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    Talking Jessica Alba Damned

    So let me tell you a story I'm not even sure I believe happened...

    ...About a week ago I was working on a lounge suite (I'm an upholsterer by trade) listening to the radio when the DJ asked what his listeners thought would be good New Years resolutions could be for celebrities.

    I'll tell you he sparked some interest (among his listeners) and the calls came pouring in. Britney Spears should release another album, Lindsey Lohan should re-think her whole alternate life-style, and Angelina Jolie should make a new movie were some comments.

    Then this one dude, Bradley, said that Halley Berry should do another 'Monster's Ball' type movie, and that made things interesting. Anyway that was when I also decided to call in.

    "Yo, you on live with T-boss, what's happening caller, who am I speaking to?"

    " Hey T-boss, this is Fabian."

    "Hi Fabian, so whattup brother man, tell me your thoughts on topic dude."

    "Yeah you know, I think Jessica Alba should re-think her whole no nudity thing, I mean she'll have a greater following if she did."

    Well that did it, my comment sparked a whole 'all men are pigs' debate on air, but then some guy called in and said girls would be quiet if they got to see Tom or Brad's dangly bits. Fast-forward an otherwise uneventful week to me sitting in front of my PC checking hits on Facebook.

    I nearly fell off my seat when I saw 5013, my friends had been talking about me online and it had spread. While looking, one hit caught my attention, a call from Jess; she wanted me to contact her. Don't ask me why but I did...

    > Hey Jess, this is fab@xxxmail, you're looking to talk to me?

    I waited for a response.

    > Fab, yeah hi, thought I could talk to you about you wanting to see Jessica Alba naked.

    > You looking to sit on my head?

    > Nah, just wanted to talk to the guy who had the balls to say that live on air. You know I think she's actually considering it.

    > Yeah, and how would you know that?

    > Do you have a webcam?

    > Yip. But I don't put it on for strangers, lot of whacko's out there.

    > So how about I put mine on.

    > Hey knock yourself out.

    > Okay, but this may come as a shock.

    > Why?

    No reply.

    All that happened next was a window popped open on screen and—and I fell off my seat.

    It was her, Jessica Alba in the flesh, well sought of.

    I don't even know what happened next, only that Jessica Alba wanted to meet me, and that she was in the country. The next thing I knew I was standing in front of a posh hotel outside Santon.

    Once there I started questioning the absurdity of the situation I was in, I mean my cousin Benny could make my grandmother look like Jessica Alba with a laptop, and there were plenty of fakes floating around on the web.

    Still I went in and approached the front desk. I was surprised to find that I was expected, and escorted to the 20th floor and left in front of room 212.

    I was nervous, my palms were clammy, but I took a deep breath and put out my fist to knock on the door.

    Before I could do that the handle turned and the door swung open. My face turned white, it was her, Jessica Alba in the flesh. She was standing in front of me flashing her world famous smile, dressed in a thin silk robe that draped over her curvaceous frame.

    "Hey, you must be Fab", Jessica said with an outstretched hand. I stood there like dork gawking at her, before I gave myself a mental slap.

    "E-hum, yeah, hi", I spattered out stupidly.

    "Oookay", Jessica said as I took her hand. She invited me in spinning on her heel and entering her hotel room. As I walked in I looked at Jessica's butt glimpses of her firm cheeks being exposed as her low robe rode up slightly.

    The apartment was actually quite nice, and as I entered I was greeted by the sound of Kenny G's sax. On the glass coffee table were two glasses, one of them filled with Champaign.

    Jessica led me into the lounge where she took the glass of bubbly and sank into the oversized sofa.

    "Why don't you help yourself to a drink", she offered. I did so, and then sat next her, after which we started chatting about this and that, and I found that Ms Alba was actually quite fascinating. As we spoke my eyes traveled up and down her gorgeous body.

    When her robe slipped off her shoulder as she reached for another glass of Champaign and exposed her black lace bra, my crotch began to stir. As Jessica sat back up her eyes went straight to the bulge in my pants. She smiled looking me in my eyes, seeing my face turn red.

    Then she did the unthinkable. She reached out and groped my cock through my jeans rubbing her hand up and down it. I threw my head back and moaned as Jessica's hand rubbed my dick through my trousers.

    Before I knew what was happening, Jessica was on my lap planting kisses along my neck, her hands working my belt open and my jean zipper down.

    "Oh fuck", I groaned, and Jessica smiled at me as her hand snaked in my pants and wrapped around my rock hard cock. Finally getting caught up, I gripped her waist and kissed her luscious lips forcefully, she kissed back, parting my lips with her tongue and licking the inside of my mouth while locking her soft lips with mine.

    As she broke the kiss and looked at me I was surprised to see the flames of passion dancing behind her soft doe eyes.

    Her soft hands ran up and down my erect cock, as she stroked it gently. When she finally felt my dick fill out to full attention in her hand, she tossed her leg over mine, mounting me.

    Shit, she wasn't wearing any panties, this whole time, she wasn't wearing any panties, I knew this now, feeling my cock rubbing against her inner-thighs, then brushing against her labia as she tried to guide it to her pussy.

    "Fuck meeee", I shuddered, feeling my foreskin peel back as my rock hard member pushed through Jessica's moist pussy lips, entering her womanhood. "Mmmmph," Jessica moaned as she sank down, her pussy stretching to accommodate my erection. Fuck, she was so tight, squeezing my cock as she pushed herself down, my rod pushing through her cervix.

    My cock eased up her moist muscular canal, as it clamped tightly around my penetrating intruder. Jessica moved her hand from my dick to my shoulders, then pushed her hips down hard, impaling herself on my meat, taking it all the way in, my ball brushing against the softness of her ass.

    She sat there, my cock filling her completely, eyes closed, lips slightly parted, slowly moving her hips, trying to make herself comfortable, allowing her cunt to stretch around my hard on.

    Sitting there, with Jessica Alba on top of me, the feeling of my dick nestled inside her body, her inner depths closed around it, was phenomenal and I savored it for as long as I could.

    Jessica bit her bottom lip, rolling her eyes, clearly enjoying the feeling of my smooth shaft filling her pussy. She sucked in a breath lifting herself off my legs my erect penis slipping out of her slightly, then eased down again, trying to get a feel for her welcomed intruder, her pussy muscles adapting and flexing around my cock.

    She exhaled, as she worked herself into a slow and steady rhythm, grinding her hips and riding half my length, her warm vaginal walls massaging my cock.

    Jessica started to moan softly, as she enjoyed the feeling that riding me produced, "god it's been so long", she whispered, heaving herself further up my length.

    "Long?" I managed to get out, overwhelmed by her sultry heat.

    "Two months, I haven't had sex in two months."

    She opened her eyes to look at me, "sorry for foregoing foreplay, but I needed your this in me really badly."

    I smiled at her play on words.

    Jessica had set a steady, fast, tempo, and had thrown her head back as she bounced on my dick, coating it with her juices, giving much needed lubrication.

    I moved my hands down to her ass, rubbing her firm cheeks before squeezing them together so that her pussy tightened its grip around my meat even more then started to guide her taut, sexy body as she rode me.

    I was glad that Jessica had mentioned in our earlier chat that she had the entire floor to herself, because she was beginning to scream as she rode her moistening snatch up and down my penis.

    My cock was throbbing inside Jessica, my balls straining as I became more aroused, but still Jessica wouldn't let up, struggling to catch her breath, she rested her hands on the sofa bucking her hips, moving them up and down bouncing on my cock, driving my dick deeper and deeper into her hot sex.

    Again and again she slammed herself down on my cock, holding onto the sofa for dear life, "Fuck...Ohgod", she yelled out as her body tensed then spasmed, sweaty and sleek on top of me as I struggled to hold her.

    I pushed myself back into the sofa, then gripping firm hold of Jessica's petit waist I drove into her from beneath, "Oh god yess, that's it right there", Jessica whimpered, not letting up I matched her tempo slapping into her hard, deep and fast.

    Jessica was going ecstatic on top of me as I watched her body writher in pleasure, bouncing on my dick, gliding her hot snatch up and down its length causing me to grit my teeth as I pinched my balls to keep composure.

    I gripped Jessica's hips forcing her to slow down. She pushed herself down taking my length into her, and then moved her hips in lazy circles. She slowly brought herself to the tip of my cock before engulfing it again, doing this over a few times till she caught her breath. She grinded her hips as she slowly rode my erection, the moisture from her little love pocket trickling down my cock.

    On top of me Jessica licked her lips, loving the sensations coursing through her, the feeling of her hot snatch enveloped around a throbbing rock hard piece of meat releasing her sexual tension.

    I gritted my teeth, as she persisted in straining my balls, expertly moving her hips to the shape of my dong, her pussy slipping and slurring over it.

    Even with Miss Alba's hot chiseled body on top of me, her pussy muscles gripping my cock tightly, the incredible pleasure of entering her hot wet core, I still felt that it wasn't real, that I would awake in my bed drenched in my own cum from a wet dream.

    Jessica brought my mind back in focus, working herself up an inch of my cock, moving it in circles with her hips, breathing slowly in and out.

    It wasn't a dream, she was here, she was enjoying this, and out of all the men in South America she chose me to satisfy her two month cock starved pussy. With that thought I felt my dick slip out of her body as she got off me.

    Jessica pulled my jeans and boxers off, and knelt between my parted legs. She looked up at me moving her hair behind her ear, "you still with me Fab?" she asked. "Shit, yeah, I think." I gasped as she started to masturbate me slowly.

    She tapped my cock head against her chin, "you just stay with me honey, and I'll rock your world tonight", Jessica smiled, my god she was gorgeous is all I could think.

    "Rock my world will you?"

    Jessica smiled again, "how do I put this in a way you'll understand?"

    "I'm going to fuck your brains out!"

    Jessica continued slowly masturbating me while she licked her lips before darting her tongue out to lap at the tip of my cock. She pouted her full luscious lips, and then wrapped it around my bell shaped head, pulling back my foreskin, instantly sending sparks of pleasure through me.

    Jessica rubbed my dick as she stuck out her tongue licking it, tasting her own juices on it.

    She jerked faster as my cock slid further into her warm wet mouth, as she sucked my meat with the expertise of a grade A porn star the likes of Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick.

    Jessica moaned enthusiastically on my rod gliding her tongue down the bottom, her lips sliding up and down it, as she bobbed her head.

    Fuck this girl was amazing, moaning on my dick enthusiastically, coating it with her saliva. She lifted my dick and moved down to my balls rolling it in her mouth, lapping it with her tongue.

    She returned her attention to my ebony shaft, spitting on the tip and watching it trickle down my length before she swallowed my cock again running her soft lips up and down it fast.

    I dug my fingers into the couch, biting my teeth together as I watched Jessica stimulating my rod, but the sight of her going about her oral endeavors were too much.

    "Hrrrnnngggh", I shrugged as a load of pre-cum burst into Jessica's mouth. Miss Alba, who was pleasurably accommodating, simply swallowed my slush, "save some of that", she said smiling naughtily as she slowly pumped my dick.

    She used my knees and pushed herself up, bringing her face toward mine, she kissed me, her full lips soft and inviting. She slipped her tongue into my mouth, entangling it with my own, as we made out.

    I gripped her under her arms, pulling her toward me, as our kiss intensified. Jessica broke our kiss by licking the inside of my mouth, she then knelt back and threw off her gown, then unclipped her bra.

    Jessica released her plump, firm, perfectly rounded set of perky tits, nipples standing erect from her aroused condition, encircled by soft brown areolas.

    Completely naked Jessica Alba stood in front of me, her body well toned, skin beautifully tanned, between her closed legs her dark brown strands of pubic hair was neatly trimmed in a bikini line sort of way.

    She turned around to give me a view of her entire perfect form, her back, long brown hair with blond streaks flowing onto it, her firm round ass, jiggling slightly as she moved, her long, shapely legs, waxed to a shine.

    "So, this is me naked, that was your radio request right. You like what you see?"

    "Oh, fuck you are gorgeous", I blurted out, eyes roaming over her in all her naked glory.

    She lay down on the couch next to me and parted her legs, giving me view of her lovely peach, a thin slit, cushioned by off-brown wet lips slipping back into her inner pink walls, slightly parted from my intrusion.

    I went down on top of her, pushing my cock against her pussy, as I sucked on her right tit, rolling my tongue against her hard nipple.

    Jessica moaned softly as she felt me bite her nipple lightly, feeling me grope her other tit and rubbing her nipple with the pads of my thumb. Her breasts were soft yet firm, never loosing they're shape as I groped, sucked, and kissed them.

    I moved down south on Jessica's body, stopping to probe my tongue into her pierced navel, and then continuing further down.

    She closed her mouth and hissed as I placed my mouth over her vagina, then shook as my warm tongue darted into her.

    "Ohgod....eeeerrrrrn", Jessica moaned as her body went rigged, her pussy dripping her excretions down into her ass crack, her tangy taste tingling in my mouth. Her hips jerked towards my mouth, her legs tightening around my head as I jabbed my tongue into her moist core.

    I caught her thin erect clit between my teeth gently, then entered two fingers into her tightness making her nerves stand on end feeling the pulsating rush shiver in her body, as her moans grew louder. It didn't take long for Jessica to lose control, her state of arousal already fever pitched from having trotted on my cock, and with my relentless fingering and nibbling her body began to tremble.

    Jessica's mouth opened wide, her hips jerking violently, as I curled my fingers inside her, brushing her inner walls as her pussy clenched in contraction. her body arched off the couch pushing her convulsing pussy into my fingers as she tried to prolong my touch, my fingers glistening with her juices as they rapidly slid in and out of her.

    Jessica squeezed her tits together and gritted her teeth, as she felt her blood pressure rise. She moved her hands down to spread open her pussy lips to give me better access, as my fingers grew more wet from gliding in and out of her wet slit, "ohgod....I'm gonna cum", Jessica cried out, and I helped her along holding her clit in my teeth and lapping it with the tip of my tongue.

    "Ohfuck", Jessica squirmed, as she climaxed. "Mmmfuck", came another soft scream as her body convulsed around my fingers, as the intense exhilarating wave of pleasure flooded her senses.

    Jessica pinched her eyes close as her orgasm washed over her before slowly subsiding.

    I kissed her firm stomach still gliding my fingers inside her, prolonging her climax.

    I moved up her body gently kissing her on her stomach, her breast, god she had great breasts, her neck, and finally her lips. I moved myself on top of Jessica and she automatically opened her legs, an invitation to have my way with her.

    She gripped my dick at the base, then brought her mouth to my ear and whispered, "Make it last Fab, please?"

    With that she shoved her hips forward feeding my cock into her body. I closed my eyes still overwhelmed by her heat, her wet cunt drenching my cock. Make it last, I thought, Jessica's body was squeezing me, her snatch pulling my cock into her as if it were trying to sap my life force through it, Fuck I was lucky not to burst right there.

    I tried to control myself and started thrusting into her slowly, her vaginal muscles contracting and relaxing as I worked them. Fuck it felt incredible inside her, her hips slowly grinding into me matching my strong hard thrusts, as her cunt squeezed me as I worked her.

    Her body was so sensual, she knew how to use it to give pleasure, knew that she was incredibly sexy, and that she could use that to have a man give everything to fulfill her desires. She rubbed her foot against my calf as I continued to slowly thrust in and out of her, using what strength I had to hold back my load.

    She moved her foot from my calf riding her legs up my waist before wrapping them around me locking my cock in her pussy, "Faster Fab, fuck me faster?" she pleaded.

    Fuck, I really didn't want to hear that. I heaved myself up on my arms then rammed my cock deep into her, her body jolting. I bit my tongue then thrust in and out of her with a gaining speed, "God yes that's it, fuck me Fab, fuck me", Jessica yelled out spurring me on.

    The sofa creaked as our bodies slapped together, as I heaved myself into Jessica's pussy. Jessica kept up with me, working to the movement of my thrusts, moving her hips into me.

    I loved the way she licked her lips, the way her mattered hair clung to her sweaty brow, the way her tits bounced each time I pushed into her. "OH...god...awwwe....yeees....fuck....fuckme...yes ...thatsit....yes", Jessica yelled as I ravaged her cunt.

    I hope she's ready to break I thought, I was afraid I'd let rip inside her, I quickly slowed down to a slow pace again trying to get my heart rate down. Jessica looked down between her legs to see my veiny shaft peel out of her body.

    I grabbed her hips and spun her around, then looked at Jessica lying there, tan skin glowing from perspiration, legs opened bended at the knees, wet excretions drenching her well oiled snatch.

    It was time for the last lap.

    I rubbed my tip against Jessica's lips teasingly, and she pushed out her ass slightly, lips opening like a rose for me to enter her, moaning in anticipation. I shoved my cock into her warm sultry glistening vagina, and she breathed in deep, adjusting her hips allowing me to thrust deeper into her.

    As I once again started to work her sopping cunt, she moved her hands down to part her ass wanting as much of my cock in her as possible. My balls once again began to strain as I continued to piston in and out of her at a steady tempo.

    Sweat was building on my brow, my face cringed, as I went at her. I rested my hands on the sofa arm for support as I fucked Jessica's little slit mercilessly, Jessica underneath me yelling out as her cunt continued to squeeze me.

    Jessica's face scrunched up cascaded slightly by her hair, her moans muffled as she gasped for air. Her pussy was on fire with pent up euphoria screaming to be released, her wetness pushing around my cock prompting prickly sensations at the tip. With every driving thrust she flexed her pussy muscles causing it to go rigged squeezing my cock.

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    Default Re: Jessica Alba Damned

    I was huffing and puffing, my breath short from sheer exhaustion. I started seeing purple lights dancing in front of my eyes as I continued to scour Jessica's pink interior, my cock swollen to its fullest extent filling out the tight girth of Miss Alba's elastic love slot, its muscles working around it in a throttling grip.

    Waves of exhilaration were building in my rod as I worked Jessica's little slit in and out, out and in, my slosh being pinched back with concerted effort.

    Jessica was pushing her manicured fingernails into the sofa seat, moaning like crazy as my cock teasingly flicked the bottom of her swollen clit. I could feel that waves of ecstasy were building inside Jessica that her eager, crackling little pussy was building into an inexhaustible fire yearning to be put out, that inside her the churning of another climax was forming.

    My nerve endings were coming close to blowing inside Jessica's snatch and she must have sensed it, "hold on a bit longer baby I'm so close."

    Shit, hearing Jessica say that infused me with a bit more stamina and I willed it to control the convulsions in my dick as I drove it up her canal. This was a superstar I told myself, and I was going to fuck her for all she was worth.

    Jessica's Pussy lips curled around my man meat as I continued to drill into her, her little ass gyrating with each powerful thrust. I was in a state of delirium as I used my remaining energy to please her cunny tunnel with hard penetrating thrusts, causing her to bury her face in a cushion to stop her from yelling out in sheer exhilarating ecstasy.

    Jessica's body violently rocked underneath me as I switched my thrusts from fast and animalistic, to slow and deep, then back again.

    Then her face went placid as a tremor shot through her, "fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckeme", she begged, as her vagina contracted, stiffening its grip around my dick, her toes curled, and from deep within her body lit up, as her dam broke.

    Jessica's pussy gripped tightly round my cock, and I pushed deep into her as my cum drew from my balls to my shaft ready to explode. She pinched her eyes close holding her breath as she felt my cock twitch inside her followed by a shower burst of warm sticky strings spewing into her canal.

    I felt Jessica buck her hips back getting my entire dick into her, as my body spasmed as I continued spraying stream after stream into her, her pussy automatically reacted desperately milking my dick, drawing my hot jiz deep inside her.

    Jessica clenched her teeth as her orgasm washed over her, sending chills through her, thrusting herself into me, draining my balls of its cream. Her lips trembled as her orgasm churned inside her causing her to shudder, while I slowly continued to thrust into her. My balls burned, my dick tingled as the last few drops of cum mingled with Jessica's own juices, as she slowly grinded her hips into me, while I softly kissed the small of her back and massaged her firm tit, pinching her nipple.

    Our combined orgasms melted over us for a few tantalizing moments...All we felt was pleasure. I collapsed on Jessica's back, spent, my dick going limb inside her.

    We fucked three times that night before falling asleep.

    The next morning I awoke to an empty hotel room, on the coffee table was a note, one that now stands on display on my desk:

    Hey Fab

    Sorry I couldn't stick around, but I had to catch an early flight back home. Don't worry about the bill it's taken care of, also, don't worry about us not using protection, I'm on the pill.

    Thanks for a very enjoyable and satisfying night. You'll understand it's not possible for us to see each other again, but hey, at least you got to see me naked, and so much more.

    Thanks again.


    Jessica Alba.

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