play, I was wandering around again with another drink in my hand. Thanks for the alcohol, but I was still horny. I couldn't wait to get back to my hotel room to get some true release. I snuck my way back stage again, still undetected, and found a door that led outside. I supposed I could use the fresh air; maybe it would clear my head and get my focused. I opened the door and stepped outside.

    It was a beautiful night. The air felt great on my skin and the wind tossed my hair lightly around on my shoulders. I leaned against the wall of one of the buildings and opened my clutch purse to pull out a pack of smokes. I didn't have very many left, but I pulled one out with my lips and dug in my clutch to find my lighter. I had a sinking feeling, however, that I left it in my hotel room when Amy was rushing me out the door.

    I sighed and pulled the cigarette from my lips. "Shit," I said.

    "Need a light?" someone asked. I nearly jumped out of my skin with the combo of the sudden voice and sudden flick of a lighter, mere inches from my face. I gasped, but accepted it anyway. I lit my cigarette and took a deep drag from it. Taking it from between my lips, I raised it in the air as a thanks to the stranger.

    But he wasn't a stranger. I instantly recognized him as soon as he stepped into the light. I gasped again, surprised to find Daniel Radcliffe out here smoking a cigarette. "Hey, you're the girl from the book shop, right? The sex book?" he asked.

    "Oh, yeah... that's me. That was so embarrassing." I could feel myself flush again.

    "Perhaps, but I found it kind of amusing afterwards. Rupert really found it funny and wished he could have seen it."

    "Oh great, more amusement for strangers at my expense. Thanks for the light, by the way. You're a life saver, honestly."

    Daniel chuckled. "If I were a life saver, I wouldn't have offered my light."

    "Touché," I smiled. There was a moment of silence as we took another drag from our cigarettes. He was smiling at me, leaning so casually on the opposite wall from me. He pointed at me with his cigarette and said, "You're American." It wasn't a question, but a statement of fact. I supposed it was obvious, Amy said it was. I didn't even have to speak for people to tell I was American. "You have such nice teeth," Amy had said. "A lot of people in Wales have monster teeth."

    "Well spotted," I said.

    "Are all Americans as beautiful as you?" he asked.

    I choked on the smoke in my lungs. Daniel kicked himself off the wall and rushed over to me. I held up my left arm in a gesture to tell him I was fine while I coughed my head off. As my coughing subsided he gasped and caught my left wrist in his hand. "No shit!" he laughed. He twisted my arm to get a better view of the tattoo on my inner forearm. "You have the Dark Mark tattoo? So that's your team, eh?"

    "Oh! No, not really. They killed too many of my favorite characters, I hate them. I just really wanted that as a tattoo, I thought it was so bad ass."

    Daniel nodded, but I turned sideways and unzipped my dress. His eyes widened, but I said, "Relax, I'm just going to show you something else." I shifted one of the flaps of my dress to show him a medley of Gryffindor tattoos on my side. He smiled, "That's a relief!" I zipped the dress back up and shifted my hair again my shoulder. "Is that a Golden Snitch I see?" I thought for a moment, trying to recall all of the Harry Potter tattoos I had. "Oh, yes."

    I flipped my hair to the opposite side of my body to show him the Golden Snitch with its wings spread out. He stood behind me and held my hair out of his way so he could look at it. "Very nice," he said. There a moment of silence as he continued to look at it, then finally he said, "You know... a Golden Snitch remembers the first person to ever touch it." I knew that of course, but his voice changed as he spoke. His breath was on my neck, I could feel him in my ear, and then I could feel his lips brush again my skin where the tattoo was placed. I shivered faintly and leaned back into him ever so lightly. He kissed my neck again, and wrapped his arm around my waist to pull me closer to him. His lips traveled up the side of my neck, and when he got to my ear he licked the outer rim up and down before taking my earlobe between his teeth and giving it a little tug. I moaned pleasantly; it felt so good and made me wet.

    "Is anyone expecting you?" he whispered in my ear.

    I shook my head no as a tremble went through my body.

    "Let's go somewhere." He kissed my neck again as I whispered an agreement.

    Daniel grabbed my hand and stubbed out his cigarette. I did the same after I took a newly much needed drag. He led me through the backstage area and grabbed his stuff from the dressing room before going down a deserted hallway and out another door that led outside. There was a discreet black car with darkly tinted windows waiting. He hurried to the car, knocked on the window to alert his driver, and opened the door for me. I slid into the backseat and Daniel slid in behind me. "My place," he told his driver.

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    Default Re: London 2007 - Samantha Brown - Sex Story

    "Won't your parents be home?" I asked stupidly. He chuckled.

    "My place means my place; I have separate residence from my parents. It's a modest house away from everything, nice and quiet. It's more of a cottage, really. I don't really care for flashy things. Of course, I should build a house for all the books I'm accumulating... Do you like to read?" he asked.

    "Yes, I enjoy it very much." I was about to list off a few books I'm interested in, but he stepped in with, "Oh yes, sex books."

    "Very funny," I pouted to show my disdain for all this teasing, though I'm sure it was all good fun.

    "I was actually hoping to see you after the show -- I saw you during. You seemed to be a in a little predicament during my nudity." Daniel slid closer to me, his voice a whisper. "Yes, I was a little... tense."

    "Mmm, perhaps we can release some of your tension." He placed his hand on my bare thigh -- my dress had risen higher on my thigh when I sat down. "Your skin is soft, warm." He leaned in close, his mouth nearly pressed to my ear. "Feel me," he said. I wanted to, oh I so wanted to. My hand went slowly to the bulge in his trousers; he was hard, so very hard. He was also big, bigger than I expected to be honest. Every cock always gets bigger though, when it gets hard. I moved my hand along the length off him; this caused him to breathe heavily in my ear which, in return, aroused me even more. I spread my thighs wider subconsciously. I wanted him to have access to me, I wanted that release. His hand slid slowly up my thigh, getting closer and closer to my honey pot. I trembled, anticipating his touch, excited for it.

    He ran his fingertips the length of my lips, sending another tremble through me. This time he cupped my vulva and squeezed slightly. His mouth was still at my ear and he whispered, "So fucking wet. I love a hot, wet cunt." Just for him, my pussy leaked more of my juices through my lace panties into his waiting hand. He squeezed harder and bit down on the nape of my neck. "We're here."

    I focused my eyes and looked out the window. We were at the cutest cottage I'd ever seen. There were high walls surrounding the front and back lawn with a high wrought iron fence across the drive. "Gorgeous," I said. Daniel opened the door and pulled me out with him. Leaning back in he told the driver to go home, and thanks. Daniel led me into his home and flipped on several lights. "Are you thirsty?" he asked.

    I actually was, but I could definitely use a beer. I told him what I wanted and he walked away to the kitchen. I decided not to follow, but to look around. I did a quick little jig, I was so excited! I couldn't believe I was in Daniel Radcliffe's house. I couldn't believe he had touched my cunt, wants my cunt! Fuuuuuuuuuuuck.

    He had a vast variety of books lining most of the four walls of his main entertaining room. There was a large TV placed against one wall with stacks of DVDs placed on the shelves underneath it. The rest was books on the entire wall, ceiling to floor. I spotted the couch and went to sit down. I sank down into it and groaned. It made me want to get settled in and kick off my shoes, which seemed like a good idea. I did kick off my heels and groaned more as I stretched my legs and cracked my ankles.

    "Do your feet hurt?" he asked?

    "Eh, maybe a little," I replied, taking the beer from him. "Thanks."

    "Sure," he responded. He sat on the coffee table and set his beer next to him. "Feet up," he told me.

    I looked at him curiously, "Why?"

    "I want to give you a foot rub," he said and grabbed one of my feet. He started to work his fingers deep into the skin on my foot and calve.

    "Oh, wow. That feels great!"

    He chuckled, "I know. You learn to do this sort of thing when you work on your feet for hours at a time."

    "I bet that can suck."

    "It can, sometimes. Tell me about yourself. Why are you in London?"

    "Really? First you're talking about my wet cunt, and now you're rubbing my feet and wanting to know why I'm in London?"

    "Is that a crime? I'm a man of simple delights. I like to drag things out a bit. Plus, I don't want to feel bad later, as if I brought you home just for sex. You're gorgeous, you're funny... I'd like to know more about you. Now, why are you in London?"

    I sighed. Fine, I'll be horny for a long time anyway. "I met some online friends for the first time since talking to them online almost 10 years ago."

    "Wow, weren't you scared?"

    "No, not really. We've all talked on the phone before, we've seen each other through web cams, and we've written letters and sent each other birthday gifts and Christmas gifts. It's almost like a glorified pen pal."

    "That's really cool, to be honest."

    "Yeah, it's awesome. I'm glad I finally had enough saved up."

    "What do you do back in America?"

    "Oh... uh, nothing special."

    "Awe, come on, please tell me."

    "I don't know, telling someone like you is sort of embarrassing."

    "Why? I'm just a normal person."

    I laughed. "Yeah, except you've got this beautiful, expensive cottage and you're in movies and standing naked on Broadway..."

    "Just tell me."

    "I'm a housekeeper. I clean other people's homes for them because they're too busy to do it themselves, or just too damn lazy."

    "That's not so bad. How long are you in London for?"

    I closed my eyes as he worked over my other foot. I didn't really know how long I planned to stay, to be honest. I'd already been here for a week, and was getting tired of the same routine of always going to the pubs. "I don't know, I might not stay for much longer. I guess it depends on if I can find something to keep me here longer."

    Daniel smiled slightly and nodded, "I hope you find that something. What's your name? I can't believe I don't even know your name."

    "Funny, I know yours."

    "Funny, how could you not?"

    "Touché. My name is Holly."

    "Holly, is it?" He thought for a moment, stopping the massage of my foot. I whimpered in disapproval. "Hold on," he told me. He placed my foot on the table and went to his shelves of DVDs. He opened up a cabinet I hadn't noticed and pulled out something. The case opened liked a CD case, and he popped it in a disc player. He flipped through the tracks, determined to find the one he wanted. He landed on it and turned the volume up to a reasonable height. I recognized the song instantly. He was playing "First Night" by a band called The Hold Steady. It was one of my favorite bands. I smiled at him as he resumed massaging my aching foot. I sang along softly to the words as he watched me. "You know The Hold Steady?" he asked in disbelief.

    I had to laugh. "Of course, they're from New York. I'm in New York all the time. They're one of my favorite bands."

    "They're my favorite, too."

    We sat in silence as the song played through. In the silence I could hear him singing some of the lyrics softly. "Holly's insatiable, she still looks incredible."

    "Come here," I told him. I pulled my foot out of his hands and beckoned him closer. He slid off the table and settled a knee between my thighs as I laid myself flat on the couch. "Kiss me," I told him. He kindly obliged. His lips were soft and gentle on mine; a first kiss is everything. They moved with mine as if they'd had previous knowledge of how they moved. He tugged at my pierced bottom lip lightly before pressing his mouth against mine harder, and started kissing me with more urgency. Our needs increased exponentially the longer we kissed. My tongue parted his lips and caressed his. He ground his pelvis into me; I could feel his hardness pressed tightly against me. I tried to rub my body against him, but I was pressed tightly in the couch.

    I pushed my hand against his chest to tell him to move, but I never broke the kiss. It seemed in one fluid motion I was straddled him upright. My lips moved from his lips to his neck as his hands roamed my body. I felt his hand at the zipper to my dress and lifted my arm a little so he could unzip it safely. I leaned up on my knees so he could slide it up my body and over my head so I didn't have to get off of him.

    Daniel groaned when my breasts came into view. I tossed the dress away and his hands slid down my back, across my sides and up them to cup my breasts in his hands. "Do you like them?" I asked sweetly. "Fuck, I love them." I stuck my chest outward further, close to his mouth. He read my mouth and stuck out his tongue. Electricity shot out from his tongue and electrified my nipple. He licked around my lip, across it, flicking it before placing his whole mouth around it. I could feel his wet tongue lapping at it, his teeth tugging it. I placed one of my hands on the back of his hand as I arched my back and moaned loudly. "Baby, that feels so fucking good. Play with my other nipple while you suck on this one."

    I ground my panty-clad pussy onto his cock while he manipulated my nipples. They were hard little pebbles set atop a hill of soft flesh. His hand pressed into my back, bringing me closer to him. We both groaned, and he removed his mouth from my breast. A string of saliva connected my nipple to his lip, swaying as he caught his breath. He placed both of his hands on my back and held me as he got up. He walked out of the living room and down the hall into an open doorway. He didn't bother to turn on a light, and set me gently down on a bed. He took off his t-shirt and shimmied off his jeans. He wasn't wearing anything under them, so his cock sprang to attention once released. I started to slip off my panties, but he stopped me.

    "No, that's my favorite part, love."

    He climbed into the bed in front of me. He leaned on top of me, pressing his cock against my cunt. He ground his hips into me and swore. "I can't wait to get that cunt." I whimpered and trembled -- I needed him so badly. "What are you waiting for? Fuck me, Daniel." He kissed me deeply before moving down my body, leaving a trail of soft kisses down my belly. When he got to my cunt, he breathed in deeply. "You smell so fucking good," Daniel told me. He started to peel off my panties. I spread my legs a little to make it easier, and when they got to my knees he told me to lift my legs straight into the air. I happily obliged, and he slipped my panties off my feet. I then spread my legs around him so he was caught between my legs.

    "Taste me, baby. Stick your tongue up my cunt; suck up all the juices you caused. Mmmm, that's it baby. Lick my slit, just like that."

    Daniel spread my cunt lips and went to lapping at my cunt like a dog with a fresh bowl of water. I cried out and pressed my cunt into his face as he sucked my clit into his mouth and slid two fingers into my tight little pussy. "Oh fuck! Fuck me, baby! I'm cumming, you're make me cream all over your fingers! Oh, oh, yes!" I cried. I ground myself into his mouth as he slid his fingers in and out of me until my orgasm subsided.

    My hips fell back to the bed and I tried desperately to catch my breath. "Oh shit, I needed that more than I thought. That was so good. Let me suck your cock now," I said. Before he could answer I pushed him backward on the bed and nestled between his thighs. I rubbed his cock on my cheek and then ran my lips along the length of his shaft. "You're so big, baby. You're going to stretch my holes with this big cock." I gripped the base of his dick and licked the length of him upwards and swirled on tongue around his beautiful purple mushroom head. Pre cum was oozing out in big gobs, I licked those up too and happily swallowed. "Mmm, you taste good baby." I continued licking up his shaft in long, fluid motions before engulfing his head in my mouth. Daniel bucked his hips involuntarily at the intense pleasure he felt by my mouth. He held my hair back from my face as I worked over his dick with my mouth and two fists. I could hear his breath increase, his abs contorted back and forth like he was doing crunches, his mouth what shaped in a silent "O" as groans and moans escaped his mouth in between his profanity. "You like the way I suck your big cock, baby? Wait till you get my pussy, baby. You'll go insane," I told him seductively, but honestly.

    "No, I can't wait!" he gasped. He flipped me over so fast I didn't know what happened at first. I was laying flat on my stomach, with my legs spread. He nudged the head of his cock at my wet entrance. "Yeah baby, stick your cock in my tight little pussy. Fuck the shit out of me with that thing." He lunged his cock full inside me, causing me to cry out in both pain and pleasure. He didn't give me time to adjust, which was fine, I guess. The rougher, the better. He closed my legs and straddled my thighs and started to move his body; I could hear his knees scraping against the fabric. His hand slid up my back and grabbed a fist full of my hair as he started to fuck me harder. I cried out every time he thrust hard into me.

    "Fuck, Holly, your pussy is so tight!"

    He released my hair and placed both of his hands on my waist, gripping hard as he started to pound my cunt. His skin slapped against mine loudly, and the sound of soaked pussy being used was the only sound in the room aside from our breathing, our moaning. I lifted my ass into the air a little, causing a nice curve in my lower back. Daniel took one of his hands from my hips and smacked my ass.

    "Yeah, baby! Spank my ass again, harder!" I shouted at him. He did, again and again. I could feel the sting and the heat coming from my burned ass cheek. "Let me ride you, baby," I told him. He lay back on the bed as I swiveled my body to straddled him with taking too much of him out of me. I placed my hands on his abdomen for balance and started to bounce up and down on his cock. "Fuck, babe, you like me fucking you like this? Oh yeah, I bet you do. I fucking love your hard dick inside my wet little cunt. You like my bald little cunt, baby?"

    "Yes!" was all he could verbally respond with. He roughly grabbed my hips (I was sure I was going to have bruises there later.) and started to slam his hips up into my downward strokes. "Fuck me, Daniel! Oh, you fuck me so good! Shit! Shit, you're going to make me cum again, pound my pussy, Daniel! I'm going to cummmmm!"

    My back arched as if I was a contortionist and my nipples got harder as trembles went through my body as an intense orgasm ripped through my body. Daniel laughed slightly at my loud cries of pleasure and bit his lip as he thrust harder than ever into my cunt to ride out my orgasm.

    I picked up pace a little as soon as I caught my breath after my orgasm subsided. I could still feel it there, wanting to have another go, but I really wanted to make Daniel blow his load. I knew he was close, he had to be. I swiveled my body again so I was riding him from the opposite. I was sure that him watching my wet pussy sliding up and down his hard cock would drive him over the edge. I brought my pussy up slowly, rolling my hips a little, to the point where is cock was almost out of me, and then slammed back down. I repeated this several times before I fucked him faster and harder, yearning to make him cum.

    "Fuck, HOLLY! I'm going to cum!"

    "Cum for me, baby! Cum for Holly!" I slid off of his cock, though not quickly enough as I felt his first shot of cum smear my pussy walls. I turned around quick-like to catch his already spurting cream in my mouth and used my hand to make sure I got every last drop of his tasty cream down my throat and into in my belly. After he was finished, I kissed my way up his body and then smiled at him when I reached his face. "Fuck yeah, that was hot," he said, and started to kiss me. I could taste myself on him, and he could taste himself on my tongue.

    I rocked my hips a little because it felt like I was lying on a steel rod. "Fuck! Daniel, you're still hard as fucking rock!"

    "Can you blame me? Wanna have another go?" he asked.

    "Do you have to ask?" I laughed.


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