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    Default Elisabeth Filarski Sex Story

    Glancing out the window of her three story hotel room onto the night streets of Sydney, Australia below, Elisabeth Filarski was restless. Staring at the slow moving cars as she looked out the window, the neon lights of the billboards nearby reflecting harshly onto her face, her mind was rapidly churning over the upcoming days over and over. She knew she should sleep and make sure she had plenty of energy for tomorrow, but her mind wouldn't let her body calm down and relax.

    Tomorrow she was going to be thrust into "Survivor: The Australian Outback" with 15 other total strangers, all hoping to "outwit, outplay & outlast" each other for a $1 million dollar cash prize. She was going to be gone for over a month, stranded out in the middle of nowhere as she endured very little food, grueling challenges and bitter rivalries. The really eerie thing was, CBS wouldn't let the contestants speak to each other or even meet each other until they boarded the plane to head out to the mystery spot. So she could have seen every single one of them here in the hallways of the hotel and not even realized it.

    "Of course, the physical stuff isn't the problem," Elisabeth thought to herself. "I just hope I can hang in there mentally,"

    Elisabeth had long been in excellent shape, after four years of softball at Boston College. As she stood in the mirror, admiring her body through the navy blue silk pajamas her boyfriend Tim had given her, she flexed her biceps in the mirror in a half joking way. Lifting up the base of her shirt, she patted her firm, toned stomach. Sticking her chest out slightly, Elisabeth cupped her breasts through the soft silk feel of the bedtime clothes.

    "If I win this money, the first thing I'm getting is a boob job," Elisabeth laughed to herself. Tim liked her breasts, she knew that. They were a large A cup and though they weren't much, they were very manageable and went well with her tall, lithe body.

    For the umpteenth time, Elisabeth opened her knapsack and inspected what she had brought. She knew that the weather would be hot out there in the desert, she just hoped it wouldn't get too cold. All she had brought was a light jacket. Pulling out her bathing suit, she inspected it once more. She had specifically brought this little pink & white two piece so that she didn't accidentally fall out of her top around the other people, and so that the bottoms of the suit didn't ride up the crack of her ass. Laying all this clothing on the bed, Elisabeth inspected it again. She couldn't get over how much she liked the head dress she had made. Now all she could do was hope she lasted on the show long enough to show it off.

    Repacking up her bag, she glanced at the clock. It was almost midnight.

    Of course, it felt like 12 in the afternoon, coming off of Eastern Standard Time. Pacing around the room, she sat down on the bed once more, closing her eyes as she tried to go to sleep. No luck.

    Walking over to the mini-bar in her room, she used the cheap plastic key on the counter to open it up. Peeking inside, she grabbed a Snickers and two little alcohol bottles. Her last taste of chocolate and liquor for a while, she knew. The room and everything was on CBS's tab, so Elisabeth figured what the hell. Looking at the bottle she grabbed, she realized that it was a cool little Absolut bottle. Taking a long pull from it, she settled onto the bed and flipped on the television to see what Australian TV had to offer.

    As Elisabeth finished the vodka and went for three more of the little bottles, her channel flicking stopped for a moment on the hotel's porn station. On the screen, a white girl was getting railed by a big, strong looking black guy while another white girl ate out the first girl's pussy.

    At first Elisabeth was repulsed by this and she quickly changed the channel. Holding the remote in the air in front of her for a moment, Elisabeth realized that watching just a few seconds of the hot porn movie had really turned her on. Her skin was flushed and she felt a tingling between her legs. Taking another sip from her drink, she flipped through the short list of channels quickly, and "accidentally" stopped on the porn station again. Now the two girls were sucking the black man's dick as he rubbed it all over their faces. Elisabeth decided that the room was getting way too hot, so she unbuttoned her silk top and put it beside her on the bed.

    Running one hand over and around on her chest, Elisabeth would stop occasionally to tweak and pull on her nipples. They were large and puffy, a slight pink color. With her teasing of them, they became fully aroused and Elisabeth was in bliss as she was slowly working towards orgasm.

    The movie on the screen now was really heating up. One of the girls had moved beneath the man's cock and was sucking and licking his balls, while the other girl, a blond whose hair had the same dirty brown tint that Elisabeth's had, was busy deep throating the man. The black man was pulling on his cock rapidly with the girls, and was just about to blow his load.

    Elisabeth was now arching her back and bouncing her small, firm ass off of the bed as she ran her hands all over her body. She had slipped her index finger into her pants now and was busy playing with herself under her modest white cotton panties. She knew she was close to orgasm, and when she opened her eyes and looked at the television screen, the wave of pure bliss and pleasure washed completely over her body.

    Elisabeth's eyes opened just in time to see the black man spray his load all over the two white girl's faces. Both girls had their mouths open to catch the cum and the blond headed girl got a nice big jet of it all over her cheek, down to her chin. This was an especially hardcore film Elisabeth noticed (she had caught her boyfriend Tim watching porn with his friends one time. The movie on now was far more explicit) because after the cum shot, the two girls began making out, smearing the man's cum into their chests and licking it from each other's faces.

    Following her orgasm, Elisabeth's rocking of the bed subsided. As she laid her head back on the pillows to catch her breath, Elisabeth realized that she was far from satisfied. Kicking her pants off and pulling her panties to the floor, Elisabeth thrust two more fingers into her cunt, savoring how juicy and wet it felt inside. It had been almost three weeks since she last had sex and her body was telling her that she needed it NOW! But what was she to do? Thousands of miles away from her friends and family, in a totally different country all by herself, Elisabeth suddenly realized how lonely she was.

    Now naked totally, Elisabeth stood in front of the mirror once more to admire her body, hoping it would cheer her up. Her chest was still heaving some from that first orgasmic release. She could see a small trickle of her cum trickle down the inner portion of her leg as it lazily would make it's way off of her and onto the floor. With her hands on her hips, Elisabeth continued to admire her body.

    "I think I'm in pretty good shape. I just wish Tim were here so that I could jump him right now," Elisabeth thought to herself, feeling a little ashamed at how naughty she was behaving. "Hell, right now I will settle for anyone,"

    Walking over to the fridge again, her feet padding along on the carpet of the modest sized room, Elisabeth was suddenly struck with an idea.

    Forgetting the alcohol and heading straight to the phonebook, Elisabeth began leafing through it. Finally she found what she was looking for: ESCORT SERVICES.

    Scanning the pages, most of them were for men.

    "A ha! There's one! Top to Bottoms...hmm, what kind of dorky name is that?" Elisabeth muttered to herself. "Oh well, beggars can't be choosy,"

    Reaching over to dial the number, Elisabeth's hands were trembling. This wasn't something she did all the time. In fact, the idea only came to her because one of her friends from college had gotten an escort one night so that they could go to a fancy party. The girl had said that it went great and the guy wasn't a problem at all. Of course, all escort services (at least in America) really are is glorified prostitution. But right now, Elisabeth didn't care. She was horny and needed a man now. As she dialed the number, she slowly slid one hand to her pussy and began to play with herself again.

    "Yea, hi. I need an escort. Right now, if possible. I need him for least 2 hours. I'm at the Outback hotel, here in Sydney. Room 417," Elisabeth said into the mouth piece. The man on the other line had a deep but very sexy voice, almost like Barry White, albeit Australian.

    "Is it uhh...possible to make a preference on the man you are sending?" Elisabeth asked.

    "Yes, of course. What type of guy are you looking for?" the Barry White voice said.

    "Oh wow, I wasn't expecting you to say yes. Uhh...brown hair, blue eyes...a nice build if possible. And he doesn't need to be too tall," Elisabeth replied, holding her breath. She really didn't know what type of man she wanted, so the first thing she could come up with was Tim, her boyfriend back at home.

    "We have just the man for you mum. I'm sure you'll be pleased. The total is $200 for your requested 2 hours. Any hours past that is $100, which you can just give to the gentleman. Thank you for calling us and have a pleasant evening," the voice said. Elisabeth heard a dial-tone and then placed the phone back on the receiver.

    Just thinking about Tim's name a moment ago suddenly brought up conflicting emotions in Elisabeth. She loved Tim, but they had both agreed to put everything on hold while she was involved in "Survivor". If she was really to go through with what she hoped to with this male escort, no one would ever know about this infidelity. And who knows, maybe she would meet someone and perhaps even fall in love.

    Deciding that tonight would forever stay a secret memory just for her, Elisabeth dug through her bag once more to get herself ready. She hadn't brought any makeup or any skimpy clothes because of the show, so she looked at what she had to make do with. After a few minutes of deliberation, she finally decided on a black sports bra and a pair of khaki shorts, with no panties on underneath of course. Fixing her dirty blond hair in the mirror, she couldn't help but feel herself getting hornier and hornier as the minutes drug on before the escort got there.

    Not wanting to greet the escort in sopping wet shorts, Elisabeth dropped her pants again and was just about to start masturbating herself off to another orgasm when there was a knock at the door. Pulling up her shorts quickly, Elisabeth gave herself one more quick look in the mirror and answered the door.

    Opening it tentatively, Elisabeth was pleasantly surprised to see the man standing there. Around 6 feet tall, he had curly brown hair and very big, soft blue eyes. His cheekbones were high, giving him the appearance almost of a model, and his chin was chisled out slightly, with a little cleft in it. He was very muscular, his biceps almost as big as Elisabeth was around, and his chest was wide and large, all the way down to his well toned legs and stomach. The man was wearing causal dress, with a pair of gray slacks and a black long sleeve muscle shirt that accentuated his pectoral muscles greatly.

    "Hi. Did you call Top to Bottoms?" the man said in a gruff voice, heavy with the accent of his Australian lineage. He smiled when he spoke, and this alone almost melted Elisabeth into the door frame. His smile was perfect and looked very natural. She could tell by the way that he was looking at her body that he certainly wasn't going to mind performing the nights activities with a girl as cute as Elisabeth.

    "Yes, I did. Come in. My name is El...I mean Rachel," Elisabeth said, her voice wavering as she walked in a trance like state to let the man in.

    He had brought with him a gym bag of things, what lay inside of it Elisabeth could only imagine. Setting it on the bed, he cupped his hands by his waist and spoke again. Elisabeth couldn't help but feel a little intimidated by the muscles that moved and flexed as he did this. Tim was a football player and very strong, something that drew Elisabeth to him. But this man was huge; the type of player who goes AFTER people like Tim on the football field.

    "Pleased to meet you Rachel," the man said, uncupping his hands before taking Elisabeth's in his and pulling it to his mouth, giving it a slight kiss. His lips were warm and soft and the kiss was that pleasant kind of dry that only the truly experienced at kissing can do. "My name is Dave. Now, before we get started, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask for the $200 you and the gentleman operating the phone agreed upon,"

    Dave's mannerism were very kind and gentle. His politeness and his smile were so dizzying that Elisabeth almost had trouble concentrating on what he was saying.

    "Huh? Oh yes, of course. Let me get it for you," Elisabeth said. Bending over the bed to dig in her bag for the $500 she had brought with her, Dave couldn't help but stare at her toned thighs and tight little butt.

    Elisabeth stood up and turned to Dave with a smile. "Here ya go," she said, her cheeks dimpling as she smiled at him. Standing a few inches from his face, Elisabeth couldn't help but get lost in his eyes. The blue tint seemed to have shifted in shade since he got here, but they were just as hypnotizing as when she first saw him.

    Realizing that the clock was ticking on her $200, Elisabeth decided to get down to business.

    "Well Dave, what can you do for me, now that you have my money?" Elisabeth said, half joking.

    The smile Dave had never left his face. "Well Rachel, we can do a lot of things," he said, bending over to reach into his bag. Not pulling anything out but just shuffling things around with his huge hands, Dave named off things.

    "Well of course we don't have to stay in the hotel. I could give you a bath and wash your hair, or I could give you a full body massage or we could just sit here and talk, whatever you would like to do. If you have something else you'd like to do, I'd be more than willing to try it," Dave said.

    Elisabeth thought for a moment. What she really wanted was to fuck this guy silly. But she didn't want to be too forward about it without appearing like a horny slut.

    "How about a massage? That sounds nice. I'm going on a long trip tomorrow and I need to be relaxed," Elisabeth said.

    "Sounds good," Dave said. "I'll turn around while you take off your clothes and wrap this towel around your waist. Then, lay flat on your stomach on the bed and I'll start oiling you up.

    Elisabeth was a little surprised at his modesty, but didn't have to be told twice as she tore off her clothes, grabbed towel and almost dove onto the bed. She thought about spreading her legs wide, then telling Dave to turn around, but she decided she would see how it went first. Laying on her stomach, Elisabeth pulled her arms up underneath her and pressed her breasts between them. This elevated her back some, making her shoulders more accessible, while also thrusting her ass and pussy up from the bed enough so that should the towel "accidentally" slip off, Dave would get more than an eyeful.

    Elisabeth called out "Ok, you can turn around now,". She heard Dave rustling in his bag again and began to smell the sweet fragrance of body lotion wafting towards her from where Dave was standing. Moving up next to her on the bed, Dave's crotch was now just a few inches from Elisabeth's face. Again it took a lot of will power to keep from just grabbing him by the cock and pulling him into her now moistening cunt. Elisabeth jumped a little when she felt his warm, callused hands press onto her naked shoulders.

    His fingers felt magnificent on her skin. She could tell that he was very experienced in this, and that his hands almost certainly could tell some interesting tales. Dave put some lemon smelling lotion into his hands and began to rub it into her skin once more. She jumped again at the coldness of the lotion, but relaxed quickly as it began to seep into her skin. Ever since she had played softball, anytime she received a massage on her shoulders, the loosening of her muscles had been pure heaven.

    Dave slowly began to work his hands up and down her back. First he would rub her shoulders and the nape of her neck. Then, he would slowly move his fingers down the arch of her spine, paying special attention to each and every bone and pressure point along the way (including some Elisabeth didn't even know about). Dave was enjoying giving the massage almost as much as Elisabeth was, who lay on the bed now, occasionally sighing contentedly when he would touch on a good spot.

    As Dave moved his hands further and further down her back, Elisabeth decided to get the ball rolling some more. Reaching down with her hand, she pulled the towel back from her ass and asked in the most innocent voice "Could you rub my inner thighs? That would feel great,"

    Happy to oblige, Dave slowly ran his hands down the rest of her back and over the very top crack of her tight ass, running a finger along it just for good measure. Elisabeth moaned as he did this, but her moans grew louder when his hands touched her thigh, just a mere inch or two from her slit.

    Elisabeth had shaved her pussy before leaving Boston so that she wouldn't have any "stray hairs" sticking out for the cameras that she knew would be following her around. Her pussy hair was neatly trimmed, leaving just a little tuft of light brown hair above her now very moist slit. Dave's fingers worked as close to her nether regions as possible without touching her. Elisabeth subconsciously parted her legs just a little bit to give him even closer access. Her cunt was opening up like a delicate flower now as she lay there naked on the bed, getting a full and total body massage.

    Dave was about to move his hands down her smooth, tan legs and begin working her calves, but Elisabeth having other ideas. Her heart beating wildly in her chest, she reached a hand back and put Dave's palm on top of her pussy.

    "This could REALLY use a good massage," she said in her most sultry voice. Dave took the hint and began rubbing his rough, callused hands back and forth over her opening. The palm of his hand quickly became moist with her juices when he decided to slip a finger into her. This startled Elisabeth as his top two knuckles slid into her with ease, but she quickly became incredibly aroused by it.

    Dave's finger began moving in and out of her rhythmically, rubbing and teasing along her clit as he went in and out of her. Elisabeth was beginning to rock back and forth on her stomach now as he did this, her nipples become so aroused that they hurt. Dave's first finger quickly became two fingers, and a moment later three as he finger fucked Elisabeth. He used his other hand to rub up and down her leg, occasionally moving it up to squeeze her ass cheeks and rub his thumb over her tight, virgin asshole.

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    Default Re: Elisabeth Filarski Sex Story

    Elisabeth felt an orgasm building as she began using her toned upper body and toned arms to thrust her hips back onto Dave's hand in an alternating rhythm. Finally she cried out in sheer bliss as a fantastic orgasm hit her. She actually trembled and shuddered as pleasure engulfed every single one of her nerve endings, her pussy releasing nearly a flood of her sweet honey onto Dave's hand.

    When her orgasm had subsided, Dave slowly slid his fingers out of her cunt and licked them clean. She tasted sweet and very nice. He was experienced in tasting pussy juice, and Elisabeth's was definitely some of the best he had the pleasure of sampling in a long time. Elisabeth lay on the bed, catching her breath after cumming so deliciously. Her eyes were closed and she was panting as she lay there on the bed. She moved a hand onto her left nipple and began to tweak it with her fingers, pulling it out from her gently.

    Rolling over, Elisabeth grabbed Dave's face and brought it inches from hers. In one swift motion, she pushed her lips onto his and her tongue entered his mouth. Dave returned the favor. Elisabeth had been right about his tongue and mouth being great for kissing, as he moved his own tongue expertly around in her mouth, gently probing and exploring her mouth while her own tongue explored his. A minute or so later, after one of the most passionate kisses Elisabeth had ever had, she looked deep into his eyes and said "Fuck me. Now!"

    Elisabeth released his head and Dave stepped back from the bed. Lifting his shirt off to reveal a very muscular chest, covered in wiry chest hair, he then unbuckled his belt and let his pants and boxer shorts fall to the floor. Elisabeth gasped when she saw his 8 inch cock. It was almost as thick as her wrist and jutted out from his body at half-mast as he towered over her thin, naked body on the bed below. She had never had one so big inside of her. Even Tim's was a modest 6 inches.

    Elisabeth did the one thing she had wanted to do all night, and that was to take him by his cock and lead him towards her entrance. Dave spread his legs and was soon straddling her cunt. Reaching over into his bag, he pulled out a condom, but Elisabeth was quick to dismiss him.

    "I'm on the pill, and this is a safe time of the month. Don't worry about it," Elisabeth said. "I just want to feel your cock inside of me now!"

    Dave just nodded in approval and put the condom aside on the bed.

    Dave adjusted himself on top of her, rubbing his cock head over her sopping wet slit now, lubricating it up for his initial entrance. Being a thin and relatively small girl, Elisabeth braced herself for having such a monster inside of her. Pointing his member right at her hole, Dave slowly began to push himself into her, and inch at a time.

    Even as the head was entering her, Elisabeth knew that the tightness he would encounter would be almost like her first time back when she was 16. Her cunt lips opened wide as he worked more of his dick into her. She felt the head and the first inch or two pass into her silken channel, her pussy craving as much of it as he had to give.

    It took some time and a little bit of adjusting and trying different angles, but after finding a good one, Dave sank the last two inches inside of her. Elisabeth had never felt so full during sex before in her life. She couldn't believe how great it felt to have something inside of her, pressing hard against the very top of her pussy wall. She was amazed at herself for being able to take it in. Elisabeth began to rotate her hips on it, as the base of his cock rubbed against her erect and very hard clit.

    Dave began to pull out his cock as slowly as he had pushed it in, Elisabeth whimpering as he did this. Wanting to make himself more comfortable while he fucked her, Dave reached his massive arms behind Elisabeth's head and back and lifted her upright onto his cock. Elisabeth couldn't believe how strong he was, moving her body like she was a rag doll. Pulling her close to him as he turned and sat halfway on the bed, Dave began pulling her hips up and down on his body, sliding his cock into her deeper and deeper every thrust.

    Dave leaned Elisabeth back as she arched her back, thrusting her breasts into his face. Dave eagerly put his mouth down to her nipple and licked and sucked, running his tongue over it as he tasted the sweetness of her excitement and sexual energy coming from her skin.

    Elisabeth was really bouncing hard on his cock now. Every thrust inside of her, she hit wave after wave of bliss, reaching new levels of pleasure she hadn't ever felt before. When just the tip of his cock was in her (she was bouncing almost a foot off of him at this point) she felt empty and yearned for that next incredible rush of pleasure to hit her a split second later.

    Dave was experienced at fucking women of all shapes and sizes so his stamina rivaled that of even the most experienced porn star. The two lovers continued to fuck each other in every way possible; Elisabeth got on all fours and had him rail her on his cock while she whimpered and cried out for more. Then they made love in the missionary position, Elisabeth's legs hanging off the bed limply while Dave pounded the inside of her, his busy hands rubbing up and down her chest up to her neck and mouth, where she would lick his fingers whenever they came near enough.

    Elisabeth finally began to tire so she began to push down harder and harder onto him in an effort to bring him to orgasm and flood her tight, sweet pussy with his hot cum. Another orgasm approaching, Elisabeth ground her hips on top of him hard, reaching her hand down to play with and tease his balls lightly with her finger nail.

    Laying her flat on the bed once more, Dave pulled his cock completely out of her one more time, then thrust inside of her hard. The tip of his dick slammed against the top of her pussy. The feel of the velvet vice of her pussy and the soft warmth of the top of her cervix triggered his orgasm. Half of his shaft inside of her, Dave's cock gushed forth stream after stream of hot, sticky cum into her insatiable cunt. Elisabeth cried out in shear ecstasy as she orgasmed seconds later, the juices from her pussy mixing with Dave's own.

    Even after three long shots of his cream, Dave still was going. Pulling out of her completely now, he shot two more strands all over Elisabeth's tummy and inner thighs, creating a puddle on top of her belly button. Elisabeth reached down and smeared the cum into her skin and pushed some down and into her pussy. Taking the final scoop off of her belly, Elisabeth couldn't resist the urge to taste it (she had never swallowed or tasted cum before, having always spit it out). She found the taste to be very salty but still good, and the awakening slut in her hoped that maybe she would get to taste more while she was stranded out in the Outback.

    The two lay together on the bed, lightly fondling each other until Dave's two hours were up. He dressed and cleaned Elisabeth off with a warm towel. She put her robe back on and walked him out, giving him one final kiss good bye before saying good night.

    Crawling into bed, Elisabeth slept like a baby that night, before heading off on the adventure that would be "Survivor: The Australian Outback"

    - THE END -

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