Lemme tell you a little about myself. I've been watching Dark Angel ever since it came on. From the second I saw Jessica Alba, I was seriously in love with her. The first time I saw the commercial for Dark Angel, I was like, "OH MY GOD!! There is no way that somebody can be THAT beautiful." Ever since then, I've bought every magazine with her on the cover, cut out every picture and kissed each one every night before I go to bed. Anyway, now that you know that I'm basically obsessed with Jessica Alba, I'll tell you the story of how I met her and got to "know" her.

I was watching Dark Angel, and then there was a commercial to fly to the actual set of Dark Angel, and MEET JESSICA ALBA. Of course, I paid VERY close attention to the commercial. I followed every direction that it told me to do. All I had to do was send something over the internet. Now, of course, I wasn't exactly being like, "Oh, I'M gonna win. Not that many people watch Dark Angel." Please, I'll have like a million-to-one odds of actually getting to meet the "Angel" of my dreams.

I immediately entered in to win. Of course, I watched the show every week, but I just HAD to work the ONE DAY they were gonna tell who the winner was. There was no way I could get out of it, only if there was a nuclear war going on and a bomb was gonna be dropped on my place of business (not gonna tell ya'll what that is). So, I taped it, and me living in NJ, it's on at 9, and I don't get out of work until like midnight, fucken assholes. Needless-to-say, I hopped into my jaguar convertible (in my dreams) and sped home, rewound the video and played it.

It was just basically another story about Jessica kicking the shit out of those Project Manticore assholes. Then, the end of the show came, and they were announcing the winner of the contest, and who the hell would've known. It was Brian Hardy of Bridgewater, NJ (me). Of course, I just start screaming at the top of my lungs. I was making no sense, I was like hysterical. I was crying, that's how damn happy I was. I bragged about it to all of my friends, co-workers and family members. And I got to pick another person to go with me, and that would have to be my girlfriend, Amanda. Then, the day came...

I packed my bags, we went to the airport, went on a VERY long 6 hour plane trip, got into an amazing limo, and went to the set. When we got there, we got to meet the director James Cameron and all of the cast and crew...and we were on set for Jessica's first shoot of the day. In my head, I'm saying "FINALLY I GET TO MEET THE GODDESS." The first second I saw her in person, I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. She walked up to Cameron, who we were with. "Hi, you must be the contests winners..." Jessica said in the sweetest voice I've ever heard before I cut her off with "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH JESSICA!!" I said it so loud that the entire cast and crew could probably hear me. Of course, we started talking and everything, and she was seriously coming onto me, AND my girlfriend. Now, Amanda seemed beyond pissed. She was pissed because I was basically confessing my love to Jessica right in front of her face, and Jessica and I were getting a little touchy-feely. Anyway, Amanda wasn't the only one getting mad.

Cameron just yelled "JESSICA, WE GOTTA SHOOT NOW!!" I apologized for taking up so much of her time, and he hugged and she went to go shoot a fighting scene. "My God, her hair smells good" is all I was saying in my head. Anyway, before she left, she said "Wait until this scene's done, so that we could talk some more." Did she thinking I was gonna leave? I NEVER wanted to leave. The scene was great. I'm amazed that she actually could jump and do all of that stuff over and over and over again. Well, whatever. After the shoot for the day was done, she came up to me and Amanda and told us to follow her. I would follow her to the end of the world. She took us into her trailer, which was beautiful. It was basically, a crappy NY apartment, except made for a queen. It had a bed, a desk, stove, sink, and a small little bedroom. Not much stuff, but then again, all the actors do in the trailer is just sleep and try to relax. Anyway, we went into the trailer, and she told us to come and sit down onto her bed.

So, there we were, me, my girlfriend and Jessica all sitting on her bed in her trailer at like 11:30 at night. We ended up having nothing to talk about, and then Jessica, out of nowhere asks "You two don't mind if I change into my PJs in front of you, do you?" Like I'm gonna say no. I looked to my Amanda, and then she replied "I don't have a problem with it, only if I can help." There were so many things going through my head then, things like "What the hell did she just say?"

"Does she actually mean that?"

"Is my girlfriend bisexual?"

The reality soon hit that, yes, Amanda was bisexual, and so was Jessica. She didn't even say anything. She just called my girlfriend over and said "Take mine off, and yours is coming off too." Amanda grabbed Jessica's shirt by the bottom, and slowly pulled it up paying very close attention to her stomach and breasts. Once the shirt was off, Amanda lifted up her arms and Jessica did the same to her. Now, sure, my girlfriend isn't exactly any model. She's like 5'1", 120 lbs, raven brown hair and eyes, 34-C breasts and the most perfect Cuban ass I've ever seen.

Anyway, getting back to the story, after her shirt was off, Jessica then got down on her knees, unfastened Amanda's belt and pulled down her tight blue jeans. She got back up off of her knees, grabbed her by the head, brought her face to hers and, as far as I could tell, they shared one hell of a passionate kiss. I could even see their tongues playing with each other. Jessica's hands started to gently rub Amanda's breasts will Amanda's hands found Jessica's Mexican ass. Trust me, if I had a video camera at that time, I would've taped that and put it on the internet. It was basically every straight guys fantasy. Jessica's hands found their way to Amanda's bra hook, and unhooked her bra. Amanda let it fall off of her shoulders and let it dropped to the ground.

At that moment, Jessica broke the kiss, took her bra off, pushed Amanda onto the bed, and basically was doing the same exact thing she was doing to Amanda's mouth, except she was doing them to Amanda's beautiful brown left nipple. I was so damn hard I could've cut a precision line in a diamond with my dick. I felt sorta left out, so I took off my shirt and pants. Seeing as how Amanda was enjoying Jessica sucking on her left nipple, I thought she would've liked it if she had double the pleasure. I didn't even say anything. All I did was lower my head and pretty much made out with her right nipple. Amanda has moaning so loud, and I could tell she was enjoying it because she had a hand behind each of our heads and was pushing our heads into her breasts.

I was the first one to pull away from her tits and went to her face to face and asked her flat out, "What's going on?" All she could get out was "I've wanted a threesome for sooooooo long, but just could never seem to ask you." While Amanda answered me in breaths, Jessica had moved south and was kissing my girlfriend's pussy through her silk panties. Amanda was going insane. She started bucking and everything. After a while, Jessica removed Amanda's panties and was making out with her pussy. Amanda had from her knees down hanging off of the bed while Jessica was kneeling on the floor. I took this advantage to pull down Jessica's panties.

Her ass was simply amazing. I started kissing her ass while bent over, then laid onto my back, moved between her legs and started to lick at her clean-shaven pussy lips. Her clitoris was huge. I was nibbling on her clitoris, tongue-fucking her pussy, and at one moment, both Amanda and Jessica came. Now, I knew that Amanda's pussy tasted great, and her juices were even better, but Jessica's cum was much better than hers. After she came, I climbed onto the bed with Amanda, and she started to kiss the head of my 7 3/4" dick.

Then, Jessica came to join in, and started kissing Amanda's lips and my cock at the same time. It was the most amazing experience I've ever felt. Having two incredibly beautiful girls sharing my cock. Amanda moved aside so the Jessica could go at it solo. She looked up at me with those big brown eyes and said she was still a virgin, and never did any of this, and then tried to swallow my entire member. She got it about half way, but then started gagging. I told her "Don't worry about it. It takes time to deep-throat. Amanda. Show her how it's done."

Jessica laid down with her on my stomach to get up close and watch Amanda swallow my whole dick up to my balls. It was a great feeling to have my entire dick in her mouth and throat. Anyway, after a while, Amanda let Jessica try, but told her not to go after it all at once. She could only get my cock half way down, but it still felt sooooooo great.

Although she was an amateur, she seemed like an expert. The way Jessica worked my dick in her mouth was spectacular. I was in heaven, and I was moaning "Oh god, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum." I shot probably the biggest load I've ever let loose down Jessica's throat. Surprisingly, she swallowed every drop. After she drained me out, she looked up and told me "That was so great. I better be tasting it more often." Then she asked "How are you still hard? Don't guys usually shrink up after they cum?" I explained to her "Yeah, but number one, I usually don't with Amanda until the third time I cum, and number two, add you to the factor, I might set a new world record for the longest erection ever." Jessica then straddled herself over my dick, and simply said "Be careful. I am a virgin."

"I was careful with Amanda when it was our first time, and I have been every time" I replied. Amanda just nodded, sat up and straddled my stomach, facing Jessica. Jessica eased herself down onto my cock. She seemed in a little pain at first, but when I hit her hymen, then the pain came. At least Amanda was there to keep making out with her so that she wouldn't scream her lungs out. When I puncher through Jessica's hymen, she went wild.

Even though she screamed into Amanda's mouth, it was loud. After breaking her hymen, Amanda started sucking on Jessica's tits. After about 10 minutes of Jessica riding me, I came hard again with her cumming her third time while riding me. When Jessica got off of my now limp cock, she licked our juices off of my cock, and then Amanda ate her out, while getting the mixture of mine and Jessica's juices out of her cunt. Then, they started 69ing for a while. After watching them for 3 minutes, I was back in business. With Amanda on the bottom and Jessica on top, I saw Jessica's round ass right there, and I took the opportunity and I slide my now hard cock in between Jessica's big round ass cheeks and put the head of my dick at her anus, and just pushed until I finally got all the way up to the hilt. I passionately and slowly ass fucked Jessica while she and Amanda her 69ing. It took me a while to cum this time.

It took about 15 minutes, but not like I was in a rush. I WAS FUCKING JESSICA ALBA'S ASS. Of course I was gonna take my time. After I came, I still fucked her ass for a bit, and then Amanda slid farther underneath Jessica and licked her asshole, and getting all of my cum out of her ass. And then I put my cock into Jessica's mouth, and she seemed to really enjoy the taste of her ass. I know Amanda likes the taste of my dick after it's been in her ass, but I guess she also enjoys Jessica's ass too. I've tongued Amanda's ass before, and seeing as how Amanda enjoyed Jessica's ass, I just had to try it. It was AMAZING. Anyway, we fucked and sucked for about 2 more hours. It was around 3 in the morning when we fell asleep in Jessica's bed. With both Jessica and Amanda having their arms wrapped around each other, while I had my chest against Amanda's back, and my hand on Jessica's ass. Amanda and me had two more days on the set. And those two days were EXACTLY the same.

Well, that was the story of how I got to "know" Dark Angel's, Jessica Alba. We still keep in touch, and we still fuck. Sometimes just me and her, sometimes the three of us, sometimes even just them two, and I've videotaped them. Well, thanks for reading. Just to let you know, this whole story was FICTION!! Unfortunately.