She walks through the forest. Her body drenched with sweat. Her armor stained in dirt and blood. Her sword drops to the ground as she collapses upon a large grass covered rock. Out of breath, she's gasping for air. Finally relaxing, she stretches her limbs. The warrior passes out; exhausted.

Minutes pass since the warrior passed out. Xena's awoken by a light nudge on her arm.

"Xena?" The figure speaks softly."Time to wake up.."

"Nnngh!" The warrior grunts, slowly drawing her eyes open.

"Don't worry.." A soft hand strokes the warrior's sweaty cheek. "I'm here to help you, Xena."

"If you wanted to help you could have let me rest!" Xena exclaimed sarcastically, not knowing who the figure was.

"Zeus has sent me here to assist you in anyway I can" The figure spoke softly.

"Oh! I'm sorry, Athena! I.. Didn't know it was you.." Xena covers her face in her hands, trying to hide her embarrassment.

The Goddess only laughs, Sitting down next to Xena. Brushing her hand through Xena's long, soft raven hair. "So is there any way I can help you?" The Goddess asks.

"Do you know of any place around here to bathe? I desperately need to be washed.." The warrior asks, glancing down at her own dirt stained torso.

"Unfortunately.. No.. I'm afraid not.." The Goddess sighs.

Xena tried to brush off the dirt with her hands, but it wasn't of any use. She purred softly as Athena brushed her long black hair. Xena loved to have her hair played with.

Xena turned to face Athena, slightly blushing. Athena gazed into Xena's eyes hungrily. The warrior opened her mouth as if to speak, but she was quickly silence by the Goddess' lips pressed slightly against her own. She didn't know what was going on, but she made no attempt to stop the Goddess' tongue from feasting upon hers. Athena began to suck and nibble on Xena's soft wet lips.

Xena closed her eyes, returning the kisses Athena threw upon her. She felt her back become exposed to the cool forest breeze.Then she felt the same sensation upon her breasts and nipples. They instantly became hard as the armor was pulled above her head, and exposed for Athena to see.

Moments later, the cool winds begin to kiss upon her exposed clit and labia. Her armor tassets and undergarments slowly dragged from her waist.

"Mmmm" The warrior groans at the cold sensation.

Athena lifts the warrior's arm, gently pulling each one of her fingers into her mouth. Her lips dragging along her flesh as if she had taken a cock into her mouth.Her mouth gently sliding back and forth upon it. She began dragging her tongue across the warrior's hand, licking up the beads of sweat that coated it.Athena then lifted Xena's arm slowly into the air, the Goddess began licking under her arm, enjoying the strong womanly scent. Her tongue sliding up and down the warrior's armpits.

"Even the most foul of places, taste heavenly from your flesh.." The Goddess groaned.

Xena felt Athena's tongue graze her soft breasts. "Mmmmm.." A soft moan broke free from her lips. Athena, licking and cleaning the sweat, she began kissing these breasts. Teasing Xena's nipples with the very tip of her tongue. It ran across them so smoothly, and they tasted so heavenly. She brought a nipple into her mouth, sucking and nibbling upon it furiously.

"Ohhh! Unngh!" Xena moaned, watching the Goddess feast upon her soft, sensitive nipples.

"Do you like what my tongue does? How it's dancing upon your flesh?" The Goddess asked, her mouth pressed tightly upon Xena's nipples. "You like it, don't you, my Princess?"

All Xena could do was utter a small cry.

Xena felt a small tug on her shoulder, just as Athena stopped sucking on her breast. The tug on her arm signaled her to stand up. Xena complied. The goddess turned her around, admiring her glistening skin, her well-tanned bum, and her luscious hips. She watched a single bead of sweat run from the warrior's back, down between her crack.

Athena placed her hands on Xena's shoulders, bending her over upon the grassy rock. Athena dropped her robe, exposing her tight abs, her perky breasts, her hard nipples from lust, and the cold air, and her neatly trimmed pubic area. Her labia moist from her juices.

She slowly places her hands on Xena's firm hips. Slowly Athena began rubbing her clit against Xena's hair pussy lips. Xena began to moan, bumping her ass back to meet the Goddess' pushes against her pussy from behind.

Athena's pace began to quicken, their bodies making smacking noises as they're loins mash together. Xena looked back, watching her butt bounce against the Goddess' hips, causing ripples to be seen moving across her flesh.

Xena arches her back, pulling the Goddess' face down to meet hers. Their tongues immediately striking. Their tongues twirled together as Athena's pumps against the warrior's pussy were becoming more furious. The smacking noise growing louder.

"I'm cumming!" Xena exclaimed. "It's so good! Ooohhh!!!"

"NO!" Athena pulled her hips away from Xena's; quickly. "You can't cum! I'm not finished with you yet, my Princess.."

Xena became a bit frustrated.The need to cum was growing inside her pussy. Despite the urges, she was still immensely enjoying this. Her pussy covered in Athena's wet juices. Dropplets of juice enter Xena's pussy, she sighs at the feeling. This goddess was teaching her pleasures she only thought possible from sex with a Man. Never in her life would she think a woman can bring forth these intense pleasures.

Athena began stroking, playing with Xena's hair, kissing her neck,lightly licking it. She drug her tongue down her glistening back. She began licking the sweat from the warrior's sweaty crack.She rubbed her tongue all around the top of Xena's buttcrack, savoring the salty taste. Athena then placing her hands on those perfectly tanned buttcheeks,she began to spread them apart.

What Athena saw, almost made her heart stop. She felt like a mortal woman, close to death by seeing this. She sat in silence, gazing upon Xena's puckered butthole.There was short hairs surrounding the entrance of her forbidden hole. Xena has never shaven her pussy, or between her cheeks..

"What are you doing? Haven't the Gods forbidden that area?" Xena worried.

"There's nothing to worry about, my princess." Athena assured her, placing her fingers in Xena's mouth. "Now would you please get these fingers nice and wet for your Goddess?"

Xena began sucking on the Goddess' fingers.Bobbing her head on Athena's fingers, just like Athena did to hers. Suddenly Xena felt something warm and wet on her forbidden hole.

"Ooh..." A soft moan came from Xena's lips.

The goddess was happily lapping at Xena's musky dark hole. She licked it up and down, licking the small hairs that surrounded it. She lightly brushed the hairs from the hole, having a better look. She darted her tongue out at the hole.

Xena jumped at the feeling of Athena's soft tongue slowly penetrating her butthole. She began gasping for air as Athena's tongue pushing and pulling on her sphincter. The Goddess' tongue began moving in waves inside Xena's anus. Xena's never felt anything this great in all her years. She felt paralyzed from this new feeling. She began pushing back, humping her butt to Athena's face to thrust her tongue deeper inside her butthole. Xena began shaking uncontrollably, her orgasm growing near.

Athena pulled her tongue out from the warrior's anus. She kissed the small, wet, dark hole as if they were the lips upon Xena's face. The Goddess slowly slid her middle finger into Xena's butt,pumping it all the way to the knuckle, not giving Xena a chance to get used to it.Soon the Goddess added a second finger into Xena's tight hole. Before long, Athena's fingers were furiously pumping inside Xena's butthole. In and out, in and out, as deep as they could possibly go.

"Ahhhh!!! Athena!!!" Xena's screamed echoed through the forest. Xena's sphincter began squeezing tightly on Athena's fingers, deep inside.

Athena pulled her fingers from Xena's gaping butthole. Licking, cleaning them off. She then kissed Xena on the lips, letting her taste her own bum.

"Mmmm" Xena purred softly,enjoying the new taste,Her eyes growing weary.

Athena kissed the warrior on the forehead, stroking her beautiful hair, "Now go to sleep my Princess, you've had a very exhausting day.."

Just before Xena passes out, she hears the fain words of the Goddess.

"I will always be here for you, my Princess.. whenever you need me, I'll be there."

Hours later, Xena woke up in a jolt. She was naked in a soft wool bed. Her butthole wet and very sore.Her pussy still soaking wet. She glanced onto the table next to the bed.

Xena picked up the roses. Athena had picked the most beautiful, healthy, red roses from the most beautiful rose bush. All of them were for the Princess.

Xena hugged the flowers close to her chest, her heart. Always to remember the experience her and a Goddess once shared.