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    Smile Gemma Atkinson Fucked in the Train

    Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! Email me through the link below! I love feedback, it's what keeps my creative blood flowing! I'd love some feedback either by the comment box or e-mail. Either are great!

    Author: Blackjack

    Celebrity: Gemma Atkinson

    Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Mast, Toys,

    Gemma was horny.

    She had been working in London for New Years Eve and had to catch the train back up to her home in Manchester to see her family. She had been on set shooting various independent movies for most of the last six months and had been in London covering the area for Channel 4's sister channel e4.

    Gemma was sitting on a train taking her home to Manchester to see her family. She was wearing: a pale blue top that buttoned up in the middle, she also had on a grey skirt with a set of stockings, finishing the attire off with a set of pastel blue high heels.

    The United Kingdom Independent Film Company was a great company to work for. With so many great, creative minds coming out of University or you get the casual: sitting down with a video recorder and filming friends, posting it on Youtube and then getting discovered.

    This was where our main celebrity protagonist found herself currently involved. Gemma Atkinson would be shooting an independent horror movie one weekend, flying up to Scotland for a FHM shoot or back in London for some work with Channel 4. While this was great for her career and great for her bank account, she never really had much time for a boyfriend... Or even a fuck buddy. She would be on set with lots of young boys who all seemed able to do the job but would either back out or never even turn up. Maybe they thought it was a hazing? If it was, it was for Gemma.

    She had been in a nightclub for the countdown, working for e4 and had thought she had found a winner to help her relieve the tension.

    The night before...

    Gemma and the man, she didn't catch his name, stumbled into the toilets of the night club. She had found the man on the dance floor who seemed intent on grinding against her all night. They had started to kiss and passion had ran its course. They made their way to the nearest toilets which just so happened to be the gents.

    Pushing through the black door, they fell into a room with three stalls, three urinals and three sinks. There was a paper towel dispenser with two automated hand dryers. The room itself was black with gold and silver streaks running across the walls in various patterns. The stalls and sinks were designed in a similar pattern. Bathrooms like this were popping up all around the country. Some swanky knob head must of thought it would look impressive and modern. To Gemma it looked like a C-3P0 had exploded.

    Their faces entangled by their tongues, lashing frantically against each others. Bumping up against the wall, Gemma smiled wickedly and started to move down the man's body. Reaching his jeans, she yanked the zip down and pulled out the man's stiffening cock. Standing at about six inches it would be more than enough to get the job done. She batted her tongue against the meaty fuckstick making the man groan and run his hands through her blonde hair.

    Opening her mouth, Gemma took the cock deep inside her mouth and started to bob up and down, getting her mouth nice and wet with her spit. She groaned, she knew it was only a matter of time before the man's piece was covered in her spit. Adding to the pleasure, the blonde reached inside his boxers and started to fondle his nuts making him moan even louder. She started to suck the cock inside her mouth, bobbing up and down to the half way mark, making the man groan and curl her hair up in his hands.

    Gemma started to really suck on the cock making her temporary sexual partner grunt and groan, a thin layer of sweat had formed on his forehead which he quickly wiped away. The blonde looked up sweetly as she continued to have her mouth penetrated by the meat in her mouth. There were a few more up and down bobs to the half way mark before she started to deep throat the cock. Taking in all six inches, Gemma moaned happily as the man started to breathe heavily.

    'Close to cumming already?' She thought. 'We've not been going that long!'

    That's when it hit her, the man groaned aloud and pulled her deep on his cock. Shooting several thick wads of man cream down her throat, the man groaned as his balls emptied.

    "Sorry luv. Too much booze I reckon!" The man proclaimed loudly and proudly. He then tucked himself away and zipped up, leaving Gemma alone on the toilet floor.

    Shaking her head, she wiped away some excess spit from her lips and stood up. She walked out to the night club knowing that she would have to get herself off tonight.


    Gemma was OK with having to masturbate. Toys always did the trick but some times she needed a proper dick driving in and out of her to make her feel special. She was counting on that guy to perform but the festivities of New Year's eve obviously dented his staying power. Joining in with the crowd, Gemma danced into the night trying to find another man to fuck. Unfortunately, this club was a popular one and no one came alone. As she left the night club at close to two o'clock in the morning she spotted the man from the bathroom inside a black taxi cab with what must have been his girlfriend having an awful row.

    Smiling, Gemma climbed into the taxi behind the two and asked for her hotel. On the ride over, the cabbie was delivering his usual talkative nature.

    "So love, how was yer evening?" He asked his voice was pure cockney like he had walked off the set of Eastenders.

    "Alright thanks. Spent most of the hours before hand presenting. I work on TV."

    "Blimey! I thought I recognized yer! You're that Hollyoaks bird aren'tcha?" He said, all the statement needed was a light bulb to appear above his head to accentuate the point.

    "That's right. My name's Gemma. Gemma Atkinson." She said politely, looking at him in his rear view mirror.

    'Perhaps he may want to do a quick stop, to bend me over his bonnet and give me a good seeing too?' Gemma thought with a giggle allowed only inside her head. Considering he was in his forties he must know his way around a woman and he wasn't ghastly over weight either. He had a receding hair line with a tint of grey at both sides and a new day stubble to add to the appearance.

    "Yeah, never really watched it myself. The missus loves it though!" He continued, as he made a lane transfer. "So whatcha doing now? Still on Hollyoaks?"

    "Not any more. Sometimes I pop back to do bit parts but right now I'm focusing on presenting and moving into movies. I've been shooting a lot of independent films up here." Gemma explained, her eyes drifting out to the streets. There were several ambulances parked along the road dealing with people who had too much to drink and were fighting or simply needed their stomach pumped.

    "Ah right. Jesus. It looks rough out there! My missus is a nurse can't imagine what A + E looks like tonight! Apparently, it starts off quiet but then you get: people getting hit with bottles, drinking too much and cracking their heads on the pavement, people needing their stomachs pumped. Can't be pretty!" He laughed to himself as the lights of London town tore past the window.

    "Yeah I can imagine... Do you get busy on New Years?" Gemma asked, wanting to be polite but not really caring.

    "Eh it comes it waves. It's busy at seven or eightish but then once every one's at parties it goes dead. The shops around here are great though. Back at the taxi rink there's a great lady called Noreen she always has a cuppa on."

    "That's nice. Do you always have to work New Years or do you get it off?" Gemma asked, her eyes drifting back to the mirror.

    "Well, we work on a time on/time off basis. Once we leave the house we're on the clock. We can work for as long as we want. It's always easy to mop up some fares like this and get a little extra. Since no one is around on New Year's day we can get a lie-in in the morning. So that's ok." He added as the taxi pulled into the taxi rink of her hotel.

    "Here we are. That'll be five forty please love." The cabbie said with a warm smile, turning around to meet her. Gemma dug into her purse and pulled out a ten pound note.

    "Keep the change mate." She said with a smile, pulling at the handle of the taxi she stepped out into the cold London air.

    The taxi driver smiled and said his thanks before driving away into the night. Sighing, Gemma pushed open the big doors and walked through the lobby of the hotel. The steady click-click-click of her heels on the marble floor filled the silent area.

    "Good morning Miss Atkinson!" Bobby, the young boy on reception shouted to her.

    Gemma turned to him and flashed him a big smile with a sexy wink on the end. That was sure to make his evening more memorable. She smiled to herself as she pushed the button to summon the hotel's lift. The lift whirred to life and slowly made its way down the metal shaft. Eventually the door's opened allowing the sometimes Hollyoaks star to step inside, looking over her shoulder she could see Bobby staring at her still. Deciding to give him one last show, she walked into the lift with a slow, deliberate pace. Making sure to sway her hips and her delicious rump, sure to cause an erection in his trousers.

    As she pressed the button for her floor, Gemma looked over at Bobby and winked again, while licking her lips. As the doors shut, she blew him a nice, wet kiss. The doors shut, with the bronze doors reflecting her sexy image. Looking up at the top of the door, Gemma looked around, examining the area as the lift took her to her destination.

    The doors opened after a short time and Gemma walked out to the floor. It was dead. There was no one around in the corridor or on the landing.

    'What exactly were you expecting? A group of male strippers to you?' She asked herself as she walked to her room. Fishing around in her handbag, she caught her key to the hotel room and unlocked the door.

    The room was quite big with a large double bed in the middle, with a large chest of drawers next to it. Sitting down on the bed, she kicked her heels off to the side near the door to the en suite bathroom. Lifting the top up over her head, the busty blonde tossed that down with her shoes and then wriggled out of her skirt. Standing up in nothing but her bra and her underwear, Gemma strutted over to the set of drawers. She pulled the big oak top drawer out and fetched her big black dildo. It was sized at twelve inches. A foot long. It was one of her favorite toys to keep herself going.

    'It's not a man... But it will do..." Gemma though to herself as she sat back on the bed. Pulling herself to the middle of the bed, she lay on her back and spread her legs. Her hand ran from her stomach up to her left breast. While it was still clad in the lacy fabric Gemma lightly squeezed the mound of flesh, delivering a small moan of pleasure.

    Leaning up off of the bed, Gemma unhooked her bra and tossed it to one side. Her hard nipples poked up to the ceiling, Gemma lightly tweaked her breasts nipples. Palming at the large fleshy mounds, Gemma rolled the flesh around in her hands. Longing for a man's touch, Gemma closed her eyes and imagined it was a man's hands on her.

    Running through the list of mental images in her head, Gemma settled on Bobby the young boy on reception. A ghostly form of Bobby wafted into the room and had placed his hands on her breasts. Taking control, Bobby lightly squeezed the flesh making Gemma moan. The young boy lent over to face Gemma and placed ghostly, imaginary kisses on her lips and around her face.

    Gemma's hands ran down her stomach to her lacy underwear and tugged the flimsy material to one side and started to run her fingers up and down her pussy's lips. Rubbing up and down, Gemma's fingers lightly spread her lower lips. Keeping one hand on her breast, Gemma lightly cupper her breast while she started to pump her index finger in and out of her pussy.

    Moaning, Gemma breathed lowly as she started to work herself up to an orgasm. Gemma started to increase the pace of her masturbating and added a second finger to the pumping digits. Letting out a low squeak of pleasure, Gemma started to build up steam. Her pussy was soft and wet with the cool air adding to her pleasure.

    With one hand still on her breast, Gemma groped clumsily at the bed and found the dildo. Taking the plastic instrument in her hand, Gemma lightly licked her tongue at the tip of it before putting it inside her.

    Gemma gasped as she pushed it in a bit too far, overly stimulating her. Gemma lightly pulled the fake cock out of her delicious folds and started to push it back in again. Keeping one hand on the dildo, Gemma started to tweak her nipples, twisting and turning them making her moan.

    Moving the fake cock in and out of her folds, Gemma moaned aloud again. Gemma started to increase her driving force, pumping the fake cock in and out of her wet folds. Gemma was moaning louder and louder with her breathing getting heavier. Gemma imagined the young receptionist, Bobby was in between her legs, pumping his big fat cock in and out of her. Gemma was awash with pleasure, the fake cock was reaching further and further making her moan louder and louder. Soon, the pleasure was too much and her mental barriers broke down.

    Gemma screamed out loud and came over the fake cock. Lying on her back, catching her breath, Gemma let a small smile creep across her face.

    'It's not a man... But it will do.' She repeated to herself with a smile. Looking over at the clock, the red digital LED's told her that it was close to four o clock in the morning. She decided to go to bed. Dropping the dildo to the floor, Gemma threw all of her underwear to one side and climbed into bed.

    Looking out to the London skyline, it was still pitch black and that suited Gemma just fine as she drifted away to sleep.

    Back to the present day...

    Gemma had picked up a newspaper and a couple of gossip magazines that spread the sort of nonsense that women wanted to hear. She looked over the front page of one of them that was littered with tips on 'how to beat the Christmas weight gain', 'How to make sure you get that promotion' and the last one made Gemma smile. 'How to make your sex life unbelievable.'

    'No problem's with that one there!' Gemma said with a smile. 'If only I had a man at my beck and call. I'd be set. God. I am so horny!' Gemma was starting to get wet, thinking about getting fucked as hard as she could.

    Gemma was sat down on the train, with her eyes out into the Great British countryside. What was left of it any way. London was no longer the luscious green wonderland that most people had grown up with. It was full of large grey obstructions in blocks of flats or car parks or shopping centres.

    The train pulled into the station of a leafy green suburb. It was all quiet on her carriage and it certainly looked like it was going to stay that way. The doors opened and what was left of her carriage emptied to the platform. Thinking she was going to be alone, Gemma let out a silent 'hooray' as she could get down to business there on the train.

    Until it happened.

    A man in his late twenties, walked into her carriage. Gemma let out a sigh of sexual frustration as the man settled down in the chair.

    'Why did he have to sit in my carriage?' She thought to herself. She could just see the reflection of the window that the man was very handsome. He was dressed well and had his hair spiked up lightly with a substance. He sat down a few rows a head of her and was sitting on the right hand seat so Gemma could look at him between the two head rests.

    She had been looking at him for quite some time when eventually he looked up and turned his head to the gap in the head rests. Her cheeks flushed red and she turned away looking outside. Hoping that he hadn't seen her checking him out. Gemma was admiring the wildlife in the green pastures when a voice spoke up.

    "Is that today's paper?"

    Gemma was stirred from her gaze and looked up. It was the man who had got on the train earlier.

    "Oh... Uh... Yes... Yes it is." Gemma stammered out. A little surprised at being confronted by him.

    "Do you mind if I take a look?" The man asked, as he moved a bit closer to Gemma and the seats.

    "Sure." Gemma said, passing the man the paper.

    "Great." To Gemma's surprise, the man sat down opposite Gemma. Unfolding the paper and flicking to the business section. As Gemma was about to make small talk the steel door whooshed open and the ticket collector came in.

    "Tickets please." The man announced as he walked through the carriage. "Just you two is it?" The man asked as he scanned the carriage.

    Looking around, the both of them nodded. The man passed the collector the orange ticket who scribbled on it to show that it was a legitimate ticket. Gemma did the same and the collector also scribbled on it. He passed the tickets back to her and the man.

    "Alright. Have a good journey now." The man said with a smile before continuing onto the next carriage. The man placed his ticket into his inside blazer pocket and looked at Gemma, flashing her a smile. Gemma smiled as well, before putting the ticket away in her purse.

    Gemma stole quick glances at the man, making sure to look at him for less than thirty seconds to ensure that she wasn't gawping again.

    'Jesus, I'm horny!' Gemma thought to herself as she almost motionlessly fidgeted in her seat. Gemma grinned on her inside as she was now in a frightfully naughty mood.

    'Imagine if I was to fuck him here on this train...' Gemma thought to herself as she could feel her pussy throbbing, crying out for a man' touch. A stranger's touch. This stranger's touch, Gemma concluded. She wanted to fuck this man right here, right now. With almost no thought involved, Gemma parted her legs to see if her stranger noticed. As was expected, the man looked up from his paper to enjoy his new view.

    Gemma quickly crossed her legs, causing her skirt to ride up her leg, revealing the trim of a stocking. Gemma took a quick peek of her own and could see that the man was getting excited. There was a sizeable bulge growing in his trousers which made Gemma smile.

    "Excuse me? Would you mind watching my bags while I go to the toilet" Gemma asked, her sweet, silky voice filling the carriage. Gemma smiled as she forced him to break his stare to look up at her.

    "Absolutely." The man said with a heavy breath. Gemma smiled and stepped up and out of the seating section. As she walked past the door, Gemma let out a silent gasp as she could feel him burning a gaze into her backside.

    As Gemma shut the door to the toilet, Gemma quickly yanked down her underwear and started to touch herself. Relieving a lot of the sexual pressure that had been building since she got on the train. Gemma was amazed at just how wet she was. She was dripping wet and swollen with excitement. She needed to go right now.

    Gemma looked down at herself and decided she would try. The man hadn't identified her as being famous so she may just get away with it. Gemma stuffed her knickers into her pocket and pulled her skirt back down, half heartedly flattening it with the palm of her right hand.

    Gemma opened the door to the toilet and walked back to her seat. She could see the man was still busy pretending to read the newspaper even though he stiffened in his seat as she came back. Gemma smiled at him and sat down opposite him in her old seat. Still smiling, she crossed her legs and then uncrossed them leaving them wide open, displaying her pussy for the man to see.

    Gemma smiled to herself as the man looked at the sight in front of him while his bulge got even harder. This time, when the man stared at Gemma she met his gaze and kept it there. The two stared at each other for a few seconds before Gemma broke the silence.

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    Default Re: Gemma Atkinson Fucked in the Train

    "Eat me... Now." She commanded. This was evidently all the man needed as he was on his knees and between her legs like a speeding bullet.

    The man lightly kissed her on her actual pussy lips before peppering kisses lightly around the labia. Using his tongue, the man then started to rapidly flick up and down around her luscious labia. With a quick change of pace, the man then thrust his tongue inside of Gemma, exploring her wet love canal.

    Gemma groaned aloud, much like she did when she was fantasizing over the young receptionist. She took her hands down from above her head and started to push the young man deeper to her sopping wet pussy.

    The man definitely didn't seem to mind and was more than eager to get even closer to her pussy. Changing his position from flicking his tongue up and down, he started to attack her hardening love button. The man kissed her clit softly, before wrapping his lips around the button and started to suck on it lightly.

    She tilted her head back and moaned to the ceiling as the new lover delivered the utmost oral pleasure. Gemma let out another groan as he tugged her bum to the end of her seat. While he sucked on her clit, he then moved his right hand up her soft, silky thighs and slid his index finger up Gemma's bum crack. The surprise of double penetration made her eyes open with shock and look down at the man who was still going at her with reckless abandon.

    He kept his hand on her thigh, holding her steady while he ate her pussy. The man moved his tongue from her clit and pushed his tongue deep into her pussy. Lightly flicking his tongue in and out of her folds literally tongue fucking her. Gemma groaned at the pleasure running over her as she tried to stay calm and quiet.

    "Oh God! I'm so fucking close!" Gemma said, in a quiet voice. Her breathing getting shallow as she neared her point of no return. Her lover could almost sense this and decided to bring out his party trick. Taking hold of her clit once more, he bit down lightly making sure to blend both pain and pleasure. He then removed his hand from her waist and started to pump his fingers in and out at a rapid pace, while his free hand danced around her arsehole. Gemma started to cum and just as she did the man shoved his fingers up her arse. The sudden double penetration this time did its job and tipped her way over the edge.

    "Argh!" Gemma screamed aloud and let her cum wash all over the young man's face who happily lapped it up with a frenzied hunger. The blonde's hips were hovering above the seat as she came. The man had since removed his fingers from her orifices and was holding onto her hips while he lapped away at her pussy.

    Eventually, she came down from the high and was soon resting on the soft padding of the seat. The man came up from the floor and sat back on the opposite seat. What little cum was left on his face, he had scooped up and sucked clean. He looked over at his blonde lover who was red in the face and was sucking in much needed air. She looked back at him and started to get a big wide grin on her face.

    "My turn is it?" She asked with a sly smile. Taking one last gulp of air Gemma dropped down to her knees in front of the man and started to unzip his trousers.

    Gemma tugged at the man's elastic banded boxer shorts and pulled them down, his large balls and shaft spilled out from his fly making Gemma smile. It was close to being twice as big as the man from the toilets and he looked ready to go.

    Gemma started off slowly jerking the hard member's shaft up and down, making sure to cover every inch of his fuck stick. Gemma's soft right hand was moving up and down, from the base of his shaft all the way up to his head. Reaching the dick's head, she softly wrapped her hand around the head and squeezed it. This elicited a gasp of surprise from the recipient. He arched up from his seat at the sudden pain.

    Gemma smiled at his reaction, he settled down and looked down at her as she continued to jerk him off slowly. Gemma cupped his large balls in her left hand as she started to increase her pace, jerking him off. Rolling his balls around in her hands, she couldn't help but smile and wonder at how much cum he had for her. Slowing her jerking down, Gemma watched as a hint of pre-cum oozed from his piss slit, she continued to slowly squeeze the cum out as he groaned.

    'Show time girl!' Gemma thought with a smile as she bent over the man's lap and opened her mouth. Moving down, she wrapped her lips around the man's shaft and started to suck on his dick. Gemma sucked on his cock, running her tongue up and down the shaft as she bobbed up and down. Her tongue was tracing the vein running under his shaft as she tightened her lips while sucking him off.

    He moaned aloud as Gemma started to lap her tongue against the head of his cock as her hand started to jerk off the man's shaft. Her tongue ran around the dick's head in a clockwise, then counter clockwise motion at the end of each lap, Gemma would then tap her tongue several times on the head making him groan even more.

    She took her mouth off of the man's head and spat on her right hand. Gemma started to lather up the man's shaft with her now wet hand. Leaning in close to the man's lap, Gemma then attacked his balls taking the right one in her mouth. Gemma sucked on the large testicle as she continued to jerk the man's dick slowly.

    Swapping over, she flicked her tongue against his shaft making him shiver at the touch. Gemma lightly kissed the man's sac and then went back to his shaft. Placing her hands on either side of his body, she kissed the man's head and started to go back to work. The busty, blonde bombshell trapped his shaft perfectly in her mouth and started to bob up and down, sucking and slurping the shaft much to his delight.

    They both shared a groan as the blonde haired Manchester native started to increase her bobbing speed. Gemma was taking more and more of his shaft as she started to unbutton her top, letting her large breasts spill out. Once the shirt was unbuttoned, she reached behind her shirt and pulled down her lacy bra. The lingerie fell down past her magnificent breasts letting her tits fall out of the shirt. The man looked down at her globes and leant down to feel her puppies.

    The man handled the large breasts lightly, her nipples were hard and were poking in his palms. He cupped and squeezed the flesh as Gemma moaned at the touch. He found a voice as he spoke a request.

    "Can I fuck your tits?"

    'That's not a new one!' Gemma thought to herself with a smile. She looked up at the man and could only imagine how fucking sexy she looked with a hardened shaft in her gob with her tits out for the cool carriage air.

    Dragging her mouth off of his shaft slowly and deliberately, Gemma jerked the man's dick and nodded her head.

    "Of course you can love!" She said with a sexy wink. She straightened herself up and wrapped her large tits around his member. She lightly pushed the cushions together and started to pump the flesh up and down all the while looking up at the man with a dirty look on her face.

    The dick was poking in between the flesh and provided a neat target for Gemma to aim at. Flicking her tongue on the shaft, she smiled wickedly as the man moaned at her touch. Gemma pushed her globes closer together as she bounced the flesh up and down.

    In the heat of the moment, Gemma realised that she had been bouncing her tits up and down for a while and he must be close to cumming. Looking up, he had a thin film of sweat on his forehead and was starting to breath slower and heavier.

    "Close to cumming?" Gemma asked as the blonde started to slow her chest pumping.

    "Yeah... Had a bit too much to drink last night..." The man said, in between deep breaths.

    "Alright, well I want to get off too. You got a rubber?" Gemma asked, using British slang for a condom. Standing up, she pulled her short skirt up past her thighs so it now resembled a belt.

    "Yeah, in my wallet." He replied, standing up, he reached in and pulled out his black leather wallet. Undoing the button clasp, he fished out the foil packet and pulled out the protection. Sliding his shaft into the rubber sheath, the man couldn't believe his luck.

    "Oh great!" Gemma said with a wicked smile. She sat down on the man's lap slowly, letting his meat sword invade her soft, wet, tight folds. Both he and the celebrity shared a collective moan as they felt each other.

    He put his hands on Gemma's hips as she placed her hands on his chest and they started to fuck. They worked as a cohesive unit, he would lift the blonde up as she would push herself up with the help of his shoulders.

    "Jesus. You're so tight!" The man exclaimed after a few rises and falls.

    "I'm tight? You're fucking huge!" Gemma exclaimed as she tilted her head back, moaning to the sky as she started to rock back and forward on his shaft. Gemma moaned as her tits started to bounce as she felt him start to push his way deeper into her.

    The only sounds from the carriage was the grunts and groans from the two love makers and the slap-slap-slap sound of their flesh hitting against each other. With her head titled back, Gemma pulled herself downwards and kissed her lover deeply. Their mouths parted as their tongues slapped against each others, wrestling for dominance. He gripped hold of his fellow passenger's firm bum cheeks and squeezed the flesh as they continued to bounce up and down.

    She moaned aloud again and broke the kiss, letting her head fall back to the sky moaning aloud. The man then dove in and started to orally Gemma's large breasts. The man sucked on her left nipple as she placed her hands on the head rests of the seats and started to increase her bouncing speed. She was getting closer and closer to finishing and she wanted the release so badly.

    While she had been throwing her head around with ecstasy, the young man had moved his hand down to her hardened clit. Rubbing his index finger against the button, the man had triggered Gemma's nervous system making her moan with glee.

    Trapping the button, he twisted it in his finger grip as Gemma started to convulse on his lap.

    "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Gemma let out repetitive curses as her pussy's walls tightened making the dick deep inside her twitch with fevered anticipation.

    "Jesus I'm cumming!" The man let out as she met his orgasm. The two of them came together, her pussy's walls tightened around his shaft as he sent spurt after spurt towards her. The cum smacked against the plastic tip leaving it there.

    There were a few moments that passed as they lay together. She was still kneeling on the seat as he held her closely. The landscape outside of the window started to get more industrial as they neared Manchester. Gemma was the first to notice and climbed off of his lap. Tugging her skirt down and re-buttoning her shirt, she watched him tuck away his knob and redo his fly.

    She sat down opposite him and they looked at each other with a knowing smile.

    "So... What's your name?" Gemma asked as the tannoy voice came on.

    "Good morning ladies and gentlemen, we are arriving in Manchester. Please wait for the train to come to a complete standstill before departing."

    A wry smile came on there faces as they both stood up. Walking to the door, Gemma planted a quick kiss on his cheek and spoke softly.

    "I really needed that."

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