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    Default Kate Beckinsale - out and about candids in Brentwood - July 9, 2012

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    Default Re: Kate Beckinsale - out and about candids in Brentwood - July 9, 2012

    "Mama Would You Teach Me" with Kate Beckinsale and India Eisley

    Mama Would You Teach Me Part 1
    With Kate Beckinsale and India Eisley

    India Eisley stood outside her fellow actress, Kate Beckinsale's door and nervously shifted her weight from one foot to the other. Her lower lip was almost bled through because the eighteen year old actress had chewed on it so much and her already dark eyes were that much darker because of her nerves.

    "Were you planning on standing out here in front of my hotel door all night or were you planning on knocking to let me know you were here?"

    India jumped, startled by the low sensual voice of the Underworld's star herself and India's eyes raked over Kate's form. The English hottie stood leaning against the doorframe of her hotel door, one curvy hip jutted out and her head tilted to the side.

    "I, um, knocking, maybe?"

    India closed her eyes, embarrassed with her word vomit and jumped again when she felt two soft fingers stroke her cheek. Automatically, India turned her face into Kate's touch and tingles shot down her spine.

    "Why don't you come inside love and we can talk hmm?"

    "Yes please."

    Butterflies tingling in her stomach, India followed Kate back into her hotel room and her eyes were riveted on Kate's ass. India knew that Kate worked out, she had to, to look as good as she did in that form fitting, curve hugging full body cat suit but damn!

    "Would you like some tea love? I have a kettle on right now."

    "Um, yes please."

    At Kate's lazy hand motion towards the direction of the suite's living room India sat down on one of the comfortable wrap around couches and nervously folded her hands in her lap. A few moments later the couch cushion dipped and India looked up to stare into Kate's stunning brown eyes.

    "What is it India? What has you so tickled that you would come to my room at eleven pm on one of our rare nights where we don't have to do any shooting tomorrow?"

    "Why is that? We still haven't reached the halfway mark for the movie yet."

    India knew she was stalling but what she wanted to talk about...what she wanted to ask of the Kate Beckinsale was nothing short of scandalous and inappropriate. India hated how her fingers naturally curled around Kate's when the older woman reached down into India's lap and took both of India's fidgeting hands in hers.

    "Is it a boy hmm? Has some bloke caught our dear, sweet India's eye?"

    "With the type of thoughts I'm having, I'm anything but sweet and innocent."

    Predictably India blushed at her word vomit and her eyes dropped from Kate's. To her relief Kate laughed and India smiled sheepishly.

    "Oh so it's going to be one of those talks is it? In that case we are going to need something stronger to drink."

    With that said Kate stood up from the couch and sashayed back to the kitchen. India took this moment to gather her thoughts and strengthen her resolve before Kate returned with two wineglasses and a bottle of wine.

    "Last I checked you were eighteen so there's no need to get your mum and pop's permission for you to have one glass of wine is there?"

    "No! I mean, I can have a drink with you."

    "Oh good."

    Kate sat down and poured each of them a glass. There were a few moments of silence as they both drank from their glasses and Kate relaxed back further into the couch with a groan.

    "So what bloke has you going boy-crazy?"

    "Um none."

    "India, I was your age once and you can't be this stressed out without something going on. Whether it's personal, family or relationship problems I've been there, done that."

    India squirmed on the couch and distracted herself by letting her eyes roam over Kate's form. The English beauty was wearing black silk pajamas with the top two buttons undone and India was treated to a peek of the older woman's cleavage. It was just the right amount so when Kate shifted to get more comfortable India was wondering if she was wearing a bra.

    "It's not a boy per se nor is it a girl either. Man this is awkward. Um, I'm just curious you know? About what it feels like and stuff like that."

    "Pardon me for asking such a personal question India, but are you a blushing virgin love?"


    Heat sprang up on India's cheeks, neck and the upper swells of her breasts and she curled up into a ball to hide her embarrassing admission.

    "That is nothing to be ashamed of India. You are a beautiful young woman who is trying to enter into adulthood and are trying to decide what parts of your childhood you are trying to leave behind."

    "But I'm like the only one and I hate it! No one talks to me about sex or anything like that because I'm ‘pure' and ‘innocent'. I just want someone to be real with me."

    By this point India had exploded off the couch and was gesturing wildly with her wineglass. Luckily none of the liquid sloshed out and onto the carpet.

    "And what do you want of me India?"

    "I want... I want..."

    All of India's anger and frustration disappeared to be replaced with that awkward embarrassment again.

    "I want you... to show me."

    There was a deafening silence in the hotel room and India's eyes were squeezed shut. She didn't want to see Kate's shocked or disgusted expression and she had to hold the tears back. For so long India had admired Kate and had truly considered the older English woman to be like a mother figure to her on and off the set. They had become close on and off the set and India's longings only grew.

    "Let me see your eyes love."

    Slowly India opened her eyes and saw Kate staring back at her with an amused expression on her face.

    "You want me to teach you what I know of the ways of intimate love and naughty bedroom activities?"


    That sensual, British accent was doing a number on India's nerves and she squeezed her thighs together. Kate chuckled and took a sip of her wine.

    "You are one little horny girl aren't you?"

    "I... I've never had a... release. At least I don't think so."

    Kate murmured, cooed and shook her head.

    "You poor, poor thing. Eighteen years of frustration is no laughing matter."

    "So you'll talk to me and maybe tell me how to get rid of my... er... frustrations?"

    Kate stared at India for so long the younger started to panic and she went to turn away when Kate stood up. Transfixed by the utterly sensual vibe the English hottie exuded, India could only swallow and feel like she was the prey.

    "I can do one better, I can give one to you and show you."

    That was all the warning India was given before Kate cupped her jaw with one hand to hold her still and the younger girl's whole body relaxed as Kate Beckinsale's lips pressed to hers in a gentle, soft kiss. The electrical sparks a tingles all of her friends had told her about and she read in a variety of literary outlet's happened during the kiss. India had to gasp when Kate's other hand cupped her full left breast and her thumb unerringly found her nipple through three layers of the clothing she wore.


    "So sensitive even through your clothes. And you're so responsive to my kisses and touch. Has no one kissed you, touched you, and enjoyed what you have to offer?"

    India's answer was to whimper and try to kiss Kate again even though her eyes were still closed. She heard Kate chuckle and then India's mind went fuzzy blank as Kate kissed her again. Her hand had never left India's left breast and Kate started kneading it again.

    "Your body is starting to hum and throb to my touch India. Tell me, are you wet? Is your body burning with passion and leaking fluids for me?"


    India was rapidly losing herself to the heady cocktail of her body's own arousal; Kate's teasing touch and her own emotions about herself and for Kate. There was a sudden pressure on her stomach as Kate gently pushed her backwards from where she stood in what must have been Kate's bedroom (she had no idea when they moved from the couch) and onto Kate's bed. She felt her hair fan out all around her and she folded her legs to the side. All in all she created a very alluring picture without knowing it and she missed Kate licking her lips.

    "Are you sure you want to do this India? Maybe you should find a nice boy who can give you what you want."

    "No! Please don't turn me away. I don't want a boy to fumble his way into my pants and grope me. I want you Ms. Beckinsale. Only you."

    The last part of India's statement came out as a whisper and she closed her eyes to hold back her tears. She couldn't believe the depth of her feelings for the older English beauty but she knew now might be the only time to act on them. A soft pair of lips on her collarbone made her gasp and she arched without opening her eyes because she knew Kate was kissing her. A pained gasp escaped India's lips when Kate bit her hard but the pain turned to pleasure when Kate soothed her bite with her tongue.

    "Why did you bite me?"

    "Because if I'm doing this then I'm going to mark you so when you look in the mirror you know who gave you all that pleasure."

    India's eyes darkened and her breathing quickened.

    "Is that a promise?"

    "You bet your sweet ass it is."

    India closed her eyes when Kate's hands slipped under her t-shirt and grazed her stomach. India shivered, her stomach muscles quivering and she moaned when Kate cupped her bra covered breasts gently but firmly in her hands. For a moment India was embarrassed as she was wearing a plain, simple white cotton bra but her embarrassment disappeared when Kate pushed her bra up to cup her full breasts. India arched, not even bothering to stop the groan escaping her mouth and her arousal only heightened when she looked down to see Kate's hands hidden beneath her shirt abut a wicked smirk on her face.

    "Do you like that? Do you like me playing with your titties and tugging on your hard nipples love?"

    The low, sensually rich tone in Kate's voice made India gush and she let her head fall back onto the pillows. Kate slipped off her upper garments, leaving India topless, in a black pair of yoga pants and India saw stars when Kate bent her head down to suckle her breasts. Her hands scrabbled at the sheets as Kate continued but began biting and tugging on India's long, pink nipples as well.

    "Rest easy love, this is only the beginning and what we call foreplay. Ready for more?"

    "Oh please!"

    While Kate's hands kneaded and cupped India's breasts, Kate kissed her way down the younger girl's smooth, soft stomach and bit India's cloth covered snatch. India jerked, and Kate seized the moment to pull down India's pants.

    "Oh these are cute love."

    India caught her breath somewhat and looked down to see Kate tracing her pussy lips over her tight, small pink panties. The older woman's light ministrations were beginning to make India's breath quicken and her breath caught when Kate pulled the small scrap of fabric down. India now lay utterly naked and for the most part, spread wide open for Kate to view her naked body at her leisure. India's cheeks were flushed with arousal, anticipation and embarrassment. Her round breasts heaved her nipples straining and hard as diamonds from Kate's ministrations and without knowing it her hips gyrated on the sheets.

    "Oooh you shave?"

    "I'm afraid that the paparazzi will get an upskirt or some other clothing malfunction like Emma Watson had. Plus it makes me feel... naughty."

    "Naughty is good."

    With that India's eyes rolled into the back of her head as Kate stroked feather light touches up India's lower, glistening lips and just barely grazed her clit every time. Shock waves coursed through India's body as Kate created much more powerful sensations with just stroking than India ever did in her multiple failed attempts at masturbation. India's back arched off the bed when Kate gently spread India's pussy lips with two fingers and then slowly inserted two fingers of her other hand into the younger girl's burning hot snatch.

    "No need to let you adjust or get used to my fingers love as you are already well lubricated. Just relax, don't fight what your body wants and tell me what you want."

    India wanted to answer Kate's soft spoken but firm commands and she tried but the pleasure Kate was giving her had an iron grip on her vocal cords. Instead, she let her hips find a comfortable rhythm with Kate's probing, thrusting fingers and she let her body go. When Kate started to thrum her thumb against India's clit, the younger girl saw bright flashes of light again and she gripped the sheets uselessly as an anchor point.

    "Yes! That!"

    Over the next few minutes Kate steadily increased the pressure until she was absolutely finger fucking the rising actress India Eisley's snatch with one hand and tweaking the younger girl's painfully stiff nipples with the other. India could feel something welling up inside of her and she knew that it was her orgasm but her body started to dial down the pleasure because it had never achieved this elusive type of pleasurable nirvana.

    "No! No!"

    "You're fighting me India. Let go."

    When Kate leaned over India's writhing frame, the hand finger fucking her changing up its wild rhythms and the hand tweaking her breasts pulling harder India felt the pleasure rise to boiling point again. Kate's hot breath on her face even with her eyes closed felt delicious to India and she moaned loudly.

    "Let go sweetie, mama has you."

    And that's all it took. That one simple sentence painted a vivid picture in India's mind and fueled her longings to the exploding point. India came with a scream and thrashed and bucked like a wild bronco. Kate held her pace with both hands and used her own body to limit the younger girl's thrashing so she wouldn't hurt herself.

    "That's it sweetie, come back to mama now."

    India groaned, Kate's liquid honey tone sending sparks of longing and arousal through her body but her limbs felt like lead. She felt herself pulled closer to Kate and her head rested on Kate's breasts.

    "How was your first orgasm love?"

    "Intense and so worth the wait. Thank you so much."

    "My pleasure sweetie."

    India stretched out her legs as Kate pulled the covers over them and snuggled in close to the older actress. Kate chuckled and placed a pillow under India's head. India bit her lip as a thought came to her and she fiddled with a piece of the sheet.

    "How did you know?"

    "Know about what? Your little fantasy?"

    India blushed but nodded and stilled as Kate soothingly ran a hand down her side.

    "It's not too hard to guess when you keep staring at me all the time with puppy eyes. I thought it rather cute and sweet so that's why I didn't say anything. But this is only the beginning sweetie; we have so much more to work through and for me to teach you."

    India shivered and arched her body but Kate chuckled and pushed her back down.

    "Not now love. The mind is willing but your body needs rest. You'll be pretty sore tomorrow and we'll have plenty of time to fool around."

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